Weststaff          Run with concept ahead of time Solve cash flow problems that come with growth Bank

on your principle Treat employees like family Focus on creating value and let success take care of itself Make positive values a forethought not an afterthought Know when to get rid of Santa Have a realistic time frame for your dreams Pass the baton smoothly

Pets smart         Live with passion Seek the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth Honour those in authority Start over if necessary Let the leaders set the pace Make transition with integrity Face life with boldness and courage Trust god and others with your life.

Chicken Fil A            Pour a solid foundation of hardwork Find the right place for your business concept to blossom Insist on superior quality in your signature products Strive to satisfy every customer Be a faithful steward of your people resources Reward good management Preserve the core; push the edge Find your weakness and fix them Help those who can’t help themselves Cultivate new shoots from old roots Bring faith to your work.

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