Aman – yesterday is a dream, tomorrow is a vision, but a day well lived

makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. carrying the same vision , we IIITA family successfully completes 13 glorious and tremendous years of its existence.

Divya & Aman – Namashkar!!!! Divya – Main Aman….. Aman – Aur main Divya….. Aaj ki is suhani sham mein aapka haardik abhinandan karte hain…

Aman – We extend a very warm welcome to our Honorable Chairperson Board of Directors Respected Director Sir

Members of the Board of Governors Members of the Senate Members of the Finance Commision Deans And Divisional Heads, Faculty And Staff Members and all our friends.

Divya – We extend our heartiest welcome to the new members of our family, you are the hope, the forbearers of tomorrow, you carry the mantle. You are up for a breathing journey, enjoy the ride. Aman – 12th August, the historical day when the foundation stone of our institution was laid. Its amazing to how we transformed from a small rented premises in the Allahabad University Campus to a full-fledged innovative campus renowned for its marvelous infrastructure in such a short span of time. Divya – Realising the potential of IT, the government decided to establish an institution that could be entrusted with the responsibility of producing efficient technocrats in the field an d so in the year 1999, Indian Institute of Information Technology came into being. Aman – Our institution was conferred the deemed university status in 2000 and since then there has been no looking back. What more proof do we need that it has grown from a handful in 1999 to 1600 in a mere span of 14 years. Divya – The institute believes in the concept of exchanging education and hence has collaborations with industry and government both national and overseas. It persistently seeks
and adopts innovative methods to improve the quality of higher education on a consistent basis.

To produce Techno masters through due understanding of multi-disciplines including computational, biological, medical and chemistry domains , iiita has successfully

started course of biomedical engineering

Aman - apart from the academic excellence, our college is flourished with various clubs with a aim of making us technologically superior and ethically strong, which in
turn shall improve the quality of life of the human race

These are


the spirit of competition. artisitic expression and a sense of idyllic beauty . INDEM keeps innovating. the spirit to participate and ultimately prove the one within you Divyaushma Synergy of thought. aman- thunderbolt 3 .this symbolizes the ushma of the dance club.SARASVA gives you Enough space to get deeply attached to the literary activities which are the testimonies that witness the flair of stylistic diversities Aman .-starting with the indem The INDEM is the meeting point of the innovative technical minds in the institute.RangTarangani is responsible for organizing workshops (acting as well as scriptwriting) and holding drama competitions where young talent can be showcased Divya-virtuosi-it is a iiita music club which is a showcase of the musical talent of the institute. experimenting and implementing the cutting edge technology at the campus LAN apart from routine maintenance and management of Internet/Intranet services aman. apart from academics. the spirit to win. Divya. The club apart from having a college band has been successful in putting up wonderful performances and also being helpful in letting the student bite the music bug Aman. symphony of movement. artificial intelligence programming and related areas.Divya.Robita The robotics club of IIITA encourages students to explore and experiment with robot design.Spirit The IIITA Sports club brings to you the spirit of life.

So.The institute is proud to have the services of this club. for it’s a box full of surprises. visual recording of various events staged at IIITA Divya. your enlightened words would always enshrine in our hearts PRIZE DISTRIBUTION 4 . which has been very efficient in managing lights. Divya – EFFERVSCENCE. Aman – I would now request our Chairperson of Cultural Affairs to please escort our honorable To the die for the Welcome Address… Divya – Please Sir…. Aman – We have successfully organized 4 Science Conclaves which is a congregation of Nobel Laureates and eminent scientist and the 5th one is scheduled this coming December. all my new friends gear up. The institute has a number of US patents on its name. audio equipment.stambh This club is responsible for program management and publicity. the annual cultural cum technical fiesta of our institution has continued to rnthar us from past 10 years. SPEECH Aman – Thank you sir.

with the highly awaited prize distribution ceremony. ( Academics Prize list ) Aman . They work on their dreams with focus and do not get deterred by failures as they move towards their dreams. You all belong to a nascent organization which stands for a culture of excellence. continuously strives to better oneself. Divya. ( Sports Prize List ) BLESSINGS 5 . where an individual.Friends. Aman.We now have the prizes for the Competitions and events organized by the various clubs round the year. ( Clubs. Divya – Before proceeding with the events of the evening. We thank all the Clubs and members for their distinct contribution to the co-curriculum memorandum of our institution.They are not in competition with anyone else.aman.It is a process. And excellence is not by accident. but themselves. That is the culture of excellence which is a true spirit of iiitns. Indem Prize list ) Divya – We now move on to the prizes for the Sports events.

Aman – May I request 6 .

the beautiful audience. Joy……. Aman . such a great platform……. 7 . Intoxication……… Aman – Its Beautitute…… Blessedness…. Aman – Nervous. But excited all the same.. Elation…. one performance from every club will be awarded. EUPHORIA Divya – Aman. So we have with us B Tech First with there fervent prayer to invoke the al mighty. Divya – Without taking much of your time.. don’t you feel nervous on such a big stage. All the performances tonight are competitive unless mentioned otherwise. the grand stage... Divya – Its Ecstasy…. Delight…… Delirium…… Divya – And that’s the theme tonight “EUPHORIA” Aman – Coming together is Beginning…. Staying together is Progress…. permit us to start the program. Yes..Music connects human with the spiritual. Its Euphoria personified… Divya – Euphoria! Its Bliss…… Happiness…… Aman – Its Passion……. And working together is Success…. Exhilration…… Aman – Its Fervour……. Exhilation…. EVENT Aman – Thank you girls. At the end of the program. Frenzy…… Glee…… Madness…… Divya – Joyousness…… Jubilation…….GANESH STUTI Divya – It is a tradition to pay tribute to the spiritual before celebration.

rashtra ke supt karnadharo ko Spandit. Kavita tatv hai. Vyapaar nahi. 8 . Adhikaar nahi. EVENT Divya – Inki Kavitaon ne hume mantramugdha kar diya…. aur humsafar bane inki anant udanon mein . – KAVI SAMELAN Aman – Kavita Dharm hai. Aman – Hum aapke samksha aise kuch hastakshro ko prastut karna ja rahe hai jo aaj ke is sushk aur tang dincharya mein bhi is kala ko sanrakshit karne ki hasrat karte hain aur apni is pratibha se samaj ke . Kavita svatv hai. Kavita maan ki svabhavic aur saras bhavnaon ka prastutikaran hai… Maan ki kalpanaon ki udanon ko agar hum shabdon mein piro dein toh sehej hi kavita ban padti hai. nyast hon inki kalpanaon se . Sansaar nahi. Kavita Karm hai. Divya – Kehte hain.LIT. Sambhaar nahi. Udwailit aur Andolit karte hain Divya – To phir aaiye rubaru hon in kavi man ke galiyaron se . hum prarambh krte hain apna aaj ka kavi darbar.

An essay on creativity. The dancers really held everyone captive. EVENT Aman – Wow! Incredible. an expression where words fail.. 9 . Aman – Who isn’t?? Whoever loves dancing.GROUP DANCE 1 – MSCLIS Aman – How long is the show? I reallt don’t wanna miss the show. loves him too. And when the spirit is joyous it makes the most beautiful… blissful art.. firework of rapid moving steps. the language of heart. Divya – Oh!! So you are a Hritik Roshan fan.. Aman – And to present the very spirit of ddancing we have on stage a Group Dance performance by our friends from MSCLIS…. that joy…. Euphoria is profound…. the very spirit. the one closest to the divine. the one with Hritik Roshan.. Ultimate. Divya – Dance is the purest form of art.

Divya – We dance for Hopes…. We dance for Fears…. We dance for Screams…. Aman – We are the Dancers… We create the Dreams… Divya – So next we have on stage. Aman – We dance for Madness….GROUP DANCE 2 – MBA Divya – We dance for Laughter…. a very scintillating dance performance by MBA First year…. EVENT Aman – That was indeed a mesmerizing performance…. 10 . We dance for Fear….

lets welcome our next performers from B Tech First year with their group dance. EVENT Divya – Now that’s what we call a stupendous performance…. Tech. Divya – Dude! Whats your problem. Aman – No! That’s my line. Aman – You think this is tough? Then we will see what you have to say about the group dance that comes up next. 11 . So. friends ( Aman speaks in ) moving on to the next performance. Divya – So. It’s too complicated. that’s my line. Divya – Oh! Forget it.GROUP DANCE 3 – B.

ek doosre ki taange khinchna. Its sour. Divya – Friends ki masti to bas friends hi samjh sakte hai. its sweet. Aman – Truly said. wo girlfriend ko bhabbhi kehkar bulana. Aman – Wo late night jaagna. we have on stage From B Tech First year to celebrate the spirit of friendship. what according to you is the most reverent and treasured relation in the world. Tech. Divya – Relations are all precious but what I value the most is friendship. So. EVENT Divya – Na na na………( Singing ) 12 . ) Aman – Divya. Divya – They spice it up. friends are the most important ingredients in the reciepe of life.. wo masti mein jhoomna. they tone it down. its everything…. wo rules todna.SONG 1 – HAI JUNOON ( B.

Aman – And you girls take everything seriously. Divya – You guys are hopeless. You are always late? You never listen to me? And alwaayyssss complaining…… Divya – You guys appreciate our concern. the blissful happiness of love in its purest form. When your love’s joy surpasses your pain of losing her. such “Insensitive Jerks”. it surpasses all else. Don’t you ever take anything seriously. the complete surrender…. your joy is not yours anymore. Aman – Its when Barcelone beats Chelsea in the league finale. by the famous band Euphoria…. 13 . feel so much. How would you understand what it is to feel.SONG 2 – MAERII ( MS ) Divya – Humming……… So what is the most wonderful feeling in the world for you. So please welcome EVENT Divya – Now that’s what perfectly symbolizes Euphoria.

?? 14 . Tech.. Aman – India mein musical bands ka concept bhi hai kya…???? Divya – Lagta hai tumhe dikhana padega ki humare bands bhi kisi se kum nhi. Then bangs on head…) Ye tum kya sun rahe ho…?? Aman – Linkin Park…. Hindi gaano se kya dushmani hai. My Favourite Band… Divya – Hey bhagwan. So here comes B Tech 1st year girls celebrating life with song… EVENT Aman – That was a refreshing performance..VIVA ( B. Angrez chale gaye aur tujhe chhod gaye. ) Aman – (Enters with headphones….) Divya – (Waves in front of face…...SONG 3 . Isn’t it.

EVENT 15 . All thanks to Mr.. how many of you use Facebook? Aman – What a stupid question Divya. Zuckerberg. 3 rd year has gifted us our very own Twitter.. Tech. Divya – We all know that he created Facebook but what we don’t know the before that he even created a special SNS for his college too..So friends. who doesn’t use Facebook today. Divya . “SCOOP” Divya – It is a micro blogging site for the IIITians as a platform for sharing any random Information amongst themselves. Prashish Raj Bhandari from B. Aman – Music Club’s captivating melody to Technical clubs endeavor. Aman – We too are blessed with such budding minds..SCOOP TECHNICAL WEBSITE Divya – From the timeless aura of music its time to switch to the era of technological modernity.

To ab aapke samaksh aa rahe hain MS ke chatra apne natak ”Pooch Bindaas” k saath. Aman tumhari kitni girlfriends hain. Divya – RTI is a Parliamentary act which states that any citizen of the nation may request information from a public body which is requires to reply expeditiously. Aman – Wow! Wow! N main ye tumhe kyu btao. Aman . EVENT Divya – That was indeed eye opening…. Divya – Lagta hai mujhe RTI complain file karni pedegi. Aman – RTI.. 16 ..??? Ye kya hai….DRAMA 1 – POOCH BINDAAS ( MSCLIS ) Divya – Acha ek baat btao.

FLUTE Aman – Enters with a guitar…. aur wo bhi kitna acha bja rha hoon. So. purity. Divya – So friends aren’t you excited…. Ohh…. Wait. This surpassed every musical I have ever watched on television…. Divya – What a load of crap? Hah you call this music. EVENT Divya – I still feel like lost in the melody dipped music notes. Music is divinity. a virtue of the blessed few. Aman – Dekh nahi rahi ki main guitar bja rha hoon. 17 . Aman ye kya naya drama hai. here with us on stage On the flute to entral us with his vivacious performance.

Divya – Kyu? Ab TV ne tumhara kya bagad diya. Divya – Ab hum epics ko to badal nahi sakte…… Par socho agar wahi ramayan aaj ke Modern Zamane mein hoti to kaisi hoti….. Mahabharat dekhti rehti hain... Wahi sadiyoon purani ghisi piti line sun sun kar main pak gya hoon. Lekin thodi mirch masala wale…… So we have on stage MBA First Year with their play “Ramayan Reloaded” EVENT Aman – I have starts liking Ramayan now…… Divya – Dekha meri baat maanoge to sukhi rahoge…. Aaj kal main use kooso door rehta hoon.DRAMA 3 – RAMAYANA RELOADED ( MBA ) Aman – TV ki yaad to mat dilao mujhe. Aman – Kaisi ???? Divya – Kahani wahi purani….. Wahi Ravan har baar bheek maangne aa jaata hai…… Bhiksham Dehi Maata……. Aman – Yaah Yaah…… Divya – With this we come to the end of Competitive performances of the evening. Jab dekho Ramayan. Aman – Meri Daadi…. 18 .

Collage making. Divya – From brainstorming quizzes to cracking complex codes. Aman – Oh wait I can remember some more. be it geeky. One of the most awaited events not only by students but also by the faculty members and each and each and every member of the IIT-A family. Tug-of-War. Aman – Thank you Sir…. Folks it would be better if we let you get it feel yourself. Tattoo painting. Whatever type of person you are there is something for you.. T.EFFERVESCENCE Aman – Effervescence signifies Energy. action and drama. funky. The 5-day long festival comprises of a plethora of events ranging from technical to management to informal. From competing against world class hackers to resenting a Business plan. Bindaas bol. yeah you heard me right guys. There lotsa dancing and singing to take you off the floor. Fun and Frolic. So fasten your seat belts coz coming up on the big screen is the invigorating video of Effervescence MMXI Now I would request To formally launch the Website and Video of THE EFFERVESCENCE MMXI…. Antakshri… Divya – Okay! Stop! Stop! We could go on with this for hours. Freshers trust me its overpowering. crazy and out of control or just to chill out. Clich pic. 19 . We at IIIT-A every yea hold this annual fest which sees participation from across the country..shirt designing. There’s Roadies. this is definitely the time and place. From fashion street showing latest trends to emotion. Dumb charades. IIIT-A Roadies. Let’s carry you through a virtual tour of the most awaited revelry of our institution. And how can we forget the Rocking Celebrity Night which is such a package of fun and masti.

20 . Thank you Sir…. The judges for events of different clubs were: For Literary Club Performances: For the Dance Club performances: For the Music Club performance: For the Dramatics Club performances: I would now request Honorable Dean Academics To please come up on the stage and give away the prizes…. Prize Distribution….CONCLUSION We now have with us the Results of the performance held in tonight’s show.

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