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2-Day Training Design

2-Day Training Design

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Published by Yang Yang
Action Research Training Matrix
Action Research Training Matrix

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Published by: Yang Yang on Aug 08, 2013
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Two-Day Seminar Workshop on Action Research for Instructional Supervisors TRAINING DESIGN

Time 1st DAY 8:00–9:30 AM 9:30 – 1:30 AM 10:30 –12:00 NN Activity Responsible Person/s Secretariat (not participants) Materials Needed Registration sheet & Survey questionnaire (Section 1) Electronic Presentation Survey questionnaire (Section II & Section III), LCD for ppt presentation Expected Output

Registration and PreAssessment

Opening Ceremony

Needs Assessment in the Bislig Division’s Instructional Supervision

Emcee, SDS (message), Rita Reyes Dr. Miraluna L. Herrera, RDCG Member, CSU

Roster of participants, accomplished survey questionnaires (Section 1) Participants oriented with the purpose of the workshop Accomplished survey questionnaires

12:00-1:00 PM 1:00-1:30 PM

Lunch break In the Conduct of Action Research Dr. Nelia S. Raganas, Graduate Program Coordinator, CSE-CSU Dr. Myrna D. Kuizon, Graduate School Dean, CSU Dr. Herrera, Dr. Raganas, Dr. Kuizon, Rita Reyes as

LCD for ppt presentation

Participants oriented with the process of conducting action research

1:00-3:30 PM

Potential Action Research in Instructional Supervision Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

LCD for ppt presentation

Participants identified research problems for action research Compilation of FGD outputs per group

3:30-5:00 PM

Grouping of participants, FGD interview guide

8:00-8:30 AM 8:3010:00AM


Capsule Proposal Format & Preparation of Work/Financial Plan

Dr. Miraluna L. Herrera, RDCG Member, CSU Dr. Herrera, Dr. Raganas, Dr. Kuizon as facilitators Dr. Herrera, Dr. Raganas, Dr.

LCD for ppt presentation,
sample capsule proposal

Participants oriented with capsule-proposal making

10:00-12:00 NN

Drafting of Capsule Proposal

One laptop for each group with at most 10 members LCD for presentation,

Formulated at least 10 proposals

12:00-1:00 PM 1:00-4:00 PM

Lunch break Presentation of Capsule Proposal Presented and evaluated at least 6

4:00-4:30 PM Synthesis & Wrapping up Kuizon as panel Rita Reyes USB - proposals 4:30-5:00 PM Closing program Emcee. participants with initial action research proposal for improvement and implementation . Secretariat certificates Summary of workshop outputs & quantitative evaluation of workshop Qualitative evaluation through impression.

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