Which function does each sentence express? Choose the right anwser


Zuhayer is fond of adventure stories.
A. B. Likes Dislikes


Can you I go out, teacher?
Request B. Permission


I’m so sorry, but your birth contract is no longer valid.
A.Complaining B. Apologising


You must obey Mr. Richard; his’s your father.
A. Certainty B. Obligation


We are free today, Why don’t we go for a walk?
A. B. Suggestion Advice



Listen to the story and pick out the right anwser to the question

A. James killed Jeffery. B. The daughter killed her father. C. Jeffery killed James.

Who killed who?

Listen to the conversation and pick out the right anwser

A. Blame him for having lost his job. B. Advise him to go back to his job. C. Encourage him to feel hopeful and start up a new business.

Peter’s wife intends to

Round N° Public 5 Speaking

Choose one of the following topics and prepare a speech of two minutes about it: shouldn’t A: Married women go out to work; they should stay at home to take care of their children and husbands. B: Single-sex schools are better than co-educational schools. C: « If you are in Rome, do as Romans do »

A group competition designed for the students

of the first year Baccalaureate

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