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The comparison of words in the bedtime story of little red ridding hood and the little red ridding

hood in the version of political correctness.

The research will investigate the political correctness words in the bedtime story of little red ridding hood by James Finn Garner. The purpose is to compare and analyze the reasons why these words in the Brothers Grimm bedtime story of little red ridding hood have to change. Here are some examples, a bottle of wine to mineral water or women to womyn and etc. Then, the research will try to discover whether any theories or any explanations underlie this words change. The main aim is to find why these words are changed by using principles of euphemism, political correctness, culture issue and etc. The reason why I choose the bedtime story as a corpus is because it is something that is close to us but we usually ignore. People usually analyze texts that are more academic and official. This is the area that they forgot. Therefore, I hope my research can cover this area. Moreover, the reason why I choose Brothers Grimm version of the little red riding hood is because it is the most well-known version. As for the version of political correctness, the author is an American writer and satirist based in Chicago. When the book of Politically Correct Bedtime
Stories: Modern Tales for Our Life and Times has published, it was translated more than 20 languages. Therefore, it is an acceptable book.