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Global Harvest

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Winter 2012

A pagan America?
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Editor: Wayne Barrier Founding Editor: J.C. Choate (deceased) Associate Editor, Design, Layout: Betty Burton Choate Publishers: World Evangelism Publications for Churches of Christ

Global Harvest
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Globa l
the Voice of World Evangelis m


r 2012

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Were look ing for Gideon an his 300! d

Have you seen him ?

Wayne and Janet Barrier: 3000 County Road 10, Florence, AL 35633; Phone: 256-766-2807; Email: wbarrier@

Team Members and Contact Information:

Byron and Gay Nichols: P.O. Box 11218, Springfield, MO 65808; Phone: 417-823-4918; Email: Jerry and Paula Bates: P.O. Box 172, Winona, MS 38967; Ph. 870-897-2373; Email:

Mrs. J.C. (Betty) Choate: 708 Burton Drive, Winona, MS 38967; Ph. 662-283-1192; Email,; Website:

Louis and Bonnie Rushmore: 705 Devine St., Winona, MS 38967; Ph: 662-739-3035; Email:; Website: Justin and Leah Hopkins: Email:; Phone: 210-593-8329.

Rafael and Kattia Barrantes: 19 Standridge Cv., Jackson TN 38305. Phone: 731-267-32 Email: What else could it be but to say, throughout its pages, Lift up your eyes and see that the fields are white unto harvest?

These are pivitol times. With technology and communication being what they are, we have such amazing and powerful tools for reaching into any country with the Gospel even those that seem closed or antagonistic toward Christianity. God has truly supplied! On the other hand, it has been many years since the world has seemed so volatile. We could be on the brink of major conflict, engulfing humanity in the worst of wars. Since the work of the church is the spreading of salvation through the preaching of the Gospel, if we will do our part, God will overrule to bless us with opportunity. Let us be praying for each other!

What is the purpose of Global Harvest???

and cooperation.

isclaimer: We believe that we must answer to God for what we teach and promote. It is our purpose to be biblical in all that we do and, to the best of our knowledge, we will not promote in these pages the work of unsound brethren. Because we cannot personally know all that anyone believes and teaches, we ask your help in guarding against unknowingly publicizing those who are either liberal or fanatical. If such material is inadvertantly printed, we ask your understanding


SINGLY, we cant do much; TOGETHER, we can evangelize the world!

Are you a part of our support team yet???

e invite submission of feature and report articles from biblically-sound brethren, along with colored photographs, for inclusion in future issues of Global Harvest.

Global Harvest

Volume 6

Fall, 2011

Table of Contents
u First Priority According to Jesus...Wayne Barrier...6 u Mission Work Is Not Given. . ..........J.C. Choate............7 u A Little Quiz from the Pages........................................4 u Elders, Please Listen............Betty B. Choate...............5 u Laying the Groundwork. . ..........Justin A. Hopkins.........8 u Were Looking for More Gideons..............................12 u What Can You Do to Help?........................................13 u Beggars Day................Betty B. Choate...................46 u A Pagan America?..............Betty B. Choate................62 u To God Be the Glory....................Jerry & Paula Bates...................14 u In the Footsteps of Apollos..........Louis Rushmore................15 u The Voice of Truth International....Byron Nichols.....17 u Returning, After Seven Years......Betty B. Choate......18 u Maywood Missionary Retreat.....Wayne Barrier.........20 u Books from World Evangelism.....................16,34,35,55 u Focus Press...............Brad Harrub..........................22,23 u In Search of the Lords Way...Phil Sanders, Mack Lyon..25 u World Video Bible School.......................................26,27 u Tracts What About the Judgment?......................28 u Apologetics Press...............Kyle Butt..........................29 u House to House, Heart to Heart......Allen Webster.....30 u World Mission Radio Network........James E. Jones....32 u Action! World Bible School ..............John Reese.......33 u French World Outreach.........Barry Baggott................36 u Mission Printing..................Richard Renfro................60

Editorials Articles

u Lyon, France..............Charles O. White.......................37 u Syktyvkar Bible School...............Larry Little..............38 u Encouraging Small Church. . . ...Bill McDonough.....39 u 20 Years of Christianity in Benin..........Ed Jones...........40 u Created for Purpose...................Ruth Orr....................42 u The Malawi Project.............Richard Stephens.............44 u The Heart of Zimbabwe............Loy Mitchell.............45



Reports from Team Members

Services Offered by Brethren

u A Need in Pakistan.................Asghar Ali.....................48 u Hyderabad, Pakistan.............Shahid Khokhar..............48 u Between India and Sri Lanka....Asveeradam Darla....49 u B. Arjunan Reports from Tamilnadu.........................50 u Continuing Work in South India.......S. Rajanayagam......51 u New Hope in the Land . . .......Philemon Rajah............52 u The Voice of Truth International..........Kingsly Rajah.........53 u India Harvest...................Ricky Gootam......................54

Indian Sub-Continent

u Greetings from Myanmar.......Winsome Vertannes......55 u News from Indonesia.................Colin McKee.....................56 u Flooding in Manila....................Luis Cusi....................57 u Greetings in Christ.................Simon Hui....................58 u Preaching the Gospel on . . . ..........Randy English.......59 u The Kent ODonnells in New Zealand................................61 The picture on the front cover of Global Harvest was taken in Lahore, Pakistan during a procession called Muharram. In this march, men and boys cut their backs with multiple knives on chains, memoralizing the martyrdom of Hussain, the grandson of Mohammed. People go beserk from the pain, and some die from the torture to their bodies and from stampedes that occur when a participant begins running wildly through the crowd of on-lookers, slinging his knives. Islam is not a religion of peace and love as some would have us to believe.


Gleaning from the Fields

u Project Rescue..................Ronnie Crocker...................22 u Novel Methods for Outreach......Martin Johnson........31

North America

u Living by Faith.....................Alex Del Zotto...............34 u Evangelism in Montecarlo, Peru....Helmut Garcia.....35


Central and South America

Global Harvest

A little quiz from the pages..

10. The Rushmores found a man in the hospital who was reading what? P. 19 1. What is the first priority in the churchs work? 11. Jerry Bates wrote about ______ ________ p. 6 Christians in India. P. 21 2. Why is new Bible class literature needed? P. 8 12. Are there problems with drug addiction among 3. Name the 5 Ps to be stressed in the curricu- Christians? P. 24. lum. P. 10 13. What are some outreach methods the John- sons are using in Utah? P. 31 4. Why are more Gideons needed? P. 12 14. How many Christians live in Norway? P. 39 5. What can volunteers do to help? P. 13 6. Name three places the Bates worked on their 15. How long has the church existed in Benin? P. 40 trip. P.14 7. What is the name of Wayne Barriers new 16. Name the man in Ruth Orrs story? P. 42 17. Why was he in prison? P. 42 book? P. 16 8. Where will Betty Choate work during her up- coming trip? P. 18 9. What did Apollos do? P. 19 18. What is Beggars Day? P. 46 19. In which state in India is there persecution? P. 52

Global Harvest

We Need Your Help!

In order to make Global Harvest the informative, useful, and inspiring magazine we envision, we must have input from brethren, churches, and program projects throughout the brotherhood and all over the world. We will try to make you aware of services available and of needs you might help to cover.

We need four things from our readers/participants:

(1) Your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. (2) Submissions of articles (with accompanying high quality color photos; if sent over the internet, photos must be at least 200 dpi and 4x5 in size). Articles need to be story-form, rather than general report form; they need to focus on a particular event, specific method of work, some turn of events, an exemplary person, etc. Writing should be succinct, professionally done, without exaggerations or embellishment of truth to make a more exciting story, allowing 750 to 1000 words for one page, preferably 11 pt., Times New Roman. (3) Please understand that we cover services made available through brethren, of printing, magazines, and various programs of work. We do not solicit or accept paid advertisements. (4) At this time it is our intention to print Global Harvest twice yearly, in the interest of helping brethren to be more aware of what is being done and of what needs to be done. Financial support will be greatly appreciated from brethren who will make a personal donation to receive the magazine individually, and from congregations that will pay for bundles to be supplied to their members. Individual donation: $5.00 per copy Congregational donation: $75.00 per 25 copies; $100.00 per 50 copies

ELDERS, Please Listen...

I hope you will take the time to read the article on page 46, Beggars Day. Though that scenario was Karachi, Pakistan, we have a similar thing in the Lords church today. As I was writing the article, I suddenly saw a contrast in the church, between yesterday and now, that has become one of Satans greatest barriers to the financing of mission efforts. What is that tool? The decision of elders, almost throughout the church, not to allow appeals from the pulpit, by the visiting missionary, for individual contributions to be made at the door. Doubtless, there may be negatives to the practice, of which I am unaware, but there are also positives of which elders and church members may not be aware. When we were raising support for the radio and literature work in India, it was in the day, and almost always the elders allowed an appeal to be made. J.C. would urge, Dont take anything away from your regular contribution but if, in addition to that, you are able to help, please do. The result would be one-time gifts and commitments for monthly support. From that, we built a mailing list of supporters and interested brethren. Those contributions covered travel expenses. In contrast, often today, a missionary may drive many long and expensive miles to make a report on the work, and the elders may not give a single dollar on his expenses, and no individuals offer a check. Those gifts and commitments also grew into a faithful base of individual supporters. Through the years, the greater part of our travel costs for reporting on the work were paid through gifts at the door, and half or more of the stable monthly support for the work has come from individuals who have faithfully sent their checks for $25, $50 or $100, year after year after year. If we had been denied the privilege of asking for individual support, we might have just given up on raising the needed funds, or we would have been able to do less than half of what was actually done! Elders, do you see that protecting the members from being asked to give has greatly hindered missionaries in their efforts to evangelize the world? It is your responsibility to watch for the souls in your care. Since the Lords final commission to the church was to evangelize the world, do you think that He smiles in approval when there are Christians under your authority who would help finance that work, but your decision to forbid any plea for funds has robbed them of the opportunity? This is no light matter. Souls will be lost because they never had the opportunity to hear. How will God judge the souls who deprived them of that opportunity? (Because I care.... BBC)


Global Harvest

First Priority According to Jesus

Wayne Barrier
and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. This mission was first priority in the lives of first century Christians and they were successful in reaching every person in the world with the Gospel (Colossians 1:23). We should consider a few passages of scripture where Jesus provides guidance and principles associated with the concept of priority. Obviously, we must accept the responsibility for taking the Gospel to all the world. If this is not first priority for every Christian and the church, we will continue to fail and masses will pass into eternity every day that have never heard the all important message of salvation. Jesus taught that a man has profited nothing and lost everything, if he loses his soul, even if he has gained all the world (Matthew 16:24-26). Our lives are usually complex and filled with competing calls for the use of our time and energy. We struggle with setting priorities as we face competing opportunities and demands. Jesus said in Matthew 6:33, we should seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness We are told not to worry about physical things, but to focus first on serving in the kingdom of Christ. God will take care of us. Jesus was asked in Matthew 22:36, Teacher, which is the great commandment in the law? The answer is recorded in verses 37-40, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: you shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets. This teaching was often repeated as the apostles taught as the Gospel spread across the world in the first century. Love for our neighbors is best expressed in our desire for them to learn and obey the Gospel. We often seek to define traits and characteristics needed to be a successful leader. Jesus provides the most important trait in Matthew20:26-28 when he states, whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant, and whoever desires to be first among you, let him be your slave, just as the son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve to give His life a ransom for many. This comment by Jesus followed a request by the mother of James and John that they sit beside Jesus on thrones to reign in greatness over the kingdom of Christ. On another occasion (Matthew 18:1), Jesus is asked, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? The answer in Matthew 18:2-4 is as follows; Then Jesus called a little child to Him, set him in the midst of them, and said, Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become
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Wayne Barrier has been a partner in the World Evangelism program since the mid-80s.

Success in any endeavor requires one to be able to define and determine priorities. This principle applies to everything from managing our time on a daily basis to leading a huge corporate business. Good leaders can define and set priorities. Good leaders understand top priorities for personal behavior, attitude, and achievement. The planning process includes accurately determining ones mission, followed by establishment of goals and objectives, and finally the preparation of strategic and operational plans. Plans lead to specification of actions and tasks. When plans are implemented, tasks must be prioritized. Those who have the ability and skills to do a good job of setting priorities will most likely succeed. The church has a mission. Jesus stated our mission in Matthew 28:1720 when he sard, all authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you;

Global Harvest

Mission Work Is Not Even Given an Honorable Mention

J.C.Choate (Deceased)
J.C. Choate, founder of Global Harvest, served as a missionary in Asia until his death in 2008.

In January preachers who put out weekly bulletins will sometimes give a review of the past year. They will tell how many were baptized and the number restored. They will give a list of the orphans homes the local church helped and of the other benevolence work done. If there have been gospel meetings, a lectureship, ladies day, and other similar activities, those will also be mentioned. Young peoples meetings, visits to theme parks, boat trips may also be reviewed. But of the bulletins I have received which have carried such reviews, not one word has been written about any of their mission work--local or foreign--even though I know that in some cases they are involved in in several places. With this silence being typical in so many congregations, is it any wonder that the members are not deeply interested in their mission program? When nothing is ever said, reported, or encouraged, how can interest be created and nurtured? How wonderful and refreshing it would be if these brethren, along with a write-up of their other activities, would also tell of the work they support in mission fields, here in the States as well as in foreign countries! They could then give a brief run-down on the accomplishments of those efforts during the past year. After

all, are not those things as much a part of the churchs work and achievements as local activities and social outings? I am convinced that it would be beneficial to the home congregation if brethren gave not only an annual report on their mission efforts but also if monthly reports were given. One or more of the men should be authorized to familiarize themselves with the various mission works, so that they could take turns, week by week, making a brief report on the latest developments or prayer needs or other items of note. Doing this would show that the leadership of the local congregation is aware of their missionaries and that they feel the work is important enough to be put before the brethren on a regular basis. This within itself would make the members more concerned about the families they are supporting, of the need to encourage them, to pray for them, and to help them in every possible way. The congregation as a whole, and the missionary or missionaries, would profit from such emphasis. Right now, around the world, many wonderful things are happening through the combined efforts of our missionaries and the local Christians. Dont brethren at home need to know about these things? Wouldnt it be a genuine encouragement to them and wouldnt it cause them to want to do more to spread the Gospel?

Brethren, there are so many ways that we could do a better job on our mission programs. Lets not wait for someone else to make those changes, but lets begin right now at home. We will be surprised with the good accomplished as a result, the world over! After all, isnt the task of taking the Gospel to every soul the first responsibility of the church? >

Three basic study books from World Evangelism Publications: 13 lessons, with questions. Effective tools for conversion and to stabilize new Christians. $4.00 each. Call 662-283-1192.

Global Harvest

Laying The Groundwork for the Bible Class Materials

Justin and Leah Hopkins
It has been a long and busy few months since the last issue of Global Harvest! We have hit the ground running, and are staying busy working to organize the initial planning stages for the work of actually writing and producing a comprehensive Bible class program for churches of Christ all over the world. We have attended a few lectureships, including: Shenadoah Lectures in San Antonio, TX, Southwest Bible Lectures in Austin, TX, Focal Point Preachers workshop in San Marcos, TX, and Polishing the Pulpit in Sevierville, TN. At each of these points we have had the opportunity to share our work with many Christians who have seen the same need that we have, and are excited to have an opportunity to volunteer to help do something about it! Our list of volunteers has swelled to over 250! We also had the opportunity to help with a summer youth camp at Camp Ida in north east Texas. We worked with young people from 3rd grade up to high school age, Justin Hopkins spending time with them, getting to know them, and opening Gods Word with them. Among those campers was our son, JD; this was his first year as a camper! We have been keeping our schedule full visiting with congregations and sharing our work wherever we go. I (Justin) have been preaching and teaching Bible class. In each congregation we visit we have seen the same deep concern over the rate at which young people are leaving the Church, and the lack of Bible knowledge and quality instructional resources that seems to be so typical. We are still in need of more support for our family, but we are confident that God will provide, and that His people will prove to be as generous as they always have been. During the month of August we had an opportunity to meet once more with the elders of the Liberty congregation in Dennis, MS. This was such an encouraging meeting. The
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Shift in Emphasis

Were getting adept at setting up the display!

Leah, the boys, and I participated in the World Evangelism team meeting in Winona.

Global Harvest
Continued from page 8

and color schemes. On a broader scale it involves ensuring that the voice and personality of the work and the materials are on target, and consistently represented in everything that we, and that our volunteers do. As I have said many times before, I believe that latent within the Lords body is the very best of all the talent that the world has to offer; and that much of it is looking for an opportunity to be used in Gods service. Heres that opportunity! Perhaps you, or someone you know, has expertise in the areas of writing, artwork, photography, editing, proofreading, . If so, and you would welcome an opportunity to do more for the Kingdom, please contact us! The next big ticket item is the planning. A couple of different plans have been set forth that could shape the overall flow of these materials. Before any writing can be done, we need delineate in detail the outlines of what to write and what form the materials take! P We need, of course, to make sure that the plan that covers all ages through high school graduation will give the student a well rounded and firm grasp on the Scriptures and the fundamental doctrines of the Gospel, with a practical eye on application throughout. Curriculum will include materials for Sunday morning Bible Study as well as midweek classes. P The adult materials should be developed in at least three tracks, considering the various life situations that we face between leaving high school and leaving this world. Again, a comprehensive Bible knowledge is critical here, too, since many Christians will not have had the benefit of growing up in the Church. P At the same time, it is important to make sure that whatever is being taught to any particular age group in a given quarter is both age appropriate and relevant to the situations that are being faced by that age group at the time. P We also need to ensure that we strike the best balance between topical and textual class studies, with special emphasis on the character traits shown in the lessons. A planning committee is being formed, comprised of volunteers who have backgrounds in education, psychology, and educational learning theory. While we, among the World Evangelism team, have our own ideas, these decisions will have such a profound impact on everything we do that we think it best to have input from concerned Christians who are trained and experienced in these fields. As the wise man says in Proverbs 11:14, in the multitude of counsellors there is safety. Because of other preliminary work that must be done before there can be a productive planning session, and because
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elders reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring the success of our work, and underscored the urgency that exists. Based on their suggestions, we are pushing our need for support to the back burner, and forging ahead with laying the foundation for the actual writing of the curriculum.

Meeting with the Liberty elders: Benford Pierce, Harold Oswalt, and Tommy Moody; Raymon Carr was unable to attend.

h I n

Before we can set about that work, though, there is much planning and preparation to be done. The immediate needs can be placed under four basic headings: branding, planning, style guides, and organization. Branding basically consists of the image that is set forth for the materials themselves, and the work as a whole. This includes at a most fundamental level the naming, logo,

g y

The Four Critical Needs

The Planning Committee

Conferring with Allon Brumley, who does logos and branding as an occupation, and who has volunteered to work with us in these areas of his expertise. Allon is also interested in training people in foreign fields.


Global Harvest

Laying The Groundwork for the Bible Class Materials

with this phase of the work. We are impressed with their credentials which show their qualifications, and we are thankful for their willingness to be used. Others who have said they will help with the planning are members of the staff of Freed Hardeman University, through the encouragement of brother Richard Taylor, Jr. I am also talking with the staff of the Southwest School of Biblical Studies, and there is the probability that some from Heritage Christians University will join us. The date and location of the meeting have not yet been finalized. If you would welcome the opportunity to be a part of the planning sessions, please contact us today! Once these plans have been completed we will be putting together style guides for the writers to use. These will include three basic sections: mechanical considerations, developmental considerations, and content considerations. The most straightforward section is that which addresses mechanical considerations, outlining procedures for font selection, source citation, sections, headings, etc. This will make the work of doing the layout go much more smoothly. The section on developmental consideration will include information for the writers to keep close at hand, detailing the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of the average child at each age. This section should go on to elaborate on what these things mean for the Bible class structure, and specifically how this should impact our writing. To make sure that this section of the style guide is on target, we will need input from those familiar with developmental psychology, learning theory, and also from teachers who have been on the firing line and can tell us whether these theories actually work! Among our volunteers are numerous teachers with twenty years, or more, of experience in the classroom. The section on content considerations will include the overall plan for scope and sequence that will be developed in the planning session. Then, at a deeper level, this will need to include for each age level the topics, texts, central ideas and lesson outlines for each quarter of instruction, and then for each lesson. It will also include guidance for the inclusion of the 5 Ps of Purity, Passion, Purpose, Prayer, and Providence.
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Style Guides to be Developed for the Writers

Discussing the literature with brother Buddy Elders, one of the elders of the East Huntsville Church of Christ.

Justin and Leah jointly explaining proposed component parts for the literature to a gathering of interested Christians at Catherine McClains home in Huntsville, AL. Continued from page 9

sister Choate must be involved in this critical foundational work, the date for the first session must be postponed until she returns from India toward the end of November. Not wanting to interfere with December schedules and holidays, we are looking toward a date early in January. Among our volunteers, about fifteen have specified interest in helping

Global Harvest


Laying The Groundwork...

we will need input from still more teachers and education professionals within the Lords Church, with knowledge and practical experience specific to every age group. If you fit into this group, please let us know! We are in the process of sorting through this list and organizing. As we do, we are seeing that more volunteers are still needed. If you have not yet done so, I would encourage you to complete the volunteer form that is freely available on our website here: volunteer-form. Keep in mind the gravity of this work. Its purpose will be to provide true-to-the-Book literature that will result in dedicated Christians and a motivated church, here in the US and worldwide. If we do this right, it will have an immeasurable impact on the church, this country, and the world for generations to come. Please join hands with us and help to ensure that we do it right. As always, please continue to remember us in your prayers as we prepare to labor together with you in the work of strengthening and refocusing the Lords Church in this deep hour of need! >
Justin and Leah Hopkins can be reached at: Phone: 210-5938329; email: justin@

Justin and Leah Loading books for the display at Polishing the Pulpit. Besides the opportunity to hear excellent messages by outstanding brotherhood speakers, we were able to talk to many interested brothers and sisters about the proposed literature.

To Know the Love of Christ

Justin Hopkins
This is a series of Bible lessons which takes a topical approach to study the fundamentals of New Testament Christianity, dealing only with those teachings found in Scripture. The lessons can be used as an evangelistic tool, or as a personal course of study to strengthen ones own faith, in order to be Rooted and built up in him, and established in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving (Colossians 2:7). Order from Justin Hopkins. Phone: 210-5933-8329. $8.00 plus shipping and handling.

There was also the opportunity to share news about the teams foreign mission efforts, and to make more brethren aware of the sound materials we already have in print. Continued from page 10

Considerations for the structure of the Bible class, the use of time, and writing for various scenarios and uses will need to be included here as well. When completed, this style guide will ensure continuity and consistent quality in each lesson throughout the program of instruction. Here


Global Harvest

Were Looking for More Gideons

Betty B. Choate Yes, God has blessed us with Justin and Leah Hopkins, a wonderful couple dedicated to providing leadership in the development of the Bible class materials. But the load of work is too great for two or three people to carry. We are moving toward our first group planning session, but without the other Gideons that are so desperately needed . Let me urge this: If you are doing work that badly needs to be done, but theres no one else to do it, then stay where you are! But if you have the talents, experience, and brotherhood respect that are needed among those who will lead this monumental work, please prayerfully consider offering your services. I am convinced that if this work is not done and done right the American church is facing a tragic apostasy. If we do the thorough job we envision in preparing the best of materials for the church around the world, this work will impact Christians for generations to come! How will your name go down in history?
L Classbooks perfect-bound, full-color books for the child to keep in his permanent library. L Teachers manual and visuals for the room, with training DVDs. L LifeSpan weekly paper for take-home. L Book of Bible Knowledge compilation of visuals for each lesson of each quarter, bound into book form, for the childs permanent library, for continual review throughout childhood. L Flash cards for memory work picturized for younger children; photos from the lesson with verse on back for older children. L Memory verses set to music, with accompanying CDs. L Time Lines (4 levels, for Wednesday evening studies) showing biblical events, corresponding secular events in the world; secular events with providential overruling, changing the course of history. L Parenting class materials for Sunday classes and for family devotionals. L Daily Devotional material drills/review materials. L Song books and CDs Adult, teen, juvenile. L VBS guides, lessons, and pattern books, with DVDs for instructions. L Bible Times Rooms with instructions for the rooms; lesson books, DVDs. L Mission Learning Centers with instructions for making the rooms; lesson books, DVDs. L DVDs of special adult class materials. L DVDs of Holy Land experiences. L Powerpoints of classes. L DVDs of classes, taught by experienced teachers and made available for small churches, lacking teachers. L Materials for small-group meetings, dealing especially with evangelism and other lessons in outreach and teaching. L Bible Character action figures for 3-D lessons. L Hands-on objects for cradle roll classes. L DVDs to teach cradle roll teachers. L Video games for: Memorization of verses Learning Bible facts Pauls journeys Bible timeline L Into Gods World Internet website for publishing the materials (printed and DVDs), worldwide. L Development of materials for churches overseas.

Component Parts

What Do We Propose?

Global Harvest


What Can You Do to Help? Do You Want to Leave a Legacy for Coming Generations?
This work of developing a new line of comprehensive and motivational Bible class materials for the church in the US and for churches overseas deserves
We make the plea now: Re-write your will to ensure that funds will be available for the initial development of the materials, and for their translation into major languages so that they can be supplied to those brethren, world-wide, who have little or nothing for their Bible classes. Our colleges and universities have large endowments, provided by generous brethren who saw the need for Christian education at a higher level. The problem is that 80% of our children have been lost to the Lord by the time they get to college, because, in too many cases, their Bible class materials were lacking in definitive doctrine and motivational lessons. They never saw the difference between the Lords church and the denominational imitations. They never saw the true Gospel. Therefore, leaving the church was no problem for them. Please, help us to provide for the early education of the children in the church, and for the strengthening of our families, by putting the proposed Bible class curriculum in your will. Unless we do more now to save our children, many of them will not survive spiritually to reach one of our colleges. This work is under the oversight of the elders of the Liberty Church of Christ, 689 Highway 25, in Dennis, MS 38838. Contact elder: Harold Oswalt; Phone: 662-423-7656. Or, you may call us here in Winona: Betty Choate at 662-283-1192. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and to be of any possible help.

your prayers, your input of talents, and your financial backing.

u u

In this new endeavor, what we propose is not the work of a year or two, and its scope will ultimately reach out to the whole world. The need to provide sound and effective teaching materials will continue to grow with the years. The need for funds will grow, as well.

u u u

Christians make tremendous gifts to our Christian colleges and universities. Christians leave large bequests to local congregations. Some Christians have no children to whom to leave their estates. Other Christians have children who are unfaithful, so they are reluctant to leave their assets to them to be wasted. Some congregations are made up of only a few elderly Christians. When the doors are closed and the assets are sold, what will be done with that money?


Global Harvest

To God Be the Glory

Jerry and Paula Bates
As we are composing this article we are sitting in a hotel room in Chandigarh, India, about an hours flight north of Delhi. Since we began our trip on August 22nd, we have seen many encouraging things about the church in Southeast Asia. One thing we have especially noticed on this trip is how interconnected the work in Southeast Asia really is. Sometimes we think the work in India is hampered by little kingdoms, each preacher interested more in enlarging his influence than the good of the church. To some extent, that scenario is still being played out, but thankfully that attitude is slowly passing away. As we think about the different works we have seen on this trip, we see a wonderful evangelistic spirit of cooperation. We began our trip in Sri Lanka, a struggling country both spiritually and economically. The church in that small island country is still very weak, but again signs of cooperation are being seen. We were there conducting a weekend seminar composed of members of two or three congregations in the Sinhalese language group, some traveling nearly two hours to attend. Not only were we there, but we were also privileged to see Vernon Douglas, P R Swamys son from Bangalore, India. He had come to preach in the hill country among the Tamil people which is also his language. He and brother Swamy make several trips a year to this part of Sri Lanka seeking to encourage the brethren of that region. Neither of us knew the other was coming so it was a nice surprise to visit with him for one day before we parted for our various ways. Next we journeyed to Kochin, India to speak several times at a three day seminar. The church in Kochin sponsors this event every year, which is attended by about 250 people. P K Varghese from Trivandrum invited us to make a special effort to be there, and we were glad to attend. Many traveled a long distance, and several different language groups were represented. Each person paid his own way. It was good to see old friends as well as to meet some new ones. We were especially glad to see Craig and Teresa Philips, long-term permanent missionaries in Mumbai. They were there just to encourage the brethren and to be encouraged. Rajanayagam, his wife, son, daughter, son-in-law, and baby from Kangayam in the state of Tamil Nadu also traveled there and we were glad to see them as well. From Kochin we traveled to Kakinada to be with the Gootams. They often go to outlying congregations holding meetings and preacher seminars. This is done at their expense, not just to expand their influence, but to encourage the churches in their part of India. In the short time we were there we were able to attend a preachers seminar and a meeting in a rural village church. World Evangelism helps the Gootams print many books and tracts in two languages, Telegu and Oriya. These are freely and widely distributed, only asking recipients to pay for the postage. Since our next stop was the state of Orissa, they gave us three large boxes of literature to be distributed among the brethren there. Next, we met Philemon Raja and his son-in-law, Kingsly, with whom we rode the train several hours north to the state of Orissa. We immediately noticed how much poorer this state was than other parts of India. Philemon and Kingsly are both from Tamil Nada, but since they had a few TV contacts in Orissa, they were able to arrange to conduct the JC School of Evangelism in that area. This is a regular school which meets four days every other month. Even though Philemon and Kingsly are in their own country, they are truly missionaries because they travel a good distance to a strange place to teach in a different language and to encourage the brethren. Orissa is a state of great restrictions concerning Christianity. Just a couple years ago there was a great deal of physical persecution to everyone who confessed Christ. The situation has calmed down now, but it is still illegal to convert to Christianity in Orissa. Even Philemon breathed
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Kulis moving luggage to be loaded onto the train. Typical MPH is about 35.

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Louis Rushmore I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase. So then neither he who plants is anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase. Now he who plants and he who waters are one, and each one will receive his own reward according to his own labor. (1 Corinthians 3:6-8 NKJV)
employing a number of differing methodologies, Bonnie and I focus on fortifying foreign brethren with the Word of God. After all, persistently struggling and not fully developed churches (abroad or stateside) are neither prepared to take care of themselves nor convert nonChristians with the Gospel. Stronger local congregations are better prepared to lay the groundwork for evangelistic outreach, provide a nucleus of healthy Christians to which new converts can be added and follow up with ongoing biblical studies with new Christians. Not only can the local church thereby grow, but the retention rate of new Christians increases exponentially. Typically, Bonnie and I go to Asia for 60 days in the fall, primarily working with Christians in Bible schools and lectureships as well as in seminars or workshops. Last fall, we labored for the Lord in Myanmar, India and Sri Lanka where between the two of us, Bonnie and I spoke to about 6,500 people. We spoke to as few as two and to as many as around 700 at a time. Though most with whom we conversed formally and informally were Christians, we also taught Buddhists, Hindus, Animists, Christian Church, Baptist, Methodist, Assembly of God, etc. Our journeys within these countries involve both air travel, land transportation and travel by boats. Some of the conveyances are quite interesting, and we need not pay any amusement park for some excitement. With foreign brethren to escort us, we attempt to skirt unnecessary dangers. Sometimes, we do not know how a particular trip inside a country will unfold. In northeastern Myanmar near China last October, civil war in
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In the Footsteps of Apollos

Louis Rushmore teaching in a meeting in Guyana.

Its not glamorous, and we certainly do not go around comparable to the proverbial Old West gunslinger looking to carve another victorious baptism notch on our belts. Sometimes, it is difficult to quantify and qualify the type of mission work to which Bonnie and I have dedicated ourselves, because we primarily work abroad with those who are Christians already. Bonnie and I have purposed to edify fellow Christians and help them more effectively evangelize their own nations with the Gospel of Christ. It is our intention to help grow churches from the inside out. Contributing to their internal, spiritual growth leads to congregational stability and maturity. Whereas most short-term American missionaries concentrate on evangelistic outreach,

Among the congregations in Guyana, leadership training is the most critical need for future soundness and growth.


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First Priority
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Spanish Books Available

El Evangelio De Cristo
(The Gospel of Christ) (The Church of the Bible)

as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. In summary, success for any person is to be faithfully serving God, seeking first His kingdom and righteousness. If we do this we will be free from the need to worry about things of the world. Faithful and effective service requires that we love our neighbors as we love ourselves. The greatest traits of a child of God to possess include humility and willingness to be a servant, rather than traits often defined by man as important. We must set our priorities and develop our character according to the teaching of Jesus if we hope to accomplish our mission and reach heaven. >
Wayne Barrier, living in Florence, AL, is Editor of Global Harvest.

La Iglesia de la Biblia

La Adoracion del Nuevo Testamento

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Tu Puedes Ser Simplemente Cristiano!

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In my last report I talked about the struggle that we are having keeping enough financial support to enable us to continue sending the several thousand free copies of each quarterly issue of The Voice of Truth International that we have been shipping overseas from the beginning of this magazine. This time, it is my great pleasure to tell of the positive response of several congregations and individuals to our plea for more assistance. In spite of the current economic situation that is adversely affecting so many, it has been a delight to see the ongoing concern of our brethren to this need. I dont mean to imply that the problem has been eradicated that is certainly not the case but it is true that the picture is brighter than it was earlier, and we are deeply grateful for every positive response to our need. It is a sad fact that we have lost one of our most ardent supporters of The Voice of Truth International. My brother Phil and his wife Boots not only have provided financial assistance to this work but they have provided copies of the magazine to countless others, both in this country and in Europe. After they retired they spent time as self-supported missionaries in Austria and Hungary. He had a positive impact on many lives during his lifetime, and his influence

Byron Nichols

will continue to live on through the work that he and Boots have done for the cause of Christ over the years. Im confident that we will agree that the world is populated with many folks who are scoundrels of one kind or another, people who want everyone else to provide a good living for them, people who are not trustworthy, and on and on we could go. However, often overlooked are the great many folks who are trying to do whats right, who are dependable, honest, hard-working, and the many who are seeking to serve the Lord in an acceptable manner. Lets never fail to be thankful for those who help to make this world as good as it is. Lets make every effort to always be among that number. Let me share with you some information relative to the number of copies that we have printed of each quarterly issue of The Voice of Truth International, as well as where they are printed. We typically have 40,000 English

Messages of Truth Byron Nichols call 662-2831192 or 417-8234918.

An excellent book to share with a friend who is not a Christian.

copies printed here in the U. S., with 20,000 of these being sent to approximately 80 different countries. Also printed overseas: u 6,000 copies printed in India in English u 5,000 copies printed in India in the Telegu language u 5,000 copies printed in India in the Tamil language u 5,000 copies printed in India in the Hindi language u 3,000 copies printed in India in the Paite language u 1,000 copies printed in Nepal in the Nepali language u 5,000 copies printed in the U. S. in the Spanish language and distributed in the U. S. and various Spanish-speaking countries. Unfortunately, we are not presently able to print these on a regular basis, but only as funds are available. Like most folks cost of living, our costs for The Voice of Truth International continue to increase, making it more and more difficult to maintain the current level of distribution, let alone expand our outreach. For example, it is now costing in excess of $8,000 just for the postage involved in distributing the 20,000 copies of each quarterly issue sent overseas. The translation of all of this is that our needs continue to multiply. However, even with the increasing costs, the work of The Voice of Truth International undoubtedly continues to be one of the least expensive means of teaching Gods Word that are the church today. Thank you so much for all that you do to help make this effort as successful as it is. >


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Returning, after Seven Years....

Betty Burton Choate
J.C. and I first moved to Karachi, Pakistan in 1962. Most of our adult years were spent working to establish and strengthen the Lords church in the Sub-continent of India. In 2002 he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Following surgery, there were three very normal years in which we continued with the foreign work as though nothing had happened. In 2005, the cancer had metastasized to his lungs. He had surgery to remove the tumors, but was short-winded after that, serving as a warning that we must prepare ourselves and the work for the time when he would pass from this life. God blessed us with two years, and with two dedicated couples to take up the responsibilities J.C. was leaving. Jerry and Paula Bates and Louis and Bonnie Rushmore moved to Winona in the fall of the year before J.C.s death February 1, 2008. Both couples have not only continued the program of work in place at that time, but they have added to it. I am deeply grateful for Gods providential overruling in all of these critical matters. After seven years of absence, I am scheduled to meet again with those brothers and sisters in Christ who are family to us. The first week of October is to be spent with Christians in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma); the second week with Christians in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The last half of October and the first half of November I will be in India, traveling from Trivandrum at the southern tip, to Bangalore, Kangayam, Batlagundu, Madurai, Chinnai, Kakinada, Rajahmundry, Hyderabad, and finally to New Delhi, the capital, in the north. Most of the travel in India will be by road with brethren with whom we have worked in radio, TV, and literature for 45 years. They have very kindly offered to get me from one destination to the next, enabling me to participate in some pre-scheduled annual meetings, and also to teach special ladies classes in each place. Regardless of the many changes that have taken place in the church and in the countries, I feel that I am going home to be with family. >

J.C. How I will miss him, but my heart will be filled with thanksgiving that he is a part of this work that continues even today!

An early baptism in New Delhi, in 1973.

Will You Take the Challenge?

1. Will you determine today to give just $1.00 extra each Lords day for missions? 2. Will you encourage others in the congregation to do the same, working toward 100% participation among the membership, to reach the goal? Please write us: World Evangelism Team, P.O. Box 72, Winona, MS 38967; or email: or call: 662-283-1192.

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In the Footsteps of Apollos

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that section of the country raised doubt whether we could go to the area, or if allowed to go whether we could leave the hotel, etc. Fortunately or providentially, fighting stopped prior to our arrival and only resumed after our departure. In the meantime, we taught Christians, Christian Church people and Baptists all day, daily, for a week. Even the seasoned Christian Church preachers were amenable to following the Bible exclusively and worshipping without instrumental music; they are not far from the kingdom. The Baptists with whom we are studying are not following Baptist doctrine, but rather they are practicing New Testament teaching regarding salvation, affirming that salvation occurs when baptized and not before; they are not far from the kingdom either. In the spring of 2012, Bonnie and I began a series of five workshops throughout the South American nation of

Stabilizing the Church in Guyana

I taught Bible archaeology at a high school boarding school. Altogether, we spoke to around 550 Christians. Assisting and participating with us were two outstanding Guyanese brothers. We have already made tentative plans for a longer investment of ourselves in February 2013 to take leadership and growth seminars to church members in every area of the country. To a lesser degree Bonnie and I are imitating the evangelistic outreach of the apostle Paul. Instead, however, Bonnie and I are wholeheartedly following in the footsteps of Apollos. We are watering the church in foreign lands with the Gospel of Christ. We are growing the church from the inside out! To God be all the glory as He gives the increase. When stateside, we travel about 3,000 miles monthly by car as I speak to two churches weekly about our mission work or present other biblical lessons. We are gone, between this travel and mission work abroad, 45 weekends annually. Most weekdays when stateside, we are in Winona, MS working on Gospel Gazette Online, The Voice of Truth International and Global Harvest magazines, or on other literature (i.e., books, tracts). Call us to set up a time for you to visit the warehouse and office in Winona, or to schedule Bonnie for a ladies day or me for a preaching appointment. (662.739.3035 or rushmore@ for Louis, or 662.283.9946 or Bonnie@ for Bonnie) >

Bonnie Rushmore takes advantage of opportunities to teach women about their work in the church.

Guyana. Church leaders and interested brethren from around the country gathered to hear Bonnie address the ladies about The Role of Women in the Home and in the Church, and I taught Male Leadership in the Home and in the Church (essentially, The Role of Men). In addition, I preached for two congregations; we did hospital visitation, at which time we distributed copies of The Voice of Truth International; Bonnie and I participated in home Bible studies and visitation; we attended a marriage fellowship gathering; and

Backtracking during hospital visitation in Guyana, the Rushmores found this young patient deeply engrossed in reading his copy of The Voice of Truth International.


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Maywood Missionary Retreat

Wayne Barrier
The 6th annual Maywood Missionary Retreat on May 1012, 2012 was attended by about 100 missionary and mission supporters. Every continent of the world was represented. Missions evangelism presentations were made by Gordon Hogan, Loy Mitchell, Randal Matheny, Robert Martin, Ronnie Crocker, Enoch Rinks, and Ruth Orr (ladies). Reports were made by Rushmore, Jerry and Paula Bates, and Andrew Sutherland. Participants enjoyed two days of wonderful fellowship, great food, and spiritual feasting. The Double Springs congregation provided evening meals for the group. Feedback from attendees was very positive and many indicated that this years retreat was the best yet.

Colin McKee, Don Green, and Gordon Hogan, enjoying a good story!

Jeremy Barrier introducing the panel: Jack Henson, Loy Mitchell, Ken Wilkey, and Robert Martin.

Don Green, Larry Murdock, Colin McKee, Jeremy Barrier, John Thomaston, Ken Wilkey, L.T. Gurganus, Joe Holley, Jerry Bates, Louis Rushmore, James Lee, Andrew Banjornahor, Justin Hopkins, Wayne Barrier, and others. Two missionaries, L.D. Willis and Don Petty, participants in previous retreats who passed into eternity since last year, were greatly missed. Also, two staunch team members, Theola Bur- James Lee sharing details ton and Eulene Ramsey, of his prison ministry. passed away in 2011. As always Dennis Larson did an excellent job of facilitating the speaker schedule. Joey and Jeremy Barrier moderated two panel discussions that involved a dozen speakers. Others helping with the camp included Sharon Larson, Colin and Ellen McKee, Tom and June Barrier, Louis and Bonnie

Topics of discussion included: missionary training requirements, new areas of opportunity, prison ministry, the power of Biblical preaching and teaching, church planting, teaching and preaching in foreign cultures, and priorities in missions today. Next years retreat is planned for May 9-11, 2013. Make plans to attend. Contact us at >

Ruth Orr inspired the ladies with an account of her most recent mission trip to Africa.

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To God Be the Glory

a little easier when we all boarded the train to leave. We traveled to Brahmapur, a town just across the border, and the local preacher was a man who had recently moved to that city for the purpose of establishing the church. They are being partially supported by a congregation in India. We were planning to teach for three days, but I was sick the entire time we were there, and so we were only able to teach for two days. Since I had been running a fever for four days, the local preacher took me to the doctor on the third day we were there. It was nothing serious, just an infection and cold, but it did seriously hamper our efforts in Orissa.
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. Jerry Bates, Philemon Rajah and three of the Christian young men in Orissa.

Philemon was able to continue the school sessions, and the school went well. Most of the students traveled a good distance to attend. Some were from a very rural hill village, where they had to walk about 45 minutes just to catch a ride to the school. It took them nearly a day to make the trip each way. This was the first time the women had ever

The assembly of the church in Kakinada, India.

attended a church function outside of their village. Since Paula was also there, we had special ladies classes with the translation done by a 21 year old lady. This was her first such experience, and she did well. The church is in its infant state in Orissa. Persecution is hampering growth as you might expect, but it is not stopping it. Sadly, part of the problem is that the denominations also persecute the church. For example, the school was initially held in the home of a Baptist, a relative of the preacher. It was thought that surely he would be supportive and, initially, he was, but after he found out what was being taught he said that the school could not meet there any longer. Fortunately, another place was found nearby. The students are busy teaching and passing out literature. Several have already been baptized, and a couple of new congregations have begun. On this trip eight precious souls were baptized. Part of the purpose of this school is not only to teach the church to be evangelistic but also for the students to encourage each other. Making our way to Chandigarh we met Rodney Hilliard in Delhi. He preaches for a small country congregation called Marlow near Walnut, MS. He also works a full-time job and took his vacation time to come to India to teach in the Bear Valley School of preaching in Chandigarh. Ernest Gill is the hard working director of this school. He preaches for the local congregation that meets at the school, oversees the printing and translating of the Truth for Today publication in two different languages, as well as translating and printing The Voice of Truth International in Hindi, which is paid by World Evangelism. He is not financially compensated personally for his work on The Voice of Truth. He does it strictly because he wants to help the church in the northern part of India, and he thinks the magazine can be an important tool in that regard. Hopefully, this discussion has opened your eyes to some of the hard working Christians here in India. Many more examples could be given of Christians giving of their time and effort, sometimes many hours of travel, simply to teach and encourage the church in other areas. None of this is done because they seek personal glory, fame, or money. They seek the glory of God, and we need to encourage them as, together, we work for the glory of God. The apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 10:17, But he who glories, let him glory in the Lord. For not he who commends himself is approved, but he whom the Lord commends. >


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Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen. It has become impossible to turn a blind eye or bury our heads in the sand anymore. Homosexuality and the issue of gay marriage are literally everywhere. Social media sites have exploded with people either supporting or condemning fast-food restaurant Chick-fil-a for their CEOs statement that he doesnt support gay marriage. The Olympics on NBC have featured commercials for The New Normal, a show that centers on a homosexual couple as they try to start their own family. In Colorado, a cake store owner has come under fire in the media for refusing to bake wedding cakes for couples. Amazon.coms founder recently spoke out about his support for gay marriage and backed that up by donating a large sum of money to help the political advancement of it. It almost seems like every company in America is taking a stand one way or another. This is what happens when sin is embraced - it divides people. Anyone who says that homosexuality is unnatural or anti-biblical is intolerant or spreading hate. The irony is lost on so many in our country only because they have been pre-programmed to condemn biblical opinions. With hate being the word that rules the discussion about homosexuality, we must make sure that our actions are consistent with what the Bible teaches. An Indiana church made headlines recently when a video of a young boy singing Aint no homos gonna make it to heaven to a laughing and applauding group of members went viral. May we never have this attitude. We need to see homosexuality and its proponents the way the Bible sees them - as souls who are in need of the saving blood of Christ. If we react to the propagation of homosexuality with an us against them mindset, we fail to see the eternal picture. We should never be people that hate anyone, and we should be known for our love and care for all people. At the same time we must stand behind the Bible when it comes to seeing sin as sin. Some in the religious world have traded Gods commands for the approval of men. We cannot compromise. The issue will continue to present itself and we must be active in our efforts to spread godly principles. >
Brad Harrub, Focus Press, Inc. From the February 2012 issue of Think Magazine. This issue was devoted to important analyses of outreach activity. Editors: David Shannon, David Longley, Brad Harrub, and Glenn Colley. To subscribe, call 866-313-6474

The Great Commission

New Testament Commentary

Wayne Jackson has produced a A New Testament Commentary that is a scholarly, yet practical, study tool. Written for both the teacher and the student, it is fresh and easy to understand - yet not at the expense of sound exegesis. You will find this commentary to be a quick reference tool that addresses each book of the New Testament in a comprehensive fashion without the burden of tedious complicated matters that frequently distract and discourage the reader.

Heart of the Matter

Having looked in the tearful eyes of many parents whose children have abandoned the Faith, I have learned there are a million miles between our children "going through the motions" in reference to their spiritual lives versus our children possessing hearts that dictate their actions. In this book, I plan to share with you what I hope to instill in the hearts of my children and those whom I love. - Brad Harrub, Ph.D.

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Ronnie Crocker

We consider Galatians 6:1,2 to be our assignment. Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted. Bear one anothers burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. Ministering to addicts and their families is a messy ministry that gives us joy and breaks our hearts! We count ourselves privileged to be involved in a work that causes applause in heaven! There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents. Luke 15:10 We recently did a review of our ministering efforts: Sixty-three men have spent a total of 7,779 days in our care. The briefest stay was 8-days and the longest was 464 days. All of our 11 graduates are faithfully continuing except one. We have heard good reports on a few who left without graduating. These statistics represent a lot of stories - a lot of highs and lows, a lot of growth and setbacks.

A Messy Business

time needed for addiction recovery, the experts see the need for a home, rather than an institutional setting. We are also ahead in this regard, with our 19 acres and 11 apartments!

hard times. When the lights begin to come on again, we are there to teach them Gods will for their lives and help them grow spiritually. Of course, some may have passed the point of no return,

Lessons Learned from the NAADAC Meetings

Recent advances in imaging technologies (PET scan, CAT scan and MRI) have revealed that drug and alcohol abuse is more damaging to the brain than once thought. The good news is the brain begins to heal once the abuse is stopped. The addiction recovery community is moving away from shortterm recovery programs. They now conclude the brain needs a longer period of healing. In this regard, we are ahead of the curve, since we are a 6-month to 1-year program. Because of the longer

The professionals also recognize that psychology is not sufficient, and spirituality is an essential part of addiction recovery. For years we have understood how the Gospel of Christ supplies the power needed to overcome addiction! Remembering how damaging drug and alcohol abuse is to the brain helps us to better understand and tolerate the behavior of some who are coming fresh from the drug scene. They cant keep their rooms organized, they are not dependable, they lack respect for authority and seemingly dont care about anything or anyone. This behavior is more a mental deficiency than rebelliousness. Although they eventually must take the responsibility for getting into the situation they are in, we realize their brains need time to heal. At first, we just need to be there for them and help them through the

but we hope with time, encouragement, healthy habits and a positive spiritual environment, they can return to normal brain function and productive living. The last year has been somewhat difficult because of a lack of funds. We need a professional substance abuse counselor to help us with disciplinary problems and to assist the families of our program members. We also need a scholarship program for families who cannot afford the program fee. It hurts us to turn a man away who wants help but does not have financial support to enter the program. Please continue to pray for our efforts in this great American mission field. >
Ronnie Crocker: 256-616-1522; send contributions to Project Rescue, 1231 main Street West, Hartsell, AL 35640.

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He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation, that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us (Acts 17.26-27). While many in this world are spiritually disinterested and distracted, others are searching for the true and living God. Like the Athenians, who spent their time in nothing other than telling or hearing something new (Acts 17:21), they do not realize that the empty places in their lives and hearts can only be filled in a relationship with the Holy God of the Bible. Take the 85-year-old, former Baptist preacher here in Oklahoma who recently called me. After hundreds of hours of Bible study on the subject of baptism, he recognized that what he had formerly taught did not agree with the teaching of Scripture. He saw that one is not saved by saying a prayer but by obeying the gospel through faith, repentance, and baptism. He now believes baptism is necessary to be saved. He also realized that the reason one is baptized matters. From his study he learned that if he were baptized with an unbiblical understanding of its purpose, he needed to be baptized for the right reason. This honest mans search for the truth started by listening to a SEARCH program. It led him to make a change in his thinking, to find a nearby church of Christ, and to reach out with the true Gospel to others. People are searching, and they are willing to change when they find it. A television ministry opened the door in this case, and in many thousands of others. On your street someone you know may be searching for the Truth. IN SEARCH OF THE LORDS WAY may be the means by which they find it. When you support SEARCH, you help your neighbor down the street to have a wonderful way to learn the truth. While attending Polishing the Pulpit in Sevierville, TN, I met Joey Treat, a missionary sponsored by the Forest Park Church of Christ in Forest Park, GA. I was really excited to meet this committed man who is taking the gospel by means of Moving Mountains Television to the country of Palau in Micronesia. Palau is located between Guam and the Philippines. It is one of 45 countries outside the United States where SEARCH is broadcast. Moving Mountains Television broadcasts IN SEARCH OF THE LORDS WAY three times daily, Monday through. Friday, in the Republic of Palau on channel 67. It also shows occasionally on Saturday and Sunday. We are grateful to be a part of this great ministry to a remote part of the world. Moving Mountains Television has six years worth of programming from our SEARCH library, and we hope in

days to come to send more. We continually learn of SEARCH going to remote places by the web. Recently we have heard brethren in Abu Dahbi, United Arab Emirates, are watching SEARCH. From that vantage point, they are sending copies of the program into India. Gods hand is surely answering our prayers to open doors for the Word to us. Each supporter is part of this ministry. Each dollar helps us produce and send out the gospel. Only the Lord knows what good it does in the lives of those who respond. Please continue to help us reach into every corner of America and into the world. We need your generous support, and you can be sure we will use it to spread the saving gospel. >
Email:; Website:; phone: 405-3483242; 800-321-8633.


Global Harvest



Phone: 512-398-5211

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Available NOW! Full-color, pocket-sized, tri-fold tracts on 76 topics, written in old-time Gospel clarity. Call 662-283-1192 for a list of the titles and to place your order. These conveniently-sized tools will be helpful for outreach and for strengthening young Christians. We are making an introductory price of only ten cents each, $5.00 for 50, plus postage.

l No human being knows when that day will be it is a day appointed by the Lord. We read in the scripture, And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment (Hebrews 9:27). l All who have ever lived, or who will ever live, will be there. Paul wrote, For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad (2 Corinthians 5:10). Again, he said, So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God (Romans 14:12). l God will judge everyone through Christ and His word. Paul explained to the Athenians, And the times of this ignorance God winked at: but now commandeth all men every where to repent: Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that Man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead (Acts 17:30,31). Christ warned, He that rejected me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day (John 12:48). ... judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? (1 Peter 4:17) >

What about the Judgment?

We folks in the office here in Winona would like to partner with others in the church who are shipping containers to points overseas. We have books, tracts, and magazines (English, Spanish, French) that we want to share with those brethren who so desperately need literature. We would be willing to pay our percentage of the cost for shipping, believing that sharing the load will enable all of us to do more. Please contact us at 662-283-1192.

Overseas Containers????

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Apologetics Press
In his book, Out With Doubt, Kyle Butt, the Director of Biblical Research at Apologetics Press, has provided a means by which young people can do exactly that. Written in a vocabulary and style aimed specifically at junior high and high school students, this 150-page volume examines the existence of God, the composition, uniqueness, and inspiration of the Bible, the creation/ evolution controversy (including chapters on dinosaurs and the age of the Earth), miracles, the historicity and deity of Christ, and the resurrection. In an extremely well-written Afterword, Kyle talks plainly to young people about what they must do to be saved. The book has 13 lessons, which makes it perfect for use in quarterly Bible class situations (for which it was designed). It also would work well in a summer camp setting. Each lesson contains discussion questions that teachers can use to help students grasp the concepts being presented.

Answering Atheism - DVD: Defending the God of the Bible

Kyle Butt The modern atheistic community has inititated a ruthless attack against the God of the Bible. High profile atheists accuse God of being a brutal tyrant Who enforces His petty whims by acts of violence. These spokesmen for godlessness insist that the Bible writers condone immorality and approve of sexism and cruel human slavery. According to them, atheism offers a much better moral system than the Bible. Answering Atheism strips these groundless accusations of their misleading trappings, and lays bear the fact that God and His Word provide the only viable foundation upon which to build a moral system.

Butt/Scott Debate: God Does Not Exist DVD

Kyle Butt and Blair Scott The Butt/Scott debate was held on the campus of the University of North Alabama in Florence, Alabama on September 29, 2011. A capacity crowd of over 1,600 attended the debate and an Internet live stream provided an estimated 40,000 more viewers the opportunity to see view it live. Blair Scott, the Director of Communication for the American Atheists, Inc. affirmed that there is no God. Kyle Butt denied that affirmation. Early on in the debate, Scott admitted he could not defend his affirmation and Butt capitalized on this fact to show the inconsistencies of the atheistic philosophy. We are happy to grant permission for articles in the Existence of God section of our website to be reproduced in their entirety, as long as the following stipulations are observed: (1) Apologetics Press must be designated as the original publisher; (2) the specific Apologetics Press Web site URL must be noted; (3) the authors name must remain attached to the materials; (4) any references, footnotes, or endnotes that accompany the article must be included with any written reproduction of the article; (5) alterations of any kind are strictly forbidden (e.g., photographs, charts, graphics, quotations, etc. must be reproduced exactly as they appear in the original); (6) serialization of written material (e.g., running an article in several parts) is permitted, as long as the whole of the material is made available, without editing, in a reasonable length of time; (7) articles, in whole or in part, may not be offered for sale or included in items offered for sale; and (8) articles may be reproduced in electronic form for posting on Web sites pending they are not edited or altered from their original content and that credit is given to Apologetics Press, including the web location from which the articles were taken.
For catalog, samples, or further information, contact: Apologetics Press, 230 Landmark Drive, Montgomery, Alabama 36117, U.S.A. Phone (334) 272-8558;


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Allen Webster is Editor of House to House, Heart to Heart, a bi-monthly 8-page, full color paper, filled with excellent articles for evangelism. Contact the Jacksonville, AL Church of Christ, (Phone) 256-435-9356 for information about distribution of this paper through their services. Email:; Websites:;

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Novel Methods for Outreach

Martin and Julie Johnson House to House Heart to Heart
Since January of this year the church here in Moab, Utah has been sending House to House, Heart to Heart to people in the area. We rejoice that we are seeing fruit from this ministry. Early in June two men from the community attended our services, attributing their attendance to receiving the publication in the mail. One of the men, Doug, began studying with me Monday and Thursdays at 4pm. They studied diligently for many weeks. Mid-July Doug was baptized into Christ. He still has many questions about the Word and continues to study with me, Mondays and Thursdays. He has begun taking more leadership roles in the church, helping serve communion and reading Scripture. We believe He will be a great asset to the church here in Moab. Please remember Doug in your prayers as he continues to grow closer to God. vendors. Please pray the the Seed be sown in fertile soil.

Vacation Bible School

We collaborated with the Carbon/ Emery Church of Christ for VBS this year. On the 9th of June we helped them and on the 16th of June they helped us. We all enjoyed working together to create this memorable experience for our kids and some kids from the community. Our theme was Staying On Track.

Movie Night
Another way we have attempted to reach the community with the gospel during the summer was by offering a Free Movie Night Saturday evenings at the church building with popcorn and water provided. We chose Is the Bible from God? by Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons. We did not have a great turn-out but those that did attend were encouraged with each lesson. Thank you for your love and support. Please continue to pray for our family and the souls we are attempting to reach here in Moab, Utah. >
Martin Johnson, 2241 Canyonlands Circle, Moab, Utah 84532; papuamissions@gmail. com

Farmers Market
The managers of our local Farmers Market gave our congregation permission to set up an informational booth for the church. Since the first Saturday in May we have handed out DVDs, tracks, Bibles, The Voice of Truth International, and other Gospel media almost every Saturday morning from eight till noon. Some good spiritual conversations have taken place. Besides being able to send people away with the Truth we are also making the community more aware of our presence. We made a small dinosaur digging box for kids to find a plastic dino to take home. Sarah has offered face painting to the children as well. We are trying to build a good rapport with the community and the other

These are some of the methods the Johnsons are using to reach new people in Moab, Utah.


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Broadcasting to approximately half of the world population of Seven Billion Souls

World Mission Radio Network

James Jones

Since the established World Mission Radio, some two years ago, we have been working from a home office that truly had become too small and very inadequate. We are grateful to report that a 1,300 Sq. Ft. office space has been donated for our use that will allow us to expand our work, as we had hoped. The additional space will aid us in expanding our broadcasting capabilities, and we are already making plans to add several new programs in different parts of the world in the near future. Also, we will now have space for a live internet Bible Training School that has been in the making for some time. The 1,300 Sq. Ft. building will house our radio studio, internet training school, a print room, a library, as well as a kitchenette, a reception area, and office space for Barbara. This is where it all begins, with the broadcasting of our radio programs, now being heard in a greater part of the world. Multitudes are hearing the Gospel, who perhaps have never had the opportunity of doing so before. Untold millions around the world are listening via Short Wave radio as well as AM and FM in some parts of the world. Providing that the needed funds are available, we are making plans to add additional program in the near future. This area is Barbaras space, where a great part of the day-to-day work is done. She has become more involved with the office responsibilities and assisting in so many different ways. It is a team effort and I am so thankful she is now able to be more involved. As the work progresses we, perhaps, will need additional help in the office to assist her as there is always a great deal to be done: mailing the news letter, communicating with those who have responded to our programs, and all of the other time-consuming businessrelated matters. All in all, it is a full time job, keeping us very busy each day. The Kitchen has already proven to be a tremendous help. Just having a place to enjoy a break from the work and to have guests in for fellowship is a great part of the work, as well.

The reception area is a great benefit for the work, also. We now have a comfortable place to receive visitors, who come for visits and are becoming more acquainted with our works. Through this means more and more people will become better acquainted with all that is taking place at our office and hopefully will want to become a partner with us in helping take the Gospel into all the world in the now generation. We thank each of you who have been, and continue to be, a part of this work. Without you, none of this would be possible. Barbara and I have worked hard since we began this effort, but this is not the end but only the beginning. With your continued prayers and financial support, we trust the work will continue to grow and that UNTOLD MILLIONS YET UNTOLD, around the world, will be taught the Gospel and thus be saved because of our joint efforts. > Thanks you. James and Barbara
P.O. Box 952, Franklin, TN 37065; phone: 615-525-3204; Email:

Global Harvest


World Bible School, 16110 Anderson Mill Road, Cedar Park, TX 78613 USA; 512-345-8190; 800-311-2006; Mail: P.O. Box 2169 Cedar Park, TX, 78630; Website:; email:

John Reese, President, World Bible School

When Jesus spoke these words, He likely had two meanings in mind. The Samaritan woman had left Jesus at the well, and returned to Sychar, which was set on a hill. Her report caused the townsfolk to investigate. While Jesus and the disciples discussed lunch, the Samaritans were coming to Him (John 4:30). From their position at the well, Jesus directed the disciples gaze up the hill: Look quite literally look up at the crowds coming!

But Jesus also said it metaphorically: Look! I say to you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white ready to be harvested! (Check the original and various versions of John 4:35.) The disciples suffered from spiritual myopia. They wondered about Jesus talking to a woman, and struggled with unasked questions. Then they failed to grasp His meaning about spiritual food. Jesus directed their minds away from earthly grain (bread and harvest) to the grain of evangelistic opportunity: Stop looking down at earthly things. Look up! See the heavenly realities a harvest for eternal life! They needed to see the Samaritans the way God saw them, as a long-prepared crop of infinite value. We, too, need better eyesight. We pass individuals (like the woman at the well) and groups (like the crowds of Sychar) without recognizing their value in Gods eyes. We favor our own circle, and fail to see those outside our circle. Who are our Samaritans? People who

make us feel uncomfortable? People with different languages and values? People like refugees and immigrants? People who lack families and run with gangs? People with a prison record? Yet Samaritans often prove receptive because they feel most keenly their alienation and need. What about ripe populations? The Samaritan harvest had ripened after others had labored (John 4:38). A ripe crop must be reaped, otherwise it rots. Do we recognize which fields are fruitful, and the urgency they demand? What about people with disabilities? Do we undervalue and avoid them? The disciples perceived sin behind a blind mans condition, but they were the blind ones. Jesus saw divine opportunity: This happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life (John 9:3). Jesus came so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind (John 9:39). May He open our eyes, and lift them to see spiritual realities and opportunities! May we join Him in harvesting the crop for eternal life (John 4:36)! >


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Living By Faith
Alex Del Zotto

New Books!!! Check the Bookstore at:
Can Man Find the Way to God? Threads of Truth in ancient religions indicate a single source for the knowledge... Betty B. Choate 140 pages, $6.00 Louis Rushmores study of Biblical Companions: how sacred history, archaelology, and geography work together to confirm truth. 212 pages, $8.00 Louis Rushmores warnings concerning proper handling of Scripture: No Hermaneutical Gymnastics, Please! 59 pages, $6.00 Bonnie Rushmores study for ladies classes, Living Principles; an analysis of well-known and little known women of Scripture. 128 pages, $7.00 Order from: World Evangelism Publications P.O. Box 72 Winona, MS 38967 662-283-1192

Copyright 2012 Google Maps

The men of God should walk by faith, not by sight. Let me correct myself! We must walk by faith! Why? Because in that way God can see our trust in Him! And by that He will start opening the doors for opportunities to grow more in spirit and truth! The reason I decided to start my update with this statement is because I see God has opened a door for this ministry. I would like to share with you the good news of God. In 2012 I decided to broadcast my program on Facebook and link it to the radio stations Facebook account. This seemed to be the best way to reach listeners that may have missed a program. Descubriendo a Jesus (Discover Jesus) has grown beyond my expectation!! Week by week Christians around the world ask me to post my programs on other Facebook accounts, and a second FM station began broadcasting my programs in the city of Senillosa, Neuquen, Argentina! The preacher who leads that station is so excited about the material. He said that what I am sending is biblical sound, and another listener stated that my thoughts are completely unleavened. I have been posting programs daily since January and today I counted 75 accounts where people can hear the same message of God. Some people wait until they are completely ready to begin a ministry but we should all start our own personal ministry and have faith that God will give the increase. For more information, call 662-650-0055. My email is DESCUBRIENDOAJESUS@GMAIL.COM. You can also find the ministry on Facebook DESCUBRIENDOAJESUS and listen to the radio programs. If you want to be part of this effort, call us or send your support to Liberty church of Christ, 689 highway 25, Dennis MS, 38838. >

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Evangelism in Montecarlo, Peru

Helmut Garcia
On this past month we have been doing several home bible studies once again we are taking a time to gather together at every church member house with the Lazarte, Menacho and our family to have a fellowship time and edification and we take a time to study more about Gods word and as it is seen on this picture at the Menachos family house and they are all learning so much and sister Flor is getting more involved and faithful to the Lord together with her three children and we thank God for it all. Miguel Huaman, is a young christian man who loves God and to notice that we are encouraging and teaching him to serve better at the Lords pathway at church. He asked us a day to lead songs and he did it well on a Sunday worship service! With his brother Junior lead now songs and Lords supper communion. We ask for your prayers for those two christian men to keep going forward and dont give up to serve better to the Lord in any way when they are growing up on their faith. Maria Laura is still doing the ladies Bible class every Sunday afternoon and they are being fortified and growing up spiritually. We have realized that church ladies are very involved with the congregation work, since they are willing to help in any way to the christian family right here; such as: to prepare the Lords supper, clean the church building up, to teach to the children and very soon to have a fellowship meal with the Gods family right here also! We went to visit to the sister Elvira to cheer her up to be strong in the Lord and we prayed for her health and daily christian life to give her an encouragement words about Jesus since she has diabethes and we need her to come over to worship with us at the local congregation we please ask for your prayers on behalf of her too. Vanessa, is a good young lady who is coming to church even she is not a Christian yet but we hope to and even though she doesnt speak or hear anything but she comes over to worship with us every Sunday and we wish to learn to talk with her with signs using our hand and fingers to be able to communicate with her and it is gonna be a little hard for us to do so and a challenge as well since that in that way we can preach the gospel of Christ to every creature and to use every tool possible to reach out to people as it is commanded on the Great Commission for our Lord. We also wanna make a request for her to get an earphones so she is able to hear well, she is a normal girl even though deaf and mute and does her regular everyday life by coming to the church and if anyone of you at your congregation is willing for helping her out in any way we will be grateful for it. Brother Jesus Lazarte is helping on Sunday morning preaching at our regular services. He is a good man of God who likes to preach and help out in and out congregation and his family are one of the faithful ones at church. >
Helmut Garcia - Peru CofC: hgidecm@gmail. com

New Books!!! Check the Bookstore at:
A reprint of Wyatt Sawyers classic workbook, Panoramic Views of the Bible, offering in one volume an overview of the entire Bible. Designed for one year of study.

The Destruction of Faith, an analysis of the current culture in America and of the effect it is having on individual Christians and the Lords church, by Kenneth Morvant

Get Set Grow is Paul Ecksteins very practical study for new Christians. Ideal for individual or classroom study, with application exercises.

The Church Divine

The church in Montecarlo

is Louis Rushmores study of the church that was divinely planned and established by Christ. $8.00

World Evangelism Publications P.O. Box 72 Winona, MS 38967 662-283-1192

Order from:


Global Harvest

French World Outreach

Barry Baggott
literature has been provided through the work of French World Outreach, a ministry begun by brother Jerrel Rowden in 1967. Since that time, faithful brethren have developed a wide variety of materials for use in evangelism and edification, and over 300 publications are currently kept in stock to be shipped on short notice when requests are received. The work is now overseen by the Crieve Hall Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee, and since 2007 I have served as director. Nearly 200,000 pieces of literature are shipped out each year, including French tracts and booklets, Bible class materials for adults and children, Bible correspondence courses, songbooks, periodicals, commentaries, and New Testaments. We have materials dealing with apologetics, doctrinal issues, Christian living, and much more. Most of these materials are printed in the facilities provided by the Crieve Hall Church of Christ. Volunteers, primarily from the Crieve Hall congregation, assist us in various ways, especially in bindery work and preparing materials for shipping. This helps reduce our production costs, so that the money contributed by churches and individuals can go farther in providing paper missionaries for the fields. Our publications are used by missionaries, local evangelists, congregations, World Bible School teachers and truth seekers throughout the world. Every two months we send out around 17,000 copies of a free teaching periodical named Chemin de Vrit (Way of Truth). We use a variety of means to get our publications to those who need them. The vast majority are shipped through the Post Office. Sometimes brethren traveling to French-speaking areas will take suitcases full of literature as part of their luggage allowance. Occasionally, a church or church-related organization prepares a shipping container for work going on in a French-speaking country, and we have the opportunity to send some of our materials that way. We have built a distribution center in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and this facilitates getting our publications into the hands of people in the countries of West Africa. If you need biblically sound printed materials in French, go to our English website, www.frenchworldoutreach. org, give us a call at 1-615-837-5943, send an email to, or come to Nashville and see in person what is available. If you would like to help get the Gospel to one of the largest and most underserved mission fields in the world, you can send a contribution to: Crieve Hall Church of Christ attn. Barry Baggott 4806 Trousdale Drive Nashville, TN 37220 >

Barry and Rachel Baggott

The last issue of Global Harvest included several articles on Services Offered by our Brethren. Another service that might have been included is called French World Outreach. We provide all kinds of printed materials for use by French-speakers around the world. If you are involved in a Frenchspeaking mission field in any way, you need to know what we have to offer. Did you know that over 550 million people living in 57 countries and territories consider themselves to be part of the French-speaking world? French-speakers are found in large numbers from Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland and others) to Africa (23 countries), from Madagascar to Haiti, from the South Pacific to Canada. While the churches of Christ have few American and European missionaries working to take the gospel and plant the New Testament church in these places, much growth has been seen in the past 30 years. From fewer than 50 French-speaking congregations worldwide in 1985, we are now up to at least 679 churches in 35 countries! Literature has been a major force in the spread of the Gospel among French-speakers. It is a tool both for evangelism and as a means to help keep the churches on track doctrinally. For a number of years, the bulk of this

Materials are copied, bound, packaged and shipped from FWO office.

Global Harvest


Lyon, France
Charles O. White
the ghost and we couldnt wash clothes for a while. It didnt help, either, that temperatures during that time were the 90s! Beginning in September, I will be teaching our teens on Sunday morning. That may not seem like a news item for some of you, but it is for me. It has been several years since I taught our youth, as I have been mostly involved in teaching adults and havent had time to do both. This year another brother is moving into major responsibility with the adult classes and I am moving to the teens. July and August have been an important period of preparation for this class, which will be entitled: Je voudrais connaitre Jesus (I would like to know Jesus) We are going to look at Jesus the man, the human being, the person who, though divine, became like us, took on our flesh and lived as we do, with all the temptations and difficulties that entails. And yet this unique Lamb of God avoided sin and became, indeed, our sin offering. I have found it a fascinating study, and I hope our teens will, too. Last month I told you of our decision to leave France in 2013 or 2014. We do hope that you will keep this difficult transition in your prayers. It is going to be a major change for us, after so many years working in French missions. Pam and I are still reeling at the very idea that we will soon be far from this country and these people that we love. I just read a book entitled: ReEntry: Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home. Though it has some excellent suggestions, we are not exactly returning home, since home is here. Neither are we leaving missions, since will plan to be involved in French missions, though to a reduced extent, as long as we live. That being said, we will, indeed, be making a large change, one that will permit us to slow down and adopt the slower pace that our health issues have rendered necessary. Back to the work here, the elder selection process is still on track, and I hope it will continue to be, right up to the day the elders are appointed here. I think that my own responsibilities in this area, in the time we still have here, will likely turn more toward getting the congregation ready to be led by elders. We have worked so hard at training and developing our men that little has been done to this point to prepare the congregation to follow them. Let me tell you again how much we appreciate all of you, and how much you mean to the daily, on-going work we (and you!) have been involved in so many years. There is only one method in Western Europe that produces long-term results: long-term mission efforts. >
Charles White:

In July, we had the visit of good friends Dick and Anne Carter, from Scotland. We even got to see their daughter Emma with her husband, David, and sons Cameron and Finlay, all of whom were camping nearby. The Carters (Dick is an elder in Stirling Scotland) are trusted advisors, and we take advantage of their wisdom every chance we get. Some of their working situations parallel some of ours, so that makes for some interesting and fruitful conversations. In August, Tia and family arrived for a little over two weeks. Then Tami arrived with her two boys and overlapped for a week or so before Tia and family returned home to Italy. So; we had children (and childrens children) in our home for most of August. In fad, as I write this, Tami and boys are still here; they leave tomorrow to return to Colorado. So, weve been looking at Lyon as tourists, enjoying its historical sights, getting them firmly placed in our minds one last time. While all of the kids were here and there were nine of us in our apartment, we all without exception caught a wicked intestinal bug. As each new person caught the bug, we knew it would be three days before he/she would be fully functional again. Ah, togetherness! Sharing is such a great part of family life! And of course, in the middle of all that, our 12-yearold clothes washer decided to give up

Charles and Pam White

Charles White writes on two subjects:

Upright, Traits of the Righteous Heart ...

Lessons for serious Christians $8.00 The Missionary Myth... An important study for those planning to send or go. $8.00
World Evangelism Publications


Global Harvest

Syktyvkar Bible School

Larry Little
As we are in mid-summer here in North Alabama with its attendant high temps and humidity, our thoughts go back to when we lived in Syktyvkar. On the same latitude as Fairbanks, Alaska, Syktyvkars summers are moderate with hardly any humidity. But, alas, there is work to do here on behalf of the school and we are blessed to be part of it. We hope that you too feel blessed for being part of this work because it simply couldnt be done without you. Thank you for your loyal support. Enjoy this report of your mission work. Three men and two women graduated in June from the campus program. They will be returning to their homes and using their knowledge and talents to further the Lords work in those areas. Larry Murdock was there teaching in the last session and participated in the ceremony. Two men completed the first year and will be returning in September to resume their studies. They will be joined by two, hopefully three, new students making the 2012/2013 student body five in number again. I already have many of the teachers lined up for next year and still working on filling the remaining slots. Brother Gennady recently returned from another recruitment trip for the school. He reports that 27 first year DL students from the five learning centers are ready to continue their studies in September about 98% retention. This is practically unheard of in distance learning and can only be attributed to Gods blessings. There are also 13 new students in two of the original learning centers. According to plan, beginning the second year of DL, we are expanding our learning center base. Gennadys efforts have resulted in eight new congregations that will be hosting learning centers beginning in September. Bottom line when we begin year two in September, we will have 13 learning centers (10 in Russia, 3 in Ukraine) with a combined total of 92 students studying Gods Word in-depth and in an organized, disciplined manner. Praise God! Gennady summarized his report with this understatement: This is not a bad beginning. Indeed, the DL program is far more successful than any anticipated it would be at this point, going into the second year. Those 92 Christians and 13 congregations cannot help but be strengthened by this program of SBS. Gennady closed his report with these words, Christians in Russia need this program. May God give us strength and health to implement it. We are thankful to everybody who is participating in this work . You are in our hearts. Love in Christ, Gennady. In July I formatted the first two courses for year two of the Distance Learning Program and both are now in the hands of the translators. This will put us two courses ahead of the students as we begin in September and I hope to maintain this margin as we finish completing all 16 courses. hired to fill this work. Paul is 27, single and one of our graduates this year. He was born in Latvia but moved to live with his grandmother in Yekaterinburg, Russia in 1998 when he was 11 years old. It was there that his grandmother, a seeker of Gods truth, introduced him to churches of Christ. Paul began attending worship services and studying the Bible with Richard and Nora Allen, American missionaries there at the time. Later, Dennis Podryadchikov came to begin serving as the local evangelist. Dennis was a graduate of Syktyvkar Bible School and befriended Paul. Over the next two years, the two engaged in in-depth Bible studies culminating with Paul being immersed into Christ for the forgiveness of sins in the year 2000. Of this occasion, Paul said, I was given a choice and I obeyed by making the most important decision in my spiritual life. Paul was faithful and continued growing in his faith and knowledge throughout his High School years. He graduated from High School in 2005 and enrolled in the Moscow State Linguistic University in Moscow. While studying in Moscow, he worshipped with the Tretyakovskaya Church of Christ. During that time, two men, Sergey Bolshakov and Alexei Pshenichnikov, served as evangelists of the Tretyakovskaya church, both of whom were graduates of the Syktyvkar Bible School. About the time Paul graduated from the University in 2010, he met Gennady who was promoting and recruiting for the Syktyvkar Bible School. Being faithful, but not much involved in church activities during

SBS Graduation - 2012

Distance Learning Update

someone had been found to begin assisting Gennady in his duties with the school, especially recruitment trips and DL administration. We are pleased to announce that Paul Mikhailov has been Continued on page 39

Introducing Paul Mikhailov Coordinator of Distance Learning Centers, Syktyvkar Bible School Earlier this year I indicated that

Global Harvest


Encouraging Small Church Ministry

Bill McDonough
Responding to requests from small churches abroad that need encouragement, we took two weeks to go to Norway and Hungary to meet with some of these brethren in spiritual renewal seminars. Norwegian brethren asked us to come to their annual retreat, where 19 of the total number of 25 Christians in the country met for fellowship and encouragement. For three generations they have been pressing on, remaining faithful, teaching their children and trying to reach out to others. I met some of the strongest Christians I have ever encountered in their midst. Three days of Bible study and fellowship discussing the joy available in Christ brought the following written comments: Ive been encouraged to live a stronger Christian life, Ive
Continued from page 38

r n s n s f s p h n , n s e

o s d n l I t l n s m e n , a , i s f r

been reminded that we can succeed as Christians, and I have been given a renewed view of what is possible when we walk with Jesus. In Debrecen, Hungary last Saturday, we met with the church all day discussing the same theme of Joy and how to maintain and grow in it. Debrecen is where Angela and Nandor Cseti serve, whom we at WindSong helped to return to Nandors homeland nine years ago. The response was the same as in Norway because these small churches, although they speak different languages, are living in the same European world of secularism with its challenges. European brethren are telling us that what American brethren can bring them now is not what they brought 20 years ago when the Iron Curtain

came down and thousands rushed to study the Bible. The crowds are gone but the faithful who remain need encouragement. They need mature Christians to come and spend time with them, discussing how to raise a Christian family in a secular society, how to live a pure life as a single person in a sex-crazed society, and how Christians can remain strong and continue to be optimistic in a negative, fatalistic world. We are trying to respond to these needs and are beginning an Encouraging Small Church Ministry to help them press on to the prize God has waiting for them. Please pray for them and for this new ministry of Partners in Progress. >
Bill McDonough:

d t d e h g

his University days, Paul was ripe for Gennadys overtures to enroll as a fulltime student in Syktyvkar Bible School at this pivotal point in his life. He chose to accept Gennadys invitation in lieu of beginning a career in Hotel Management and enrolled in 2010. Throughout his time in the school, Paul was active in the Syktyvkar church and stood out as our top student. He speaks fluent English and has been a key player in recent campaigns resulting in the church being established in two nearby villages. Upon graduating in June, Paul began his work with the school in July and accompanied Gennady on his latest recruitment trip. Gennady is well pleased with him and his potential as he mentors him in the duties and work of the school. The Lord willing, by the

Syktyvkar Bible School

time that Gennady, who is 75, begins slowing down (he hasnt yet!), Paul should be well equipped to take the reins. Like so often in the past, when there was need for a particular person to step forward in the Lords work, Paul has come for such a time as this. We look forward to a bright future for the school, working with Paul. The reason I went into such detail introducing Paul was to illustrate how, in Gods providence, the Syktyvkar Bible School touched his life in his conversion, spiritual maturity, enrollment in the school and now as Coordinator of Distance Learning Centers of the school. In addition

Closing Thoughts

to his work with the school, Paul will also be assisting Leonid Ivashov, another of Syktyvkars elders, in the mission work in the newly established churches in nearby villages. He will also be working with Marlon Rutherford when he conducts evangelistic campaigns there. This is one example of many that could be shared showing the exponential influence of the Syktyvkar Bible School through the years throughout Russia. God is at work here and He isnt through with us yet. I want you to feel that and to know how much we appreciate your partnership in the gospel in this work. >
LARRY & KAY LITTLE, 23110 AL HWY 24, MOULTON, AL 35650, (C) 256 460 7068,


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Twenty Years of Christianity in Benin, West Africa

Ed Jones
We had a visit from a government official within the week to visit our farm. We asked them to support us with technical advice and input. The official was very much impressed with our farm. He called me this morning that he is coming with a team tomorrow morning for us to discuss the helps we need and how they can help us. I will give you details as it unfold. I have seen the list of those coming to Benin in the summer. They are on my prayer list. I also hope that they do not have any difficulties sharing among themselves the speaking topics that I sent.

George Akpabli

5) Authentic Christianity includes the restoration of the mission of the church. 6) Authentic Christianity includes the restoration of the gospel of Christ. 7) Authentic Christianity includes the restoration of the House of God. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 11TH, 2012. NATIONAL THANKSGIVING SERVICE

Celebrating 20 years of restoring New Testament Christianity in Benin

Below is a summary of our plan for October/November 2012 in Benin: Saturday October 14: Each local church prays and fasts. There would be a general evaluation of that congregations work and establishment of plans for the future. Saturday October 21: Church leaders meet in Zinvie to pray. There would be a discussion on the history of the work in Benin as well as an evaluation of our accomplishments, failures, perspectives, and plans for the future. November 1 4: There would be various manifestations by congregations situated in the same region. These include caravan floats through the cities and villages. Members dress in printed Tee shirts with church inscription, sharing and distribution of tracts and religious materials. Open air evangelism in select towns and villages. On Saturday, November 10, 2012: Huge national Bible lectures. THE RESTORATION OF AUTHENTIC CHRISTIANITY Sub-topics. 1) Authentic Christianity includes the restoration of authority in religion. 2) Authentic Christianity includes the restoration of Christian worship. 3) Authentic Christianity includes the restoration of the plan of God for the salvation of humanity. 4) Authentic Christianity includes the restoration of the organization or direction of the church.

George Akpabli is a true servant of God, and we are blessed to have a part in his ministry. I have met a handful of men in my life whose spiritual walk with God made me say Wow! George is at the top of that very short list. George goes non-stop, and everyone in Benin knows it, meaning it was not a show for his American financiers. He has a degree in accounting that would allow him to pretty much replace the salary he is making at the preaching school. I took from some of the money that the missions committee gave me, and gave George $60 just felt an urge to do anything possible to help this guy. The students and graduates are rocks. They approach the word with a seriousness that is impressive and have intellects
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From Brian Gochenour, Pulpit minister at the New Road church of Christ in Waco, TX

General topic:

Bryan Gochenour, with Geopge Akpabli, addressing the worship assembly.

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Report from Benin, West Africa

Group picture of participants at the seminar.

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and reasoning skills in the Word that prove they have spent many hours debating its meaning. They have the ability to know where you are going, as you teach, showing that they are very well grounded in the Truth. This ability I am trying to relate is found most often in preachers, not regular members, and they have it. The school in Benin is doing a great job. We held gospel meetings in Parachou and Se, both places led by graduates of the school. The experiences in these places were fantastic. The gospel meetings saw 19 baptisms. These are not the types of baptisms you assume take place in many mission works, hundreds responding to charismatic teaching and the offer of food. These baptisms represented individuals connected as friends to strong members in the churches. They happened to occur while we were there, but stem from the work of the churches in Benin in the preceding months and weeks. All I can say is Wow! What is taking place in Benin is real. The Lords church is on the brink of becoming the

most recognized, native Christian effort in the country and surrounding region. The implications stemming from this boggle the mind. I know of no greater work to support. >
Brian Gochenour <bgochenour1@

We are deeply indebted to David Smith and his daughters for making Benin Training project possible. It was started by the family in memory of Frankie Smith, loving wife and mother. The significance of this project is twofold; most of our graduates go back to their villages to support their families through farming since the new churches they start are very poor and can only provide meager support. The things these graduates learn while in BTC, preparing to preach, allows them to be much more productive in their farming ventures. This allows for a little better standard of living and their surplus becomes a cash crop for other needs, in a part of the world where needs are many. Secondly, since other villagers are farming, they become aware of new

From Ed Jones

methods and increased production from the local preacher. They want to talk to him about that. He talks farming and Bible and this becomes a great outreach program for teaching Scripture. Since not all students enrolled in BTC are farmers, we are seeking help to provide other vocational type programs that can have similar success. The FACE board of directors sees these types programs as being significant since BTC graduates do not receive funding from America once they graduate and begin full time preaching. George has a plan to help the school pick up more students. He hopes to grow vocational training in the school so that graduates can more easily support their families. The wives struggle with the decision to enter ministry and the uncertain future it provides in Benin. The school needs money for the vocational side of the school, including internet access on campus. >
Ed Jones: F.A.C.E. P.O. Box 454 Benton, KY 42025.


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Created for a Purpose

Ruth Orr
All of us are experiencing a time we call life. We did not come into the world by choice, and very likely we will not leave it by choice. And during this life we will find many questions that appear to be without answer. Have you ever been alone when you had lots of time to meditate and to ponder events of the past or to speculate about thing of the future? Thomas Sakala, a prisoner in the Lusaka, Zambia prison was one of those people who had nothing but time on his hands. He was young, scared and thinking, I was just trying to keep my young family from starving when I took those strawberries. But stealing is a great offence in Zambia and now he was looking at 8 year in prison. Thomas was born into a very poor family, where fighting and bickering were the norm, and soon his parents divorced. At the age of six he was sent to live with his elderly grandmother. Not being able to afford schooling, Thomas would work as a house boy, saving his money until he had enough for books and a uniform and would then go to school for a year. He did this each year until one day a man who had seen his determination to have an education said he would pay Thomas way through school if he would work for him in the afternoons. Thomas was able to finish the 12th grade this way but he knew nothing about God or the church and soon found himself in with the wrong crowd. His grandmother found him a young lady to marry, thinking this would settle him down. He and Marrie had one son, Moses, but Thomas said that because they knew nothing about God and because of the poverty they lived in, one day he stole some strawberries because of severe hunger. The police caught him and he was sent to prison. In his own words this is Thomass story of 8 years of prison life. While in prison my wife left me and married another man. My son was given to my grandmother to rear but she was elderly and trading to just find food to eat was hard on her but she did her best as she had tried with me. Life was almost unbearable in prison. At times you would just pray to die, as so many around you were doing. Every night when we were put in our cell, which is supposed to hold 20 people, they would crowd 110 in. For the six years I was in that one prison, I never laid down once to sleep. Every morning there were several dead men in the cell some of my friends even falling on me, having died through the night. Diseases such as TB were everywhere and it was only by Gods grace I did not get these diseases and die. Sometimes I saw men coming into the prison, handing out some kind of papers. I just wanted anything to read so I asked for one. To my surprise the paper said, Free correspondence course. Sudy the Bible through World Bible School. I knew nothing about God but wanted to learn, so I filled out the lesson and gave it to the man the next time he came and told him to send it to the teacher whose name was on the lesson, Ruth Orr from the USA. As I was filling out the courses, it was helping my life. I wished for more lessons to come quickly and more things to read about God. At night, trying to sleep with in-mates all over me, I just fixed my eyes on Jesus the Savior I was learning about and would go to sleep in peace. When Ms. Ruth sent me the lesson called Born of Water and Spirit she also sent me a book called The Church of the Bible and after doing the lesson and reading the book I realized I was lost and needed that Jesus whom I had fixed my eyes on each night while trying to sleep. I asked Ms. Ruth if she could help me to be baptized for the remission of my sins. She sent someone to baptize me and on April 5, 2003 I was finally free and so happy, although I had to spend five more years in prison. When finally released from prison, I had nothing to begin life over with because everything I had was destroyed
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Thomas, (Left) with two fellow preachers, and Ruth Orr.

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Created for a Purpose

or sold. I only had my son and God and so I forgot about everything else. People were very surprised that this did not pain me but I just told them that I had found the greatest treasure while in prison I found God and I promised God that I would work for him the rest of my life. I entered the Mapepe Bible College to learn more about the Bible and graduated after 2 years always looking forward to what God had in store for me. On August 8, 2012 David Harper, an elder with the Concord Road Church of Christ, and I [Ruth] made a trip into Lusaka, Zambia. It had been three years since we had see Thomas. In the meantime, he had learned that time is a gift from God and it should be used in such things as learning and growing and serving.
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there. He has learned many things about God and life, he has grown tremendously as a Christian and is serving God in ways that astounded both of us. Thomas is now married to a wonderful Christian lady (I had the honor to be at their wedding) and they have a son, 2 years old little Tom and they are expecting another baby in 2013. As a family they take care of teen age boys age 8-16 that have been

This is what we found as we worked with Thomas the two weeks we were

in prison for stealing and other minor offences and are considered orphans. A home has been built for them and several boys come there Ruth Orr can be reached at 913-359-7181. to live for a time until they reach the age of 16, then they are removed and put in a good school in Livingston to learn a trade. Thomas and Peggy and the boys in the home take care of 6 acres of maize (corn) and raise large gardens of vegetables that they eat from and also sell much of the produce to help with the orphanage. They also have a large poultry farm for meat and to sell. Besides this Thomas takes care of over 200 other orphans who live with relatives or Christian couples. Every Little Thomas praying for Ruth.

month he distributes food, medicine, clothing, school supplies and things to sustain them for that month. He takes seriously what he told the Lord when baptized I will work for you the rest of my life. Thomas also goes back into the two prisons he was in those 8 long years and teaches and collects the World Bible School lessons to be sent back to us. As I watched him teaching, he told the in-mates, Where you are, I once was. You too can make a change for the better by studying Gods Word through World Bible School lessons. You can make a better life for yourself while in prison and especially when out. I am here to help you because someone showed me a much better way a way to Heaven one day. Thomas has said many times, I probably would not be a Christian today had it not been for prison. You pay a high price for stealing in Zambia but it probably saved my soul. >


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The Malawi Project

Richard Stephens
With such a large amount of agricultural, educational, and medical supplies being sent to Malawi, a very large number of health care facilities, schools and farms are benefiting from this aid from the Malawi Project. Its impact is even seen in the large number of people with mobility problems who are being given assistance all over Malawi. With a population of 15 million, and with many of them living below the poverty line, most of Malawis population must depend on free government medical care. This brings a great deal of pressure for a continuous flow of medical supplies, equipment, drugs, and human resources, which a cash-starved government cannot supply. This problem calls for private and donor intervention if the heath of the poor is going to be maintained. The Malawi Projects flow of supplies to government health care facilities has helped narrow the gap between the need and availability. With the world financial slow down in 2009 and 2010, there was a reduction in the supplies. The need, however, has not been reduced. The medical supplies to hospitals, clothes to widows, orphans, and the needy, wheelchairs to the handicapped, school supplies and books to children who want to learn, farm tractors to help the villages, all reflects a world that cares about the poor. Our group is committed to the foundation principles Jesus taught about loving and caring for your neighbor. Because of the work of the Malawi Project, in cooperation with a large number of Malawi organizations, including the government of this small nation, and the Namikango Mission and Maternity Hospital, so many are seeing a brighter tomorrow. May this work continue to increase, and may God bless all who focus on helping those who need assistance. For more information about the programs of the Malawi Project, write for a series of flyers outlining information about these varied activities. Please designate your area of interest, and if you want the information electronically or in print. Girl Scout Leads Her Church in Book Drive During a dinner in Austin, Texas in November last year, a number of church leaders listened to an update on the work of the Malawi Project in sub-Saharan Africa. Listening intently was Brielle, a teen-age member of the Western Hills Church of Christ. In the past years this small congregation has become more and more involved in assisting the people of Malawi thought the Malawi Project. After the presentation, Brielle wrote to the Malawi Project to learn if school textbooks could be sent to Malawi. She was encouraged to gather as many as possible. A few hundred books were expected. However, Brielle had her eyes on a much higher goal. She was working on a Girl Scout award, and was determined to put her project well over the top. In so doing, she has stretched the imagination of everyone involved, by obtaining 30,000 school textbooks. In her effort to procure textbooks, Brielle made contact with the Austin School District, and learned a warehouse containing a large number of textbooks was available. She accepted the donation, and a member of the Western Hills Church made warehouse space available until the shipment could be prepared for departure. It will actually require three semi trailers to take the books to the shipping port. The Western Hills church, working closely with the Malawi Project, has accepted the challenge to raise $33,000.00 in order to ship the three trailers of books to Malawi. With only about 125 members, the congregation is reaching out to ask for help in raising these funds. Please consider a onetime donation to get these books on their way. The Need in Malawi Most of the citizens of Malawi receive no more than three years of formal education. Most often students must memorize what the teacher is saying because the teacher is the only one with a textbook. Classes frequently number 75 to over 200, and students often sit on the floor with no pencils, paper or school desks. It does not have to be this way. At least, an opportunity is now available to supply them with textbooks. It will require approximately $33,000.00 to ship the textbooks to the school children of Malawi. Your help is critical in obtaining the needed funds. Please make a contribution today. Checks can be made out to the Western Hills Church of Christ, 6211 Parkwood Drive, Austin, TX 78735 and noted School Books for Malawi. >

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The Heart of Zimbabwe

Loy Mitchell
were fed so abundantly that I returned home slightly heavier than when I left! In most places, the servings of rice, vegetables, and sadza were so generous that it was impossible to clean our plates. The greatest lesson we learned from this hospitality came from witnessing the joy with which every gesture toward us was made. I was reminded very forcefully of Pauls description of the Macedonians in 2 Corinthians 8:2: ... in a severe test of affliction, their abundance of joy and their extreme poverty have overflowed in a wealth of generosity on their part. Such joy can only be found in Jesus Christ! Iris Griffin I thoroughly enjoyed teaching classes! I taught just fewer than 20 classes for children, and I gave a speech about Esther and answered some questions about the United States with an audience of about 60 girls at a high school. The women who interpreted for me made it easy to understand how a class dynamic works when teaching in a different language. I even learned some Shona, which really impressed the children, and made them feel good that I cared about their language and culture. Like children in the US, Zimbabwean children enjoy playing, and they love to learn, both Bible knowledge and school knowledge. They were all kind and good hearted, whether they were orphans in a village or with a loving family in a city. This trip helped me gain confidence in teaching and in talking with people in general. I learned many things from the people in Zimbabwe as well as from those in the mission group. Thanks to all who supported me in going to Zimbabwe and to those who gave money to help the people there. Everyone should be involved in mission work, whether its going to the mission field or keeping up with what goes on there and supporting missionaries and their work. ANNUAL MENS LECTURESHIP Saul Botoman I just returned from Nhowe Mission where we had our 2nd Annual Mens Lectureship. This years event was a success, for many issues were discussed. The theme was Men of Valor taken from Ezra 7:10. With the estimated 40,000 members in about 500 congregations in Zimbabwe, 70% are women and 30% are men. Those who attended numbered to about 450 men from around the country and these were represented by more than 40 congregations. Last year we had slightly above 300 men represented by 33 congregations. This is a great milestone for the church of Christ here in Zimbabwe. We hope and pray that these figures will increase. BAPTIMS INTO JESUS CHRIST (GALATIANS 3:27) The following congregations report conversions to Christ. Mufakose, 3; Plumtree, 15; Sakubva, 5; Ruwani, 2; Federation, 1; Machongwe, 5; Gokwe, 6; Chikanga, 3; Mpahluab, 1; Nyamandhlovu, 4; Cold Stream, 2; Kambuzuma, 9; Warikandwa, 2. TOTAL=58. We give thanks to God and His Son Jesus Christ! >
lsmitchell a,juno.corn PHONE: 731287-8823

These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shal I talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand and they shall be as frontals on your forehead. You shall write them on the door posts of your house and on your gates (Deuteronomy 6:6-9). May parents everywhere take time daily to teach their children Gods word and do it diligently. NOTES FROM THE TEAM Bobby Wheat Some things never change! We Americans could learn a thing or two about hospitality from African peoples. At every village, town, or city congregation we visited, we were treated with honor because we were the visitors. I expected to lose some weight on this trip, but we


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Beggars Day
Betty Burton Choate
When we lived in Pakistan, Thursday was Beggars Day. Sometimes we would be at the market on that day and we would watch as a straggling but continual flow of unkempt and undernourished beggars made their rounds of the many little shops of Empress Market. At each shop, the beggar would hold out his hand or container and the shopkeeper would drop in two or three pice from his bowl kept handily near his squatting place in the midst of his wares. The beggars would, naturally, have been thrilled with much, but they actually expected little from each donor, yet by making the complete round they could collect enough to exist a few days longer. The shopkeepers wore placid expressions. They were expected to observe Beggars Day, so they tolerated the practice. The total of the money they gave was only a token of a token of their income. Not being enough that it actually cost them anything, or was in any sense a sacrifice, they didnt seem to deeply resent the practice. It was a religious duty. Yet, it brought them no joy of accomplishment because their investment was too small to bring real happiness to anyone. For us, in subsequent years of visiting congregations in behalf of the work in India, I sometimes vividly saw again the flow of beggars in my minds eye. We would be with one congregation in the morning, and maybe another missionary because its Beggars Day and the form must be followed. Then the beggar shuffles along to the next stop, until finally he has gathered enough to continue his existence in the Lords work. Let me hasten to say that this description is not true of all congregations. For fifty years individuals and churches have faithfully supported the work we have done and continue to do in India and Asia. Many, many other congregations have given sacrificially to fund the work done by other faithful brethren. There are not sufficient words in the English language to convey the gratitude in our hearts for the steadfastness of those who partner, year after year, in the spreading of the Gospel. But if all congregations were like that, the world would be evangelized, year after year! Gods provisions are not lacking. He has supplied what we must have in order to obey that command to Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.... The problem is our use of His money and of the time He has given to us. Maybe some would say, Dont be so negative. Focus on the positive. And maybe those same people would say, Dont offend someone by pointing out their spiritual error. The result is that so often we are so polite about not speaking the truth that we politely let people and churches move on toward judgment and eternity, without ever once crying out that changes desperately need to be made! Maybe we should re-read the letters to the churches in the New Testament, and our Lords messages to the churches of Asia. Concern for being right was of much greater importance than keeping the peace at any cost. So, forgive me if these words hurt, but if they fit, please listen for the sake of your souls and for the sake of those who may not have the opportunity to hear the Gospel unless you provide the means. Back to the story... How does the shopkeeper feel at the end of Beggars Day? When an appeal for help is made by the missionary, at least two-thirds of the adult Christians dont give anything. But wait!!! It used to be that way when an appeal could be made for individual contributions at the door. It is my understanding that, now, no such pleas are allowed in most congregations. That makes it much more difficult to raise the needed funds. Through the years, a large portion of the support for our work in India came from contributions at the
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would be there the following Lords day. Sometimes it was another missionary who preceded us in presenting his work to the congregation and asking for help. A flow of beggars.... And the shopkeepers? Two or three pice may be dropped into each outstretched hand: a token given, simply

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Beggars Day
door and subsequent monthly checks for $25 or $50, or $100 from Christians who saw the need. Too often, now, the church budget has been set, and nothing more will be considered until it is time to make the new budget and by then, in many cases, both the missionary and his appeal have been buried under the avalanche of other needs. Now, back to the story again... Just as with the shopkeepers in Pakistan, how much does the average gift for preaching the Gospel cost the individual giver? Yes, there are those who do sacrifice, and we thank God for them. But for the majority, did anybody forego having a meal at a restaurant, or getting that new dress, or any other of the unnecessary luxuries we enjoy? In Karachi, the beggars were tolerated and helped along their way, without great resentment, but also without joy, because the only gift that brings deep satisfaction and happiness to the heart is the one that actually costs something. The degree of the sacrifice is absolutely parallel to the resulting joy. The congregation, as a whole, has the same attitude toward Beggars Day. A building for self, continued improvements on the building and equipment for self, ample literature, radio, and television programs for self, investment in this idea and that idea for the advancement of the congregation, a pulpit preacher, an assistant preacher, a youth minister, an educational director, a personal work director, a Life-Center and director, secretaries, maintenance people for self the list of things on which they feel they should and must spend money for self is endless. But does it work? Is the American church growing stronger, year by year,
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. y e

f s d r e n r e

d t o e s

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d y t e e e

from all the hiring of others to do the work the members should be doing for themselves? No, it is only when Christians are involved in spiritual work that they are growing. We dont grow through hiring someone to do our job for us! So how is this pampering plan working? B Doesnt it tell us something important when only 1/2 to 1/3 of the membership attends midweek Bible study? B Arent we alarmed at the failure of our methods when perhaps 80% of the younger generation that is being raised with this selfindulgent attitude along with the dearth of definitive Bible knowledge and the absence of involvement in spiritual work is leaving the church? B Shouldnt it be a wake-up call that the morals and values among Christians are about the same percentage as in the unconverted world around us? B And in the midst of the pampering of self, do we stop to wonder why the number of Beggars now being sent to do mission work overseas is a very small percentage of the number in the field fifty years ago? Most congregations have thought that 80% of the Lords money spent on self was necessary, and they have thought that they couldnt spare more than the 1%, 2%, 5% tokens pice they dropped into the Beggars hands for foreign work. And this selfcentered, refusing-to-sacrifice attitude is providing the death blow to individuals, to families, to congregations, and eventually to the American church if it continues as it is now going. Jesus established the church. He

left it in the world for one ultimate purpose. That purpose was spelled out clearly in His command, Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.... If we, as individuals and as congregations, are not going into the world in some manner whether it is to our own neighborhoods or to the other side of the globe and if we are not preaching the Gospel in some manner, we are not obeying Him and we do not live spiritually. I pray for the time when we will wake up to what Christianity is all about and we will wipe Beggars Day from existence. I pray we will learn to give and to work sacrificially so that we can also experience the resultant thrilling joy, even in this life. What should we learn from the history of Israel? If we choose this awakening ourselves, how wonderful! If we insist on continuing our indifference, and God has to force us to re-evaluate what is really important, the chastising of those He loves will be a necessary but painful thing. Remember the Jews hardness of heart and the rigors of captivity, and the many long years they spent learning their lesson? If God has to put those corrective wheels in motion for us, we can be sure they wont stop quickly. But more heartbreaking still is the haunting fear that He may not see in us enough to be salvaged, and so He may not bring the correction. We may just die away, bit by bit, into oblivion, losing our souls and leaving our country at the mercy of godlessness. And He may have to look to other people somewhere else to Go and preach.... or He may have to bring an end to the growing godlessness, if the worlds cup of iniquity continues to be filled up. >


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A Need in Pakistan
Asghar Ali
OUR BIBLE CLASSES: Imtiaz Erick comes for Bible study almost every Friday and enjoys learning deep matters of religion. It is hard for a new preacher like Imtiaz to teach against the popular Catholic celebration of Easter to those who have for years celebrated this religious day. Therefore, we decided to visit the Church at Marakka and to show that this religious celebration, which has its roots in Catholicism, was not a part of New Testament Christianity. In my sermon, I preached that we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection and ascension of Christ by attending worship services every Sunday, partaking of the Lords supper and by obeying the command of baptism. We thought that this would help Imtiaz to preach with more confidence in future, showing the distinction between New Testament teachings and those of the Catholic and denominational world. This correct portrayal of Christianity in a Muslim world cannot be overemphasized. I stressed that this festival is man made, was never celebrated by Apostles and first century Christians. ADVERTISEMENT GIVEN FOR BIBLE COURSES: After many years our advertise-ments have again appeared in the newspaper for Bible courses. Local preachers of congregations of the church are requested to send the names and addresses of those interested to do the courses by correspondence. In the months to come we shall let you know the outcome of this effort of ours. We are thankful to our Government that has given us liberty to put such ads in the newspapers. >
Asghar Ali:

Hyderabad, Pakistan
Shahid Khokhar
We have preaching days, house to house, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on my bike. Preaching of the Gospel at Patricks house who is a Catholic. This family is taking keen interest in the Bible study and asked for courses. In Burewla, Waqas was preached on the cell phone and amazingly the Word of God had deep effect on him and he has now been baptized and added into the Church. We have also visited windows and orphan children and have given support provided by Bill White to the congregation. There are 3 more families to visit in the next few days. Two Pentecostal educated person are also in contact for preaching. We are pleased to inform you that one of Pentecostal pastors has accepted the truth of the Gospel and has confessed his faith in the Word of God, not his own feelings or something like that. His name is Mushtaq Masih and with his whole family he has become a member of church of Christ. We had very bad time on Friday when Muslims were protesting against the movie made on Islam from one of American individual. We were struck in houses as mobs were violent. In front of our house they burned the American flag. It was impossible for us to buy anything from the shop and even now Muslims are having doubtful sights on us as they think we too are American and working for them, being Christians.They are burning Bibles and church buildings. But we are strong in our faith and need to adopt the same attitude as Jesus has asked us in His word. Matt. 5:44 >

Our Church attendance is stable, and though we are thankful for this, we are much worried how everything will turn out if we do not succeed soon in getting a permanent place for the worship. Here in our country, every denomination has its own Church building. Even the denominations popping up every other day succeed in erecting the building in no time and our people are faced with humiliation and the satirical remarks by them. From May 2007 to February 2011, the place for worship belonged to a Christian who had a soft corner for us. Because of his personal reasons, eventually, he sold his house and we had to shift to the recent place. This house is rented by our daughter in a Muslim locality. The owner is also Muslim. We are using one big room of the house which hardly accommodates 40 members. We are sharing the part of the rent no doubt. The owner with his family stays in Canada. We as a church are faced with many problems every other day. Close relatives of the landlord keep poisoning him about our conducting Church services at his place. He already has served us a notice. As he plans to sell his house, he has asked us to move out by the end of this year.

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Between India and Sri Lanka

Asveeradam Darla
In Sri Lanka, as a result of our campaign last month, we arranged for brother Nimal to travel weekly from Colombo to the hill country and start worshipping with those faithful men and women. Now we have about 25 to 30 attendants. We are asking our radio responses that are living in that area to come and meet this group for further studies. We are also planning to open another centre with a preacher among our trainees to be available there to teach those that come for help. In my previous trip to Sri Lanka, I had very great time in our personal studies, Bible seminars, and helping four people to be baptized into Christ. One woman, 83 years old, along with her son-in-law and grand daughter, obeyed God. This was my first time helping people in three generations enter into Christ. As we heard her talking, we all felt very great and we praised God for her life, but this time when I went there she did not attend the Bible class. When I asked what happened, her daughter said she was very sick and was admitted to a hospital for emergency treatment. The next morning, I received a phone call from her home saying she had been discharged from the hospital because the doctors believed she would not live more than two days time. After taking her to the home, the daughter informed all her relatives about what doctors had said. As I got this news, I was concerned and that evening sister Lilani and I with others went to her home. While we were waiting, two ladies helped that woman to come to the room where we were sitting. After some time, I spoke to her, saying I am sure you are not afraid of death. You have lived long enough. All of your family, including yourself, are now a part of Gods Kingdom and you are ready to leave this physical world. You can happily proceed in your travels to the next stage. She kept quiet for about two minutes with closed eyes and then she opened her eyes looked into my face and asked me, Brother, I lived 83 years in this world as a Gentile woman. Just two months back, I started my life as the child of God. Should I not live for some more time as Christian? Upon hearing that, we were all astonished, so I asked her, Do you want to live for some more time? She firmly said, Yes. The house was full of her relatives from everywhere who came to see her a final time. They were murmuring, asking, When the doctor said she will die today or tomorrow, how she can live longer? But I was very pleased with her desire and I said, If you want to live some more time as a Christian, God will certainly give you an extension. Then we prayed. Last Sunday, I received six phone calls from Sri Lanka from different brothers and sisters about that woman. On Sunday morning she came to worship half an hour early, walking about a quarter mile without anyones help. I was really happy about what God has done for her. I am happy to share with you this true story from Sri Lanka. Our brothers report that we have received 14 new responses and 21 repeated responses from listeners, and they are teaching 3 classes a week in 4 different places. We have helped 6 congregations with song books we printed in Sinhala language and they are really appreciative about this help. >
Aseervadam Darla:

Asveeradam Darla (left) baptizing our 83-year-old-sister.

As she was coming out of the water, that old sister asked permission to say something to her people that were standing around us. She said, Brother, I am now 83 years old. Since the last decade, I began losing family, one by one. My husband, my brothers and sisters, my friends and I only keep on going. Several times I wondered why I am not taken. On many occasions I was asking to the Lord, Why, God, are you are keeping me here after I have passed my full lifetime? Today I got the answer. For this very moment of salvation God kept me alive. Now I praise Him for all He has done for me, to receive me as His child. I truly believe brother Asee is sent to Sri Lanka just for me to be saved before I face my physical death.


Global Harvest

B. Arjunan Reports from Tamilnadu

We are very glad about Global Harvest since it is bringing news of many souls throughout the world. We are happy that in many countries the Lords ministries are going well. We thank God for this wonderful work. Our team brother Ramraj, who is working in Tirupur District, preached the New Testament doctrine to a Seventh Day denomination couple and they accepted this truth and took baptism. Like him, all other district preachers are doing the ministry well. I went to Theni, which is our neighboring District and preached and also I met our TV viewers there. Every Sunday they gather and worship God in Brother Dosss house. He is a driver in a matriculation school and doing Gods Ministry part-time. They are willing to attend the 3rd World Evangelism Retreat at Kumily in Kerala State. On 24th of July we coducted The Tamilnadu Preachers Seminar in Thiruchirapalli City, which is the center city of our State Tamilnadu. I preached in the topic of Do the work of an Evangelist (2 Timothy 4:5). Twenty-one preachers attended the seminar, and they decided to have such gathering once in three months at Trichirapalli. We have been printing our Tamil Magazine The Word of Christ since 1992, August, and we have been doing our TV and Radio programs since 2005 August by our beloved brother J.Cs help. We thank God and we are grateful to sister Betty also for keeping this work going. Thus, the month of August is special to us in our ministry. There is glad news to share with you that in the same month, in 2012, we have started a new congregation in Thiruchirapalli City.

A fellow preacher teaching Bible in a home. Notice that the listeners are sitting in a narrow area in three small rooms.

Preachers Meeting held in Tamil Nadu, in the area in which Arjunan primarily works.

Brother Mohan has been confirming for the past 30 years in the Lords Church. He viewed our website: www. and contacted me. He is living in Thiruchirapalli. Every Sunday, now, we are going to this place after finishing the worship in Batlagundu and encouraging them, a distance of 135 kilometers. The last Sunday of August, two young persons in Thiruchirapalli, named Andrew and Peter, of Roman Catholic background, obeyed the Lords word and took baptism.

August Is a Special Month for Us

Our church work started in Batlagundu in 1988, August. We feel there is something special about the month of August.

We met some of my Hindu relatives and shared with them the word of God. Some of them view our TV program. Some of their children sang some Christian songs, showing that the seeds of Gods word are being sowed in their little and sweet hearts. Those children told that they are going to Sunday school and they are in choir also. May it be that these families will learn the whole truth and obey the Gospel. In the month of August we got a new contact one of our TV viewers from our neighboring country, Srilanka. He finished our correspondence course and got the certificate. Another man named Arulappan, a radio listener from Srilanka, wanted some spiritual books. We informed sisster Lilani about these two persons, because she is working the Lords ministries in many ways there. It will be helpful for her and others in the church to meet them to share the doctrine. When we receive such contacts from radio, TV and magazine ministries, we are greatly encouraged to do the Lords works earnestly to fulfill His commandment. >
B. Arjunan, the Preacher of Radio, Television,the Editor of The Word of Christ Magazine and the Preacher of Church Of Christ, Batlagundu, South India.

Global Harvest


Continuing Work in South India

S. Rajanayagam
FIFTEENTH ANNUAL BIBLE CAMP 2012 It is a joy to share news about the 15th Annual Bible Camp held with the ones who have been praying for the propagation of the Gospel in this ancient land, India. Before I go further, I want to announce that we had EIGHT baptisms in the Camp and, by this, SIX congregations were benefitted numerically. Please do remember these new babes in Christ in your prayers. year but, to my surprise, no complaints! This year was an entirely different situation. The Executive secretary of the YMCA camp site, Mr. Gunasekaran, a Christian for the past 25 years and well wisher and strong supporter of the camp, went to his eternal home in February, 2012. This gave much concern to many in the church circle, whether we could continue to conduct the camp in the same venue as He was very helpful and gave maximum concession for our stay. However, the church here wanted to have the camp at any cost, thinking of its spiritual use to many Christians and the churches. Realizing the situation, one of the families in the Kangayam church gave Rs. 22,000/ (About $450) towards this need a very rare thing in the churches here in India. Not only this family but several other families and individuals came forward voluntarily towards this cause, so that nothing had to be changed. As usual, we had people from ALL the states of south India, except Kerala. magazine readers who attended from different parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. They raised many questions and we tried our best to answer them with the Scriptures.

The church here in Kangayam, where I am blessed to preach, was started in the year 1984 and since then the work grown steadily by the grace of God. The congregation plays an important role among the churches in the state of Tamil Nadu. As far I know, it was the first congregation which took care of all of its preachers financial needs, recommending the supporters to discontinue the funds that were coming from abroad for that purpose. In the year 1998 the church here decided to conduct a State-wide Bible Camp, and at that time it attracted 120 people from several congregations. The number of participants and the congregations steadily increased, with 525 people attending last year. But in the YMCA site where we conduct Camp has the facility to accommodate only 120 people. We have been facing tough time in giving shelter to all every

We bought about 150 Bibles and many books published by us in Tamil: Why We Believe What We Believe, VOl. 1 & 2, by our role model, J.C. Choate, The Role of Woman by beloved sister Betty Choate, Rust as a witness by brother V. P. Balck, Soul Saving Sermons by myself, The Work of the Holy Spirit and New Testament Worship by our brother JCC, The Voice

In order to give balanced spiritual diet to all the campers, we split the gathering in to several groups according to their age. We send suitable topics to speakers well in advance and so it is very useful for the spiritual up-lift. More importantly, we had separate class for the 30 TV viewers and

of Truth International in Tamil, of different volumes, and of course the tracts on different topics. Here, we give our heartfelt thankfulness to sister Betty Choate and to Jerry and Paula Bates for their financial assistance to print the tracts. May the Lord of Heaven use them mightily in all their effort for His cause. >
S. Rajanayagam:


Global Harvest

New Hope in the Land of Constant Persecution, through J.C.School of Evangelism

Philemon Rajah
Among all the indian states, Orissa is well known for the persecution of Christians for a long period of time. The 2008 Khandamal district in Orissa state persecution and brutal killing and attacks of people who were willing to hear about Jesus was condemned all over the world. Young men were attacked, kicked in their head on the roads, and killed. Even now, there is not secure freedom of religion in this state where the ruler is a supporter of BJP, a militant Hindu political party. But within that state there are some thirsty New Testament Christians and preachers who have the desire to spread the Gospel message to their people. Two such preachers contacted us a year back, constantly requesting us to start the J.C.School of Evangelism classes in their state. Though many advised us not to take such a dangerous decision and though many prophesied that the work would not be fruitful in that land of persecution, we with prayers and seeing the real thirst in the hearts of those men started the classes in December 2011. Before beginning the School, I travelled twice to some 4 or 5 places where these preachers worship, without making it known that I was coming. Travel was very difficult in some of the places where local transport vehicles(Jeep and bicycles) are limited and sometimes in hills we had to walk a few kilometres. Sometimes we had to camp out, and we saw some snakes also on our path to those villages. But since Christians are silently worshipping in those places, we decided to call them togather in an easily accessible place, about 3 hours travel distance from the capital of Orissa, Berhampur(also known as Brahmapur that is, Place of Lord BRAHMA , Hindu God). For the class purpose, one of the interested preachers moved his residence to this city from the village and now is taking care of the class proceedings. Though at the first we had planned for a monthly class, due to the burden of travel expense for both students and for us, we planned it once in 2 months, for 4 days (24 hours of study and 8 hours of field work). Since December, we have had five sessions of classes. Twenty-five students, including 3 women, are getting training for evangelism work in this challenging land. Though no one was willing to rent a house for this purpose, the gracious God gave us a house for rent outside the city. By June 2012, due to the efforts of the trained students 16 people were baptised in 4 different places, and in 2 places new congregations have been started. Missionaries from World Evangelism, Jerry and Paula Bates, who are the Academic presidents for this J.C.School of Evangelism and also the sponsors of this work, visited and took the 5th set of classes in the first week of September. Because of their love for evangelism they did not fear to come with us for the classes. God gave us a safe travel. On the second day, 6 people who are contacts of our Orissa students and who came for the special seminar for women which was taught by sister Paula, were baptized. In addition, 2 men, contacts of our Orissa evangelism students, also were baptized, totalling the number of converts to 8. We did not expect such a response and only thank God for the a motivation He has given the Orissa Christians through the training in the J.C.School of Evangelism. Though we are having good response and results thorugh and from the students, we are also having constant challenges. So we request your prayers. Now we need to find a place for our October class, since the house owner where we had the previous classes made us vacate. The reason is unknown to us, but it is probable that they might have been threatened. Also we need more literature, song books and Bible lessons to feed the spiritual thirst of these learning Christians who are immediately practicing with great zeal what they are being taught. The 24 baptisms through these 25 students in these 9 months is the witness for the same. We humbly thank the prayers from World evangelism and support from the missionaries Jerry and Paula for making this possible. No doubt this J.C.School of Evangelism which was started to honor the visionful missionary J.C.Choate, will be a milestone in the history of spreading New Testament Christianity in this land of persecution, Orissa. >

Christian women packing boxes of The Voice of Truth International for mailing.

Global Harvest


The Voice of Truth International

Kingsly Rajah
We are getting a good response about the messages in the magazine, not only from our brethren in Lords Church but also from the denominational so-called reverends. Many of our preachers and also denominational evangelists are using the articles as materials for their sermons. Mission accomplished! Some of the denominational Bible school principals request more copies to be distributed to their students. Usually denominaitional people will not suggest other material to their people unless they are very much satisfied with the messge quality. If you are familiar with The Voice of Truth International, you know that the whole Gospel is clearly taught, with love, pleading with readers to turn back to the Scriptures for all that they say and do in religion. Being able to share thousands of copies in this part of the world will enable us to reach more people for God. We humbly thank Him and the World Evangelism team for making this possible. Our request is that we need more copies to be printed, since new people are learning of the magazine from their friends and also many preachers in the church are requesting more copies to be circulated to their contacts. In addition to our edition in English, The Voice of Truth is also printed in local languages Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi spoken by hundreds of millions of people. >
Kingsly Rajah:

e r a f k s

Kingsly and Beverly rajah with their three daughters.


According to 1991 census, 90,000,000 Indians or 8% of the population spoke English. Twenty years later, think how many more people would be able to read and write English. Because of the modern education system, the ratio has rapidly increased. The young generation, in particular, has got a good knowledge of English language, influenced heavily by TV and radio. But the availability of Christian magazines in English is very limited and especially the magazines with New Testament doctrine.. At this stage only, we have been given the opportunity to print THE VOICE OF TRUTH INTERNATIONAL in English in India, due to the concern of the Choates and the World Evangelism team. The response has been enormous! Since volume 61, in addition to the 40,000 copies printed in the US, we have been printing 5000 copies in English in Madurai, South India. With the printing industry in India implementing new technologies and importing foreign machines, we are able to match the quality with the overseas publications. Now, volume 72 is printed and being sent to many parts of India and also to nearby countries like Srilanka, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh,Togo, Turks & Caicoss Islands, Western Samoa, etc. The number has grown to 6000 copies as of now, but the requests keeping flowing in.

g h

Boxes of the Indian printing of The Voice of Truth International, ready to be taken to the post office in Madurai.


Global Harvest

India Harvest
Ricky Gootam
We also have cottage meetings where we go to the home of one of our church members for fellowship. Orissa is one of the underdeveloped states in the country. I went there to work with brother Rick Johnson. Brother Vikas Chandra Deep is our translator in the area, where they speak Oriya. My mother is from that state but I cant read or write the language though I can talk and understand Oriya. India The above picture is in a village called Varam. The one who is standing next to me is a denominational preacher whom we converted and is now teaching the truth. These are pictures of various meetings in different villages in the state of Andhra Predesh. stayed where they met every Sunday. This is where the church meets in their village. To the right is the church in Kakinda. We have about 200 families who worship with us every Sunday morning. This picture is at a night special meeting we had. During the week we have meetings for those who have special prayer needs. has 29 states, as of now, and each state has its official language. Our national language is Hindi and 80% people are Hindus, There are very few Christians in Orissa but the ones who are there are very strong in the Lord. Please continue to pray for the children in our orphanage who now have basic the physical needs of life provided. Their educational, spiritual and social needs are met at the childrens home. They are being taught about the true God, Jesus and His church. Thank you for your continual prayers and continual support for our Lord. >
Ricky Gootam:

This picture to the right is a roof-top meeting in one place where my Father (Joshua Gootam), me and another brother Surander got to speak that morning. These pictures are from his small congregation. They get our magazines and they all did our Bible courses and got Bibles, but I never visited their palce as it is way up in the mountains. This is a night meeting and it rained very hard that evening but still they

Global Harvest


Greetings from Myanmar!

Winsome Vertannes
We give praises to the Lord that He had enabled us to have the spring classes for the Bible school. It is good to meet with the people from all over the country. And we are thankful to the Lord for all the teachers, too. The local teachers were, Thian Lian, Simon Do, Kyi Lwin, Peter, Hnin Maung, Amos, Sian Thang and Philip. There were 19 students, 9 male and 10 female, this time. The following is the students from each places. From Magwe Division, 4 students (Kyi Lwins Area) From Northern Chin State and Kalay, 3 students From Tamu, 2 students (Hnin Maungs Home Town Area) From Tamu , 1 student (Peters home town Area) From Ayeyawadi Division, 1 student From Mandalay, 1student From Yakhine State, 1 student From Bago Division, 2 students From Yangon Division (Than Lyin & Hmawbi), 4 students ( Hnin Maung & UKS) There were 13 students from the churches of Christ, 3 students from Baptist Church, 1 student from Church of Jesus Christ, and 2 students from Buddhists. This time all of the six persons from the above mentioned different groups obeyed the Gospel. They are, U Zaw Tun from Tamu (Hnin Maungs area), U Than Win from Yakhine State, U Eh Phae from Ayeyawadi Division, Ma Myat Noe Aung from Magwe (Kyi Lwins area), Ma Thae Wah from Bago Division, Ma Thiri from Than Lyin (Yangon Division). About U Zaw Tun from Tamu who obeyed the Gospel: Last December brother Hnin Maung went back to Tamu to see his mother-in-law who was ill. He met U Zaw Tun who is from Buddhist background and invited to the school. The result was that he came as a student, and now he is a brother in Christ. First we had a Teaching Session for Regular Class early in the morning before the visiting teachers arrived to the School. Then we had Combined Class ( Regular & Advanced ), and the Ladies Class. We thank God for all the Bible lessons we learned at the School. They are very encouraging and effective. This time we had all five weeks for the ladies class. I taught on the subject of How to be Saved and The Role of Woman. Sister Katie Barrier taught on The Parables of Jesus and sister Paula Bates taught on The Life of Christ. At the closing ceremony for the school, as usual we had words of thanks from the students. A closing message was given by brother Amos. Awards for the exam were given. This time the first prize for ladies went to Ma Cho Cho Win (from Hnin Maungs home town Tamu Church), second prize to Ma Khin Mar Kyaw (from Kyi Lwins Area) and third prize to Ma Lydia (Kalay Church). Among men, first prize to Tun Tun Aung (Mandalay Church), second prize to Moe Kyaw (Tamu Church), and third prize to Moe Aung (from Than Lyin). A special meal was prepared for everyone on that day. This time brother Hnin Maung and his wife sister Rosie and brethren from Than Lyin Church helped cook food for the school. It is so good to have sister Rosies fellowship with us at the School. We praise and thank the Lord for everything. We especially thank you to all of you who participated in prayers. Remembering you in our prayers. >
Winsome Vertannes:

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Global Harvest

News from around Indo n es ia

Colin McKee
Colin and Ellen McKee

We had planned our trip to Nias to coincide with the visit of Dennis Cady and Chuck Dennis, an elder in the Faith Village congregation in Wichita Falls, TX. Dennis is the one primarily responsible for the gathering of support for the local circuit evangelists, childrens home, students dorms, and vocational training courses in Gunung Sitoli. They have special classes in computer skills and sewing classes to train local people (primarily from church families) in skills to earn a living. About 20 men came to the meetings and sat on hard chairs for many hours each day to study the Word of God. I taught classes, and local circuit evangelists who live in Gunung Sitoli also taught classes, and then attended the classes I taught. Some of students from village churches have only elementary school education, so sitting and studying for several hours each day, from 7:30 in the morning until on into the night, really tested their endurance. They all made it through fine and we had good classes and good discussion questions at every session. Among the questions that came up were, May Christians eat blood?, Is it alright to translate the name of God?, Should a Christian ever marry a non-Christian?, Was Judas a sinner since he was cooperating with the plan of God in betraying Christ?, Why shouldnt we celebrate the birth of

Christ on a special day since his birth is so important to man?, May one attack a mob if they are threatening to kill him?, Wouldnt it be acceptable to just give two mites as that is what the poor widow did? They also had questions about miraculous powers especially since a magician had been in town two weeks before and was eating nails to promote a brand of hand phone. I dealt with all of these questions and more with Biblical answers and also taught the books of 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus. We left some new books to be printed which I had just translated, and also made arrangements for reprinting of some that were almost out of stock. It was refreshing to spend time with these men and to grow with them in knowledge and understanding of Gods truth. Four men who had come for the courses were baptized on the second day of classes. On our first night in Gunung Sitoli I had the privilege of addressing the high school graduates who are occupants of the church sponsored dorms. All of the high school students as well as those graduating attended the meeting. They have had the unique opportunity of coming from their villages where no high schools are availabe and taking the courses under the direction of dorm supervisors who are faithful members of the church. They have regular Bible classes and attend the services of the church as well as doing their daily school work. Most of them are from families who are members of the church and for those who dont have that background, almost all of them are

baptized before they finish high school. I spoke at the regular Sunday services and also taught a class of all of the dorm students on a week night. One of the highlights of our trip to Nias was visiting the orphanage which is about 10 miles out of town where they now have a new facility and are taking care of a total of 53 children in two houses. The children are getting schooling, good meals, constant care, and spiritual direction which they would never have gotten in their family setting in the villages. Here at home Recently I have translated 6 Bible study booklets written by Bill Smith of Oklahoma City. Three have just been printed, Young Heroes of the Bible (Pahlawan Rohani Alkitabiah), The Life of Christ (Kehidupan Kristus), and How Do You Handle.. (Bagaimanakah Menghadapi..) and three more will be prepared for printing on our next trip. We reprinted revisions of two books that I had written, Christ our Example (Kristus Teladan Kita), Who is Christ (Siapakah Kristus) and one of J.C. Choates books that I had translated, New Testament Worship (Ibadah Menurut Perjanjian Baru). These are now available for the congregations to use and distribute. I have just completed a book on Stewardship to be printed and distributed to the Indonesian churches also. I am continuing to proof and edit Truth for Today materials translated by Alip Djohaeri. In the last few months we have finished material on Ezekiel. Jeremiah, Daniel, and we are now working on Revelation. >
Colin McKee:

Global Harvest


Flooding in Manila, Philippines

Photos by Luis Cusi
l With flooding displacing one-third of the population of the capital of the Philippines, Luis Cusi and his M.A.R.C.H. team were busier than usual with humanitarian aid and teachng the Gospel. He provided these pictures and words: The past week and weekend has been a whirlwind of food distribution, medical clinics, encouragements and relationship building. This week ahead opens with more free medical clinics and rice distribution to help subsistence flood victims cope.

. s e

o h e e n g , y y

e f n e e d h e . s e t . , h e o d d s t y s . w >

Thankful to God for Christians who make a difference by leaving their comforts to help the needy, not just with material stuff but with spiritual faithbuilding. To God be the glory as we pray that He cover us with good health and safety as we serve untiringly. >
Luis Cusi:


Global Harvest

Greetings in Christ
Simon Hui
May the Heavenly Father often bless His children in every corner of the world to have a fruitful year. In the month of August, we still had some members who have not been back to our city from their hometowns. We believe that in the early of September all of them will return and worship with us regularly. The average of our attendance in August was fifteen people. In the past months, we studied

News and Notes

the parables of Jesus Christ. Now we are studying the first book of Peter. On Wednesday morning, our Bible class was temporary cancelled for summer holiday. In this Wednesday morning class, most of my students were housewives. When the summer holiday began, their children stay at home. Therefore, these housewives could not come to study the Truth with me in the morning. In a short time, we will reopen this Wednesday class after all students begin their fall semester in the first week of September. On Monday, I had two classes. One was in the morning. About six workers from bakery factory studied the Word of God with me. So far they have already learned the creation of

God, sin, the definition of God, and so on. I was glad that three of them responded to the Truth positively. The rest of them did not care what the Bible said. It was normal reaction. We cant expect everyone who hears the Truth to accept it at once. It takes time for the seekers to digest the Word of God. As a matter of fact, one of my present students has been studying the Bible with me more than three years. She has not taken any action to submit herself to the Lord. She knows the plan of salvation, repentance, baptism, and so on. But, she is still a seeker. The Lord knows exactly when the harvest time will come. The other class on Monday was in the afternoon. I assisted my friend to teach her class while she visited her daughter in London. This class was mainly for mature ladies. Their ages were above 60s. In the past my friend only played Bible DVD while they gathered together. Actually, half of them were uneducated so they could not read the Bible. Thus, my friend only played Bible DVD for them to learn the Gospel. After they studied the Gospel with me for a short time, they were a little bit surprised what the Bible said. In order to change their faith, it takes time to persuade them. I will talk with my friend after she returns from London. If she allows me to take over her class, it will be great for me to share the Gospel with these mature ladies. On Wednesday night, I had five students from different cities joined the class. One lady whose name is Fenny

participated in our Skype class for three months. Actually one brother from Guangzhou family group told me that she was looking for a place to study the Bible, and he suggested that she join my Skype class. In the past, Fenny attended a family group in Zhongshan City that was near our city. She told me that she


did not like their teaching. They often gave her pressure and told her how to live rightly. Probably they were the members of Jehovah Witnesses. After she studied the Bible with me for a while, she made the right decision to obey the Lord. On the 19th of August, she went to join an activity that was held by Guangzhou family group. Brother Stephen baptized her into Christ. Thanks for the Lord guiding her to be a child of God. Please remember her spiritual life in your daily prayer. >

Global Harvest


Preaching the Gospel on Christmas Island

Randy and Sharon English
When you turn on your radio, what do you hear? Music that in good conscience you cannot, or do not want to listen to? News that is so sensationalize that you can hardly believe what you are hearing? Advertisements that are endlessly trying to sell you things that you will never purchase? Talk radio that is so politically biased that you feel as if you are involved in another form of gossip? There is a much better choice. Were very encouraged to share with you today that Pacific Broadcast is now underway with programming production for KGIF, a new full power FM radio station in the Pacific Islands and soon to be available worldwide through internet streaming! KGIFs programming focus is on the fact, the stations call letters best represent its programming: Keeping God In Families! Pro-gramming content for KGIF is being produced and edited through the new Pacific Broadcast International Facility at Gaither Mountain. Obtaining family specific Bible content is an encouraging effort because of the availability of excellent lessons being produced by members of the churches of Christ. Pacific Broadcast is also increasingly producing more of its own programs from beginning to end for KGIF. In addition to Bible programming thats reaching every level in families, accapella music is likewise part of the encouraging daily programming schedules being produced for KGIF. Thank you for your prayers as KGIFs programming is working at keeping God in families! Mauri and greetings from the English family here at Christmas Island! We are thankful to God for this opportunity to share with you a few of the wonderful things that are taking place this month as we labor for Christ here on the field. Our team of co-workers has been working diligently in teaching Gods Word throughout the villages of this very large coral atoll. Each day there is an increasing number of people who are opening their homes to us so that we may study with them the precious Words of Life. Were teaching them about Jesus Christ and how that by obeying the Gospel and living in Him childrens Bible classes and teen classes are steadily increasing in numbers.

we can live forever! Were teaching them about His church, the church of Christ, where its members have the great joy of fellowship with Christ and Gods people. Were teaching them great Bible principles that clearly show that one cannot separate the church and salvation. Already weve been blessed to have 11 precious people to obey the Gospel and become Christians! Gods increase is being seen in others ways as well, as local Christians are growing in their service to the Lord. Working side-by-side with them, our

These Did...and Heres What Happened! Florence, Alabama is a long way from Christmas Island, the worlds largest coral atoll. Still, that did not hinder Christians from the congregations at Sherrod Avenue and Killen from coming to serve God in this mission field. Roll tide truly has taken on a new meaning as these faithful Christians are teaching daily in villages, surround by the mighty waves of the Pacific Ocean. These well prepared men, women, teens, and children are here with us to lead people to Christ, as well as to strengthen members of the body of Christ. It truly is encouraging to see the great things that are happening as husbands & wives, parents and children, and fellow leaders labor in teaching each day. Imagine these remote homes being visited by team members of all ages and presented Gods message for salvation, as Christians serve side by side to help others learn of Christ and His church. The increase that God is giving here has already far surpassed our expectations..and, once again, confirms that when Gods people sow the seed in faith, He will provide a bountiful increase! To learn more and follow the progress of this great work of God, contact us. >
Randy English, P.O. Box 1268, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799; Email:; Telephone: 1-684-699-2940 (Am. Samoa), or 1-479935-9692 (U.S. Vonage line); Fax: 1-684699-7211

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Global Harvest

Mission Printing, Arlington, TX, continues to print millions of scriptural tracts each year for free distribution throughout the world. God has blessed us with the volunteers and donors who are dedicated and faithful in spreading the gospel. In addition to those who work at our facility, many are volunteering to help collate and staple our material every month at their church buildings. More than 15 congregations participate in this effort. They work the tracts at their own choosing of time and place. This has increased our production, and involves many that could not drive to our building. God has blessed Mission Printing with an economical shipping method of ocean containers. Each ocean container shipped helps us save more than $150,000, as compared to U.S. postage costs. Since 2009, we have shipped seven containers of materials to African nations. The eighth ocean container of tracts is scheduled to ship to Cape Town, South Africa in October, 2012. This container will be divided between Rohan Jones, Missionary, and Paul Gerber, Minister. They will distribute the material to several countries in southern Africa.

Mission Printing shipped another 40,000 pounds of biblical material to Accra, Ghana.

Earlier this year, West Nigeria Christian College in Abeokuta, Nigeria received our ocean container of about 750,000 pieces of biblical study material. As you can see, many preachers, teachers and bible students are very excited to have the opportunity to collect the tools they need to teach others. >

Dear Sister Betty, Thank you for the seven boxes of books sent to us recently, along with colorful tracts and booklets. They are full of doctrine and teaching books. We are very much encouraged by your effort. Truly, WORLD EVANGELISM has restored our hope that had perished. Yours is the only place such books can be received, and we will distribute the allotment to sincere Bible teachers and preachers who have asked for teaching aids to assist their work. Please continue to work along side with us. Books such as this kind are very scarce in Africa. I know your books are distributed world wide. May the almighty God continue to provide funds and whatever is needed, for such an effort to assist Gospel preachers to reach the masses of lost souls, world wide. Thank you once again, Emmanuel Hagan, Christian Literature Center, Salt Pond, Ghana

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The Kent ODonnells in New Zealand

Kent ODonnell
Mike presented several messages: To the congregation he talked on principles of Bible study and then principles of leadership. To the men he spoke on the topic of alcohol & social drinking. He also shared a lesson for the ladies class. Later in the week, we took Mike down to Porirua (near Wellington) for a shared dinner at Kevin & Lynne Moores home, and he spoke on finishing the Christian life well despite various challenges. We had another American visitor among us recently. STEPHEN HIGLEY, friend of Hannah Smith, is from Bremen, GA, and is currently the associate minister for the Lithia Springs Church of Christ. It was kind of a holiday for Stephen, but he was put to work while he was here. He helped us with some painting and renovation of our auditorium, he delivered letter-boxing pamphlets, and he taught one of our mid-week adult classes. He also spoke in Foxton & Wellington. There is a possibility that he might locate to New Zealand and help one of the local congregations here. When I went to preach in Wellington and Porirua, we stayed a night with Carl and Adeline Cumings. We ate a lovely Malaysian dinner with them and stayed up late to talk. We also spent a few days with Kevin and Lynne Moore who were hosting the Lee and Jennifer Johnson family too. The Johnsons had been on campaigns to NZ several years ago while they were students at FHU and Rach had taken them on some interesting tours of Wellington from which stories abound. Our families got on really well and one evening during the New Plymouth camp, Lee and I shared in a cup of Mountain Dew each. It had no effect on Lee, who dropped right off, but it kept me awake half the night. Chloe: Has been going to the occasional ladies class with her mum. Every now and then she makes a comment or asks a question and has impressed the other ladies with her knowledge and deep thinking. I dont want to overdo the comparison, but it brings to mind Luke 2:46-52 and makes me proud. Chloe turned 11 at the end of March. On that note, she was standing next to Rach and it suddenly dawned on us how tall she is getting. Chloe said, I cant wait until you have to look up to me mum. >
Kent, Rachael, Chloe, Ethan, Michael & Phoebe OD. Sponsored by Central Church of Christ, Cleveland TN, 37311. Ph. 423-476-8941; Contact: Scott Medlin,

It is great to share the news of another conversion here in Palmerston North. MICHELLE WILSON is a friend of one of our long standing members, Carolyn Tranter, and she had visited with us on several occasions. Her interest increased and she eventually began studying with my brother Todd. She soaked up all the lessons like a sponge and was full of questions. On Sunday Michelle was immersed with most of the local brethren there to witness the happy event. This caps off a very fruitful period for the church here. Not long ago we had gone a year and a half without a single convert, but in the last 9 months, we have been blessed with 5. It is a very welcome boost to us, and I hope it encourages all of you, our readers and our supporting congregations too. Please keep, Shaun, Kylah, & Nicky in your prayers as these are ones currently still studying.



Most of the congregation travelled to the annual camp hosted by the New Plymouth congregation during Easter weekend in April. The lesson theme was The Gospel of John with Mike Vestal, Lee Johnson, Kevin Moore, and Todd ODonnell as the speakers. It was an excellent opportunity to gather with other brethren from all over the North Island and we expressed our fellowship in many wonderful ways. For worship on Sunday we met in the school gym and it was fantastic to have such a crowd of NZ Christians in one place. Needless to say, the singing was outstanding. After the lectureship in New Plymouth, MIKE VESTAL (from the Westside congregation in Midland, TX) came to Palmerston North and stayed with our family for a few days. It was a blessing to have him in our home. Not only did Rach and I enjoy several good discussions with Mike, he also took time to play with and even wrestle our kids. In the evenings,



Global Harvest

A Pagan America?
Betty Burton Choate
Cultures, ways of thinking, national behavior are formed largely by predominant religious teaching. The old statement, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, is a declaration of the tremendous differences in thinking between large sections of our world. In times past, not many Americans personally knew foreigners. Today, newcomers from other cultures live in practically every small town in the States. What is the result? First, there is curiosity about the new people; and, meeting them, they may seem likeable, or they may seem aloof. Getting past the strangeness in dress and the heavily accented English, it may then seem that they are not so foreign after all. But in the majority of cases, if the acquaintance is developed to any depth, there will be an unfolding of differences of thinking and values that will seem incomprehensible to the Christian mind. The feeling of being up against a thick wall will often arise in conversations, a feeling of helplessness in the efforts to really penetrate and understand the thinking. And the longer the acquaintance continues and the deeper it becomes, the more of the subtle differences one will discover. These are not because of the geographical differences in birth places but because of the religious-cultural differences which have molded our thinking and values as well as theirs. The following quotes are statements, headlines, doctrines in pagan lands: A man may have four wives, if he provides for all of them equally .... Dont trust any Pakistani, not even me .... Eleven-year-old boy sacrificed to Kali .... We will kill. We are fighting a holy war .... Those who would die for Islam must be willing to kill for it .... Eight million dollars spent for gold and gems for a new crown for an idol .... The bride price was not enough. The husband poured acid on his wife because she would not demand more money from her father .... Children are kidnapped and maimed and then put on the streets to beg for their owners. Dont compliment anything because the demons would hear and would mar or destroy whatever is good or beautiful .... Offer food and gifts to Shiva to appease him .... 1 must have been evil in my past life for the gods to have cursed me with five daughters .... The entire cosmos, all sounds, words, languages, all things and all creatures come from the sound, Om. God is the dispassionate observer of the play of life, all of which is only an illusion that seems real but is not .... The belief in the doctrine of Maya produces the national vices of passivity, laziness, indifference, lack of initiative . God does not interfere in the works of man or the results of his works. When we see masses of people following particular lines of behavior, we can know that underlying, wide-spread teaching is responsible for it. When a whole nation will follow a fanatical leader into a holy war and will commit acts of terrorism in the name of religion, it is because strong teachings have molded their minds in that way. When nations will allow the poor to live in hunger and the orphans to beg on the streets while pouring their millions of wealth into temples to adorn idols with diamonds and to cover domes with gold, it is because strong teachings have molded their minds in that way.

When superstitions and rituals control most of the activities of peoples lives, it is because strong teachings have molded their minds in that way. When suspicion and the expectation of being cheated are the windows through which people view the world, it is because strong teachings have molded their minds in that way. When passivity, laziness, lack of initiative are national attitudes, it is because strong teachings have molded minds in that way. Our country is changing far more rapidly than most of us realize. For the first time, massive numbers of people from pagan areas are settling here, and they are bringing their thinking and culture with them. Large temples and mosques are being built and lavishly adorned by them. Their beliefs are beginning to permeate our own culture. Often, in listening to words of songs or reading synopses of books, I am
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A Pagan America?
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of Christ: ... let him labor, working with his hands ... (Ephesians 4:28). The attitude of giving ones best to whatever he undertakes grows from the admonition, Whatever you do, do it heartily, as unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23). Being benevolent caring for orphans, the underprivileged, victims of disasters both nationally and individually comes from the Biblical teaching of being ones brothers keeper. Contrast this to paganism where money is given for the priests, the temples and the idols, and where personal hardship in the lives of others is looked on as the just results of behavior in The Muharram Procession (Muslim) in a past life. which participants cut their backs with Christians are taught chains of knives. throughout the scriptures to yoga, chanting, transcendental medita- be caring and compassionate. This tion, ideas of reincarnation, doctrines attitude has so permeated our nation of karma and destiny, demons. that the third source of national aid Our culture has been one pre- (after government and business) is the dominantly shaped by the teachings voluntary donation of time, services, and money. More of this type of work is done by Americans than by the rest of the world combined, according to statistics. Let your yea be yea ... (Matthew 5: 37) has shaped our culture to the point that a greater degree of trust and honesty is practiced here than anywhere else. We dont live in the expectation of being cheated at the grocery store or the post office, and we can still return broken merchandise and be believed that we didnt break it ourselves. These common things that we take for granted Buddha began a new religion, are not true in pagan societies. aimed at reforming Hinduism. He In the past, as Christians, we have acknowledged no god, so his followers deified him and worship his seen Satans work of error taught in images. denominationalism. The divisiveness appalled at the pagan concepts that are being subtly implanted in minds. Many dabble with astrology, horoscopes,

among believers in Christ and the compromise in His teachings have led to much of the moral breakdown that has already been taking place in our country. The stage has been set by Satan now for even more drastic differences. He has brought to us the teachings of

The beauty of Hinduism; notice the snakes that are also worshiped as gods. Reminicient of Satan in the garden...?

thinking and behavior that are totally contradictory to the teachings of Christ. He will work slowly and subtly to influence and remold the Christian culture we have had. If we are unaware, complacent, preoccupied with our buildings and the niceties of the order of services with trivialities Satan will find no opposition to his progress. Will America someday be as pagan as Hindu India or Buddhist Thailand or Islamic Iran? >

L Classbooks perfect-bound, full-color books for the child to keep in his permanent library. L Teachers manual and visuals for the room, with training DVDs (buy only once). L LifeSpan weekly paper for take-home. L Book of Bible Knowledge compilation of visuals for each lesson of each quarter, bound into book form, for the childs permanent library, for continual review throughout childhood. L Flash cards for memory work picturized for younger children; photos from the lesson with verse on back for older children. L Memory verses set to music, with accompanying CDs. L Time Lines (4 levels, for Wednesday evening studies) showing biblical events, corre-sponding secular events in that time in the world; secular events with providential overruling, changing the course of history. L Parenting class materials for Sunday classes and for family devotionals. L Daily Devotional material drills/review materials. L Song books and CDs Adult, teen, juvenile. L VBS guides, lessons, and pattern books, with DVDs for instructions. L Bible Times Rooms with instructions for the rooms; lesson books, DVDs. L Mission Learning Centers with instructions for making the rooms; lesson books, DVDs. L DVDs of special adult class materials. L DVDs of Holy Land experiences. L Powerpoints of classes. L DVDs of classes, taught by experienced teachers and made available for small churches, lacking teachers. L Materials for small-group meetings, dealing especially with evangelism and other lessons in outreach and teaching.. L Bible Character action figures and sets for 3-D lessons. L Hands-on objects for cradle roll classes. L DVDs to teach cradle roll teachers. L Video games for: Memorization of verses Learning Bible facts Pauls journeys Bible timeline L Into Gods World Internet website for publishing the materials (printed and DVDs), worldwide. L Development of materials for churches overseas.

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