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Published by: Choady_Arias on Aug 08, 2013
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EXT. ASSISTED LIVING HOME - DAY Outside the sun beats down on a sorry excuse for a nursing home. Dead trees, dried roses, grass brown as mud. A broken, rusted Ford sits on bricks. A shingle falls off the roof. A sleeping dog yelps and he’s awoken and runs off into the desert. This is clearly no home. INT. ASSISTED LIVING HOME - DAY A soft sun shines through a drab and dreary window of a nursing home bedroom. The small rays of sun catch the specs of dust as the glisten in the light. There is a knock on the door of the room. JANICE LE BRAY (Late 80’s) wakes up from her sleep and looks towards the door. JANICE (half awake) Treat you self in. A NURSE (20’s) opens the door and walks into the room. NURSE Janice, there is someone here to see you. Janice turns to the nurse and puts her head back on her pillow. The nurse walks into a dark corner and sits in a tattered chair. JANICE (wearily) Den let em’ in. In walks STEVE LE BRAY. He looks scruffy, dark puffs underneath his eyes. Jeans torn, wrinkled jacket, holes in his filthy, mud stained hat. He stares at Janice and can barely mutter any words. STEVE (Softly) Momma? Janice let’s out a huff of disgust into the air. JANICE I don told you not come her an’more Steve. Steve drops his head. (CONTINUED)



STEVE Momma, not anyone wants to take the farm. Grandkids ain’t want it, Pop can barely look at any of us in the eye when his done his chores. We ain’t got nothing much we can do. It’s gon go to the bank. Tearin’ everything apart. Janice becomes incredibly furious. She musters up all of her strength and sits up in her bed the best she can. Steve clutches his hat. He takes a few steps back. JANICE You know what I dun told you boy. Our kin is on that land. Steven clenches his hat harder. Hard as he can and steps back. The nurse is uneasy in her chair. Steven takes a few deep breaths and drops his gaze on the nurse. STEVE Mam, can you please go on out that door. The nurse shifts in her seat as she’s about to leave. She shifts back. NURSE It’s protocol, I need to stay. Steve gets even angrier. Janice is visibly angry as well, though much more than Steve. JANICE Now you gon’ get the fuck out that door now! The nurse scurries out at fast as she can. Steve closes the door behind you. Janice looks at Steve with another intensely sharp gaze. Dead seriousness in her eyes. JANICE Steven. You know what dis’ would me for us do ya? Steve now calm, relaxes his grip on his hat.




STEVE But momma, everyone done left. I can’t take the farm up by myself. You know I won’t be able too. Janice thinks about this for a moment. She relaxes and lays back in her bed. Thinking of something she could possibly do to save her farm and whatever kin still resides on her land. EXT. LE BRAY FARMHOUSE - MORNING The sun peaks over the mountains behind the Le Bray Farmhouse. The house is starting to fall apart. Much like the Nursing Home things are dying all around. Trees hang down low like fruit. The siding is rusted and falling down on the dead grass. INT. LE BRAY FARMHOUSE - MORNING Steven sits in his ripped chair still wearing the same clothes that he visited his mother in. His wringing his hand and he stand up and begins pacing. A grandfather clock wrings. It’s glass pane broken like most of the windows in the house. There’s a knock on the front door. EXT. LE BRAY FARMHOUSE - MORNING A beautiful young woman (20’s) stands outside the farmhouse door and continues to knock. INT. LE BRAY FARMHOUSE - MORNING Steve takes a few deep breaths and slowly walks to answer the door. He opens and his eyes agape at the sight of DEBORAH. STEVE Oh wow. I haven’t seen you since you moved with your momma back east. Deborah laughs. DEBORAH Well, I got your letter your suggestions really made me think. I really could use some time to (MORE) (CONTINUED)



DEBORAH (cont’d) gather my thoughts and get this book together. Steve shuffles his feet and laughs. STEVE Well, you ain’t been here for a while gotten’ since you been a lil’ ankle biter. Lots more quiet now. Deborah lets out a chuckle. DEBORAH You guys still telling those ghost stories about these mountains. Steven becomes serious. STEVE Well youngin’ I best be going keys are on the table. Best of luck on your book. Deborah seems oddly confused as Steve walks to his truck and pulls off not ever looking back or even waving. DEBORAH Odd. ONE WEEK LATER. INT. LE BRAY FARMHOUSE - NIGHT Deborah is pacing around the house frantically. She tries the phones. The lines are cut. She tries her cell phone. There is no service. She begins to panic. Laughter come from outside of the house. Scratches on the windows. A shattering of glass echoes throughout the house. Deborah grabs a knife sitting on a table. There in the house. FREAKISH INBRED BEINGS from Adirondack fables.




DEBORAH Don’t come near me! FREAKISH INBRED BEING 1 Why not cousin. FREAKING INBRED BEING 2 runs after Deborah and pins her down. A raping ensues. Multiple stabbing begin. Deborah slashed ear from ear. The beings walk out of the house limping. Deborah’s dead body lays. INT. ASSISTED LIVING HOME - DAY Janice lays in bed hysterically laughing. JANICE Until’ we meet again my boys. Until’ we meet again. The End

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