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Vocabulary for Maroo of the Winter Caves

All definitions should be done before we read the chapter in class. All definitions should be written in the students composition book. The definitions will be worth five points per chapter. If the vocabulary words are not looked up, comprehension of the chapter will be effected.

Chapter One: bison recess (not play time) niche skins thongs hearth scarlet embers *scree timid floes kinsmen furtively plaits poised *scree comes up on the spell check as spelled incorrectly. I went back and checked in the book and it is correct. I will be understanding if you cannot find scree in your dictionary. Chapter Two: hares carcass Ptarmigan Sinews Chapter Three: gorge willows rivulets feigned lolling tawny expanse birch crevice flint Ibex flaying

Chapter Four: cast (verb) dilated gored weaned submissive jubilant clamor Chapter Five: sulkily savagely

peered lead (noun) ravenous


subsided lichen fronds Chapter Six: amulet saxifrage whelk frisked relented zenith Chapter Seven: draggled petered looming Chapter Eight: plaited maneuvered bewildered clambered Chapter Nine: inexorably fatigue

Azaleas furred wary perpetual tantalizing voles haunches roused tufts menacing

frail slight intricacies arid heather skeptical

scarcely silhouette

sheer roused erected

groping contorted



Chapter Ten: Same as chapter nine Chapter Eleven: route linger quarrelsome Chapter Twelve: prod rasping staff (not a group of people) forage trudging

trekked desolate

exertion meandered

chided penetrated fretted Chapter Thirteen: See chapter twelve


Chapter Fourteen: hoisted spoor ebbing indifferent vast Chapter Fifteen: monotony stunted vague ebbed amid nudged subsided lee

scarcely warily

resolutely maim immense