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PG Diploma in Intellectual Property and Technology Management in


Brainstorming Session
(December 6, 2008)

Group – I

Industry – Seed/Pharma/ Biotech

Dr T.V. Ramanaiah (Group Facilitator I)

Dr M.D. Nair (Group Facilitator II)

Participants :

Dr T. V. Ramanaiah Facilitator I
Dr M.D. Nair Facilitator II
Prof V.C. Vivekanandan
Dr N.P. Sarma
Dr Krishnaiah
Dr P. Sateesh Kumar
Dr P.V. Appaji
Dr A.K. S. Bhujanga Rao
Dr Trimurtulu Golakoti
Mr Rajan Balakrishnan
Dr G.P. Reddy

The group unanimously supports the conduct of this course as it is required for the
country even for the public and private institutions.

Entry Level :

The students need to have life sciences background, graduates in professional courses and
M.Sc. in other life sciences.

Admission process :

Content (Technical) 40%

Knowledge Aptitude Test towards the course 30%
Analytical skills in the management 30%

Content - from Genetics, biology, food science, agriculture, animal sciences

Trimester I

Course 1 : 2 + 0

Fundamentals of Genetics, plant breeding, biotechnology and nano technology can be

covered in this course.

Course 2 : 1 + 0

Lot of emphasis on PCT, UPOV

Course 3 : title should be renamed as Basic concepts of IP Law & Mgt

Economics and Economic systems can be combined.

Course 4 : 0+1

Include knowledge on bioinformatics

Course 5 : is very important

Trimester II

Course 1 : Remove all the topics related to cyber laws

Add Competition Act, EPA, Environmental Law, RTI, Basic Principles of contract law,
Codex alimentary, Quarantine Law and any other laws related with IP

Course 2 : Teaching deliverables need to be structured - lectures/group discussions/ case

studies/ field visits

Course 3 : Include case studies/group discussions/video conferencing/ market vists

Credit should be 1 + 1

Course 4 : It is opined that it is not relevant for this course.

The whole course can be reduced to one day.
International Trade and Law can be introduced.

Course 5 : Cartagena bio-safety protocol and Bioethics can be included.

Course 6 : More emphasis has to be laid on this. More knowledge on infringement is


Course 7 : 1 + 1
Trimester 3
Course 1 & 2 : No suggestions

Course 3 : Suggested credit is 2

Course 4 : Suggested credit is 1

Course 5 : Suggested credit is 2