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What media are much reliable for you? Television Radio News paper Social media / Internet What are you most concerned about these days? Anti-Corporral Punishment Bill Fiba Asia Championship Weather updates Removal of Pork Barrel

Agenda-Setting Theory the creation of what the public think is important

Agenda-Setting Theory
describes a very powerful influence of the media the ability to tell us what issues are important

History and Orientation

Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw (1972)
investigated presidential campaigns
concluded that the mass media exerted a significant influence on what voters considered to be the major issues of the campaign

Kind of Agendas
Media Agenda Public Agenda (Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw)
MEDIA agenda Emphasis placed on issues by the media (degree) PUBLIC agenda Audiences own judgments about the salience and importance of different issues POLICY agenda The hierarchy of issues that governments and other policy makers act on

Policy Agenda (Everett Rogers and James Dearing)

Recent studies suggest that personal variables can mitigate the effects of media agenda setting on individual audience members. Those viewers who do not find the media (or a particular media outlet or source) credible are less likely to have their agendas set by the media.

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