Band Handbook 2013-2014

Lovinggood Middle School Bands
3825 Luther Ward Road Powder Springs, GA 30127 (678) 331-3015
“Soaring on the Wings of Success”
Dear Parents, It is our pleasure to welcome you to another exciting year with the Lovinggood Middle School Band program. As we enter our 8th year in existence, we would like to extend a very special welcome to those students and parents that are joining us for the very first time. We believe that you will find this year fun, exciting and full of wonderful experiences! Please take the time to review the contents within this handbook. Enclosed you will find extremely important information regarding rules and regulations, grading policies, required uniforms and calendars, as well as forms needed to be turned in for participation in band. Please keep this handbook as a reference guide throughout the year in the event you have questions concerning the logistics of the Lovinggood Band Program. We are excited about this coming year! With hard work, dedication and the help of your student, I am sure we can continue molding the Lovinggood Band Program into an organization that will bring pride to our parents, students and community. If you have any questions regarding the Lovinggood Band Program, please feel free to contact us. Musically Yours, Joe Heiberger Director of Bands Lovinggood Middle School Michelle Koenig Associate Director of Bands Lovinggood Middle School

Course Descriptions
6th Grade Beginner Band The Beginner band is comprised of 6th grade students. Prior experience is not necessary as students are taught all fundamental elements of instrumental music including embouchure, tone, reading and technique. Beginner classes are divided into separate classes of like instruments (clarinets, flutes, trumpets, etc.). Beginner students will perform as a class at the end of the year at the spring concert. By the end of their 6th grade year, students are expected to know 4-6 major scales (full range), chromatic scale (full range), all eighth note and sixteenth note rhythms, 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time signatures as well as demonstrate reading abilities commensurate with a 6th grade level. 7th Grade Bands The 7th grade bands are split into two different ensembles containing full instrumentation. Each ensemble will have several opportunities to perform at solo and ensemble contests, GMEA All-State and Honor Bands, Winter and Spring Concerts as well as ensembles (Percussion, Brass, etc.). Students will continue the development of musical skills, flexibility exercises and sight reading. By the end of their 7th grade year, students are expected to know 6-8 scales, chromatic scale, syncopated and compound rhythms, 6/8 time signature as well as demonstrate reading abilities commensurate with a 7th grade level. 8th Grade Bands The 8th grade bands are split into two different ensembles containing full instrumentation. Each ensemble will have several opportunities to perform at solo and ensemble contests, GMEA All-State and Honor Bands, Winter and Spring Concerts and ensembles (percussion, Brass, etc.). Every 8th grade student will also have the opportunity to perform with the Hillgrove High School Marching Band at a High School football game! Students will continue the development of musical skills, flexibility exercises and sightreading. By the end of their 8th grade year, students are expected to know 8-12 scales, chromatic scale, all rhythms, all time signatures including 2/2 as well as demonstrate reading abilities commensurate with an 8th grade level.

7th/8th Grade Concert Uniforms
We take pride in having a neat, professional appearance each time we perform. Please make sure that your child has the following attire. This attire will be worn at all performances throughout the year. 7th/8th Grade Guys Black Dress Pants Black Socks Black Dress Shoes (not tennis shoes) *White Tux Shirt *Black Bow Tie & Cummerbund 7th/8th Grade Ladies Black Dress Shoes (Flats preferable) * Matching Black Blouse (3/4 sleeve) Black Slacks (No capris)

The Lovinggood Band will have a representative (Kim King) from STA here on Friday, August 16h to fit guys and girls for their shirts/blouses. See below for cost breakdown. Tux shirt/Bow Tie/Cummerbund package = $26 Bow Tie = $5 Cummerbund = $8 Ladies Black ¾ sleeve blouse = $20

* MONEY IS DUE SEPTEMBER 20th, 2013. Please make checks payable to LOVINGGOOD MS and put BAND UNIFORM in the memo section.

6th Grade Concert Uniform
The 6th grade band will perform one concert at the end of the year (see yearly calendar for date). We realize that everyone has different types of clothing in their closet. Due to this, the 6th grade band has several options for concert attire. 6th Grade Guys Suit and Tie or Pants (dress or khaki) Collared shirt (Polo, button up) (short or long sleeve) NO JEANS NO T-SHIRTS NO SHORTS 6th Grade Girls Dress or Skirt w/ blouse or Pants (dress or khaki) Shirt (polo type, button up) (short or long sleeve) NO JEANS NO T-SHIRTS NO SHORTS

Attendance Policy
The daily instruction in band is always geared towards a common goal – performance. For band students, the concert/contest is the long-term goal of all the practice hours and daily rehearsals. Students must attend all concerts involving their class. We understand that schedules can get rather busy throughout the year. Due to this, we have spent a lot of time developing the yearly calendar (enclosed in this handbook). The yearly calendar is handed out at the beginning of the year so that parents/students can plan accordingly. Examples of Excused Absences: • Personal Illness which causes absence from school (Doctor’s note) • Death in the Family Examples of Unexcused Absences: • Not having a ride • Forgetting • Dance class, Athletic practice/game (soccer, baseball, etc…) • Anything other than list of excused absences Students who miss performances during the course of the year with unexcused absences will: 1) Perform their band music alone for a grade for the directors (must be completed prior to any absence) 2) Turn in alternate writing assignment 3) WILL NOT be allowed to participate in special performances and/or field trips (ex. Lock-in, Six Flags, Disney, etc…)

School Owned Instruments
Lovinggood Middle School has very high quality, professional equipment available for student use. A student using a school owned instrument must fill out a Cobb Co. instrument loan contract with parent signature before an instrument can be issued. The board of education as well as the Lovinggood music department has invested thousands of dollars for school owned instruments. Students performing on a school owned instrument will receive an instrument in proper working condition. Students are expected to treat and maintain the instrument with care throughout the year. There is no rental fee per say, however, should the instrument need repair, it is the responsibility of the student to take the instrument to an approved repair facility for proper maintenance. At the end of the year, instruments will be returned and any damage assessed and charged to student.

Each band student at Lovinggood will be issued a band locker with a band lock. Students may keep their instrument and band supplies in their locker. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that the lock is ALWAYS locked. This will ensure that no supplies are taken and locks are not lost. Students that loose their lock will be charged a $5.00 lock fee. Students are NOT allowed to keep anything else in their band lockers! Gym clothes, math books, lunches, etc… will be removed and thrown away if found in students lockers. If a student is found to have a messy locker, the student will be given a “Messy Locker Ticket.” The student will have 24 hours from the time the ticket is issued to clean out their locker. Students who fail to clean out lockers will be given a teacher detention. STUDENTS WILL LOOSE LOCKER PRIVILAGES UPON RECEIVING THEIR 4th MESSY LOCKER TICKET!

Private Lessons
With over 400 band students and only 2 teachers, we do not have the opportunity to give students the individualized attention that they may need. Fortunately, there are many professional musicians in our area who offer private lessons on a weekly basis from 30 to 60 minutes in length. Students who take private lessons tend to progress at a faster pace than those who don’t. Private lessons are for two types of students: • Students who are doing well and wish to be pushed beyond the pace of the class. • Students who are having problems in class and need tutoring assistance. • Students who wish to participate in solo contests and All-State/Honor Bands A list of private teachers can be found in the Lovinggood Band Room.

Payment Procedures
Throughout the course of the year, there will be many times that students will need to bring payments to school (i.e. uniform payment, field trip fees, fundraiser turn in, etc…). Due to Cobb County policy, school bookkeepers are the only staff members allowed to handle money turned in by students. Teachers are not allowed to handle money in any way. For this reason, payment of funds should follow the policy below: 1. Checks and money orders should be made out to Lovinggood Middle School. (Cash should be in exact change as the bookkeeper can NOT provide change) 2. Payment of ANY sort should be placed into the pre-printed Cobb County payment envelope. 3. Students must fill out the front of the envelope. (Make sure to write “Band” as recipient.) 4. The sealed envelope should be placed into on of the black boxes located throughout the school Teachers are not responsible for money that is placed in the incorrect location!

Each student is expected to have the following supplies. This list is only a reminder, as supply lists were given out at the end of school last year. (This list does not include instruments, reeds, oils and other band supplies). These items need to be in class EVERYDAY. Failure to have any of the items will result in point deduction from daily grade. 6th Grade Band:: Essential Elements 2000 Book 1 (yellow) Reeds (woodwinds only) Stick bag w/ SD-1 generals/Bell Mallets/Yarn Mallets (percussion only) Grey, 1” three ring binder with 25 sheet protectors Loose leaf paper 5 pencils 7th Grade Band: Essential Elements 2000 Book 2 (red) Reeds (woodwinds only) Stick bag w/ SD-1 generals/Bell Mallets/Yarn Mallets (percussion only) Black, 1” three ring binder with 25 sheet protectors Loose leaf paper 5 pencils 8th Grade Band: Black, 1” three ring binder with 25 sheet protectors Loose leaf paper 5 pencils Students who do not have supplies will receive the following consequences: 1st time without supplies in a 9 week period: Warning/Loss of daily points Writing assignment given during class Note sent home to parents via agenda 2nd time without supplies in a 9 week period: Loss of daily points Writing assignment given during class Note sent home to parents via agenda “N” on report card 3rd time without supplies in a 9 week period Loss of daily points Writing Assignment given during class Office referral

Grading Policy
Beginning this year, Lovinggood Middle School is adopting standards-based grading. Thus change will provide students and parents with grades that reflect what the students know and are able to do. For example, in Music the report card will show the percentage of mastery of a standard such as “Creation” instead of a task description such as “Playing test”. Seeing this kind of grade should make it clear to parents what specifically their child needs to study. A complete list of standards for each grade level can be found on teacher blogs under the “Georgia Music Standards” section to the right of the blog. Simply click on “Georgia Music Standards” link then select the grade level that pertains to you. Grade Weights Playing Test Practice Logs Written Tests Daily Grade 3 1 1 1 Band Standards
Skill and Techniques/Performances Critical Analysis Creation Cultural & Historical Context/Literacy


70% 10% 10% 10% 0%

There are nine standards (#1-9) set within four basic Standard Domains (A-D). The standards within the four domains are based upon the national music standards set forth by the Music Educators National Conference. Below are the four main domains and standards that pertain to each domain. A. Skills and Techniques/Performances #1 – Singing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music #2 – Performing on instruments, alone and with others, through a varied repertoire of music #3 – Reading and notating music B. Creation #4 – Improvising melodies, variations and accompaniments #5 – Composing and arranging music within specified guidelines C. Critical Analysis/Investigate #6 – Listening to, analyzing, and describing music #7 – Evaluating music and music performance D. Cultural and Historical Context #8 – Understanding relationships between music, the arts and disciplines outside the arts. #9 – Understanding music in relation to history and culture

Each Domain will have a percentage of weight assigned to it. Since we are a performance-based class, Domain “A” will carry the higher percentage of weight in calculating grades. 6th grade 1st Nine Weeks:
A. Skills and Techniques/Performances (75%) B. Critical Analysis/Investigate (25%) 2nd, 3rd and 4th Nine Weeks: A. Skills and Techniques/Performances (70%) B. Creation (10%) C. Critical Analysis/Investigate (10%) D. Cultural and Historical Context (10%)

7th and 8th Grade All Nine week periods* A. Skills and Techniques/Performances (70%) B. Creation (10%) C. Critical Analysis/Investigate (10%) D. Cultural and Historical Context (10%)

* Each student will receive a minimum of two grades for every week. They are: • Rehearsal Etiquette (Standard #2c). This grade will be worth a weekly total of 100 points. Rehearsal etiquette includes elements such as having all materials every day, and class participation. In the event an instrument is getting repaired, students can provide the shop receipt to avoid having points deducted. Simply telling a director that the instrument is in the shop will not excuse them from point deduction. Playing alone at home (Standard #2) – Playing alone at home will be monitored by the use of practice logs. Practice logs are worth 100 points. Each student will be required to turn in a practice log twice every 9 weeks. The logs will record the amount of time spent on practicing their instrument…a sort of homework grade. Practice logs must be signed by a parent! Students who do not turn in a log will get a 0 for that week’s log grade. Practice logs without parent signatures will not receive a grade higher than 70, no matter how many minutes are recorded. Practice logs are handed out at the beginning of the year. If a student looses his/her log, students have several options. 1) Download off of teacher blog 2) Request a new one 3) Use a piece of paper. * Some changes you will see as we transition into standards-based grading • Student behaviors such as turning in work on time (forms and such) will not be included into the academic grades but will be reported in a separate category on the report card called NON-GRADED Students who do not reach mastery on final assessments will be allowed one opportunity to retake such test (except benchmarks). They will take the retest before or after school once they have completed as assigned reinforcement task. Teachers may offer additional office hours. Assessments must be redone within 5 days of grade being posted in Synergy.

• •

Classwork and homework given during a unit must be completed before the unit assessment. Not all classwork and/or homework will be recorded, especially at the beginning of a lesson.

“Fix it Friday’s”: “Fix it Friday” is an after school program every Friday after school from 4:20 – 5:30pm for any student who has not completed classwork. This only effects band students who do not have instruments/supplies in class, are given a written assignment (to stay on task), and do not complete the assignment in class. If a band student does not have their instrument they will be given a written assignment – not as a punishment but to keep them on task during class. If they do not complete the assignment by the end of class they will be assigned “fix it Friday”.

Practice Logs
Each student will be given a practice log to record home practice. Logs are due twice per 9 weeks period - once at mid term and again at end of 9 weeks. Students will be graded on all the weeks they practiced once log is turned in. Logs must be signed by a parent in order to get credit. Times should be recorded in minutes. Students will also be given a grading sheet so they can see what grade they will receive before they turn it in. Practice log grades are as follows: 6th Grade Log Grade Sample:
Minutes Practiced Per Week 150 and above 140 – 149 130 – 139 120 – 129 110 – 119 100 – 109 80 – 99 60 – 79 30 – 59 Less than 30 Weekly Grade 100 95 90 85 80 75 70 60 50 0

In addition to these two weekly grades, additional assessments that meet standards based grading will be utilized. The point breakdown for these is as follows: • • • Performance Based Assessments (100 points) Written Quizzes (10 points) Performance projects (scale/book pass offs) = (100 points)

Rehearsal Etiquette
1. Be On Time 2. Be Prepared 3. EHS 4. Be Respectful All students must be in the band room before the bell rings. Be in your seat ready to play 2 minutes after the bell rings. Practice any assignments given at home. Have your instrument and all listed materials EVERYDAY. Place EHS Card on music stand where is can be easily by the band directors. When a band director steps on the podium, all talking stops. No talking is allowed without a raised hand. Please respect teachers, band directors, guest clinicians and fellow students. Blurting out and back-talking are unacceptable. There will be no food, gum or candy allowed in the band room at any time. This includes water and cough drops. Your instrument case must be left in your locker during and after class. Binders should be stored in lockers as well after class. Make sure to pick up any papers that may have fallen out of your binder during class. Please do not enter the band office without permission. We ask that you knock AND wait for permission to enter (EVEN IF DOOR IS OPEN!). We may be in the middle of something important. If we do not respond, wait or come back later.

5. No Food/Drink 6. Clean up

7. Knock First!

8. Do Not Touch What Does Not Belong to You Enough said. This includes friends’ instruments and/or percussion. 9. No “Horse Play” No running, chasing or anything that resembles horseplay is allowed. “Horse Play” = Automatic Administrative referral.

Discipline Policy
All grades will be using the school-wide “EHS card” for discipline. In addition to the Discipline Card, the following discipline plan will be adhered to. Class disruption will not be tolerated. Violation of class rules will result in the following consequences. 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense 4th Offense 5th Offense Sign EHS Card/Parent contact/”Teachable Moment” Sign EHS/Loss of daily points/Parent contact/Lunch Detention Sign EHS/Loss of daily points/Parent notified/Counselor Referral Sign EHS/Conference scheduled between Parent/Teacher/Student. Student is referred to Administrator.

The following offenses are instant referrals (Step 5). • Cursing • Fighting • Talking back to teacher/disrespect

Chair Tests and Placement
Auditions for chair placement within a section can sometimes bring stress to students. Please remember that each student is important to the success of the band. Auditions and playing tests judge the students’ performance at one specific time under one specific set of circumstances. Therefore, it is essential that chair and playing tests be viewed only as part of the learning process. Performance tests may be announced or unannounced. Audition material will always include the material or literature currently being taught.

Before School Pass-off Times
Students may use the band room to practice before and after school in the event practicing in the evening at home is an issue. Students may also be asked to pass-off certain objectives during these times. Please see grid below for available times.
Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Morning (8:00 – 8:50) Open Open Closed (Meetings) Closed (Percussion Ensemble) Open

GMEA Events
The Georgia Music Educator’s Association holds several events throughout the year. These events include Solo & Ensemble Festival, District XII Honor Band and the AllState Middle School Honor Band. All events are open to any student wishing to participate. The District XII and All-State Bands require auditioning to be selected. Registration forms will be given the first week of school. Required audition materials can be found at

Please Sign and Return
(Due Friday, August 30th)
Please review the information in this handbook carefully. It may be beneficial to review it with your child in order to make sure that students have an understanding of expectations and procedures. We ask that you initial by each item below. This signifies that you have read, understood, and agree to the items in this document. Please return to the band room by Friday, August 30th . This will count as your child’s first participation grade. ______ Uniforms ______ Attendance ______ Calendar ______ Lockers ______ School Owned Instruments ______ Grading Policy ______ Practice Logs ______ Band Rules ______ Discipline Policy

______ Medical History Form (see blog – due Friday, August 30th) *(7th/8th Grade only) ______ Blanket Permission Form (see blog – due Friday, August 30th)

________________________________________ (Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________________ (Student Signature)

______________________ (Date) ______________________ (Date)

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