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this article is based on UNITED STATES OF INDIA?
this article is based on UNITED STATES OF INDIA?

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Published by: ankitanand09303 on May 30, 2009
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Secularism or chauvinism

Secularism? Before moving forward let us know exactly what secularism is. Secularism is something of nation matter and not jus a mere religious or spiritual matters. Secularism is a broad term that also includes humanity IS INDIA SECULAR? Well in today’s scenario it’s a million dollar question?It is very difficult to answer a question related to our country. India is one of the biggest democracy in the world, a country which is well known for its culture, tradition, moral values and “secularism” but this secularism put Indians under a serious scrutiny most of the times since our independence. First it was when Britain smell this weakness of ours and play a ‘divide and rule’ game by dividing Hindu and Muslims which later result in massacre on 14th august 1947 when Pakistan came in to existence which clearly was a ‘nightmare’ for secular India. After that there are many more such incidence took place not as big as that was but enough to hurt Indian integrity. The recent one to put question mark again on ‘secular India’ is the one that took place in maharastra being a north Indian is a crime. If you are a north Indian or even if you communicate in your mother tongue (Hindi) ‘be-aware’ because you may get more harsh punishment than being a rapist or killer or a kidney dealer in maharastra. North Indian have to pay a price for living in a state of their own country not in terms of social responsibility, tax, or any other obligation towards humanity but in terms of bath with their own blood yes it is a reality in a secular country where every individual is free to do any thing or move any where he wants to. If we go into flashback where we sacrifices our economic development after getting freedom for making India a secular and a socialist country, our first honorable prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal lal Nehru who wants to see India as a secular nation and liberalized India after independence. By liberalization he wanted to create India as economy growing by contributing towards public sector and industrial development rather than making barriers for Multinational Corporations. India is behind Japan by 3 to 4 generations and by China(liberalized in 1979) by almost a generation .The main reason for this gap is that India is liberalized much later in year 1991 than these nations. If India would have liberalized their economy earlier then India could also be one of the world’s leading economies as Japan and China. India is one of the fastest developing countries of the world but we can even developed more as compared to the presen. In the nutshell even if we compromise with our economic reforms (which came much later) for making India a secular nation rather than being a chauvinist, we will still loose. The other side of the coin is that when someone put question on India’s integrity we stood up as a united nation and say’ HALLA BOL’ or ‘CHAK-DE’ we experience this in Kargil or making TAJ MAHAL seventh wonder of the world we should have such kind of spirit, enthusiasm in ourselves to make India a developed and a secular country so that no one can even think of UNITED STATES OF INDIA.

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