" the p e process or product by deliberating arranging elements in a way tha ng appeals to the senses or emotions." so


" the process,activ , and art of creati ctivity, ctivity ill or moving pitures by recording radiation on sensitive motion such as a film, or an electron sensor

y intension is to captu real moment capture with m my great sense o passion. nse of is is my first photo port to portfolio composed of m photographs from yea 2007 to 2008... m year am Mara ViviennetDoct photographs thatDoctor- Herreracomesth I ca captured that using nickname M me Mvienne« once in a l lifetime. and this is

my be beginning


great location and ti

can c make you guarantee th you can produce one gre y image right to your han i even if you are not using a e advance camera. a

such a great feeling having a camera ra your hands but at first i have hing but obile phone with 1.3 megapixels era and a digital camera. I even 't know what he purpose of using such big camera long lenses when all you need is to ver a great shot that every camera do and of course, with a little bit

It is such a great feeling havi a camera in your hands bu aving

at first I have nothing but a mobile phone with 1.3 megapixels camera and a digita camera. I even didn't know ital hat is the purpose of using such big camera with long lense suc when all you need is to deliv a great shot that every liver amera can do and of course, with a little bit touch of edit ,


ome of the captured images ges taken naturally snapshot, some me as taken with my relatives was and friends posing with thei eir emotions that they want to express to the way that they hey wanted to see ee.

of the photographs here is not as heavy as each pixels of double single lens reflex can nor did n h used any advan editing. vance

The power of spee from following eed the motion

Quietly screaming the uniquene of natural beauty at its ness est color

heart-warming emotion of a c child«

Small details comes with larger ideas es

e soul of humanity«

e day goes by, Vergel Espina, one of the ne photographer here in Batangas, teaches us te asic information about the advanta ntages of a al single lens reflex from a simple digital e d ra. It has a large differences as I may s hough for a beginner or in a low budget bu grapher, a mobile phone with came or mera a digital camera can help for the sake of e s graphy just feel the dominion of your y shots.

Being a amateur photographer has a lo ing new expe xperiences, new learning to broader kno nowledge and new ideas on how you deliver more expression in every single s ver that you will tak

We make histo it¶s like a e history, priceless tr less treasure.. We put life in a p plain paper and comes with s some of the important part o our life that of worth remember mbering and brings hese would not be possible without the following perso le w that I have been with my photographs. I would like to ph emotion to ever to my motherthatgav o every person who xtend my greatest apprecia ciation me will look to it in e the great moment by the chance to capture all of e a every pages of

ving mobile phone and the d e digital camera and for her s

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