CORRECT THE MISTAKES 1. Kevin is learning at Gordon College. 2. I went to the baker`s to take bread. 3.

Chris took out his hat and coat. 4. I`ve now left football. 5. The examiner let me sit quietly during the lesson. 6. Rosie tried to found her lost book. 7. Jane will give you a lift if you will need one. 8. It`s now very hot to play football. 9. He`s a much strong man. 10. He`s very stronger than me. 11. I saw your friend before two weeks. 12. She rubbed her eyes hardly. 13. Last night I went to bed lately. 14. My brother hasn`t got much books. 15. She gave an apple to every of the children. 16. Turn the page for farther instructions. 17. Louis has got any milk. 18. They have fewer food than we do. 19. What`s the last news from the Palace? 20. I`m two years smaller than you. 21. She told me an interesting history. 22. The scene in Cyprus is beautiful. 23. Is there a place for me on the bus? 24. Are you interesting in your work? 25. They told me lie.

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