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Night Run Part 9

Night Run Part 9

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Published by Mia Jackson
night run 9
night run 9

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Published by: Mia Jackson on Aug 08, 2013
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Night Run Part 9 Brianna and Rorie sat staring at each other for a moment. Wondering at fate.

When they met as young children it was fate also. Rorie giggled. “What was that for?” Brianna asked “I was remembering when we first met.” She said with a sigh. “ What a day that was.” Brianna said with a smile. They were both eight years old. There was a clan festival for the meetings of the Clan Chiefs, it lasted an entire fortnight. They met on the first day. Brianna spied Rorie with her Bright red and gold her running around with a sword trying to vanquish any one silly enough to get close enough to her and her sword. Brianna sat and watched her for what seemed like hours. Finally a group of boys walked up to her and challenged her. But one of the older boys said we can’t prove her courage with a wooden sword let’s take her to the lake and see if she can swim across. “Yes, that’s a good idea.” Another one of the boys had said. They were a motley crew not quite old enough to participate in anything other than bullying those younger than them.” “I aunt going to no ole lake.” Rorie said mutinously. “I told she was a coward.” One of the boys taunted. Rorie'd turned beet red and started walking towards the lake she couldn’t stomach being called a coward. Brianna followed behind them trying to figure what was so hard about swimming across the lake. Brianna’s family owned several ships and had been taught to swim at a very young age. Some would say she swam like a fish. She had no idea that most, if not all little Highland Lasses had not had such training. AS they neared the lake Rorie started to walk slower and her eyes where huge. Brianna began to worry for her. The boys began to push Rorie closer. “I think I changed my mind.” Rorie stammered. The boys weren’t hearing it. They began to drag her to the water. When they got her to the water, they tossed her

he is strong enough to protect you from Charles and we could stay together.in. “She can’t swim!” One of the instigators yelled “I can’t either. And here they sat in the middle of another crisis. They got in their share of scrapes with Rorie’s daring and Brianna aptitude for almost anything.” Rorie said shaking her head. Rorie sat and listened to the entire story without commenting. She started frowning halfway through. She came back up and screamed for help. “And you haven’t noticed how he looks at you. Rorie would come up with an plan and Brianna would carry it out. None of the boys could swim. She laid her head in her lap and gently slapped her checks. Which signaled a hail of confessions. They were inseparable from that point on. Rorie came to with a scream. Brianna quickly told Rorie what was going on. “Think about it Brianna. Rorie sank like a stone. “You have to marry the McGregor. When she finally did she had a grin on her face.” She said “What!” Brianna said jumping up out of her chair. “Well?” Brianna said “What do you think I should do?” Rorie didn’t answer for a few minutes. The boys looked incredulously. She looked up and saw Brianna and their bond was forged.” Another one cried. Before they finished Brianna jumped in and dragged Rorie to the shore.” Rorie said “What makes you think he would marry me?” Brianna said “You still have not realized how beautiful you are.” .

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