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Date: ________________
1. Name (please print clearly): ______________________________________________________________________
2. Complete Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
3. Telephone: ______________________________Cell:________________________________________________
4. Fax: ___________________________________ E-mail:______________________________________________
5. Social Security #: ________-______-_________ Date of Birth: _______/_______/______ Age: _______________
6. Are you a licensed minister with Victory Outreach International? YES/NO. If yes, since when? _________________

7. Are you a licensed minister with another ministry? YES/NO. If yes, what ministry? How long? _________________

8. College/University: _________________________ Dates Attended: _____________________________________
9. Graduation Date: ___________________________ Degree Title: _______________________________________

10. I have a: (please check all that apply to you). Please include a copy of each certificate or degree with this application.

___Bachelors ___Masters ___Doctorate ___Minister’s License ___Evangelist License

___Reverend License ___Ministerial Studies Diploma ___V.E.T.I. Religious Studies Certificate
___Christian Recovery Home Certificate ___CWC, ___CMD, ___ITC, ___ or RLT Certificate

11. Have you taught at any of our schools previously? YES / NO. If yes, where? ______________________________

13. What is your area of specialty? __________________________________________________________________

14. What is your teaching experience? _______________________________________________________________

15. What courses are you interested in teaching? _______________________________________________________

16. What book(s) do you use in this course? ___________________________________________________________

17. From 1 to 10, how good are you working with a computer? ____________________________________________

18. Are you able to develop a syllabus on your own? YES/NO. Have you used a syllabus in the past? YES/NO.

19. How are you involved in your local church? ________________________________________________________

20. What V.E.T.I. extension would like to teach in? _____________________________________________________

21. What languages are you proficient and literate in? ____________________________________________________

22. If accepted, I agree to commit to teach 7-weeks online, 10-weeks, 5-weeks, and/or an Intensive course. I
will also abide to the guidelines of Victory Education & Training Institute. Circle one: I agree. I do not agree.

23. Applicant’s Signature: ______________________________________________________Date:_______________

24. Applicants Pastor’s Name: _________________________Signature:__________________Date:______________

25. Regional Pastor’s Name: __________________________ Signature: __________________Date:______________

26. Please include a copy of your resume with this application.

Please include at least one letter of recommendation from your local or regional pastor.
The signatures above indicate an endorsement and approval of the above named to teach at a V.E.T.I. Extension.
Should, at any juncture, the endorsement change; notify the V.E.T.I. administration immediately at 909-599-4437.
Complete form, include all documents and mail to: V.E.T.I. Attn. Instructor Application Division.
P.O. BOX 835 San Dimas, Ca. 91773 or fax to: 909-592-4569. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.