Winter Heart The quiet white expanse Of fallen snow blankets the land Breath plumes out in small

white clouds The heat within expended Dances with the coldness Winter's chill, the land beneath sleeps Hibernating, waiting for the dawn of spring Sweet natures rest, branches sheathed in ice Like the heart of an unrequited lover As lovers embrace in warmth Before the roar of passion's flames The heat of their love Pushing back the harsh mistress of winter In the grayness he looks above The lone warrior left behind As the white flakes flutter upon his outstretched hand He breathes deep the frigid air Cleansing his spirit, cleansing his soul He stands like stone Unmindful of the cold, his heat radiating from within As he stands ever watchful of the ones in his heart He whispers a silent prayer for them all Though his heart encased in ice A spark still burns within Ready to be set ablaze again Like the phoenix rising from the ashes So too shall he rise from the coldness But for now his heart sleeps Like the cold land beneath his feet Waiting to be awaken By the warm touch of an angel's love.

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