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Nissan hut jibe over 'geenthome
AN 'ilmovati1,e' house of the tuture v,/as criticisedas "a r€ry larye Nilsan hut" by a councillor But Clh Padina Stocl<ell's (Con) viewsof the d€sigD the of twestorey,four.b€al&om hoirxe in PaA€hurst Road, Staplehust, w€{enot shar€d felow m€!]lby b€lsof Maidstone plancourlcil's The applicantand Factising arclit€ct RichardHawkes, who haslicd with hi! wifein Staple hulst for ft,€ years,told councillo$ it had b€enthe couple's lona-held dreamto buiild their Thehouse, which he saidbad groi|n'oreanicanyft0ndleland. scape' wouldfeaturea plianted arch,Iaryehr]l-lenstl windo'ns on only one side, weathered sweet chestnut cladding and eco-fiienry featul€sincluding solarwater heatingand a r€€d b€dfiltration s).stem. Althoush Staplehust Parish Councilobjected the applicato tion, sayingthe hou!€ ims too larSeand out of keeping, planningpemtssionwasgmnt€d.

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