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EEE EEEEEESE Apertatar Lea €E _gervatned Ala s0eV f NAOS A Practical Guide to Modern Magick 2 copyright 1989 ev Thorold West & ONA re Contents Introduction Part One Physis Magick: Practical Guide to Becoming an Adept © A Theory of Magick I_ The Seven Fold Way II Stage One: Initiation IZI Tarot . IV Stage Two: Second Degree Initiation V Stage Three: External Adept VI The Star Game VII Star Game: Esoteric Theory VIII Stage Four: Internal Adept IX Stage Five: Entering the Abyss Part Two Esoteric Sorcery X Bsoteric Chant XI Esoteric Chant as a Magickal Technique XII Frenzy Magick XIIT Visualization and Sigil Magick XIV Sexual Magick XV Model Magick XVI_Empathic Magick XVII Dark Pathways XVIII The Dark Gods Appendix © The Left Handed Path I The Septenary System If Visualization Techniques III Magickal Symbols and Scripts IV Hermetic Ritual of Self-Initiation V Preparation for Hermetic Rituals Part Three Esoteric MSS The Wheel of Lite Notes on Esoteric Tradition (Septenary/Star-Gates) Esoteric Tradition (Abyss/Alchemical Texts/Tarot) Notes on Some Terms Used (Archetype/Psyche/Ego/Self) Attributions of the Runes Musick, Incense, Forms Symbols and Being Time and Being Advanced Star Game The Forbidden Alchemy GHEaseooEE