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July 30, 2013

Dear Tenure & Promotion Committee, I am writing this letter to offer my highest recommendation of Dr. Mandy Capel for tenure and promotion. I have known Mandy for over 10 years both professionally and personally. As a member of the Mount Union Family, I am happy to share what I feel are Mandys overwhelming qualifications as an educator, mentor and contributor to our Mount Union Community. Dr. Capel has a reputation on campus that is well earned. She is known for doing more, being more and sharing more with those that she comes into contact. From the students perspective, Dr. Capel is an engaging professor whose instruction doesnt end in the classroom. Our offices handle the Great Teacher Process, an award that is given by our senior students. Consistently Mandy is among the professors that are nominated by her students, and consistently, they remark of her ability to push them to be the best they can be, both in and out of the classroom. She is inspiring and dynamic, always creatively communicating her lessons in a manner that make an impact on her students. They share that they are better people for having Dr. Capel in the classroom, and through her guidance and mentoring; they are excited and well prepared to meet their new careers as teachers, ready to make their own difference. Mandy Capel is a contributor. She is what I would call a mountain mover. Mandy leads by example how to implement change. She gladly takes on the hard, the challenging, and the unthought-of. Mandy along with her colleagues, lead an effort to start an online program at Mount Union, the first of its kind, a Masters in Educational Leadership. Through her hard work and determination, the program was successfully launched and has added an additional layer of excellence to our programming here at Mount Union. To add to her resume, she has also been awarded the Young Alumni Service Award at Mount Union for her exceptional dedication to the success of the institution in a multitude of ways. This award is the highest service award given by the institution to alumni, and heralds a commitment of service to Mount and to the community, an allegiance to the institution, and recognizes outstanding leadership both on and off campus. I would lastly like to share that Dr. Mandy Capel has energy and a positive presence that is unmatched. Having her on campus is a blessing and gift to our students. We as alumni are so very grateful that she chooses to continue her career at Mount Union that she chooses every day to make a difference for our students and our campus community. She embodies what it means to be a Purple Raider, as she is dedicated to making Mount Union the very best place it can be. Mandy teaches and leads with integrity; having her on campus makes us a better institution. I am happy to be reached directly at 330.823.2021 to expand on my letter. It is without reservation that would ask consideration of Mandy for tenure and promotion at Mount Union. Most sincerely, Anne Graffice, Executive Director of Alumni Engagement