Initial Presentation

Group Members  Majid Yaseen  FA09-BCE-075  Wasif Ali  FA09-BCE-071  Zahid Ullah Khan Zakria  FA09-BCE-068  Muhammad  FA09-BCE-077 .

Project Name  SMS SPAM Detection Application for Android .

Project Supervisor Mr. Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba .

Overview Project Rationale  Framework  Project timeline .

Project Rationale (Reasons & Intentions behind the project) Tremendous Growth in Mobile sector SMS Traffic .

 SMS Spamming .

Problems due to SMS Spamming reaction to SMS spam  Subscribers'  The effect of SMS spam on legitimate SMS marketing consumption  Resource .

 Mobile Companies interests.  Questions arose on Actions against SMS Spamming by PTA . (DNCR System) .

Framework .

Framework  Select Machine Learning Algorithm    K-Nearest-Neighbor (KNN) Naive Bayes Neural Networks .

Framework  Experimentation and Results  Algorithm Evaluation Minimum Minimum   False Negative False Positive .

Continued….  Implementation on Actual Android .

Project timeline Phase-1 (Study phase) Phase-2 Work on Algorithms and Development Environment Phase-3 Practical Implementation .

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