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Stay Safe Online

Written by M.Britland

Learning Objectives
● To understand the importance of acting appropriately online ● To learn how to protect yourself online ● To learn the age of criminal responsibility ● To learn what an interactive kiosk is

Learning Outcomes
● An interactive kiosk ● An evaluation using feedback from your peers

Tasks: Research
● Use to do some research: ○ Access the what can go wrong section in the 11-16 part of the site ○ Make notes on Social Networking and Cyberbullying sections ○ Choose 2 other sections from the menu on the left ● Research should be detailed and contain advice on how young people can protect themselves online

Video: Jigsaw

Tasks: Kiosk
● Create an interactive Kiosk using PowerPoint or another application of your choice. Use the skills you have learnt in lessons. ○ It is aimed at 11-13 year olds ○ Have a main menu ○ Enable user to navigate using buttons ○ Will offer young people advice on staying safe online, ○ Include details of who young people can get in touch with if they need confidential advice

Video: Tutorials

Click on the image for my YouTube Channel Alternatively go to the shared area on the intranet

Tasks: Evaluation
● Evaluate your work ○ Ask your friends what they think of your kiosk ○ Fully evaluate your work using your own opinion and feedback ■ What do your friends think? ■ What do you like about your kiosk? ■ What don't you like about it? ■ What would you do to improve?