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2013-2014 Syllabus Accelerated Physical Science Mr. Bryant Williams www.williamsscienceteacher.weebly.


1. Textbooks:

Holt Science and Technology Physical Science book Chemical Interactions Chemical Building blocks

Year Long Objectives

Anticipated Dates August 7-September 6 September 6 September 9-October 4 October 4 October 11, 12 October 15-November 1 November 1 November 4-December 13 December 13 December 18, 19 January 7- 31 January 31 February 3-28 February 28 March 3-April 4 March 13,14 April 4 April 14-18 May 1-16 May TBD Standard/Topic Atomic Structure and Periodic Table Common Assessment Periodic Table Properties of Matter Common Assessment Matter Midterm-1st 9 Weeks Energy Common Assessment Energy Waves Common Assessment Waves Interim Exam over 1st Semester Force, Motion, Gravity Common Assessment, F, M, G Machines and Work Common Assessment Machines and Work Electricity and Magnetism Midterm-3rd 9 Weeks Common Assessment Electricity and Magnetism Review for CRCT Prepare for EOCT EOCT Physical Science AKS #11,12 #11,12

#13 #17, 18, 19 #1-9, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19 #14, 16 #15 #20,21

*Schedule subject to change, based upon classroom needs.

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2. Assessments: Students will have various formative assessments throughout each unit. A common assessment unit test will be given at the end of each unit. Also, each student will be required to take midterm exams at the end of each 9 week grading period and a comprehensive interim exam after weeks 18 and 36. 3. Grading Policies: All work is expected to be turned in on time. Students will have the opportunity to work through lunch, before school, and during homeroom to complete assignments. Extra help is offered every Wednesday morning at 8:15. 4. Homework/Classwork: It is the responsibility of the student to listen to teacher instructions regarding the completion of homework and classwork. Students should use their agendas to record testing dates and other important in formation, as well as assignments and their due dates. Parents should refer to the Portal to see the most current grade, and the website for links to missing assignments when possible. 5. Labs: Hands-on, inquiry based labs are an integral part of physical science. Labs are conducted per unit across all teams. Following all safety procedures while in the lab is an expectation of this course. Students who misbehave will be removed from the lab setting and may face additional penalties, as well as be held responsible for any equipment that is damaged as a result of their actions. Grade criteria: 100-90 A 89-80 B 79-74 C 73-70 D 69-0 U Weighted scale: Classroom Assessments: 40% Daily class work Labs Guided practices Writing samples Quizzes Homework Summative Assessments: 50% Unit common assessments Major assignments Writing prompts Comprehensive Final Exam (1stSemester)/ EOCT (2nd Semester): 10% 6. Promotion Criteria Eighth grade students (for promotion to 9th grade) must earn passing grade averages each semester with connections classes combined into one semester average. Students must earn a passing average both semesters in order to pass the course for the school year. Both Language Arts and Math must have passing averages each semester. Students must achieve a passing score on each of the following: *CRCT Reading *CRCT Math Assessment

*Georgia 8th Grade Writing

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7. EOCT/High School Credit Students taking Physical Science during the 2013-2014 school year have the unique opportunity to earn high school credit by earning a passing grade in the course AND passing the End of Course Test (EOCT) in physical science. If the credit is earned, it is important to note that the GPA points for the course will transfer to the high school as well. A total of 4 science credits are required for Georgia high school students: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and a science elective. This course would satisfy the science elective course requirement. Please refer to the EOCT handout/letter or the teacher website for more information regarding this. 8. Attendance policy: Students who have an excused absence may make up work, tests, quizzes, etc. for full credit. 9. Extra Help: Tutorials are available on Wednesdays at 8:15 for students needing additional assistance with curriculum. If you arrive at school before the start time, please wait in the caf. 10. Contact: Email: Website: School Number: (770) 995-7133


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11. Student signature: _______________________________________________Date_______ Please print student name: __________________________________________ 12. Parent/Guardian signature: _______________________________________Date_______ I ______________________ (student) will be responsible during labs/activities and will follow all safety guidelines and procedures provided by my teachers. I understand that not behaving during lab will have disciplinary consequences.

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