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God Save the King Articles on the Life and Times of the Royal Family Updated Edition August 10, 2013

God Save the King Articles on the Life and Times of the Royal Family Updated Edition August 10, 2013

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The continued series of articles on the Royal Baby and Family!
The continued series of articles on the Royal Baby and Family!

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Published by: howard Hector Martell Jr on Aug 10, 2013
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God save the King articles on the life and times of the Royal Family updated edition

Preface / Introduction
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Table of Contents
1. 'Glamis thou art and Cawdor; and shalt be/ What thou art promised.' ('Macbeth'; Act 1, scene 5) The much anticipated imperial child is born July 22, 2013, and history is made. 2. 'God Save The King'. Thoughts on the life and 'happy and glorious' reign of H.M. King George VII and the House of Mountbatten-Windsor.

God save the King articles on the life and times of the Royal Family updated edition

'Glamis thou art and Cawdor; and shalt be/ What thou art promised.' ('Macbeth'; Act 1, scene 5) The much anticipated imperial child is born July 22, 2013, and history is made.
by Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Author's program note. You are sleeping peacefully now, and I for one am glad of that. For you are the child on whose fragile shoulders the weight of empire shall in due course descend. And you must be ready... For that reason we will all come to know you very well. We shall see you in a thousand pictures, in every mood, in every costume, in every clime, and we shall be glad to see you smile and know you are happy and well. You are the child who will soon grow accustomed to footmen with powdered hair and palaces whose unnumbered chambers contain the treasures of centuries, treasures which will, God willing, all be yours. However, the greatest treasure of all will be your ability to touch humanity for from that touch comes the love of your great peoples worldwide; the peoples who bow to you because you personify their best and reign for them. You are the favored child whom prime ministers and statesmen crave the privilege to greet. They come and go but all know you stay, the very symbol of stability and the promise that there will always be an England, and that this England shall remain sceptered -- and royal. For you, prince, the greatest musicians shall compose their most compelling and meticulous measures... the greatest divas shall cast off petulant airs and, curseying low, rain their haughty best upon you... the greatest dancers shall strain every sinew and muscle so you see only grace and perfection. And scribblers like me shall keep a thesaurus near at hand, the better to select the apt words to extol you, the lyric words, the splendid words of our splendid language, the language that shall be called, "The King's English"... and that King shall be... you. You are to be the cynosure of every eye, today and every day of your life... the arbiter elegantiarum... the Fountain of Honor who can with the merest motion raise the lowest to the highest and with nothing more than a single radiant smile enrich a life and make one glad to be alive. Today your apprenticeship for majesty begins... your me'tier... your life's work immediately at hand... a subject you will master before the world whose heart will always beat faster the nearer you are... for we all want to see the divinity that doth hedge... you... and so be profoundly moved. You, world renowned from the moment of conception, are the symbol of unity in a world sorely divided. You, without need to face election or any process of selection whatsoever, at any time, have the luxury of honesty, integrity and forthright statement... a right you will use to our frequent advantage. Rich beyond avarice, you will want for nothing. From this pinnacle of wealth, you must advocate for those who have nothing and need everything, looking to you as the true friend they never had and sorely need. Remember this: there will be members of your court who will try to keep you away and distant from your peoples, unapproachable, arguing that your exalted status forbids such contact. Listen to such pettifogging bureaucrats at your hazard. These knighted pomposities too often misunderstand who you are and what your mission is. It is not to be segregated from the people, but to be these peoples' most fervent and unwavering advocate. http://www.HomeProfitCoach.com Copyright Howard Martell - 2013 4 of 11

God save the King articles on the life and times of the Royal Family updated edition You reign for all, to be sure; but you reign most for those whose needs are greatest... the young, the elderly, those who suffer, those who grieve, those who live without help or hope. You are of the blood of Diana, Princess of Wales, your grandmother who died tragically young. Take up her cause but do so without her anger and pain and desire for revenge. Make it your objective to be the "People's Prince" but with none of the baggage. "I will be good." It is fashionable in our "wicked cool" days to deride every social skill as pedantic, ponderous, dull, demeaning, getting in the way of the constant partying and irresponsible behavior that some will tell you is your right. This is wrong. Your objective must always be to represent the best of what is good about the young, their energy, their idealism, their acute and pressing desire to improve the world, whilst avoiding their often selfish and loutish behavior. The best role model is your very own ancestor, the great queen whose monumental statue abides for the ages just outside the main gate of Buckingham Palace, Queen Victoria. Here is the famous story... Like you, prince, Queen Victoria was born in the purple (1819), but the odds on her becoming sovereign were long, nowhere near as good as yours. Preceding her was her uncle the Duke of York, second son of king George III, but he died in 1827 before his brother who reigned as George IV until 1830. After his death the next son of George III became king as William IV. Had he and his wife Queen Adelaide produced a living child, he or she would have reigned, but they could not; the stillborn twin boys they produced in 1822 were the last of many disappointments. And so Victoria, Princess of Kent, whose father had died in 1820 moved closer and closer to the throne. Finally, it was decided to disclose her increasingly likely destiny. And so her governess Baroness Lehzen slipped a copy of the genealogy of the House of Hanover into one of the princess's lesson books. After perusing it for some time, Victoria came to see that her deceased father had been next in line after the king, and that Queen Adelaide had no surviving children. Thus she was the heir presumptive, likely to be the next British monarch. After a pause, Victoria is reported to have said "I will be good", and as it turned out, she meant every word, living them through the longest reign in British history (1837- 1901). What being "good" means. Years ago, I saw an incident that told me everything I ever needed to know about the man in question, California Governor Jerry Brown, then candidate for president. As he was exiting a backyard picnic in New Hampshire, an elderly white-haired woman, jostled by photographers, fell on the gravel drive way. Brown looked... and walked away, literally leaving her crumpled on the ground. He said nothing. He did nothing. He was clearly too important to be bothered by one frail person in need... and in an instant he gained my undying contempt. Here, then, is what "good" means and what you must do. Be gracious to all. It means so much and takes such little effort. Always offer your strong arm to those needing it. They will never forget... and always recall that http://www.HomeProfitCoach.com Copyright Howard Martell - 2013 5 of 11

God save the King articles on the life and times of the Royal Family updated edition moment as one of their happiest. Listen. And while you're listening, look the person in the eye. Compliment freely, lavishly, and smile when you do for your smile is one of the most important on Earth, making friends and building bridges whenever you release its potent magic. Do the good deed... whether you get recognized for it, or not. It's the right thing to do. Work the phones. Call people who work hard for others but get no recognition... use modern technology and the alchemy of your voice and kind heart to change lives and spread joy. Be gentle with scoffing Americans and particularly our thoughtlessly carping columnists who deride, disdain and denigrate the very idea of monarchy as obsolete. Remind them that you can go about your important work without a phalanx of armed guards who are thought necessary for every president even when buying ice cream; that you have the love and respect of your people, and so have real security. "The King Shall Rejoice!" Now, it is time for fanfare as the good, loyal people of the world thrill to your arrival. For this I have selected one of the great panegyrics by the inimitable master of monarchical music, George Frideric Handel, the "Dettingen Te Deum" (HWV 283). Written in 1743, it celebrates the victorious Battle of Dettingen (1743) over the French; the last time a British sovereign lead his armies to victory in person. Learn from George II, this often undervalued and much derided of your ancestors, for without him you may not have been born a prince at all, much less an heir apparent. Now go to any search engine and listen to Handel at his most soaring and remember we play it for you, Prince of Cambridge, "The glorious Company of the Apostles praise Thee." May it ever be thus. God Save the Queen!


Copyright Howard Martell - 2013

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God save the King articles on the life and times of the Royal Family updated edition

'God Save The King'. Thoughts on the life and 'happy and glorious' reign of H.M. King George VII and the House of Mountbatten-Windsor.
by Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Author's program note. First, let there be music, right royal music for by their majestic composers shall we know them. Ordinary mortals do not progress with titans like George Frideric Handel to announce their imminent and impatiently awaited arrival. Thus I give you his late majesty's favorite anthem, his (new) majesty's favorite anthem, the favorite anthem of every monarch from the time it was composed for the coronation of George II in 1727 and sung at every subsequent British coronation, usually during the new monarch's anointing. It is said with authority that William V turned to Queen Kate upon his death bed and requested it be played as he had heard it at his coronation in 2038... and so aided by the words heard by his every ancestor since Saxon King Edgar at Bath Abbey in 973, the majesty that was King William V ascended to God... Queen Kate, one moment sobbing for the loss of her dearly beloved husband, the next curtseying to her liege lord and son, by the grace of God and Parliament now King George VII. He bent low over her hand kissing it... whilst the tears flowed freely; down the cheeks of mother and son, of the courtiers who had served and loved him, and of every loyal subject so many of whom gathered solemnly and silently outside the great gates of Buckingham Palace where they would soon lament with the royal Windsors upon their celebrated balcony; in mourning and profound grief; a compelling and unanswerable demonstration if any were needed why these oft derided princes shall abide, despite sarcasm, obloquy, derision and insult, for they are the rock that is England. So one king dies, so another king lives and reigns. Go to any search engine now to find "Zadok the Priest" (HMV 258). "Zadok the Priest, and Nathan the Prophet anointed Solomon King. And all the people rejoic'd, and said: God save the King! Long live the King! May the King live for ever, Amen, Allellujah." "Doing his boxes". Having been fortified by his subjects and their demonstration of loyalty, sympathy and profound commitment, the new king returned to his private quarters, there to find upon his desk the first of the red boxes which he would now receive until the day he died. These boxes, some dating from the reign of his great-grandmother, Elizabeth II, as could easily be identified by the particular royal cypher of each reign, contained the regular communications of prime ministers and other cabinet ministers and secretaries, governors general and prime ministers of the dominions, ambassadors, etc. Boxes were delivered every few hours unless the matter was marked urgent and delivered at once. Only the sovereign had the key to each box, unless he and the cabinet had authorized others to have one. He took his key and unlocked the box on his leathertop desk. Inside there were three envelopes, each marked "H.M. The King". He took up his ivory handled letter opener, first used by Queen Victoria, and slit it open. As he did so a burst of camellia filled the air. It was the queen's scent, his wife of 40 years, born Princess of http://www.HomeProfitCoach.com Copyright Howard Martell - 2013 7 of 11

God save the King articles on the life and times of the Royal Family updated edition Denmark, the only woman he had ever loved. Her message in scrawling hand, simply said, "I am yours. I always will be." She didn't need to say that. He knew. Two kings, one quick, the other dead. Inside the second envelope was a message in a hand he knew as well as his own, his king, his father, his friend, and here he paused for he knew that whatever was on the royal stationery engraved WVR and the crown imperial of England, was for him and only him. "Dear Son, King, I have watched you for your entire life, and I say without prejudice or (too much) bias, that you are just the right man for the difficult job ahead for the monarchy and for England. You are fair, judicious, never precipitate or rash.... and good hearted, truly a people's prince. Reign then with the blessing of our long line of princes... but more importantly... with the blessing of your peoples worldwide, and always and forever of me, your papa who has always loved you. God Save The King!" Here he paused and wrote these words in the journal faithfully kept and honestly written, for he knew historians generations to come would read it with the closest possible scrutiny, their comments so often glib, rushed, too often inaccurate. That, too, is the fate of kings, for great historians are as rare as great sovereigns. "I have lost the best of fathers, the best of friends, the best of kings. I shall not merely mourn him, however, I shall emulate him, for he was a true gentleman, a friend to all. Fortunately, I have Anne-Marie and the boys and dear mama, who looked so lovely today when she curtseyed to me as did Anne-Marie, every inch the Queen she now is. But my eye kept returning to dear papa, so very handsome and young looking as he went to God with serenity and confidence in his eternal future. May I be permitted to live -- and die -- as well. God Save The King!" The Lord Chamberlain's Report. The final envelope was large and bulky and was marked "Top Secret. For His Majesty's eyes only." The king had been expecting such a document, but not the first day of his reign. Yet its contents, on 168 detailed pages, was of the utmost significance, for it was an outline of the challenges, problems and opportunities facing the new monarch, the dynasty and its role and place in the modern world, where, as Egypt's last king, Farouk, (ousted 1952) notably quipped, there would be just 5 kings, the four in a deck of cards... and England's. The preface to this report, to be kept secret to all but a few, was signed by the Viscount Woodward, Lord Chamberlain; that is the department within the British Royal Household responsible for matters such as protocol, state visits, investitures, garden parties, the State Opening of Parliament, royal weddings and funerals and with this report ongoing planning to maintain the viability and relevance of the monarchical institution. "May it please Your Majesty." At the command of his late majesty and with the full knowledge of the prime minister, a total review of each aspect of the monarchy was ordered and is presented herewith. Your father asked that this report be placed before you at the earliest hour of your reign. He knew you would want it as quickly as possible... and, as that is your right, so we comply. It is my privilege as Lord Chamberlain to lay this unprecedented report before you and herewith review its contents, for herein is the monarchy's present position and what must be done to maintain and augment it. Sire, as your reign commences this is the position, as ascertained by constant and detailed polling of http://www.HomeProfitCoach.com Copyright Howard Martell - 2013 8 of 11

God save the King articles on the life and times of the Royal Family updated edition your subjects; results with an error rate of 5%. Presently, fully 68% identify themselves as supporters of the monarchy, with 24% of these giving the crown "enthusiastic" support. All this is good. Less good and increasingly worrisome is a long-term erosion in this support. At the beginning of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II (1952), the level of support was 96% with 75% stating their support as "enthusiastic". Our job, therefore, is clear: set the goal of increasing the level of support and reversing the diminution of monarchical sentiment. Everything in this report is designed to achieve these objectives. Here is a summary of our key findings, complete details, supporting data, etc. to follow. Fiscal review and urgent action. A stark recognition of Great Britain's place in the world. We are, please pardon our bluntness, not the "Great" Britain of the 19th and early 20th centuries. To carry the traditions and expenses of a previous time into an entirely different time is unfair and unwise, producing as it does criticism that is at least partly legitimate and creates an environment where the monarchy is legitimately attacked. Thus, we suggest an immediate across-the-board 15% cut in all departments by the beginning of the next fiscal year. This should be announced as soon as possible, to set the tone for your majesty's reign. It must be stressed that you do this of your own volition. It is recommended that you make the announcement in London's East End, so often roiled by street violence and with a live statement on the Internet. In such a way will you be seen as an activist king. This may kindle some acid commentary among left-wing political parties, but by going over the heads of their (over paid, slothful ) leaders, you can address their followers directly and establish the necessary rapport with them. The Prince of Wales. History suggests an active role for HRH, on the model of the world tours of Prince Edward (later Edward VIII, thence Duke of Windsor). Support for the monarchy is fairly consistent, but as your majesty may agree, the loss of any Dominion (particularly Canada or Australia) to republican sentiments would be a loss of major significance. HRH with his attractive features and personality should have as his task solidifying the support of particularly young adults. He is supremely positioned for such a role... and with proper instruction in Internet communications (including his own page at Facebook) will quickly become a savvy and influential player. The two queens. Polling data have clearly established the enormous popularity of and sympathy for Queen Kate. We feel sure that HM will want an activist role, particularly with children. We hope your majesty will meet with her as soon as you deem appropriate to ascertain her feelings and wishes. HM the Queen. Queen Anne-Marie's favorability ratings rival those of Queen Kate. She has already established a position of prominence and utility amongst what might be called the "community of need", bringing her bright smile and practical suggestions to people in real need, what one might call, but for her, the "forgotten ones." HM has indicated to this committee that she would be amenable to any role in this endeavor you, sir, care to suggest. She perfectly understands the objective: maximum impact, minimum cost. (Editor's note: He didn't need to be told this either. He knew.) And so it went, one pointed suggestion after another until the exhausted monarch, on a day of history, pageantry, death. apotheosis and love, unable to keep his tired eyes open another minute, fell asleep at his desk, no mere figurehead, no token sovereign but a man fully engaged with his nation, its peoples, and the dynasty of Mountbatten-Windsor, now its chief trustee and supreme leader; a man with a mission, a king indeed... http://www.HomeProfitCoach.com Copyright Howard Martell - 2013 9 of 11

God save the King articles on the life and times of the Royal Family updated edition And so, the world in its hundreds of millions waited impatiently to hear and participate in the first ever interactive royal webcast, beamed to the entire planet from the room in Buckingham Palace where his parents faced the media upon the occasion of their engagement. At precisely the announced moment, without any introduction given or needed, the king opened by saying, "I'd like to introduce you to the love of my life and my dear son William. We are grateful for the opportunity to meet you and talk to you about how we can all work together to preserve our planet. God save the Earth!"


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God save the King articles on the life and times of the Royal Family updated edition

About the Author Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is the author of 18 print books, several ebooks, and over one thousand online articles on a variety of topics. He is also considered an expert on the Royal Family. Republished with author's permission by Howard Martell http://HomeProfitCoach.com.


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