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Labor Law

Labor Law

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Published by: Ezzedin Tago on May 29, 2009
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If the ownership of a firm is transferred to a new owner or a change
takes place in its legal form through merger, partition or otherwise, the
work contracts shall remain in force in both cases and service shall be
deemed continuous. As for workers’ rights accrued for the period prior to
the change such as wages or unrealized end- of- service award on the

date of transfer of ownership and other rights, the predecessor and the
successor shall be jointly and severally liable. However, in the case of
transfer of ownership of individual firms, for any reason, the predecessor
and the successor may agree to transfer all the previous rights of the
worker to the new owner with the written consent of the worker. If the
worker disapproves, he may request the termination of his contract and
collect his dues from the predecessor.

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