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I didn't expect her reaction to be so blunt and obviously rehearsed.

It was almost as though she'd waited for this moment, for this slip up on top of so many others. I questioned vaguely as to why she picked this particular issue to bother taking me to task on it, but her reply was concise and equally as vague. Because, Kasper! She wanted no excuses or explanations or even apologies, so at the time I was confused as to what to give her. Time and a listening ear weren't good enough either and that was when I devised that she wanted none of it because our conversation was designed to be very one sided, nothing more than a outlet for her rage toward me, red hot and burning just behind the greenness of her eyes. This was not a new development, it couldn't have been. I never knew her to be one to stumble over her words; she was a confident woman with a strong mind, but I could always tell when she'd been thinking a lot longer than I'd ever care to nurse a thought. She prepared for this dispute, a good and admirable skill to have when honed, but her preparation had come for the purpose of conveying a brewing hatred for me, one that I could have not possibly prepared for quite like she had done. It was so unlike us to meet like this, where I stared in endless shame with myself and due bewilderment for the nature of our conflict, while she was impassioned by whatever had possessed her to tear me down. It was this and it was that and never why it was this and that, just a constant ripping of my spirits until I was reduced to the scolded child I so often was under my good mother's care. It only became worse when I stupidly opened my mouth and said to her, This is so unlike you, Riku. My honesty was not appreciated, even if her brief pause told me that the buried rational part of her accepted it as truth. I took the verbal lashing I'd earned for that knowing I was deserving this time, though I don't think she expected me to endure it so hardily. It was her voice that cracked first, and then the entirety of what I'd come to know as an unbreakable spirit seemed to give way under her crude emotions, and just like that it was over. It was never anger toward meI'd be mistakenjust her instinct that I'd still be standing when the storm blew over.