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ATL Sisters for Life, Inc.

Application Process
1. Applications will be accepted September 1 through December 30th (Yearly). Deadline is at 12:00 Midnight, December 30th. . There are NO exceptions. Late applications will NOT BE considered.

2. Incomplete applications will not be considered. We will make every effort to check your application packet when you turn it in, but it is your responsibility to ensure all the necessary materials are included with your application; including a recommendation form from your school counselor/advisor, or a teacher of who class you’ve taken. All candidates will be required to submit a complete application package, which includes: 1. A completed application form 2. Semester Grade, and GPA Average 3. Essay 4. Recommendation form 5. Statement of Understanding Mail to: ATL Sisters for Life, Inc. / Executive Committee 611 Utoy Cicle Atlanta, GA. 30331 Phone: Fax: Email: All application materials can be downloaded from the Sisters for Life, Inc. Website:

2013-2014 Application for Scholar Award offered by the

ATL Sisters for Life, Inc.


.1 .2 .3 .4

Demonstrate a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 GPA or higher

Be a declared, currently enrolled full-time senior in the Atlanta Public School or Fulton County School System. Provide a typewritten statement of educational purpose and how a scholarship would further those goals. Review and sign the Statement of Understanding declaring that as a recipient of an award, you will remain enrolled on a full-time basis; strive to maintain high academic achievement; attend our scholar/parent interview session.

PART I Status
Circle One:

APPLICATION DEADLINE: December 30, 2013 AT Midnight
U.S. Citizen, Perm. Resident

(Check One):

Mr.|Mrs.|Ms.|Miss First Name ____________________ Last Name _____________________________
Address __________________________ City____________ State______ Zipcode_________ Phone (HM) ________________________ (CELL) __________________________________ E-mail _______________________________________________________________ Custodial Parent______________________________ Phone__________________________ E-mail ____________________________________________________________________ High School Attending________________________________________________________ Are you currently enrolled in a magnet program? ________________ List any school awards, honors, achievements, and/or activities below: __________________________________________________________________________ Name of Attending College ____________________________________________________ Address:__________________________ City_____________ Sate______ Zip____________ Major(s)/Concentration of Studies_______________________________________________ Minor(s) / Concentration of Studies______________________________________________ Cumulative GPA (including transfer) ___________ Anticipated College Graduation date (month/year) ___________________________________ Signature of Applicant________________________________ Date________________

Signature of Parent _________________________________ Date________________

ATL Sisters for Life, Inc. 2013- 2014 Annual Scholar Award


On a separate sheet, please write an essay describing your educational goals; describe your extra- or co-curricular activities. Include campus and community organizations in which you are active, family commitments, leadership positions, special recognition or awards, how this award will help you financially. The essay should be typed and brief (no more than 1-3 pages).

Do you currently have a full scholarship (tuition, fees, room and board) from any source? Yes No Note: Recipients of full scholarships will not be considered Application Checklist: 1. Completed Application Form 2. Quarterly Report Card and GPA Average 3. Recommendation Form (must be in sealed/signed envelope). 4. Essay/Educational Goals, Extra/Co-Curricular Activities, Financial Need 6. Signed Statement of Understanding 7.  Candidate/Parent Interview Session Form Reminder – Incomplete applications will not be considered. Candidate /Parent Interview Session Interview sessions are scheduled on Saturdays. A representative will contact you concerning the date and time of your interview session. We will consider a day of parent convenience. Must call or e-mail for special request.

Statement of Understanding

I understand that if I am a recipient of an award, scholar funds will not be released if I do not meet ALL the following expectations : 1) I will strive to maintain high academic achievement 2) I will maintain full-time student status 3) I will attend a candidate/parent interview session outlining the obligations of a scholar recipient 4) I will attend and participate in 2 fund-raising events in my honor in which my scholar award amount is based on 3/4th amount of the 2 fund-raising events. There are two reasons considered excused absences - 1) student athlete with home or away game; 2) severe illness or death of family member. Your absence from this event MUST BE pre-approved. 5) I will submit my quarterly grades and GPA status 2-3 days upon receiving school report card Signature of Applicant _______________________________ Date __________ Signature of Parent/Guardian__________________________ Date___________
Some privately sponsored scholarship awards may involve review of student records by non-university representatives. To be considered for these awards, you must approve release of your records for this purpose by signing and dating the statement below:

I hereby agree to release my application materials (including academic transcripts) to authorized representatives for the purpose of scholar award review. Signature of Applicant _________________________________ Date _________

If you wish to be considered for the award, please read the following statement and authorize the release of information by signing below.

I hereby agree to release information regarding my financial aid status to authorized representatives of ATL Sisters for Life, Inc. for the purpose of scholar award review. Signature of Applicant _______________________________ Date ______________ Return application, Statement of Understanding, Recommendation form, and Essay by 12 Midnight on December 30, 2013 to: ATL Sisters for Life, Inc. Executive Committee C/O Debra Hooks 611 Utoy Circle Atlanta, GA. 30331

ATL Sisters for Life, Inc. 2013 - 2014 SCHOLARSHIP RECOMMENDATION FORM
Please complete this section, then deliver this form and a self-addressed envelope to your recommendation provider. Ask him/her to return this completed form to you in the sealed envelope with his/her signature across the seal. Do not break the seal. Submit the sealed recommendation with the rest of your application materials. You do not need to provide additional copies of recommendations.

Applicant Name:_________________________________Date:___________________________ Reference should be a high school official (counselor, or teacher), community leader (i.e., pastor, city/county official). Instructions to person providing the reference: Your input is needed to enable the Scholar Committee to make a decision on the request. Scholarships are awarded partially on the basis of the criteria listed below. Please rate the student according to the following attributes and provide a narrative based on your knowledge of the student. Please circle one in each category. Rating Scale: 1-5 (5 being the highest)

. Scholastic / Personal Achievements 1 2 3 4 5 N/A Attendance at School / Work 1 2 3 4 5 N/A Performance compared to peers 1 2 3 4 5 N/A Leadership Ability 1 2 3 4 5 N/A Participation in Class /Work 1 2 3 4 5 N/A
Narrative Required:
______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Signature_______________________________________ Phone Number _______________________Date_________ Printed Name_______________________________ Title _________________________________________________ Name of high school_______________________________________________________________________________ Return to: ATL Sisters for Life, Inc. Attn: Executive Committee, 611 Utoy Circle, Atlanta, GA 30331

Confidentiality: Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (FERPA) only the student can waive his/her rights to recommendations. I understand that this recommendation will be used solely for processing my scholar award application, and hereby waive my right to access this recommendation.

Signature of Applicant _________________Date _________________________ It is within your rights to decline to write a recommendation if a student chooses not to waive his/her access rights.

ATL Sisters for Life, Inc. Executive Committee Officers Use Only Student Name ________________________________________ Parent Name _________________________________________ High School Name _____________________________________ INTERVIEWER COMMENTS: DATE: _______________