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It`s a Wonderful Life

It`s a Wonderful Life

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Published by Stanislav Zimin

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Published by: Stanislav Zimin on May 30, 2009
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Choose the correct word for each gap from the list on the right.

Use each word once only. a IT`S A WONDERFUL LIFE The film studios of Hollywood have produced many classics. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is the little of made. The flim (1) of the best-loved films ever (3) produced just over fifty years (2) be (4) and (5) it ago also an any as given giving had It is never easy to say exactly In the case For (8) it is that makes a film special. (11) has his is no of on There is He was (14) the storyline. The film was based (17) the chance to see what _ (18) (15) one since that to was what The great film director Frank Capra recognized that the basic story (19) everything needed for a good film. There is Wonderful Live” is a film for everyone. (20) doubt that “It’s A who whom whose would

it was an immediate favorite with cinema audiences. In the years____ was first seen, “It’s a Wonderful Live” many (7) a great American film.

(6) come to be regarded by

__ (9) “It’s a Wonderful Live” there are several factors. (10) start there is the acting. James Stewart, (12) unforgettable performance and (13) co-star Donna Reed provided the perfect balance.

ss a great actor, gave

a short story about a man have happened if he had never lived.

(16) life had become empty and dull.

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