Lovinggood Middle School Bands

2013-2014 Calendar
August 2013
Mon, Aug 12 Fri, Aug 16 Mon, Aug 26 Mon, Aug 26 Fri, Aug 30 Fri, Aug 30

Band Encore Fundraiser Begins Uniform Fittings for 7/8 grade bands (in class) Fundraiser $ Due (Place in envelope/put in black box) Disney Interest Meeting @ LOV Auditorium (8th grade only) GMEA All-State Band & District XII Honor Band Forms/Fees Due Deadline for Solo & Ensemble Entry Forms/Fees Encore Fundraiser Delivery/Pick-up (LOV Auditorium) 8th grade night with the Hillgrove Marching Band US Play Lock-in (Midnight – 6am) 7th& 8th Grade Bands ONLY!!! Band Solo & Ensemble Festival @ Palmer MS GMEA All-State Band AND District XII Honor Band Auditions @ Dodgen MS 8-2/Hillgrove Winter Cluster Concert @ Hillgrove * 8-1/Hillgrove Winter Cluster Concert @ Hillgrove * University of Georgia Midfest (Nominated students only) 7th Grade Winter Concert @ Lovinggood * GMEA All-State Band Auditions (Round II) @ Perry MS (Macon) District XII Honor Band Rehearsals/Concert @ Hightower Trail MS GMEA All-State Band (Savannah GA) – Selected students only GMEA 8th Grade Performance Evaluations @ McEachern HS * * Keep these dates free of conflicts! Time/Day not yet assigned. GMEA 7th Grade Performance Evaluations @ Kell HS * *Keep these dates free of conflicts! Time/Day not yet assigned. 8th Grade Disney Trip (Optional) Hillgrove HS Band Auditions. Required for any 8th grader wishing to participate in ANY aspect of the Hillgrove HS Band 6th Grade Beginner Band Concert @ Hillgrove * Begin 6th grade auditions for 2014-15 school year (during school) * 7th Grade Spring Concert @ Lovinggood * Begin 7th Grade auditions for 2014-15 school year (during school) * 8 Grade Spring Concert @ Lovinggood *

All 7th/8th All 8th 7th/8th 7th/8th All 8th 7th/8th Any Any 8th 8th 7th/8th 7th Any 7th/8th 8th 7th 8th

All Day In Class NA 7pm NA NA 3:00pm 5-10pm 12-6am TBD TBD 7pm 7pm All Day 7:00pm TBD TBD NA TBD Evening TBD

October 2013 Thur, Oct 24 Fri, Oct 25 Fri, Oct 25 (Tentative) November 2013
Sat, Nov 9

December 2013
Sat, Dec 7 Mon, Dec 9* Tues, Dec 10* Thur-Sat, Dec 12-14 Mon, Dec 16*

January 2014
Sat, Jan 11

February 2014
Fri-Sun, Feb 7-9 Th, Feb 27 – Sat, Mar 1

March 2014 Thur-Fri, Mar 13-14 * Mon-Th, Mar 24-27* Th-Sun, Mar 27-30 April 2014 Tues, Apr 15 Mon, Apr 28* Wed, Apr 30* May 2014 Thur, May 1* Mon, May 5* Thur, May 8* 7th 7th 8th 7:00pm In Class 7:00pm

6th 6th

7:00pm In Class

• Attendance mandatory for the grade(s) listed

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