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correct. BE TTI ROB ERT P. and its certification p ogram for school owners is sweeping the country! 4 6 3 7 2 5 1 4 6 3 6 3 7 2 5 1 4 6 3 7 3 7 2 5 1 2 5 1 4 6 4 6 3 7 2 Section_1. make sure your praise is for something legitimate or you’ll lose your credibility and your students will know they didn’t really earn it. WITH LECLE RC If you were carjacked. does. He’s created a reality-based survival course that’s a big hit with the adult public.FEATURES “Recognize a specific beh vior or action and use the ‘praise. recurring feedback. would you know what to do? Or. a master-level black belt and former cop. if you and your family happened to be present when some lone-wolf terrorist started shooting? Robby Beard.” BY L AU R A M A STER L .indd 2 5 1 7 2 1 4 2 5 4 6 3 7 5 1 4 6 3 5 1 4 6 3 7 1 4 6 3 7 2 2 5 1 4 6 3 10/7/16 8:36 AM . However. praise’ formula to provide regular.

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indd 9 10/6/16 3:40 PM . NO.VOL. 12  //  DECEMBER 2016 Section_1_OL. 16.

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3. How long do you think it will take to achieve it?

2. What are you doing to accomplish your goal?

1. Do you have a current goal?

Ask your students:

up and you are ready for your test. Don’t
underestimate the value of small things done
extremely well; usually, that is how amazing
achievements are earned.

~ Napoleon Hill

If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way.

Most of the time, when great things are
accomplished it isn’t because the people
who accomplished them had great goals.
Usually, great things are the product of many,
many small things being done in a great way.
Think of the number of small things that go
into an achievement like a black belt. Punch
after punch; kick after kick; form after form;
you learn how to do all of these small things
perfectly. One day, those experiences add


December 2014

3. What do you do to overcome obstacles?

2. Do obstacles hold you back?

1. What steps do you take after deciding to
do something?

Ask your students:

accomplished anything. There are no limits to
the things we can achieve, but we have to set
aside our fears and actually try.

~ Anatole France

To accomplish great things we must not only act,
but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

There were three seagulls sitting on a fence.
One decided to fly away, how many seagulls
were left on the fence? If you said two, you
are wrong – there were still three. You see,
the seagull who decided to fly away didn’t
do anything other than make a decision. He
never actually took action and flew away. If we
want to accomplish something, we can dream
and plan it, but we do it, we haven’t really


December 2014

3. Do you expect others to do their best, too?

2. Do you always try to do your best?

1. Does your attitude effect the way you
complete a task?

Ask your students:

~ Colin Powell

The freedom to do your best means nothing
unless you are willing to do your best.

If there is something you want to accomplish,
you have to be willing to give it your all. Being
great doesn’t mean just finishing tasks, it
means completing those tasks as well as you
possibly can. The freedom to succeed is a
privilege and even though we might not be
able to do something as well as someone else,
personal greatness comes when we are willing
to try. We can always take pride in our work as
long as we did the very best we could.


December 2014

3. How do you feel when you achieve something?

2. What have you achieved lately?

1. What does achievement mean to you?

Ask your students:

patience, and dedication, we can work toward
our goal of being the best we can be. This is what
achievement is all about.

~ John Wooden

Don’t mistake activity with achievement.

This month we will talk about achievement.
Achievements and accomplishments don’t have
to be big to matter. Some of the most satisfying
achievements come when we finally complete or
perfect something we have been working on for
a long time, but those types of achievement take
hard work. We can come to class two or three
days a week, but if we are not spending class
time working our hardest and doing our best,
then we are not achieving much. Through focus,


December 2014

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10/6/16 3:41 PM

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LLC #11195 CALLING ALL SPEAKERS! Do you want to speak at the 16th annual MASuperShow July 6. @MASuperShow youtube.indd 29 10/6/16 3:41 PM .com/MAIASuccess An amazing customizable workbook that EDUCATES.COM and SAVE $50 on Setup Fees. USE CODE: MASUCCESS Section_1_OL. MASUCCESS SPECIAL: Register on MYFIRSTSIXWEEKS. You can also recommend a speaker for the event.© 2016 MAIA. PRESENTED BY: fb. THE RESULT: More new students. 2017? Do you have a strategy or system that proved to be a game changer in your school? Do you love the challenge of speaking before a large group explaining and teaching your philosophy? We want to hear from you! Go to www. 7 and 8. click the Call for Speakers button and complete the online form to submit your application. and INTERACTS with kids AND parents during their trial period.MASuperShow.

indd 30 10/7/16 8:33 AM .FEATURED STORY 30 MASUCCESS Section_2.

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# 102 12 Section_2_OL.COM 1000 CENTURY BLVD. OKLAHOMA CITY. and your ideas. challenges and games to help disguise repetition.indd 41 10/6/16 3:59 PM . > Ever expanding library of drills. search for and implement new class plans > Additional log-ins mean you can set a class plan and share it with your instructors WWW. challenges and games MASUCCESS.COM ©20 16 MAIA.Your school runs on your vision. maDRILLS IS YOUR ULTIMATE SOLUTION Our new website offers hundreds of drills. your brainpower. managing what happens on the mat while keeping your classes fresh and engaging is a challenge.MADRILLS. OK 73110 > Levels of membership so you pay for what you need – no more. no less > Create. organize your school’s schedule and keep everyone on your mat happy. edit. Whether you work with a staff or teach every session yourself. LLC.

indd 42 10/6/16 3:59 PM .I  Section_2_OL.

Android. iPad. All rights reserved. iPhone. LG Smart TV and Roku devices. Amazon Fire TV. ANYWHERE. Chromecast. / LIVE AND EXCLUSIVE EVENTS / ACCESS TO THE LARGEST MMA LIBRARY IN THE WORLD / EXCLUSIVE ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING AND MUCH MORE! DOWNLOAD THE UFC APP TODAY TO START YOUR FREE TRIAL OF UFC FIGHT PASS UFC FIGHT PASS is available on Xbox 360. ©2015 Zuffa.indd 43 ANYTIME. LLC.Tactical AD Live fight availability subject to change. NEW Section_2. Xbox One. Apple TV. Samsung Smart TV. 10/6/16 10:54 AM . YOUR PASS TO UFC.

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.35. —Dr.indd 47 As seen on: www.PowerfulWords.PowerfulWords. TODAY! 10/6/16 3:59 PM .com (877) 769-3799 TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW! We’re so positive that Powerful Words will help you succeed. a safe and fun place for their children to develop physical fitness and character. As a Child and Adolescent Development Expert. we’re giving YOU a Fantastic FREE GIFT valued at over $ and click on the GET STARTED NOW Button or give us a call at (877) 769-3799 now to find out how.. it’s discouraging to see Martial Arts Schools suffering right now. Robyn Silverman Martial Arts Industry’s Leading Child Development Expert Section_2_OL. Visit our website at www. don’t you? Your students deserve better too. my name is Dr. Parents have made one thing clear.WARNING: MANY Martial Arts Schools are SUFFERING from Low Enrollment! Hello. the academy they choose must teach both. Visit our website—and Get Your School on the Powerful Road to Success. I’d like to personally invite you to test drive our internationally-acclaimed Character Development System RIGHT NOW and watch your school’s success skyrocket. don’t they? Many of our Powerful Words clients are enjoying great success right now because they’ve learned exactly what parents are looking for from a great martial arts academy. Robyn Dr. You deserve better. Robyn Silverman...

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“Redirection is a useful technique because.” Section_3_OL. instead of causing students to resent you or to shut down. they are empowered to modify their behavior and increase their capacity to learn. Redirection works because it does not involve the pointing out of inappropriate behavior or of the things your students shouldn’t be doing.indd 52 10/6/16 4:11 PM .

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9. Section_3_OL. 8.7.indd 55 10/6/16 4:11 PM .

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and rep par trau e. turns s by taking defensive move er. Just $99 down. despite usi contac use mo t no hea with rota ing hea ur tand tha associated times includ ries may occ ately.626.CO MASUC 866.indd 61 10/6/16 4:11 PM . offensive and ng partn practice both with your sparri • Learn and openly communicate and • Clearly ssive d by progre is determine won. in sparring es : Winning e.626. shin and mouth guard s. rring.13 instructor training videos . dis MAIA should d in any © 2015 tion. Ins erly fitted wraps. parent and student communication package ractical nvolved you spar: u’ll learn as ractical . up and keep of m and t care el of c ucceGe ar e n a th v to s o gs row . PRIM E ctor nt by your instru instructor preseall instructions given spar with an and follow • Always ssion to begin by your instructor • Get permi given all the rules • Follow ons with their make decisi lty. groin omes homa . © 2015 MAIA. ged or • Keep accid ent reports for any injury. can inv such activit in y which pation activit ct h risk t partici -conta is a hig and studen for non rring n nded tion et (no that spa is inte instruc agree t and the targ h the tac h and wit d wit con tact ntal erstan ociated incide king con you und all risks ass case of of ma rring e in 1” tive spa um hin ass safety cumula ent tion in es wit ntarily rgin of t). to provide effec tive teaching methods. Develop resp nsiv as rate offe ffective e.R. a contact sparring program that aids in student retention! S PRIME MASUCCESS.I.M. Increase per parts or must wear . and free of impro right equip lete. vid ing pro (lig set By r pro ticipan rd.6226 1000 Century Blvd. not match Remember ies ent over tim improvem tivit ithin sparring! c a ial ent w nt parts of efic s se importa ben lopm ay nge in mind the ost deve is alw halle ed. Improve mind and emo scenarios within the trol of body.LLC.. g only.LL l r you martia her PRIME D 6 . istic 2. Okla it bec ury Blvd use. Always nsiblit respo is your er’s safety • Your partn top priority.If Cent 1000 Century . to look forward to. t ries res ult from par no mo -conta t. Ok 73110 protec damage City. and a cup for h guards have males been properly formed to stude nts’ mout esponsible indful target. ipm pec at inju foo You exp Non equ ke res ious ent.E. and trolled A full d includ power g gea to par a con the hea tact sports.COM 866. hand. Here inst a moving distance aga tions.LLC. sion.622 M CESS. • Utilize traini t ng and experience questions or concerns imme diately. $99 monthly payments. Ok 73110 © 2015 MAIA. and inju ticipants . s.New monthly skill-building activities ME sparring prin STUDENTS R ! g sparrin I Welcome to M E Get the plug-and-play solution you’ve been waiting for featuring: . • Ensure mout foot. • Ask about medical from or adaptatio conditions.COM UCCE 866. Gre ct le can g is thin ing as rrin nal g sses orre ild ant rr r Spa perso d’s cla the c your ch port le spa f his o ib o e im for r chil ensure that om spons part is re s you en to ted so re a bout re ins th ing. e k n H e g a ta res ain w be kno child arts tr is p ffective lco We MASUCCESS. safety as a esponsible lity: ciples by ensurin • Pair stude nts carefully... Oklahom RETE NTION BASED g rrin SPARRING C. as well 4. • Supervise all sparring and have a • Present sparr ing as something no-tolerance policy for exces sive force. Do not ers edi ries o und at all neck inju lace it imm You als ma. ect 3.LLC.COM me 866.626 1000 SE BA G RIN RE AR SP ahoma Ok City. Okl Blvd N TE 6226 SS.. • Inspect gear before each sparr ing session. LLC. timing and rules of spa 1. some of which may n of sparring.626. undam red with the • Be prepa your equipment is comp • Make sure IME R P ts P R I ren nvolved M E control level of your and stay in experience your partner power to the speed and • Respect calibrate your • Always indful Pa g sparring is: hs. ©2016 MAIA.D E S N BA G N I R R A P S O I T N ETE R PRIME P PRIME ngs yo are some thi ment — You aged.P. trolled stri vent ser that can ves. instruc t com equipm contac concus You volu es a ma strike tha viding of ht ts. 73110 IA. fac n by all be wor Serious hea . Ok 73110 Blvd. Learn accu -repect and confiden self gear to spar patching all required 5. hand rop equipm sparrin con forces can pre glo ng this dified or imp t) or a tional dgear dgear. • Ensure each student is wear ing the minim Head. not to dread . eye brain card and d. mouth gua h ed and injury t sparrin ined as ws to con eac cent spe tand tha rring is def arm pad from blo pation in before n 30 per unders ulting tici and fore equipment ct spa re tha ressly en shin. Oklahoma City. require exclusion • Initiate and maintain comm unication with • Address any parents and stude student or paren nts.New weekly sparring drills My Responsibi To maintain PRI INSTRUCTOR Finally. Do altered gear to not allow dama be used.6226 pa to S 1000 Century a City. 5 MA © 201 N TIO sonal ious per olve ser ies. um sparring gear. Gain con react to real the abilty to e and defensive moves. • Have a lesso n plan. for others. #10599 Call MAIA at 866-626-6226 to enroll today! Section_3_OL. partner. MAS Keep your students and your sparring program. way.

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indd 71 10/6/16 4:26 PM .Section_4_OL.

For more than a decade. #8703 What is MAIA? The Martial Arts Industry Association was established with a simple mission in mind — to grow the martial arts industry. OK 73110 10/6/16 4:26 PM .indd 72 // 1000 CENTURY BLVD. one school at a time. MARTIAL ARTS SUPERSHOW The Martial Arts SuperShow is the martial arts industry’s biggest event of the year featuring business seminars. To find out mo e about how MAIA can help you and your school. we have been the world’s most innovative and creative martial arts business association. Join us in Las Vegas. and world-class entertainment.COM Section_4_OL. please contact us at info@masuccess. our members have access to the finest esources the industry has to offer.©20 15 MAIA. MEMBERSHIP Membership MAIA members own some of the best and most successful martial arts schools in the world. To learn more. Nevada July 6-8. conduct character-building seminars or lead a bullying awareness campaign. Whether you are looking to implement new programs. LLC. visit MASuperShow. CURRICULUM MAIA curriculum is created and endorsed by the most well-known and well-respected names in martial arts. Contact Us We exist to serve the martial arts or call 866-626-6226. Be among the thousands of martial art school owners and business professionals who join together to perfect their craft and build their business. the curriculum developed by MAIA provides everything you need. MASUCCESS. From professionally created marketing materials to one-on-one consultations with MAIA’s expert business consultants. 2015. physical training. OKLAHOMA CITY. certification wor shops.

703 Section_4_OL.indd 73 10/6/16 4:26 PM .

indd 74 10/6/16 4:26 PM .Section_4_OL.

2017 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.2016 Advanced tickets expire soon. network and grow with martial arts professionals from across the U.S. Section_4_OL.indd 75 10/6/16 4:26 PM . Time IsJoin usRunning Out! at the 2017 MASuperShow 279 $ unitl Dec I 866-626-6226 Join us July 6-8. Don’t pay more than you have to for this opportunity to learn. and around the globe. masupershow.Hurry.

7 4 6 3 7 2 5 1 4 6 3 7 6 3 7 2 5 1 4 6 3 7 3 7 2 5 1 2 5 1 4 6 4 6 3 7 2 Section_4_OL.indd 76 10/6/16 4:26 PM .

5 1 7 2 1 4 2 5 4 6 3 7 5 1 Section_4_OL.indd 77 4 6 3 5 1 4 6 3 7 1 4 6 3 7 2 2 5 1 4 6 3 By Scott Aksamit 10/6/16 4:26 PM .

indd 78 10/6/16 4:26 PM .1 Section_4_OL.

11 Section_4_OL.indd 79 10/6/16 4:26 PM .

indd 80 10/6/16 4:26 PM .2 Section_4_OL.

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7 Section_4_OL.indd 85 10/6/16 4:26 PM .

T  Section_4_OL.indd 86 10/6/16 4:26 PM .

Kenclean Plus can help. fresh fragrance that will let your students know your school is clean. However with a plan of action and the right 10/6/16 4:26 PM . Kenclean Plus Athletic Surface Disinfectant Cleaner No one would ever tell you that keeping a martial arts facility clean is easy. it isn’t impossible and the results are definitely worth the time it takes in both attracting new students and keeping current ones.They’re NOT thinking about how clean the mat is.kennedyindustries. With lots of foot traffic. Because you already did. it is definitely one of the more challenging aspects of running a school. Two ounces per gallon of water is all it takes for this one step cleaner/disinfectant that kills the germs athletes need killed and leaves behind a clean.indd 87 215-443-3313 www. intense workouts and little time between classes. Kennedy Clean! Section_4_OL.

W • • • •  Section_4_OL.indd 88 10/6/16 4:26 PM .

Section_4_OL.indd 89 10/6/16 4:26 PM .

indd 90 10/6/16 4:26 PM .A  Section_4_OL.

indd 91 10/6/16 4:26 PM .Section_4_OL.

A  Section_4_OL.indd 92 10/6/16 4:26 PM .

indd 93 10/6/16 4:26 PM .Section_4_OL.

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Section_4_OL.indd 95 10/6/16 4:26 PM .

I e m  Section_1_OL.indd 96 10/6/16 3:41 PM .

LLC. pamph MARTIAL ARTS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION 10/7/16 8:25 AM . Ads MARTIAL ARTS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION 866-626-6226 | MASuccess.postcards.Julie Mischke Eight Cover_Dec_2016_OL. #1 118 0 Get your school into fighting shape with Dojo Rescue. columns 3/4” .©201 6 MA IA .postcards. More Students.indd 3 MARTIAL ARTS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION 2” . columns Boot camp isn’t just for your students anymore. thank you!” .1/4” . Are You Ready? 1/2” . More Revenue.Holder folders. Full page. “First New Student Orientation/ Mass Enrollment went awesome! Couldn’t have done without all the information from the MAIA consultants. 1.Flyers.

indd 4 10/7/16 8:25 AM .Cover_Dec_2016_OL.

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