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LISTENING AND SPEAKING Geraldine villaba 11

2. I chose was the news of sports: the player Lee Westwood, the playersuffered a lot for attaining what it is today, is the third best player in the world, these were some of the words the panteo "There was noweakness in my game, "said Westwood, who tied his worst round at the Masters. "I hit close, hit a lot of streets and put in some puttsbuenos.Este is a player who has plenty of competition over the years has worked hard

3. 1. Exist, information, entertainment, sports, these are the most major like the news in general, I like to know sports, show business, being informed of Bogot program like Phineas and Ferb 4. I like watching soap operas, I love to watch football Favorite show dealing with politics, because politics bore mein some ways, it is not always clear there are many peopledefending your point of view and nothing is consiso and clear andpolitics is one thing more unfair life 6.prefiero watch TV, hear on the radio just music 7.eso depends on the channel you choose, if a newswire channelslocated in these things you learn everyday 8. possibly spending time watching football games, watching soap operas at night 9.simplemente are entertainment channels, in some cases we donot have fun and to discover why talent is something that from birth,is for some mostar 9.The children usually only seen diversion channels, these channels are inrreales nothing to live day by day passes, I believe that children not only have fun but learn 10. Clearly, if I can go out with my friends, playing sports manythings this is not essential in my life 11.inivto my friends to my house, I use the computer, listening tomusic 12.The to sleep early: