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Surgical Instrument - Allis Clamp Alias - None Use - Grasping Additional Info - Often used for grasping soft

tissue such as breast tissue or bowel tissue

Surgical Instrument - Army Navy Retractor

Alias - US Retractor Use - Tissue or Bone Retraction Additional Info - Common to the both major and minor orthopedic and general surgery trays .

Surgical Instrument - Babcock Alias - None Use - Grasping Additional Info - For grasping soft tissue or bowel.

Surgical Instrument - Deaver Retractor Alias - None Use - Retracting Additional Info - Available in multiple widths and common to many surgical trays for general, orthopedic and GYN surgery.

Surgical Instrument - Kelly Clamp Alias - Snap Use - Grasping or Clamping Additional Info - The most basic clamp available in virtually all surgical instrument sets.

Surgical Instrument - Kocher Alias - Ochsner Use - Grasping Additional Info - Used to grasp bone or fascia.

Surgical Instrument - Mayo Scissors Alias - Suture Scissors Use - Cutting Additional Info - General purpose and suture cutting scissors, normally not used on tissue.

Surgical Instrument - Metzenbaum Scissors Alias - Metz Use - Cutting Additional Info - The most common scissors use for cutting tissue.

Surgical Instrument - Mosquito Clamp Alias - None Use - Clamping Additional Info - Pictured above it the Kelly Clamp and below the small Mosquito Clamp.

Surgical Instrument - Richardson Retractor Alias - Rich Use - Retraction Additional Info - Available in multiple sizes as well as single and double ended. This is one of the most common general surgery retractors.