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* 19 years experience * Registered Guardian with the National Guardianship Association (NGA) * Treasurer for the Missouri Guardianship Alliance (MOGA) * United States Air Force Veteran


Public Administrator

Platte County

Experience Counts

I love the work I do. I ask for your vote to protect your community with experience, knowledge and commitment to the Platte County Public Administrators office. -Toni L. Clemens
Toni is hands-down the only choice for Public Administrator. She understands the challenges and delivers results effectively and efficiently for all stakeholders. Her experience is vital. -Janet Waddell, Public Administrator 94 - 04 Toni is the most qualified, professional and caring person in this office. She has consistently proven that she has the experience to serve the people under the care of the Public Administrators office. -Terry Edwards, Public Administrator 05 - Present

Paid for by: Friends of Toni L. Clemens, Terry Edwards, Treasurer