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Les Thanatonautes by Bernard Werber

Les Thanatonautes by Bernard Werber

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Bernard Werber

The Thanatonautes .Man has explored everything: the world of space, the underwater world, the underworld, yet it lacks the knowledge a world, the continent of the dead. This is the next frontier. Michael Pinson and his friend Raoul Razorbak, two young researchers without complex and want to meet this challenge, using the techniques medicine but also the most modern of Astronautics, leave to the discovery of paradise. Their name? The Thanatonautes. The Greek Thanatos (god death) and communities (browser). Their guide? The Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Egyptian Book of the Dead but the great myths and sacred texts of virtually all religions that seem to always have knew what the last trip and the “true” paradise. Little Thanatonautes little stand at the map of the world unknown and discover the vast and fabulous scenery. Ministry word terra incognita back together, day after day, learn what happens to us after releasing our last breath. Bernard Werber, a young French novelist reflects the world world, is known for The Day The Ants and Ants (Price of readers of Elle, Readers’ Choice Award of the paperback). SA specialty: philosophical tales tinged adventure and humor. In modern Dante, we took this time in a breathtaking journey many of us will come back “changed”.

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Dictionary: Thanatonautes nm (Greek thanatos, death, and communities, browser). Explorer of death.


DATES TO REMEMBER 1492 Started in the Americas 1969 First steps on the Moon 2062 Started on the continent of the dead First 2068 ads on their way to the Queen

carnation Handbook of elementary classrooms second year.

FIRST TIME: TIME-yourselfers


Formerly, all men were afraid of death. She was as a permanent background noise that no one forgot second. Everyone knew that after all his actions are was his own demise. And all this anxiety spoiled pleasures. Woody Allen, an American philosopher of the late twentieth century, had a phrase to describe the state of mind prevailed in those days ia: “As long as man is mortal, he can not be really relaxed. “ History textbook, second year elementary course. 2 - DIARY OF MICHAEL FINCH Am I allowed to tell everything? Even now, in retrospect, I can not believe that what

happened really happened. I can not I believe that participated in this great epic. And I hard to believe that I survived to testify. Of course, nobody could imagine that everything would and so far so fast. Nobody. What pushed us into this madness? I do not know no. Maybe something stupid called the curiosity. The same curiosity that makes us want to We lean over the canyons to see us

how our fall would be horrible if we did not have a more. Perhaps the need for adventure in a world of increasingly idle and dispassionate. Some say: “It was registered, it had to happen as well. “But I do not believe in pre-written destiny. I believe that men make choices and that they take. This These are the choices that shape the destinies and these choices men may draw the universe. I remember everything, every episode of every word, every expression of this great adventure.

Am I allowed to tell you everything? Battery: I tell. Front: I keep the secret.

Stack If I had to seek the origins of all events that are chained, I would have to go back far, far later in my own past. 3 - FACT POLICE

Demand for basic descriptive information Name: Pinson Name: Michael Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Size: 75 1 m Distinguishing features: None Comment: A pioneer of the movement Thanatonautes Weakness: Lack of confidence


Like all children, there was the day for me M, the discovery of death. My first death was just a man accustomed to living among the dead. It was Mr. Smith, our butcher. His motto was registered large print in his window: “At Dupont’s all good. ” One morning my mother told me we could not buy filet mignon at home tomorrow because Sunday


Mr. Smith was dead. He was crushed by a carcass Charolais beef that had unexpectedly stalled. I was about four years. At point-blank, I asked my mother what it meant the word “DEATH” My mother was as embarrassed as the

day I asked him if her birth control pills could cure my cough. She lowered her eyes. - Well, uh, being dead, it means “no longer there.” - As you leave the room? - Not just a room. It is also leaving the home, city, country. - Travelling far, then? Like when you hand in holidays? - Uh … no, not exactly. Because when one is death, it does not move. - It does not move and it goes away? It’s great! How is this possible? It is perhaps this clumsy attempt to explain the death of the butcher Dupont was born in me ground of curiosity which, much later, Raoul Razorbak able to germinate his delusions. Finally at least that’s what it seems. Three months later, when I was told that my arrièregrandAglaia mother was dead, too, I said, paraîtil “Even Aglaia is dead? So there, I’d be surprised she is able! “Furious, my great-grandfather rolled his eyes and uttered this terrible sentence I never forget: - But you do not know that death is the thing most horrible that can happen! No. I didn’t know the answer. - Oh … I thought … I stammered. - Do not mess with these things! added to it drive the point home. If there is something with which we were not kidding, it’s death! My father took over. Everyone wanted me to understand that

death was an absolute taboo. We do not talk about no, it does not mention it, if you pronounce his name, it is with

fear and respect. Under no circumstances we can not pronounce the word in vain, it is bad luck. It shook me. - Your great-grandmother died Aglaia. It’s horrible. And if you were not heartless … you cry! It must be said that since the dawn, my brother Conrad, he, flowed like a mop bathrooms that drained. Oh, when people die, we must cry? We do I said nothing. Things that go without saying are better by saying. To help me cry, my father, exasperated by my arrogance juvenile, also gave me a pair of slaps. That way, he hoped, I remember: one, the sentence “Death is the most horrible thing that can happen” and two, that “we do not mess with these things.” - Why did not you cry? I insisted again father returning from the funeral of great-mother Aglaia. - Leave him alone, Michael was only five years, he knows not even what death is, I defended my softly mother. - He knows very well but he thinks only of himself, then the indifferent to the death of others. You’ll see, when we die, He will not cry either! There, I began to understand that no good not Mess with death. After that, once you told me a passage from life to

death, I forced myself to think very something very very sad … of spinach leaves boiled, for example. Tears came easily and it was nice to everyone. Then I had a more direct contact with death. In fact: to seven years, it was me who died. The event occurred in February, on a beautiful clear day. It must be said that we had had previously a very mild January and is very common that a mild January succeeding February 1 very sunny. 5 - WHERE THE HERO DIES IN A ROW Look out! - Woe … - “My God!” - Beware! Do not you see that it will … - Noooo !!!!!! Long screech of brakes. And muffled thud. I run. after my ball that had rolled on the floor and bumper of the sports car I picked green just below knees where the skin is more tender. My feet took off the ground. I was catapulted into the sky. The air whistled in my ears. I flew above the ground. A fresh wind blew through my mouth open. Down there, further down, the onlookers peered me, terrified. A woman screamed when she saw me raise me. Blood escaped from my pants, forming a puddle on the asphalt. Everything happened in slow motion. I was flying at the roof, watching the silhouettes flapping in the attic. For the first time, then arises the question in my mind which obsessed me so often afterwards: “But what I’m doing here? “

Yes, at that moment, suspended in a fraction of the sky time, I realized that I did not understand. Who I am ? Where am I? Where i am going? Eternal questions. Everyone puts them one day. I I placed them in that moment when I died. I went up very high. I went down very quickly. My shoulder struck the hood of the green sports car. Th bounce and my head went up against the curb. Cra

cally. Thud. Frightened faces bent over for me? I wanted to talk, but I could not do anything, or say, or move. Sunlight began to decline slowly. In February, the sun is still shy. We feels that April Showers will not be long. The sky

gradually died out. allowing to avoid fatal accidents of cars. Soon I was in the dark. that metal medal with the effigy of Saint Christopher. the men had use of mental processes might be labeled superstitions. for example. and commonly joked: “In Car accident is the driver with the most large St. 7 . National Agency for the promotion of life.ADVERTISING “Life is beautiful. Christopher . hanging a dashboard. This is proof of its quality irreplaceable.MANUAL OF HISTORY Until the advent of Thanatonautes. death was considered a major taboo of mankind. more feeling. More smell. Some believed. “ This is a message from the ANPV. Curtain I was just seven years and I came to die for the first first time. To better fight against the image. nothing. the with silence. Life is Beautiful. Life is a product tested and approved by more seventy billion humans from three million years. 6 . Do not listen to gossip. Before the twenty-first century.

surely. Dying was not so awful than that. An angel.WHERE THE HERO DIES UNDER WE COULD BELIEVE Standby Nothing horrible happened. second year elementary course. 14 Finally. Around us. with eyes browns. everything was white and serene. I opened my eyes. She was blonde. A slender figure appeared in a halo of light opaque. Her perfume smelled of apricots. 8 . The angel looked strangely a woman but a beautiful woman as never see on earth. Great-great-grandfather was wrong. The angel leaned over me. “ History textbook. There was nothing going on and that was it. .who has the better chance of escape. The dark and silence lasted a long time.

Maybe I was death for three hours but that does me neither hot nor cold. The angels had to speak a language to them.Wow … udéen … Eatua … uh.I fainted? . this was . What’s up? Do you understand me? There are no more Truck Temperature Where am I? Paradise? No! In the ICU of the hospital Saint-Louis. The nurse placed the pillow under my kidneys for I can sit more comfortably. . The angel reassured me. . I looked around.I must be in heaven because the angel smiled at me. She repeated this chant with patience and handed me his hands soft and fresh on my forehead smooth rough child. nothing happened. .Fou … Nafha … ludéhen … éatuheu. You’re lucky that the hood of the car have amortized your fall.You are not dead. You have just a few contusions. You do a big slash the knees. . for three hours. somewhat dazed. I lost consciousness for three hours and I do had no memory! Not the slightest idea or scrap of sensation. however. During these three hours.Yes. . What caused me to heated headache. Jargon Angel incomprehensible to nonangels.You … do … more … temperature.

the arrival of my family. 9 . I felt that they regretted a little that I me am from.FACT POLICE Subject: Psychological Inquiry . “they said exactly. they would have so much regret. I acquired all the virtues. They were all very friendly and sobbing like I really gave up the ghost. They claimed to have made a lot of concern for me. If I were dead. “We We did a blood ink. Suddenly.

Mus exhibited clear that television every night to News of the dead in twenty hours do you want in here. nine. everything was simpler than in life. the last speaker is always right. It First there was the dead of wars. He does not know what will. to my eight. Those were green and red uniforms. we detect home some psychological fragility caused by a family circle too stuffy. Then there was the deceased road vacation: colorful clothes. Slight paranoid tendencies. However. The subject lives permanently in the doubt. On television.A VULTURE This first trip out of life had taught me nothing of really interesting about the death. but this time of others. Had finally the dead famous dress with sequins. Later. For him. if it was remain for a long time source of trouble with my family. Please note that the parents never saw fit to reveal about above named he was an adopted child. 10 . He does not understand his time.on a Michael Pinson The subject to be studied seem generally normal. We immediately understood that death was sad because the . I’m more interested to death.

“So there. I showed impeccable. leaving only the bad? “ At the funeral it. The television. I concentrated on spinach branches boiled. This is there also I heard for the first time the famous expression: “It is always best to leave the first. his record sales soared. the deceased vacation “to a 16 concertino Vivaldi and stars to the victims of overdose Mozart slow cello. “I was only eight years. Jimmy Hendrix or Jim Morrison were appeared on the market long after their death. it was said in the funeral procession. his films came and went on television and everyone spoke well of the deceased. From the departure of the convoy. As if death had erased all his sins.images were accompanied by funeral music. I did not fail to note that once a star died. My next was the funeral of Uncle Norbert. A great guy. even children and the weak could Understanding The dead of war were entitled to Beethoven symphony. Even stronger: their death did not prevent artists to work. I . all around. but I could not help to think. The best records of John Lennon.

“I did not know Michael was so tied to Uncle Norbert. in a word. It was not a bird of prey. anchovies. It was Raoul. I discovered the recipe for successful burial: spinach branches. Nevertheless. never met. Arriving at the cemetery of Pere-Lachaise. broccoli and lamb brains.I went to the dark . We were gathered at the grave of my late uncle Norbert when I noticed a little further what first appeared to me like a vulture sitting on a sepulcher ture. Memorable day it was because.sobbed louder than ever in adding to anchovies. Even my brother Conrad was unable to raise the height of my tears. Berk. Taking advantage of a moment of inattention . In the small crowd. in addition. I almost fainted with disgust. “My mother noticed that the fact was all the more surprising that I had. someone whispered.after all I provided my quota of tears . I added in addition to the menu of my tears broccoli and brains raw lamb. I met for the first time Razorbak Raoul.

I tried to keep composure. You can call me Michael. What are you doing? Silence Up close. I gauge.Raoul Razorbak. There was a phrase . A kind of big stakes sat alone on a tombstone. You can call me Raoul.So. His hands were slender and refined put on his pants as two spiders quiet awaiting the orders of their master. . He explained at last .Michael Pinson. I say politely.Pinson? For a lark. what are you doing here? A hand-spider went up as fast as the North Slope his coat to file in a long straight nose. He hesitated before bursting out laughing in turn. . The boy hung his head and looked at me with a calmness and a depth that I had never met in someone just about my age. the vulture seemed a kid. you seem a strange a bird.silhouette. gaunt cheekbones jut left in horn-rimmed glasses. I try to receive if he has things to say.You can tu me. staring at the sky. . And you? . He was thin.I am the grave of my father.Hello. It There was nothing else to do than make fun of a child lean spent hours on a grave to wait while scroll watching the clouds. What is your name? . I repeated my question: . he said solemnly. I giggled.

He who says that is. 11 FACT POLICE . He burst out laughing again.passepartout I had been taught in such a situation delicate. .

Why? . .Because everything has already been invented. “But everything has . Raoul and I took the habit of found in the cemetery of Pere-Lachaise every Wednesday afternoon. everything has already been explored. Michael. there were always stories fantastic to tell me. My dream was to be the first man to invent the powder or electricity. I liked walking along its long lean silhouette.We were born too late.FRIENDSHIP Subsequently. if only to make the first a bow and arrow.Demand for basic descriptive information Name: Razorbak Name: Raoul Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Size: 90 1 m Distinguishing features: Safety glasses Comments: A pioneer of the movement Thanatonautes Weakness: Too much self-confidence 12 . . I would merely nothing. In addition.

Isaac Asimov. in his words. To each his own role: Raoul recited truths. believe me. I was joking. The reality goes faster that science-fiction. we laughed about anything like hunchbacks. Edgar Allan Poe. sorry. Michael. HG Wells. The world is divided into two categories of people: those who read books and those who listen to those who have read books. It was he also who gave me the love of reading let me know the authors. There is more inventors. it has to be Einstein. and then we esclaffer together. Philip . In fact. as followers. Frank Herbert.already been discovered. Better is belong to the first category. .You should read more books. Jules Verne. People who perfected what some have discovered long ago. “No razors” Rabelais. The last to have known this fantastic impression of deflowering a new world. I had imagined it. Raoul had read Razorbak quantities of books. Raoul looked at me. Still. I replied that he spoke just like a book and we laughed together. You imagine the giddiness in the head when he understood that one could calculate the speed of light! No. Lewis Carroll.

I even look at books where nothing was happening. not even appear in the lists of best sellers. the more they seem intelligent. Most authors found that more they are incomprehensible. sees a woman. A fellow comes. the dredge. Raoul explained. There would be kids like us who would read for the stories of Cyclops. Shared giggles. Poverty of imagination.The writers’ no razors. Dick. . siren and other monsters. Described on ten long pages with your troubles and get a boil good chance of winning the Goncourt.Believe me. and then people buy their books to decorate their living room and to convince people coming home they are able to read things as sophisticated. Same literature. fignolent form. biographies and autobiographies romanticized … Writers unable to invent a world can only describe their world. She tells him she does not know if she lies or not sleep with him. So they stretch their sentences of twenty lines.K. They get then literary prizes. so poor it is.But what interest is there to write books in which he does absolutely nothing happens? I inquired. Lack of ideas. Absolutely nothing. if Homer’s Odyssey was published for the first time today. Raoul was born with the rare ability to judge for himself . It would be classified with the books of fantasy and horror. Hence biographies and autobiographies. “there is not much. there are more inventors. After eight hundred pages. . So. for lack of substance authors lick their style. the sorceress. she finally decides to announce that decidedly it is not. .

this freedom of spirit. Gave thanks to him his father. . . Of his hand left.the same. stand two other deities: Isis and Nephthys. Raoul pulled out a thick book of his satchel. He was professor of philosophy. 13 . he liked to say. A deceased kneels before him.The secret of freedom is the library. the symbol of eternity that awaits the traveling the afterlife. on the far left of the image. Raoul read about a day.The Egyptians believed in an afterlife? Of course! There. I think that’s what attracted me as a home.In the center of the nave is Ra. Isis and indicates a direction in his right hand. he showed me a page he had to cut in a book on ancient mythology before Paste There was a picture of an Egyptian boat and different characters. The opening. resistance to all influences. the sun god. Mostly fantasy books or science fiction. we consider silence in the clouds above the fray cemetery. and had taught him a love of books. He did not repeat learnedly made ideas serinées on television or in newspapers. it is recognized Anubis . she brandishing an ankh. From both sides. He commented: . he pointed out.IT IS NEVER ENOUGH SLEEP In her womb A Wednesday afternoon when sitting on a bench.

Pork devours the souls of the damned in hell he led the curses rife cruel executioners that they will suffer a thousand torments through their crooked fingers terminated by long nails to a point. He is the guide accompany the deceased. He turned the page from other images. . Raoul adopted a professorial tone: .“Any death must ensure that one steals his point guts. Sweet.If it is Ra himself who agrees to receive the death everything will be better. who is holding a urn containing his stomach and intestines.What a horror! Raoul advised me early in my show less judgments. “says a proverb of ancient Egypt. hauled along the shore by a long rope which is actually a living boa. . and the boat starts to slip. .Here the death climbing turn into the boat. I held a start-core. It is is hosted by Ra in person or by a pig. With my enthusiasm and my disgust alternating. Raoul looked up to heaven. I began to . The deceased will move up alongside the gods.with the head of a jackal.

piercing the clouds. And I flew. Apophis. . If this is correct.All in good time. There are many pitfalls to avoid. I was a bird.exasperate him. I was his only audience. I was like a bird. After all. my mother will worry. the god of Mali. around the aquatic monsters. he … To my dismay.This is a nice boa snake away enemies of light. The next night. . . Raoul stopped. Sometimes it leaves the water and spits fire. But if the dead passes all his tests. No. for the first time I dreamed that I flew. He twirls the boat and jumped out of the water in the hope of the soul swallow terrified of the deceased. She was sitting on a cloud and was very beautiful. His body was young and slender. the incarnation of Seth. It revolves around the boat to capsize. at the turn of a cumulus cloud I saw a woman dressed in white. wicked one. however. My frustration amused him. I flew … And then suddenly. He did his best but it is another reptile. the nave of death moves on and slides along the underground river which crosses the twelve lower worlds. I m’appro . Do not be impatient. I approached and saw that she held a mask in his hand. We must enter the gates of Hell. It continued. demons to protect flywheels.Will continue next week. It is already seven hours.

a mouth without lips frozen grin. I asked my mother: . 14 Mesopotamian mythology “Where are you. put my head under the tap for cold water to wash away this nightmare. Gilgamesh? The life you are looking for You will not find When the gods created men They destinèrent their death And for them they kept Eternal life.cellar again and then I had a start of terror.Raoul is Maboul Every time we met at the cemetery Père-Lachaise. . you think you can fly like birds? My accident would have it a little disturbed? It gave me a look weird. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. the same way that we could talk about aliens . Raoul spoke of death. and I listened. skull.Mom. 15 . “ The Epic of Gilgamesh. Come on . I rushed to the bathroom. death. The mask was only a skeleton. by Francis Razorbak. We discussing death as an interesting phenomenon. Nothing morbid dirty or macabre in these discussions. Raoul and I were talking about death.. The next morning at breakfast. with empty eye sockets. With one bound.Stop talking nonsense and eat your cereal. I woke up perspiration.

He was dead for a better understanding Mystery… My friend was even more certain that. he interrupted me: . I wanted to tell the story of the woman in satin white skeleton mask sitting in the sky but it does left me no time. since several months.I have a dream. He came straight to the bathroom and there he discovered his father hanging from the toilet. his father had set about writing a This thesis entitled Death unknown. One evening while returning from school. I had to go through circles of fire get closer to the star and I crossed circles. Francis had Razorbak Professor of philosophy at the Lycee Jean Jaures in Paris. No doubt he had discovered something essential because. . Francis Razorbak he had discovered something so interesting about the afterlife that he wanted to leave this world? Raoul was convinced. better I seemed to understand things. I climbed and horses of fire led me to the sun. From the outset. ‘I said. I learned later that it was not by chance that Raoul was interested in death. His father would not have killed by sadness or anger.I too had a dream.or motorcycles. . I used to make a trolley fire.

Leaves still fluttered in the calcined chimney when Raoul had found the body. “If I had known more earlier.just before hanging himself. Since then. Tu mother said to me he was a spoiled child because the only son of his father and an orphan. all books. He was free of his time. me too I would have enjoyed being a spoiled child. One hundred were still legible.What you have to still hang out with this little Razorbak? . I would have passed on my recipe based boiled spinach and lamb brains and it would have spared him this kind of reflections. I can not do anything. all newspapers claimed. the behavior of the mother Raoul’s changed completely. What that his father had found so important? What had gone search the dead? Raoul did not cry the day of the funeral. The father just buried. There was talk of mythologies and ancient cults of the dead. No one had addressed the reproach. Even if give up some of my family. . He had just heard: “Poor kid is so traumatized by the hanging of his father he is unable to cry. She bought all the toys. he had set fire to his work. She gave him all his caprices. At home. Raoul had not stopped thinking about it. But he no one had scolded.

With similar heredity. I said father.Look.my father asked. In addition.Suicide is a hereditary disease. always ready to plunge head when I was already in water. All that is unhealthy.While it’s true. Everyone pretended not to have heard remarks of my idiot brother. . The proof we saw you talking with him among the tombs! . I assured him with force. . As long as it does not bother anyone … Defend it! Birds of a feather.He is my best friend. His father was a depressive point of suicide. I protested fervently. . he is free to do what he wants time. and I fired a punch. lighting a cigar in his that stinks to thirty feet around. declared peremptorily Conrad.So it is unlucky to disturb the dead. his mother not work and merely his pension. obviously.You judge normal to spend hours sitting in a cemetery. . You should attend more normal people. any What kid would have a lot to be cinoque. . My mother did not take it less over.Conrad. This kid is not normal. as it appears Raoul? . moron! Conrad. Mom.So you do not know choose your friends. you moron! I cried. We drove .Do not play the innocent. so what? . Children suicides are tempted by suicide as children divorced do everything for their wedding dark. Raoul is normal. What can’t we take anymore ? . Mus let them rest in peace. Always treacherous brother Conrad thought when the time comes to add his two cents.

noticed my father. Dad … . We must mourn the dead. My father waited Conrad has responded to separate us. It is misfortune to hang out in cemeteries. Cafes.There are places to discuss. It should support Conrad.down. you bother me in the end. We must choose his friends among the socalled normal people. . That night. not long enough to give me time to take my revenge. spit it in the form liquid smoke from his cigar before adding: . In a cavernous cough. again in my mouth. However.You see that you know when you want to cry. Conrad is right. Thus I began to learn how to work the world.Michael. Suicide is a inherited disease and possibly contagious. My mother ordered me to earn my bedroom. with. Cease to do evil otherwise I will not miss it. Conrad was radiant. Do not make the malignant. gardens. sports clubs. I was entitled to a new pair of slaps and I began whining immediately to avoid another. or else it is I who will take charge distributing slaps. the salty taste of my tears of pain I felt suddenly very alone. the kids. not for the living.Calm down. . Cemeteries are for dead. Do not hang around in cemeteries.But. . a slap on yet printed my burning cheek. We must obey his parents. sardonic. I regretted . In the darkness of my room.

being born into a world. avoid aquatic monsters. It will then prove the purity of her soul by a negative confession in which he declared to have 26 never committed a sin or serious offenses during the life he just quit. and that a court made up of forty-two divine assessors.The deceased must pass the gates of hell. 16 .THE WEIGHT OF A FEATHER . if binding. If there succeeds. he will find himself facing Osiris. He will say: I have not committed iniquity against men I ‘m not mistreated people I did not hide the truth I don ‘t have blasphemed God I have not depleted the poor I have not done what is abominable to the gods I have not served a slave to his master . the supreme Judge. demons flying protect themselves.

I have not fornicated in the holy places of my city I ‘m not hungry .

responsible for devouring the souls of unworthy Eternity. armed with a large balance to be used in the weighing of the soul.Anubis deposited on a platter the heart of the deceased and a feather on the other. Raoul paused to better maintain the suspense. even lie? I asked Raoul.There will Ma’at. they are gods. turned a page and continued: .He can say what he wants. it will face second part of the trial. it will be given as food to a god body of a lion and a crocodile head. this time in the presence of new gods. .“Yes.If winner in this test.How do you weigh a soul? Raoul ignored something as obvious. the jackal-headed god. the death is declared innocent.Then what? . He has the right to lie. . knitted eyebrows. But his task is not easy for the gods know a lot. If the heart is lighter than the feather. Then will come Anubis.I did not cry I ‘m not killed I did not order to kill . He will record the testimony of the deceased on a shelf. to deceive the deceased. . . The gods ask him questions. and the god Thoth of wisdom and study-headed ibis. . If the heart is heavier than pen. the goddess of justice. Normally.

they have resorted to metaphors and poetic terms. Raoul had finished reading the great book of mythology antique. for the dead. and after. he will join the light of rising sun. by using different terms. There are tests.And what is the fate of the … winner? . There will conclude his way. A writer would have been unable to invent it all by one day of inspiration. To her to sing when the anthem of the winners successful their journey on earth and in the hereafter.Freed from the weight of his life. began to declaim the ancient words: The link is settled I knocked down all the evil in me 0 Osiris powerful I finally born Look at me. Proof. These myths their origin in a kind of universal sense. Raoul stood on a tombstone. He had accomplished his feat. You think up there. He smiled as if Anubis had just declare the winner of his own life. Of sweat beaded his forehead. it really happens like that? f). I have been born. Listen to this song.Beautiful story! I exclaimed. faced a acne and moon. in a clear voice.. . … Hence the wait Khepri. I dont truly know! It is an allegory. The soul will know the justified eternal bliss. . the scarab-headed god of gold. all religions tell much the same story as this one. Sweet. All religions claim that there is a world beyond death. These Egyptians had obviously acquired a great knowledge of the issue but as they did not want to reveal it to abused.

History textbook. they invented religions (set of rituals based on myths). 18 . So who could come and disturb His peace? And how others had they crossed the gates closed? We. 17 .But you really think that there is a boat with gods … Raoul motioned me to keep quiet.the reincarnation or release. Most assured that there was another world beyond it but nobody really believed. The religions were used mainly for signs of rallying for specific ethnic groups. we had found a passage by climbing the large plane tree in the northwest corner of the branches leaned over the wall. To further support this idea. lighted .HISTORY TEXTBOOKS Our ancestors believed that death is a passage from the state any state of nothing. second year elementary course.Hush! We come from. . . More than two thirds of humanity believe in reincarnation. and the cemetery had naturally closed its gates. We saw a group in black capes passing through a grid trompe-l’oeil. We were believe to be the only way to know this. We crept stealthily towards a muffled sound. It was nine o’clock already.FROM FOOL The band stopped in front of a tomb.

No one thought of help him in a crowded restaurant yet. All world imagined that the idol was in the process of engaging in a wild happenings. books and even statuettes. inventing new dances and a new way of singing. trying to free themselves of this strange invasion of his glottis. began to file all sorts of things straight clits on a tombstone. Raoul and I dissimulâmes behind a burial occupied by the late actor-rocker-Playboy. .torches. We applauded wildly his final burst of agony. the star coughed more than an hour. a victim of fishbone swallowed wrong. For the record. I could see pictures.

. we were able to follow the whole scene. We rapprochâmes group. let us glimpse your world 0 Great Beelzebub. His calm and courage were contagious. 0 Great Beelzebub. from where we stood. but Raoul Razorbak remained impassive. Some were tattooed on their front evil symbols: goats smiling devils twirling.” . said my friend. Up close. give us some of your power O Great Beelzebub. The encaps donned black hoods and chanting strange now incantations. a bag. They did burn bone meal which is calcined in a purple cloud of smoke. Mother of the angels. teach us to be invisible 0 Great Beelzebub. I understood that “sed Segna Erem. they lit candles disposed in their five-pointed star. fans were still more impressive. teach us to be as fast the wind O Great Beelzebub.Anyway. Following the litany proved him right. not without leaving . they left a cock black struggled his best. snake biting its tail. whispered Raoul.Surely a Satanic cult. After many prayers and incantations yet. Eiram Eulas suov ej” actually meant “Hail Mary. Finally. teach us to revive the dead I shuddered.They say prayers backwards.

A soul for a soul to cock amok! The poultry was slaughtered and its blood scattered to five branches of the star. Grand Beelzebub. we sacrifice to you. I shook my head in incomprehension.When you have fear in life is because you never know not what decision to take. there is always a choice.This white hen. I said quietly young companion. A soul Bird for a soul executioner. . A soul of a cock against soul amok! In chorus. Act or escape. we give you the sacrifice.This black cock. but just could more to control the tremor that was invading my members It was especially important to avoid chattering teeth. Great Beelzebub. . Love or hate. Ministry noise would alert the fans black mass. . . I tried to stay at its height. Forgive or take revenge. Raoul took a two-franc piece.A chicken soul for a soul ghoul. They then exhibèrent a white hen.some plumes. all resumed: .In life. he continued. A Soul chicken against a soul ghoul. . Was this .Are you afraid? Raoul whispered in his ear. In Unison: .

You and me against the fools. A soul goat for a soul … A guttural voice heard in the cemetery. Nearby.We will sacrifice the white goat to you we opens a window of the land of the dead. and pulled a small Belzébuthiens white goat who bleated sadly blinded by the candles. Raoul posted a winning smile. he threw the piece in the highest two. It can give you the courage that you is missing. Come on. How to choose when the world is so complex? What ? With a room. The knife. already raised to decapitate the beast stopped. I fell tails. the grim ceremony continued. servants of Beelzebub! Beelzebub has . he told me. . Raoul was erected next to me screaming with the assurance given him by the simple act of falling tails. Let’s go.the time to philosophize? He remained imperturbable. . Nothing can influence a coin.We are afraid when we do not know which party take because so many factors come into account we end up not understanding what is really happening around us. it fear nothing. It is insensitive to illusions. she does not hear the fallacious arguments. . Having said this. Forward Ho! ” Stack it means “Green Light”. On a larger bag. .A soul for a goat band vapid. Stack Stack.Out of my sight. this means: Yes.

You wake up in the dead and the gods get upset! The Belzébuthiens had frozen. Coin. . I’d be a coward. Do not come never sully unclean animal blood sacred tombs.been dead a long time. dumbfounded. but saw nothing. They were just annoying. It was easy to win a battle. Stack. They are expensive chaient the source of the message. The little goat spun in the opposite direction. the masked men preferred to get out. for me and “them” too. Everything was become clear. Raoul was the strength. Face. Raoul had the voice. For him. Faced with this worrying burst. Those who is worshiped be damned. decides to my place of my behavior. I would the strongest. Raoul was a child but he was their master. prince of the ninth Darkness and I will curse. I Astaroth. His voice was as the room currency had assured him of the action to be taken.

the room radiated. You will be with a friend that never fail.FACT POLICE .Raoul shook my shoulder and told me the play by two Francs. In the palm of my hand. 19 . Now.I will supply. you no longer afraid of anything you will know and take the right choice. .

estimated active service proceedings premature. 20 .HISTORY TEXTBOOKS THE DEATH OF OUR GREAT FATHER Leading causes of death in France in 1965 (to end of the second millennium).Psychological inquiry Raoul on Razorbak. On several occasions. It seems that the child is said Raoul Razorbak struck delusions psychotic. she said that her son was very affected by the death of his father. The young Raoul Razorbak not having at present engaged in any crime and did not seem about to fall into delinquency. ranked in descending order the . “she said. Asked by a specialist. he went into violent anger and endangered the lives of those around him. His mother refuses 32 Yet while interned in a psychiatric clinic. “It just needs to compensate.

Michael! You think the world So that is nice and the best way to put you there is to make yourself be nice. second year elementary course. 21 . adventurous.Not even . But you’re wrong.You’re afraid of nothing.You’re so naive.number of victims.723 car accidents Liver cirrhosis 16325 Respiratory 16274 Pneumonia 11 166 9008 flu Diabetes 8118 Suicides 7156 Crimes and 361 murders Unknown causes 87.201 History textbook. Heart disease 98. eradicated. The future does not belong to 33 gentiïs but innovators. you? Don’t mention it.392 Cancers 93834 Cerebrovascular lesions 62746 32. Just your brain active. nowadays. . .I-MR-SEC DELIRIUM In the years after our first meeting in Père-Lachaise. Raoul taught me so much! . our friendship became more more closely. You will notice that some of diseases of the time are. those who not afraid of anything.

. . His eyes s’exorbitèrent as if his head was corroded from within.Just to want to avoid feeling it. nor the metal. The need to unravel the mystery of death of my father and that of death in general.If you are not afraid of anything.Wow! How are you doing? . The second is that the fear is that if you allow him to exist. . If you look.Your father taught you that? . to panic and fall.Are not you afraid of fire? .Neither the water nor land.physical suffering? .You do not feel well? It took a long time to answer me. As he pronounced these words.He said to never look back climbing a mountain. . and then I tell me that someone else suffers this pain and she does not concern me at all. his right hand still so similar to a spider came covering his face as to contain an indescribable torment. To better prove it to me. The first was a piece two francs will be your best advisor. As was my lesson number two. you will always be safe. I was worried: . I was both disgusted and fascinated. He who does fears nothing is almighty and nothing will be denied. he pulled out his lighter and plunged his index finger in the flame until the air is impregnated the smell of burnt horn. as showing breathing and minds: . But if you climb right to the top. you may be dizzy. Then. what leads you to forward? The mystery.I am making the first blank in my mind.

. we shall send postcards. I gave a push to skip a class and find me on the same bench as him. Isec-delusion “did not go for a walk on the side of Le Touquet.. outside of course. “Ah! Ndiaye. I want to remind you “Tell your ideal vacation.Only a migraine. La Baule. I clung to the boa. Ministry subject that I gave you was. Everyone in the class. Saint-Tropez. No. her. It will pass. he said harshly. I-secdelusion. did not share my enthusiasm.” . As it was my senior a year. General chuckle. ” The students . It allowed me to copy his homework and.Hold on tight. Raoul was a superman. “Mr. Barcelona or even of London. as a fiery serpent had arisen the front of the ship. he was downright spun land of the dead.I quote: “While my boat was heading towards the light. The French teacher had called the student Razorbak “Mr. Raoul impressed me. me extended his ankh to repel the monster. For I. Then all became easy. The goddess Nephthys advised me to do not drove me wild and stay the course.. Et . Today. he continued to tell me wonderful stories. It was the only time I saw him facing a crisis.-Jedélire-dry “we send a copy to your sides laughing. He was a master. Princess Isis.

Raoul did not blink.laughed in while nudging concluded that the teacher. My face was in blood. Continue thus. The class itself. The problem came from elsewhere. I still looking for your first copy as I am sure have a good time with you. it made me break the nose of a punch. the gang leader was a cocky kid named Martinez. Princess Isis. in turn. We were two against six but the problem was Raoul. and I laugh for a long time because you redouble no doubt that class. know that you escaped the zero points. With his associates. I threw a blow kick in the shin of the large Martinez and.Isis Princess. and it was enough that they pointed to a socalled “marginal” for they give the death. only for making me laugh as much by reading. they chanted. He was impervious to this type of remarks. Razorbak. To free myself.” I can not you advise to use the care of a good psychoanalyst. PhD: . they We continued to the exit and surrounded us. however. especially from a man like this teacher French for whom he felt no esteem. I have a set of 20. Besides. or a psychiatrist.“Mr. students in our high school adolescents were cruel. Want ankh in my face? I was very scared. Mr. As in most schools. . In our class. In the meantime. I-sec-delusion. .

He received the blows without returning them! I yelped. I was terrified: . Face to cavemen. It is also necessary for the fools have a minimum of intelligence so that I can go to war against them. you said. Anyway.It was a game And then they may have been bad but they were much more subtle than these morons. . . I am powerless. he said. We were not long for us to collapse under a barrage of punches and kicks. . I can not fight against the primitive minds. We soutînmes each other. picking up his glasses broken. he said soberly.You and me against the fools. he added.much larger and stronger than I seemed to have given up defending themselves.Why did you not fight then? .Possible.What for? I do not have to waste energy for trifles. . the band finally the big Martinez get tired and went with the V for victory. He fought no.But you have been able to escape the Belzébuthiens! . I got up when I massage bumps.Sorry to disappoint you.No. You and me against the fools. .Come on. . Raoul! We will have them as the Belzébuthiens. .Were you afraid? I asked him.But then types the likes of Martinez us will break all the time the mouth. . Faced with this lack of resistance. Raoul! He did not move. But they will tire .

Raoul was not always the a lot stronger. . He had even be a height of weakness. I was overcome with a dark premonition. their all. 22 .Pascal PHILOSOPHY “The immortality of the soul is important to us so hard we touch so deeply that we must have lost all feeling for be indifferent to know what it is. Fools were capable of winning.Bah! Life is but a passage. irritates me more than it m’atten . This neglect of a case where it is themselves. their identity. . And so. to those who live without them to trouble. I sighed. you can still always count on me to help in hard times. Our first interest and our first duty is to clarification on the subject on which depends all our conduct.before for me? .And if they kill you? He shrugged his shoulders. between those who are not convinced I am extremely unlike those who work every effort to educate them. That night I dreamed that I flew back to in the clouds to meet a woman in white satin skeleton mask.Whatever happens. and without thinking.

I hear the contrary they must have felt this ment by a principle of human interest.DRIT. “ . It amazes me and frightens me: it’s a monster for me? I do not say this by the pious zeal of devotion spiritual.

Yet they ordered me to take care and stay on the alert. my father whispered that it was our best friends were always our worst problems. I like them time received excellent grades in math.Blaise Pascal Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. they hesitated to deprive me out. treacherous: . copying my friend. My parents bad gréèrent. While tying my scarf. 23 . My mother adds. by Francis Razorbak. of course.DEVELOPMENT I was fourteen when Raoul came to me at the house ordered me to hurry. Not only was the lunch hour but persisted to believe that Raoul Razorbak exercised over me a very bad influence.

He told me to read in newspapers coma after people woke up and told extraordinary stories. They had been very . was never short of arguments. He replied bluntly that visit would be for us an excellent opportunity to learn more. It was installed in the left wing of an annex building.More? And on what? . I asked what he intended to do in such a place.Me. that’s how I define a “friend”: it is whose betrayal caused the greatest surprise. . Of NDE. 38 Everyone knew what the NDE. These survivors claimed to have attended performances strange. . The place is filled with adults and I would be seriously surprised they let us play. Raoul took me to the hospital Saint-Louis. “Service of the dying.. of course! The idea of ​entering a hospital not excited me not.On the death. They had not seen snake boats or fire-eaters but attractive lights. however. the Americans call the NDE to “Near Death Experiences “? That’s it. Razorbak Raoul.” had they euphemistically called. explaining we had to create a service involving dying and coma.You speak of experience at the frontiers of death.

Had made the weekly on the cover. this one also had eventually fade. these words seemed haloed with poetry Particular.” Testimony of post-coma “. Raoul had highlighted in yellow fluorescent some passages he considered essential: “A sound DAGE of the American Institute Gallup. In the texts.” Life After life. After all. Raoul believe it to such fables? He spread before me several newspaper clippings and we We knelt down to look better. we did not have no evidence. just a few nice stories collected bits and pieces. his father was there … To illustrate. After all. Titles in bold Slimy and the tone: “Travel beyond the death “. And like all fashions. there were only blurry photos superimposed with auras or reproductions of paintings Hieronymus Bosch. no evidence of tangible.” Death and then After: For Raoul. eight million of .fashionable for a while. ”” I came back and I like it “. There had been several bestsellers on the subject. These excerpts were not taken from magazines known for their serious or the severity of their investigations.

America Rican claim to have experienced an NDE.I do not want to remove yourself your illusions. ” “A survey performed in a hospital shows that 37% of coma teux claim to have floated out of their bodies. Nothing at all. He seemed surprised. . Raoul thoughtfully scratched his chin .But what? . . 16% were caught up in a beneficial light. A true coma.I had a car accident. exactly. “ I shrugged my shoulders.You said he was in a coma and did not have retained no memory? . And I did not notice the shadow a tunnel or any beneficial light. I have him flying in air and I knocked by falling.You saw what then? . 23% view a tunnel. Three hours without knowledge.Affirmative. but … .Nothing. . My friend looked at me like I was struck by a rare disease caused by a virus not yet identified.

the guard was not fooled. A uniformed guard watching the comings and goings. . “the term immediately caused the discomfort.THE LAND OF THE WHITE MONKS An hour later we were at the hospital Saint-Louis. . Las. “Support the dying. It is in a coma. are better playgrounds in the corner. He was certainly aware of the creation of this service had had . tearful voice. What is the name she? Raoul did not hesitate.Tell the brats. The entrance was lit. The guard passed a wealth of circumstance. She was put in the new support service for the dying. What a genius of improvisation! It would have launched or Dupuis During this would have been immediately suspect. . 24 . He took my hand. He hoped that together we would pass for a father and a son going to the bedside of a grandmother recovering. but “Saliapino “It was just weird to seem true.You do not see anything because … you were not “enough” death.We come to visit our grandmother. was Raoul.I know why! He spared its effects before imposing a sentence I meditated long: . Raoul was wearing an overcoat worn in the hope of old.and his face lit up . Taking advantage of his height.Madame Saliapino.

apologizing almost to have slowed our progress. that was really interesting. Young priestesses the unpacked before transport them in rooms where large tiled priests. still corridors … We pushed several doors to discovering As an extraordinary world. motioned us to go. nurses. fiddling as if weighing them were able to read the omens. Everything was set as an ancient dance. The horn 40€ ridors. It was like to be broken into a temple where whiteness restless witches dressed in white and young priestesses naked under their blouse immaculate. It was the second time I entered a hospital but the effect was just as confusing. From this vision sprang the beginnings of my vocation medical attention.to talk in hallways. He changed his mind. the ability to dig my own way the bowels of my contemporaries. The smell of ether. There lay the real power! I too am a wizard white: . Of ambulance deposited offerings packed in of soiled linen. We went into a glittering maze. recognizable by their square mask and the gloves transparencies. tinsel white.

Raoul whispered in my ear: . a bald woman had more than a tuft of hair dyed blond on his forehead wrinkled.. an emaciated to be indefinite sex stared unblinkingly a brown stain on the ceiling.Bb . Nearby.Sorry to bother you. goddesses. Our right. monsters. .Ravi as a gangster who has finally found the room safes. stinks the air ten feet around. frozen speechless. she stammered. ma’am. this was not the gods. And we nearly beat a retreat before the show. Death.Psst … This way! We pushed a glass door. We would like to interview . . On the left. The Most patients hosted by the escort service the dying were really in bad shape. Obviously. … oon day. rivers full of snakes. My parents were right: the death was awful. . no offense to Raoul. a toothless old man. I decamped on the spot if Raoul had not led to lady with the blond tuft. she did not succeed and the member insulted rebel in an incomprehensible language made by his dentures off. The death was this: people rotting slowly. She tried to suppress the tremor of his incessant compressing the right hand with his left hand. A transparent snot dripping down his nose without he thinks of the wipe. trembling mind as the body.We are both students at a journalism school.

We So our way to the grandfather stinking we considered these two pesky little mosquitoes. Coma. I tell you. puzzled: .What. I’m still here! A glimmer lit up in the eye of Raoul. what you felt while you were in a coma? Obviously.you.Of course I survived a coma. we obtained no response. .To … Why me? she said with difficulty. as if addressing a tourist returning from China. we is very bad. The old man stood up. … By Tez! The brat. Then you wake up and there suffer from everywhere. very proud: . a corridor of any thing? The dying man lost his temper: .What do you mean? . . Five days in coma and see.Hello. It’s not . it is precisely when one does not feel anything! Raoul insisted: .I was in a coma for five days. He got angry as if it bothered him in pressing occupations: .You do not have a hallucination? You do not remember a light. . we are a school of journalism and we do a story on people who survived a coma.Because we are interested in your case. what do you want? Raoul continued his spiel: .Well. the other did not see where he was going.No. what. First.I … do … am … not … interesting. . but the coma is not cinema. . The man looked at him.And how was it? he asked.

You should not look at it.a cakewalk. You write what ??? A nurse comes out of nowhere and immediately began to scream: Who are you? You have not to annoy my sick? Who gave you permission to enter here? You can not read? You did not see the sign: “Entry forbidden to anyone outside the service”? . Some still had their eyes open. not approach it. Clack. his face contorted in an ultimate pain. another aimed at handicapped eventually leading precisely where it should not. We crossed a room reserved for severe burns. Armed with a clip. My friend was wrong. My parents were right. We were both exhausted. . without hesitation. One of them did not sliding. Of naked corpses were lined up in twenty chrome trays. So. I almost fainted.You and me against the idiots! Raoul launched. Raoul dragged me out. Death was something disgusting. The skin was swollen around the metal. At the funeral home. the student’s finger jammed between the blades of the pliers and squeezed. not talk about it and not even thinking about it. a young student was busy removing their rings or wedding rings. It fell to the ground by a noise metal and meat. We lost in a maze of corridors tiled. we went at a gallop. And together.

MYTHOLOGY Lapland For the Sami. by Francis Razorbak. 26 . they take much care to remove the flesh without breaking any edge. a new fresh food will be waiting there. For them. few days. they bear were killed. This same respect for the skeleton among the Mongols and Yakuts who strive to reconstitute intact. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. They reject Then the bony rods in the place where they sin live fish. So when they sin fish. life is a soft covering the skeletons. They believe that nature be responsible for the replenishing and that when they return. standing.Separation Shortly after our trip to the hospital Saint-Louis. The soul is in the bones of the skeleton. weeks or months later. the mother . they deprive themselves from eating the brains.25 . the flesh is pure decoration around the bones imbued with the true soul. And not to risk breaking the delicate bones of the skull. yet food of choice.

She began to want to get involved any at all want to monitor and dictate my life.Raoul moved to province and many years passed before we met again. Without embarrassment. As soon return of the funeral. she was rummaging through my things and found my diary and I thought. My father died the same year of lung cancer. Cigars at ten francs had not missed. She immediately began to read high voice the best passages in front of my brother Conrad. I poured a flood of tears to his funeral but no one seemed to care. however well hidden under my mattress. My . delighted with this supreme humiliation. I took some time to get over this injury. my mother turned into a shrew tyrannical. Spinach broccoli and anchovies.

I do not know you has a crush on this minx of Beatrice. Not even objects friends. Fortunately again he did not fall into foreign hands! I preferred to avoid controversy. . I know keep all your secrets. It is downright ugly with duvets and all buttons on the face. She does I did not want friends. I tried to look good but my mother knew per 44. always smart: . Conrad commented. She considered it sufficient to meet all my needs communication with the outside.Tell me everything. anyone could find it. This was perhaps not his fault but that friend now.newspaper had always been for me as a friend to whom I told me without fear of being judged. tinent she had deprived me of an ally. Your notebook. she said.Well. You’re really Vicious. Retorted I do not that apart . he had actually much betrayed. remain silent as a tomb.

You’re still young for the death t’obnubiler me lectured Beatrice. “You gnognottes the mat.from his. I was probably a meurtriercriminel-assassin-persistent offender. Having lost my confidant. It is too early now. so talking about love! That’s a subject that suitable for young. But it was no. She cried then all echoes that I was a sex maniac and I had the same attempted to rape her. and when I spoke of corpses.Okay. did the slightest interest in ancient mythology. the word “death” did not have the any magic. the absence of Raoul became even more burdensome. It had nothing to say to anyone and no more to himself. Wait sixty years. fuck you psychoanalyze the Greeks! “ . if not why I am interested both death and corpses? .But I ask nothing better than to marry you? She runs away. man. right? She recoiled in horror. No one else at school. to cross life without even trying to understand it. I told him tit for tat: . I tried to coax: . Can not increased the sneers of revenge Conrad by exhibiting her diary to him. For my classmates. zero foreign hands would not Flood allowed to rummage under my bed. they tended to tap the front of the hand. He was happy like that. He did not need it. In addition.

I was really alone on this planet. ”” You do not can not eat properly? Towels are not made for dogs. I had books. ”” Put not your fingers in the nose. But every time my eyes were reading the word “death” I thought of Raoul. They were not afraid to talk about death or love. Raoul was still wrong to simply focus on death. more friends. Raoul did not write. ”” Keep it up and you will take thee. He wanted to know what could have told him before dying. ” The great spiritual heritage. no girlfriend no atom hooked with my family. ”” Do not cure teeth with metro tickets. Fortunately. ”” Cache your money well. ”” Take example of Conrad. that’s your mother. they were friends who will never betray.” “Stand Right. ”” What you got to read a book yet? You better help your mother clear the table. ”” Beware of those who claim you want good. Thank you. Raoul had not not mistaken in saying that the books. ”” Give me my box of cigars. The books were familiar with ancient mythologies.More journal confident. life seemed good bland. As a film that stops when you turned off . End of story. Dad. I knew that the death of his father this obsession caused him. Death need not be rocket scientist to understand: it was just the end of life. My own father had said everything in life: “Do not be silly.

This nightmare then. I had not written in my notebook. the world Gods in the sun. a spiritual being occurs which transports them into the worlds of Brahman: in these worlds they inhabit distant unfathomable. the day in the bright fortnight of the fortnight in the six months during which the sun rises north of months in the world of the gods. . 27 . yet I dreamed that I still often and flew up there. the sun flashes in the region. those entering the flame. the flame in the day. 46.Hindu Mythology “Those who know well and those who. know that faith is the truth. in the forest. by Francis Razorbak. I still believe the lady in satin white skeleton mask. For them. “ (Brhaddranyaka Upanisad) Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. Arrived in the area of ​lightning. point back down here.the television … In the evening.

Nurses are often in a T-shirt. and. Anyway. He was now a researcher in biology at the CNRS. head of lives concerned about human survival. No question of laughter all. He had the delicacy not to talk to me right away death. It was even bigger. I was quick to check that was a myth. Yet he began his talk by Mistresses …” Women were only happen in his life because they did not . I decided to become a doctor. More stupid puns. Maybe I had also wanted spawn of these priestesses were said in their bare white coat. skinny. indiscriminately. I found myself in the heart of the temple. of puns or spoonerisms. Like me. After so long years of absence. with title of professor. I was thirty-two when Raoul came without warning in my life.28 . I was very flattered that his first gesture was to renew contact with me. he had matured. He was back in Paris. was it really a coincidence? I choose specialties like anesthesia and resuscitation. He telephoned and gave me obviously go to the cemetery of Pere-Lachaise. skinnier than in my memory. I began studies as appropriate.RAOUL IS BACK At the age of eighteen years.

To induce hibernation Artificial even deeper in a . It currently working on hibernating marmots. the heart slowed to 90%. He then spoke of his research. They deemed it too … morbid. Like many other animals.Why are the prettiest girls they always more stupid? . marmots were able to remain three months. enveloping me in their protective presence. Raoul had pushed away the phenomenon. We évoquâmes skirmish with our nostalgic the Belzébuthiens. you go out a lot? Uh. He only smiled. without moving. No. Sometimes I dream that there somewhere a charming princess and she waits for me.Why do you not dredge the ugly? answered I We should have esclaffer but childhood had passed.… Ah. He raged: . without sleep. he wanted graze the limbo of death. without food. After sleep.understand. What/how? could I have lived so long away from him and his madness? . eh? .Too shy. breathing. You’re too prude.Too much imagination. . This world is too hard for dreamers like you. he sighed. . Exactly! That is the impression that I feel every a time. Michael. Not really. Michael. perhaps.You believe in Sleeping Beauty? But if you go out with a girl before meeting her. He gave me a big pat on the back. You have arm yourself to learn how to fight. . Arachnéides hands fluttered around Raoul me. it’s as if you wrong in advance.And you. me and nobody else.

the heartbeat slowed to the point of full stop but the beast did not die either. The temperature Internal fell rapidly. It was possible to revive a half-hour later. It had not dared hope that I would approach her about so fast predilection. the barbarians of the second world they are themselves surrounded by a third. Each universe contained a universe smaller than him. I asked him if he had discovered other ancient texts of the afterlife. In the center of it was the Greek world. However. The Greeks believed in the universe and concentric circles. I suspected my friend to describe what hibernation We. doctors. then another even smaller. I . circling. . one where people lived. in the center. some have called him “the awakener marmot frozen. Raoul was launched. the Greeks in the first world. Then around. It soon became animated. just by rubbing.The Greeks! he exclaimed with relish. called “coma”. it was enough the plunge in a bath cooled to 0 ° C. the world monsters. “ Point blank. . like a target. his experiences were successful.So. and in Congress international. including among others ugly creatures boreal land.groundhog.

He multiplied the technical issues. Raoul broke the spell in wondering about my job as anesthesiologist-intensivist.After the sea continued Raoul. the god of dreams. the four control issues. 29 .NOTICE OF DR PINSON A. barbarians. dreams to open two more delicious. a paradise where the immortals live. there is again a earth. three layers.No.Ouaah! . Consciousness is abolished but the patient reacts to external stimuli. . crossed by a river that flows only the IGHT It is covered with lotus flowers. This is where all the vessels fail and end all. Michael Pinson. monsters.Men. After world of monsters. It is the shore of the continent from the dead. There is also Island Dream. there are three common forms of coma: A Coma: Coma vigil. The trees there are as dried fruit. he corrected much. At its center is located at the four city gates. furnished in turn sets paradise or hell. Hypnos. . saying they could both serve him for his marmots.summarize: . right? . Comas According to my friend Dr. much more. Let in the two nightmares. He wanted to know what products I used for my people. There was a silence. It can last from thirty seconds to three days. just the sea is the island of Blessed.

According to Michael. How to cause a coma? Used by Michael: 1) Sodium. How to take a patient’s coma? Methods used by Michael: 1) cardiac massage. B. It can last up to a week. C. 3) Electric shock from 200 to 300 joules. 3 Coma: Coma deep. The heartbeat become irregular (defibrillation). 3) Deviation of the mouth. 4) intracardiac injections of adrenaline. D. External effects 1) Mydriasis (full dilatation of the pupil). Cessation of all forms ) Decerebration movements. Propofol (Fast asleep. 2) Thiopental (plan agitation on awakening). like it or clip it a picnic. Limbs are higher as paralyzed. wake up with no problems). he can not get out of this type of coma.Coma 2: The patient does not respond to stimuli outside. 2) upper airway intubation. 2) Paralysis. .

lower net cerebral blood flow.p> Some yogis down to 38 but these cases exceptional. risk of syncope (Brief loss of consciousness lasting less than two minutes).3) Droperidol (less powerful effects. transient analgesia. The subject usually keeps no memory of the incident. risk of sudden cardiac arrest).p> To lowest: 40 beats minute. 50 E. Mus adjust the dose to patient weight.p> Maximum: 220 beats minute under the age of the subject. sense of disconnection with a duration of one hour after waking up.p> Working notes for research Thanatonautes. Raoul . 4) Potassium chloride (causes heart disease and ventricular fibrillation). Heart rate in humans Normal: 65 to 80 beats minute. Minimum: below 40 heartbeats minute.

President Lucinda greeted the crowd. 31 . there’s enough ingrown toenail.HISTORY TEXTBOOKS The Thanatonautes was born of a chance incident. He greeted the crowd that cheered the while wondering . History textbook. In fact.THE PRESIDENT LUCINDA Standing in his black limousine. and to repeat regularly in his ear: “Remember that you are a Male “Lucinda did not have to slave to the Remember. It was no consolation to think that Julius Caesar had no probably also been tormented by such vicissitudes in its large military parades. smiling apologetically. Most historians date from the day of the attack against President Lucinda. he was in agony as he suffered from an ingrown toenail on his toe. at the time. second year elementary course.Razorbak. it was not the care … Julius Caesar was always behind him a slave in charge both brandishing his laurel wreath. 30 . And Alexander the Great with his syphilis? In addition.

You’ll ‘ll feel better tomorrow. Of course. The ingrown toenail proved tougher. Ah. Her doctor advised a operation. “Lucinda. Nothing to write home about. The election was close.Do not worry. but so far the leader of the Nation did never lie on a pool table. President ! “Chanted a group. had advised her wife. What causes problems that the human cast-offs! Always something wrong somewhere.how to get rid of. Rheumatism. Lucinda had had a good time under these cheers. There is a saying from my home. “being means to be healthy every day a patient different place. “Long live Lucinda! “They cried around. . she had served a little milk hot and the pain had subsided. without anesthesia. the new term! It would have to worry about it soon. conjunctivitis … Last week. You are upset because of South America. . He did not like the idea to be asleep while hidden under unknown gauze masks and armed with pointed blades fiddling his palpitating flesh. Jean. ” Very funny! Still. caries. Lucinda had been tormented by an awakening of his ulcer. He loved the walkabouts. he could also use his pedicure particular. The latter promised to come to overcome the problem without going through the operating room but it would have to cut the toe raw. Without this cursed toe. It kissed a girl with rosy cheeks a woman brandishing under his nose.

President CONGOMA. revolver in hand.Here is murdering me! thought the President calmly. What fun to posterity. The presidents were assassinated always entitled to honors textbooks. Shots rang in his ears. had seen his mandate prematurely shortened by a prostate cancer. Lucinda smiled. He tried to shake her a little toes trapped in her new shoes when a rigid tall man in three-piece suit rushed toward him. He was lucky. It boasted their visions grandiose audacity of their projects. with its technocratic revolver black. Children recite his praise in schools. Nothing was more important. This was the first and the last. . he did not care now. including its cursed ingrown toenail. Who hated him and to the point of organizing his death? Well.The girl handed him a bouquet of flowers one to cause every time an allergy. Lucinda saw her assassin who was based in the crowd. There was no other immortality. Blood warm running down her navel. And his bodyguards who stood idly by! What lesson! You should not rely on these professionals the nuts. The death was the best remedy against all the little ills of life. His predecessor. It was a good way to go down in history with a capital H. surely. . The car restarted.

Arms do not hoisted Lucinda least a bran-card. He did not die less. It was not a doctor need to fetch. A bullet had pierced the heart. Twenty-seven years came to the party Social Democratic relations with his father and already a slogan for his future career: “Those familiar with the past . rather a new president to replace him while he would join Caesar. The locked him in an ambulance to unbearable sirens wailing. Invisible specialists placed a mirror on his mouth. There were even a rather unceremonious to venture a word-of-mouth. Seven years: the first honor roll by a neighbor who had left his copy composition. Abraham Lincoln and Kennedy in the sky of great statesmen assassinated. These people are silent … There was no doctor able to help. Four years: his first blow undeserved first and aggressiveness.A doctor! Quick. massed his lungs. it had been a mistake: it was awful). Twenty-three years: mastery of ancient philosophy. a doctor! shouted someone close to in front of him. Seventeen years: his first daughter (he had seen since. without cheating this time. Memories marched to any speed in his mind. Twenty-one years: degree in history. It was too late. Twenty-five years: PhD of ancient history..

Appointment to the Department Foreign Affairs and the first real action repulsive: the organization of the assassination of President of Peru. . replaced by a puppet. Finally the Elysee Palace. fortune built on land sales municipal early paintings master. Thirty-two years: election mayor of Toulouse. Thirty-eight years: short crossing of the desert caused by the case of bribery of wine on the sale of aircraft in Pakistan.are better able to build the future. mistresses galore. chickpea for brains but damn a saint legs). Fifty-two years: new election. the first castle in Lozère. first ancient sculptures. Twenty-nine years: first shots and first betrayals down to $ within the party apparatus. “ Twenty-eight years: marriage to the first “chick” (a actress he had forgotten the name). Trentecinq years in the National Assembly election. a good choice this time). Hold on the Secret Service. Thirty-nine: dazzling return to the political scene with new wedding (the daughter of President CONGOMA. Forty-five years: death of President CONGOMA. Victory: Power. Thirtysix years with the divorce and remarriage second “chick” (German supermodel. Thirty-seven years: Mouflets outbreak in every corner. Campaign Lucinda President of the beautiful Republic French thanks to a campaign entirely financed by the in New slogan: “Lucinda has studied history at now he writes. ” Failure.

“they repeat. he. Not possible! Jean Lucinda felt … he left.Private museum of antiquities quietly “Recovered” abroad. More bubble mirrors. we he raises his eyes. this not more than that. Yikes! He really went out of his . Fools! What good is all this effort? He felt a great fatigue invade. Fifty-five: Threat of nuclear war. even as President. Fifty-seven years meeting with his first real friend. Life. suspicion. Finally. The enemy gets scared. this fine biography of the great man murdered in a walkabout in Versailles. Dust to dust you return. Ash. If only he was allowed to die in peace! Same maggots are entitled to final peace. Fifty-six years of the mistresses of younger and younger. you end up in stomach maggots. But no. a black Labrador. we undressed. He felt that it came out. placed on a pool table … It is fiddles. back. and Lucinda misses its first opportunity to enter history. it chatters. He went out of his body. It was as if life gradually left him. Caviar with a ladle. Maggot. “All do to save the President. It came out. Exactly that. careerism. Vercingetorix. you return to ashes. fifty-eight years and concluded at the moment. it connects to the device complicated and around him. it chatters.

He did not suffer more toes. like him stretching their silver cord. He crossed the ceiling. as and as he walked away from it. Finally it or what else? There was something else … how can you call it? His soul? His body heritage? Its ectoplasm? His thought materialized? It was he in clear and light. in front of him.body. It is separated. Fantastic! Other people. it was split. rose again. it was the roof and then the sky. he broke the coast. it is scrub. it was called elsewhere. passed through several floors filled of patients. connecting still in its human carcass. But suddenly his own silver cord stopped . Finally. rose. he gazed at the corpse lying and all the experts full aggressive therapy. planted electrodes directly into the muscle heart! Needless to stay longer here. silver cord and elastic. What a feeling! He took off. No respect for his remains. It rose. many other people. A light kindly called off. He felt to participate a great party. fluttered around him. like an old garment Used. It was so light! His … new “me” lingered a moment on the ceiling. left his skin. They opened his chest. Of there. She stretched. A string transparent kind of umbilical cord.

Tramp. tensed. In the second he had only one desire: to be a bum which no one cared. What does he continued further forward? Pulled the cord. ” ectoplasm other looked at him without understanding: for He was in pain. But his ectoplasm had no voice. my aching body. he returned to the operating room and saw the nurses who released her discharge several hundred volts directly into the heart. beggar. The result remember. to limit aggressive therapy.to stretch.. anything. two years before. we obviously felt that his life was above the law. so bad in all his nerves. This is the first right of a citizen: to die in peace. worker. it was section 676: “When cardiac activity ceases. “It is forbidden to do that! “He had passed a law that. housewife. He recrossed the roof. The air. the elastic Te So here again. policy abruptly retracted. abuse or operation that may force the failing heart to restart. there are currents had to go to the obvious: Lucinda did not die more. pulled it from below! He wanted to shout it: “Close the door. the little manure! Once again he found the inconvenience of being the most important man of Country : . The cord money dragged lower . but that he record the peace. That he be granted the peace of death. Ha! the bastards! Ah. “Let me die! Let me die! “He yelled to loudly. | He opened one eyelid. there were plenty of people around ceilings. it hardens. “But as he was president. it will not perform any manipulation.

What a feeling unpleasant! Ouch.His heart is beating again. He opened his eyes. It was bad. he felt again the already ingrown toenail! And we had broken his ribs for reach the heart. Floup. he suffered.We did it.and lower. he is saved! Saved? Who saved. he returned to his former body. so bad. 32 . He stammered in a grimace something incomprehensible. he breathes. Fools … . In addition he dropped a new landfill power. Of course the doctors and nurses shouted for joy and congratulating the each other. He could not back. very badly. saved from what? Not one of them. “Stop landfills close the chest! “ his bed.FACT POLICE . He closed eyes to enjoy a moment of respite and remember the great country light up there in the heaven. at any cases He suffered. this time it was very. we did it! . All his nerves were raw.

but enough to discern and famous paintings naughty Greek sculptures.Demand for basic descriptive information Name: Lucinda Name: Jean Hair: Black Eyes: Gray Size: 78 1 m Distinguishing features: None Comment: A pioneer of the movement Thanatonautes Weakness: President of the Republic 33 . the black labrador at his feet. Minister Research. Art was a good way to impress the philistines.MINISTER MERCASSIER Fully furnished in Louis XV style. too. the Presidential Office was very broad. not ignorant. The room was dimly lit. The desk lamp that illuminated his hands. . Benedict Mercassier. He also knew that even he could not see his face. President Lucinda was sitting there in front of him. but the thick silhouette was familiar.

These Doctors have performed miracles. Mr. Why the President had he contacted him. He came into the light. . Speaker. As for his face. He hesitated and chose few banalities of circumstances: . .It was the first meeting between the two men since the attack that had nearly cost his head to the nation. he seemed becoming . particularly brilliant landed on the speaker curled a chair of red brocade. Gray eyes. he dared to break it first. Which ? is it? Leaning back. specifically.Mercassier. Speaker? It seems you’re recovering well from your operation.How are you. when there were so many issues of domestic policy or 56 57 foreign to regulate much more urgent problems researchers always looking for grants? As Mercassier could no longer silence the dragged on. It was strange. Lucinda plunged into the penumbra. Only you can help me.I’d be delighted. his every move exuded a strange majesty. Lucinda thought he would gladly have such of miracles. Mr. I have called because I need the advice an expert.

puzzled. This need is always rooted in man. so realistic usually interested in this to mystical phenomena. Near the Deaîh experience.The NDE. a phenomenon company will like so many others before him. . stupidity and naive.suddenly more … (Mercassier surprised by the adjective which came to mind) more human. finally.That’s really what you think? Of course! What better than a dream beyond paradise? What more “fake” dream? Lucinda coughed: . . So… some writers. What it was like to have known death! He hesitated. these people in last moment out of their body and then return to Because. gurus. thanks to medical advances? Benedict Mercassier could not believe his ears. People need to believe in the marvelous.I think it is a fashion. he are anything other than the material world down here. charlatans benefit into their business by telling nonsense. .You have training in biology. President annoyed: . Religions are the proof. Behold Lucinda. Tell me.And yet. Credulity. Just promise paradise in an imaginary future for people to swallow more easily the bitter pill now. what is your experience post-comatose? Mercassier stared at him. if there was any truth in these … gossip? The . the supernatural. is not it? Lucinda issued.

The President shrugged. It is the skeptics to prove that their doubts are founded.Since the time. the attack had not left to his vis-àvis irreversible sequelae. that’s me. everything works in reverse. made Mercassier. because the man who saw the bear. Benedict! exclaimed harshly Lucinda. as you say. The Minister of Research looked at the President with unbelief. many Also. there are proofs. not to my knowledge.No evidence.Stop and stare. Lucinda tried to impartiality. Benedict! exclaimed Lucinda. troubled. I will not establish a communist state! . Just as anyone announces the end of the world tomorrow that requires specialists they prove it will not happen. the brain had not been irrigated for several minutes. replied the scientist by instinct. we stuck to record doubtful accounts. .Uh. I just tell you that I lived a NDE.I would not have believed it myself if I was not . you say? Perhaps there are not because no one has tried? Are there only a formal study on the subject? . . Nowadays. Its heart has been reached. What’s going on? Interested in this topic there? “Oh! Yes.scientist chuckled: . This is the story of the man who saw the man who saw the man who saw the man who saw the bear. So far. after all.I do not think so. Some areas they would necrotic? Is it now a victim of psychotic delusions ? . He wondered if. well. and even directly.

In the halo of the desk lamp. I already addicted and I know the difference between an early overdose and the real.In this case. . Benedict. the body often produces morphine natural abundance.Yes. it Simply invest in abundance to reach early results? . press. Qualitative Interviews Your own eyes? Off course ! Always rational. as a small indulgence chemical as an ultimate fireworks … Surely there is enough to cause some fantastic hallucinations. “Great continent” and others. I glimpsed a continent wonderful and I would like to learn more about it. . I prefer to resign. On the contrary. Really? 34 - . very quiet: . . What the dying drunk before the departure. His brain is it when even damaged? Was it necessary to alert other ministers. but … . Mercassier offered an explanation: . to the President out of harm’s way before he commits the country in any transaction insane? Benedict Mercassier wrung her hands under his seat. This is probably what You arrived on the operating table. Corn in front. in any scientific field.I know the effects of the drug.I insist. Lucinda had not hallucinatory air. How many times did you not reiterated that.I refuse.One percent of the budget of Veterans Affairs awarded in soft. the speaker resumed already. I am a true scientist and I can not lead to such a farce.arrival: But then it happened to me. okay? Mercassier was in agony.Before his death.


He knew exactly why Lucinda had elected to this task. He forced ministers from right to implement policies on the left. Statistics 1970 (end of the second millennium). second year elementary course.Agricultural workers: 565 History textbook.The death of our ancestors Classified by socio-professional categories (of time) Here is a table comparing the number of people exceeding the age of 50 on a thousand men each category. Much to ask an atheist to demonstrate the existence of God or a publicist vegetarian boast the merits of the meat.Teachers: 732 . The President loved to force his men to practice paradox.Engineers: 700 .Senior Managers and professionals: 719 . 35 . protectionist advocate free trade … . environmentalists for rent the all-nuclear.Office workers: 623 Middle management: 616 . He was convinced of the absence of NDE and now he was commissioned to prove conclusively reality.NEW AUSTRALIA The empty mind.Farmers: 653 Entrepreneurs and traders: 631 .Workers: 590 .Catholic Clergy: 692 . Benedict wandered long Mercassier on the Champs-Elysées. .

But to prove that flew out of his body at the time of his death to win a “wonderful continent “… 61 Lucinda was not the first head of state to engage in projects cranks. To UFOs. ” Imagine the wealth of austere scientists forced to listen to the enlightened and hallucinated chain! He had squandered taxpayers’ money in building a gigantic transceiver supposed to capture messages and possible extraterrestrial intelligences communicate with them.S. a whimsical name of U. It was either stroke the whims of the .He had still to allocate two hundred thousand francs to her scarf “Project Paradise”. Mercassier had no choice. And then he was not surprised not be reelected! Lucinda also ran his Berezina. It launched a program cutting across all the accounts of the famous “Objects Unidentified Flying. but for his hand. President Jimmy Carter had made up his mind to come into contact with UFOs. There he was no longer ignore. Mercassier remembered that There was already a long time in the seventies. he thought as hard as iron.

it seemed no surprise when. we can not require me I believe the NDE. these are the exact words What employees the first . That says it. All by sharing their plates with mashed broccoli it reflects: . Too bad for the Veterans! He would find how to use the famous two hundred thousand Francs. The President is convinced he had a NDE! As always. Mercassier immediately thought to call her best and closest adviser: his wife. . he explained his problem NDE. To his amazement. but size.What you need to get started is to invent a experimental protocol. Think therefore politician.A “great continent”? Jill frowned. . To succeed. otherwise we would never manage.One. and? As always he was in doubt. is there something after death? ” What did you like data as a starting point? . then. naturally. she comforted him: . lamented there. Jill.But.He claims to have glimpsed a “great continent” … . he sighed. at dinner.You’re not a scientist. Inventing a test meeting the question: “Yes or no.President in the grain or abandon portfolio and.It’s funny. your President? . he held his little bit of power. It would be to ignore everything that I taught at the Faculty of Science! She cut short her jeremiads: . you’re a politician. we must be ahead confident of victory.Be positive.

animals. You have therefore adopt the spirit of the pioneers of the sixteenth century. From this perspective. your king and sank has featured a glimpse of “wonderful continent. As if he had not wanted to keep the mind clear. too. of course … Jill Mercassier insisted: . but on his return to his capital.European navigators by discovering the continent I was born: Australia! . . the twenty-first century. Mercassier would gladly have emptied the whole bottle of Bourgueil. A good year.Put yourself in the shoes of a minister of that time. with meadows. Those who would have said would have gone for friendly crazy as you treat the statements of nonsense the President. Jill continued his reasoning : .Still. aborigines! Easy to say. pouring himself a glass of wine.We gave you a new continent to explore. he ordered his Minister of Transport to take steps to learn more about the mysterious island.What relationship? he asked.You just baptize your land of the dead “New Australia “and . . In during a sea voyage. They unaware that there was a land east of Indonesia. but at the time imagine yourself a little? Speaking of southern lands was equally strange to mention that today a continent beyond death. trees. there was a palpable continent.” It was rescued by another vessel of his squadron before he could it forward.

In either case. Fixing the green mashed potatoes.Okay. You imagine. people sneer: “And to think that these arrears unaware of the continent from the dead! “In the year 3000. The challenge is worthy of our modernity. a term much easier to complete: just visit the country the dead … His wife was so convincing that Benedict could not help to ask: . Do you want a salad? No. In turn.then adopt a mindset of an explorer. but what a ship sent in such a place? Suddenly. In any case. she emptied her glass: . I have advised to charter ships and to check whether There was an Australian. Jill grabbed the bottle. to this continent from the dead? Does it matter? What I know is that if I was the wife of the Minister of Transport in the sixteenth century. And Minister responsible for Mission Mercassier the envy of the past who received him. namely which has proved its nonexistence. you will be the man who discovered this unknown continent. in xxxf century. her husband grumbled: .It comes back to the problem of experimental protocol.But you believe. you. you go winner. It was no longer hungry. Worries him . there will still look for a president to go further in back in time maybe.

And we shipped to colonize Australia? Convicts. we must pledge a Captain. Now. you found what sailors storming your new continent. thugs of the worst kind. Jill had not failed. It was not the case that Jill fetched cooking a bowl of lettuce and tomatoes. The Minister of Research smiled.Aztec mythology Among the Aztecs. . Her face brightened as and as he spoke. The best way to die is to die in combat.Well. prisoners of law. She had provided a solution. . And why them specifically? There Mercassier found himself in his element. I have an idea! 36 .Benedict.cut the appetite.With that. we already decided to call your new continent “New Australia”. All his business. it is not the merits acquired during earthly life that determine the existence in the beyond but the circumstances surrounding the death.Because we thought that Australia might be a dangerous place and it was better not to send People whose loss would be a shortage for the company. As usual. She sat down in a synopsis: . oriental paradise where the deceased will sit alongside the god of war. reassured: . . She led the Quantec (companions of the Eagle) to Tonatiuhichan.

Sixth hurdle: under fire arrows seeking to pierce the deceased. the place of hell where they undergo four years test before the final dissolution. The soul must cross eight stays underground before reaching the ninth world. Fifth obstacle passing between flags giants flapping in the wind out of sight.Death by drowning or water-related disease (such as leprosy) induces a journey to the Tlalocan. Fourth obstacle stand obsidian wind. It enters the caves. Second obstacle: two mountains clashing with irregular intervals. paradise Tlaloc. Seventh obstacle: massive attack of wild animals willing to swallow his heart. Those who were not recognized by any god go to Mictlan. the underworld. the god of rain. This is the area of ​Mictlantecuhtli. a stream that the dead must cross by clinging to the tail of a dog Red previously sacrificed on his grave. First obstacle: the Chicnahuapan. that is that they guide the soul through the land of the dead. The third hurdle to climb a mountain trail Steep covered with sharp stones. Animals sacrificed at the funeral psychopomps serve. . storm cold sliced ​carting stones.

not a biologist. television. No one in the country could not escape. I stared go not to the Père-Lachaise. 37 . radio had their headlines. What this incident was it related to the bustle of my friend? .“Ah!” Michael. but at home. Our head of state was shot at close range during a walkabout in Versailles. . He finally won access to the dissolution. .Have you heard of the attack suffered by the President Lucinda? Of course I had heard. For once. at last! He pointed to a chair in advising me to wedge myself comfortably.ABOUT Raoul Razorbak reminded me a few weeks later. It was hardly recognized him when I opened the door. His voice was strange and it seemed experiencing an emotion. He was still thin and wore an expression I learned to recognize in schizophrenics in the hospital. The best specialists had fared in extremis. The press. His presentation would surprise me. He was eager to see me.Eighth hurdle: a narrow defile where the risk of death get lost. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. in his apartment. by Francis Razorbak. Would he obtained unexpected results in its research on the hibernation of marmots? But what they affect me? I was a doctor.

the sick man became like a car with it was enough to change the defective parts. including failure supreme death. Having the appearance old age was synonymous with negligence. specifically in the years 1960-1970. It was only a matter of technology. At the time.. Everything was replaceable. At the same time.HISTORY TEXTBOOKS The first xenografts were established in the mid twentieth century. life fell. Therefore. 38 . the Death took mechanical figure of mere accident. Of researchers conceived of pig hearts with characters DNA corresponding to the receptacles in which human they would operate. it was thought that best way to fight against death was to hide the warning signs. radiant. And again! It became logical to think that someday we would be able to overcome all failures. . In each to properly maintain its biological mechanisms. We hid the old shriveled or unsavory aspect to better show off those who practiced. As a result.The next day. If there was Death was due to lack of proper replacement parts. except the brain. the tennis or running. Techniques to support foreign bodies were constantly improved. President Lucinda asked its Minister of Research … He stopped and grabbed me: Follow me.

Whatever it was. the place looked more like a small city ​or in a hospital and a prison. we went out of Paris. I wanted to you presented Dr. I shudder when it finally slows to an ominous sign. I felt that guards as we passed we saw in one eye bad. knocked at a door. Mr.AMANDINE My friend Raoul pushed me in his old Renault 20 convertible and drove off with a bang.” From the outside. Michael Pinson. Thank you in advance. second year elementary course. A man already upset we opened. You will need to provide a pass in the shortest possible time. We passed a sas. . we were in new corridors. “Fleury-Merogis Penitentiary. I could not get more out of him. . for his part very a smile. .History textbook. Before the director could answer. Raoul parked in the parking adjacent to the entrance and led me.Where are you taking me? . The wind blew my questions as answers. His face frowned at the sight of Razorbak.Greetings.Where it all happens. drove through a long corridor. 39 . He presented a authorization me my ID card. Director.

they roared: . Printing a descent into hell. Raoul explained that inmates practicing the sport a lot. We were in the center of the town-prison. you will have your skin! Apparently. Each harbored in the center of a football field. reinforced doors and unlocking. Fortunately. as many seemed to me very angry our presence. Other stairs. Clinging to the bars of the first floors. Do we shut the crazy around here? . the guards did not put any zeal to to silence. The stairs. It was immense. Five blocks buildings stretched out of sight. less desire to learn more than not to be alone. he went on his way recklessly to put these men in such a state of rage? I knew as passions could lead to the far. What had been my friend Raoul.Garbage. between angry prisoners and guards equally hostile.We know what you make in the D2. Building D2.We found ourselves in a courtyard. A voice stood out: . but at that hours they were still recorded in their cells. bastards. beyond any reason. Of People like you do not deserve to live! I was getting worried. Still corridors. I followed the reprobate. far away. From below came the laughter fat mixed with many complaints.

-I present Dr. ever more dark. I thought of the method invented by Aesculapius for treatment of madness. surprised at the height of bliss. stop the insane in the darkest place. Darker. ever lower. It was then that Raoul exhibited a rusty key that opened a big studded door. After a long wait during which they had been conditioned Hopefully the supreme pleasure. Miss Ballus. is poured over him a barrel full of sticky snakes under which struggled while the poor. Michael Pinson. When enchanted. they exclaimed in chorus. I wondering when I get my barrel of reptiles frozen. this pioneer of psychiatry had set up a maze of dark tunnels. care facility called Esclapion and which can be still see the ruins in Turkey. our nurse. Me. The men rose and bowed respectfully my friend. Chants were heard at the entrance and it sank in the dark labyrinth. continued Raoul. there’s insane driving. they became more melodious. In fact. Doctor. Asclepius was invented the electric shock. I have already mentioned. Thanks for coming. I found behind a large hangar-like disorder as Capernaum there was Grand There were three men in a tracksuit and a young blonde woman wearing a black blouse that gave me a déjà vu. There was this more than three thousand years. I bowed to the girl . adrift in the basement of Fleury-Merogis. it appeared to be healed.Lower. Either he died on the spot fear.

sat an old dentist’s chair. The set looked like a garage tinkerer’s Sunday. I myself had used enough laboratories to determine the vision and impeccable immaculate in movies always give is generally wrong. In reality. However. For lack of credits.and noticed it the look me up. in some places broken. The place had to be abandoned a lazaretto. he could gain support for its metal brain . A friend working on a subject just as important that the trajectory of thought through the complexities of brain had for shelter in a car park located basement of the hospital where all colliding at Bichat each passage of noisy subway. no benches or nickel blouses just out of the laundry instead of the types mittees in sweaters in makeshift premises. On my right. I wonder if Raoul had not made garbage universities. the electrodes of the cardiographs blackened by age. a laboratory bench was littered with bottles smoking. To see the status of devices. and surrounded by electrical machinery overcrowded son of twisted and screens turn signals. The screens of oscilloscopes were cracked. In the center of the room. controllers and levers rusted. probably liquid nitrogen.

I mentioned then as an unexplored continent. These are.President Lucinda experienced a NDE at the time of his recent attack on Versailles.My dear Michael. The men themselves would know. The barrel of snakes fell on me head. pulling me from my thoughts. He contacted me and asked if I could reproduce such experiments on humans. the search is over what it was. are performed the most daring experiences of our generation. Yes. said pompously Raoul. Raoul. My marmots may have been parties to a another world. my best and oldest friend. .wave receiver and had resolved to tinker thing of wood. Now here we are trying to plant flags. It turns out that he had read my articles on “put in hibernation Artificial surges marmots’ in international journals. the Minister of Research. but they were unable to tell me what they had seen. using volunteers. Raoul Razorbak. um … . I have the green light for government Research on NDE. we were talking about death when we meet the FatherLachaise. glued with tape and consolidated with bedbugs. He therefore charged Benedict Mercassier. These gentlemen are our pilots of the afterlife. you remember. Now he was engaged in experiments the death! As I stood bewildered. he explained: . I jumped the occasion. Yes. had gone mad. to launch a program Studies on beyond the coma. also common-law prisoners. Once. my dear. It was there. even in France.

Madame.They are … Then his face lit up: . since by taking off our … Thanatonautes. pointing to a stained ceiling Tasks: . death. A new vocabulary was born in these depths of Fleury-Merogis. Everyone aims to baptism. . Of Greek thanatos. gentlemen. our hangar is a thanatodrome. Of Thanatonautes. .Thanatonautes: a word of the same family. browser. We use Thanatonautes to make tha-na-to-water. Nice word indeed. “Excuse me.He repeated again. The blonde girl produced a bottle of sparkling wine and biscuits. . I freed myself. I see myself obliged to leave you. These gentlemen have mission to conquer the land of the dead.He thought for a moment as if searching for inspiration. I remained dark and pushed the flute that Raoul handed me. . He listened to himself. we play with life. that cosmonaut or astronaut. .Consequently. Fabulous. This will become the generic reference. Thanatonautes.… of tha-na-tonauts. ca .Raoul. great whole.” I do not play spoilsport but I understand. therefore. I said very calmly.Yes. Michael.And what a tremendous challenge for our generation and future generations: the exploration of the afterlife. to his own delight. no? Raoul raised his hand. Finally we have coined the term. Raoul beamed. here. and communities. I do not need .

She continued to stare at me. That it should be used in the exercise of his profession to demand cotton wool or scalpel to-end chrome.Wait. I drew back. For the first time I heard the sound of his voice. smile without me. she had worn in a cold almost indifferent. an iris like a lost island in an ocean. I met his gaze. . I walked quickly toward the exit when the nurse grabbed my arm. I could not wait to escape this place mortal. without really amenity. 40 . I salute you. She did not beg. She had eyes of a color rare: navy blue with a little beige in the center. I immediately plunged like a black abyss. With that. we need you.FACT POLICE .crazy suicidal or not they enjoy the support of their government. As if the mere spoken to me was already the largest concessions.

MYTHOLOGY AMAZON Principle creator of the world once decided to make immortal men. “ . Do not stop certainly not the first two. He ordered them: “Go on banks of the river. Wait for the third and embrace the spirit is there. You will cycle through three canoes.Demand for basic descriptive information Name: Ballus Name: Amanda Hair: Blond Eyes: Black Size: 69 1 m Distinguishing features: None Comment: A pioneer of the movement Thanatonautes Weakness: Very focused on sex 41 .

they saw a dead human form and they rushed to comfort him. On behalf of our old friendship. I did not though. I admit. But when there appeared the second. I had no new my ex-friend Professor Razorbak and its thanatomachin. the . 42 . It noted with dismay that the men had embraced the death. I thought even to report to the police. Raoul. It was too late when occurred the spirit of creative Principle in the third vessel. by Francis Razorbak. If conducting experiments “fatal” in guinea pigs humans. as he claimed.Before the first boat. So they had made their choice.gradual shift towards CRIME For two weeks. the Indians retreated. I repeated to myself that if he had received. the idol of my youth had managed to make his fantasies and I was revulsion. I was very disappointed. disgusted. it had to be put out of harm’s way. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. responsible for rotten meat 72 covered with vermin and odors exhaling.

He transcends being. I wanted to tell him that I wanted never heard of him and his experiences but something held me back. He seemed to have old and still read his nervousness in his eyes. Only the project account. the jovial writer Rabelais. and presto! Me.No matter the individual Razorbak. such actions .I do not judge you. . He visited me in my studio. perhaps the words of the nurse who rang in my ears.Support the Head of State was that he was able to provide adequate safeguards. “We need you. It is a challenge to live up to our generation. . perhaps our old friends. do not judge me. . was traveling at night in cemeteries dig up the corpses and studied anatomy in order to advance medicine. but all the precursors were deemed objectionable by their contemporaries. I had taken the Hippocratic Oath and one of the major rules of my job was to save lives. not to shorten. Rabelais. At the time. h probably had not slept for several days.” said the young nurse and the phrase haunted me. I try to understand you and I will not not understand.Michael. I will shock. What would they need me to kill people? A little cyanide or mortal-rats. He lit the chain of fine cigarettes eucalyptus say “Bidder” he breathed into a few puffs. When Raoul reminded me.

The put in a coma. what would you say? I weighed the matter. They died stupidly. I do not know how accurate dosing the anesthetics. Raoul. Either he was shaking too much for activate the mechanism. is controlling. he says.Anesthetize people.I said okay. or the stone was worn. I can not. .constitute a crime. Also. He rose and paced the room. but in terms of human beings. you and your mind to both imaginative and resourceful. . No flame springs. I handed him the matches. But thanks to him we understood by following the bloodstream and it has saved lives through transfusions. because I am not a doctor and I have not been able to revive him. if you had lived Rabelais and if so asked you to help him on his expeditions night. they are living them! And do all your manipulations purpose than to pass from life to death. we had five and two are already Thanatonautes died. Michael. since its … patients were already dead. . But your guinea pigs. I know how to place and hibernating marmots back to life. I called in to help. to stop this mess. I said finally. it is certainly my job. is another matter.You are not mistaken. At first. . because your famous Thanatonautes are just guinea pigs. I right? Yes or no? Raoul fiddled with his lighter from his long rough hands. Okay.

.There is a phrase best known Hebrew one: “Thou shalt not kill thy neighbor. “my friend Raoul. . Of course I wanted to help. .” coldly murdering people that he had interfered in any way … He killed them in the name of science. By pure curiosity. Raoul.Do you know the Chinese proverb: “He who asks a five minutes of question may seem silly. Innove! I need you. Michael. It is found written in the Bible.Eh! Well. To solve problems with his father.” This is one of the Ten Commandments. the one who does not question remains stupid all his life “? I remained on his land. I missed said one day that I could always count on you. Everything in me screamed “In crazy! “. it there were no fools in the face. that day has come. For satisfy his pride as an explorer of a new world. But this time. At the mere mention. I need you.Think. people crossed themselves. Michael. It was facing something cold and unknown called death. He looked at me with a great affection for his brother cadet. . . He interrupted his wanderings to grip firmly my wrists. He plunged his eyes into mine to help me convince. His hands were warm and spider moist. And sent him ad patres the poor unfortunate who trusted him. Like old time! He and I against the fools. and I will request your help.

. But what challenge! If we succeed. took the . shrugging shoulders. everyone is afraid! He grabbed me even more firmly. I say. even if they provide the opposite. fifty people may have to spend. All of these type in a tracksuit that you saw in our laboratory are prisoners. I’ve picked. They also fear death. They know they have 99. They all have one thing in common: have been sentenced to life imprisonment and writing the President to demand the reinstatement of the death of death rather than life to rot in their jail. it’s like a lottery. ten. I interviewed fifty of these exceeded. I admit. many losers for only one winner … He sat down. Basically.We should have added an eleventh commandment: “You shall not die in ignorance. I told them about Project “Paradise”. It hurt me but he ignored my efforts to free myself. “Five. and they are all volunteers.. I retained those who seemed sincere in their desire to give up their lives as their fate was reluctant. They are not scientists. They know that many will die before a day someone manages to come back after an NDE voluntarily provoked. It will have completed the first step in conquering the world the dead. never.999% chances to let their skin in your little experiences.I have not deceived.Because thou hast deceived. This one is a true pioneer. we finally know what death and people will stop being afraid of dying. They immediately ignited. They know all the risks. you know. At the last moment. .

we will die one day.Do the same.Yes. So many try something original! Frayons a track. but he had discovered the first. he revived one of its thin cigarettes bidder.No more than one egg to fit right. he traced luimême a circle with a dot in the middle. I had a bitter smile. . Looking at the round point. just before he died. I sighed.Will you draw a circle and the center point of its axis without lifting your pen? To better show me the figure to obtain. even you and me. Here. . . I had a dubious frown. . it was easy. and Then. He went out of his pocket a notebook and a pencil. With my matches. .You’ve set an impossible task. Appalled me so much stubbornness. . . this is said to Christopher Columbus when he asserted able to take an egg right.bottle of whiskey I filed with the glasses on my coffee table and poured himself a swig of alcohol. we ask that we have made our lives. other will continue.In this case. but without lifting your pen.Impossible. No more than to conquer the continent of the dead. .Michael. I will you submit a problem that seems likely as not that of the egg of Columbus in his time. The Thanatonautes is still in its infancy. If we fail. .It’s impossible and you know it! . It was enough to tap the base of the egg. should order-it.

jovial and happy as if I seen. He had a beautiful sports car Korean. he added: . he disappeared without a goodbye. He was married. what have you been? It would be endless and bored to about in advance. very sure of himself. there is no way to solve it. Raoul. .So. unless you cheat.. Launching a business card on the table. He frequented the salons where one because his partner and he had a mistress. Conrad. noticed my brother. The door was open and he had obviously not bothered to knock. Much to change the subject: . He had acquired a master paintings . and I’ll prove it right away. . . I knew perfectly well what had become of Conrad. This is the moment chosen for my dear brother Conrad occur without warning in my apartment. Conrad spread out to enjoy the latest episodes of its successful existence. It had two children. I said. .You possess really a solution? . He played tennis.Hi.Yes.Men of little faith! he exclaimed. I did not want to continue this conversation my idiot brother. the company! he shouted cheerfully.You will find me at this number if you change your mind. Conrad. but the case that you propose does not interest me. On this final arrow. As for your problem. I tried to put a definitive end to this debate scabrous. ” He had enriched.I think I know this person.Sorry. then. It was in the import and export of “all you can cram in containers.

intelligent. She acted.ridiculous price. four times a week. I display a nice smile. Her children excelled in school. Nothing is more annoying than the happiness of others.Hey. moreover. not to make me to marriage. “Finally. Especially when it is Gauge your own demise … Three. when do I get you too something good to tell me? It is time you’re thinking about starting a family. Conrad continued to expose all the details of its happiness. bought a house on the coast of Brittany and I would be welcome in case I want to help the retapisser. I pricked one of those tantrums! While I m’obnubilais on the enigma of the circle and its axis. but a couple of good news in this genre and I could not hold my growing desire send him my fist in the face. this was about the spirit of the text. that smile above! The more he talked the more I . I had surprised one day by train write a matrimonial ad for a newspaper: “Great doctor. rich. Ah. Michael. my mother called me: . Conrad looks like it is pleased him. beautiful and spiritual seeking women the same level. But my mother was satisfied. It detailed every room in his mansion and Breton explained how he had driven to get the native a quarter of its price.

discerned pity in her voice. I did not enjoy the esteem of my superiors. in my little studio Rue Reaumur. sad and miserable. I arrived morning at the hospital. syringes planted. watched the screens. loneliness weighed me. he thought. Some were easy but they certainly s’aban gave in the hope of marrying a doctor in order to finally stop working. “ It’s true that at that time my life was not terrible. and I longer found any satisfaction in my work. My job does finally brought me that disappointments. so many years of study to reach this solitary life. Most of all. I examined the records of future operations. “Poor Michael. The nurses were not naked under their work clothes. single. or one of my subordinates and my equals ignored me. Louis. I was preparing my products. Luckily I had never experienced an accident as but my anesthetist existence of high priest in white coat was far from meeting all the promises My short stay in hospital of old St. Th . I was living alone.

that is the greatest: The waters of the vast ocean or the tears that you have paid . No hello and no goodnight. not necessarily. you hypnotize me. There were certainly some alternative ! And how to draw a circle and its axis without lifting the pen? Impossible. and I thought it there was something other than my current life and his socalled happiness.was just a patch.BUDDHIST PHILOSOPHY “What do you think. On the coffee table. chattered forever. leaving me to my solitude and my dislikes. a cog with a function tion precise. taking with him his madness. I and operates the following. adventure. O disciples. It brings you a patient. Conrad chattered. passion. A circle and its axis … Impossible! 43 . card shone like a mirage. I was unhappy and Raoul had left.

while in the long pilgrimage Erri you. for many ages. you precipitating new birth into new dead States that you hated. and stuffed the ground cemeteries. Separated from what you love? Thus. Long enough to wish to escape from it all. “ . you have suffered the punishment. pain. misfortune. Long enough to be tired of life.

Th knew what that meant. anesthetic injection in hand.This is done It took several weeks of little exasperation. but an old lady all shriveled awaiting a crucial operation. to part of leg in the air with his nurse in the dressing room. when an assistant came to tell me that the surgeon was not ready. small humiliations and immeasurable boredom so I decided to switch on the side of Raoul and his madness. the accumulation of shabby setbacks that determined my choice. however. I could sleep my patient so that he takes away his .Discourse of the Buddha Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. Once they would have done with their antics. 44 . Persistent phone calls from my mother and visits unannounced to my brother played for many in this for. Add a slight disappointment in love (a colleague work that had refused to leave me eventually stomatitis with a moron). It was not. I was there. by Francis Razorbak. not even a good book for comfort me and you will understand that I was ready for Fleury-Merogis. That fool was in the process to engage. just to relax.

.Why are you laughing? inquired the old lady. There. It was won by a break aneurysm.But is that I intend to stay there. In Paradise. rang like a bell fatal. Her laughter. her. Is nervous.Your laugh reminds me of my husband before his death. He was lucky.tumor to the bladder. There must be . . I want to find my husband. The grandmother shook her head. Leveau is an ace.It’s nothing. him. I have more 80 enough to live alone. I’m finally going to join him.With this. . with a two chance that she wakes up. . It was so … no! Five thousand years of civilization to get to wait until a surgeon well wishes we are trying to ejaculate five minutes later to save the life of a sick! . He died … in good health.You believe that there is a heaven? Of course! It would be too awful if everything stopped with this life. . . I liked to hear him laugh.What are you saying! Dr. He did not have time of being decrepit.

. she showed me how to proceed. So this story to my bladder.Do you know how to draw a circle and its center point without lifting the pen? She giggled. there is also … . small birds? What nonsense! Me in my life. .You do not have children? I asked. After the operation. I rave. I get my Andrew. life is really a valley of tears. It was so obvious that was natural that I do not think ale. . what chance! . . Leveau you will treat your little bobo.an “after” somewhere.What a question! We learn all this in kindergarten.There are what? Flowers. On a used tissue. I exclaimed with even less conviction that I had many times witnessed the incompetence of this practitioner. Dr. there was Andrew and I lived only for him.A damn way. I do not equal. the words formed on my lips. . Surely they will call you doctor to see immediately if they can order their new car or if they will have to wait a little longer. eh? Without love. In themselves.They expect Si legacy in stamping. here or in another life. . Our eyes met. We loved each other so much and for so long! Don’t talk like that. She looked at me with eyes of loving faithful dog.And then I would return to live alone with my memories in my apartment too … What horror ! .But life is still … .But it’s not just love.

As expected.HISTORY TEXTBOOKS It is unclear how the movement began Thanatonautes. She was one to understand how I could attach importance to such trifles.Let’s go have a beer? offered me there. children were the little old lady. I hung up on them. A genius who can make a circle and its center without lifting the pen could perhaps defy death … Thereupon.It was enough to think about it. . she said. I thought that was really Raoul a genius. two strong orderlies entered Caribbean pushing a cart of instruments followed by the surgeon perky. Having finally understood. Leveau viciously threw his gloves transparent rubber. He cursed. The phone rang.The old woman gave me a wink fun. the fault of bad luck … . Blame the obsolete equipment at the patient who had waited too long. Five hours later she had passed from life to death. 45 . . My hand already searched my pocket in search of the business card Raoul.

while I longed for a little spice in my life. originally there was a group friends who want to try a new experience. 82 To my mind. Cell-cell-face: rather yes. Cell-cell battery meant: absolutely yes. second year elementary course. Crimes in the name of the science or I did not know what dreams of conquest the afterlife.Let’s go I was aware that Raoul offered me to become the accomplice to his crimes in the future. I still use three parts two francs. I improved the method of Raoul now using not one. 46 . The idea of ​sending people to death by curiosity always shocked me as much but at the same time. Face-face-stack: rather not. but three coins. the first that had Thanatonautes purely economic motivations. . History textbook.According to some historians. They wanted to get rich quickly with a new mode. I had and a more nuanced view. Face-face-face: absolutely not. According to other sources.

his hands flew over his head like two pigeons happy. Galileo was called a fool and he was perfectly of sound mind. He used new arguments: .Galileo also was called a fool. Well practice. Cell-cell-face: rather yes.The death … began there. the scope of Galilee … .Death. Th tried one final last stand. Galileo! Certainly. Then they landed one after the other. The burst type and they do not seem to Thanatonautes. That evening. poor Galileo has served as an alibi for the number of delusional fantasies. In my studio. I picked up my phone. After Columbus. unfairly accused. Later. and I could always convince me that Raoul had forced the hand.Okay. a Raoul Enchanted spoke at length of the project. He was intoxicated with words.We will be the first! We will conquer this “Wonderful continent.The pieces flew to go ask the sky. After a few hours. . how many real insane? . . they begin to stink. . when occurred the worse.” Wonderful continent against the Hippocratic oath. I see daily in the hospital. But for Galileo.

I already chosen.Poor Michael. 48 . It’s a lot of meat that is necrosis. .CHINESE PHILOSOPHY “Do you want to learn to live well? Learn first die.You know I had a coma and I did not off. He had more need of a good psychoanalysis as its “Paradise”. 47 . Always his father and suicide. . You already told me I missed the two first flights due to bad mix anesthetic substances.The body rots the soul off. He seemed sorry. He laughed. ” Confucius Extract from the thesis that unknown Death.members take a rigor mortis.Amandine is so pretty The eyelids of the pretty nurse lowered its blue eyes but his silence seemed to me this time a deaf congratulations.Well. it stinks. But what did you used to cause coma? His face lit up with a big smile. you’ve never had a chance. . I should remind Raoul I knew very well why he was interested in death. by Francis Razorbak. But cell-cell-face. He knew he had won. Death. . He took me in her arms as before. let’s get to the point. . spoke philosophically my friend.

The presence of a physician. anesthesiologist moreover.I seemed to know her as long she looked like Grace Kelly in the Hitchcock movie. Marcellin and Hugh. future Thanatonautes were key ment. Raoul made the introductions. of course. we had five Thanatonautes me reminded our captain. had to reassure both the crew and the can didates suicide.Initially. everyone seemed glad to see me. In the hangar Fleury-Merogis. Two have died. The nurse responded to name of Amandine. victims of 84 . In much more beautiful. . Rear Window.

decipher labels. The nurse busied him to place electrodes on the chest and forehead. Marcellin.You will learn along with us.Let’s show Dr. All Overall. Saline to dilate the veins of thiopental to anesthetize and potassium chloride to slow cardiac movements … Some U. We are like those first men who once rested their feet in America or Australia. Raoul took me to the laboratory bench and vial. he said.S. states once the preferred method cyanide or . reflecting on the best mix can cause a coma. So welcome among us! The three prisoners in tracksuits greeted me when I mark with suspicion. Pinson way we conduct a coma. We have no predecessors. . speed the pulse. One does not become anesthesiologist. passion for work well done was replaced madness.Remove me all this stuff! It was there. more all kinds of heat detectors. we enter uncharted territory. I studied the contents of the bench. Without hesitation. I examined the scene. . I was involved in their fantasies. humidity. .medication error. Son all these were connected to monitors or scrolling green lines. the smallest of the volunteers moved the antiquated dentist’s chair. shelves above. To us to discover our “New Australia “And to plant our flag! Professor Razorbak had regained all its seriousness. In his eyes.

I called boost the whole system chemical. three minutes later. I was hoping that thinner more potassium chloride. I tied an electrical system timer pipes with taps so that each substance to be delivered at the time considered by me as the most suitable. leading to a single hollow needle. Thiopental is powered twenty-five seconds after injection of saline and potassium chloride. I believe it is now the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. All this would be administered through a single pipe. . Without realizing it. Ministry Thanatonautes himself by pressing a trigger electrical switch pear shaped which operates the timer. And me … With the help of Raoul and the three other candidates Thanatonautes.the electric chair to eliminate their sentenced to death. For my part. terminal precedent. I built a device clever enough: a small plastic stem eight inches high at which I suspended the saline in his great bottle and thiopental in a smaller and finally chloride potassium. allowing and slowly poured into a coma. the heartbeat without ceasing to decrease. possibly controllable by the brain. I had to invent first “death machine” to win official the land of the dead.

I was mostly happy with my switch. its technical solution. asked Raoul. Man not even winced. as if I spoke mechanics for a car engine. The individual decides himself to the moment of his departure and.My address and my insurance impressed the audience. I totally trust the doctor. Raoul was right. I stared at the child clinging to naive any cost to the existence of Santa Claus.At the hair. . Everything is fine. I tried not to let me win this frenzy Raoul.When you press this button. For a moment I almost said “it will trigger your death. I put the bulb while the electric switch in the Marcellin’s sweaty hand and told him: . it will trigger the electric pump.” Marcellin displays a knowing look. it would be a suicide again. I would not have a button to operate. What comes next? he asked. which made so nervous. So no direct responsibility. the sandman and the possibility of reaching the top three in . With a gesture sure she pinched inside Thanatonautes the elbow. I do not want to be an executioner. pulled the big needle or beading was a tiny drop of blood. I asked Amanda to drive the needle into the vein Marcellin arm. if unsuccessful. Every technical problem.

He made a little hello that had nothing to do with the salvation of a convicted. I improvised.Well.Bravo! Bravo. I m’empêtrai. .” perhaps the courage to Marcellin. Raoul declaimed. including me. And he put out his cigarette. Doc. . We applauded what? I do not know … Maybe my device “Boost to the afterlife. All. perhaps the beauty that had nothing to Amandine to do here.order. we replied with a smile and encouraging it.Do not worry. while there is still time. cut with a … . He gave me a wink. uh … . “Accomplice to murder” is not really a profession of the future. well said! Everyone applauds. He wanted to avoid me even guilt. Marcellin was smiling like a mountain climber Sunday tackling Everest with new dress shoes. seeing my embarrassment. a doll like that should be mannequin.We will now proceed to launch a … soul. After. ” But Raoul. For a moment I wanted to tell him “go away quickly. . Nice guy. True. Marcellin. It knew he was going to meet insurmountable obstacles and wanted to relieve me of all the seeds that could occur.

probably corresponding to the nine stays underground Aztecs. Extract from the thesis coat Death Unknown by Francis Razorbak. 50 . thirst and misery. Closing his eyes. AMANDINE DIVINE WOMAN .THE MAYAN MYTHOLOGY Among the Maya.Six … five … four … three … two … a … Off! Then he pressed hard switch. Reached a crossroads. hunger. The Maya had established nine lords of the night. The soul of the dead had to cross five rivers of blood. Loan Loan Amanda set off the video camera filming the scene. 49 .. Marcellin crossed himself. she faced Then the test houses: the house of amber. house of knives. home of the cold.Go. death signified the start to Hell hell named Mitnal. he undertook the Slow count: .MARCELLIN human guinea pigs. bon voyage! Amandine our tourists covered with a blanket cooling while I make the final adjustments computers. the house of jaguars and the house of vampires. dust and thorns. There the demons tortured soul by cold.

I hope he succeeds. His pulse was staying with well below that of a person diving into a sleep in-depth His temperature had fallen by nearly four degrees.All eyes fixed intently screens -Monitoring Marcellin’s heart beat may be weakly but it was still beating. he will have succeeded. soberly told the Head Project “Paradise”. I knew myself. the ping of the electrocardiogram sounded like the sonar of a submarine atomic Road to unfathomable depths.He has been gone for how long? asked a detained. provided it succeeds! psalmo88 dierent Hugh and Clement. he was in a deep coma. Every ten seconds.Do not touch him again. there was more than half an hour that Marcellin had made great jumping. the other two Thanatonautes future.If he opens his eyes. I wanted to feel better Marcellin realize the state of his body but kept me Raoul: . . His face was that of a sleeping man. . Amanda looked at her watch. The body of .But how will we know if it was successful? . For more than twenty minutes. Do not wake up too before. .

Marcellin was still sprawled on the dentist’s chair. what was I doing here? I wanted to be somewhere else. Corn which could well be his soul? 51 . doing something else. Have never participated in this operation. The application of electroshock had no other result that make him at once open the eyes and mouth.” and I pressed the cage chest. it had been the general panic. But the more I watched it I had to call corpse interrogation became more obsessive.AND A For over an hour. By dint of our fencing on the lifeless body of Marcellin we were swimming. Then Raoul air breathed into the nostrils to revive the pump respirator. As soon as the ping of the electrocardiogram had stopped. . Total we had “one. while Raoul himself donned an oxygen mask. Amanda rubbed her arms and legs Marcellin. two. I struggled to carry a cardiac massage. both hands on the area of ​the heart. Empty eyes and a mouth silent. I repressed in my mind the question “What do I doing here? “. three. “What am I doing here?” Yes.

even scent of apricot. he muttered angrily. I sickens me. The moment was dramatic and yet I knew. in her blouse too modest. It was not like just Grace Kelly. the moment the most erotic of my life. perhaps. slipped Finally. flowing all Throughout his cheeks dotted with freckles. it was my first “murder” and I can swear that you moves the guts to hear a guy tell you alive see you! “And to contemplate a little later as stiff as a dry tree! Raoul disengaged. and I ogled a nurse. Same appearance of an angel. but we refused to admit it. even skin texture.It was too late to bring to life Marcellin. Of drops of sweat on his forehead smooth. A guy had just died. Amandine had exhausted rub Marcellin. Especially me. There is gone too far and he has been able to come back. but also the nurse at my present clock. . He was too late and we all knew. armed with his only soft hands! Always close to Eros Thanatos! Th then realized where I had this impression of known for a long time. after the car accident of my childhood.This has gone too far. In my case. What is the vision that beautiful young woman struggling against death. .

otherwise it would be too easy. I postillion face. . You have deceived me and you did wrong. I did not deceive you. And it seems more increasingly unlikely. Each prison is experiencing a suicide rate of 4%. A guy is dead because of your unconsciousness.. he explained: . and suddenly he grabbed me by the neck.What shall we do with the body? I cried. Raoul did not answer right away. Everything has a price. very dignified. But the stakes are so huge it is mandatory that we knew before the failure success. . Raoul. This is because it is hard as we have the merit of success. that’s all. What/how? I allowed myself to embark on this adventure disaster? Thou hast deceived me. The gaping was unbearable to see. Michael. others are already come before us. so he placed a screw clamp between .It’s criminal insanity! I shouted. Rome was not built in a day. . If it were easy. He considered Marcellin whose mouth was still wide open.If we succeed one day. We are more children.No. you have deceived me.President we cover. Raoul stood up. Marcellin will be part of the lot. Raoul released me. You disgust me every one of you. Then with detachment. His eyes flashed fire. I protested feebly. He lingered first Marcellin to contemplate an improbable hope. you have betrayed our friendship to melt in your dementia. This is not a game We have to pay a high price.

‘said Raoul. and then being able to close accusing the mouth. I’d rather die than go back to my which Chin. lost in her cheeks Hollow.“Yes. If you want to give up. due to the clamp jaw. .You want to be our next Thanatonautes? . . squeezed and screwed to force them to closer to closure.Maybe you also think like Michael.Marcellin jaw. he pointed to the body of Marcellin. No need to remember our AGREEMENT I promise never to speak to anyone your project “Paradise”. I prefer not not find me among them.At least he is no longer locked in a cell pathetic! . .I remain. We looked at the corpse of Marcellin and it impressed us because. .I give up! exclaimed Clement. . In any case. there is still time. I am too afraid. . proudly launched the volunteer. And you. his mouth like Now a bird’s beak. she announced without showing the slightest emotion.Very well. he turned to the other.And you.But you are all crazy. everything would be safer but he too is not strong enough to fight against death. If you need to kill ten thousand poor guys before they succeed. Amanda? . . . Hugh? Raoul asked an equal voice. I swear! Clement Reasons It may kill ten thousand people before getting any results.I remain. I thought with the doctor. Raoul faced each waiting for a response. I could not believe my ears.

a biologist specializing in the development hibernating rodents. The research team consists of Professor Raoul Razorbak. Five prisoners were brought guinea pigs volunteers. I tus but calmed myself . who immediately exhale the smell of ether. Neighbors clapped with brushes against my walls. but failed so far to deliver me from the stress caused by the death of Marcellin.count on me. and Dr.ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE From: Benoît Mercassier To: President Lucinda In accordance with your instructions. I took off my white coat and threw it on the bench. I screamed as the coyotes howl in the night full moon. 53 . great whole. Michael Pinson. slamming the door hard. Then I left. 52 . They obtained the desired result. What should be done? Continue was wrong. anesthetist. thus breaking a few bottles left. the experiments started. The project: “Paradise” is launched. give the next Thanatonautes was poorly find So I yelled.STATE OF SOUL I returned to my apartment quite shaken. nurse-assisted Amandine Ballus. home.

Raoul’s ideas fascinated me. I was alone in my bed and. with a death on . I tried to sleep in reading a novel. I was torn.not to say. but How great adventure! He was mad and obsessed with the suicide of his father. Once again. Corn Amanda. I did not want to send more people in a coma. I did live in eternal solitude. to boot. Raoul was right least one point: the project may have been terrible. I refused 92 to have other bodies on his conscience. I was unable to waive review Amandine. I swallowed glass of white port on a small glass of port white to be drunk. Return to the routine my work in the hospital discouraged me. what he could push a creature lovely to embark in this mess? Perhaps étaitelle also believes to be a pioneer of a world New Raoul was so slick.

“it was better a curare. I would continue with a narcotic. Maybe I should have used propofol. Five milligrams lowest ten milligram dose. Gradually. surely Propofol interact poorly with the chloride. Normally the alarm is done in five minutes and is very Bright. Hum. I have given 850 milligrams . morphine and muscle relaxants. the data will be stored automatically. Narcotics. Normally. it takes five milligrams per kilo. Hum. it was necessary to reduce dose. I was no longer obsessed by problems . My reflexes are triggered professionals After sending the image. I preferred narcotics habit. But for a “good death. So as to keep the thiopental.his conscience. This is a new drug with a better alarm clock. But what quantity? Usually. we use three kinds of anesthetic. The product was highly toxic. I thought that maybe it was an excess of chloride potassium which caused the death of Marcellin. Taking my little cream the next morning to the pub the corner. No. No. Unless this is a problem of anesthetic. My sheets were frozen as a cooling blanket. I thought. My chemistry class came back to me memory.

As usual. avoiding even look at us.No. . Hughes welcomed us with kindness. The Director We crossed the penitentiary not greet us. The Thanatonautes took place in the dentist’s chair.Marcellin who weighed 85 pounds. Th suppose he wanted to be able to reproduce them in case I decide for good to abandon. This should be enough. I lower my doses. We proceeded with the formalities: setting up the sensors taken pulse. we’ll do it! It was not for me that I was concerned. Amanda handed her a glass of cool water to Hugh. . . we had inmates copiously insulted in the process. temperature measurement. Doctor. Raoul wrote down any of my manipulations. cover cooling. we were all together again in our thanatodrome Fleury-Mérogis. However. I called Raoul. she replied seriously. . no need to make them believe that Marcellin had voluntarily committed suicide.Do not worry. it was more For him . 600 milligrams for Hughes which weighed 80 kilos.The glass of the condemned? he quipped. It should perhaps be lowered the dose … At 14 hours. At 16 hours. To them.

We said that the god Izanagi went one day to the land of Yomi to search Izanami. “ But Izanagi wished to see his sister-wife. “Oh. four. liftoff! He winced as if he swallowed a bitter pill and pressed the switch.Loan Loan . five. who was also his wife. I tasted the dish of baked gods of Yomi and I belong to them now. He discovered a corpse eaten by worms. he ran away screaming accidentally falling into a place of horror and decay. two. He was then able to discern Izanami. why are you so late? said the goddess. three. he begged her to return to the world of alive. However. used it as a tool to break a tooth and the tooth turned into a torch it inflamed. his sister. Furious . Frightened. Violation his order.Ready! adds Amandine by connecting the camera of video Hugh muttered a prayer. I will try to convince them to release me. Then he made a great sign cross and pronounced at high speed as to get rid of : . he took his comb. one.Six. When he recovered.NIPPON MYTHOLOGY The Japanese Yomi called the land of the dead. my husband. Pray for that time and especially do not look at me. including the eight deities of the Thunder had taken possession. 54 .

staring. The Izanagi trapped in a cave. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death.that he evicted without the wait. He fitted out a room special. but he was unable to move or speak. I did admit to the escort service dying in my hospital. He had become a vegetable. Several years later. I will be born every day 1500 people. When the two deities had to pronounce the sentence of divorce. “replied Izanagi without disconcerting. yes. but he managed to escape. 55 . She sent the hideous harpies of Yomi in pursuit of Izanagi. Izanami said: “Every day I strangle one thousand people in your country make you pay for your package. And I. He stood midway between the continent of the dead and the living. emerged from the coma but prostrate. Izanami plunged itself in pursuit. Hughes was .and ten Hughes never returned. by Francis Razorbak. He did not die. His heart and brain functioning. the encephalogram almost flat and very spaced electrocardiogram. Izanami is said humiliated.

the head of the gang of thugs who attack us at once out of high school. valuable as it allowed me to determine the amount of thiopental and potassium chloride in a reasonable range. Three dead. most Martinez. it was obvious. Began a ruthless selection. desperate to escape the prison. Everyone could See what happens to those who remained trapped between two worlds. it was essential they are in good Health to support the potassium chloride. Looking back at the second attempt at takeoff I think it could very well succeed. I thought the sentence of Lao Tzu: “If anyone offended thee. We do died although in good health. one resigned. Ministry Minister obtained a second ahead of President Lucinda. They could feel the desires of suicide. Sit . We do recognize him.transported with all possible precautions at the Smithsonian Institute Washington Museum section of death. By the merest chance. We had men sane or drugged or alcoholics. Anyway. Nice review! Raoul immediately began lobbying the Minister Mercassier to provide us with a new topic. one vegetable. Above all. came to us. The experience was In any case. do not seek to take revenge. We wanted prisoners for life. but not too much. we had exhausted our five guinea pigs.

two people were killed on the occasion of this sad news item. The jurors recognized no mitigating circumstances. indeed. He appeared very much interested to participate in a experience that could bring him fame. Martinez. The police officer who caught up with him as he gasped.You know. had to be better than him in the gym. I remembered that. Raoul said felt no grudge against Martinez and he would . “ Martinez had led to jail after a dark history of bank robbery. . so dangerous they are. Life for Martinez. breathless. he yelled. He passed the tests brilliantly selection thanato nauts. there is nothing that scares him.on the banks of the river and Soon you will see his body move. He was good at boxing but nobody in the race. it did not seem fear my little fists. Alas. it does not run away as fast as his accomplices. when he threw on us with his associates to five against two. gentlemen of the doctors. He believed in his lucky star that would allow him to survive to our manipulations. As it became almost obese.

Raoul launched: Loan We answered in chorus. He kept making sign of the cross. The gangster flunked bellowed that we agree that pistons.Ready! Provided that the man does not die of fear. The death had ceased to move me. Sensors. one named Marc. I should say. Loan . I reserved a dog of my dog. Third series of guinea pigs. Martinez. Unable to keep the mind cold I preferred to exclude it. We insulted. he was able to file complaints favoritism and arbitrary treatment. If they exploded on takeoff. taking pulse.make a good guinea pig. Martinez therefore not included among our next five guinea pigs. to us to make the necessary adjustments for the firing following a success. My sensitivity was blunt. cover refrigerant. Among them. which denied him any chance to get rich and famous. For my part. I felt like ship rockets in space. He was sweating and shivering at a time. our next five died. I remembered enough of his beatings for not being afraid of getting lost with him in my sensitive assays. temperature measurement. I preferred scratch from the list of our candidates. . Or rather. Fortunately though it we had not recognized! In his fury.

went to Underworld. his rings ankle and finally his underwear. And it took two times to press the switch which his finger sweat had slipped. then her earrings. his bracelets. Dust and earth are their only food. the earth had lost its fertility. from his belt. They are dressed in the manner of birds. her necklaces. it would turn stripped first of his robe and his crown. Queen Ereshkigal ordered the guard to treat according to ancient usages. took off … ge! balbutiat-it. Song: . Dust covers everything. the lovely Ishtar. not really convinced.Six … five … four … three … two … one and a half … a and quart … a … of … off? Well. Yet it was the humans who suffered the consequences This captivity because without Ishtar. her breastplate. One day. doors and locks. Ishtar came to pass naked before Ereshkigal who inflicted sixty torture on different parts of his body.Mesopotamian mythology In Mesopotamian mythology. the land of the dead called the “land of no return. Each time the goddess cross one of the seven gates of hell.. goddess of love.” Song: Those who enter will receive more light. 56 .

man mates more with women.Since that Ishtar descended into the land of no return The bull does not fruitful over the cow. she curses him. The men despatched a eunuch to Ereshkigal. When asked for permission to drink in addition to contains the water of life. You will stay in the shade of walls . Song: 98 Your food will be the sewer of the City.

sterility could be exchanged against fertility. and then escorted to the gates of Hell. In fact. It seems that the eunuch was sent to Hell to be exchanged against Ishtar.ERROR MANIP Frictions.I saw them! Here they are…. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. They are everywhere. waving. Not possible to escape them. . Ereshkigal ordered Ishtar is sprayed with water of life.You dwell on the doorsteps And drunkards and thirst strike your cheek. Mark opened his eyes and we écarquillâmes ours. rising to a sudden. 57 . Electric shock. all his possessions were returned. Warming. on Earth. things returned to normal. Is it that we finally managed? Our hero we drew from our stupor. In this place. Thus. As and when it crosses the seven gates in the sense Conversely. Some time later. by Francis Razorbak. they are everywhere! .Who? But . breaking all around him and pushing screams.

And if we succeed? If Marc Us brought a real testimony to the hereafter? It was not his fault that he only reflected the horror. They are too horrible. I still has the scar. we we asked. . I never want to see them again. I not want to die. We do not destroyed them not least the video and Marc was locked in an insane asylum. That night. This behavior began a little enthusiasm. He stared at me from his eyes opaque and shouted: . He gave me a bottle in his face.The devils! There are devils everywhere and they want me grow in a large pot and put me to cook. At the same time. I was driving Amanda to her in my car The nurse kept crossing and uncrossing his nice legs. a lunatic! Even Raoul was impressed by the violence of Mark. After the vegetable. Yet it was our first guinea pig to experiment a NDE. Injury to his .You also are a devil. He continued Amandine with syringes and him stuck one in the buttocks. He did may not be brought back fond memories of corridor lighting but it was nevertheless returned the body.who then? asked Raoul’s tone firmer. The devils are everywhere. otherwise the mind free. It I cut on the forehead of a surgeon’s knife when I tried to interject.

she was always dressed in Black . This case has gone on long enough. I always said. we have .So many unnecessary deaths! And for which poor results … What do you think of t I’ve never heard speak any sentence of more than three words since we know.Maybe we should stop there? Amanda and her perpetual silence. I insisted: . I murmured: . She finally consented to look at me.buttocks was benign. She had not wanted to take the RER after session eventful and. She had seen like me the people who died or went crazy for an experience of more random. “She must think of the wonderful things so it is beautiful and so she said nothing. It was not an object decorative. The black dress Amandine . We work together. His mouth opened.Instead. “But now I was tired of his silence. It was finally Speak? On the contrary. We need to talk. We need your help to stop Raoul. intensely. Me? I needed twenty-five stitches.emitted screeching very sensual. I do not convince again. moreover.What. neither she nor I wanted after that to spend the evening alone. She looked at me long. Without you. . on the contrary? . While driving.

They all knew that their death would give the following somewhat more likely to succeed. find All Thanatonautes were wonderful people. She persisted to me Vou . Fifteen victims! No research project.It was not courage. Columbus. a shooting.Suicidal behavior! And Columbus.We are pioneers. ” She got angry even more: . . . the previous do they not fail to justify the slaughter! Amandine was now launched.I know a good proverb about it: “It is easy to recognize the true pioneer. Thus it runs to ruin. with its box sheet in his rocket.It’s like a poker game where they would build ever to recover its losses! I exclaimed. Much benefit from the windfall. and now Gagarin. replied she. it was a behavior suicidal.You believe that all these dead to me not undermine me. it was not completely suicidal to go so far in a nutshell? And Yuri Gagarin. I cause: . He who lies in the middle the plains of the Wild West with an arrow in his back. But it was her first time fielded two sentences in a row. yes! . Exactly for all these deaths were not useless. Our Thanatonautes all knew what they risked. it was not suicide? Without the suicide. icy. with so much courage … Her voice broke. the world would not advance … Ah! Galileo.an obligation to continue. .

but really you’re not my kind of man. me because. I’m sure.Paradox. why the other we spit they over each time? . mystery and now his fervor … The blonde in black was like a burning presence in my car is so distressing to complete my senses. She pushed my palm as an object unhealthy. Amandine and a moving and emotional. “Maybe! that by attending the death. and yet they too are ready to die. his silence. Pinson.voyer. Her skin was silky and smooth off a incredible.I think you do not understand. His coldness. my life instincts had exacerbated! For once I was alone with Amandine. I tried everything for the whole. And what was his type of man? . one of them will succeed.Sorry. While Amanda fascinated me.If so. Can not find it strange that is so easily volunteers? The detainees are all aware of our setbacks. Dr. this waste of society have suddenly felt to become a hero! . My hand left the shifter and took advantage of a bump and landed on his the knee. They resent the death of their friends. . in our thanatodrome. And one day. so why do they come? Let me tell you. . The opportunity was unique. Michael.

the impression that once in a coma. was there still time to save furniture before an inevitable interpellation in the House? He shook my hand. how to say in front of a … choice. August 25. the Minister of Research made us incognito visit our thanatodrome Fleury-Merogis. they are faced. after so many experiences. Benedict Mercassier was to attend in person at a “takeoff “. And they .Where is he? .Well.58 . I now 102. Leave or return. In this case. He then returned to me and took me away in a corner of the room: . congratulated me with no real conviction and especially encouraged Thanatonautes five of the new Team He asked quietly Raoul on the number of our failures and jumped when it slipped to the number the ear. .Maybe you are too toxic boosters? No! I also thought it first.still nothing On Thursday. He had the worried face of a man who asks if he is not committing the folly of century. But the problem is not there.

I weighed my words. The minister sought to show in an intelligent area where. What they are offered.It’s not that simple. We had already tried everything. These types have been lucky with Lucinda. we can propose .prefer all go away.” It is also a timing issue. We discussed among scientists who include a mutual esteem. maybe. so I added: .In this case. They told him bluntly planted electrodes in the heart! I’m thinking. reducing the amount of narcotic.Try anyway to increase the voltage. they had to bring it back just the second minute when everything was still possible. you know. We know nothing of what keeps them going on the way to death. . they have not taken gloves President Lucinda back down here. To wake up earlier. . you can not recover them by force. Should be able to determine exactly when they are “pretty party” but not yet “Too many parties. . he did not know much. Mercassier frowned. in fact.Should they choose to return voluntarily when they still can. Th But do not want to deceive. to lower the dose of chloride potassium. up there? If we knew the carrot. but I nodded as if he had finally revealed to me the recipe. I’ve been thinking. Surely a chance. with more powerful electric shocks by For instance: You know.

The Day After! the number of dead was again normal. I read that the rate of mortality dropped to almost zero the day of festival New Year and dying elders is programmed to stay alive and still enjoy that day. MySelf. rather than returning to their painfully Europe home! It was true that the situation had many points common with the Mutiny on the Bounty. .Yes. the sick wish their healing? The taste of happiness. that the human will was speaking to a large extent in cases of healing spontaneous. I sighed.How to remember the dead? Mercassier questioned. for example.more attractive! .Your Thanatonautes remind me of those sailors sixteenth century who preferred to stay on the paradise islands Pacific. with beautiful women and fruits fragrant. but what makes you happy? What/how? influence your people when they are faced with the dilemma “Leave or return”? The motivations are so different! I had already seen at the hospital. Some simply refused to die and they managed to stay alive. I had a little fun to develop opportunities my brain opens the . The capacity of human thought are endless. What causes people to fight. Our Thanatonautes were ex-convicts as sailors of the time and just as eager as they to escape to the new lands. . In a study of community Chinese in Los Angeles.

program to the eyes eight hours. the Buddhist pantheon is populated nine groups of demons: 1. 4. The bDud: Demons of the highest levels. 59 . birds. grass or stones. Their leader is housed in a castle high nine black storeys. 2. it became increasingly difficult to recruit of volunteers. Now our pioneers take off one by one and in our presence. We decided to do now count the effects of emulation group. At the origin of major epidemics. The Srin-po: Ogres giants. I also knew that I had stored quantities information in the meanders of my brain and I Simply open the drawers in my head for disposal. The God-sbyin: Guardians of the temples. But perhaps it was too late. 5. The btsan: Living . Even Fleury-Mérogis. So why not come back from coma due to its single will? The Thanatonautes the day.TIBETAN MYTHOLOGY According to the Tibetans. without using an alarm clock. They can take the form of fish. The Klu: Gods of the underworld in the form of a serpent. at least. It worked at all the blows. There would certainly exciting research to perform on its own system of self-programming nervous. 3. his four companions renounced in unison. does not opt ​for Back Frightened by his convulsive movements when of his death.

Gods in heaven. The fact that he had left thirty-five years purchase cigarettes shows how this betrayal had disconcerted. Felix could not have doubt that would be part of the 4% failure. First. His father not more. just fetuses. The DMU: Poor devils. 60 . Felix was not someone Kerboz we would like to have as a neighbor. From the outset. But he could be given the benefit of some extenuating circumstances. 6. The Gan-Dre Group malevolent deities. Benevolent and supposed to reside on the shoulders of everyone 7. 9. When the consumer magazine We test for You had shown that brand of condoms used his father was only 96% reliable.FELIX KERBOZ Strictly speaking. 8. it was not a wanted child. The Lha: white celestial deities. Felix already clung to life as a moth on the hairs of a dog. The Dré: Messengers of death. by Francis Razorbak. forests. mountains and glaciers. the mother sought to have an abortion but. Suzette. Repeated efforts of . often held responsible for deadly diseases. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. Everything that happens to bad men is caused by ERD.

He found he had lost the only person he love on this planet. She had miscalculated his stroke and had gone up too soon. and he managed to regain the bank with the help of the umbrella that her mother handed her awkwardly in the lid on his head. Later. Under Rinse the pretense of shampooing.makers of angels had no other result than only damage the face of the unborn baby. his mother tried to drown him. Twice thereafter. Corn Felix already had the gift to get out of the worst situations. Not enough to appease! He teams up with a gang of thugs and proceeded to extort money from the rich kids who had mothers alive. Felix wondered why Kerboz Everyone wanted him so much. lucky! He killed three who were reluctant to pay and thus became the executor of the dirty work of his . It first manifested by the attack of the tires in good standing of an innocent car that bacon with a knife. she had pressed head under the water in the bathtub. which had caused a large scar on the cheek. His youth. she gave in the river the toddler who was barely on his feet. Because he was ugly? Because that he envied his mother beautiful? He clenched his teeth a long time but when Suzette died he burst out. Now it was hate. He narrowly avoided the propeller of the barge.

His passion for blows to the pretty knife was not communicable. It was his way of avenging his beloved mother who had always worked so hard to raise him. at twenty-five years. What excited him. had only Kerboz the “buy”.band. When. How to further accelerate the process? The institutional head was no lack of ideas. But when. Felix refused to participate in the rape. everything was for sale. he appeared before a court Assize. was sentenced to two hundred eighty-four years in prison crime. According to the indictment of the attorney general. Of Nowadays. he failed to convince the jury of fun unspeakable it is to drive a good knife long and sharp in the soft underbelly of his neighbor. Releasing his years. That was the modern society. Already good behavior earned him the report two hundred and fifty-six. his friends began to show some interest in sex Conversely. reduced to two hundred and fifty-six years in for good conduct. . it was to land in the bourgeois and their plant the Superintendent in the ribs. He had sworn legally released from prison. “unless the Advances in medicine will prolong the life human beyond the current average of four-vingtdix yrs Working all day to make hair brushes Wild boar is not enough for happiness of the prisoner. Felix’s lawyer explained that this amounted to a life sentence. about six years.

for a big guy like you. Felix? . .But with what money? worried about the poor. it’s already a great Equity Then began a terrible accounting.. experiences the animals had been banned. To win the years. which was not known the side effects. . Felix was testing of pharmaceuticals not yet approved. which gave him arrhythmias and let insomniac. Since. Felix Kerboz kept morale and even surprised sometimes that some products were actually perfectly harmless! When mutinies. he made the punch alongside guards (two years of remission). Fluoride toothpastes him too deteriorated the liver (five years of remission). under pressure from animal lovers. He received three years and remission for testing of a cardiac defibrillator. An overactive aspirin caused an ulcer (two years reduction of sentence). A special lotion corrosive to the left half bald (four-year reduction trouble). He denounced the drug dealers who were operating inside the prison (Three years of remission at the cost of the aggressiveness of Many inmates in need).Who is talking about money here? Have a good healthy body.What you got to always beans like that. industrial had no recourse other than prisoners. Soaps too much detergent it took away fragments of skin joints (three years of remission).

He had no Valid only one kidney. Every Saturday. We were wrong! Continue with all those crap chemicals and you come out feet first. On Thursday. I’m not fayot or barge. he was convinced one day he would come out.106 107 . It eyes blinked constantly due to contact lenses so flexible and so adhesive that once they had registered proved impossible to remove. When the director told him about the project “Paradise” and eighty years of remission that led it . me. Still.Not bother me. I want to get out of here head held high. At night. men in blouses white checked how the test was concussed. he smoked ten packs of unfiltered cigarettes for the purposes of a study Ministry of Health on the dangers of smoking (one day remission inhaled per pack). guys. Monday and Tuesday. Misery after misery. An anti-inflammatory effects particularly evil had made him deaf in one ear. he underwent tests of sensory deprivation. It spent all day in a white room soundproof. he gave his blood (one week remission quarter-liter). without moving or eating. I ambitions. Felix was able to reduce its hardly a period of one hundred forty-eight years.

The others had failed to Luckily. he had confidence in his star.Ready! No prayer. there are no free lunches and eighty years of remission. I’m at your orders. Loan . that’s all! After all. We never offered him so beautiful gift. it was you claim a solid effort. only focused on the . He settled voluntarily in the chair. He pressed against him cover cooling.did not think for a moment to call for more infor mation. After all he had swallowed without dying. No fingers crossed. Of course. said Kerboz. a rumor ran that the prison Hundreds of detainees have left their skin in the room in the cellars where they attended the experiment. he had nothing included in all scientific and roll he did not care completely. He held out his chest to the electrodes. Felix merely stalling though he kept chewing still in his right cheek. No sign of the cross. Anyway. Felix did cure. Loan .Ben.

without end and without any progress in one direction or another. 62 . with no goal. no sense. who live in Wisconsin while near Lake Superior. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death.FACT POLICE . he counted slowly. 61 . by Francis Razorbak. no morality.Six … five … four … three … two … a … off.CHIPPEWA INDIAN MYTHOLOGY Chippewa Indians.stupendous premium that would follow. Eighty-year reduction worth it! As we had ordered. Then he pressed the switch innocently. . It is always the same film that is repeated. think life after death continue exactly as before.

Message to the services concerned Raoul Razorbak helped a team of scientists is currently engaged experiments on death. Over a hundred people have already been victims. Is it necessary to react quickly? .

We did not believe anymore.He moved a finger! Raoul yelled. Only Raoul stared closely at the body become an object by repeating a prayer: “Wake up. Then all fingers. scanning vaguely electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram F. Mechanically. shoulder and that moved. please. . As long as we have not yet deal a lunatic. Finally a ping.NEW ATTEMPT Raoul. ping. ping. On the chair. after the hand was the arm. F electrocardiogram whined. Not yet.Wake up. A small table shy at first. . In . ping resolved. Suddenly. Rebougea finger. but I drew back. It was a loud cry to get out of my torpor. Wake up! ” We started réanimatoires manipulation. . Then a ping.Response services affected No. Stand back everyone! He moved! I did not want any illusions. Step back. I performed all the gestures of use. Amanda and I had made the usual array recovery post-comatose. wake up! Raoul chanted.

leaning to Felix. it was likely to enter the history books. Until then we had always failed. Amandine. Whatever word. complete silence reigned in the room. The hangar resounded with cries of joy. ping. and Raoul We hugged me frantically.So how was it? he asked. The cilia vibrated. brain and heart had found their rhythm normal. The mouth twisted into a grimace which turned into a smile. ping. And he was safe. and it was this madman-like of Pithecanthropus that held the answers the world always dreamed. one of the first man who passed a return to the country the dead. Ping. We were so waiting for this moment.Yaaaaaaaaahouuuuuuuuhhhhhhk! We have re-u-ssi! roars Raoul. the first Raoul pulled himself together: .anticipation of a new misadventure like this. . I wore constantly in my pocket a small rubber baton. The Thanatonautes had regained thanatodrome safe and sound! . The eyes were opened. Naturally. Our guinea pig seemed neither vegetable nor denies. We watched eagerly the first word that would arise from the traveler extraordinary. All of a sudden.

Then her mouth opened for a second attempt of issue. He blinked. damn. and the light. So I’m coming. my eighty-year remission sentence? We would have rocked our patient to congratulate but we understood the need to give him time to regain his senses. Delighted so much attention. and then we got a great ring of light.Wow. A circle with a neon light the middle. it continued: . how do you say? I’m out of my barbaque. No. At first. Ben. In the middle. There’s that had these cum! Stolen a time like this. Hoarsely articulated difficulty: . I was like a Little zosieau. ca resembled those hoops of fire in which we blew Tigers. We set for ourselves in surprise. I’m entering the ring of fire like a tiger circus.Oh … fucking. looked as if it caused me. Damn! I flew out of my body … I went up up there with all the stiffs fresh daily.So I j’ies. He was about to speak. He took a breath.What was it like? The man rubbed his wrists.He opened his mouth. I approached the light of the flashlight … Raoul could not help cut: . . Raoul insisted anyway: . like the circus Pinder on television. the trick! Then he looked at us as if he was surprised that he gives equal attention. . He rubbed his forehead. We listened avidly each word out of his mouth. blinked. as there was a flashlight.It was unbelievable. he closed the word. She told me to come near me. I was spun the chips.

I still advanced and I advanced. Z’avez not a glass of water? My mouth is all dry. spurts of weird stuff swirling to form this damn funnel large as a hundred houses stacked. It told me to move forward again. me and my remission! And light serine in my head that it did not matter.That’s it. vapors. He saw the continent the dead! . It would have been good looks. I even thought I am an asshole . Raoul tapped his right fist against his left palm. not a wall of buttock skin. at least not for gold and silver.And you have suggested? inquired Amanda. Not a brick wall. . It was good and hot and sweet and soft. . whatever! Stars. That all was well.Ben. full of treasures. He drained it before to resume: . that at the bottom was only futility and stupidity … Ha! that.Go on.. Like I found my mom. As a target. I begged. .So a circle of fire and light in the center? .The continent of the dead! he exclaimed.Yeah. passionate. Amandine fetched a cup. please. I saw then as a kind of cone or funnel with things that were running. I do not know if I told you it spoke directly to my brain. stuff.Ben. .What things? . As gelatin. she spoke well.J’pouvais no choice but to go forward. it was like a cave of Ali Baba. . but filled with good feelings. the more light bothering me so much that I felt that I could never turn back. damn! But then I saw a kind of transparent wall. In addition.

This was happened to solve my problem “Choice”. And what was there even further than this world bright and intangible? After the cool water.We must organize a press conference. he said. who had visited the seventh heaven. Then after a time. If I through the wall. .Lucinda President Lucinda patted the neck of Vercingetorix. It was as if we were three. 64 . I realized that it got dicey. People need to know … Raoul quickly calmed me. He sighed: .translucent. The I had to really take on me to turn around with my soul. our project must remain what it is top secret. Amanda ran again.Too soon. Amandine and I. A man had crossed the barrier of death and he returned to tell us about the afterlife. Thus. For now. I could never go back and farewell My eighty-year reduction. Felix demanded a swig of rum. Raoul. there was a kind of long string silvery white. know. My turn-ons: . He had found reasons to stay alive. I put the brakes.It was not easy. I do not believe it. Our efforts were finally off. all these sacrifices were not in vain. which at once brought me here and I opened my peepers. It .

but some serious night does not our experience. the videotape showing launch and réatterrissage this … Thanatonautes. .They have managed. A bit technical. mortopilotes. visitors of paradise … He would esbaudi well. Lucinda was jubilant. In fact. President screwed up his eyes and smiled . very poetic. I like that name. Yes. the President at the grand vision. I saw with my own eyes. He would have his statue in squares. The Minister would seek to ensure the merit of this discovery but it would be him. Mercassier. he ventured: . He had paid the . It means “traveler of death” or some something like that. who would enter the history books. Finally. he was the organizer of the project. Always faithful to the line drawn by his wife.exulted. .“Yes. streets bearing his name … He had took risks. Any designation would have enchanted macchabophiles. Lucinda thought he had won immortality. in Greek. Mercassier sought to bring his attention to him.Thanatonautes? . they are like pioneers exploring a New Australia. After: all.That’s the word they invented to describe their guinea pigs. sure.In short. Mercassier? . and it was legitimate he is proud of its success. You finally understand my thought.Very pretty.

The Welsh call this country Annwn. second year elementary course. History textbook.Celtic mythology According to Celtic mythology.HISTORY TEXTBOOKS From the first launches Thanatonautes the results exceeded all expectations. the afterlife is an area mys térieux that knows no death. Felix Kerboz reached immediately take off and land.price: dozens of dead. The pioneers were surprised to have reached as quickly to success. 66 . Speaker? 65 . a hundred. There is hole Wind the cauldron of the resurrection and the cauldron of abundance . Mr. what do you. nor the winter.Now. nor work. spirits and people to eternal Thurs ness. so it seemed … But he it! Mercassier interrupted his dreams of glory: . First volunteer. It is inhabited by gods.

by Francis Razorbak. After every session. In thanatodrome. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. I take her home.After the party .I want to be Felix. For the Welsh and Irish. That evening. 67 . A few 114 So magical practices are sufficient to switch from one to the other. lack of resources that we could not celebrate Sparkling our . we were a little tipsy.dance. the Annwn. is with the same reality as the material world. the afterlife. usually so reserved. no longer concealed his glee. Amandine. The cauldron of the resurrection gives life to dead warriors and the abundance provides the substance which will forever those who consume it.

Too careful. Amandine imagined that people were dying for lack . but she did not believe it. I cast a look of Amandine side on which the nose carefully repoudrait despite the bumps. first Thanatonautes to have set foot on the continent and to be supreme Income! Oh yes. You have to be motivated. I began to know it better. Plastic cups had flown too high.Not so simple. She had bear to see her die in hospital patients entrusted to it. You have heard. I accelerated.secret triumph. It remained convinced that each death was further evidence of his incompetence. I want to be like Felix! I tried to hand down to earth. It there has come because he had first planned to obtain the remission of sentence in this world. even. At school now. himself was attracted to the light. . At the hospital. for each death was She pointed to another zero. He was reluctant to return. she felt responsible for it. When his patient died on the operating table. . The pretty woman was a nurse very conscientiously. Colleagues constantly ask him that it was not his fault. Behind the glass.What a fantastic time we lived! As I want to be the first man. she could not bear bad marks. a dreary landscape of suburban marched in the dark. Raoul told me about her.

And if he had done what choice was that his entourage had been unable to him to enjoy life. For her. Needless to say. even someone with terminal a generalized cancer had chosen. under these conditions. she reproached herself for not not have been able to pour over them enough affection. And as they were dying anyway. When? she read an ad by accident on a draft associated with the dying and in need of motivated nurse. as Raoul. she hastened to reply. Only Raoul Razorbak had he spoken of the project “Paradise” she had already decided to devote himself body and soul to this business of bringing the dead to the world of . As a result. she had tried to love even stronger each patient. But.of love. to perfection or self-destruction. failures always urged him to recommend dementia. Amandine Ballus would have been better to change jobs.

but beautiful. 68 . Brave. Raoul already announced the good news to the Minister Mercassier. It does still had not exaggerated.I would be Felix. . perhaps.alive. holding his bliss.What we do now? I asked for change the subject. that victims the project are first so many do not scruple. she muttered. . this Pithecanthropus? . And as surprising as it may seem.FACT POLICE . Amanda did have a strange logic: it was all willing to kill a few people away in the hope to save many others in the indefinite future. I made a face. she repeated.We won.He has faced terrible trials up there. .We will increase the number of takeoffs. It was she who was beautiful when she spoke of Felix. He is so brave and even beautiful. It has already contacted the director of the penitentiary that he selects one hundred new candidates Thanatonautes. Ministry He wished to congratulate us personally. She was as happy as if it were to organize nice surprise parties. .

scarred face Comments: First Thanatonautes to have regained the world .Demand for basic descriptive information Name: Kerboz Name: Felix Hair: Blond and rare Size: 95 1 m Characteristics: tall.

the living Weakness: low IQ 69 .READ IN THE PRESS SCANDAL: THE PRESIDENT LUCINDA sacrificed PRI Prisoners of LAW for alleged EXPE .

as you will: the study of death! 7aR. crazy biologist. President Lucinda. An estimated one hundred twenty to three the number of prisoners already passed to death thanks to the care of this “commando programmed death “and that just to satisfy the morbid curiosity of a head of state despot. but death! Assisted by a few accomplices related to its cause. médecinanesthétiste crooked. was murdered coolness of the men he did not even know. Dr. It’s like back to the Dark Ages where Roman emperors had power of life and death over of powerless slaves. indeed. our president loves a particular hobby: not golf. Some were killed one after . the Minister Research Mercassier. elected by a majority of the French. cooking in butter or numismatics. More perverse than Landru or a Petiot.SCIENTIFIC EXPERIENCE We had many inquiries for us Lucinda convince the president was none other than the one the greatest criminals of our time. Its victims: the common law prisoners who asked to serve their sentences in all serenity. Michael Pinson. Professor Raoul Razorbak. His excuse or rather mobile. Amandine Ballus nurse pushy. our chief of State. President killed with a vengeance.

For its part.of the other fellows at random to see if the tunic Jesus Christ came to revive them. there is no of slaves.APPOINTMENT with the pack . We believed to be headed by a president democratically elected by his fellow citizens. revolted by all the corpses accumulate every day the cellars. Most of the ministers interviewed refused to surrender clearly but some already announcing that if the Committee would provide evidence of these serial murders. A president who Its first duty to ensure the good health of its administered and not to slay! Only the director of the prison of Fleury-Merogis. soon they will offer their resignations. the minister did not wait for Mercassier results of this additional information in order to escape Australia with his wife and thus escape prosecution Judiciary. he had revealed the terrible truth exclusively to our editorial. Or so we thought until now. 70 . nowadays there is no longer an emperor (even If Lucinda is taken sometimes for a Caesar!). Parliament immediately appointed a commission of inquiry to ascertain the facts. However. the opposition was quick to claim the lifting of presidential immunity.

we fall back from the shovelfuls of insults and pursued by the opprobrium. the project was every day more important. followed bitterness. Editorialists suggested that make us suffer our own experiences. He promised favorable treatment If I load my accomplices. The Director of Fleury had managed its effect.In the euphoria. The newspapers outdid in the offensive. A judge opened an investigation. Surveys revealed that 78% of the population we wanted set as soon as possible out of harm’s way behind solid bars. We had soared with the success of Kerboz. When in doubt. The judge ordered a search and police probe . We called in turn. I suppose it began 118 the same for others. I preferred to stay coi.

children run after me. These cons time passengers would not impede the march of history. in front of him.rent my apartment. seemed to take things nonchalantly. we took the habit. I hardly dared to leave my house. with Amandine. my floor batten by removing latte like I could hide the bodies under there! The meeting of owners I summoned kindly to clear out before the end of the quarter. to get together regularly at Raoul. In the streets. . The concierge told me that my presence in the building was lower the price per square meter. the butcher of Fleury-Merogis! “Us keep warm each other. he thought. shouting: “The butcher Fleury-Merogis.

They do not care to some prisoners shipped ad patres but many would like become Caliph instead of the caliph. If only this ungrateful Mercassier and that idiot director of Fleury-Mérogis we were missing betrayed! President to give up. It was not very encouraging. I am wary especially my friends.However. a man in the hat pulled down over his eyes rang the doorbell. . are preparing us to weather the storm. I regret you have dragged into the turmoil. Its Renault 20 convertible exploded in an attack claimed by a “Committee of the surviving prisoners’ unknown to this day. “ As we went up another morale reminding us of the rise of Kerboz.My friends. After quick introductions. This we have experienced so far is nothing compared to what waiting for us. he declaimed: . Planting himself at the table as if it was meeting. they know how to reach me. It was the first time I saw. Friends and political enemies have conspired to I set up my account. we passed the latest information on our business. It was fired from his job as a researcher at the CNRS. Raoul. he deserves to remain as the serene. but after all we knew the risks we take. On the door of his building was bulging in big red letters: “This remains the deadliest 123 innocent people. President Lucinda in person. I was on the verge of panic.

You should not give up. . Me. united against the idiots! At first we had the impression of being a group of conspirators about to be trapped. It is no longer trouble to flatter. Lucinda. Michael was right when he said he had to disclose as soon as our results to the campaigns Felix is ​a hero.Come.true to himself. even when came a stone smash a window of the salon. President. . Then little by little.But if my friend insisted. the world will bow to your courage and your genius. did not blink. Raoul. Now we will work in the open. The President did not understand where Razorbak wanted come. We were few.You are all mistaken. we looked at. Circumstances do not have been better. Er the Pamphylian found . we would still be tinkering in the basement the prison. All together. He deserves fame and recognition. 71 . I threw . In its place. He served whiskey around. I seized immediately. but we had guts. Without these leaks unexpected. I am nothing. Lucinda seemed skeptical. . yet we tried all change the world. Felix. We were not specifically gifted.Greek Mythology Left for dead on a battlefield. he said. come. Amandine.We must tackle instead of confining the defense. Never had I felt so accessory to other humans.

and the other souls went back covered with dust. Photos of what .himself in a room pledged four openings: two out of the sky. He succeeded in the wonderful place where stands the column that is the axis of world. It described how he had seen the land of the dead and was free income. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. he went to CETH which flows Amelia River. 72 . by Francis Razorbak. Accompanied by souls. whose waters provide oblivion. Nobody believed his story. Er saw the punishment inflicted on the wicked. two on Earth. He turned back angrily. The virtuous souls ascended to heaven. 120 Criminal souls to descend through a slit.AS BEFORE The scandal took proportions senseless. There was a rumble and Er revived at the stake funeral to the chagrin of humans around him. The shadows down to Earth.

A government crisis was formed. Like rats leaving the ship. quickly made the cover of every magazine. As if these photographs were taken by a spy in our business. In fact. Then came the discovery of “mass grave presidential”. President Lucinda was removed from office at the head of the state . Just below popped our portraits to us: the killers. the play seemed a sinister room of torture. One reporter even had the luck to shoot a real suicide Fleury-Merogis. the ministers resigned one after the other. “They have dared! “Was soberly registered under the picture of this unfortunate that we had never seen. the crematorium of the prison in Fleury-Merogis.they called our “laboratory of the programmed death “Were displayed on the cover of every newspaper. the journalists had imagined fixtures with models reddened. They were photographed so blurred to give a side even more dramatic and more realistic. protruding tongue and eyes bulging. As there was no trace of the bodies of our Thanatonautes unlucky. His portrait swollen. The guy had hung himself well after we were denied access to thanatodrome. Journalists malicious had even added at the forefront of scalpels bloody and clamps still covered with sticky hairs. This does not changed nothing. We carried her for defamation but to no avail. At the bright light flashes.

not guinea pigs. He spoke of unimaginable progress. It rap pela that even common-law prisoners were men. conquest of the afterlife. The journalist who questioned remained unmoved. I confess that we killed in the name of knowledge. fellow citizens. even a President violated law by allowing deadly experiments. Jean Lucinda ignored his remarks. of an unexplored continent. to overcome our human .until more information.Dear viewers. As a conclusion sion. It content to a television appearance in a program popular to declare that all the pioneers were maligned in their time. From Australia. Lucinda took care to replicate piecemeal. He did However. yes. no reference to our successful experience. Mercassier accused Lucinda of have forced him to act without regard to its refusal. he faced the camera and announced bluntly: .

He exchanged his skin wrinkled and hoary against the his. a young girl met the god of Old age. Event will be held at the Palais des Congrès in 16 hours. We are ready to start over with him the experience Yeah right now ! If it fails. We call a Thanatonautes. One day. 122 Since then. I suggest you start with my team an attempt to take off for the afterlife. And we did it! One of our volunteers went to the afterlife and returned unscathed.condition. the men grow old and die. however. which was soft and supple. All television of the Hexagon and the world will be present. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. by Francis . It’s sort of a pilot a traveler of death. at Tomorrow. Tomorrow. His name is Felix Kerboz. 73 .MYTHOLOGY Amazonian Indians Traditionally men did not die. I am ready to submit for your decision and I understand very well its hardness.

said the other dubiously. The Palais des Congres. Do you? This is his swan song. 74 . teeming with world. it will be served! His death is political Anyway irreversible. Front row. the whole set scene … He must stay a few biscuits. becoming a star. . Spectators exchanged newspapers and how new overwhelming evidence. EMA ing of the tireless and relentless Mercassier Director Fleury-Merogis.Still. a beautiful journalist red face speaking to a camera: .5% of the population crazy to believe in supernatural and NDE.5% favorable opinion! Normal Surely there 0. He wanted to know the land of the dead. Paris.Razorbak.ALL FOR EVERYTHING 16 hours. They shrugged their shoulders. This is an old fox. two members did not hide their impressions: .Poor Lucinda. Brightly lit by two spotlights. It does more than 0. it is finished.

such scrambles will impossible.I do not see why a body would use the agony his last energy to produce images! exclaimed someone. “When a brain ceases to be irrigated. already battered in the opinion.And this Faribole overdose of liquid natural endocrine that would cause hallucinations travel. willing to try! In anticipation of the “spectacle” of groups formed.You read the article in the Morning? A scientist there explains very well why it is impossible to survive death. it necrosis. ‘said one. it’s not every day a head of state is a this hat. we wondered: . you believe it? There were chuckles.Beau trial in . it loses its physiological faculties. We discussed. .Lucinda wanted to go down in history with a large H. And the front door. so his powers of representation and memory. . killing one to help revive the other. Some experts have expressed concern that the President Lucinda uses twin brothers.Eight scientists are in the room to monitor all the operations and avoid special effects. It’s an old conjuring trick well-known. He no longer has to worry. again! One hundred twenty-three murders on arms. The two deputies calèrent in chairs in the first Rank . But with so many looks and targets fixed on the scene. “ . It is hard to imagine a head of state.. He will return. Once a nerve cell dies.

the show was as good a rock and roll concert or a football game! Of Machinists settled eight chairs around the fau Auteuil dentist.perspective! The spotlight lit. If they could promise the ears and tail of the President. They had a little nervous. three biological gists. Four doctors. Some held out even their hands to the crowd. They emerged to applause. There sit the eight experts appointed by the committee. credit As a banderillas. They had never been so popular in their previous work. they drew their pens and comments . She cheered the old beards of the Academy like so many matadors down together the arena to overcome a big bull twisted. and even a magician. they would not lose it. On the stage sat a simple dentist’s chair. The event will be broadcast in sixty duplex of countries. The hall was unleashed. There were also lots of son electrically connected to giant screens flashed as many blind eye. A president is ridiculed Live.

.Cerent note on notebooks rigid variety observations of actual hardware.

conversely. the atmosphere is supercharged. . accompanied by a cameraman and a soundman. The seals are there all cooked and ready to be eaten. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. Ministry President Lucinda prepares to play his entire career on a great gamble: show the world that it is possible to visit the afterlife as if it were only a continent away. by Francis Razorbak. nor fish. After some tests tests voice and image. There is a realm of abundance. nor the bears. Those who have toiled in this world can finally relax and enjoy the fruits of their efforts. Y reigns perpetual summer of the midnight sun. the string that shows you more.Ladies and gentlemen.A famous TV presenter hair slicked mounted in turn on the stage. where lack neither dogs nor deer. the experience of century? The suspense is intense … 75 MYTHOLOGY GREENLANDIC To the people of Greenland. In the audience. the excitement is at its Attic Will we watch helplessly as a new killing online? Or. . the red light of the camera flashed. Here in this hall of the Palais des Congrès. good evening and thank you for watching RTV1. paradise is at bottom of the ocean.

. All right-thinking people who wanted my property sickened me and strengthened my will to the contrary bury myself in my marginality. I assured them there was no question for me to abandon to my friends in trouble.76 .You see. I would assume. . why not my son? It is because of loneliness if my boy found involved in this story. It certainly has its flaws. Living alone all the time. if only he had married. He advised me to steer quickly in Argentina. but this is not a criminal. I will defend still my son. I had my share of responsibility in current events. no matter what! And that’s what she did. He . we would not be there! My little Michael has never had much control.Well. If the President of the Republic got carried away by these enlightened. Indicated by the journalist RTV1 which sought to fill the air in anticipation of the great moment. ‘said my mother. do not go! Conrad. Michael has always been too nice and ready to be of service to everyone. tooth and nail. my heart progenitor emptied his live before millions of voyeurs. if you go I will go too. it gone to your head! If only he had listened to me.My son.FAMILY It was first my mother called me: .

gathered dust. At the third hour. the dust turned into a shapeless mass. Do you think I can make it send packages in his prison cell? The reporter recognized slicked his ignorance on this subject and politely thanked my mother. At the eighth hour. he was able to describe his surroundings. he received Eve for a companion. As this Razorbak. . In the second hour. At the fifth hour. At the sixth hour. 77 . At the fourth hour.always thank you to those who speak loudly and clearly. Adam’s life comes down to twelve steps: In the first hour. two on a bed they went to four they descended. (Then. below:) Oh. At the seventh hour.biblical mythology According to the Bible. tell me. a soul was infused. he stood. members were shaped. I a question.

The expert committee refused to shake hands with me and behind me. I guessed Amandine. stood out: . A man in jacket and cap. he received orders not to taste fruit of knowledge.I did not was leading off. steeped in fear. he made the mistake. 78 .At the ninth hour. At the twelfth hour. I clung to the . Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. he was tried.TO BE OR NOT TO BE First to enter the arena .Crapule! You killed my son! My best. At the eleventh hour. by Francis Razorbak.comprising: a mount scene . 126 At the tenth hour. Assistance burst into boos. he was driven from the Garden of Eden.

Felix had Kerboz to appear. calm down! The experience we will try before you has already successful. The police cordon placed in front of the stage enlarged by emergency reinforcements.On the fly? Death.microphone: . Of his hands. Now. the planet itself. but in the absence of any official expert may to testify.Death to the killers in white coats! Death to the killers in white coats! chanted the audience unleashed. Nobody! All inmates who participated in project “Paradise” had volunteered for the experiment. I submit to the ruling the nation. he said. The whistles were redoubled when President Lucinda in turn approached the microphone. my friends. yes! Who can volunteer to die? There is a voluntary here? yelled someone. . the President made gestures of appeasement. Some insults were heard yet but very soon a heavy silence replaced the tumult. . If the man we send to you in the afterlife can not believe I agree to appear before any court proper to answer for my failures. They knew the risks and they each themselves pressed the button triggering the process of flight.We have murdered someone! I cried myself to break the throat. . Tomatoes landed at his feet.Ladies and gentlemen. SA long accustomed to political meetings had disrupted learned to hold sway over a rough room. The .

I have an ingrown toenail that bothers me. our Thanatonautes murmured. Lucinda started. The TV host rushed: . I realized that something was wrong. Viewers who joined the program in progress Road wondered if they had not zapped by mistake a horror film. He arrived between two gendarmes. This feat. In tormented figure of Felix. that’s not it. . Felix? A face disfigured further the face of Felix. Felix yelled. it will attempt it a second time before the cameras of the world full and exclusive national RTV1.In form. according to President Lucinda.Well.spotlight soon braquèrent on him and who was his impeccable tuxedo new uniform of Thanatonautes. having accomplished the impossible return between world of the living and the dead. All we know enough to perceive his agitation Felix. Was it the crowd intimidated? The President gave him a big pat on the back. one man. His head bandit contrasted with clothing dandy. it could get better. Stage fright? . and damn. the chain shows you more! Our team exchanged worried glances. I have not slept a wink all night. .Ah.And here is Felix Kerboz. .

Lucinda shook Felix bluntly: . If Felix suffered. Felix. The facilitator explained that the President encouraged his foal like a coach before a boxing match. The President implored him: . the gloomy. finally free. Now.An ingrown toenail? Why do not you tell us more early! Lucinda was the yelling but it was not the time. It is very painful but can be treated easily.An ingrown toenail? I know that. Assistance was hesitating between new insults or applause but still retained his breath. Do you understand? Felix? You will now be a respectable citizen. Kerboz and you will be rich and famous! We will put you in a open car and people will applaud you and you launch confetti as Neil . If you succeed.You will come back to life. we prepared our instruments. We. you will be free. The man did not seem convinced. you promise me? I have already signed your amnesty decree.. .I have taken aspirin but it hurts when the same. he sucked the light rather than return to his aching frame. What crap! I suggested to postpone the operation later.You will be free! We will call you Mr. .

women. he added: . You never … .But it’s so up there. are more no worries … Lucinda grew angry: . . enumerated Lucinda. a president. cars. it is still not an unfortunate painful toe that will make you give up your hopes of a life better! . Felix looked down and blushed like a guilty child: .I was wondering c’qui is good in this life. too. Lucinda looked with amazement the Colossus: . it feels so light.. Ministry problem is that j’m’en remember. perfumes. they m’veulent of well. I know all that. in the skin of his guinea pigs.Yeah. your blisters and skin gap.Yeah. I have not been so lucky in this world and the ingrown nail and more people hostile before … In this world I have not had much satisfaction.No satisfaction. is still not the blank! . But the top. Come on. your ulcer. the life. Felix? You mean … never. violence.Armstrong after his first steps on the moon! . the most delightful of nurses! So many people have your chance! And we are all counting on you. drugs.And if you like alcohol. I ‘m pleased if there were not that damn nail incarnate. sunsets sun on the sea. . after all the toxic potions you have ingested. scholars remark remarkable.Money. Then put in the end politics. proper speed. Felix! We need you.Damn. You have friends now. palaces.Felix. I’ve never had to think twice.

The host furnished after a fashion: . He said.Yeah. . Coast by side. Felix? Is that it? He turned to burgundy. The crowd was growing impatient. The blonde nurse hesitated. My fucking nail is telling me left alone for a moment. This was not the time to experiment with new blends. thought for a moment.Death to the monkey! launched a joker. I’ve never liked to share my mother. But I refused. A Quasimodo about to go on the rack … He never left eye Amandine.95 m and weighs 100 kg. It went: . and my mother. let’s go. . According to the press. All of a sudden. . the weight and size n’influent not affect the quality of the passage from life to death but it is better yet the subject is in good physical condition. the face of Felix passed through several colors Arcen-heaven.Felix Kerboz measuring 1. then she whispered something into the ear of the patient. measurements rather smooth for a man of his age. Lucinda suggested that I add to my pain medication boosters for Felix no longer feels his toe. Amanda had lost none of the conversations between Felix and the President.You are a virgin. it is up there. they looked like Quasimodo and Esmeralda. 800 milligrams of thiopental would . He stretched his lips into a caricature of a smile.Our wardrobe was now scarlet. in fact.Well.

as Raoul had taught him to do so.my dose and there would be no other medication apart the usual potions. After all.Assassins! Assassins! The motto was taken over by the whole room who chanted in rhythm. .Ready too. He lifted his sleeve and put the electrodes. But she preferred to play all out. now. This method of artificial respiration had been invented. we were all in the same boat. It regulates ECG. He inspired with the nose. go and get dressed. blowing with the mouth. you’re a murderer! I came to give him a hand. everything is ready! said President Lucinda. who had finished with a final electrode the hairy chest of Thanatonautes. . .For me. Felix Kerboz breathed slowly. Amanda was busy with diligence. President Lucinda unhooked the bow tie of smoking of Kerboz. said Raoul tightening sensors . It could have sworn he had done this all his life. She felt all the jokes like so many spears. more slowly. it seems to help women to give birth without pain.Lucinda. . EEG and me dedicated a knowing smile thin while the insults continued to rain.

They noted with rush all kinds of information. They took also the pulse of Felix.HISTORY TEXTBOOKS . Then they flush Sirente. Loan I said. somewhat annoyed by this hostile crowd. satisfied for now. Silence In the vastness of the convention center. When had finished. Felix smiled with: .Six … five … four … three … two … a … Off! And quickly he pressed the switch and is propelled out of this life. friends! Felix said.Let’s go! Raoul growled. They checked the electrodes were consistent with the standards. just as he was close her eyes. ciao. Amanda stroked her hair and placed his few small kissing on the corner of his lips. . . The scientific committee came to better examine the whole system. He stuck a needle into the foam of the chair.pulse. he nodded to the others. . .Come back! she murmured. 79 . waving his fat fingers Twisted.Ready! Amanda adds. and we made a gesture that meant that we could proceed. we could have hear a soul to steal. which delighted the audience discovers that he expected perhaps a secret corridor in our dental chair.Ben. The magician gave of his heel into the floor of the stage. the looking for a door or any device toggle.

Towards the end of the twentieth century dictionaries and encyclopedias pédies death gave the following definitions: DEATH: termination of life. Medical definition: Stop irreversible contraction as cardiac. American definition. Of artificial respiration maintained by lung mechanics. Total abolition of reflexes. Dispa pearance of any electroencephalographic signal. adopted in 1981: An individual is declared dead after irreversible cessation of all brain function. Current definition: We say that someone has died when his heart stopped beating and he stopped breathing. .

In case of violent or suspicious death. Accompanied by the family book of the deceased. The medical examiner district verify the death and will prepare a statement that it will deliver to family of the deceased or funeral attendant. the 132 .Destruction Total brain structures. Formalities in case of death: Notify the death the local city office. this finding should be submitted to the register office of the town hall will issue in sharing a burial permit and authorization of farm ture of the coffin.

3000 F for an ordinary coffin of white wood. Count supplements ebony. The family is not obliged to make public the cause of death.medical examiner notifies the public prosecutor can require an autopsy. . mahogany. It is mandatory to wait twenty-four hours at least before the funeral. over by the number of undertakers available. upholstered integrated Procedure. The square meter is obviously ment more expensive in cities than in rural areas. 1800 F for the funeral. Price of the concession: Variable. 3000 F for hire of the hearse. depending on the length. the reputation the cemetery and the land price.

temperature. Plus postage. 1000 F VAT. not lease included. Raoul Razorbak noted on his notebook all the parameters: time. 700 F for marble. History textbook. F 1000 a year for cleaning and restoring the burial.4800 F for morticians. 200 F for religious service (additional fee depending confessions and the services requested: Mass choir etc… A total of 17. a continuous scrolling electrocardiogram and still no any ping! As usual. etc… . brain. flowers and decorations varied situations.HOLD For the past ten minutes. activity heart. 80 . second year elementary course. 200 F for announcements. electrical. personal impressions. F 1300 municipal tax.000 F minimum.

Amanda prayed with silence. Me. too. their pen crunching loudly on the graph paper. The magician was the best actor. staring at the man lying in the spotlight. Son of Odin. he had all sorts of dubious expressions. He shrugged his shoulders. looking concerned.Scandinavian mythology Balder was a benevolent god Scandinavian. They always had to consider a new dial. “So what?” I ventured.Raoul returned. One night he dreamed of his own death. 81 . The gods conceived in . Revolving around the chair like flies around a corpse. Clasped hands and face of Madonna. experts also took their notes. He spoke of the weather is conducive to such experience and history that the Congress had seen to take place under one roof so many striking events. The presenter did not know how RTV1 furnish time vacant. They were this mainly to stretch the legs but took the air heard suggesting the worst. He was renowned for his compassion and beauty. The crowd was silent.

the goddess Frigg. fish. however. the evil god Loki disguised himself as a woman and went to Frigg to wrest from him his secret. Loki then convinced Hödr. trees. diseases. stone. snakes. It happened. virtually forced everything and everyone never to harm her son.a large concern and his mother. all animals. the blind god of seize the plant and hit Balder. Noting that Balder was invulnerable now. jealous of the power of Balder. He learned that the Goddess had failed to swear in a plant Mistilteinn called because it considered too frail and too fragile in order to cause any harm to her son. birds. iron. the gods amused themselves by launching him on all kinds of items dangerous does not hurt yet. Guided by . She swore of good will to the earth.

82 . They were very satisfied because we do not perceive. They did not want us to run away after the failure of our representation. Balder Hödr mortally wounded because the plant had transformed into a spear. The silent crowd became increasingly less silent. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. It was now five minutes we rubbing Felix and electrocution without result. by Francis Razorbak. Loki then announced to all that we can not escape death. approached learnedly to caress the wrist of Felix and check his pulse.at the convention center The plainclothes officers who had slipped into the room on the request of the judge hearing the case approached Gradually the scene. even when you are blessed by the gods. Scientific experts stretching knowing smiles after each shock.134 Loki. .

Were perceived even laughs content. A moment. you believe. and vest. The police approached again. dripping with sweat. It is normal that the bull is trying to hurt the matadors prior to his death. the slight background noise. two. . why would it not capable of . three. We had all “one. We had to believe it. Faith moves mountains. and Raoul blowing air into the nostrils with a hand pump to boost the activity respirator. repeated my friend. three! Come on. They did not seem to pay attention.” I pressed on the chest with my hands flat in the area of ​the heart. I had shown. two. In the room. had succeeded in gossip and rumors. t right. and it would be the kill.One. We jostling without any consideration for of our maneuvers. you believe. I continued to practice massage heart. And the more pessimistic we gained more we rushed.I took off my white coat. He ava. Other officers took faction behind us so to deny us a leak behind the scenes. Hand in the fire can stay if believed invulnerable.

. Felix. “ Already Raoul and Amanda were also handcuffed. Nothing is more enjoyable for people to see its masters dragged through the mud. was untouchable. three. .If a living cell in the meat must be it responds to my call. We dared not touch Lucinda. two. One. who crowned his status of the President of the French Republic. Felix. three! Felix. What is it?” What is it?” we there.Death! At death Thanatonautes! screamed the room too happy to see his boss in trouble. we wait.One. A policeman came up on stage. only make life in this big bag of skin filled with blood and viscera? . . I heard a snap sec of handcuffs and a voice said: “On behalf of the law. three! Wake up. . two. . Flies on a crushed fruit. two. It would appear to dangerous lunatics let off steam in a body for all viewers according to our deeds. one. And he urged the chest of Felix. three. A police officer grabbed my wrist. two.One. No kidding! I cried to myself. God. I arrest you for murder by poisoning. do not leave us up! The eight experts came to see the death with the air heard. damn! A policeman came out of the handcuffs.reproducing a small miracle of nothing. wake up.Damn. said Raoul.

- The death penalty for Thanatonautes! Front row, my brother shouted: “I had you well said. “My mother tried to calm itself throughout the room. It began with its immediate neighbors. Then she spread in the aisles. - My son has nothing to do, stop, you are mistaken, my son has nothing to do, he got carried away. She had already thought of everything. Later, at trial, it apparent good points of my book from kindergarten to prove that I had been a good boy. She had also bought a dress in advance of the hearing. The police took us by the arms to take us across the room fevered. Already people approaching to insult us and we spit. What a horrible feeling of having her hands cuffed while people You booed. Someone threw a rotten egg, which came crashing on my forehead. Amanda received a tomato. Raoul was also entitled to its egg, greener and stinking the mine. President Lucinda sat down again, collapsed. He did not help us or help Felix, he thought only that was wrong, he had a delusion and regretted it. in front of him. who wanted to be famous, now it was over. He did not able to achieve victory at Alesia, like Caesar. The last time of death, supreme bastion, had proved impregnable.

The journalist RTV1 motioned to his cameraman multiply the close-ups on the impassive face of Felix. He stuck the torch a few inches of the face and is filming his every pore still, the slightest of hair under the grilling too much light. Goodbye, Felix. The police pulled me by the handcuffs. It happened then something unexpected. There was a resounding “Ouch.” All breathing stopped. We all stayed frozen. I recognized the voice that said “Ouch.” This voice, that voice … The man responsible for the light and had stumbled dropped his flashlight on the eye of Felix. Already presenter exulted. - It’s amazing, ladies and gentlemen, just incredible, amazing and huge. The man, the one can be called from now on “the first man to officially putting the feet in the afterlife and to be income “is … alive. Felix Kerboz is alive! Order of the experts, the police took away dazed us quickly handcuffed. The room had become silent. We heard only the inexhaustible host of the television which delivers the

meter’s comments, too happy to have Finally, in the spectacular show. He knew he was playing career and he did not intend to leave Missed opportunity as rare. He too had now have his name inscribed in the history books, the worst in the history books of journalism. - I can tell you that emotion is universal. Once the first table began to ring in the electroencephalogram, First there was a moment of disbelief and then a clamor rose in the room. A shout of terror, ladies and gentlemen, as we all aware that it was a death that came back from the alive. RTV1, the string that shows you more, you will board of a slow first movement of eyelids Felix Kerboz. Eye movement occurred long after stopping his heart. And a movement of eyelids occurred, it must be said, thanks to us, thanks to … RTV1 the TV that revives even the dead. I’ll try immediately to have an exclusive interview with Felix, and just after we pass an advertising page. We However, remember that the whole evening was sponsored Black Dragon by waxing. Waxing Black Dragon, the only you out of coltar. Lucinda, Amanda, Raoul and I were between laughter and the tears. We ran to get back on stage. The show must go on. Doctors and scientists received

laient stunned and shook their heads as if they n’arri

Vaienti not believe their own eyes, their own ears, their sense of touch. They continued to feel Felix, check the machines of control. There was even a scientist to look at under the chair. If you would still be substituted a twin brother’s corpse. I took the pulse of Felix, listened to his heart, examined its retina, his teeth. But everyone knew, saw, was forced to recognize

birth to irrefutable. We succeeded. Raoul, Felix, Aman

dine, Lucinda and me against the fools. Felix mumbled. - Damn, the trip, shit, I never had it like that. A… then I and I not, my amnesty? Amanda hurried and whispered

something to the ear. As soon as his eyes took eureka. He leaned toward the microphone and journalist RTV1 fully articulated: - It’s one small step for my soul, but a big step for humanity. All of a sudden the tension fell. Standing ovation on the hero. It is impossible to overstate the importance of a good slogan. Applause rang out. No one was holding his cheers. - RTV1 Dear viewers, this is a historic moment and a historic phrase that comes to deliver us our Thanatonautes national. One small step for my soul, but a giant leap for mankind. The nod to history is superb. This man has managed a Near Death Experience Live in front of us. What has traveled? For lack of best, Felix has appointed this his “soul.” The image is poetic. It remains to find the scientific explanation. It is with great … We hugged Felix Kerboz fervently. - All right, here? Uh … and for my pardon, it is still OK? You did. You did, you’re free now! announced the President Lucinda. - Not too soon. Damn, you have to give a lot of our days to be bourgeois! Amanda never left him. - You are there! You are here: alive. - Ben … yeah, you see I came back. Chuis income friends. This time, I have watched, I have everything looked at. If you want I can draw you a picture for show you how it is. Damn, it’s not croyab ‘I can tell you. Raoul Razorbak approached nervous.

- A map! We will draw a map of the continent death and every time we move, we will defer new details on this card. The room was unleashed. The presenter RTV1 we continued by claiming:

Hep! Mr. Kerboz is for RTV1. Our viewers have a right to know what it was like up there! Ndiaye, Kerboz, you are the hero of the century, Mr. Kerboz! Felix stopped, looked and then uttered his words: Beni I can tell you that death, damn it Incredibly, not at all what one believes are plenty of color, full of scenery, full of … it moves A LOT! Oh, and I do not know how cause is too much. The journalist RTV1 we stuck to skirts. He must fill a quota of time for the waxing and he did not yet fully achieved. He begged the least Comment Raoul gave me a blow in the ribs. - Come on, Michael, do them a speech! Without even thinking I stepped on the podium. All m’illuminèrent flashes. - Ladies and gentlemen, we had the best rewards. We managed to send and retrieve a Thanatonautes. There was a silence. A reporter asked me a Question

- Dr. Pinson, you are one of the greatest craftsmen of victory today. What do you do now? I went a little microphone. - Today is a great day. Everyone listened. - We have conquered death. As of today, nothing not the same. We must completely change our points of view. We just switch to a new world There will always be a before and after today. Me? I even find it difficult to believe. Yet we have to prove that … That’s when the phrase reappeared again only curse tific. (But, in fact, what am I doing here?) - We have to prove that … Suddenly I became aware of being in the here and now having accomplished something historic. Once this weird thoughts in my head, nothing could hunt. The crowd continued to listen, television zoomed on my face. Millions of people watching me Live, open mouth and saying nothing. - Dr. Pinson? I could not utter a syllable. Ministry journalist, very embarrassed, tried to move on. - Hum … And you, Mr. Speaker … you able to prove your good faith, is that this will change your policy before the next general election? President Lucinda did not pay attention. We murmured:

- Come, my friends, we do not deal with the mob. We are now out of the woods, continuing the effort. Will draw the foreground of the continent from the dead. Where?” - In thanatodrome Fleury-Merogis. Only where we will have peace. Our little group became more and more welded. 83 - Persian mythology “The fish said to the duck in the pan: “Do you think the water will rise one day during the river? “ The duck said, “When we roasted No matter that the world sea mirage “? From the Earth to Saturn, I solved all the problems, I avoided the traps and ambushes, I have defeated every node, except that of death. “ Omar Khayyam (1050-1123), Rubai Yat. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death, by Francis Razorbak.

84 - A MAP A clamor of praise ascended cells. The Prisoners had followed live on RTV1 the “traveling” Félix. Our Thanatonautes hailed around and his eyes blinking, this time as if to say “I knew it, I told you so. “ In the lazaretto turned into thanatodrome, Raoul picked up a card stock and colored pens. We FIMES circle around him while trying to describe Felix accurate visions of the afterlife. It was touching to behold the brute, dear

singing his words, searching his mind in search of the term accurate, so keen to satisfy us, we, his first friends. He scratched his head, he scratched his back, he scratched his armpits. He frowned. The cartographer grew impatient: - So how was it? - Well, first there is the funnel with the edges a sort of crown of foam or cotton, something just like

that. Raoul began a sketch: - No, ‘said Felix. Wider the funnel. He closed his eyes to see the magical image. - As a tire neon scattered in Filoche lace. Something liquid … How to tell? Of great waves of powder blue stars, bursts of light water. We really feel to be suspended in the air in the open ocean, an ocean turn on itself to form a ring Light and sparks. The Pithecanthropus became a poet. Amandine was touched. Raoul erased, began a pattern that resembled a slightly thinned lettuce: - It’s better, Felix approved. Understand? It floats in a kind of frozen fire, yet we feel a feeling fresh marine. It really recalled the first time I saw the sea - What color exactly, all this? 142 - Ben, white and blue … But in addition to fluorescent and turning as a carousel. It sucked a lot of other stiffs around for me? They all had white son clinging to their navel which broke when they were racing net farther inside the cone. Who broke net? Lucinda was surprised. - Well, yeah. So they were released from below and they could further accelerate a good shot. - Who were these people? Amanda asked. - The stiffs in all countries, all races, young, old, big, small … Raoul intima us to keep quiet. Questions we might to decentralize the explorer. We provide the latest

details we wanted. - Continue with your white-blue funnel. - Well, it narrows a little to become a gigantic tube. There, the colors of the walls and then darken turn turquoise. The turquoise, I did not go far but I saw where it took this color. - The funnel is running all the time? - Yeah, very slowly at the edges and more As soon as we advance. Then it narrows and becomes brighter. There in the crowd corridor turquoise, and even I changed shape. - You were what? Felix stood up proudly. - I still have my body but it was Thanatonautes become transparent, so transparent that I saw through of myself. It was great fun. I had completely Forgot my body. I felt even my fingernail incarnate. I was like … - … A pen? I suggested, thinking of the Book of the Dead Egyptian city that had Raoul. - Yeah. Or a current of air a little hardened. Raoul was busy on his paper. Its design took shape. The funnel, the corridor, people cutting their transparent long umbilical cords … Death she finally revealed her appearance? It looked like from afar a large head disheveled.

- It was great? I asked. - Immense. The narrowest point I saw was well have a diameter of several tens of kilometers! Think of all the stiffs of the world engulfed at sixty miles an hour in there! And, oh

yes! There was no high and there was no bottom. We could have walked on p’t’être walls but it was not worth it, since we flew. - There were animals? Amandine inquired. - Nah, no cattle. That of humans. But there were complete in herds. Must be a war somewhere which provides a lot of barbaque. And all slipped into the hall quietly, without crashing, despite the speed. We were all attracted to light like moths. Raoul raised his pencil. - All these deaths will therefore necessarily transparent collide at some point, I remarked. - Where did you order exactly? asked Lucinda. On paper, Felix pointed to a location on the flared edge of the funnel white-blue. - Here. Precision as we stunned. - J’pouvais not go any further, explained Felix. One centimeter over and my silver cord is cut too and was “ciao the company.” - But you said that the cord was elastic to infinity, remarked the President. - It is in the head as it happens. The more one is magnetized by light, the cord becomes more dry and brittle, the more weakens. Damn, one more inch and I had more than just want to see this world. This point, it was my limit. He put his finger in one place. In black felt, Raoul Razorbak be traced a long dotted line: “Wall comatose “He wrote below. - And that means what? I said. - I think that’s the sound barrier in his time. This is a limitation that we can for the moment pass without Potential Danger Now that we have

the beginning of the map, we also have a goal beyond this line. So wrote Raoul behind the line marking the wall comatose, in thick letters: Terra incognita. Unknown land. We considered the paper with respect. And was beginningis exploring a new continent. A first contact, the first beach, and then at progressively the pioneers in advancing the land, mountains, meadows, lakes took place on the map Terra incognita receded ever further towards the edges the paper. Thus was he went to Africa, America, Australia. Gradually, the men had cleared the two words, a label of ignorance. Terra incognita … Witnesses to the experience of the Palace Congress had hoped to attend the culmination of a political-science project. We four, Lucinda, Amanda, Raoul and I knew that, on the contrary, was not an end but a beginning. We had to explore this tunnel which became purple turquoise. We had to complete the map and reduce the two words: Terra incognita. Raoul joined his hands.

- All right, straight into the unknown, he muttered, not repress a smile of glorious conqueror. It was a new slogan to motivate us. We looked at all with the same light in the

LAYLA. The adventure was just beginning. Forward towards the unknown.


85 - PRESS Journal de Paris: FEELING THE CONVENTION CENTRE: A FRENCH PUT THE FOOT ON THE CONTINENT OF THE DEAD The first man to officially set foot in the afterlife is French and is called Felix Kerboz. We has long argued in our editorials, our confidence in the ambitious projects of our president Lucinda. Thanks to his efforts is a national team has trumped all of our global competitors, advancing pioneer on the mainland of the dead. Our magazine decrees already Kerboz Felix Man of the Year, and launched a petition that he be awarded at the earliest Legion of Honor.

London Journal: A EUROPEAN IN THE BEYOND Death can be visited. A team of researchers Europe has managed to put a man in the afterlife and bring back safe and sound. As too often, alas! success has been preceded by many failed attempts. It is estimated that hundreds of human guinea pigs have suffered in France casts of this unconventional project. Felix Kerboz, He survived this massacre gloriously despite sarcasm of French opinion, unanimous in condemning this she described as “laboratory of the programmed death.” A British team is about to launch its


turn in this adventure. A case to follow, therefore, in our columns. Journal of Tokyo: IN SEARCH OF HIS ANCESTORS A man wanted at all costs from seeking his ancestors. A Westerner named Felix tried to Kerboz join his ancestors by committing suicide in potassium chloride, particularly toxic product. He woke up twenty minutes later, absolutely free. Researchers Japan is now trying to answer the most

daring Question: Can we visit the land of our ancestors (And possibly shoot) as well as any What other country tourism in the Earth? New York newspaper: FRENCH SACRED A small team of French researchers has craft embarked on a bizarre experience: poisoned to visit the afterlife. In recent weeks, the French informed of the project, spat their president, Jean Lucinda, accusing him of being a murderer in series, the project carried out under his patronage that caused a hundred victims to complete. As for inventive researchers, they were threatened with legal action As is common in France that scientists have the wings clipped by red tape. (It also the reason why the best scientists French have become accustomed to emigrate to the United States where they can work in peace for their future Nobel Prize.) This time, four brave citizens were able to prove the value their work to a nation and even hostile to experts, and this before the cameras of international television, present to testify that Felix left for Kerboz continent of the dead and returned without damage. T a former criminal, sentenced to life imprisonment and pardoned in reward for this feat and is now entering a career of my self-made. Several U.S. companies it have already offered large sums of money so that he interprets herself in a big budget film. It has not yet given its response but is already thinking about Carol Turkson for the role of the nurse Amanda and Fred

We urge the French authorities to contact the Archdiocese of Paris before any new shipment of this type. We do not bear witness so that more admiration for the great purpose he maintained in the greatest secret: the conquest of the continent from the dead! Against all odds. we already criticized in our columns the protectionist policy and short-sighted. Journal of Madrid: IF LUCINDA The President of the French Republic Jean Lucinda spent several weeks in his country for a perfect madman. Moreover. But now it turns out to be a particularly enlightened mind we should perhaps follow the example. “Death belongs to God and God speaks through the voice of the Vatican. Soon on your screens. Lucinda has often failed of humor and never showed much compassion with respect to nations in need. the guinea pig is French Felix Kerboz managed to visit the Continent and ultimate return. Journal of Rome: POPE FURIOUS The French. having made up his mind to conquer the continent the dead. the Pope expressed his indignation that science seeks to exceed his rights.O’Bannon for the French President Lucinda. Our government thinks launch . Certainly. “A papal bull is expected from one moment to another. “recalled the Holy Father. adding: “We can not encourage these shipments of people in the afterlife.

As at the time of gunboat diplomacy. Journal of Berlin: a diversion The French are certainly resourceful. This boundary-limit would be located in coma more than twenty minutes. English. It would come. Jean Lucinda tries to divert the minds of the crisis by engaging in experiments of death.a program of study who seek to better understand this phenomenon. Italian and Japanese have begun to thanatodromes build. Journal of Beijing: DEATH LAST COLONY Green light for the conquest of the continent from the dead. U. experts. to send a man in the afterlife. they say. we learned that the French Kerboz Felix has already reached a kind of zero. invisible and impossible to cross. their president. that strikes succeed with hostile demonstrations. in the past . Reliably.. . German. great powers do not hide their colonial appetites. A team of German experts will check soon this dubious experiment.S. ” few days and despite the discretion and denials surrounding their operations. they seek in vain to stem the spread of drugs and immigration waves illegal. While that their economy is in trouble.

but when you start to have a beginning of explanation tion is desperate to know everything. No one dared to mention the “laboratory of death programmed “or” mass grave presidential “. It fau drait to restore at least that degree of eagerness to know within me. gave a report to Parliament recognizing On the contrary our merit and our seriousness. “What is death? What is death? What is death? What is death? What than death? What is death ?…» I could write this sentence in twenty pages. The expert panel came to the convention center to overwhelm us.86 . When we do not know.AFTER THE VICTORY More doubt. The scientific community. we do not ask too many questions. understand everything. . the public and the press hailed the success of the project “Paradise”.

precursor. to me.Death became a mystery within range of my my brain neurons and demanded more information tion. was 150 already made in hell to deal with Cerberus. I was now tormented by the desire to know what happened to people after they Death. should have reassure me. What happen to me. A country that can make a round trip! “Hercules. Questions multiplied in my . For my part. this is it. when all was over? After all. I was still in shock. The fact of having approached. Why not? we? Raoul had pulled it off. as knowing when would end the last episode. “Death. if life were a soap opera. almost controlled.

We were now faced with new opponents copiers. I protested. he railed. almost austere. death …? President Lucinda We met in conference the Elysee Palace.We have the chemical formula accurate booster a .No way to let the Americans doubled or the Japanese. . death. The iiomme could he. It has already been in aviation. . After our victory at the convention center. beware.head. by dint imagination and conviction. found by a large audience. very in any case far from the splendid ceremonial office where he usually received its official visitors in a luxury Louis XV. there will certainly claim have gone before you in the afterlife. What was death. He received us in his work room. as the price of our fame throughout the world were built of thanatodromes. a place packed computers and monitors. I can not imagine some obscure team foreign presenting for us to challenge the primacy of the research. The Head of State told us that we should now into overdrive. winning all dimensions? What were its limitations? Above all. The Wright brothers claimed to have made the first plane as we all know that the first to have a set point was Clement Ader! You have successfully completed a off. Indeed. We had finished with the Skeptics.

And they work not in the shallows of a prison. Our historical precedent is indisputable table and our lead so great that the other will time to catch up. Felix Kerboz. Razorbak over yourself! It’s competition it is international. miss Ballus and Mr. them! With a dentist’s chair more worthy of a museum room as a place of experimentation! No. Dr. It was perfect. they will swim in the luxury. Lucinda raised her arms to heaven. . we will also pass to the next level. On the contrary. Lucinda interrupted . we must operate in big day. you are now directly attached to the Presidency. with all the most modern equipment in the world! Moreover. We can improve our lab is congratulated Raoul. It was Conrad who would make a head when I announce it. Pinson.“champion” to present to the whole world. We even invented the vocabulary of travel between the two worlds. American universities are the sums considerable available to researchers. I see only one way to meet your needs: Razorbak professor. Our country has its place in take over the world.Do you? While our members on chipotent our credits. I called senior of State. In addition.Oh no. So we will build a new . we have no reason to hide.

Yes he was in search of immortality. we do not share the same ambitions. Lucinda would vrait his own words. he took pleasure to galvanize a company that he considered his own. we were looking adventure and wanted to pierce a mystery as old as humanity itself. we. We must build a be “historic. A bailiff. However. We Constitutions his elite troops. The arc of triumph of the conqueror of death.” A new triumphal arch. golden necklace around her neck. a commando personnel explorers do anything to help him get into the His tory. more modern and spacious. Like many politicians.thanatodrome. opened the door to . At the same time.

88 . “ Eliphas Levi. “ . Other Business called the President. simple. lonely man I stayed.FAMILY AFFAIR After the excitement of the convention center. The hearing was over. and man alone.Our specialized services will keep me informed of progress of our opponents. Sum: all. by Francis Razorbak. I spent one week alone in my apartment. he added:) And now. Michael Pinson. and only as to everyone. but yet I do not suffer less. As an epitaph. he says (and. I found that the Loneliness is more bearable than in the euphoria defeat. miss. trust and at work! 87 Jewish philosophy “The life we ​are accustomed to death by sleep Life tells us that there is another life in the dream. photo in the press or not. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. It was time for us to clear out. . in parting. I imagined very well on my stone tombstone: “Here lies Michael Pinson.loud noise. gentlemen. I expected what? With hordes of fans watching my comings and goings at the bottom of the building? I always was Michael Pinson.

They often kept the fight against polio. President Lucinda was famous. Felix was a star. unique. I leafed through the some random magazines. Amanda thought he could save men. Again. The Thanatonautes were all happy now. Politicians . I was idle. relaxed and friendly at all times. Each page spread out the obscene image of a beaming couple the happiness of marriage or childbirth.I consoled myself with white port and spend hours rereading old books of mythology. Raoul found the path of his father. Aouuuuuu! I stopped as soon as neighbors showed. and for me? Me. they adopted children third world. I want to scream at the moon as coyotes in the desert. I forced myself to read each rabies articles speaking of the happiness of actors. artists. Tired of these texts often tedious. The scribblers ensured they were great. they spoke of love as the only irreplaceable value. nobody to to give my pain and my joy mixed. One to talk to. All of these were filled articles on the happiness of players so beautiful and smiling who marry and make mistakes as I snapped his fingers. great and smiling too. they presented their new friends. award-winning small still.

it was my mother and brother. .My boy. .“What? How? she belched.We had to take. She had articles cut from magazines on several char-praying young people who might suit me. just my desire to protect its cumbersome solicitude. . for a good shot it was a good time! They took possession of my couch as if they were home and my brother laid hands on what I had white port. brother. I am so proud of you. He was 30 and 10 h. But is … I have a girlfriend. at that moment.Bravo. My mother was indignant at once: . That of being surrounded by people with whom discuss it.Hi.All women will fall at your feet. I said to Just in case. They threw me. my toddler. Conrad then proceeded to tell me about my interests Financial now that I would manage with the help of a advice. You have a girlfriend and you . the company! No luck. Declarat-her greedy eye. I always knew you would succeed! A mother feels that … . I could probably marry a beautiful actress or an heiress of high flying. My mother pointed out that with the reputation that was now mine. I was too impatient. I could not help to issue a wish.

A nurse? Why not? Don’t worry. huh? Rather surrendering that entering an empty discussion! Conrad sneered.hide it from your mother! . My mother stopped him: . . Mom. mocking face that it took for the bid.No. you will not begin to snub because you have become an international star! None of that with us. By the way it threw herself into the arms of your guinea pig. Ah.I guess that is. I hope you never eat meat? . In addition.So much the better. Leafing through the books placed on my coffee table. what? . it exclaimed: . Listen to me. Looks like you’re bundle! You’ll catch a cold if you do not cover enough. You really need to put a woman order in your life. they serve only the remains and product category.I know. at least. it looks like Grace Kelly but better. Restaurants.No. I admitted in an effort to contain the avalanche. you probably eat all the time at the restaurant. I said. Job When you marry her? I’d be really happy see you married. Mom. my damn brother had put his finger on my most egregious weakness and he took pleasure in driving the knife in the wound. It’s funny. The friend Michael is the nurse! The beautiful little blonde chick eyed Marine who was with you on the set of the Palace Congress! Hat.Because … . jubilant Conrad. they save as much as possible about customers. I know. I would have thought she was in love! As usual. Begins not to play the proud pretext that saw you on TV! No. I warn you. though. I do not play the proud. . bro. Your nurse will teach you to feed and clothe you.

You were afraid I be happy? You want me to spoil my fun? My mother had noticed that. I had left open the top button of my shirt be more comfortable . I rushed.The peace of the graveyard! Conrad sang. The Book of the Dead. . as is my habit. there is everything here. Ramayana. . if you came to provoke me. This colt: . Hey.Do not talk to your brother in that tone. Him. he does not play the proud because he went on television.I read what I like and I have to be accountable to person.This is the bible of the Mayan Quiches Mexican spat I face. It does you lack more than the Kama Sutra! .If you are from as exasperating me. Him. he brought me that satisfaction. the Bardo Thödol. he gave me grandchildren. I got on my nerves. Really? And this: I Ching. What tear his hair with an oyster knife! I breathed slowly to regain my composure. He did nothing wrong! Him. he got married. I was willing to bow to bow. .. it was too ask.Conrad. I prefer not keep you any longer. you give in mystical literature. the hell before I break your face! Returns show off with your money. but my mother to Conrad.Hey. when my mother intervened. your cars and your wives and leave me in peace! .The Popol Vuh or Book of events is a grimoire a sorcerer? I snatched the precious work of the hands. and then that. fists up. And this. The Book of Changes. now? .

Raoul . . After all. I’ve never been to blame. You need an impresario. he listened attentively. a peephole. you form like a rock band. .Yes.It’s your brother? asked he. you admit it and … . a bell. Locks. Raoul.It is still a bit special. pinching my neck in the process.Yes. you two and the girl. .Hello. I would have thought to put strong locks on my door. and hello privacy! Meanwhile. and yet I know many mothers who have not allowed their children to attend small nuts. you need a financial adviser to look your interests. admitted my brother’s full respect for the voice. as usual. I admitted ruefully. . She took advantage of I was suffocating to take over the monopoly of conversation.They talk about me? One of these days. We believe. We came here as in a mill. we were just talking about you.And I’m his mother! trumpeted proudly said progenitor. . ‘I said coldly.How dare you talk in that tone? indignant-her We thee always encouraged. . which takes care of your contracts. Even when you spend your time hanging out in cemeteries with Razorbak. Professor Razorbak. she quickly to close. . never mind if Raoul had heard about disparaging of my mother! He too did not arise unannounced.and.Raoul is not crazy! . which … I expected that Raoul dry fly that wag. someone who manages your image. Not at all. as you are now rich and famous.

“Dying is our business” could be read on that he drew from his pocket.Your brother is right. Raoul. I was not dreaming. He examined the fabric. saying his plans: .had landed one of his hands on his chin. . No. And . Not Raoul.“But …” He imposed his silence. I checked. I thought it would be interesting to open a gift shop next to your new thanatodrome. my mother said. “Love one another” on tshirts purple. I’ll take care better of him.Good idea! It shrinks in the wash? No! It is guaranteed colorfast.He has ideas. change the world.” We live a really wonderful time! Maybe if Jesus Christ returned to earth.And I’d be your press agent! exclaimed My loving mother. he admitted. We could sell Tshirts as it. . .Exactly. also would have to popularize his message. change humanity … And now we find ourselves in the process of organizing opening a store “memories thanas. I could see Michael more often about her. And like that. . I rubbed my eyes. yes it will We have to manage our new thanatodrome at the end. Michael. . I was appalled. your brother. Conrad is bridled. A shop would increase awareness of our work to establish our image brand to the general public. willing to sell off our projects sacred merchants Temple? I could not. We started by wanting to unravel the mysteries of death and So change life.

Which speaks does not know. there was nothing wrong. the kingdom of heaven belongs to them. when will you me this? took my mother to finish me off. 158 . my friend Professor Raoul Razorbak.MYTHOLOGY AUSTRALIAN The mythology of Australian Aborigines suggests Numbakulla. ancillary plants and animals are born on their passage. I shrugged. the “Ever-Existent. 89 .” from scratch. would command the Tat and cheap wholesale to Taiwan and my mother would take the boutique.“Blessed are the pure of mind. rivers. Numbakulla is coming out of nowhere that suddenly appeared on earth naked. if Raoul.And your nurse. He heads to the north and mountains. “A bikini string of thunder! Finally. who was I to oppose it? My brother would open the store. I imagined the same Lao Tzu popularized in a shop for gadgets. “on sweatshirts White 70% cotton 30% acrylic wash with warm water. repeating to myself that at least the ridicule him. did not kill anyone. It should perfectly Conrad. . “He who knows does not speak.

he serious sacred signs. called Tjurunga. the grandfather fell on the ground. One day Numbakulla planted a pole in the middle of a Field He smeared his blood before climb and then made signed to the First Ancestor to join him. The First Ancestor was born of the union a Tjurunga and child-mind. . with the power to radiate. Numbakulla was therefore only reach the sky and pulled the pole behind him. Other ancestors were generated later in the same way and are responsible for educating the first men. he spreads the spirit children who are all of immortal souls from their bodies. But the blood has given the post too slippery.While walking. Plus we never saw him again. In a cave.

We had seven floors overlooking the park ButtesChaumont. everything was ready.Men have known that immortality them escaped forever. innocent and robbers the Middle Ages. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. 90 . We modern building. by Francis Razorbak. a beautiful thanatodrome. In two months. It was not an arch but a small building aspect modern. in a quiet neighborhood. The top four floors included twelve apartments. There were hanged in the name of the king. We chose site thoroughly. We Cassam walls at higher levels. It was in the Rue Botzaris. Raoul had thought it amusing to study the death near the site where once stood the gibbet of Montfaucon. of evil memory. at the top of the Buttes-Chaumont. The sacred pole is the axis around which running order of this world as the wanted Numbakulla. We set and a laboratory of 220 square meters in the fifth and a . three increments.THE THANATODROME Buttes-Chaumont Thanks to the special funds of the Presidency of the Republic.

The head of state pro . in the sixth. ” Raoul had proposed the addition also: “Attention. in smaller type. it added a Steinway piano white and a black bar. A presentation evening was held in the penthouse. a plaque sober was “Thanatodrome de Paris “and. fully enclosed by a glass translucent in winter. This time. The true Champagne. In this colonial decor. flight of Thanatonautes” as it says: “Attention runways” in the vicinity of airports. outdoor terrace in summer. The idea we had lots of fun.room off of the same dimensions. for the press. Amandine accommodate with a lot of green plants a reception room for his taste. The place was really the biggest chic! At the bottom of the building. President Lucinda opened typically the building by smashing a bottle on his door. Ministry seventh floor was converted into a penthouse.” Access personnel only. not fluffy. We do not skimp more.

Amanda asked questions but it seemed little inclined to answer him. India. under the flash of reporters.nounced a short speech welcoming of our efforts and we encouraging them to maintain the lead in the race to conquer the “Ultimate Continent. Amandine’s dumb. It had to be look. West Africa. she was dead now we look from above. like piranhas fun to see from the river muddy children a lakeside village in the process of making a diving board fortune patched with boards. we remain the first. Then. The journalist RTV1 was still there. .This time. at this very moment where we warmed Heat the success and fame. he concluded with force. Perhaps.” Standing on a platform surrounded by succulents. Canada. I drove these thoughts and returned to the noisy environment of our reception. we all decorated four of a distinction he had specifically devised for us: the Legion of Honor Thanatonautes. The medal was a man with angel wings rushing to a circle of fire. . only ment because she had not kept his lead. he enumerated sadly lost colonies by France.

To make sure you make an impression in time and space. . gargling its own findings. no doubt.The badge. Amanda was so beautiful. But the reporter did not know look at. She wore what evening a black lamé sheath but I avoided his eyes blue marine attracted me as two sinkholes. He was really ready for anything to have his name in history books. there would be no balances before the summer. brandishing his medal is to reward those who contribute to Thanatonautes progress. “Yes. By dint of using the senses artificial micro and camera. he had atrophied senses : However. including our colleagues foreigners who come here will work with us. uttered Lucinda. this store would offer Tshirts and gadgets recalling experiences Thanatonautes ”” No. he was filming without seeing. “ The President continued his spiel on the platform. a store Thanatonautes would open “. the “Medal Lucinda” and thanatodrome. My mother took advantage of a respite from the reporter RTV1 for the watering of answers to questions that had not thought to ask. Bonne luck to all! Sacred Lucinda.that’s all. . He asked questions and did not listen to answers.” Yes. Be president who had encouraged experiments on death enough for him. A place which. he also had to invent his Medal. would one day name Lucinda thanatodrome as airports JFK or Roissy-Charles de Gaulle.

Majusri. Well played.As for his idea to come here every Thanatonautes victorious. we sat with arms and baggage in our palace death. I gave him a toast. Indeed. 92 .TIBETAN MYTHOLOGY “Know more: Outside of your hallucinations There is no judge of the dead Lord And Monsters No winners of death. 91 . The President had planned for private apartments all of us. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. Understand it and be released.WORK The day after the official opening. The Tibetan Book of the Dead. by Francis Razorbak. “ Bardo Thodol. as All we had problems in neighborhood the . she would never be exceeded by foreigners. Plus a laboratory multiple access so that we can work at night.

whatever the issue. I was surprised to see my friend take on such a suit moderator. he who had always encouraged to go forward in spite of all hazards. First calm the Felix who wanted to increase the flights.smear campaign that preceded the meeting of Convention center. Japanese. Then I joined the lab a very tormented Raoul by the desire to go for the President Lucinda. he loved it. I opted for a home on the third floor. A .Americans. . I understood this appetite for revenge.Do not confuse speed with haste. Moreover. He gave interview on interview. He was constantly invited on television to games or debate and. we moved in with jubilation this environment new. Our Thanatonautes had changed since his victory the convention center. We can not argue that step. and we are surrounded by the greatest precautions. English … It has only these words in his mouth. . After thirty years he had been treated as a 162. He understands nothing. less-than-nothing. This is a long-term task.

he had used the implants. Felix was really become very fashionable. we were delighted. The most covering the couture clothing as advertising. alongside a beautiful supermodel wielding a scythe. On the other. On the one hand. For his bald head. he was so used the admiration he lent an ear more distracted our advice and our work. Beautiful and elegant. Invite the world’s only Thanatonautes at his table was a privilege fought the teachers house the most exclusive. A renowned ophthalmologist had managed to get rid of these contact lenses that forced him to blink. . there appeared dressed as Superman. of all openings. He sometimes spent whole days to recover in bed instead of coming to thanatodrome his office in a way.plastic surgeon had reshaped her face scarred. He was first of all. Felix had also entered in the Guinness Book of Records as a man known for having advanced the farthest in the world post-vital. Felix Kerboz embodied the perfect hero of death. we annoyed of perpetual delays inevitably engendered its sleepless nights. He was seen everywhere. all major parties in the nightclubs in fashion. In addition. as this would encourage the return this world rather than be dragged up there by who knew what a temptation too. Among the most powerful spitting cherry pits and biggest beer drinker.

The first week of our installing the Buttes-Chaumont. He confirmed the existence of a wall “coma over twenty one minute. Tunisia. His shop was modestly called “In conquerors of death. Mach 1. key chains and caps.Still. We lit a fire in his belly. ” A kind of hazy that membrane compared to a transparent and thin lips. Just down on the ground floor. “ There were all sorts of miscellaneous items: the beer mugs on which was written: “Death is our Job An inscription in . All the newspapers took up the phrase “Wall comatose. Moloch. Felix Kerboz preserved a remnant of conscientiousness. ” Some also called “wall of death” or even “a Moloch” or “Moch a” parallel with the sound barrier. the Phoenician god Carthage. Were thrown in children and sacrifice virgins in his gaping mouth. “thought-it. A large statue of hollow metal. it reminded me of Baal. I saw its representation. my mother had opened her shop and sold as agreed tee-shirts. the silver cord that holds the world broken and will no longer want to turn back. “After the wall. On a trip to Sidi Bou Said. he managed two other back and forth.

“The last kills” on watches.FACT POLICE . we do not choose your family. you return to the ashes” on ashtrays. nothing is created. everything is transformed “on paper hygienic “I am dying and I like it” on the candles “The Heaven will not wait “on kites. 93 . It was a taste … Finally … we choose our friends.bold letters was part of all other gadgets. “Nothing is lost. the perfect little boxes anesthetist Thanatonautes with my photo. There were also Felix the array of small. “Ash. videotapes of off the convention center.

we can But its main bench players (see identification cards) Razorbak including Raoul. Michael and Amanda Pinson Ballus. Failure to possibility of action on the movement itself. Consider dangerous to leave it longer. . They may give rise to serious disorders. Ask permission to act.Message to the services concerned The movement Thanatonautes is poised to take proportions impossible to suppress the normal channels of intervention. The Thanatonautes has become a fact of life.

the President Lucinda was very excited. The President himself comfortable in his chair with wheels.theological problems . Pasteur was also not private time to interpret its results before they have really checked. The long hands of Raoul lit one of his cigarettes bidder.Go ahead.I may be interpreted to suggest to your public. . He blew smoke thoughtfully before report: .It’s fine. he said sympathetically. To us to explain the concept to the public. 164 94 .Response services affected Advised to wait and see. it will soon take you to the charlatans and me too by the bargain! In his office filled with computers and screens control. He had right: discourse resulting experience is often more important than the experience itself. Raoul inhaling and . It triggered a small automatic massage system back. Too early to intervene. your “wall coma. We made a fantastic discovery.” but if you do not offer a logical explanation to the public.

you have a interpretation? . which makes that people can remember this tunnel. Lucinda raised her hand and turned to me.exhaling with pleasure to a smoke ring eucalyptus. were stimulated this reptilian brain.A recent theory speaks of “tachyons”. outdoor shows at home with Lilliputian characters. This could be what is in the field of . The tachyons are extraordinary property: they are faster than light. There are still chemical relations between the neocortex and rhinencephalon. the conscience falls into the rhinencephalon and at that time can be observe an NDE. It does not store no longer. Michael. DNA is made up since the beginning of the world So this time we perceive. There are still relations between the neocortex and rhinencephalon.onsciousness . On the other hand.I did not understand. which caused dreams. Then the awareness falls into the reptilian brain.There is a first explanation would be: death is a biological regression. And you. but more between the neocortex and the reptilian brain. Nobody told this phase. hallucinations. In a “classic death “After the neocortex is blown. Consciousness is then the reptilian brain cells and cells to the nucleus of DNA. the original world. .When the morning . They are any new particles that have just been discovered in atomic accelerator in Saclay. . in a kind of state second conscience.

but the word “tachyon” does not seem very the media. Lucinda stroked his dog. auditory. The Book of the Dead Tibetan. we would actually consist of three bodies.I repeat the assertions of the Bardo. your history of particles conscience. sensory. Here are the meridians energy mentioned by the Chinese and the chakras indicated by Indian yogis.Are you kidding? You want me to tell this to my constituents? gasped the head of state. . It is a magnetic envelope that surrounds the physical body and which determines the lines of force and lines of weakness. Vercingetorix yawned by releasing a trickle of drool. according to the Bardo Thodol. This energy. What is the mystique that gives to the most “credible”? . the Indians call it Prana and Chinese Ki. matter rots and falls to dust. physical and gas.It’s attractive. Connected to the five senses. It could be tachyons that make up “the matter “of the soul. all make up our body. In our death.. I think you interested in the mystical. Here our natural energy flows. etc. solid. Raoul. Theorists tachyon think it is a particle that has no past or future. we provide all our visual perceptions. What’s up? shave all. It is made of matter. that we issue and that we receive from outside.is a bit vasouillard it Apparently it is the tachyons of consciousness that are not yet returned to our skin. . The second body would be the “Vital body”. And enough of this scientific mumbo jumbo. . The first is “physical body “. I .Well. So we have three bodies. You.

Continue intima there though. Everything that we like or they dislike people for no apparent reason. the disease is after all an imbalance between our physical body and our body vital.Descartes. ” As if everything fits . however. I was in on it from the beginning and my mind still seemed healthy. Dominate a labrador. . Raoul does not doubt perceived of his interlocutor. our vibration.From our “vital body” depend on our outreach. Where acupuncture Chinese releases energy and makes some points movement in other … Physical body. while the soul is indivisible. poor victory! Faced with the mystical-scientific discourse my friend pragmatic elected by the people seemed uncomfortable. did not something else stating: “The difference between the body and the soul is that the body is divisible. After all. All his explanations. Undaunted. our charism. vital body … I guessed the thoughts of Lucinda. In addition.noticed Only when he was at least curious that President who thought he was Caesar has named his dog Vercingetorix. Should we get rid of as soon as this scientist crazy that this was through with the dirty work and replace any more leading scientists “Presentable”? For a moment the eyes of the President got lost on me as on a possible successor. he continued: .

perhaps? After: all.together … Okay. . under the influence of drugs. for example. felt that some mystics and psychics are perfectly able to separate voluntarily vital body of their physical body. or by touching the skin of a stranger . we all have our own electromagnetic fingerprint. The tree was already registered to come in seed. or that psychological trauma suffered very strong. He was professor of philosophy. Sheldrake had provided evidence of the existence of such intangible forms without giving a convincing explanation so far. who worked on the lot question. but he had a very scientific approach things … He said it would be like getting rid of a glove transparent stuck to our skin.Hum. so it may happen that vital body and physical body from separating. . or when it vanishes. This energy is only if we feel by bringing the palms of our hands.Or if you find yourself immersed in a coma? Exactly! My father. . The President patted his dog.Under what circumstances? . we experience an orgasm. Yet it is there. An electromagnetic phenomenon.I also found writings by a teacher Rupert Sheldrake at the end of the twentieth century. the old man was buried in the fetus and forms circulating such mobile databases. small ball sometimes we perceive as a small sun in us taking the hands from the front. The physicist ensured that the objects had independent forms their field.

168 MF: It’s an ectoplasm? KERBOZ: I do not know what an ectoplasm. It’s like an invisible glove to us covers and removed. MF: Be more specific. What a feeling strange! MF: What about travel? KERBOZ: It travels at the speed of . filled with reflections of different colors.And the third body? he asked. We toyed with a shell invisible. 95 . KERBOZ: There. you say? KERBOZ: Yes. credit However.suddenly and receiving like an electric shock. it can capture the thoughts of the living. he can not communicate with them. maybe we have touched a soul! Lucinda grew impatient: .INTERVIEW Read in the women’s magazine. my body looks like a transparent cloud. MF: The soul. I speak my body became transparent. Humans can to see him. It can through the objects as objects can pass through. In fact. He married the normal contour of my body but it has neither consistency or weight and it moves as fast as he wants.

MF: And it’s nice to fly with his “transparent body “? KERBOZ: Yes. We all prefer to live. this one will incur the contempt deserve the cowardly and miserable. without hesitation opt for death. Especially when you have an ingrown toenail! 96 . connected to my physical body by a silver cord. When I ‘m transparent [mimicking a swimming motion]. however.Japanese philosophy “Death is the Way of the Samurai. Gather your courage and do it. Nothing more natural than to seek a reason for survive. a kind of lifeline light and elastic. If you have to choose between death and life. It feels not to have Limitations We no longer afraid of injury or fatigue. it becomes almost impossible to make the right choice. who betrays Calculator arrogant spirit merchants of Osaka. MF: We do have a lot of courage to return Then his body in pain! KERBOZ: Right. There is only one thought in suspension.thought. In such a situation. Are to believe Some die without having accomplished his mission would be futile. capable of travel at the speed of ideas. Nothing is simpler. But he who chooses to continue living while he has failed in its mission. I Can you pass that way. This is an infringement of ethics samurai. I remain. “ .

Physical body. It provides us with our thoughts.The mental body President Lucinda focused on what the Professor Razorbak. Raoul knew so much! How many volumes had he stored in his skull? When you listen to Raoul. the vital body. vital body. seventeenth century. . Not that simple …. you say. mental body. ideas. and then? . laughing and crying. It analyzes and summarizes all information from our senses and gives meaning intellectual. the samurai code of honor. our consciousness. . Somatization and the mental body imbalance at the energies of the vital body.Hagakure. Myself. The head of state was now fascinated. by Francis Razorbak. The physical body. I was once again impressed with my friend.Three bodies. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. It is the mental body which falls love. 97 .The mental body. He makes me talk to you right now. ‘said Lucinda. we say that a good library worth all the gurus and all the sages of the East world! .

and new objectives Thanatonautes. Felix. but that’s would explain why we won the beyond while pretending to sleep! 98 . restaurants and his eyes sparkled of happiness.DINNER BY CANDLELIGHT We discovered in front of a small restaurant thanatodrome Thai gradually became our canteen. He finally felt loved. a specialist noodles sauteed with basil. He would have gladly lingered. He signed his name on menus. a pure Thai Chiang Mai. He was held by Mr. paper towels. Lambert. always happy to be recognized. It shone in the sun compliments. I paid the bill in a hurry and we fought a retreat. The child asked for an autograph and we were immediately 170 ment surrounded by a body of admirers. . Our hero nodded.You are Mr Felix Kerboz? asked it to Félix. a boy stuck to our table. smug.yes. . tickets. all swearing that Felix was even more beautiful in reality than on television. As we discussed with Amanda and Felix of our conversation with President.

to please this girl was the only way to die. Amandine solemnly announced his engagement with Felix. Then. I did not see anything or I did not want to see. a bird this time. The bird had no difficulty in make known his: men die and never return to Earth in a form similar to that taken during a previous life. We had agreed that. I. poor fool that I was. to inform him that. The chameleon had happened long before the bird. God first sent a chameleon. on reflection.MYTHOLOGY KENYAN For the Bantu. 100 . and after? In any case. Raoul and me.99 . once again our mysterious Amandine escaped me completely. it stuttered and had not yet finished its message to men. But we talked about Amandine. Still. There was only Thanatonautes to interest. the origin of man was immortal. God changed his mind and appointed a second messenger. it was famous. what could she find this brute of Felix? Okay. To confirm it. by Francis Razorbak. man had to die. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death.FELIX goes too far A month after the inauguration of the Buttes-thanatodrome Chaumont. . not at all. Unfortunately.

he knew the risks and he preferred to cool the enthusiasm rather than their Counselor: “Go ahead! Do you send in the air! You will see breath away like that! “ The top athletes and movie stunt proved to be best equipped to pass our test of selection. Felix had great shout throughout the press Soon he would cross a Moch. Of course. he had little desire to venture back into artificial coma. Amandine. Just in case. “the Paris Thanatodrome looking for volunteers. All of us. Worse. Now it Amanda was and had become the darling of All-Paris. Side work. Raoul. Felix and I spent the literally on the grill. there still could no. Felix was the first conviction. I tried not to let the jealousy dominate my friendship. he hesitated more to take off. Felix was the most ferocious reviewer. These boys were . The selection was draconian. We could not let sit longer our hopes on this one and capricious Thanatonautes. We be reconstructed as soon as a stable. Surprise: more than one thousand hotheads appeared.When the couple moved in. we passed a small advertisement in newspapers. “ We thought that candidates for the big jump to count on the fingers of one hand. I admit I felt a small twinge of regret.

It was important to retain that people are mature enough and have a strength of character large enough to resist the lure of the light lethal. but according the description he gave. who sought only to impress their boyfriends or girlfriends entering our noble brotherhood! Outside the desperate. Outside the show-off saw. they knew what it was like to take risk until close to death.” three Other Thanatonautes then stopped “coma over seventeen minutes “. This stunt took off and landed with experienced ease.familiar with their bodies and. It comes close to that of a Moch far. Reached Bresson “coma over eighteen minutes. moreover. who considered Thanatonautes as the latest in suicide! Out the evil-in-their-skin. We stepped up precautions and yet young and too impatient boiling had passed between mesh of our net. we knew twenty-three failures. Daredevil. We still had not pushed the limits of Terra incognita. “but we knew now perfectly what was around: a large multicolored gas corridor and swirling. placed “over twenty-coma one minute. we chose Jean Bresson. who wanted . Felix himself admitted that he had successful. but not too much! For the second official Thanatonautes. We further affinâmes Our test battery selection. For these four relative success.

jump elastic seafood . We finally selected preferably fathers family! By dint of experience. cocaine. Some send each in the hereafter with barbiturates. was in the ectoplasm sky until you reach a blue funnel ending in a Bright. vodka. Only the soul traveling. and even weeding. other chloride. In “coma over twenty-one minutes. 5. any return to life was impossible. Of erotomaniacs were using orgasm. In escaping. The ectoplasm was connected to the mortal coil by a silver cord. If the cord was cut. the soul took the form of an ectoplasm white.” there was a wall. 6. Science journalists divulguèrent few information and we began to count thousands of DIYers who attempted takeoff boosters by using more or less craft. able to pass through all materials and fly at least at the speed of light. we have still to present several certainties: 1. 3. The body remained. 2. Each week brings a lot of accident victims Thanatonautes. healthy in body and mind. Everything was good as a fuel: red wine. and that would everything to lose by dying.whether there was better than here! A good Thanatonautes is a happy man. mushrooms hallucinogens. But they did not know the correct dose. Some shoots for thiopental. At the time of death. 4.

Press tired. It was not even able to let his body speak vital or mental body. After a period of green. Felix decided to return to attack its own record. On several occasions he summoned reporters and cameras. President Lucinda passed a law punishing prison sentences who seek to practice in Thanatonautes outside the confines of official Thanatodrome Paris.adulterated. everything that could be a disconnect human reality! Nothing was more fashionable than “Thanatonautes.” “You’re not even done for you in decorporation “Became the most trivial insults. It will involve consultation that the individual was a physical body. Amandine. Raoul and I went to pay for extras to fill the forum the press. Not to it is quite discouraging. Felix was not fooled: he had learned to know . To stop the slaughter. Felix saw shrink the crowd of his admirers. but despite attempts repeated he was unable to cross a Moch. In strength. electric shock … In short. In each of his return among the living.

14 Extract from the thesis that unknown Death.Vedic mythology Advance advance by the ancient paths where it went to my first fathers! The two kings. he would retire after Moch exceeded 1. After all. thou ‘ll see. it had already done enough for the growth of Thanatonautes.A LITTLE REST .who who was in the media. 102 . We advised him to retire. It turned home at the obsession. As it became increasingly sad and melancholy. god Varuna. and the Yoma 174. Rig-Veda X. who delight in the funeral rite. by Francis Razorbak. 101 . But he does not swerve.

In fact. Lending him his own greed. He had hired a literary agent to sell souvenirs to the editor the highest bidder. lucrative contract to boot. His admiration for the Thanatonautes was the strongest. Lambert. My brother was willing a percentage of all Tshirts bearing his image. in the evening. Suspicious bruises we learned he beat her. to issue any dubious about her fiancé. From the first moment I was madly in love.Suddenly everything went wrong. It was only when Felix began to appear with women of easy virtue that its veneer of stoicism cracked. the shards of their domestic squabbles resounded in the apartments neighbors. . She came crying on my shoulder. Moreover. I comforted my best. She would have no not forgiven the derogatory remarks she poured Yet in abundance in the Thai restaurant of Mr. however. but I avoided. It was true that he enjoyed excellent income. Its interviews are still negotiating a good price. Felix became more more irascible. especially since President Lucinda had allocated a grant in thanatology. there was enough food for a big account banking Amanda wiped the blows and insults but clenched teeth. He put his marriage to Amanda indefinitely. Felix accused Amandine of not wanting to pay for.

it’s beautiful. An hour later.Two glasses of rice wine. hidden things. Now he can stand on its own. I . . She would not talk. I do not mind help.Are you kidding. Amanda sighed. we found ourselves in the cemetery of Pere-Lachaise.It is so unfair. . For now. but it would still tell me to consent to HOW: . mineral water flowed sinkholes navy.Pull yourself. The day this girl would open the closets of his brain. . it will never recover. I told him what a woman. She went imperceptibly me.Do not worry. . . Felix was a virgin.This is where I met Raoul. she preferred to accumulate and show nothing. I said. one discovers probably quite a mess. He has a court females revolve around him. one was beaten up by the Huskies in the class. It will not long remain alone. I offered to walk a little. He seems to blame myself for me to be unable to get past the first wall of death. . Only this crisis and these tears showed a moment of weakness. .You are real friends. He visited the love and death together. . Amandine was all a world of things learned.When we were little.I think I do not want to marry Felix she said.We must understand.

we did not want to talk neither one nor the other. In the taxi back. what do. He must not let myself impressed by some disputes or by transient one-night stands. a guard in search of vandals we drew me from my enchantment. His warm little heart beat against my chest. From a brutal blow torch. . not far from the grave Nerval. in the cold garden graves. 103 . You’re so audessus other. . to contemplate the stars. You have a class that … She laughed a little miserable. Michael. and we stayed there. I would gladly have spent my life well. A breath sweet singing in my ears. it’s torpor. would not you who would be telling me dredge? My turn to close the lips of my secrets. She shook herself: . While Felix runs left and right.You are mistaken. confident.mayhem . I am unfair to Felix and I will marry her when he wants. my nose buried in the golden fur of her hair.Hey. She pressed herself against me.You are right.Do you regret it? No! But I know that we are not made to Living together .have been an initiator. there than you he really likes.

. Check-up before each takeoff. Felix! I have bad news for us all. Pure chance. Up. the British were able to Moch join one. subdrivers junk. Lunch: fruits and cereals. Cram you that much in the skull. they are as assistants. assisted by Jean Bresson. The other. Felix once we settled on one finger. .” So. They are “coma over nineteen minutes. World Village.And these are our two lovebirds! If you believe that I not understand your little game is that you take me for the king idiots! Raoul gave a sigh of exasperation. you stop your nonsense and we went back to work with the rigor of the beginning. seven o’clock. Felix was drunk as back end usual. the atmosphere was stormy. I survins along Amandine.The next day at thanatodrome Buttes-Chaumont. Felix. .The farm. Discipline . and with a prostitute over the Farmer’s Market They had slept on the carpet after it had vomited on the throne of launch. Arriving at dawn. Raoul had driven the girl before Amandine does surprise which was cleaned and cleaned. Despite several cups of hot coffee. Felix had always the hangover. A fax has fallen this morning.Me not make the moral mess! You know who I I? The first Thanatonautes the world.

We are in a global race. Bending the spine.On behalf of roasts. But here. the first Thanatonautes the world. There is no room for errors. Raoul was serious: . Look out! both of them. A Bill Graham heels Felix with his “coma over nineteen minutes.It’s true what thou hast told this morning? Of English has really touched Moch 1? . I was eager to create a diversion. He lit one of his thin cigarette and continued: . stammered Felix. I get a “coma more than twenty-three” to small onions. curtly Raoul. Amanda and I in the penthouse.Felix wrong. Tomorrow. we convened Raoul. . he says immediately.It is quite formal. . you fit in you sober up. even Felix stopped playing and the stars obeyed the undisputed leader team. only then that we will avoid being overtaken by these types.The stakes are too high. That evening. I know perfectly well that there is nothing between you but he has put ideas in mind and it disturbs him! I did not get into a debate painful for Amandine. Amanda.” You you understand that the situation is serious. you will do me the . among the plants fat.and more discipline. When he took and his tone of command. So. I’d be surprised. “Oh. In this tropical setting. he made off on a final rot. really…” Meanwhile. our problems often seem trivial.

” He settled himself boosters in the veins. This was especially Felix. As you say. . live men transparent.Do that for Thanatonautes. The applicant began by defending themselves. They walk around space. Before closing his eyes. who apologized for his behavior the night before. straight into the unknown. . it disgusts you not.Six … five … four … three … two … one.Chinese mythology “In the distant island of Ku-chee. They are indifferent to everything. Show him you support him and that. fresh as children.Do not worry. The young nurse accepted with resignation. Off. . even if it is drunk. “All right. clouds serve as their tanks and dragons mounts. Raoul begged to be careful. if you do not do it by passionate love. They decided to maintain the marriage and we resumed the flight procedures. While Felix was on the throne of launch. Then the count shatter. A Flood do not overwhelm it.Forgive me. 104 . he threw another little phrase towards Amanda. brother. The Day After! morning at dawn. .pleasure of having a frank explanation with Felix. They do not consume any kind of food but suck the wind and drink dew. Fire . They do not care or disease monsoons. white as snow. the couple explained.But … but … .

The theft of their soul is everywhere. They have risen above it all.world’s avoid. They go up in the air as if they were climbing the stairs and extend the empty as on a bed. “ .

He never married not and never told what he had seen behind Moch 1. He had may have seen the face behind the face of skeleton Women in white satin. . adventure Thanatonautes. She was stronger than the celebrity.Chuang Tzu Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. especially not Felix. He had seen and had not returned to tell us what he saw. I would never have been able so far to kill voluntarily anyone. I’m madly in love with our nurse. The Grim Reaper had not allowed to ask new banderillas. by Francis Razorbak. The death … killed him. prostitutes. Cerberus had devoured. There was some scandal sheet to imply I manipulated the boosters to get rid of a troublesome rival. Up there. Baal had snapped up. or he did not perhaps sufficiently desired. The light attracts the bottom of the blue hall had been stronger our friendship. This had not been possible.period Felix never returned in this world. 105 . Death kept its mystery. stronger than the love of Amandine. he removed the mask of the Gorgon. stronger than alcohol.

He was at ease.Native mythological The Trickster. or god Coyote. Both clown cynical and god lecherous and murderous is often represented with a huge penis and intestines wrapped around the body. With prostitutes. The so beautiful and cultured Amandine impressed. “ 106 . its first and only woman. The man of the year and even decade was entitled to a state funeral. Felix thought not worthy wife as gentle and kind. I think mainly he feared losing Amandine. . A stele was engraved: “Here lies the first Thanatonautes the world. He found himself in poor environment of origin. “Forgive me. More than anything.However. Despite her sleeping around. I wondered if Felix had not voluntarily missing. In the end. He knew he had died the pitfalls of fame and he destroyed little by little. he really loved. he felt unworthy of her. “These were his terrible past words to Amanda. is one of the characters the most curious of Indian mythology of America North. His mortal coil was buried the cemetery of Pere-Lachaise in a sumptuous marble mausoleum.

the little devil rival of the Great Spirit. the program for example its Thanatonautes Timer “coma more than twenty minutes.” It triggered Then at the appointed time a small electric shock that forced to retract the cord quickly and thus reducing Thanatonautes the earth. which is far less evil would have thought. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. . It worked in the manner of a seat belt. 107 . but in fact. by Francis Razorbak. So.BILL GRAHAM Jean Bresson was the second major Thanatonautes French. The Great Spirit allows generally to commit all the follies and evil that wishes and intervenes to fix things. Before off. his actions raise exactly opposite effects to those he had planned. He had the idea to bring the chair off a timer electronics for instant feedback. After the death of Felix Kerboz he inspired procedures security he had developed for its cascades film before attempting a new plunge. Most often Trickster thinks he is being hurt.180 In the jokes Indian god Coyote is often wind fall guy. Trickster.

He stated on map precisely the area that was then brought us highly accurate sketches of his observations. Instead of dumping the narcotic of a sudden.p> We were now convinced that anyone could out of his body and engage in a decorporation. He explored “coma over eighteen minutes and twenty seconds. to stabilize the organic activity. ”” coma over nineteen minutes and ten seconds.01 mg kg). I used the Propofol (100 micrograms per kilogram per minute) associated with the morphine and a gas (desflurane. nutrition and studied its biological rhythms. a derivative of Valium: the Hypnovel (0. These new tools that make the flights a little more secure. Finally. I tested a new process. It took into account all factors that may affect a decorporation. but I got better results with isoflurane between 5 and 15%). ”” coma over eighteen minutes and thirty-eight seconds. (The best takeoffs . y including room temperature. I took advantage of reliable drivers try to improve the makes boosters. He advanced at different rates.Jean Bresson was a true professional. ” He treated his fitness. But Jean Bresson cashed well all my concoctions. it was sent at a lower dose and continuously. between 5 and 10% at the beginning. Matter of dosage.

A satirical magazine London Bresson and Graham represented in the form of two little birds trying to clean out the teeth of a crocodile. He carefully checked its boosters and focused for long minutes of the objective. five. one! Landing.) His takeoffs were spotless. Every day. he progressed on the continent dead. he recorded his progress in a notebook. Step by step with rigor and discipline. . and a small calculator decided a reasonable goal for the next day. two. Bill Graham appeared with a same kind. three. He had already reached “over nineteen coma minutes and twenty-three seconds. Any misstep could their be fatal and they were aware. Jean Bresson was meticulous and methodical. Then put the timer on and gear Control warned us of its imminent arrival. He had given any love life to devote himself entirely to his professional activities.Six. Across the Channel. He refused any interviews to the press. “Hey.Six … five … four … three … two … one. four.s’effectuèrent to a heat of 21 ° C. with humidity below the average. . in accordance with our maps. Off! We were waiting his return eyes on the dials electrocardiograms and electroencephalograms. you think he will . Bill. “ The two men were now embedded in a terrible and dangerous race.

Raoul was furious: . that of the circus. Moch 1. .keep the mouth open much longer? “. Former trapeze artist. And hard as it was. And to you I give up. to its next flight. Bill Graham was not anyone. “Coma over nineteen minutes and thirty-five seconds” for Bresson. The British had now reached the same level as Félix. Himself a former addict. the drugs were not good nor bad but simply generating a Energy it was enough to control. He was facing the wall. “Coma over nineteen minutes and twenty-three seconds” for Graham. he knew how to programmed to go into the air without a net. we. For Thanatonautes. Interview The Sun had also learned that he attributed his talent a good control of drug taken. asked the French. every day two chicks sank deeper into the throat of the formidable reptile. “ But inch by inch. “Coma more than twenty minutes and one second” for Graham. the pioneers! It’s too stupid. no doubt. he had experienced good school. “No.We will be doubled by the British on the line arrival. His fears were well founded. And English replied. it would exceed the first door. he believed in itself.

You’re only twenty-six seconds of Bill and no prohibited substance! Twenty-six seconds. In the West. One would then exclude Graham for doping. are drug addicts destroyed by drugs because they use any HOW: Now there are rules to follow: never use drugs to overcome depression by simple idleness or to escape reality. Amanda ran a tender arm around the shoulders of Jean. we could imagine a permit to take drugs available to insiders. you’re the most talented. Ultimately. “ I gathered that the former British trapeze artist must surely a decoction is tinkering with its position before each off. . Always require a ceremony! Then study the effects of each product on his body and the dose according to his expectations. hashish or heroin on the agenda of universities? In societies called primitive. The hypothesis exasperated Jean Bresson who regretted Thanatonautes that is not declared an Olympic sport. twenty-six second. annoyed. . each drug with plants in ceremonies to give a sanctity to the absorption of drugs. with the large funnel. the stuntman replied.If there is doping. you know what it is.Graham explained in an article: “Why not enter the correct use of marijuana. Raoul always displayed the map of the line marked Terra incognito.

Tomorrow I’ll go to “coma more than twenty minutes.Twenty-six seconds at the top. Only quality of the pioneers of Death passionate about. it swallow me and I turn into a big turd. it must mean a territory the size of France. “You’re going to reincarnate. I had a score to settle with death and it reserved its Love her brave fighters. The outcome of the duel was . While I would not get myself Thanatonautes. Geography of the continent Ultimate is surely ahead of ours! Amanda pressed against Bresson. Suddenly. Amanda loved Thanatonautes all Thanatonautes and nothing but the Thanatonautes. John.” replied the bird Cenetrline “No. it does not lift his eyes on me. Stimulated by the soft contact Amandine. “What will happen to me if I plunge too deeply into her throat? ” asked John the bird. Exactly. Personalities Felix Kerboz own or Jean Bresson did not interest no. This is a … reincarnation !“ The design gave me an idea. the stuntman announced: . The two chicks still in the busy teeth of the crocodile..” Only if you are confident enough of you … Raoul corrected. my eyes dessillèrent. The British magazine had gone to a new cartoon.

regardless of the means it uses.Great idea. he had accomplished this prowess in the night. I struggled on my computer to develop a new chemical formula booster. And indeed. Michael! That evening. Moch one had swallowed. alone. . The problem was Bill Graham had failed to brake in time. We all guessed that the English were on the point we comb the post. just when we consider to invite our thanatodrome. the next day we learned that Bill Graham had passed a Moch.MYTHOLOGY OF SOUTH AFRICA .not necessarily fatal.Why engage in a competition at all costs mortal? If this is so Fortich Graham. Amanda Jean accompanied her to my place. 108 . President Lucinda did not he wished that we welcome the foreign Thanatonautes to share our knowledge knowledge? Raoul’s face lit up: . in my apartment. we have only to invite here. According to the morning papers.

I appear. It will be the same for your mother. But we should not eat a specific area because of the hare this piece points out that it was once a person human.At a time when all animals were still human beings humans. by Francis Razorbak. He even went so far as to fight with the moon crying for her to leave in peace. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. it does not like me reborn moon. It the scratched so hard that she still bears the trace. we remain always at the top of the Thanatonautes world. was a human being. “ As for the hare. myself. I disappear. Then the moon became angry and split his lip: That being the case. See. while a platoon brought . I believed dead but I always reappear. and Hare does not believe me. 109 . The moon came down to comfort: “Do not worry. but it will remain dead. she turned into a frightened animal only fit to be hunted. in fact. there was once a little hare crying death of his mother.1 MOCH Bill Graham gone. But behind. “ The little hare did not believe her. your mother will return.

“Come. The magazine went on to represent London pioneers of death as the little birds pecking jaws of a crocodile lessor. showing the reptile. he thought it was only gradually that we would come to nibble on the wall comatose.together to catch up and perhaps overtake us. If what he There was still behind the Terra incognita. mouth open. Advertising or desire to encourage science. some covered with scales of blood and feathers meant to represent the poor Cenetrline Jean Bresson did not lose his cool so far. President Lucinda created a trophy together with payment important: cut “Moch 1” and 500 000 F for the champion cross the first free and would tell his trip. was better known. corolla the funnel. I’m always hungry. Jean Bresson toiled against the first wall. “said the legend of a third drawing. . little. As Raoul. however. The Thanatonautes the world in the clawing walls inch by inch as sperm a hurry.

These were young people convinced of the hopelessness and the futility of thana todromes officials too timid. Le Petit Thanato . Time for “sports” had arrived. resembled Thanatonautes now in pole vaulting or hurdles. private companies worked out their own runways.Vocations were born. A ingenious mind conceived the idea of ​a newspaper. After all. Clubs. We then went into what I call phase “gymnastics policy “. rewarded with a cut. And they proposed leave and return as they saw fit. with boosters copied ours.

Bill Graham and Jean Bresson. . A bit like This Japanese martial art. providing practical advice and offering the latest plans of the continent from the dead. where both wrestlers are placed face to face cross-legged. There were obviously included the most famous posters Thanatonautes Felix Kerboz. It fell only once. but it was precisely the risk that excited youth. and even chairs dentist. the winner being the first to arrive to draw his sword and split into two of his skull opponent. The activity was not Thanatonautes like everybody else.Naute illustrated. For them it was the ultimate thrill. selling vials of Propofol or chloride potassium stolen from hospitals. Fans samples 186 geaient revenue from ads to better off. We rehearsed in every key in our interviews. And every day the monster snapped his dose of “sports” unwary. the Yai.

Many other jokers tried to simulate a successful flight. But when we convoquâmes and it was examined under truth serum.And what’s not? . it attracted many crooks. aliens. Jean Bresson. the Apollo 13.” His departure was more impeccable. .Accidents do not deter the pioneers in grass. he acknowledged to have invented this story the reward. who discovered that other Jesus Christ without a beard. In the stories the most crazy that we received. progressing second by second and millimeter by millimeter. As for the bonus.Well. For his part. nothing it’s nothing. a junction with the Bermuda Triangle. without making waves. “he replied boldly … Many honest people are left as their lives. His heart I slowed down and gradually developed a for-mule boost much softer. A man claimed to have spent a Moch and saw a corridor blue which continued in the direction of white light. which allowed a best action of the will (with a new product: . We received a multitude of phone calls. It made us laugh a lot. there was the case of one who lives Moch behind a stepmother. “Behind the death there a… nothing he said. and even … no. He was now “coma over twenty minutes and one second.

That night he made love to loudly Amandine and the next morning. announced Jean Bresson seriously when he settled for umpteenth time on the chair off. our credits were dwindling and that. he seemed in good shape. .Today I will try to pass a Moch. do not do that! Amanda replied that longer concealed his affection for the young stuntman. if you succeed. I am well prepared. He grabbed by the shoulders. She took her hand. Yet he was aware that without advertising. His voice was calm and determined.No. Nothing in his behavior betrayed not the slightest hesitation. He planted himself in the veins and needles control displays as a pilot engaged in a check-up of the cockpit before takeoff. in concerned the future of Thanatonautes. He had seen that these illusions led the poor Félix. Jean Bresson reflects. He did not care and projectors the glory. I know my case. I know now I can do it. know that Vecuronium 0. anyway. no.vecuronium. and I think you’re going Success requires that the press is there. it was important have a maximum of witnesses.01 mg per kilogram is still not bad). They kissed at length.Wait. . . I say. . but not bore you with the formulas chemical. Don’t be afraid.

the facilitator who RTV1 officiated at the convention center and more serene. On his throne. complete with cinema seats for comfort of our guests. We installed barriers between the throne and the launch zone “Visitors”. someone was going to shed its mortal coil to perhaps never to find her! Excitement reigned in the bays. He clenched his teeth. Jean Bresson seemed very focused. Some had come for assist firsthand the death of a Thanatonautes. I recognized very agitated. we cleaned throughout fills our thanatodrome beginning to take gaits garage neglected. Raoul. “Moch 1. Moch a cross. Since the time immemorial. I will pierce” escaped his lips. With Amanda. the journalist representing the Little Thanatonautes shown. In a second here. At eight o’clock. confidence and determination. Villain.So he removed the needles and waited. We was placed above him a map of the Continent Ultimate and the fixed length as if to save his Moch a goal. All breathed in him the strength. . Jean and I had put on the tuxedo of the great occasions. all the international press pressed on the launch area on the sixth floor. death has always fascinated people.

Amanda continued.Ready. straight into the unknown. plunged the needle into the hollow of elbow. If there succeeds. Jean announced in a dry tone. Jean Bresson ginned slowly . Jean Bresson will try the impossible.Six … five (eyelid closure) … four … three (Head tilt back) … two (closed fists) … one. whispered Raoul. John. . Ready. We vérifiâmes last time all screens -Monitoring .OK.Ready for me. . this lucky will finally discover what’s behind . He adjusted the timer to “coma exceeding twenty-five minutes “and then he sat on the dentist’s chair and always calm.All right. “Plague! I said. through the first wall comatose. said Raoul. “… yes. Good luck. He held his thumb as a pilot ready for takeoff. Off! We passed the fingers. For several days the athlete is prepared and its concentration is intense … “ . I said.He blew several more times. he will receive the cup plus the premium of 500 000 F. All cameras marched while reporters were whispering their comments so as not to interfere Jean Bresson in its concentration. ready. ladies and gentlemen.

flights to the land of the dead continued unabated. “thought I. I might have to leave in its place. He will experience the greatest of all secrets. Amandine the swallows her eyes. Yes. The rate failure had fallen to . I should have.HISTORY TEXTBOOKS Once the path opened by Felix Kerboz. 110 .death. Lucky. Ministry great mystery. It will find it and it will say: “Death is this. one we will all face. while the cameras rolled to high speed to avoid losing a millisecond of scene.” Lucky.police files Name: Bresson Name: Jean Hair: Brown Size: 78 1 m Distinguishing features: None Comment: Pioneer of Thanatonautes Weakness: No weakness 111 .” or rather “The death that was it.

Basic Course 2 years.Beyond a MOCH .insignificant levels because the path the afterlife was now direct and safe. 112 . History textbook.

to see what was happening beyond a Moch. He had successful. the cord was not cut and he was still recoverable. He saw it knew. He was always there. and it was in the process of accu formulate a completely new knowledge. Now it should be there. it had crossed the barrier. it was so great! . What could well exist after the wall comatose? Who or what is death? 190 Coma more than twenty-one minutes. We look forward to seeing everyone back for he tells. he discovered.Standby I looked at my watch: Jean took off for twenty minutes and forty-five seconds.

It must have been surprised by so much mystery unveiled. The electrocardiogram showed me that the Thanatonautes was still there. Reflex nervous . Had he been surprised by the revelation of the mystery? Coma more than twenty-four minutes and forty to two seconds He twitched and grimaced like a nightmare. he knew necessarily all.Coma more than twenty-one minutes and fifteen seconds. . The jolts were increasing. The earthly body was shaken by a jolt. Coma more than twenty-four minutes and thirty-six seconds. The face until you do not have winced a horrible grin pain .He wakes up? asked one journalist. Death. He had passed through the first wall of the death. It was as if the body whole was shaken with electric shocks. Because he always walked in the door. The activity of his brain had increased while that his heart was always at least. Coma more than twenty-one minutes and sixteen seconds. It information was gorging splendid.“No . Happy type. He had always just including He was possibly going to die of pleasure of who was the Grim Reaper.

Hands clenched the arms of the chair. he gave shots hand. hip shots. Amandine wrinkled mouth and eyes. the slime moss dripping from his mouth. All dévirginiser suspected that the continent was the dead risky. Raoul was biting his lower lip. Journalists saw the scene in amazement. I rushed to the machine control. Coma more than twenty-four minutes and fifty to six seconds The electrocardiograph was transformed into a seismograph in full eruption. It was little things dry. We all had declined to avoid his hands. if not with all these gestures. it would have fallen. His face was more horror Fully responsible: Coma more than twenty-four minutes and fifty to two seconds He struggled less. This agitation did not seem very positive. but there seemed to face the Thanatonautes terrifying phenomena. In a moment I Jean realized . He pushed the rails. As if mimicking a fight with a ferocious monster. the tuxedo shirt sleeves unveiled one goose bumps. Fortunately a belt Security kept him off the chair. winning the same time pipes and electrical which linked him son to Earth. Lifts.

He had spent the wall of the spell. First-run. Truck Temperature depreciation charge. The machines subsided. Bresson was saved. The machines whined. Normal pulse. We had recovered from the alive. It was like a man hanging over vacuum. Recall his rope. The lights flickered. we would be able to raise a blow to the solid cliff. Jean Bresson will deliver the sensational story. . But already his electric timer was activated and a high discharge him back sharply his body. in fact the cord ectoplasmic. then the other. you witnessed a historic moment which. the string that shows you more did you watch the takeoff and landing of the first Thanatonautes to have exceeded 1 Moch.that Bresson would soon die if we do doing anything. The LEDs went out. upon awakening.He did it! shouted the man behind RTV1 who had to take advantage of waiting to write his report. The electroencephalogram softened. Live. Jean Bresson opened one eye. He started again. Then everything returned to normal. Slowly we approached. as luck had held out. Nothing on his face reflected the normality which testimony . Normal electrical activity. Almost normal nerve activity.

The eye on fire. In a snap. the mane foul and bloody.Italian poetry “Cerberus. Up there.It … It … do not die. please: do not die more! 113 . after the first wall is despicable. he undid his seat belt and we consider in turn as so many foreigners. its expression was only terror. But what I saw next is … terrible! More ovations. It did not at all. You can not know what extent. he groaned: . dominated Raoul: Are you ok ? Bresson was trembling in every limb. distraught. The first. Despicable. . Jean hustled us to rush to a microphone. he continued. Taking possession. . Nothing but silence.I spent a … Moch. Having trouble . Where was the quiet legendary stuntman? His nostrils quivered.gnaient screens. the cruel and monstrous beast Barking and barking out of his triple head Against the poor plunged into this hell.I spent a Moch … The room fills with applause slowed much quickly to the man whirled on itself. his face was covered sweat. I beg you all.

“Hell” Song sixth Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. by Francis Razorbak. The total terror. They howl in the rain. . the snake! Rage and fury all his limbs trembled. . hell has to be more . John always haunted terror. They present a side then the other suffering. and all allegiance. told reporters that behind the first wall.Is this hell? asked one journalist. The poor often turn sinners! When Cerberus saw us come in dark asylum He showed us his fangs. was a country of pure terror.wearing her throat gasping. 114 .No. “ Dante: The Divine Comedy. this funny “success” cast a cold Thanatonautes all our activities.a step too far Needless to say. It is the tearing of his irons.

We had baptized “birds of evil. He wear a bulletproof vest. For avoid all sexually transmitted diseases. Because deaths from accidents were so numerous on the roads. He shut himself up in a small house he transformed into bunker. For fear of a disaster air. he said with a cynical despair.” He said he had stop to explore the continent of the dead. he renounced any conference abroad. Ha! if I could avoid this.I know what death is and nothing makes me more afraid than to die. we had a not too many. it abandoned women. When Raoul begged him by telephone to provide at least some pointers for his card. the public was fascinated enough to conquer beyond our . he abandoned his car in a vacant lot. It spread in interviews booing us. he launched “It’s black. he went to the doctor just in case. . Amandine hammered in vain at his door armored. He himself confessed terror of having to return one day there.sympathetic. Twice weeks. very dark and there is suffering terribly. He no longer wished to meet anyone. but it did not come looking for them. He advised all to never die. So far. The episode was unfortunate consequences. President Lucinda organized as planned a small party to put its prices to John F 500 000 and its cut. “then hung up dryly.

The existence became ephemeral paradise which we should all pay one day the heavy bill. we find the light of wisdom. It was not for nothing that Lucinda and Razorbak had called us from the start 194 Mission Project “Paradise”. Before. in fact.because everyone hoped that we would discover the land of eternal happiness. But if the corridor wonderful leading only to the pain … About the desperate Bresson produced quickly their effect. In addition. All now knew it was the ultimate punishment. a lights out. The anxiety became general. For others. The human race had convinced that after the blue hall of ecstasy. there was only darkness! Great success as the achievement of Bresson! Our experiences confirmed the two terrible truths I had serinées father: “Death is the most horrible thing” and “we do not . death was certain simple termination life. Physicians vaccinating with a vengeance. Life was a party. The thanatodromes were deserted. Arms sales climbed steeply. it was the promise of hope.

There was. Everyone feared the death and unspeakable nightmares which John had spoken. A Thanatonautes-African witch doctor reported to have avoided a giant snake that spat fire. however other Thanatonautes to cross the wall.THANATOPHOBIE After the case Bresson. A shaman Icelandic . Some spoke of their encounter with the Grim Reaper. ” The Epic of Gilgamesh. we crossed a large and long period of stagnation. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. a skeleton wielding a scythe that was his whistle weapon to cut the umbilical cords of reckless who had ventured too far.mess with these things “… 115 . by Francis Razorbak.Mesopotamian mythology “I traveled tous. 116 . But their stories were not more reassuring. I crossed the seas And I found nothing happy • I am condemned to a life of misery And I filled my whole body pain.les countries I crossed the steep mountains.

A Thanatonautes Portuguese still bewildered by his landing recounted having crossed a bat whose head was adorned with a necklace of human skulls. The testimony became the new Thanatonautes more and more frightening. But I knew that his remark did not even reassured. The stories became most horrible day. It was like in full story of Lovecraft. They spoke of hundreds giant spider venom spitting putrid rat Flying with long sharp incisors. The descriptions of monsters accumulating ever more demented. merely muttering Raoul.claimed to have encountered a grinning dragon teeth smeared with blood. Myself I began to fear death. The Little Thanatonautes illustrated with representative tions hyper-realistic. . and he pretend to engage in calculations with the scissors. adding in the bloody and reputation . I won by what he had to call the “thanatophobie” ambient.What is strange is that the vision of death varies different cultures.

skydiving. boxing. all these monsters lurking behind Moch 1? Because. motorcycling. Incubus. skiing or bungee . really.Gnant. Death. Succubus. if we had to face as soon as deceased. Death is a trap. it was you die a again for fear of your death! Where was the rest hard earned eternal. Dragon sticky Griffon flaming Chimaera sneering. which called the Devil’s cloven feet. devourer of souls.were gradually abandoned by thrill seekers less number The dealers could no longer .race automobile. jumping horseback. Needless to say. hidden. Minotaur. All Sports deemed dangerous . according to the testimony of the International Thanatonautes they sem blaient all there. the number of suicides fell the day the next day. Chtulu vaporous. The light attracts us and demons arise from its first curtain. waiting for us after Moch 1.

But all the people who were flying around him seemed eager to rush out there.What may well be behind that has so frightened Bresson and others? Our experiments were suspended for the time being. Amandine. who was trying to remain calm in this storm. For added security. Were built along the rails Breton cliffs. just to get some fresh air and to think together. He now says that. I insisted. Many balconies were screened. Raoul and I were in disarray. . The designers put in fashionable clothes stuffed that gave the look puppets of their holders.It simply repeats “what if Bresson was right? ” said Raoul. for lack of lower Thanatonautes voluntary. .What is Lucinda? Amanda asked. We meet regularly to the Père-Lachaise. . power sockets was lowered. drew on the map behind the first a corridor wall adorned with a black question mark. it could be much less interesting. Lucinda not at all convinced that death is part of pleasure. . He was delighted with the afterlife from a distance. The tobacco merchants closed their doors.Smoke and mirrors! When it is close we understand that we should never have to go. up close. Raoul. Multiple lightning bristling roofs. The pharmacies prospered.peddle their cam. . We we worked so hard to . but proved to be protective a fall. In the laboratory.

It would be too easy to give up the first seed. Australia or Indonesia. He would prefer that history books avoid mentioning its small incursions creepy. said Raoul. All our actions. . does driving at this final abomination. He leaned against a pillar. Adventure is synonymous with danger! The fertile mind of Raoul had forged reasons to persevere. Each operation has its share of danger.Lucinda wants to give up everything. hostile to forests full of scorpions and deadly other wild animals and unknown. He .uncover a horror should have remained forever the most ultimate surprises. credit landing in Africa. This is not going to walk in a garden of roses. with the side swings for children. good or bad. And you? Raoul was equally at home on a tombstone on a couch. They have not fallen so far. Perhaps it was inevitable that this Hell. . this zoo teeming with snakes and tortuous grinning vampire that all religions of the world had sought to conceal? What a Pandora’s box did we open? What adverse forces had we paid with our curiosity unhealthy? We wanted to know the mystery of death … it gave us a hell of a lesson. Early explorers faced cannibal tribes. He thinks even resign.

There is accumulating adjectives: awful. got up. declared the Amanda always fair. Raoul? . His vision was my paradise. A initiation test.His senses were able to abuse. awful. Do you remember the Egyptian Book of the Dead. .John is not a coward and is incapable of lying.Conclusion: we can allow some cowards to stop our work. . then he went his way quietly. Raoul noticed. It seems that after the first wall. what are all these different visions. “Maybe! also that a phase of seduction succeeds another of repulsion … . in fact. Michael? He told that the dead had to face the monsters but if he succeeded in the win.I also believe sincere. and that all evidence be negative does not mean much. but what bothers me.did not abandon the Thanatonautes. the afterlife is personalized.So. . Why look far.All these visions of the post-Moch a mismatch not them. It hides the gaze frozen by me under thick opaque glasses. vile … Accuracy with only that everything is black! Conclusion He lit a cigarette of his bidder. stretched his long legs and exhaled smoke eucalyptus: . that John was unable to overcome! Hence his deductions rather simple that all was one horror after Moch. I considered Amandine. its blue eyes my journey. He waved the birds that served as his hands.So we put our work on hold and we let pass . He who had accustomed us seriously and method. Jean Bresson remains in the vague. .

The fear of death: the craving to cling its existence. Amanda never saw Jean Bresson. Due to the success: “I am smart “… Given the failure: “I’ll never. The People forget the thanatophobie. proof of his individuality. Rather than to accept to live until death and enjoy life here below to better develop his being. Lucinda abolished the law prohibiting the hard therapeutics. And we will continue to love of science! Meanwhile. Another after another. He had finally cashed premium Lucinda he had used to build a shelter fallout. Before: to enter an operating room. ” .Complacency in depression: the obsession unhappy memories that incites revenge and to oppose his entourage .TEACHING YOGI Four behaviors define the dark interior and human suffering: . by . 117 . patients left large checks guaranteeing the longest maintenance vegetable in the state of failure. No one saw him.The sense of individuality. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. too.Attachment to pleasure: the search for perpetual contentment as a single objective. No longer wanted to risk disconnecting a patient for the ship to no one knew where. He was buried there between shelves full cans and mineral water reserves and no never heard of him. .the time.

they do had not abandoned completely their takeoffs. We played cards. a thanatodrome very powerful but we thought that. Six months of idleness forced discussion and questions to hackneyed Thai restaurant of Mr.STEFANIA The thanatophobie lasted nearly six months. On April 27. the dog. Even Vercingetorix. In the penthouse. We were aware of the existence. dust accumulated in our thanatodrome. Not the United States where we knew that NASA was engaged in top secret research. Our salvation came from Italy. was gloomy. 118 . No bridge. if the Italians put their program on hold. or Britain where Bill Graham had yet left behind emulated willing to follow his traces. like ours. in Padua. We almost could not see Lucinda. Amanda began to cook and tried to comfort us as we prepare spicy dishes. wanderings of the FatherLachaise. they announced that they too were managed to send someone beyond the first wall comatose and that they had regained its envelope Thanatonautes carnal bringing a much more reassuring testimony that of Jean Bresson. . The glimmer of hope that arises from watching Raoul where we the least expected. plants invaded the piano. Now. because no wanted to do … death. Lambert. it was now dormant.Francis Razorbak.

. Her name was Stefania Chichele. The Thanatonautes Italian was actually a thanatonautesse.Of course not! Raoul jumped. Raoul looked at length his portrait on the front of Corriere della Sera.It does not lie not. Surprised his colleagues had made him repeat his About as truth serum. . The smiling young woman explained in article devoted to him after she had an Moch discovered a large black moor dark and she had struggled against bubbles of memories especially Aggressive. . the journalists who immediately lent credence to the horrors reported by Jean Bresson is my 200 milking skeptical of the exuberance and optimism of Italians. and the story remained the same.Paradoxically. I say.

but it did not fail . The ceremony took place without drum or trumpets. But. We preferred to avoid any time noise the media. It had buried under a blanket of silence. Long wavy black hair fell to him to the lower back. Amanda wanted to comfort him. His jeans and his shirt appeared always about to burst. He did not answer the repeated drumming on the door of his fortress and he finally picked up his phone. we invited the Italian to come to receive Paris medal of the Legion of Honor Thanatonautes created by Lucinda. Bresson had renounced the world. Amanda knew that we had never experienced stuntman of psychoanalysis. At times. I remained pensive. Bresson has just faced its past and found it so terrible that he could not stand it. but all protections were detonated in a Moch. We decided to investigate and discovered that indeed Jean had experienced a particularly traumatic childhood. Stefania Chichele was a plump little woman in the very chubby face. she thought it needed it as he seemed reticent about his past. Curious. As horrible memories of him that he had returned in memory could not take the shock.Thus. once for all.What she said is perfectly consistent. .

and pest surprising. We entraînâmes the Thai restaurant. Stefania recapitulated. She began to engulf the plates of noodles with black mushrooms. just a delicious sunny emphasis Alps. I had never Raoul saw as attentive. there was a dark and pestilential area where it was not good linger. Lucinda had preferred to be excused. ignoring his own plate. Bubble memories assailed as you and as many devils trying to turn away from the beautiful Bright. by Stefania-milk impeccable French. Mouth full. Behind the first wall. he practically devoured the eyes. ” Then she burst out laughing. as it was mounted with the firm intention to back down. she interspersed his sentences of his booming laugh. In expectation. Having lived several years in Montpellier. that of “who are not afraid Thanatonautes not death. Stefania did captivated . However. like we mean that we all belong to the same family.of charm with its fresh round cheeks and smile Childish From the airport she hugged us. While listening to him.

after while it was my part . Raoul and I were interested in all natural ancient mythologies and beliefs of various world but. the burst thanatonautesse. but allows take off how to get far without discipline of the soul? What/how? off cleanly without faith in God? We remained speechless.Tibetan Meditation! exclaimed Raoul. Always interested in the techniques of off . while at least. . . So far we had come not to mix religion with our scientific experiments cific. spit politely behind his hand three young yellow bean sprouts and asked: . we did not want add to superstitions. whatever their origins.You are … Mystical? .nor by the wonderful light nor by demons of the past. I do not want to m’esquinter liver! .I asked her what she used to fly. A toxic product.Of course. He failed to choke. in practice.Tibetan Meditation more light boosters chloride potassium. spiritual. Go to death is an act deeply religious.

For my part.No.Buddhist? . is already profess an opinion on the matter.Tibetan Buddhist! . Because if I had no opinion on God. On the contrary. In fact. skepticism was an improvement over mysticism. I do not claim Nor have more about the world or men. I would change probably attitude. considering that atheism was the only attitude possible for a modern man want to keep in while a scientific attitude. My agnosticism correspond to my worldview. Atheism seemed like a very religious behavior. I sometimes feel that nature was endowed with an intelligence beyond me clean. the Tibetan mythology fascinates me. I confessed my ignorance.And then it bothers you? .Moreover. no. fundamentally. what was happening seemed always occur by chance. Raoul pressed Stefania of questions: . I never had so much pride. For him.What are you? . which was a huge question mark. However. not really! he apologized. Raoul was an atheist. But I never imagined . God did not been demonstrated. I never understood the people around me. so it did not exist. The result boasted. Meanwhile. I remained in the expectation. Assert the nonexistence of God. If ever a God deigned to appear with us miserable creatures earth. I was rather agnostic. anxious not not irritate our opulent colleague.

in our small circle. I was not the only woman among us. however. For the first time. captivated by the unusual About this Italo-Tibetan. 119 . He had finally found a woman who like him. . Raoul Razorbak posted a joy that I did not know. The meal went on. and jealous.I know nothing about Tibetan Buddhists. The Bardo Thodol. You are the first that I meet.We. the Tibetan Buddhists. I decorporation already into the next world that no one had heard of Your Kerboz Felix! Suddenly I heard some irritation under the mask Amandine suave. Amanda said softly. It’s been more than five thousand years that focuses on the subject.Tibetan Buddhists not like … like you! . it was not the center of attention. is a perfect little manual engage in a Near Death Experience. we do not have expected to care about death. had only one real subject of interest: death. she saw Raoul fall in love. Our Book of the Dead. Stefania stuffed full ranges of three chicken coconut milk and coriander. in a good mood.police files Name: Chichele Name: Stefania .

Hair color: Black Eyes: Black Size: 63 1 m Distinguishing features: None Comments: First woman Thanatonautes Weakness: overload weight 120 . ten men can not deal with them. it is too late to use that force. If it is invaded by the discernment.Japanese philosophy The Naoshige said: “The Way of the Samurai is made of a passion for death. You have to be taken fanaticism and passion for the death to perform exploits. 204 . If a man is inhabited by such passion.

so vast. one has the passion of death. the seventh of fourteen children.According to the Way of the Samurai. Matter of simple economics. In the evening he had to finish the remains that could not be kept overnight. it floated there also for long.Stefania HISTORY Stefania loved to chat. Further if these clothes. “In anticipation of future. loyalty and filial piety are unnecessary. fatalistic. by Francis Razorbak. She told us her happy History Small. “she said.” His own mother did nothing to take away his complex. His parents were restaurateurs and do not skimp on food. she was the biggest and the laughing stock of his brothers and sisters. it was proportionally thicker even now. Loyalty and filial piety will then live for themselves. 121 . “ Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. her body was conquering the Volume . She bought her in advance of clothes that are too large. Still. It is nicknamed “Pear Caramel. Soon.

she did not even have time to warm plates. It was. She swallowed its raw spaghetti. shows real intellectual gifts. the impression of eating normally. and then she forced herself to vomit to empty his stomach. She jumped a class of two. Including she put her health in danger. his parents tried to reason. she had begun at least a hundred times a diet. everyone was making fun of “pear caramel” and the more she laughed. At the period of “eating raw food. Simultaneously. For the small Stefania had in kindergarten. she gorged laxatives.” was followed by a time of trouble over the food. merely pasta with bread. In a phase of greater anxiety. But when anxiety to stay ugly and fat forever suddenly burst upon her. they were in awe of his mind so agile. however. but if the weight of their child’s unusual overwhelmed. She represented her body like a giant trash she could never fill to the brim. she came to weigh more hundred and thirty pounds. opened at full speed boxes sauerkraut or cassoulet swallowed it immediately. butter with his bread and sauce Bolognese with butter. obtained the highest marks in all subjects of . but his need to eat was stronger than that to please lean. the more she was hungry. Of course. She ate it ate.At school.

she learned to sit with grace. His obesity prevented Stefania course to move freely in space. to keep the neck straight instead head back into the shoulders. she advanced legs spread in the manner of a duck to ensure a good grip on the ground without his extra pounds do do fall.mathematics to philosophy through geography and history. Stefania acquired a kitten she imitated all the movements. She thus acquired a swagger. The Chichele gave up a daughter to think clearly smarter than them. to lie voluptuously half on a sofa. So far. ” sighed his father after spitting out the surprise couscous raw sugar syrup grenadine. The cat knew not only beautifully moving but adopted a natural resting position . Concerned at puberty. “If she behaves well. After the march. seduce the opposite sex despite her weight. It is therefore forced to keep his calves many parallels to be able to wear high heels heels without fear of losing his balance or twisting ankles. that it must have motivations that escape us. No movement was anodyne. While standing in the art of moving his body. The men began to regard with envy. She understood a good technique would allow it to better manage its disability. To better control his actions. she began to acquire a sensual approach.

the Tibetan told him that the body was not a prison and was hermetically sealed easy to escape. In many Third World countries. Compensate. Through meditation. But as he also felt Stefania’s mind and he saw that the forms made unhappy. She was going to compensate. Certainly. Stefania then devoted himself to yoga and sports Expense Claim ming an important physical strength such as mountaineering. A Tibetan Buddhist arises timely and she knew it to a friend. his bones still bore one hundred pounds of fat but covered themselves powerful muscles and a skeleton now and with great flexibility. large are envied for their wealth allowing them to eat in abundance and considered as demigods.of great elegance. Yoga was not enough. Stefania was released from fat! By allowing to . He taught the girl some techniques of decorporation it assimilated more easily it was already accustomed to master a discipline Physics Finally. It was not very difficult. we could leave and return at will this “envelope” ephemeral. The man liked the big ones.

she went into effect in contact with all kinds of spirits. To avoid any expression of skepticism of our hand. At first. tearing his ectoplasm and taking the outside. It should not be any mix. Immediately taken the window. What exactly were these . flying too. A large storm then invaded his room.In general. we must quickly regain its body to escape. she said laughing whether we believe or No We rassurâmes soon: what interested us really. we explained it.The doors are designed for entry and exit of physical bodies. From it loses altitude. But there were good and there were bad.decorporation. At a time when the inhabitants of the peninsula are engaged usually nap. more rarely through the roof and not through the door. she felt some fears. It was important to distinguish between them. but if you do unable to remain high enough above the roofs. she consented to enlighten us. With a laugh. Stefania sat in position lotus and focused on flight. . it was mainly to understand how she was taking. they can become threatening and attack you. . meditation had saved. bad shave the ground. She usually went out the window.

She was beautiful . Resident. When they finally get tired and leave it to his fate. She was. her friends took advantage of his pension inability to dump it on all kinds of im mondices. Well. she asserted able to travel the world at a prodigious rate. she faced the no. stuck deep in a tub with an air bubble imprisoning her rolls of fat. However. He had to think about speech. its progress in meditation served to him at all. constrained by a terrible day of February. She struggled like a turtle on its back. she found herself at school. shivering in the icy water now. Encouraged by his bullying gym teacher gymnastics. She fled her problem. through meditation. his mind had become lighter but his body was still heavy. however.evil spirits? Stefania declared himself unable to define.

Finally. A housekeeper’s delivered several hours later. With the help of several colleagues. and with his secret weapon: his ecto plasm! If through the walls. she used to brush as a lever to uncap Stefania’s bathtub. his body was trapped in a shell of iron White and his soul too distraught to rise.struggle. after living in appalling nightmares. They awoke experiencing excruciating migraines. starting with their toes and then back to their head. so she began to hunt. the only adult present at . This marked the humiliation for life. it would took his gym teacher. She took advantage of their sleep to invade his victims. Stefania decided it is revenge. determined to hitting all those who had mortified. She saved the best for last. it might as well cross flesh! Each night.

The woman awoke in a sweat. She made vain she knew some exercises to calm the own pal Pitate. Stefania penetrated the depths of his heart. in others it almost died out.of his ordeal. the muscle heart was beating very fast. Understanding that it occurred in a phenomenon conducts strange. and who had joined her torturers in instead of hunting. leading to arrhythmias. She reveled in the power that gave him control . At times. she knelt and prayed fervently strongly to be delivered from the ghost had possessed. regularly rately persecute. She returned. however. Stefania went before a heart attack does terrassât permanently unhappy.

Some girls gave him an apology. She boasted to his friend Tibetan begged to give up. Vengeance also against his own body. Once we would have been accused of witchcraft. Stefania’s rejected a shrug. Right in the twenty-first century. Obscurely. it is called black magic. you always end up snap and dominate you so that you can more under control.its ectoplasm. . the Tibetan Buddhist friend gave him the secret of reincarnation. Attacking the digestive system. such a assertion would have covered its authors to ridicule. She used it for revenge and So for evil in many religions. And Stefania was under more and more black! No one left? dared to face. Ultimately. Stefania had to permanently waives revenge. The gym teacher had a miscarriage. Revenge against his enemies. All her classmates were on aspirin. it caused ulcers in the stomach hated. She persevered. Black magic. everyone felt she was the cause of mysterious facts. And she continued to strike. understanding that might Stefania permanently switch on the side of the “great anger”. he said.

but the neck of the unfortunate hit the corner of a wall. You have damaged your karma.” Although they had wanted a little upset. If you do not decide immediately to give up your vengeance. After the bulimia. Stefania realized it was time to wash the soul of all the darkness that had invaded. Whiplash. This is what we had to devote his energy to improve rather than destroy. . you will pay in thousand times the price! And on this final warning.It’s your fault she died.Religion ensured that everyone in his life future. Love. said his friend Buddhist Tibetan. It’s your fault if their children are now orphans. Then an event occurred which upset and forced him to listen. Art. They knew it was the only friend “Pear Caramel. Death was instantaneous. Dismayed. paid for the good and bad deeds accomplished during his present existence. She always hated her . it was really give them too much! Stefania stopped her ears. he left. Every life should used to teach us something. exasperated. anorexia occurred. Blame to others. Its classmates all together attacked the woman household who had saved. Passion.

too. To find peace of mind. She had gone too far on the path of meditation. A Lama series welcomed in Padua. But she never saw him again. She was married to please his family and fulfill Italian woman of his destiny. Stefania decided to move forward further in the Tibetan Buddhist wisdom. And regrossir.body. Several years passed before she heard about of the French who invented the Thanatonautes. to discover the continent of . She hoped that once the quark ity found his friend reappear. even now that he founded in the famine. But she never would a woman like any other. I wanted.

I see your perfect karma. something you do not have time to finish. I retorted. Stefania decreed that I was a young and pure soul. But it is in this This life that I have something to settle. They gavèrent and polenta lasagna for him give the energy of the journey. recognized Raoul.Possible. His friends knew his story lamas. You’re angry because you started in your previous life.You’re smart enough to have taken consciousness. knew as she had first given up to evil to return to Good. Where your impatience to succeed in this lifeit. You find yourself in the middle of your cycle of reincarnation. . It’s a lot. . thou art a warrior. she stressed.You are right. Also did you chosen the path of knowledge and it is the right path. then announced: . And so she crossed Moch 1! We considérâmes with admiration. If only to find that the housekeeper who had saved. I was at the very beginning of my cycle of reincarnation and thus affecting ignorance. To me.dead. Raoul. . unable to do wrong because I could not see any interest. She examined in turn. . you are all like open books.

what you love most is to make love.I know. 122 . “was their motto. It only looks at you.By disciplining the body and exercising to stay still. “All right. So what? She asked him. .You. Stefania people still felt a little too quickly. the calm Stefania. If you’re not using that to orgasm.TEACHING YOGI How to learn to think about: . cold-blooded. to stare. . She turned to Amanda: . Basic Course 2 years.annoyed that sums up my Personality in three sentences to the punch. 123 .HISTORY TEXTBOOKS The Thanatonautes people were strong. Can you imagine not being able you fully realize that through physical love. you will exhaust the avail. What you’re interested there? .By disciplining his breath. engraved on a medal that all wore around his neck. you give to others too. History textbook. You must learn to manage the capital and to channel this energy. straight into the unknown. They knew where they went. Corn you see. What Error Sexual energy is the most powerful energy. Just to be .By disciplining the mind. indeed Amanda blushed to the ears.

Your mind will become vacant. to take a comfortable and set his mind on a point between the two eyebrows. And the magic seemed to operate in two sens Their eyes were seeking and fleeing as a pair of doves in spring. Raoul was silent. sensitive single ment to its presence. though pressed . For the first time I saw my friend love.ENCORE STEFANIA Stefania was like that. Your “self” will only have to escape from your body to explore the universe. Rajaz meditation technique of Yoga. 124 . All negative thoughts will disappear then. while his contemplation. by Francis Razorbak. You can make the difference between what is and what you belongs to the world. listening to the world around. Raoul’s hands did not show. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. On the other hand.alone in a room.

A stranger had no right to throw that kind of remark in figure and in the presence of others. Amanda did not share our enthusiasm 212 ment for the Italian. she stood there. still In his eyes narrowed. She did not appreciate his allusions her sexuality. Amanda has always been the only representative female in our group. His eyes closed and ten minutes in. let himself be seduced! We had left. In addition. satisfied. Still. . She sat cross-legged. Lambert to make us in our penthouse we were more comfortable to talk.in the pockets of his trousers. Raoul cold. spine straight. Stefania represented labor taking a more dangerous competitor that it had crossed the first wall of death. She had accustomed to this exclusivity. I asked Stefania to show us how she did it to meditate. Apparently. the Thai restaurant Mr. And then. in addition Raoul. the ocean was blue engulfed the black abyss.

is take a step towards death. I would be embarrassed to describe to someone who would know that the mellitus.In heaven.without the slightest movement. We must meditate to learn about meditation.You have seen me do. You think necessary. I have not had to let me wear off the window. It waltz behind your eyes closed until you breath turn it off and leave. . is to accept the idea of ​dying. I interrupted the flow turbulent of my thoughts and I have been sucked into a column blank. of course.It is not defined. . To focus on an image and nothing else. You hesitate to give your wife. What words used to define it? You must try to Salt to know what it is.But in practice? I insisted. it is felt. The answer was vague to say the least. what a mistake and what pride! Such state of mind makes it unsuitable for meditation as meditation. Me and take a take. Raoul’s eyes sparkled. The mainland of the dead. .How did you feel? . .And go where? . But of course we must accept death since it is perhaps what is most interest in life. Yes. Finally she opened her the eyelids. It’s like ask me what is the taste of salt. . your children. your friends. she laughed. You You can start by thinking only lead the flame of a candle. The problem.

. I understood how this faith had seduced our Italian: the Buddhist religion doomed worship big laugh. it would be best to show you how we Tibetan Buddhists have learned to die. by Francis Razorbak. . and for millennia. Among the wreaths of incense creamy. fell under the bondage of flesh. 126 . For us. I’ll take you tomorrow at the Tibetan temple Paris for a practical session. Commentary on Isaiah. flesh deserves to be called. Again. the infectious laugh of the Italian. I learned later that I had delivered to reasoning overly .CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY “Just as the spirit.I do not understand a word you say. Fortunately we have almost all our local branch! 125 . Raoul. Amanda and me. so the body deserves rightly be called spiritual when obeyed perfectly the mind. death is a science and not a inevitability. Stefania. “ Jerome. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. Amanda grumbled sullenly. large statues obese mischievous look in watching us.ALWAYS STEFANIA A wake was held at the Tibetan temple in Paris.In fact.

we translated simultaneously. The Buddhas Tibetans are much leaner and more serious. Of those who had destroyed their people. They chanted texts I did not perceive its meaning. they had not dared challenge and had gradually accustomed to living among the Chinese Buddhas. Stefania we suggested to join them. Of their persecutors. what we call death is now arrival: You leave this world but you are not alone in this case. Then they gathered around a recumbent. A lama began to recite a poem that the Italian multilingual. and non-Tibetan Buddhas. These Buddhas are Buddhas 214 Chinese. our son. Does not remain attached to this life of weakness. The Buddhas of their terrifying invaders. the Death comes to all. The skull of bald men rough. .simplistic. greeted us without knowing us. This would be a mistake of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. They were draped in saffron robes were spinning cylinders of woodcuts. but as Tibetans were not home. like rubbed sandpaper. “O son.

through weakness. terror. fear of appearances denied. Remember the valuable Trinity. if you have not heard this teaching. Not Be not attached. where you will meet reality. remember these words and keep them meaning in your heart: moving forward. If you do not know the absolute key to all learning. do not show low. You’ll get nothing more than to wander in the Samsara. you’ll stay attached. In them is the secret life of Knowledge. despite the meditations and devotions that you’ve comes here. unable to . When so essential to accomplish a great purpose May I not fear the forces of peaceful deities and irritated that are my own thoughts. you do not have the power to stay down here.And even if. the lights captivate you. may I assume that any occurrence is only reflection of my own conscience. may I recognize appearances as the Bardo. Alas. O noble son! Any fear or terror that can Chonyid overcame you in the Bardo [Moch area after which a You assaulted bubble memories?]. all thoughts of fear. O noble son! If you do not recognize your own thoughts. rays terrify you. sounds fill you with fear. when the experience of reality will weigh on me.

I suddenly thought I. please specify Stefania. . too. lights and rays. . He had fallen into the Chonyid Bardo. this type is in the process of being murdered in our eyes! I exclaimed. bewildered. .It compresses his carotid until they stop beating and sleep occurs. A monk approached the dying man. you wander in Samsara! “ Lama’s words provided a perfect explanation to what had happened to John and Stefania Bresson. When the breath was withdrawn from the central channel of the flow and he can not take the side channels. Hundred twenty-three human subjects died by me brought me back to silence. he is forced to rise and exit through the hole Brahma. I killed people for sending in the continent from the dead. and indulged in the curious touching. had served as the lama. after the first wall comatose. Stefania looked at me gently. She had learned to escape. On behalf of the Thanatonautes. Amanda made a grimace of disgust.Clearly.recognize sounds.

the phase is long. . Other had a chance to hear from their guardian or . They were buried too soon! Some banged on the walls of a long. There is more awareness in this body it. All in all. . continued our guide. the first world of death where it would come soon.The hole of Brahma is the door through which the soul leaves our bodies.What is the hole of Brahma? asked Raoul.” . before succumbing to the lack of real air. I remembered with horror stories of people who woke up. However. eight fingers of the hairline. Raoul noted the location of a “hole of Brahma” on his little notebook. desperate. the moment will only last a second.To recognize the light gradually. For my part. . we whispered Stefania..Now. if the death is overwhelmed by sins. For this reason we n’enterrons nor dissect any corpse before to four days elapsed since his death. Tibetan Buddhism was definitely an answer for everything. In fact it is a point at the top of the skull. the lama spoke of the first Bardo. Faced with the dying. He he described as “the world of truth in itself. Fainting can last up to three and a half days in a man in good health. The more the subject is healthy. and that these subtle channels are impure.What are these four days? I asked. in the interval between the cessation of external respiration and cessation of internal current that the breath rushes into the center channel. locked in their coffin buried deep under the ground. it was a port of departure for the Continent Ultimate.

and more! I do not know that her husband is over there in Italy. bluntly.calls and were regarded as miraculous. cessation of sense. it’s obscene! railed my pretty blonde. what was the true sign of tipping complete in death? On leaving the Tibetan temple. In Now she wanted and Raoul told me. . I had never seen so displeased Amandine. And As of today: I know firsthand that sometimes remained still in doubt. stop the brain. one poorly differentiated the death of the coma. but he’d better watch his wife. we walked the cemetery of Père-Lachaise to relax. Some Some even demanded to be buried with a bell possibly to signal their wake.This way to entice Raoul. And if you woke up in the middle of the furnace of a crematorium? It would be really best to wait four days … Formerly. as if there were only its only jealousy! She was out with Felix. Raoul went before and Stefania jokingly. She was out with John. Amandine and I trailed behind. This is why there were many buried alive. Heart failure. Was like for her to conquer the afterlife had suddenly lost all its importance. to me who dreamed of her and she did not see! But my love was so strong that I tried to to reassure . A married woman.

. Yet I succeeded. But … he does not dare you admit it. The life is the pleasure of breathing thin air. I uttered the worst phrase: . 127 . Because life is not that this accumulation of villainies.ADVERTISING “Sometimes life is a vale of tears. You have to be stupid like me to say such insanities. . At the point where I was. She put her arm through mine. and then I do not past. it was difficult to do worse. But I love it. . I plunged further. There was no interest in the program television.Do you think he feels something for me or that do not consider myself as just a worker? Why is it that women always choose me as a confidant? And women that I want. I said. Raoul … love you. I found that time with family letterbox. My wife was looking for me all the time argument.I am very confident. to discover . The contract had covered my car and a PV Vandals had removed the body with his keys. Immediately she was exhilarated. and more! Of course. I almost a fit of nerves.Do you really think? she said in a cheerful air. Raoul has his head on his shoulders. .Do not worry. Yesterday.I think that deep down.

Raoul was still under the spell of thanatonautesse Italian. . The common meal had become a serious test. so alone in my tiny studio of yesteryear. Amanda slid steadily against any and Raoul fixed with more greed than his plate. the life you will! “ This is a message from the ANPV. to meet all kinds of human friendly and intelligent. Stefania had momentarily returned to the Peninsula. Me. Do as I do! Love life. catteries Amandine prove to be paid. Of course.218 landscapes to the infinite diversity. So I’m from of things. I take back every morning and all I ask for more night. Life is still a quality product. 128 . National Agency for the promotion of life.HISTORY OF HEART I languished in my apartment thanatodrome ButtesChaumont. Amandine. Raoul and I took advantage of his absence to check our equipment and allow it to return the best possible booms. but day by day.

I imagined trying to make love in a Hotel … “Not to upset the poor .It is in black … He did not listen. ‘said Raoul. I closed my eyes. I find Amandine dress better and better. I remained great whole. at the crossroads all the energies of thanatodrome. All alone in the sacred building. What I used it and found to be famous if I was not even able to have the woman of my desires? I was furious. I tried to empty in me but my eyes just closed. and there. They did not return to sleep thanatodrome.To my dismay. I wanted a successful meditation transcendental to leave my poor skin type unhappy. is not it? . the sweet face of Amandine appeared to me like a widescreen. That evening. I sat on the throne of flight. . . I tried to Stefania practical advice. Think Amandine slept easily except me who loved her. I learned that they both dined in face-to-head. I was choking. she looked at me indulgently and her blond hair concealed her full lips.I always found sublime. . She was an angelic beauty. both were eager to tell me constantly changing feelings.Did you see. was too stupid.It becomes more and more beautiful. boiling bitterness in my role man’s confidence. I replied sadly. I opened her eyes.

I tell myself that I was killing myself for love like a common pimply teenager … It was so stupid. I pushed the needle into the large vein in my wrist throbbing like to try to avoid this ordeal. Th began to roll the sleeve of my shirt. I did not have much to afraid of my past. . I had only to help committing the worst. take this. “Here. so I had said earlier this is done. From where I was in the chair. Was it necessary for me to be unconscious my best friend to help out with the wife of my desires! No.Michael” … I had a nervous little laugh. At worst I would find Felix. What a pity that Stefania is party alone could have prevented the couple from forming. One moment. I take the small bulb the switch. while I … in fact. I could see the gallows where the vials were hung product boosters. “ I plugged all the equipment. “Damn the Thanatonautes! ” Felix looked like. I knew it would happen anyway. large vein. that’ll teach you not to sending enough blood in my brain to find words that could seduce Amanda. the sooner I’d be set. What’s the point live? And if I tried myself to pass the second wall comatose? After all.

What was I doing? Tibetan priest’s words came back to me .Amandine Thanatonautes admired. Pear in the electric switch was sticky in the palm of my hand as she was drenched in sweat of anxiety. I was probably like the Spanish sailors who saw the boats leave and return to America and were never parties themselves. know something by hearsay. she wanted to know what death Thanatonautes approaching. I had so little advantage pated. You had to go there. she slept with the Thanatonautes. however. Say that in this adventure. it was necessary that I be tha natonaute for more interest to him. We can not.

Michael. Conrad was being played all the buttons potentiometers. death comes for everyone. what we call death is labor taking here! You leave this world but you are not the only one in this case. Does not remain attached to this life of weakness.in the ears as a childhood rhyme. Mom! cried Conrad. said my mother. But that can wait. Yeah.Leave your brother alone. Do not bother us. In my next life. That evening. suddenly appeared to me as the perfect example of the . “O son. I swallowed and. I would try to be licensed by a dredger crack all the girls. . What are you doing in that chair? You’ve looked everywhere. Surely it checks his stuff. another to enjoy it. I do not know why.He is there. “ Do not stay attached to this life of weakness … My Karma was very poor during this existence. A lifetime to learn to control love. Deco … The room lit up. Conrad the detestable. began the counting ritual: . Conrad. O Noble son. goes on. We just wanted to do with you an overview of the activity Economic shop. I’m dying shy I shall be born playboy. I usually could not stand it touches on everything and I get angry quickly. I looked again the bulb of the switch. .Six … five … four … three … two … one. without insurance.

as you like. It is worth not the kitchen of a mom! I had never felt much affection for these two. flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb.We would also like to have drawings of what is after the second wall to prepare for the new season of tee-shirts! precisely my brother.there’s home-Potau fire with a marrow bone. . you t’esquintes health. They are the remains and products of last choice. I was no longer inhabited by only one anxiety: y Would it really hot enough marrow for spreading on a slice of fresh bread with lots of salt? And a little pepper. . otherwise it will spoil the taste. my finger left the switch off.Christian mythology “Then the angel showed me the river of life. clear as crystal. Imperceptibly.good guy. there Tree of Life . I had never been so glad to see them. My mother came down on my forehead and a big wet kiss. 129 . Not too much. In the middle of the square of both sides of the river.you always forget to feed you . I pulled the needle in my wrist. In force dinner at the restaurant. Blood perla they did not notice. Suddenly.And if you have not taken the time to eat .

no doubt. and their leaves can heal the nations. 130 . It gave me great slaps on the back. I certainly had a dozen women so far but it was always they who were scrambling to train their bed and not vice versa. once a months. we should perhaps put our solitudes together. by Francis Razorbak. Moreover. giggling and calling me his “stupido Michaelese. Stefania returned to Florence and I think that now Raoul was interested in another. 22. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. it was out of reach. Not desire. even if it never failed to address this issue.which bear fruit twelve times. the Italian seemed I find its taste. ” A local compliment. I knew that Stefania was married. The problem is that I was wondering how to go take it. Raoul and Amandine left nothing reflected their . In addition. I tried to ignore my individuality. I’ve always been a flirt zero. “ Apocalypse of John. I knew that my desire to Amanda could very well turn into obsession. no suffering. Curiously. Obsession even more dangerous now. The days that followed.THERE IS STEFANIA Forget my personal problems.

I threw myself headlong. the more I wanted successful one with death. did not exchange kisses stolen. I dreamed of all the exploits. I could not that push. Death. Plus I missed my relationship with love. Besides my recurring dream of women in satin white skeleton mask was made for this even more this time. She continued to appear even provocative with Raoul. Stefania. my ram down the door of the castle black. Stefania noticed nothing. Only a certain serenity in their behavior indicated they had temporarily found peace of mind. I had the job. . Stefania. I was perhaps not reached Amandine strip. get ready to be your last secret. They never stood by the hand. a man happy households still emerges a kind of aura that makes it even more attractive to other women. but I intend to deflower the Grim Reaper. with my constant anxiety and my perpetual solitude. My backbone is also a woman.idyll. Me. I’ll know what’s behind your mask! Death. Normal. one from the other. For our thanatonautesse.

my guinea pig. I check on Stefania. more it is concentrated. The more we are awake. we get immediately a wave emission amplitude slower but sometimes more high It oscillates around twelve vibrations per second. We are then in alpha stage. I found myself at the same flush around me.I better still boosters. the throne of flight. When we reflect “common” for example. brain emitted at different wavelengths depending on its activity. this is called being phase rate of beta waves. we are issuing delta waves. In force to study the envelope. I had filed . emits thirty to sixty vibrations per second. I studied some physiological phenomena related to meditation. At the same time. Between half and three vibrations per second. They could be picked up by a routine electroencephalogram. When you close your eyes. Some books. I always had this concern to legitimize the mystique of science. In the phase of dreamless sleep. I learned maps yogis chakras and meridians of acupuncture. I added new sensors. the more vibrations are numerous. I tried to trace the shape of the vital body which spoke Tibetan books around the human figure.

assisted this time a little chemistry. During this period. occiput. He found the third floor apartment next to mine. Every morning. This meant that the entire surface of the brain was in a quiet sleep state.sensors on the forehead. the parietal and I spotted during the flight activity of alpha wave emission. She was beautiful. luscious and . she took off the penthouse deal falsely than simple meditation to recognize by far the places the result in the same evening meditation. Stefania divorced her distant husband and moved to Paris to better work with us. our strengthened team worked wonders. The fac to see Stefania in alpha waves just informed us it controlled perfectly meditation. But this discovery could be exploited.

it was immersed in her coma-meditation. For nearly thirty-four minutes. Little off the evening. The young Italian was lying on the red chair lined with black metal. closing his shirt. I watched from there and then I discussed at length with her before the ultimate map of the continent.Six … five … four … three … two … one. coloring areas. most thanatodromes the world had closed and we no longer had to fear their competition. who had just entering the laboratory. playing with Terra incognito words. I drank strong coffee. we now waived any advertising.concentrated among the green plants. Pending reliable results. Stefania done in two weeks three incursions beyond the first wall and we could well complement our map of the afterlife with some accuracy. Flights from Stefania were more and longer. I added erasures. In any case. . She looked like a Renaissance painting by Titian. Off. He looked at the timer clock . near the piano. Her long hair corrugated rolled down her blouse. “What do we do now? I asked Raoul. although it was obvious that the bubble-memories of the past Stefania were not universal and that under no circumstances they could serve as a benchmark to another Thanatonautes. since the revelations Jean Bresson terrifying. as if he itched to do back.

In each bubble was a painful memory.I was at the bottom. Stefania. . The return takes place gradually.electric saw she had planned for more coma thirty-eight minutes! He jumped. . Immediately. I saw a young man I had pushed and committed suicide in Despite. he said. as usual.This is pure madness! She never could wake up.Go back. I saw a girl who had stolen his briefcase. smiled and announced firmly: I did see him.Tell. . She looked at us. He turned the switch on the timer to recover at once to zero. Yet all went well.At first. I do not realize it was. .You saw what? . I saw my mother crying because I had bad grades. Obviously I saw when I was a turtle on the back and the day I learned of the death of wife cleans . And I saw him. blinked as if she tore a dream. She spoke. Stefania at once opened his eyes. There is a second wall! Moch 2. you went too far! We were worried. Our thanatonautesse took a breath while Raoul took possession of the map of the continent Ultimate. If you want to know. the electric current triggered by small saccades increasingly supported as holding an appropriate braking system ABS. I ended up in a corridor black light bubbles when attacked me. . things that I had incorrectly adjusted.

I continued down the hall black which was now purple. “Around me I saw the rest of the dead to fight against their memories without coming to be justified. she always asked me to do the dishes or sweep. I had bad grades in school because my mother left me no time to work my homework. “When I had overcome my demons and attended fights of my neighbors. such as white blood cells attacking a microbe. All around me. This show reminded me also strangely Divine Comedy of Dante. “Those who sin by greed saw their eyes sewn. those who had been negligent received slaps. Those who had sinned by lust saw their burning flesh. The walls had a powdery consistency and an . “I have to face all these bad memories and each I explained my actions. the man I had pushed me was dragging when I was already taken by another young man I liked. Those killed were receiving shots from their victims. Sloths were thrown in the mud.the school. Death is still terrible. Then the memories gradually submerged. I stole the briefcase of the small girl because my parents were not rich enough buy me one. evoked two words: fear and darkness. The anger was washed away by the waves. I was not responsible for the death the woman who cleans the school.

Eighteen minutes into the flight into space. She said the huge hall was reduced continuously but its diameter was still hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of kilometers. Light attractive. 5.Ends: . 6.Color: blue. It was shaped like a bowl or a funnel. Coma.Sensations: irresistible. 4. She took the card Raoul and bowed so the tip of the funnel is directed toward the floor. . It was like a “cliff cylindrical.The cone is not horizontal but vertical. Turquoise veering gradually blue violet. blue water.Location: coma over 18 minutes. the first image of the continent Ultimate. Limbo. She scribbled: 1. Zone Fresh and enjoyable. Blue beach. certifiat-her The walls are reduced progressively as one down ledges sandy. 3. But there was neither high nor low. Landing on the beach of light. . AREA 1 . The people were fighting with their memories on ledges steep. . .” The light continued to throb at the bottom of the bowl. Arrival on the territory 1. Appearance of a large circle of light spinning on itself. Off. 7. Diameter Approximate thousands of miles in its area clear. 2.earthy smell that comes from plowing. Off any sign of normal life. Out of the world.

Leads to perhaps … Territory 3 (?). He had done everything possible to forget his early years but the first wall comatose arose for him to recall and the plunge into his hell.Location: coma over 21 minutes. . on ledges increasingly steep. Stefania gomma a line. The light is always present but the fear away Expectations . AREA 2 . To prove that he had dominated his fears.Sensations: darkness. They told that in fact Jean had experienced childhood terrible in a boarding school run by a suspicious character who abused students. he refused all access. Cold zone and terrifying where. the deceased confronts her fears and memories more painful. and the . Our new frontier is called Moch 2. Jean became the first stuntman and Thanatonautes. the poor man can never what had really happened up there. friends of old. Black </p> . The thanatonautesse explained that Jean Bresson had no certainly been defeated by her past. Now we could call the press. The announcement had an international impact. For journalists tried to contact him for questioning. drew another. earth. The director of the school was exposed.on Moch 1 (diameter slightly reduced). In his confinement. fear. He still had to overcome thanatophobie he aroused. We looked for his family. arrested.Ends on: Moch 2. pushed the words Terra incognita.

prayed and made offerings to God. “He stopped eating and crying the night. 131 . . Forward Ho! ” Straight ahead. When came the dawn. His life and the world were coming to end. When the sun declined and darkness invaded the sky. “So overjoyed to that all was not finished. We will return Now the original chaos. It was “something else”.Jewish mythology When Adam appeared on earth. he exclaimed: “Such is therefore the world! He goes out then comes back. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. No doubt I sin that the world gets dark as well. straight into the unknown! Next goal: Moch 2. he got up. by Francis Razorbak. Adam thought it was all over. he was the first day. “Woe on me! cried he. We knew now that death was not a Pure paradise or a total hell.establishment Closed But the fear of death had not completely disappeared so far. Ministry mystery persisted. Here’s death to which the Heaven condemn me. very surprised that the light changed.

around the world’s thanatodromes began to wake up. They nicknamed the “conquistadores of faith” because we were going to conquer a territory in the name of principles spiritual predetermined. Benedictine monks claimed to have discovered the origin the halo of saints. is built the thanatodromes next to the temples and after the prisoners. after the stunt. every priest who was the first wall claimed seeing the symbols of his religion. The subject was again in fashion. inch by centimeter in the hemisphere Ultimate. we had to deal with the laity who saw this mixture of superstition and research as explosive. In fact. The . Was normal since in the territory black.DIY As we progressed slowly. after the skeptics and enthusiasts. Meanwhile. Thanatonautes was assailed by his own memories. It pushing even like mushrooms. They felt it was a representation of the ectoplasm in his early exit from the top of the skull. emerges a new generation of Thanatonautes mainly composed of clerics and monks of all faiths. Once it was known as Stefania had the idea to combine the mystical science.132 .

the Jesuits of the Abbey of Saint-Bertrand passed without too much difficulty the first wall coma. Already an “accident” John should have been for us a warning But curiosity was always the strongest. then the Taoist monks and the whirling dervishes. She was not alone. Stefania we spoke to each flight. the Trappist the abbey of MontLouis. none could pass the second. If other Tibetan Buddhists. both sacred and so taboo Thurs Amandine. What did it matter if their servants called them “eternal prayer “Or” contact with the divine world. Raoul and I knew we handling a bomb that could have exploded in the face. the Zoroastrians. We wanted both know what he was after Moch 2. “ . There was so much interest. She had affected. saying that all this was that advertising for the crown. Stefania. the famous second wall. The anti-religious s’emportèrent. We visited their various places of worship and learned many of their ceremonies. Jehovah’s Witnesses. but it did not feel currently able to cross it. Still lacked something she could not define. All religions have actually stored in their memory techniques off.painters of the time would thus wanted to point out Faculty of Elect to decorporation.

It will thus turn all ascending of each sign and know all the figures available during a human life. The Buddha would have been five hundred before understanding the world and the vast majority of We are somewhere between our thousand and two thousand human reincarnation.133 . that of minutes indicates our ascendancy. they determine the contract to perform at our reincarnation present.ASTROLOGY To change the fate of a man must go through the twelve signs of the zodiac. This is a minimum. According to some traditions East. it is necessary to test all forms of nature. But one hundred forty to four reincarnations are not enough to most people. To deserve to become a pure mind. by Francis Razorbak. all forms of existence. What time are we of our lives “total”? Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. it must incarnate at least twelve times in each of these signs. The big hand points to this sign. 134 .Internationalization . Together. one hundred forty-four times in all. Astrology provides that the twelve zodiacal signs are comparable to noon included in the face of a clock.

Raoul protested when we were there for nothing. We therefore conçûmes a copy throne line seats Swedish imposing this ergonomic position. We sat around a glass bubble chair sound insulation of the . Could it be that full-xxi century he fears the power the church? In our thanatodrome Buttes-Chaumont. Lucinda accepted the argument but we felt ourselves preoccupied. the President replied that. over a hundred clerics from all walks of life had already passed to death by trying to continue our experiments. we oeuvrions for us to make takeoffs always more secure. the propped back. as well as some communities fundamentalists saw a dim view of the interference Thanatonautes in the monastic life. My friend said they should focus more on decorporation of scientific conditions rather than to only rely on their faith. Stefania had found that the flight was going better when she held her spine straight. The Pope.Lucinda visited us and advised us not to complacency too fast. chin pressed against the chest and shoulders unobstructed. nevertheless. Many religious were in full effervescence.

It would look like an outfit man-frog.outside world. Fashion dress made entering the various thanatodromes the planet. The . To further promote the development. Ministry silver cord driver caught before he had broken could retract. and parrots. Each thanatodrome. It was logical that suit follows the crest. we put in place a polyphonic sound system. and it was sometimes death Insured One does not trifle with these things. In Paris. cheetahs. the uniform of Thanatonautes no longer a tracksuit or a tuxedo. many accident had occurred because someone had inadvertently disturbed a Thanatonautes in full flight. its special religious and Cultural. a door slammed by a single draft. A fashion designer and a scholar electronics collaborated to develop a suit really comfortable. high quality so that the soul flies nicely to the sound of liturgical music and sacred. A phone call untimely. They had to patch elephants. they had a strong visual. In fact. Now. The press photographers were thrilled: finally. we chose a textile white: The idea was very successful. British red. The Japanese opted for black Americans purple. Ours represented a phoenix through circles of flame from in narrowing. Africans went in ceremonial dress among beats of drums.

seemed beyond the reach of any one each. it also became more comfortable. Sales of Small Thanatonautes shown climbed sharply. Who would be the first to pass through the second wall comatose? The Spaniard (Bull’s head crest) was given to twelve against a to American (shield-headed eagle). all different. more accurate. The Paris were given free course bookmakers in London. The Thanatonautes did not spread throughout the world. tribes dedicated to the goddess Dana.Jamaicans prefer reggae and marijuana. ran the islands of northern . my mother and my brother commercialisèrent thrones flight made in Buttes-Chaumont and boosters (I had developed a very good formula placebo tolerated by the liver and kidneys) as well as combinations with electrical sensors. 135 . In their shop. They had to shield the death mask of the Great Inca. The testimony the bubble-memories accumulated. Thanks to chair protective glass bubble and costume.Celtic mythology According to Celtic mythology. The Russians appreciated the Orthodox chants and vodka. more convenient. The money returned to sea. The Peruvians chewed coca leaves and flew in love with the panpipes. all exciting. Each had his favorite. The international champions were the headlines. the Thuat De Danann.

simply to repeat that he was eager to leave for find her! He did not have the opportunity to say more. Moch 2 was inviolable. they gave the four magical talismans: the cauldron of Dagda that fills forever those who relish the lance of Lugh killing even if it only graze the enemy.World to invade Ireland. As a druid came to consult them. they helped humans to flourish. 136 . Zen monk. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. the stone of Fal which. through its “art. They also fought Fomoiré battle to the gods and demons with blind one member. His second . ” Strange words for a man dedicated to spirituality! He refused to provide further details. sinkholes. They lived in the world from below. well. They had to take refuge in the depths Lakes. managed to touch and claimed to have distinguished something behind red lights he described “similar to geishas. however. by Francis Razorbak. a parallel universe they called Si (peace) or Tir na nog (Land of Youth). Sukuma Yuka. and Finally. the sword of Nuada makes its holder invincible.SECOND WALL COMAT Despite attempts multiplied. From there.” says the royalty of anyone who places his feet.

Rajiv Bintou fell into the trap of success. Rajiv Bintou. 234 . he had to use herbs hallucinogens and. We bring in a more accurate testimony. in return. It was a yogi India. when her companions resolved to unplug it. He described what had occurred in a book that soon became an international bestseller. for a first round trip.growth was the last. the thanatodrome of Paris never had the opportunity to welcome Rajiv Bintou. Like Felix of old. the cause still new Thanatonautes slaughter! We watched the pioneer who. his team waited in vain more than forty-five minutes before deciding to admit the loss of his soul. To take off. Closer to the end (editions of the New World). He lay in a pool of semen. body tense as a loving embrace. Unfortunately. The information was kept strictly secret. If people were found dead in the eternal pleasure sex. In a final experiment. He could no longer focus on his abilities spiritual. They entrusted his mortal coil at the Smithsonian Institute Washington where it is carefully preserved in formalin. he did not remember anything.

We had to content ourselves with poetry that permeated his book to mark the area beyond Moch 2 a red color erotic. Excerpt from Closer to the end: “O confusing world stagnated after the second wall .

Thus. O confusing world of the afterlife. They announce the erection of the Thanatonautes! Each flight will be like an orgasm in love. our souls end up in ecstasy. “ Three months later. All means were good to surround the takeoffs of all the ceremonial required a religious act. . It is only logical since we were born in pain. This book is the first chapter of a universe of pleasure that promises death one hundred volumes. While a matter of pride. the list of the dead lie down. The conquest of the Dead will write the result of Kama-sutra. It was important to prove that its interpretation of the world was only true. All religions recruited monks and Thanatonautes sacrificed on the altar of the knowledge of the afterlife.comatose The beads of your enjoyment are like water lilies.

What action could be considered more religious off since it was precisely the approach beyond?

They entered the phase “mystical monumental” with departures from the Sacred Heart in Paris or the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. And we, all we knew of country after Moch 2 was that it was “red and filled of pleasure. “ Stefania could no longer wait to get there. Many meditation exercises control breath and heartbeat and finally, to August 27 seventeen hours, hard work and determination, she succeeded.

With uncontrollable giggles, all scarlet and exciting, she awoke bathed in sweat in his chair. - Wow! she exclaimed, still exhilarated. As Raoul leaned to better hear his story, She grabbed him by the neck and kissed him full on the lips. My friend did not resist with little debate while storm blackened the eye of marine Amandine. - Well, tell us, ‘said Raoul, recovering himself with sentence. - Waw, waw, waw, she says, it was fabulous. After second wall is sex, pleasure, enjoyment, is the great foot, the big

foot, the great Roman orgy, fuck it Super It was hard to understand. She spoke only by impressions. The word “absolute pleasure” was the one who came back Most often: “Pleasure, enjoyment, ecstasy” and above all will almost obsessive to return to get laid. We tried to ask him more. She said it was like an orgasm power miles. A feeling of fullness. Even with the drug, even with his best lovers, she had never, it seems, never felt as much strength and diversity in the swoon. I blushed. That night again I dreamed of the woman in white satin with his skeleton mask. Death. She put the garter belt and promised me things not possible. Ministry pleasure beyond all imagination. 137 - STEFANIA get laid We were at the Thai restaurant and we had fine— helping to prevent ill Stefania always coaxing talking too loud and contain his excitement. It dega

geait moreover such an aura of sexuality that all male eyes were fixed upon her. Those of women, for that matter. Even Amandine does


longer able to remain indifferent to the harsh accents, to ecstatic words of Stefania. She spoke only of fun! Fun! After all, what is our main motivation

vation here? What are we looking for in this life? For

how we work, we interested to others, what makes us run? Fun! It took several plates of basmati rice to calm the Italian and, back in our penthouse, she find a scientific attitude and

agrees to consider on our map. So after two Moch? Well, about “coma more twenty-four minutes, “invaded the ectoplasm was a pleasant sensations. After the blue and the black area, the area red. That of pleasure. Doped, the Thanatonautes accelerates flight towards the light. The tunnel walls are soft red like velvet. The soul feels to have regained mother’s womb and ready to be reborn. Wonderful! And suddenly, the most secret fantasies come true. The men who had dreamed Stefania without being able to appeal were there, holding out his arms and multiplying the proposals shameless. She had engaged with them in games erotic she had never even dared to imagine. Corn there was no than sex. She had tasted with delight foods that had always attempted but not was never allowed to touch. She had discovered that it desires to know no. Women, even, had occupied it with sweetest of caresses. He had to cling very its strong Tibetan prayers to renounce the delights and return to thanatodrome. She had had to resort to any his will. She had thought that we were waiting for know. But it was not that the most important. She had seen a new wall comatose Moch 3. She took the card, raya “may lead to Territory 3 (?) “Then,

stretching his tongue like a schoolgirl applied, wrote instead:

3 TERRITORY - Location: coma over 24 minutes. - Color: red. Sensations: pleasure, fire. Hot and humid area where you faces his wildest fantasies. Area as perverse, because it reveals the most of our unspoken desires. Mus face them and let them invade, otherwise it remains stuck to the sticky wall. The light is still there, as intimate for us to continue our way. - Ends on: Moch 3. After this interlude, life changed a thanatodrome little. Revenue of the country’s heightened senses purple, Stefania fell squarely on the head by Raoul. She had also not too much to the upset. From the first meeting, my friend did not hide his fascination with voluptuous curves the Italian. Unlike what happened with Amanda, he shows its connection to light. I dared not enter the toilet of the room off for fear of disturbing the couple in their antics. Amandine was in disarray and of course, as still, she came to me seeking solace and comfort. Leaving the restaurant Thai Lambert where we risked too much to fall on the two lovers entwined, she invited himself an evening at home without warning. There had some eggs in my fridge. I

improvised a scorched omelette with shallots. I’m not great and cook the omelette turned slightly overcooked but Amandine did not care. - You, Michael, you’re the only man who understands me Really? I hated this kind of sentence. Bowing his head, took off quietly a few pieces of eggshell that I had left inadvertently fall into the dish. I arranged two of my best dishes on the table the kitchen. Mechanically, she sat down. I shared the omelette carefully in half. Amandine stood there, staring without seeing his portion. - You do not eat? I asked. It is however if unsuccessful. - I believe it is delicious, it is not ca I am not hungry, she sighed. She took my hand and stared at me with sad puppy Wet abandoned. - Poor Michael … As I bore you with stories my heart … I looked at her, she was even more beautiful when she was sad. That evening, I had to listen in detail the whole story of his love affair with Raoul. As it was sweet as he was full of initiatives and attentive. I told me that he was the man of her life, and that she never been so in love. I replied that it should not to worry, Stefania was an adventure, he would up back at her. I did not understand how a man could not be madly in love

with this sweet doe-eyed blue Navy. Even for the Transalpine plump and too bold.

- You’re so nice to me, Michael. But there was nothing in his will that sounded in tune with mine. She regarded me as a friend asexual or as a colleague. Maybe it was my desire so exacerbated that was repugnant to him. Perhaps pressentaitelle niagaresque my passion and she feared the effects. - You’re so nice, Michael! Let me sleep with you tonight, please. I’m so scared to find myself alone between my cold sheets! I turned green, I blush, I coughed. - Okay, I stammered. I put a cotton pajamas that I buttoned up neck. It retained its combination of silk. I felt at me a satiny skin, a slender body releasing hints of moss and amber. I was in agony. Nothing woman had ever aroused in me such an upheaval. Trembling with emotion, I approached my hand his shoulder and grazed his skin finish. Amandine, blandly tucked in my sheets, was a emanation of pleasures promised. My brain was in full

boil. One-tenth of further movement and I Stefania would

know what had been up there. A strong explosion. It must have sent me that my pituitary this feeling of pain. My fingers went through yet walking on this dangerous road. She took my hand and pushed with a smile Sorry… - Do not spoil a beautiful friendship, she murmured. You’ll ‘re my only friend, I do not want to lose you. 138 EDUCATION YOGI The human body consists of seven chakras that are many points of energy. First Chakra: Located above the sexual organs, the coccyx and the anus. In good condition, it provides a vital energy. Second chakra: Located just below the navel. credit good condition, it gives the power to act. Third Chakra: Located at the bottom of the solar plexus. In good state, it allows energy to radiate terrestrial and cosmic the body. Fourth Chakra: Located in the center of the solar plexus.

credit good condition, it can feel good about yourself. Fifth Chakra: Located at the bottom of the gorge. In good condition, It provides excellent communication. Sixth Chakra: Located between the eyebrows. In good state, he can feel his inner energy and gives clairvoyance. Seventh Chakra: Located in the middle of the skull. In good condition, it can instantly perceive things essential. Precept’s teaching Hatha yoga. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death, by Francis Razorbak. 139 - STEFANIA OPEN PLEASURE So many journalists demanded an interview with Stefania My mother held a press conference in the room for this purpose, the thanatodrome Buttes-Chaumont. My spawning

took a malicious pleasure in flushing all representatives erotic or pornographic magazines and the hunt on the spot. “Missing is our small Stefania makes newspaper coverage pigs! ” she muttered, angry. Diva in the thanatonautesse sat on the dais and surprised the congregation who was waiting for a good quarter time by announcing it would tell the pleasures encountered after the second wall to those able to hear them. But she saw in front of her that reporters in the child mentality, unable to get rid of their taboos. - First, a good psychoanalysis for all. The we’ll talk! shouted her with his great laugh devastating reference assistance and the entire planet with their modesty hypocrites. There was a murmur of protest surprised. My mother was very upset to have upset so many people for nothing. Next time, no one would respond to his invitations and it was not good for trade! The discovery of an area dedicated to ecstasy, however, was an event too important to stay long secret. Rumors soon began to run, especially Hot it lacked accurate information. Parties reactionary and conservative movements or fundamentalists we covered it with anathemas. “Lair of witches,” bomba does one on the door of our

thanatodrome before which flocked continually demonstrators embittered waving banners of the type “Stop debauchery,” “Close the brothel,” or “Death is not a brothel. “ Stefania tried to apostropher these protesters. - I never said that death was a mess! lançat-it to a cohort hostile brandished fist. I simply stated that one of the areas of the continent Ultimate was a place of pleasure. I do not know what is after the third wall. We still have so much To discover… - Silence, cursed girl! shouted an old man very dignified decoration in his buttonhole. He wanted to slap the Explorer. Raoul and I interposâmes. The brawl escalated into street fight. “We two against the fools, “I whispered to encourage me, but I was bruised when the police decided to to respond. President Lucinda made us another visit. - I told you, kids! Discretion, always let the discretion of discretion. For live happily live in hiding. Apparently, we disturb many people. Pope sends bubbles against us and dignitaries of all faiths to overflow me curses. - All of pissing vinegar! Stefania exclaimed. The afraid of the truth, they fear to learn what really death, what’s behind these walls! You Imagine if the head of the Pope, at the end, it fell

upon a god who proclaim in favor of abortion and marriage priests? - Perhaps, Stefania, perhaps. But for now, remember that we have not met God and that the Vatican is an institution founded in 1377 when Thanatonautes that does only a few months of experience. The Italian rose, beautiful and generous, ready to friends and enemies to face. - Come, President, you’re not going to me believe that you are willing to kowtow to a handful of bigots! - In politics, you have to make concessions, find compromises and … - No concession, no compromise, Stefania cut. We are here to fight against ignorance and we will continue our explorations. The man knows no Limitations This is his first quality! The president’s eyes widened. Was the first time he faced Stefania Chichele. He understood better the quality of our results. He had an unshakeable for death and regularly rub this small plump wife possessed. No one, no authority public moral or religious, do not force it to back. He greeted her with respect. The presidential intervention was the only result of Stefania make more talkative with the media. Without more hesitation, she spoke of the delights it bluntly was known in this third area where all desires, all perversions materialize. The protests began again. The Holy See Thanatonautes prohibits all servants of the Church Catholic, Apostolic and

Roman under pain of excommunication. In a bubble called “mysterium And mortis sacrum, “the Pope officially decreed the death taboo. All journey of a lifetime to the land of the dead prior his death is now considered a sin Equity “Death to the heretics! “Do we chanted under the balconies of Vatican. “Croquons the apple of knowledge! “Answered our supporters. All the excitement we were equal, but the president Lucinda him, do not take lightly. The Church had still a major influence in the country and he needed of all eligible votes for its future reelection. “All the better if the death leads to orgasm, Stefania told Petit Thanatonautes illustrated, and too bad if so many pissevinaigre now regard it as a place of debauchery! “Our friend did not go around the bush. We were still not so sure of ourselves. People always fear what is new. A phenomenon of decline was irreversible. We had already fortunate to have been able to go so far without hindrance. 140 - HISTORY TEXTBOOKS How to get rid of old In some cultures of ancient times, there were

practices to get rid of those too old, therefore unsuitable for economic or social life. Among the Eskimos, getting rid of the old grandmother by bringing far on the ice where it was eaten by Stuffed bear In general, she was of herself when she considered herself in excess in society. In some Norman families, we drove up the old scale and the last bars were sawn. They said the ritual phrase: “Come, Similarly, up to the attic. “In the attic … History textbook, Basic Course 2 years. 141 - Lucinda has an idea Next time, Lucinda chose to meet us his land. Considering that in him we would be more malleable, we summoned to the Elysee. In his office work, he was not alone. There was also a woman strict cross-legged. The Head of State told us he would not enter war against religion. - You are wrong to underestimate the powers old. Modernism can not be imposed in a cavalier. We need compose. Stefania did not hear it that way. - You do not know what I saw, I do not see on what one might call. Lucinda gave a little smile.

- Although we have not had the chance to land Red in the country, but let’s say, um, we are able to design what you have felt. - Pretentious! Who can claim to understand the desires a woman! Stefania cried. Amanda could not contain a small burst out laughing. Anyway, Lucinda did not want to leave have on the slope of the provocation. He said he served no face to face religions. These were neither good nor bad, they did trying to survive. Raoul remembered that Darwin had made an international reputation


National just by attacking religions and that without this provocation, Darwinism would have emerged as

quickly. Lamarck, who had not understood, disappeared in the dustbin of history. Lucinda accepted the argument, but he stuck to to the extent of his ambition to bring everyone together, reactionary or modern. - There is a way to reconcile the left wing and the wing right. We must bring in Thanatonautes rationality. Respond to religion by science. It’s now or ever it takes to silence the skeptics last, where my idea to use Madame. We presented the woman breasted. - Professor Rose Solal is astrophysicist and astronomer, Lucinda explained. She works for a long time on a particular project, “Eden”. Project “Eden” project “Paradise”, you see that your research show some similarities, especially the goal of “Eden” is discover the exact location in space of … Paradis. Find Paradise in space, the goal seemed to us hardly conceivable. We obviously always spoke of a “continent of the dead”, but it was for us a figment of the imagination. We saw the afterlife as another dimension, a different reality which hosted the soul leaving the body. A parallel universe, in sort of. That was our assumption.

In 379. open to experience the more adventurous. many ancient peoples had been believe but so many rockets.That this country can really exist in the sky star that we were overlooking does not come to the idea. missions Sputnik or Apollo sent into space we had proved that the sky was populated as galaxies and stars! President Lucinda was decidedly a man out the common. nevertheless believes that the Heaven must be in a very concrete place in in this case the “envelope” that surrounds him as stars.GEOGRAPHY HEAVENLY Genesis is the first text to provide a situation specific geographic Paradise: the confluence of sources Mesopotamian rivers Tigris and Euphrates. shuttles. Basil is a pioneer in the field of astronomy placing it beyond the firmament of stars. Dante. Thomas Henri Martin (1813-1933) has a broad . Certainly. The next day. The German Jesuit Jeremie Drexel (1581-1638) is engages in complicated calculations to argue that the Chosen go to exactly 161884943 miles from Earth. Rose joined our team in Solal thanatodrome Buttes-Chaumont. a poet. 142 . We now five to work there. St. in a universe older than the visible world.

Thomas Hamilton (1842-1925). Logic to his time. is in all heavenly bodies. ensures that the Paradise is on the star Alcyone. He believes that force to explore the vault of heaven. Jermain Porter (1853-1933). using the Maedler work of astronomers and Proctor. The physical sicien French Louis Figuier (1819-1863) had already placed what he called the “Palace of the Dead” in the sun. he says. “ The Rev. . he assured. trying in his astronomical telescopes the location of Paradise. in the group of “Pleiades”. “ Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. Scientists can not fail to discover the “Jerusalem heavenly.vision: the Paradise. if the elect would put too much time reach it. “It can not be located further. Director of the Cincinnati (Ohio) and former theology student. by Francis Razorbak. five hundred light years from us.

What a bore! I had to leave them on my office! But if there was a burglar in the room I had to get up to go get them and the criminal surely not leave me no time. Man should not know I was unable to distinguish. And if I could not see anything. I jumped out of my . I tried my glasses on my nightstand. seeking the light. No answer. 246 In the dark. A rustle. suddenly all my senses alert. They were not there. A stranger was in my room.AMBUSH I was sleeping peacefully in my apartment for the third thanatodrome floor when suddenly something woke me up. The best defense is the attack. What should be done? I thought about speed.Get out! I repeated. I felt distinctly a presence.143 . I would have knocked out before. . Go away! There is nothing here that would interest you ! I cried in the dark. a sound imperceptible … Th sat up in bed.

I up quickly on my nose. I lay down. . Same Fuzzy. This time. I discerned a figure. Still nothing. ‘m Seizing. I carry a pajamas. Did I dream at the end of a nightmare from which I could not remember more but that would have awakened? Shaking me. intruding in my toes and came over me body. But here. I thought. as if that was important in such a time. there was someone well and someone hostile and more. pulled the sheets on my shoulders and waited … It was at that moment that the thing manifested itself really. Strongly lit. I turned off and went back to bed retaining anyway my glasses. Awful feeling! Any burglar would have been preferable in this ectoplasm that attacked me. There was no one.Stop touching the forces that will exceed! I struggled but how to defend against a soul in ambush? Who are you? Who are you? I cried. However. or then by the invisible man! I finally find my glasses.sheets. An uppercut unchecked by anything. Presence penetrated me. And spoke! . no doubt: the room was empty. I received a shot in the chest. It happened when something terrible. I knew by heart instead of the switch. I was sure. Fortunately.

we must view the target in his mind. The ectoplasm was in my knees. by decorporation. he disappeared. the center of the target. he was there. And the arrow has appointment with the center of the target. I got up. What a paradox of having to close their eyes to better View These . If I lowered them.But I knew the nature of my enemy probably a religious anxious to force us to interrupt any experience Thanatonautes. For a successful shot. the arrow itself. By Meditation. In our own way. If it was a priest. If I raised eyes. would flee if I knelt and prayed to the Virgin Mary? But kneeling is unworthy of a fighter. What/how? defend themselves against enemies that cross the walls and even our barriers of flesh? My body was not mine more. ready for a duel I did not know the rules. I struggled but still advanced. Thus. I was dealing with the ectoplasm of a monk small and puny. my stomach was feeling my intestines the inside. in front of me. my opponent seemed to me. So it becomes arc. passed the battle position and closed her eyes. He was haunted by a fanatical mad furious our research on the heaven. for the attack ectoplasmic. In their own way. We underestimated our opponents. Immediately. it was the memory of a course of Archery Zen. the mystical forces had decided to declare war. Strange what came to my mind at the moment of horror.

144 . Then I placed an arc transparent in my hands and adopt the position shooter’s drawing his weapon.are children who do so to hunt danger. not adults! Eyes tightly closed. My arrow struck the ectoplasm right in front. The ectoplasm stopped laughing. the face of the earth are nothing. a lute on the edge of a field. A cup. The cycle of the heavens. He pulled together. a teenager. Th pulled out. Ignoring this material body is nothing. His and mine. I visualize perfectly my opponent and made him shrink in my mind. I met the cash and let yourself be your heaven on credit. We are committed to a breath and that breath is nothing. I fell. Be careful in this fight between death and life. He left also a crossbow and I took aim. . We are two minds in one body.Persian philosopher “I do not know if the one who created me I intended to heaven or hell.

Rubai Yat. 145 . by Francis Razorbak. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death.Do not pursue happiness. life is the time for a sigh.police files . “ Omar Khayyam (1050-1123).

. The Thanatonautes is a danger to us all.Note to the services concerned Stir among the players in the movement Thanatonautes. Asking for authorization to act. We would like to uproot these experiences to their roots. Have already reported several times need to intervene.

An angel without doubt. She was blonde.EU … I … ero … I tai … had. A silhouette charming and graceful appeared in the halo. 146 . Her perfume smelled of apricots. an angel jargon incomprehensible to non-angels. The angels had to speak a language to them. but beautiful. with eyes blue. She repeated patiently for his chants and ran a hand soft and fresh on my forehead smooth. The angel looked strangely a woman. . Situation under control. . Light opaque. He bent over me. as we never see on earth. . Around us.Response services affected Must wait. I opened his eyes. Concerns premature.EU … on … eo … I … I … had.The race continues Black and silence. all was now white and serene.

I love you.The ectoplasm do not die like that. Should I am blind not to appreciate what is within reach of my hand. . I jumped.I fainted? . . . Amandine propped a pillow against my back for me can sit more comfortably. You did it a decorporation. She rushed into my apartment and she had attended the last moments of duel. I never had for so attentive to me. It took this terrible story to I realize that you are a warrior. Your type had to return post-haste his mortal coil.You are my hero. All I remembered. Raoul. .It was like in Gunfight at the OK Corral. . Next to her.It … It … died? The famous laughing Stefania sounds in the room. I fought against an ectoplasm fundamentalist. Amandine. The angel smiled. sighed the Italian. reassuring … I recognized that face. somewhat dazed.Yes. Th would have recognized among a thousand. for three hours. Raoul explained that Stefania had was awakened by my cries. Amanda kissed me. Stefania and astrophysicist watching my reactions. I bet that this curious already pointed to his friends that the house is well defended. True! . I have not even had time intervention that you had already eliminated. Where am I? Paradise? No! In the ICU of the hospital Saint-Louis. I looked around.My love! Think that we have so often been so close to each other and I’ve never suspected that you were the best..

it was natural that it has been able to give offspring. if someone gets married but died without having begotten. Language eager made his way between my lips. I waited so long this second … 147 . it is common for spouses are already known in other lives. . A sage explained that in fact his wife was not really his companion. Because. Moreover. says a text of Kabbalah. gives several reasons for reincarnations. That kiss left me obviously not indifferent.She pressed herself against me and I felt the soft smooth of her breasts against my arm. emotional. “Book of Splendor”.Jewish mythology GILGOULIM: The Zohar. physical. and is a way capital to infinity. book Reference Cabalists. for the Kabbalists. not getting married. husband and wife go through a reincarnation before uniting again in two other lives. He had received property when in fact it was not own. Jewish tradition considers that. Childless woman: A man proved incapable to generate. the union between a man and a woman embraces the three-dimensional. in general. And as the soul of his wife was likely deeply masculine. (Gilgoulim literally means “transformations “) These include: not having children. spiritual.

. each.Do you think. The spouses together to resolve conflicts harmful their domestic growth. In each. that some people are destined to live together? I asked her to brûlepourpoint. RAISING A CHILD: Similarly. If you have not been able to raise correct a child for at least one of its lives. barely recovered from my contusions. 148 . by Francis Razorbak. will continue to reincarnate until the complete success this exercise. in his apartment on the second floor. She had prepared a table romantic floral and scented candles. Michael. Amanda invited me to supper with her. I swallowed the wrong way a bite of toast salmon Norway and swallowed a glass of Champagne. the other it deserves. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death.MARRIAGE: According to the Zohar. marriage is an important field experience. .TOGETHER AT LAST The day after my fight. essential to spiritual development. the experience of raising a child is considered an indispensable of earthly existence.

she discovers the grimoire containing complete list of all the couples past and future.I am convinced that. when Stefania crosses the last door. definitely. our meeting 252 is no accident. I did not answer.Yes. She leaned toward me and our foreheads touched. there is no maybe. up there. because their fate is recorded somewhere in a large book? I agreed again while my sweetheart continued: .. .No. more estimation errors. More marriages of convenience. “Maybe! A face lovely enrolled on his face gilded by the candles. It was written. we will lose more time in vain wanderings.Do not you think that.Of course. . Traditionally we would arrive at this time. I pondered the proposal: . despite many obstacles. Each key meet its single lock. Those used to love love one another right away. I tried to create a diversion. Michael. more deception. . I’m sure. more divorces.Is it going to be really good? . those destined to meet always end up finding.

In his black tuxedo floating around his shoulders. Everything happened so fast! . I was very relaxed in my tuxedo blue night Rental The woman in my life wore a long dress behind. whispered it in my neck. Everything went very quickly. attended by the who’s who of politics and show business invited to the ceremony.She sat down on my knees and embraced me in his arms delicate. I got married. Rose was bursting with happiness. Amandine trying to look good. Behind them. 149 .You are shy. little hen cackling on his arm in a minidress which showed further forms advantageous. we shook hands innumerable. The moment that I dreamed had finally arrived. . Me. congratulations. Michael. Stefania in this case. Rose and I. but I will heal you of your shyness. Raoul was more than ever like a hawk about to pounce on its prey. Raoul find In the beautiful gardens of the Elysee kindly loaned by President Lucinda. Raoul and Stefania. I made my decision.Congratulations. my companions . I was obviously chosen for witnesses Raoul and Amanda. we celebrated double wedding.FAIR WEDDING A week later.

Jewish philosophy “The self is neither a particular point or an intersection of space. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. while the highest levels of intelligence and spirit not appear much.of the first hour. The Rose to the thirteen petals. The woman that I had was called Rose. the blindness of my desire. In the early stages of life. It is not identical with the same man with different stages of development. the existence of the self is reduced almost to the life of the body. In addition. by Francis . 150 . Cabal of Judaism. It is not the same for all men. ” Adin Steinsaltz. Growing up. We move from the animal soul to get to the area living that we all carry in us. becomes increasingly aware of the transcendent essence of his soul. if not unconsciously. This increase is to climb from step to step the scale of life of the soul. I had that right to Amandine. It took his impassioned statement that I make the error of my focus in love. every human being within its means.

Thanks to him.AS A Sizzling The feast ended. so we began to consider Moch 3 was is the threshold outright death and that no one could never cross it and return. We 254 had so often called the orgasm “little death”. In great shape. Thanatonautes deceased showed smiles blissful. in their armchairs. I transferred her information on a program computer that will reshape the continent Ultimate. In thanatodromes the world. Moch 3. Raoul Us meet at the cemetery . teams busy but the ectoplasm who managed to overcome their memories mired in the territory Red pleasure and often remained there. Terra incognita. Moch 1. we resumed the flights. On land. 151 . As at every turn really essential. the information showing the progress already made. guarded by a halo of delight. after all. we could examine all angles each parcel of land of the dead. All looked a bit like a trumpet flared. The Continent Ultimate retain its mystery. Stefania succeeds immediately three takeoffs. Moch 2. the wedding nights consumed.Razorbak.

Even our foreign competitors the most gifted remain nailed to Moch 3. . Corn When I reach the third wall. protested Stefania. 152 . .I though my best. so what? .As her heartbeat slowed. repeated my friend.of Pere-Lachaise.What. . Rose sank against me and whispered in my ear: . Rose had discovered the first detection system of the aura.Yes.It may be a mistake. . my umbilical cord is so stretched that I feel it slam if I seek more. . He looked up at the starlight as if waiting for a new idea he falls from the sky.police files Name: Solal Name: Rose Hair color: Black Eyes: Blue Size: 1 m 70 . dear? .I came to attend the launch of Stefania and I listened to the radio. There you are.My friends.We need a new idea. there was suddenly like a crackling in the speaker. this stop may experiences. By chance that day. but I found one day a strange phenomenon.

by Francis Razorbak. 154 . “ The Epic of Gilgamesh. Astro nome and astrophysicist.Mesopotamian mythology “There is a plant as the spine It grows in the bottom waters His thorn prick you hands As is the rose If your hands tear this plant You will find new life.Distinguishing features: None Comments: A pioneer of the movement Thanatonautes. We started on a new path.EUREKA! With the discovery of Rose. during phases of sleep . Wife and colleague Michael Pinson Weakness: Scientist 153 . We knew already that the brain emits waves. our work was relaunched. such as alpha or beta. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death.

Stefania is gave a short meditation. and again. Raoul fiddled with several controllers. It was a wavelength very low the ridges widely spaced. low and medium frequencies. Raoul devised a system sensitive to high.or near sleep. the slash sound as one only. leaving the body had indeed accompanied by the emitted sion of waves. It was therefore logical that a change in action radio brain intervene at the time of decorporation. A line surmounted figures appeared on the screen of the oscilloscope. The takeoff next Stefania effected close a transistor. They heard actually a low slash. We examined this “trace” of the oscilloscope. to identify on how long wave accurately ectoplasm emitted. He turned the .

He passed the spectrum of visible colors to the naked eye and whose peak is a millimeter wave 256 TV meter. This is a frequency radio low of about 86 kilohertz. We gave cries of jubilation. radio waves and managed to beach “Brain waves”. Lucinda decided on the spot to award us . He made a few adjustments. announced he. activity Extracorporeal of Thanatonautes. went over the X-ray and beyond the ultraviolet rays. material. scientific proof. No one could now deny the reality of our experiences.numbers on a frequency table … He left small gamma rays whose peaks are separated by a angstrom. . Informed. We have Finally.We are dealing with waves extra long spaced more than one kilometer.

I set up a wide satellite dish. we must be able to follow his movements. if the ectoplasm traveling remaining detectable through a radio system. So. Where was Paradise? Where was this continent intangible which we draw the maps so long as ignoring its location? At the height of thanatodrome. We entered the “era astronomical “. .4 kHz. Raoul designed a detector off to know the exact second when the vital body Stefania dissociate himself from his physical body. a question arises: where to locate geographically the Continent Ultimate? Indeed.a supplementary budget that he took from the slush fund of Presidency. five meters in diameter. Through instruments more and more sophisticated we identified the precise footprint ectoplasmic of Stefania: 86. A new step in our conquest of the continent Dead opened to us. more like a radio telescope. Therefore. A pretty daisy on our penthouse.

PARADISE IS WHERE EVER? .Champagne 155 . At the time of death. Animal: 20 000 vibrations per second. the astral body separates from the body physics because it can not support the lowering of vibrations of his body. Human: 35 000 vibrations per second. Education Bardo Thödol Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. The vibration varies the genre. Mineral: 5000 vibrations per second.000 vibrations per second. by Francis Razorbak. everything vibrates.MYTHOLOGY TIBETAN Vibration: All issues. Soul: 49 000 vibrations per second. 156 . Plant: 10.

Stefania sat in the lotus position on the throne of flight.Six … five … four … three … two … one. it captures the pear switch boosters and mouth joints gently . They already reluctant to see us touching their main fund Commercial! Stefania lowered eyelids. She knew now the radio telescope would connected and.4 kHz issued a . His nostrils quivered more slowly. we deployed on a large table in terms of constellations surrounding the Earth. for the first time. Off! The radio receiver connected to the frequency of 86. it was his way of batten down the hatches before the dive. As for Rose and I. that that would rage religions. I still wonder how we could discern something moving at the speed of thought. Raoul plugged the system receiver. we would try to follow the flight of his soul. When she felt that her concentration was sufficient to infuse the calm necessary for takeoff. To think that one of them was perhaps the Garden … Was it an act of heresy? Disclose the physical location of the afterlife. Amanda settled the measuring devices saline.

It nicely picks up the signal of the soul of Stefania. . speed of progression. I also have the signal. Death could finally be followed to trace. The sound of a “soul off! “ In the room. It took two plastic rules and crossed in the area where she had spotted the issue. We have at least one film of the first flight Follow up We waited. Now it was up to me to play.kind of complaint. direction. The more she away.That’s it. I paid more for wheels locate its distance. . Raoul would not invite the press. In next to me. After eight minutes. ranging from compared to the polar axis. we obtained a specific issue to a good location in space. Rose was engaged in his own observations. the nervousness was such that shook my Rose 258 strong arm. the more we perceive late. but proper operation of the video camera. Stefania was traveling at the speed of thought But radio waves do not travel as fast. I approached the control panel of the radio telescope.

It looks like it leaves the solar system.That is to say? Rose said . The lower crackling was a trace of the fabulous journey of our friend.She left our galaxy? No! Instead.Where is she now? Eyes glued to the screen.Where is she now? Raoul worried. It goes so fast that it must traverse meteorites. Rose was even more specific: .She always file toward the center of our galaxy. meteorites.The center of the Milky Way? But what does he mean? Rose explained to us by drawing a design in the shape of Spiral. It really was traveling at the speed of thought. . His soul might want to visit a particular … . .What can she look? . We were all listening to the instruments.Heaven. Its signal comes to us with a lot of delay now.It goes so fast! “Where is she?” . I . satellite. . .. the solar system is located at the outer periphery of an arm of the spiral of our galaxy.It comes out of our solar system. . There are : all there: the planets. She is coming from beyond Saturn.It has doubled Uranus. Raoul found: . it even seems to darken center of the Milky Way. gas.What’s going on? . Hell … After all. Our galaxy has one hundred billion stars. .Our galaxy is formed of a mass of arms spirals with a diameter of one hundred thousand light years.Stefania heading toward the Big Dipper. Cent times faster than the speed of light! .

all of our rockets and our crawl space shuttles really like snails. which fell to the ground with a thud.Somewhat. there is no more waiting. yes.It goes to … . . . . she murmured. It continues its launched.Over there. I say. the nurse who kept calm in moments crucial. in this confusing silence. “What do we do now? We try to wake her up? Rose checked all devices.How is it possible that the signal is cleared? I thought so long waves moved quickly and unlimited in the universe. .It is far? . to the west of this set.her period.She goes to the constellation Sagittarius. Next to the soul of Stefania. More specifically. .To where? Rose looked at the screen where all sorts of figures marching for several minutes.She is still alive. . . very professionally checked the physiological state Stefania. Amandine.Where is she now? . Anxiety.It’s incomprehensible.What do you mean? Raoul panicked. recognized Rose. 157 . Rose dropped its rules. The signal disappeared. . . At least fifty billion kilometers.Trouble Stefania’s body did not move and we did not know which was now his soul.She is gone. She dubbed this star. crossed several lines. . Paradise would be in the constellation Sagittarius? I helped Rose in its calculations.Wait … There may be one .

Yes. . She smiles. We looked at all the multicolored funnel narrowed. sir .A planet? no. everything matches. “This is perfect! .There are dozens of black holes already listed. I had never seen Rose so excited.None of that.This black hole is not just any black hole. That explained everything. The Black holes are giant vacuum cleaners that swallow everything what passes within their reach: matter. why radio signals had disappeared. . we seized them what they told us: .A black hole … Raoul also seemed plagued by thousands of questions. Stefania has not stopped broadcasting. now. Rose operates its rules and took his computer until his operations become complicated.I think … Flourishing more and more. . . did we know now! . Why. waves … And same souls. light. at the time of death.It’s a star? Uh.A black hole! Rose nodded. There is located at the exact location of the center of our . It was easy. Together.explanation for the disappearance the signal. No. the souls were heading-them to it rather than another? .A supernova. Not really. She pointed to a map of the Continent Ultimate. she rushed The screen: . a star cluster? . He expressed one.What have you discovered? I asked.

He has deduced the the propelling force of gravity. unseen source point.Jewish mythology “The center from which the origin of the light produced more secretive. This strangeness. This palace. is less transparent than the original point. . “ Zohar. our galaxy formed by disk. Rose explained. He is also translucent. What was no surprise to find that the Milky Way was even up to half of visible matter! It was therefore in the sky something very “Heavy”. History textbook. And From there.HISTORY TEXTBOOKS In 1932. like the membrane on the brain. To do this. 159 . each garment form the previous one.galaxy. then the overall mass. When it spreads. But this palace spreads the original light of the universe. a delicacy which can not be understood. It is a purity. that is to say in the early twentieth century astrophysicist Jan Oort studied the mass of the universe. with as heavy as all the stars visible we could not detect or see. second year elementary course. layer upon layer. this is a palace of light that surrounds the center. The Book of Splendor. he called “phantom matter”. a diaphanous. 158 . he observed the rate of removal of the stars in the Way Milky Way.

Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. It was not him difficult. Rose helped him though. the very face of death? Stefania learned stunned when he returned. His knowledge Astronomer completed . 262 160 . then place a point in the middle. It was enough to draw with a compass the circle by the two arms of our Milky Way. The picture reminded me of the enigma Raoul: How to draw a circle and its center without lifting his pencil. she had crossed third of the diameter of our galaxy to rush into a black hole placed exactly in the center.PATIENCE God was there lurking in the depths of a black hole? The above Was that a black hole? I looked one day photography a black hole in a science magazine. a small spot of orange less bright. A circle and its center! Could it be the representation of God. I was a ring with fiery orange in his center. I knew this it was not a simple mind game. Raoul drew a map to locate it. by Francis Razorbak.

would be compressed to be turned into a ball of a cubic centimeter weighing the same weight as all our planet! . neither matter nor radiation. Sagittarius A West! This was perhaps the scientific name the continent from the dead! This corner of the universe was little known. they are very difficult to spot.The power of black holes is staggering.our own medical knowledge. Astrophysicists had called Sagittarius A West. the cemetery of the stars that this is the cry of agony. it emits X-rays that can deduce the location of the black hole. a diameter four times smaller than our solar). if it were drawn. She told us that black holes are considered as the final stage of a dead star and have densities extraordinary. . They had calculated that the hole Black was a monster of a mass five million times higher than that of the Sun and estimated its diameter at seven hundred million kilometers (2. At this time. Nothing can escape. Or an X-ray source was noticed in the open center of our galaxy. In addition. said Rose.5 light-hours. Biology and mystical of all backgrounds. The pressure is such that the Earth. even if it were the central hub. We do discern that when a star is swallow.

not make us account of emotion that would lead the world. disappeared no return. by means of Survival previously unknown. and at least one thousand years to reach the black hole the closest! And even if. even if only to leave the system solar. At the moment. Siberia. as if the soul a Thanatonautes could spin faster than light. Our previous experiments have had to serve as a warning but Raoul felt that we had homework vis-à-vis science and too bad for the risks we outstandings.We divulguâmes information. And if they were the only ones to get laid and in the air without reflect further! In the only months after our discovery of the Continent Ultimate. sending from time to time localization signals that captures the small receiver installed on the roof of the Museum of Death Smithsonian Institute in Washington. sprayed never in the vortex of the black hole. was far from the case of a spacecraft even more advanced! These pirates of the sky would need a minimum five hundred years. one hundred and fifty Thanatonautes amateurs. a team of cosmonauts Russian space shuttle away to try to visit our black holeParadis. What folly. they would have succeeded in becoming millennia. In Akademgorodok. . they disappear immediately swallowed. the Russians still roam. who wish to join the Paradise.

despite all the prohibitions and of all curses. the family shop at the bottom of our thanatodrome. Rose was DEVE bare our Chief Astronomer.HISTORY TEXTBOOKS . They had the advantage Days of flight techniques have already enrolled in their religious practice and operated rigorously. Consolation again. never empty more. Everything was good to finally break the third wall comatose. 161 . utilizing background all the recipes of their mythology. the clergy of all faiths repar derive from best to attack Moch 3.Seriously. That was his autograph were now the most popular.

the team of liberal yeshiva in Strasbourg crosses. It would So even with the umbilical cord. Question what is stronger than a single thread? Answer: three son braided. Meyer. but as a group. themselves. Obviously there was a risk: a single failure and all the cake collapsed! The Strasbourg however. Meyer’s reasoning was pragmatic: six elastic welded are firmer one. Method: a first round of three rabbis emissions and protects the umbilical cord of two others who. 162 . under the leadership of Rabbi Freddy Meyer. . too end. second year elementary course. They knew that the world around them rotated at a speed of 250 million years per turn.Mocha 4 To general astonishment. who can come forward deaths on the continent without any risk of rupture. protect one of their chief. Rabbi Meyer had indeed found that most deaths were explorers caused by the stretching of their umbilical cord. the third wall comatose. History textbook. but they did not know about what. the first. had succeeded. Therefore.Men have long ignored what was at the center of their galaxy. before slamming the approach of Moch 3. The Thanatonautes Jews had a great idea: work not longer alone. it had only go up in tying together several cords ectoplasmic.

I noticed. his eyes were closed. As he was slumped in an armchair in the penthouse. I thought First he was sleeping but when he began to speak.If my father were still there doing the tail? cried Raoul. he lost his temper. . television. . the Rabbi Meyer announced that beyond lay a 3 Moch vast plain. Rabbi Meyer. the eyes still closed. At infinity. Consequently. the shape of my fingers. wore a pair of thick black glasses that gave him strange looks. He wanted to meet faster Thanatonautes Rabbi and his disciples. He took my hand and I knew that by this contact.It does not bother you for Thanatonautes? . he learned everything about me. Blind! . the moisture of my sweat. I may .No need. bald little man. he did not know what waiting.S.Live U. The Strasbourg readily agreed to visit us in our thanatodrome des ButtesChaumont. He saw my personality through the heat of my palm. All he had to to hear my voice to know exactly where I was.An ectoplasm does not need eyes.You do not have a white cane. the dead were advancing in single file slowly. lines on my skin. He smiled. Surprise behind the glasses. I realized that this pioneer infinity was blind. . his face turned towards me.

I discerned two voices overlapped. Meyer commented: . therefore. The rabbi walked unaided to the piano. You cause a current air and it may catch cold.You will not really see anything? . Raoul fluttering her long hands a few inches of his glasses.You know. It’s a Bach fugue to me gave the idea of ​weaving the umbilical cords. there are more interesting information the sounds in the images. In addition. . I could also be deaf. Meyer protested. the humor put me uncomfortable. choreographer and I have always I loved playing the piano. People stricken with blindness are supposed to be sad and overwhelmed and not laugh and joke.No. drew the stool and sat down. there was an religious scholar and a scientist. they loved their master and his antics.Listen to this passage. You receive both voice? I closed my eyes to hear better. a serious man par excellence. In fact.be blind but I’m not lame. so focused. His disciples burst out laughing. The music sounded almost mathematical in the enchanting canopy green plants in our tropical setting. By mixing two voices.Bach was a genius of the braid. That’s got to be really painful. Apparently. Prior to blind rabbi. . it gives the illusion of creating a third that does not exist and . more seriously: . impassive .Stop shaking your fingers. He continued. Suspicious. but I’m not complaining. Me. His students were thrilled.

We see it all with the same look ecstatic that his disciples. Freddy Meyer laughed without stopping play. crowded ectoplasm to cut the cords. They flew over. Then we recounted his journey. sometimes pleasant. This technique applies to all. the dead huddled in clusters wiry. Moch past three. Prevent eye sometimes seen.yet is richer than the sum of the two. moving slowly. stretching a very large area and crowded. To seize suddenly as a pure science was an upheaval. when I’m happy I can help laughing. For me. Amanda filed a Bloody Mary on the piano. They were there like a long river. In binding me to the darkness. In the middle of the river. It was easy to fly. I learned to listen. existence. for painting and whatnot? Keep your eyes closed. I had never done that hearing. they were lying.Excuse me. Two voices coexisted but the air was heard was unlike none. music was provided so far a background. Rabbi stopped for drinking. for music. I realized better about the rabbi. for writing. sometimes unpleasant. . He fingered notes. I thought of the discovery that allowed me to the monk-ectoplasm routed. In an immense plain cylindrical. There were billions of dead patient in a plain orange where they appeared in transit. They moved a little .

. banks. But most of the dead content to move slowly.faster at the periphery. I feared bogged in time while my friends rabbis. just wait. Over the cylinder walls look fast. . as in all crowds. Writers without critical amenity their respective works. There. Raoul entered in Razorbak As the words Freddy Meyer: . . there was this gigantic tail. I will Please. There seemed some for ages. slopes. around the central river of the dead. not for us. but in any case. I felt the feeling of being enclosed in . Scholars disputed the primacy of their inventions. Rabbi. Perhaps the dead were they subjected a test of time? Perhaps did they teach them patience? Their movements were slow.More and more we advance the atmosphere warms.Tell us specifically that area. there were people to look to double everyone playing the elbows! That. waiting for me in the … Red corridor of pleasure.Yes.The test of time … It is perhaps this hell. They remained there to do nothing. like a little to what I was told photos taken of the planet Mars. the poor. Not for Thanatonautes. Actresses bickered quality their interpretations. coming together to discuss their previous life. and off a light as the sun wonderful. after the third wall comatose. Moreover. Of course. the country is quite beautiful. A sun so appealing and to which the stream flows of the dead … But I did not venture too far in the fourth area. Us. I said. we are able to fly overcoat the myriads of cluttering the cylinder dead orange.

probably stronger than me. This sensation of speed contrasts sharply with the patience and time required of souls that are there.Location: coma over 27 minutes. That these walls would spin so fast on the contrary desire to run and move as quickly as possible. knowing that deep down I would be crushed. displaying his perpetual air of baby. He had felt. . reported Rose.Color: orange. he said soberly. .Oh. But we do not suffer we feel. Raoul took the card. miss. the note of seduction in Amanda’s voice but he did not offended. after the first few billion. This small Jew smiled.It is because of the centrifugal force of the black hole. . like a big Buddha. The rabbi lifted then put the black cap on his head.Yes. it’s like for everything you get used to. the reference Terra incognita and noted the indications of Rabbi Meyer.Your ectoplasm actually collects the heat and proper speed. hilarious.You were not impressed by the spectacle of all these deaths? asked the pretty blonde. yet it impossible! . With satisfaction. waiting room.a mill running idle. “Heaven” . Amanda was surprised: . Sensations: fight against time. it effaced for the delay. very appreciative. The red area ends with three leading Moch: AREA 4 . He touched all objects around him as much rattles. .

so low that we had hard to hear. plain. He died there nearly thirty years.Rabbi. Freddy does not laugh. to answer your question. such as a quickdraw and my hands still buried in his pockets? For once.Call me Freddy. It faces the time.Talk about a relative of yours? . Out of his body is no longer suffering from any disability. One more question. My question was stupid. Hardly. it is composed of ectoplasm). straight ahead several hundred meters. have you not seen in the queue a man of about forty. Freddy. Rabbi … . . OK? Tell me. Moch 4 must be three-quarters of the diameter Moch of 3. And do not hesitate to pronounce the word “see. Billions of dead advancing in line Indian River into a vast gray (normal. do you have “seen” the end of the corridor? Amandine inquired. glasses. You would have with the dead famous. Area of ​air currents. . I think you have misunderstood what I said. Raoul blushed. Raoul noted. yes.Call me Freddy. Moch 4? . .” Qu’ectoplasme as I see perfectly. The more we progresses. But my father .In my father murmured Raoul. Finally. . .Thirty years … Freddy sighed. How could I examine one by one? How could I distinguish your father among this immense flock? Yes. with a bit like that. please. There were billions of dead in the queue. windswept.Was it closer than 3 Moch? asked Raoul. I saw deep. a another wall.turning point.The curve of the funnel is tangent. the trumpet is pipe. We learn patience.

you left engine which led eventually all your activities. taking the mystery. . .And if the mystery was precisely your heritage? said the rabbi.died so early and I was still so young … It left. By leaving in doubt.Do you really think? The Strasbourg giggled again. I tend to confused a little psychoanalysis and Kabbalah! Both are sometimes linked. You’re probably more than I làdessus stalled. . .How do I know? At times.

They were passionate. They examined with respect our gear propulsion. Another synergy. Us their shewed how to detect the exact moment of takeoff with our receptor gamma waves. we further improve our Performance exclaimed the old sage. is a permanent cap on head Comment: Pioneer of Thanatonautes. 163 . They were content to meditation and a decoction of bitter roots. Two songs that come together to create new music. . Two modes of think different.BLINDNESS AND CLAIRVOYANCE We lodged the six rabbis from the yeshiva in Strasbourg in .Raoul sighed .I would have so much to ask … It was he who the first had the idea of ​Thanatonautes. The disciples broke the malaise that is established by calling visit our thanatodrome. Inventor of the technique braided cords that allowed the crossing of three Moch Weakness: Blind 164 . how we will schedule returns with an electric timer by also acts as security.With such devices. Our mutual talents added together to exceed the sum.police files Name: Meyer Name: Freddy Hair: White Eyes: Blue Size: 60 1 m Distinguishing features: Rabbi.

Freddy was not only a rabbi. Freddy Interior was always when he awoke.the first floor apartments. as if he had it get a kick out! His gaiety troubled me. One after another they took off from the chair our thanatodrome. they all seemed to have fun up there. . To see them take off and return together. we installed new thrones departure and they resumed their flight group. When they were familiar with our methods. Three reasons to exercise more outfit! And I did not understand that can Thanatonautes joked. Me. sometimes making the point ectoplasmic of the pyramid. On the ground floor. but blind and old. Death was right even something scary. Stefania often went with them. I always took the death and love seriously. they exerted to new choreography to build more firmly their cords for future flights.

you are entitled a show quite unusual. The artist has aged but is still there. They come back a little later. ” “ The others laughed. I heard Rabbi tell a joke rather ribald. “Ah! You know what it is. This time it breaks not three. to decline. will see two old men in his dressing room and he wonder why he made the exchange. but three normal nuts coconut. with age. breaking of a sudden three nuts. I was a little shocked. after dinner. Once. And the artist replied. At the end. “These are two old who remember a hotel. take death to . The rabbi. despite its function. using it as a hammer. the show continues. after landing.Both require gravity. Women swoon have always presented masks pain. An artist released his sex and.

released from all suffering. Tibetan meditation him had a better understanding the wise Alsatian. he said.light. A prophet has realized a little deaf “God is love” instead of “God is humor”! Everything is funny. If Stefania was right. somewhere. Have understood everything beyond appearances. if they shocked me was because I had my own head stuffed prohibited. Freddy had completed its cycle of reincarnation. science. He was calm now. compassion. art. I made the remark to him. I say to Stefania. It was his deep serenity emanated This contagious bonhomie. Say . I envied him. . too. I faced. It was true that around the floated like a rabbi will wave beneficial. As for his jokes.This is a little weird. Now it almost touched the knowledge absolute. I wish. It was not me. How could I accept my blindness without humor? We must laugh at everything and without restraint. have done with my cycle of lives. has misinterpreted the word God. He had nothing more to prove.Someone. It would be more then a pure spirit. This would his last life. In previous migration his soul. . including death. he had known love.

I was still young in this earth. If we are wise. . Freddy did not begrudge deliver us know! In the evening we made a circle around him in the penthouse and he told us. seriously this time stories of the Cabal and taught us the secret meaning of words and numbers. Death is a threshold.According to the Kabbalah. Longer be at peace. Fortunately. we are all immortal. Alas. always so cheerful.ask a soul at peace. confusion mental refusal to die is the worst state that can know. we will do our next home a more beautiful home. knowing that I am about to leave this world to enter the upper world of eternity? ” Amanda ate the eyes Thanatonautes which. It is written in the Zohar: “Blessed is he who dies of clear conscience. exclaimed: “Why did not I would be happy. among all had . Death is the passage of a house to another. “And Rabbi Elimelech of Lizensk. the more it is able to perform smooth a successful transition to another world. As we to be the most lucid and serene as possible! Fear. My karma was still hungry knowledge and conquest. It opens a door to another life. I was probably not to my hundredth or two one hundredth incarnation. death being only one developmental stage to determine within the next phase of our existence.

followed later by Maimonides and Rabbi Isaac of Luria.Our method comes from the ancient times.You use meditation to take off. Rabbi Aaron Roth’s codified later in his Treatise on the busy the soul. The highest of all the paths … We were silent.How do you manage in practice? .Your method is not very different from mine. . The prophet Ezekiel it was already seven centuries before Christ. In other words. We call Tzimtzum. liberal and Kabbalist.We focus on our breathing and particularly the action of air on our blood and the action of blood on our bodies. What is your technique? asked Stefania. watching from a distance and observe all happens to him. are there in your religion a procedure to die? Of course! The dying are instructed to close the doors of their senses. I sow havoc in of Judaism. . . insisted Amandine. the Tibetan Buddhist.advanced as far as possible in the hemisphere Ultimate. the soul will take the highest of all paths. Tzimtzum means “withdrawal”. So it is written in the Zohar. commented Stefania. . tempting to imagine.This is a secret teaching. explained the small bald man shaking his cap. To tzimtzum. . .Still. You Is Clean or have you also taken from your teachings? . think so. She was surprised that the belief in reincarnation is part of the Jewish religion. I am a reformist. to focus on the psychic center the heart and stabilize their breath. you must become an instant as outside his body. few the rabbis who share my ideas. Moreover.

Ah. All diseases based on human originate from the degradation of joy. All acts of our lives are sacred acts: eating. the disease takes hold rights. do love. . he had learned from his spiritual master. . the Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav: . to remove all our strength sadness and bitterness. protested half Amandine.Yes. Hair in my face. drinking. as many ways to honor God and the existence he has given us! How to distinguish expression in empty eyes behind the thick black glasses? A child’s smile lit up the wrinkled face when the rabbi recited aphorisms that says it. we can is decorporation many other ways. . It comes from a distortion “Deep song” (nigun) and the ten vital rhythms (Defiquim).Freddy laughed heartily. Freddy! You can never stop you from joke. but if it is resolutely modern. When joy and song go out. We must find in us a single positive and we attach. he said very seriously. breathing. swallowed in one gulp and said it was time for him and his followers to lie.No. he claimed to Amanda’s favorite drink.It is a great duty to be always in joy. . a Bloody Mary. With that. Nothing beats a well cooked and much of legs in the air! The big chill. Joy is the greatest remedies.

We spent half an hour still on the floor.I do not like me so drunk.165 . nothing but nausea and a famous pain head! There is one other technique.Freddy also talked about the most pleasant ways to out of his body. back into sauce before being all taken giggles. we stretched on the floor. we undressed each other. After we content with light foods for dinner. We We concentrâmes on our breathing and blood bathing our organization. Apparently. . if a cramp arose. I stroked her long black hair: . we would reduce the empty we thinking only control our breath. out of the synthetic carpet. Jewish meditation. Rose I nibbled her ear: . Quickly. it was not our cup of tea. stretching luxuriously his aching limbs before rushing in my hand. Also as shown in Freddy.decorporation Rose and I decided one night we decorporation accordance the teachings of Freddy. Alcohol does not give me no happiness. Mischievous. we absorbed our pain before you forget and whenever our mind wanders. she said.

It is said that in order to meditate. . The greater the psychic body 276 grows. It takes a long time before they can withstand the truth of Past Lives. And I feel it.. it is important to grow comfortably on a bed. reminded my wife.PHILOSOPHY AUROVILLIENNE “Evolution is not to become increasingly saint or more intelligent or more happy. Our bodies embraced each other and gradually our minds united to joy. I said. during a few seconds of ecstasy. Death is no longer the grinning mask that reminds us that .It is said that in order to meditate. Both envelopes carnal s’étirèrent timidly out of our carcasses burning for merge above our heads.It is said that in order to meditate. 166 . said Rose. to be disposed everything that we adds. we must feel the blood beat in his temples. taking me to our soft layer marriage. incorrigibly Scientific . Evolution is becoming increasingly aware of. the more memories mental become clear in a life to another.

Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. one for Stefania. “ Satprem. God lived there? Was there and gods carpet center millions of galaxies that make up the universe? Nothing thinking about it made me dizzy. We knew now that the system was only a trifle on the outskirts of immense galaxy. which was centered on a vacuum cleaner mill of everything and even souls. What a headache! President Lucinda came to inspect the new layout our thanatodrome. Until the day where we will have enough to brew enough of conscience in the body so that it makes our immortal spirit.we did not find but a passage quiet of a mode of experience to another. others Meyer and his disciples. What was the fun in that location. that he answered the call of nature have always had the people know the center of the world. .LOST Raoul had drawn the galaxy by placing at its center a kind of mouth sink trumpet. Successively they thought it was a city and a country. The Continent Ultimate. then Earth and the Sun. by Francis Razorbak. 167 . Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness. We have now eight chairs flying.

Thank you.You should come with us. the head of state had succeeded to release a real war budget for Thanatonautes. Freddy drew to him the figure that his band would perform there. Freddy assented. President. but added that it was necessary in addition to ensuring well weave the umbilical cords. It would not have to juggle between slush and Veterans Affairs. Stefania was part of the first.Placing the National Assembly to the extent of our inroads on the Continent Ultimate. I’ve been there once but I believe to be most useful to the cause of Thanatonautes being head of state rather qu’ectoplasme.Six … five … four … three … two … one. Lucinda then asked to attend a flight grouped. The team took place in the bubble of protection. and we could gain antenna radio-astronomical format gigantic. Normal it would be up there at the top of the scaffolding. . Thus. we could finally see many souls bound for beyond not just the ectoplasm of our companions. they were quite impressive. The President remarked that it looked like a round parachute holding the leg. . . Off! Eight slash crackled one after the other in the radio receiver. Curious. answered our protector. All in lotus position and wearing their white uniforms. .

They would have passed the fourth wall to fall in an infernal world? I shook my head. I discovered with panic as the electrocardiogram and the electroencephalogram of the members of the yeshiva Strasbourg were flat.He had to produce a disaster up there! . All bodies flesh were nervous. There was nearly an hour to wait.Impossible.I do not understand. We sat around a table for a gin-rummy while glancing from time to time to the screens -Monitoring Raoul was the first to spring from his chair. . we followed the path of our commando souls. wringing her hands. . What a tragedy know they said. placed timers rescue “coma over fifty minutes. A second rabbi was gone! . flipping almost.“What? How? fright Lucinda. Feeling playful. They .I set off my watch. there? Amanda felt the pulse of the seven survivors. with our dish.” then. Lucinda proposed a game of cards. she said. the country black. . She shuddered.A rabbi is dead! he exclaimed. It is that “coma more twenty-seven minutes “. I ran all the instruments of control. They are still in the second area. .

We hurried to trigger timers. Were we faced with souls parasites. the atmosphere was more anguished. souls pirates? Some higher authority would she decided to cut the “road to the afterlife?” We will verify these claims later. Its members . Stefania seemed mimicking a fight yet. For now. All trembling with anger.HISTORY Hashishins There were old men who thought they had discovered the heaven on earth: the Hashishins. Together. it urgent need to limit the carnage and bring in more soon before all our friends will pass away. Six Thanatonautes furious opened successively the eyes.” The sect came from a branch of Shiite Islam. They were so named because they used a lot of hashish before embarking commandossuicide. I concentrated on radio receivers. It was strange. They were soon weaving their cords … In the laboratory.have crossed many times this area without problems.The Hashishins! 168 . Their fame is such that they are the source of the word French “assassin. Are known as the “Hashishins” the Ismaili followers of the reform of Hasan i-Sabbah. she said a name: . Raoul was riveted to the pulse of Stefania. There were plenty of signals and they do not match all those of our friends. What happened here? What happened here? Difficult.

eager to fulfill all their sexual . In their wake. being a descendant of the Prophet by women. the founder of the sect. introduced into their food in a paste mixed with rose jam. Mazenderan in the south of the Caspian Sea. The Old Man of Mountain spoke to them at length and the men fell asleep because hashish is a drug and not overpowering not exciting. Asleep. the most often while they were engaged in their devotions in mosques. The first of these was obviously Hasan iSabbah. The master of the assassins was sacred “Old Man of the Mountain “.declared themselves followers of Mohammed’s nephew. 1800 meters above sea level. Confined to their mountains and do not have the means to undertake conventional wars. the Hashishins lived in the fortress of Alamut. Those designated to commit the murders were anesthetized with hashish. they were transported in a garden secret. they devised to send in six men (the fidawis) charged with stabbing the enemy leaders. they there were approximately of young slave girls and boys. According to the testimony of the Venetian traveler Marco Polo (1323) and many Persian historians. deep in the fortress of Alamut. was not recognized by all Muslims. which.

They discovered in dress son of enhanced green silk and gold all around it was the Paradise: silver-gilt dishes. For them to return finally dying as warriors! Smile on lips. They arrived in rags. the ecstatic face. among others. the poet ACMA. hashish at will. Then the Old Man of the Mountain found that their fanatical henchmen could big dividends.desires. roses with delicate fragrances. alcohol. The assassins rushed to volunteer when their leader asked. especially since this place was an oasis particularly scarce in arid and mountainous. There were the priests Hashishins high level (Sixth grade) to know the secret gardens of false of Allah. They were then anesthetized again to paste hashish. luxury and pleasure! They were convinced of being in the gardens of Allah. Stopped. sex. sweet wines in profusion. with his powers. The Old Man of the Mountain they said while. the daughter of . they had the chance to try sneaking in Paradise of Allah. The sect first took care of its own interests by pro moving the message to Hasan-i Sabbah. and then returned to the starting point in their old cast-offs. “Which of you will rid me of this or that? “Thus perished. they walked to the scaffold. They rented their services to the highest bidder. then went meekly fidawis murder viziers and sultans. Drugs.

A sacred world artificial. Taking advantage of the effect of surprise. 169 . In dreams. they cut their teeth cords Lucien and Albert. the ectoplasm of the same nature can fight them and cut their umbilical cords land. still panting. they were careful not intervene too happy to get rid of these dangerous troublemakers. Stefania explained. by Francis Razorbak. Similarly. who immediately made use of the arm mercenaries of Hashishins. The fortress of Alamut in 1253 was conquered by the great Mongol Hulagu Khan. shivering uniform under her heavy breasts. in The Ultimate Continent. who had dared to speak ill of his allies Medina. The Hashishins massacred could verify that they had known that ersatz paradise. People can fight and blood flow. Great Khan Chinese General Mongkha.MERCENARIES OF BEYOND . The murderers had claimed the support of good sultans they helped.We were attacked by pirates ectoplasm. Freddy was surprised to discover that the world of ectoplasm has its own standards. He came to find out but did not know how to explain . Extract from the thesis that unknown Death.Marwan. hidden behind the first wall comatose. made by men to deceive. They were about twenty.

They have grabbed. Manichean reflex: Arabs against Jews.And strangely. would have been too simple. except that instead of cut the tube inlet compressed air. They know Now that we not let ourselves be “murder” without reacting. . We have our turn ad patres shipped three of the pirates. we defended! .the phenomenon. They trying to break our cords by pulling a sharp blow or by rolling their ankle. Meyer previously thought to battle organized by the Arabs. These were the last descendants of Hashishins. the two rabbis had been poor properly drawn into the light at the bottom of the funnel. The fight had taken place a little like a battle diving between frogmen. The surprise past. Stefania was furious. They would ensure that the skirmish known a wide publicity in the Muslim world.They jumped on us. even! Freddy adds. Stefania and Freddy and how could they as easy ment describe their attackers as “Hashishins “? Telepathy between souls. Perhaps it was enough a program of hate or aggression to cause violence? In any case. it was . who saw this attack against Rabbis a great way to wake up the holy war and of selfdesignation as the spearhead of conquering Islam.

he said.In the long run. then the commercial . including Hashishins. to everyone. Thus were born the colonies.For now. Surrounding the dead of the day terrified to see Thanatonautes kill each other! President Lucinda. exhaling a fragrant wreaths eucalyptus.sabotage the silver lace. and we are unable to control them on the ground.By UN battalions ectoplasm? Stefania sneered. ” Anyone charged with intent to penetrate bellicose will be immediately expelled. it will declare the Continent Ultimate “zone demilitarized. the pioneers plan taient the flag of their country through their discoveries vraient. we are powerless. Came first explorers. . . I had never thought about the diplomatic aspects ticks of our exploration. Typically. even local. although it had decided to stop been smoking for three days. . to protect a continent that belongs Ultimate altogether at any the world. We can not initiate a conflict. then settlers. has the right to get up there. took a cigarette Raoul bidder.

Like the Wild West. this who would be drawing the faster! I was naive. it drew new borders at will. finished the stunt of death. I had always been that men and women experienced in meditation and able to risk their lives on our flight seats could not be that good people. sometimes drawn with a rule like many African countries. By dint of turf wars. Finished the adventure. the first to use force to seize were likely to become teachers. so that the Continent was Ultimate currently owned by any nation.and finally administrators. no more . animated by the sole concern of reducing the limits of knowledge. But we had not scored in areas that we had penetrated. Of obvi dence.

because they were the first to have had the idea to take it by force! How to counter them? . any sect. is reproduce up there all the problems we had taken so long to solve this world. Some Hashishins not representative some fifty mindless murderers threatened ownership of Paradise.mystical dreamers! With the popularization of flight. any horde of fanatics. In the afterlife. any band of rogues prove as powerful a State.

In this case. . What do they have mercenaries able to call to take the lead in the race? Now they are Our main suppliers of oil and we can not not have the luxury of getting angry with them. was filled with tissue from the oil. Even other Shiites hate and despise.Go figure! Lucinda almost moaned.President Lucinda seemed discouraged . a blank! said the head of state by opening arms wide. . on our planet have much soul deep in the body and. more specifically. but he intended to fighters an . .The caution. sixty million individuals with a good half of voters in this country. my children. . 170 . It is important to avoid any incident diplomatic or political with Lebanon.But neither Iran or Lebanon or Saudi Arabia do Hashishins support. Stefania was indignant: . They are the enemies of all Arabs. warm the oil is … .In this case. but first I have to worry about seven billion people who.KORAN THEOLOGY “God has assigned them a rank higher than these. adds a rabbi who survived. Iran and even Saudi Arabia.Sorry. if we unearthed a Saudi emir ready to ally with us? I asked point-blank. He made promises to everyone. Rose protested. even for Thanatonautes some small problems. traveling in cars that run through oil.But this is life and death it is. my friends. The Saudis went on to build a gigantic head thanatodrome not far from Mecca.

it gets complicated The Hashishins were only the precursors of a religious war that we had not anticipated. Of course. we saw clerics to compete hard to get first in the world the dead but we never imagined that the conflict can take on such a scale. Entered dissidents and then competing brotherhoods concerned . Sura IV. Protestant against Catholic alcoholics. Jews against Islamic 284 economists: it was the first major denominations s’empoignèrent around the continent Ultimate. 171 . Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. by Francis Razorbak. against Buddhist Shinto. all at the beginning of our experiments.even greater rewards to those remaining in their homes. “ Koran. 97. Hindu against Muslim.

. liberal Jews against Jews and anti-Zionist ultra-Orthodox. because there were many similarities between them. when I reread the notes Raoul had carefully listed all mythologies and theologies of the world and found that. Th discovered that there was so much dissension between the human religions that it was useless to hope that the believers of all faiths find themselves one day Lahaut by the sole desire to ecumenism. Mormon against Amish.with autonomy : Iranian Shiites against Sunnis Syrian Dominicans against Jesuits. Lutherans against Calvinists. Terrorists launched Hashishins a car packed with explosives against our thanatodrome. Jehovah’s Witnesses against Adventists Seventh-day adherents of the sect against followers of Moon Scientology! I did not know theology counted so many shades. It seemed all trying to tell the same story and to convey the same information by using parables and different words. We owed our salvation to the awkwardness of a display that had not adjusted his bombs. Taoist Tzu line against supporters of Chang Tzu. The conflict has poisoned the skies soon be its impact on earth. which exploded with him a hundred meters from our building. While ectoplasm to ambushes and killing each other in the name of their faith.

Raoul brings us together in our penthouse.Do not overlook the possibilities of alliance. These are Always more win. Imagine that Pakistani Muslims win. . After all. she said.With his customary composure. but with the support of Bedouin Muslims. We lost two rabbis friends on our last flight. She had prepared for all kinds of parades to protect its own silver cord.It is natural that religions want to conquer the land of the dead because it will control the spirit world will also master the material world. Freddy noticed. We must therefore get that group powerful enough to bring our enemies to flight and continue our exploration.All right. He displayed a map of the Continent Ultimate. we have killed a dozen Hashishins of rabid. . Stefania strongly emphasized.Exactly. Why not fly to fifty or even one hundred? .Why be confined to rabbis? I said. but there is not one hundred Thanatonautes rabbis. they block the cycles of reincarnation of Indian Buddhists! Stefania had become an expert in combat ectoplas nomic. We were now too many spread for us on the flagstones of Pere-Lachaise. . to take off ten or twenty … Raoul made thoughtfully. It is perhaps time to make . .Instead of starting at six or seven. that’s what Account! . even most unexpected.

where we specifically taught for millennia that religion and fighting go together. she would an ambassador. at first glance resembled as much drops of water knocked at the door of our thanatodrome. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. He ran either a commando but a real squadron of war can be grouped in formation flying fortress. 172 . . War has always marry them and meditation. man is like a top. A week later. The Italian applauds the idea. it achieved the in the movement. for example. They are the source of the science and practice of martial arts.Hassidic story The child looked at the old man who was dancing and seemed dancing for eternity. I have found. twenty novices Asian which. He named our heavenly host the army of the Alliance.comparisons. nobility and balance. by Francis Razorbak. The monks of Shao-lin are well known to be the leading experts in kung-fu.Grandpa. Dignity.You see. the Kabbalah and the I Ching had many in common. not forget it. The man is to discard. Up there. Freddy contemplated with rapture new choreography ectoplasmic. my child. the alliance between all the religions of good will. . They belonged to the monastery of Shao-lin. why do you dance well? .

Freddy the Pacific. He sent a small group of rabbis and Taoist scouts while the bulk of the allied army was hidden behind the first wall comatose. The Hashishins that seemed to hate us personally to also found associated with unusual. First. There were terrible battles.464. which are honored the souls of the 2. in this sacred place near Tokyo. such as the May 15. liberal rabbis more monks Shao-lin against muftis Hashishins more monks Yasukuni hostilities severely slowed exploration of the Continent Ultimate. improvised on this occasion what can only be described as first control strategy ectoplasmic.173 . Nevertheless. Here. where two hundred soldiers of the Alliance confronted six hundred followers of the Coalition. They named it their army “Coalition” and gathered in the thanatodrome they were located in the heart of their ancient fortress of Alamut. The fight was so hot on the periphery of the corolla as in the allies forgot the existence of Moch 1. they bound themselves with monks Shinto Yasukuni Shrine. Freddy. As soon as the Allies engouffrèrent there.151 soldiers who died during all the wars of imperial Japan. they pursued .WARS We were not the only ones to seek allies. facing the bullessouvenirs.

Paradoxically. They had no opportunity to take with them weapons. The bad encounter that awaited them was not than they had expected. Three hundred Confederates. but bubbles.” Freddy found that if victory was altogether easy. In around the world. it was because the past rabbis and men Shao-lin was definitely much clearer than Hashishins. practiced terrorist attacks at all Gender: They did not have to keep their victims of the past together with their enemies present. religions experienced renewed fervor together. it resigned itself to deplore a hundred of what he had to call them “dead. Hashishins head. It enough for a commando to jeopardize the representatives a confession made. Our men took advantage of the surprise cut as possible umbilical cords. Some sects even sought to take advantage the opportunity to rise to the status of recognized religion.while holding each other’s umbilical cord to protect themselves. and charged down that day to the light. Allied side. Indeed. people went naked for the Continent Ultimate. these wars ectoplasmic gave the conquest of the world beyond its true pedigree. . alas! the fanatics became more. this was not the Allies. They were not encouraged massacres in Lebanon. memories that the attackers. Fortunately.

Otherwise. Maxime Villain. the Small Thanatonautes shown had the idea to send a reporter. Finally a clean war . the first reporter ectoplas economic. For them. given the ferocity of quarrels would have been the slaughter of clerics. If some people are issuers. Corn always at the forefront of the information in this regard. Former Trappist monk remained long silent. was a receiver. this reporter had acquired a great memory visually. it still taciturn. It captures everything and restored Then to his readers. Lack of photos and films in the early newspapers and TV visions spoke little wars ectoplasmic. rifles or even daggers. he scribbled a few pictures of the fighting terrible taking place in the afterlife.machine guns.

The building was transformed into a veritable tour de Babel. Fifty clerks of the Alliance now had at least take off simultaneously if you wanted to conquer the enemy. Does it still require increased staffing. representatives of . While sitting in their armchairs. It sounded foreign languages ​and often incomplete prehensible to each other but united in the same desire to conquer the next world. we were forced to leave our apartments for individuals make way for a number of thrones flight. In our thanatodrome Buttes-Chaumont. quiet fans were passionate for the invitation sible conflict.and safe for the average citizen.

different faiths get along very well and manage to share their techniques of meditation and prayers. including a Pygmy we do not pills beliefs and a sage cheyenne.Neither more nor less than the Thanatonautes I answered before calmly tell .You know how to draw a circle and axis without lifting the pen? Monks and rabbis are so fond of the challenge at the right sens . Our army consisted of well over two hundred pious soldiers. living proof that it is possible to establish a perfect harmony between the land wherever. whirling dervishes and even Greek three Inuit shamans.Impossible! they ended by exclaiming. The Alliance was becoming ever more diverse. A peaceful atmosphere prevailed in the penthouse. I tried to look good by proposing a riddle: . eight Bushman sorcerers. instead of meeting with all our little world. our devotees exchanged jokes of college students. Shinto monks of the island Hokkaido (traditional enemies of the monks of Shinto Yasukuni Shrine). Far from the rigors of their monasteries. . monks and Taoist Buddhist sages the beginning of the marabouts were added animist Ivorian Turkish muftis. sorcerers six Australian Aborigines. healers of the Philippines. For my part. To Reform rabbis.

the mare Borak. always ahead of enigma. Paradise is huge and Spread over eight cylindrical rings. it is also my second. what. a server. Each pavilion includes seven hundred beds occupied by seven hundred houris. I heard Raoul. Seven animals are identified Paradise: the camel of Elijah. My third is in the coffee. it is a delightful place. the dog of the Seven Sleepers.ISLAMIC MYTHOLOGY According to Islamic tradition. My second is a bird. the ant and the crest of Solomon. a beer? “ 174 . My whole is a pastry. is in a café: a drunk. Mainly because solution seemed simple. the whale of Jonah. Here the four bask first caliphs.My first is talkative. the ram of Abraham.them the solution. the bird … And who. All have seventy houses covered with gold and stones precious. the first ten men converted to Islam and the Prophet’s daughter Fatima. “My first is talkative? A magpie. to charge an attentive the charade of Victor Hugo: . The Prophet offers its guests various pleasures but an infinite sensuality. Behind. Irrigated by four rivers. I racked my brains. But a pie. There was room for discussion. While Freddy played the Gershwin on the piano and concocted his Amandine scholars cocktails. .

The Alliance and the Coalition were engaged in a war no thank you. we woke Thanatonautes sweating. by Francis Razorbak. The famous “Battle of 290 . our rabbi choreographer promoted to chief of war. 175 . Freddy Meyer. Every day.Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. trembling in every limb and announcing further losses.THE BATTLE OF PARADISE The atmosphere and good ecumenical our thana todrome did not make us forget the reality of hard fighting a conflict that was just beginning. decided that the time had come launch our major offensive.

Paradise “was held in the year 2065 AD. Raoul. Amanda and I followed it as best we can with our satellite dish but we could only see the excitement that prevailed among the inhabitants. Here it is: . Rose. Maxim Villain gave later in his diary a pretty good relationship.

and Hashishins Dominicans. shamans. his Buddhist peaceful. animists. On the one hand. hover Shinto monks. Buddhists. almost in 1200 the rabbis. Among the allies. Front line. great strategist Japanese transmits the same his instructions. the General Shiku. such terrible bombers ready to decimate the cords umbilicals. At the head of the Alliance.BATTLE IN HEAVEN As the mist created by the dying stars thickens around the vortex gaping black hole that called Paradise. Position of karate. On the other. Rabbi Meyer communicates telepathically commanding his troops. Note that since the defeat of May 15. On both sides reinforcements arrive thanatodromes all the world. sneer of Hashishins while the Dominicans chant prayers. Coalition troops emerge a few minutes later. two thousand three hundred monks Shinto. I see advancing army rabbi’s Freddy Meyer. Kabalists and Taoist. they spin the edge of their hands as much invincible false. Behind them. Their group is welded. The legions of the Alliance have brought their ectoplasm in order to thwart their opponents the most unheard. his souls have learned to control their most difficult . impressive Stone Cheyenne and Happy marabouts African animists. strong Chinese monks of his affable. arranged in two wings. The sky teeming with souls.

Anyway. Shiku and the Old Man of the Mountain give the signal of charge by taking the umbilical cord with the whole hand. Taoist monks and Dominicans engage in the fray. they decided this time to remain outside of Paradise to better control the flow umbilical cords enemies.memories so do not be immediate victims soon the black area. barely intrigued by those souls who fight with such determination on the periphery of Paradise. The Hashishins break on the wing mainly defended by animist wizards and Cheyenne. with the edge of palm. Surrounding day of the dead still come and go. It is only a giant rat race among the stars. which they hope will attract and blind their opponents. Any strategy seems to have disappeared. Allies note at a time that due to staffing least. The Allies. were placed near the doors in order to have their backs the light. They darken to the first wall comatose. . The Liberal Rabbis rush to their rescue. which. meanwhile. but are stopped by the monks Shinto. cut their strings like so many stalks of flowers in a garden. they begin to have the bottom.

leads his troops to Shiku their pursuit.Fearing they resume their tactics May 15. more and more . On the ledges of the second world.

Mohican is a finds himself alone against a group of Iroquois. a Taoist monk manages to cut a single movement six umbilical cords Dominicans. a prisoner of an exorcist . Cluster tight. To create strange associations. Grace jumps in kung fu. the Moonies are resistant to Scientologists. Three Hashishins attacked a rabbi Liberal attempts to escape their jerky movements by Yiddish dance steps. The sects seem to especially a fight between them. A marabout African Cain saves an Indonesian shaman.steep piles fighters compete simultaneously their most horrible memories. Souls are numb in this place that smells of earth and death. Many cords are cut and ectoplasm of warriors dead spin towards the light.

By far. Enraged or frightened faces as pale in neon. A horde of a group of Jesuits stuck ayatollahs Shiites in turn to be attacked by Hashishins. The light illuminates the bottom of the tunnel of light duels skin. That’s it. They owe their salvation to a commando of Druze and a small group of Alawites. We seeing a nice load of Indian gurus. In a triangular grouping of monks zen to prevent Indonesian shaman run to the rescue of Jewish liberals. The umbilical cords slam like rubber bands. Attack against the whirling dervishes supported by marabouts. it is drawn. A band of Zen monks is lost in the cornice. against dervishes twirling in top.Roman Catholic who wonders just what he does there. They have developed a revolving line of defense that used to house the soldiers exhausted most of their camp. It bites. Crocs-in-teeth and leg-in-cord. well packed in lotus position. Cheyenne avenge. the last of the Mohicans is dead. I see groups linked .

stand without too much difficulty.by their tempting cords and often complicated maneuvers doomed to failure. devotees are forced to confront their sexual fantasies. It is in their camp that the cords cut are the most numerous. the allies follow. The Allies seemed at first most likely to triumph but they are increasingly dominated by the aggressiveness of their opponents. After the painful memories. The slightest mercy. Without They were probably more frustrated that Jews and Buddhists because their lines are decimated while the Allies that their religion allows women to own and to love no taboos. What titanic struggle this battle where the monks transparent trying to cut each other’s silver cords while rejecting the most repressed desires! We do not know where does the horror begins the orgy. General Shiku always in mind. Rabbi Meyer sends the signal of telepathic Retirement and runs to the second wall comatose. But crossing Moch 2. they find the red zone. Faced with an enterprising geisha who is bent on Price . full of delights and pleasures. The slightest pity. Dominicans and Hashishins are the most affected these sexual visions which beset them everywhere. Everyone is fighting to kill or be killed.

Who awarded the victory in this battle of Paradise? Undoubtedly the erotic visions! . and the general Shiku Old Mountain fled.search in their umbilical cord. followed by what he ectoplasmic rest of their fighters.

the planets in the race and the return of the seasons. They considered with contempt the few survivors of the sect refugees in their fortress of mountains and quivered at the memory cruel acts that they committed their side. wondered how they could be persuaded by the fanatics Hashishins point to join them. Victims torso torn and guts exhibited by the daggers of obsidian priests joined the gods names which they perished because.Ecumenism The Battle of Paradise sowed disarray among the brave conquerors of the afterlife. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. Death men was therefore the engine of the universe. once. the gods had themselves sacrificed to save the world. mortified. So many men of God died in vain … The Dominicans. . A War was a way to get fuel at ie the captives for sacrifice.Aztec mythology The Aztecs believed that human blood of sacrifices provided the energy needed for the proper the cosmos. 177 . by Francis Razorbak.Maxime VILLAIN 176 . Everyone folded But happy that this fate was preparing education any aztec warrior.

all religions are good. multiplying excuses and mumbling prayers. Faced with a meeting colorful. Jewish. The Battle of Paradise marked a historic turning point in their relationship. healers. Shinto. shamanism. The devotees of all faiths had included. and . Orthodox. It would not be perpetrating wars that succeed to unravel the mysteries of the continent Ultimate. In the days of violent opposition. Zoroastrians. they went to our thanatodrome of Buttes-Chaumont.You can be sure. witches. Muslims. Alawites. standing in our penthouse. Christians. Protestant. Taoism. succeeded that of the greater understanding. Only are bad intentions of some individuals claiming to be sole repository of the true faith. Raoul spoke: .294 Had they braved the wrath papal nothing to deserve really the flames of Hell? In delegation. marabouts.

even cult members, all your faiths have had access, at some point, the general common knowledge. In a fabulous knowledge. The general mystery of death. Together, we join to find it, intact, for in him is the mystery of life. Together we will discover the reason for our presence on earth and what should be our attitude. The religions are only quests good instruction manual of human existence. Monks, sorcerers, rabbis and others ovationnèrent. A Japanese monk zen explained that once in the time older, there were no multiple religions but one, not a multitude of dialects but only one Languages There was no philosophies different, the disparate cultures, different wisdom, but a single the real one. The men had forgotten. Employing language incomprehensible for one another, they had only describe the same old knowledge, which had lost its original meaning by dint of successive interpretations. Thus were born the antagonisms. All disputes were only misunderstandings. Accolades. Solemn handshakes. A Second Vatican Ecumenical Council

nique global agreement was signed at the ButtesChaumont, establishing the first two commandments of the Thanatonautes.

Article 1: The Paradise belongs to no nation, or no faith in particular. Article 2: Paradise is open to everyone and no one has the right to interfere with free access. With these first laws legal-religious, that was the end the period of anarchy. Travel to Paradise were now regulated. No one could afford to do anything on the grounds that there existed No control. The agreements of the Buttes-Chaumont instituted a new climate of understanding inter-religious. General Shiku initiative Rabbi Freddy Meyer to the ritual the tea ceremony. It does not take offense that the Alsatian the prefer lemon. Now that our thanatodrome had become a place of appointments for clergy around the world, we settled for them a meeting room in the basement. Unlike the penthouse to the glittering windows of light, the place was dark, full of relics, prints and charms the most diverse. Monks, imams or sorcerers crossing in Paris liked to navigate to it collect or dialogue. That no conflict on earth was reached impose a single battle in Heaven had succeeded. All religions began to work together to go faster, further. To the ends of the continent from the dead! 178 - Christian mythology

“Was it his body? I do not know. Was it out of the body? I do not know. God knows. He was taken to the third heaven … “ Second Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians, XII, 2. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death, by Francis Razorbak. 179 - HISTORY TEXTBOOKS


May 14, 2065 Battle of Paradise June 18, 2065 agreements of the Buttes-Chaumont June 20, 2065 first edicts Thanatonautes

History textbook, second year elementary course. 180 - Mocha 4 A little drunk to have once again too celebrated agreements of the Buttes-Chaumont, Freddy told us, talkative, his personal history. Student at a ballet school, he had for once to become otherwise dancer at least choreographer. He appreciated also when all air sports. Arabesques, tendrils, the impression of flying to the heavens, it was all as he pleased. But one day he was engaged in hang gliding, the waist strap snapped. Its two shoulder straps do not suffice to support him, and a hang glider being stripped of parachute, he fell. He saw down a plain and a single tree. A single tree. The slump lasted only few seconds but Freddy had time to pray and swear that if he escaped this twist of fate, he vouerait entirely to a religion. Random, why not faith Jewish.

He landed on the tree, but such that if it was spared, two branches he put out his eyes. He was saved but now blind. It does not comply with less promise. He was not Jewish, yet he entered the yeshiva Strasbourg, where he was fortunate to have to master a Lamed vav. One day, he swore he too would become a Lamed vav. And that was what, a Lamed Vav? A man who is reincarnated by pure compassion for men of this world, then having done all he was free to leave the Gilgoulim, the cycle returns to of life.

The Lamed Vav were wise secrets of religion Jewish. Their goodness and mercy helped to improve the world. They were aware of their past lives, knew how to fight against ignorance, were devoid personal ambitions. Stefania reported that such characters existed as in Tibetan Buddhism. There they called bodhisattvas and also returned deliberate to earthly existence although they are delivered from the cycle of reincarnation. There was no greater act of mercy than return on earth, by pure love for the rest of humanity in chains their karmic wheel. - There must be in all religions of the wise who choose to return despite painful experiences experienced during their

reincarnations, says Freddy. With us, the Hasidic tradition designates as the Lamed Vav, which is the number 36. Each generation, a handful of righteous sacrifice in secret to save all mankind. They despise the pride and do not want the notoriety. We celebrate their psychic powers and knowledge of life and death. Th sometimes think that Jesus Christ might be a Lamed Vav, as well. These evenings libations, encouraged by Amandine which ensured that the glass of the great Thanatonautes not still never empty, does not affect the work Freddy He continued to invent new choreography heavenly. He imagined an Eiffel Tower ectoplasmic, consisting several rounds of souls supporting spiral together other. All silver lace would be knotted, braided and placed in the center of the building so that everyone protects everyone. As a sign of reconciliation, the rabbi gave the tip his former enemy, the Old Man of the Mountain, which had arisen home one night, sheepishly, repented and cash now his disciples on the fingers of one hand. The former head Assassins gratefully accepted. He knew he would be the first to cross the fourth wall coma

tick! Our ballet mystique took off July 21. Without difficulty, its members crossed the first, second, third, and even the fourth wall comatose. They saw that there was behind and we told. Upon their return, Raoul hastened to update our map of the Continent Ultimate. The orange area ends with Moch 4. It leads on: AREA 5 - Location: coma over 42 minutes. - Color: Yellow. Sensations: passion, power, omnipotence itself. Here before all the mysteries are incomprehensible their solution. Muslims are the true Garden of Allah. Catholics find the earthly paradise. Jews percent the secrets of Kabbalah. Yogis discover the meaning their chakras and are showing their third eye. The Taoists are the way of pure Tao. The yellow area is the land of absolute knowledge. All what seemed so far received his foolish purpose. Ministry meaning of life appears in its entirety, of the infinitely large the infinitely small. The yellow area is completed by Moch 5. Some devotees were so overwhelmed by the Golden revelations of the country they wanted to remain, but the cords were so tightly woven that they could not dissociate themselves from their companions.

So all returned intact. We open the champagne. We summoned reporters to the world to know that ecumenism general had allowed to perform again step in the discovery of Paradise and knowledge at all. 181 - Sufi philosophy “I am shattered, and pieces of my body were [Thrown

In this firmament which is my original home They are all drunk, happy, love of wine Of the Invisible, for fear of the prison is [I Shorten the time this tumultuous life The wolf of annihilation to pieces the flock In the spirit of each man’s pride reigns, yet The blows of death will lower their heads [Proud. “ Is Rubai, Jalal od Din Rumi (thirteenth century).

Extract from the thesis that unknown Death, by Francis Razorbak. 182 - Mocha 5 At its peak, the Buttes-Chaumont thanatodrome made off simultaneously near a hundred and twenty priests of all religions. They then joined in the territory yellow to attempt the crossing of Moch 5. - Six … five … four … three … two … one. Off! First floor. Departure of thirty monks who compose the top of the choreography. - Six … five … four … three … two … one. Off! Second floor for support. - Six … five … four … three … two … one. Off! Third floor, another stay. - Six … five … four … three … two … one. Off! The foundations of the building. At the top, all expected in the vicinity of the corolla of Paradis then methodically wove their cords according to the figures created by Freddy. A specialist knots sailors joined the holy men to help strong ties to compose, easy to do and undo. A Monitor parachute provides advice to all can stay as long as grouped according techniques of flight in free fall. Welded articulated a long procession, the Thanatonautes first passes through all the walls. The dead


Waiting in the orange hailed the passage as the Now they had taken the habit of seeing, which was a distraction for them. They explained the same newcomers that there was nothing to fear the troops who had, doubling everyone without both break their umbilical cords. It was mystical and the caravan, consisting of one hundred twenty Thanatonautes, managed, Moch past five in the sixth area. In return however, they seemed more disillusioned exciting. They did not seem at all pleased to have completed all this great progress. On the contrary, their friendship seemed to have taken a hit and ecumenism as well. They gladly gave way, however, our examination.

After the territory yellow, they said, was the area green. Green as the vegetation, the trees. There were beautiful flowers, plants wonderful ending in multicolored stars. The green country was that of the absolute beauty. - So what is the test? asked Raoul. - Exactly, it’s too good. The green area is unbearable Beauty, murmured a rabbi. It’s beautiful, agreed reluctantly monk Buddhist. I did not understand anything! How absolute beauty could it be a test? Freddy explained: - It’s so beautiful that you lose all desire to be a man never to be hoped that the fragrant flower calyx. It comes to hate so much you feel ugly compared to so much splendor. We would like to be confused with the magnificent vegetation of the place and no longer exist in any other Type While it is particularly painful to be confronted absolute knowledge, but to be suddenly brought into contact with the most perfect beauty is a test more hard to overcome. Rabbi blind seemed indeed for once completely a loss. The piano, he ginned sadly few notes of a Chopin sonata. - He’s right, Stefania said darkly. Receive beauty after undergoing pure knowledge, it takes away any want to go down. It was very difficult for us to resign. Fortunately, once again, our cords were tightly bound!

Raoul, Amandine, Rose and I did not succeed very well understand how the vision of beauty was a test so disconcerting but we complétâmes no less our map of the Continent Ultimate, pushing even the mention Terra incognita. TERRITORY 6 - Location: coma more than 49 minutes. - Color: Green. Sensations of great beauty, and also denying oneself, to be hideous. The vision of beauty is a terrible ordeal. Ends Moch 6. Green left the country to the devotees as a bitter taste. They were not prepared to see the beauty. One after others, they prétextèrent various obligations and returned at home. These splendors, they wanted to capture the sole benefit of their parish. There was no question to to war as in the days of Hashishins but time was not to ecumenism, rather to everyone for so. The race was on and the best man win! Freddy and his three disciples survivors of all wars ectoplasmic were only we remain faithful and stay with us. It must be said that by dint of perseverance, Amanda had managed to seduce the wise old man blind. The couple no longer concealed her romance. The other Strasbourg, they were accustomed to life in Paris and were in no hurry to return to their yeshiva, especially without their master.

Takeoffs resumed piecemeal. Each confession

sion had its champions. Each hoped to be the first to discover “God” as soon crossed the dam beauty. To many, it seemed clear that only “God” could be there at the end of the tunnel blue, then black, then red, then orange, then yellow, then green. The beauty was his last parade, the final frontier before Paradise. After battling his memories at the end of fear sick of pleasure, all patience tired, seized by the know

power absolute, maddened by the ideal beauty, so lice

VAIT we meet, if not the Great Architect of the Universe? In their respective thanatodromes, monks, sorcerers,

imams, priests and rabbis held out their hands to him. Who would join him first? 183 - Textbooks

Learn to honor the dead Never speak ill of the dead. Mostly dead Recent. Because they can still be active in our world. The dead who wait patiently in long lines in the country orange are not idle. They observed quietly the living. They often try to communicate with their loved ones on earth. If we radiate positive the memory of a loved one, his soul may come support us in our projects. However, if we have nothing but resentment for him, his soul can more help. Up there in the orange country, while the death is subject test of patience, it attempts to contact all those he loved and who loved him. It occupies. This communication can only succeed if the life experiences always love to death. Thus we see, sometimes the dead do enough on the point of being loved do decline. This is called “die of grief.” This is not necessarily a bad thing. The souls of two lovers may well come together to wait in the long line of country orange. Instruction manual civic second year elementary course. 184 - TRAJECTORIES CONCURRENT Phase “may the best win in the sprint” was moderately interesting. Since Thanatonautes went now most often alone or in small groups, no longer have the support of the pyramid to extract

the wonders of pure knowledge or beauty ideal, many tranchèrent their own cord stay up there. Remained more lucid, perhaps because of their errors past, the Dominicans were the first to reach Moch 6 using one of the tricks that they had been taught Freddy. Yet they not succeed in crossing it. It was the same for our team. Gradually, the public had lost interest in our expeditions and we were no longer in the headlines. For all the people, it now seemed clear the Thanatonautes was a never-ending race. Moch 1, Moch 2, Moch 3, Moch 4, Moch 5, Moch 6 … Why not then Moch 124 or Moch 2018 with all the colors of the rainbow sky, all the tests possible and why not an Olympic triathlon? L’Osservatore Romano newspaper of the Vatican quipped these socalled pioneers who dared to doubt infinity of the heavens. “The opium is the last Thanatonautes the people, “the British newspaper Times headline. The Thanatonautes became the target of jokes cartoons, puppet showmen and television. She lost all sanctity to become a goodwill among others. In the family shop, sales declined. Tu mother and brother had beautiful launch new posters, Tshirts to the most

The President had even found a title for their show: “The XXII century will be spiritual or will not. “The was very happy. He was still furious. . rations food “special Thanatonautes”. If people were making fun of our business loans decrease. even if this adventure beginning to show repetitive aspects.beautiful colors of the afterlife. Myself. we provide him ! He suggested a series of meditation classes television every Sunday morning. The slush presidential were not inexhaustible. it’s normal that people get tired of the endless walls comatose. After all. and what interest? Raoul railed: .It’s not our fault. caps with relief pattern. We insist only to discover it and it just as exciting. there would be 7 Moch. If the public does captivated for the show.We must understand. after 6 Moch. sometimes I feel like we do finish ever! Error exclaimed Freddy. Freddy and Stefania would be great. It is not we who have invented the Ultimate geography of the continent. winged sandals. . Well. replacing the traditional aerobics lessons. small posters fluorescent only visible in the dark. customers were rare. Moch 6 .It takes us for monkeys or what? got angry Stefania. Lucinda we had yet attached. I said. well.

God. a Firefly. Corn how else will you find by searching the heart of life? The owl whose eyes are made to the night blind the day can not unveil the mystery of light. in the Cabala as in many scriptures. . no more. For life and death are.will be the last border. I leaned on my boosters.And what will he back? I asked. If you really want to contemplate the spirit of death. a lottery ticket. as the river and the ocean are one.” Sept. open your body fully to life. an impasse can be … For us to go and see! Without enthusiasm. Seven heavens. . Freddy made a gesture of helplessness. Been Moreover.The center of the black hole. Serene. 185 . . . So seven territories after death. no less. the rabbi spoke. We sommâmes to explain. all the expression “going to the seventh heaven. I discussed with other religious faiths and we all found that number 7 always returned to describe countries the afterlife. it says there are seven heavens.In the Bible.EASTERN PHILOSOPHY “So Almitra said . Moch 6 will probably be the last wall. unfathomable to away from his dark glasses.You want to know the secret of death.

186 . I agreed.EVEN THE STARS reincarnate Rose’s eyes were glued to the screen detector ectoplasm. but what could we learn more than that the Continent Ultimate was indeed a black hole in the . Peace to their souls. as they continued to want to act separately for glory to splash out on their only religion. Extract from the thesis Death the unknown. The Prophet. She was convinced they had managed to break into the sixth wall. Eighteen Taoist monks had taken off from several minutes already. but his old friends declined the invitation of the rabbi. My wife suggested to give up some our concerns mystical to reorient our research toward astronomy and astrophysics. Rely on dreams for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.In the depth of your hopes and desires lies your silent knowledge of the afterlife. “ Khalil Gibran. My wife was probably since. we found that their mortal coil did not give no sign of biological life. by Francis Razorbak. because after an hour spent in torment us. Freddy believed that it would rebuild a caravan hundred and twenty mystical multi-faith to succeed.

“Oh. the white fountain flows. The most fascinating being that. that one rejects it. Fountains White would perhaps even the origin of new Universe Rose gave then a fascinating lecture for Astrophysics. skeptical. Producer of matter and light. It is even expected by many million years.center of the Way milk? Rose had an idea: . the blind man was doing to avoid encountering any devices. It so happens that astrophysicists have known for for a long time to come. Despite its agitation.You want to know what’s in the hole. as explained very well .And what is it? I asked.The white fountain. . let it swallow the sun. 306 . the opposite of the black hole. Precisa Rose. . It absorbs light. Some believe that the Big Bang would be a fountain White. really…” sneered Raoul. Each black hole would mark the death of a galaxy since swallowing the stars it compresses and transformed into pure energy. although many who crowded our the laboratory.A white fountain. The black hole attracts matter. A white fountain! Freddy left the chair off on which it rested to survey the room. The center of our galaxy is consists of a vortex that sucks and twirls matter around it.

too. over science and return to religion. with the god. even the stars would be reincarnated! Black holes and fountains white are merely gateways to parallel universes. We. Thus. Each galaxy could even have its own space-time. There. Rose said that. My wife knew his limits. as each galaxy has its own area or of its particular god. death. Freddy sat down to better digest the lesson. .But what would become of ectoplasm. “Maybe! that souls are spit out. consciousness peculiar to it. time. we would therefore the world of the Milky Way. . we consented willingly. each would also have its own big bang and his anus cosmic. which has just the form of a blunderbuss to the barrel flared. The session we were exhausted. past the fountain skin.While there. asked he. The death of a star generates energy expelling the fountain white. nothing dies. and reincarnate Then in another world? Amanda suggested that we go up in the penthouse drinking cocktails and a little rest our brains. everything changes.the physical science nothing is created. among . Rose we were all very impressed with this idea black hole corresponding to each time a fountain white and then a revival in another space-time.

Amanda assured that Freddy was the man of her life and she was quite willing to convert to Judaism if demanded it. but he could allay his fears and make her laugh. What is more important in a relationship? 187 . Freddy was twenty years her senior.” There. At their core. all waters of the Earth and those of the Milky Way (River collector water space) pass without ever content increases or diminishes.the green plants. we made the party. the old blind man and beautiful blonde we announced their intention to married. relaxed. Yuan-kio. But her boyfriend did not ask for much. it are five large islands. without substance called “the Confluence universal. The vegetation is wonderful. He was liberal enough to allow himself a mixed marriage. Peng-lai. while her new husband was beating traditional tunes on the piano. Yingtcheou. The fruit eaten preserve of old age and death. Flowers fragrant. Their top flat to nine thousand stadia in circumference. Between the gulf and China. and with the followers of the yeshiva Strasbourg. these islands are each thirty thousand stadia in circumference.MYTHOLOGY TAOIST “Far to the east of the South China Sea. The animals are familiar. Never had I seen Amanda also radiant. Fang-hu. and we danced in circle. two eyes less. Tai-yu. The . The buildings that cover the islands are all in gold and jade. where the sky off the earth is a vast abyss. They united then.

“Let God alone “Signed” Guardians of the mystery. however. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. circumstances dramatic enough to force us to write final chapter of our quest. Again the Holy See entered the lists. 188 . the wise. “ Lieh-tzu.308 inhabitants of these islands are all geniuses. Fundamentalists returned to the charge. death threats reached us by phone and by mail. In July of that year he performed a phenomenon strange.NOTHING but trouble We wanted to go to the end of our adventure and cross the difficult sixth wall. It was. ” Later. by Francis Razorbak. recalling the prohibition of taking off under pain of excommunication and enacted the famous bull “And mysterium mysteriumque” qualifying a heretic anyone who tried to see what was behind the sixth wall before being called by the Most Top . There was more graffiti on our doors. Each day they visit by flying through the air.

we found our status as a hero. and worshiped the memory of the precursor Felix Kerboz. players of the greatest adventure of Millennium.“People are too curious die stupidly. amazed by so much rage. in front of our building. Bystanders. Be back to the center of controversy. Priests and imams joined together to protest. a pickup truck parked in front of the building. We begged him not to bow to the obscurantism and fears medieval. Got out Three men wearing .” insists a voice on the answering machine of the laboratory. replaced my mother. gazed with curiosity shop ransacked. fortunately after the It is closed. never empty more. Raoul was beaten in the street. As usual. One day Rose. he had forgotten to defend it. surrounded by their flocks. They lined up to get an autograph the famous Thanatonautes Freddy Meyer and Stefania Chichele. The latter became more and more violent. we redevînmes in fashion. alone in the shop. Tons waste were dumped around. fights broke out between supporters and critics of Thanatonautes. Our shop quickly redecorated by dozens of unpaid volunteers. After the threatening letters poured in messages of support. In stormy meetings. The windows of family store were shattered. Youth.

. At the hospital Saint-Louis where he was taken to emergency. They left. saying later they thought it was just a drunk again. slumped to sleep it off. Frail young woman against three fellows armed. Only equipment keeping her alive. in the recovery room. Physicians sorry I declared that she had arrived too late for them to save her. left again to find himself cornered in a dead end. so many people dying overnight on the sidewalks without anyone thinking even call the police! Rose was lying inert. right. But they pursued. Panting. the forehead in blood. others had passed without flinching. of breath. waving of pickaxe handles. blue bruises. Other fast approaching. Rose had no chance.balaclavas and dressed in leather jackets. It therefore took its course in full view of passers as always indifferent. I veered to the left. She took her legs around his neck and dashed into the street. They began immediately to the store bag and my wife understood that his salvation was in flight. Thank goodness a compassionate man he is allowed to die in a hospital bed. she took refuge in a doorway. Two hours passed before a tenant in the neighborhood consent to address the woman lying on the ground. She had lost too much blood.

really desperate to save her? “Yes. Enough to risk your own life to preserve the his? . here is the solution. Rose was my wife and I loved him. 189 . I waited. Raoul advised me to talk to Freddy. only the old rabbi would know how act. In these circumstances terrible. I was adamant. By hanging in his umbilical cord and striving to hold it until it breaks.You’re ready for anything. I felt. Sets a specific time with doctors to disconnect the devices.What to save? I ran back to my friends.“Yes. . We try then to take off at the same time. we can perhaps to bring back to life.In that case. the beating heart. he sought to collect if I spoke the truth. A thousand times yes. The wise Strasbourg took me in his arms and stared at me in his eyes blind . he consents to believe me. You come with us and thou save it. With his soul.police files . The rabbi looked at me with his soul.

Should intervene? .Note to the services concerned Violence toward the thanatodrome des Buttes-Chaumont.

Flying High It was possible. It is not by repeating that tomorrow we die voluntarily we get from sweet dreams. I ran to at the hospital? The head of the ICU did not understand really why I wanted so much to fix the death of my wife at 17 o’clock but he assured me that I had made the right choice. Better to use euthanasia as keep alive a human being in the form of vegetable. No pyramid this time but a . I nightmares rather. The Grim Reaper does not pick my Rose. 190 . He promised to begin to look at his watch at 16 h 55 and 0 seconds. I was convinced it was possible. Wide awake. Families sore him had already presented the strangest. I did not sleep all night. trying to imagine what bubblememories assailed me for I cut to pieces and what hidden defects reveal myself the country red.Response services affected Not yet. He came happy with my request. I forced myself to eat breakfast and dinner consistent before taking the afternoon to review with Freddy the figure that we would use to save Rose.

The concern to save Rose was before all other considerations. I checked carefully my boosters chemicals. holding two rabbis Strasbourg by hands. Having for me no confidence in my capabilities of meditation. Stefania. I can not not that Freddy had promised them that they agree to join us. After all this time spent send people to the mainland of the dead. thirteen Buddhist monks Tibetan and. . 16 h 57 and 10 seconds. a kind of net in which we hoped to collect my wife. I discovered eighteen other rabbis. I would be in the center. each setting screen which drew our beats heart and our business electronic brain. had come the day to go there myself! I was sure to fail and died for good but I had no choice.flat structure. My hands are sweating on the press. but in the great hall of flight. ready to shake pear-off when the bell rings. indicated the clock. 16 h 56. We all donned our white uniform of Thanatonautes. two Taoist monks of Shao-lin (income there to obscure political reasons) by the legs. of course. My companions were already closing their eyes. 16 h 57 … I was dying for the second time but it would be my first off voluntarily.

For my part. like me. 16 h 58 and 56 seconds. I intend to catch Rose before Moch 5. without hesitation. Now I understand what effect soothing the music may have for Thanatonautes to sail. Suddenly the door opens.16 h 57 and 43 seconds. put on an outfit white and goes to a ball flight. Freddy and Stefania are particularly serene. A silhouette appears in silhouette. Freddy think we can reach the fifth wall comatose. In he shoot my baptism of death? No. She is going to do now to Rose. The room off is immersed in a dark clean us calm. The door opens again. For me. As Raoul. It is placed as we in the lotus position and takes in his hand a lever boosters. I recognize it. 16 h 58 and 34 seconds. This is the first time . I have no experience flying interstellar. We have several After repeated pool our respective positions for form the choreography ideal that will allow me to go very further if necessary. On both sides of me. Amanda has never off. A slender figure with blonde hair for a moment flooded the outside light is directed in turn to a throne. Raoul. She picks up one of our uniforms. I launches a flash and then. 16 h 58 and 3 seconds. With the figures he has developed. Gregorian chants rise slowly.

Six … five … four … three … two … . we do we ran up against not an impenetrable wall. I see white. I really best of friends. I press the pear boosters. I installing the various devices and crashes in the arm the needle to inject the liquid death. If it’s in hard times that recognize them. Tighten the buttocks. It’s like a bell supposed to open the gate of heaven. and … I die! 191 . First arpeggios of Bach toccata.Do not ask. . then I agree. . well. The presence of me gives strength. I smile. let up there. 17 hours 00 minutes and 25 seconds. Twenty-eight votes to meet the same time: Loan How many times have I heard that word without being concerned! Rabbi count: . 16 h 59 and 20 seconds. Th meaning the liquid frozen flow into my veins. How lucky I am to have known! I really the best of friends.Ready? asks Freddy around. 17 hours 00 minutes and 2 seconds.outside of his marriage.Eastern Philosophy . “But what I do i… “Bite the bullet.Two … one. Sesame toccata. Off! Of my sweaty hands.

Yet I try to share these emotions as I I felt. by Francis Razorbak. The Prophet. And when the land claim your limbs while you dance Really? “ Khalil Gibran. however (if you are . The shepherd rejoices it not under his shake it wear the insignia of the King? And yet! Is not aware of the earthquake? For what is death if not to stand naked in the wind and melt in the sun? And what does stop breathing if not free the breath its tides anxious for it to rise and seek God without hindrance? Only when you drink from the river of silence you sing really.LA-UP Stefania is right: as long as we is not dead. Be aware. It is impossible to describe with words. And when you reach the top of the mountain.“Your fear of death is just the thrill of the shepherd when he stands before the king whose hand will rest on him to honor him. we can not know what it is. you will finally begin to rise. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. 192 .

No doubt the effect of anesthetics to me gives the impression of being a little drunk. I yawn. A memory comes back to me. and these feelings. that day when I left to try to save my wife before she was caught by the Continent Ultimate I had so many studied. and I decided to wait five minutes if an event occurs last. I hesitate for fear of ridiculing me. my first impression is that nothing happens. Now I know I will die. When pressed the button off. but the others know. My last conscious thought is for Rose and I Again. 314 Some feelings are indescribable. My head is spinning. I am a novice. I was still very small and was the first time I rode a roller coaster. the truck slowly climbed the slope. I strive to keep my back straight as advised eternally Stefania. To Initially. I them all felt that day. strictly nothing I even want to get up and announce to the round experience has failed and must try something else.never died before) that my words will do touched reality. But then. . is that everything is normal. I must save her. If they do not move not.

Once is at the top. Very light. A lump rises from the top of my head. my friends. my neighborhood. Although my friends and especially my principal friend. are all there. My conscience balance. he must share them. then immediately reduced to left loops upside down. accompanying me in this terrible ordeal. All I feel. Will she down with to me sitting cross-legged or leave does . I could float as a feather. and I see that indeed … I float as a feather! At least a part of my body there try. Suddenly. I do not want to leave as it’s my apartment. Raoul feels. Already. All my fears. my pub. as if the other instinctively refused to leave of life. and closes his eyes in prayer for this torture stops as soon as possible. you think you had better be elsewhere and have to go down before it’s too late. childbirth the top of my head of another self. How to prevent this monstrosity? My heart beats so slowly that I can move. It does not stop. unknown so far. We won the right. we are on the verge of fall into the void and we say that the worst is that we paid to suffer so many frights! Okay. girls howl of terror or joy. I feel that if I wanted. tending my scalp in the extreme. something strange happens. I watch helplessly. I just love Rose with all my heart. so I go to sleep quietly. however. I feel lighter. the truck rushes forward. death frightens me terribly.

we’re both in my mortal coil. In reality. A horn out of my skull. transparent. It is over a horn but a vague ball stretched. Disappearance of the notion of time. a horn ending with a head. . pulling it out. In turn. pull. My “other” head. I’m like split in two. Specifically. My physical body gives birth of my soul. I see and sees me. Ministry my every move takes a century. I die when the horn continues to grow. beautiful. The “other” continues to emerge. scared. My soul observed especially what is happening in my back. I see. As a birth. Fuzzy. Tingling. mouth open in a moan noise. Vertigo. Double and even time to be totally erased.with me. it is surely only a fraction of a second. Glare. In her top. My second head cries by delivering of my body. Incredible. Now she has two arms hanging over my fontanelles for better release of my skull. the effects of decorporation! My “me” hesitates between lurking in my body or it go to the ball which grow in this leg. white. My head. I see the world with my eyes always with the eyes of my soul. Pain and pleasure. Exhilaration. he climbed my head? I push.

very comfortable in his role as veteran space. beckons us to rise. Other in my new body transparent. We are forty to float just under the ceiling of thanatodrome and now I really want to go higher. Freddy. my torso transparent. to all my friends around I risking their lives to help me and. I’m like unmolded! Such a long intestine crumpled and twisted.” close my body to my soul. my shoulders transparent. sitting on a chair lotus position. rope transparent hanging from my navel I connect to a type far down. well. I am another. The balloon After my skull reproduces faithfully the form my head is extended by my neck transparent. j’ancre my conscience in being transparent springing from the top of my head. that’s me! I became a soul and I see arise from other surrounding spurting of skulls and foreheads. “Pars” exhorted me to myself. in an effort will. I became an ectoplasm. my arms transparent my pond clear. Follow the blind! Okay. And the funny thing is that this type at the bottom. Ectoplasm. but the ceiling . my legs and feet transparents.“Go. Flash. I think back to Rose.

It’s my fault that we missed. We drive well to three times the speed of light. I look at the levers of the cockpit and the entrails of a Pilot Fantastic. Rose has already passed and is now between us and the Continent Ultimate. Together. Freddy tells us to go for any the power of our thought. Paris from above. How to imitate others? I am not a pass-wall but I’m afraid to dwell and. and already is the terrace the roof. floors. Raoul and Amanda on their heels. With my hesitations to the ceiling. Th am now alone to contemplate forty body stiffened like so many statues soft. By the way. Too late to avoid it but who cares? It pierces without damage our ethereal bodies. monitoring of religious. The others are there waiting for me. climb floor by floor. I scanned a jet! Freddy me from my wonder.… It has already crossed the ceiling. In fact. we arrive too late in the vertical of the hospital Saint-Louis. passes through ceilings. far from all. We must hurry if we do not want to miss Rose. doubling . Arming myself with all my courage. we elevons. Always command. I slowed down the whole team. I close my eyes and transparent hop. it’s great! I contemplate the Notre Dame when a supersonic aircraft darkens on us.

The ectoplasm is the mode of transport of the future! The soul knows no obstacle. but like others. I fully agree. Our entire squadron of ectoplasm Thanatonautes flying. It may be transparent. so unknown my narrow islands of imagination. plane. Stefania smiled. Okay. after Rose was revealed. Uranus. the ectoplasm are sensitive nor lack of oxygen or the laws of gravity. The crew evidently ignorant my signs of collusion. breaks all speed records and do risk (with rare exceptions like our ancient wars religion) practically no accident. We veins side by side. Just think about it. Saturn. so strange. Neptune and bzzz … is the empty space! Fortunately. We know that reigns here a temperature icy but it did neither hot nor cold. but how do you accelerate? Easy. . Amanda and Freddy. Bzzz … One passes Jupiter. fuse to the Continent Ultimate. do not feel hungry or thirsty.sunshine of radius the sun. Before me. Everything is so new. On my right is as Raoul. between stars and planets. Pluto. I enjoy cross the small space ship hijacked by Russian cosmonauts left the discovery of the black hole center of our galaxy. the rabbis urge him to hurry.

for a black hole. but to overcome quickly. Our group slides together in the gaping mouth of what is a Black hole Its diameter is huge: millions of km. in accordance indications of Freddy. The stars have not yet been swallowed. far ahead and yes. I saw Rose. Our fleet is regrouping to better weave. Light. No. Death evidenced by a large multicolored halo: the entrance of the hole black. then red. The Rose slams with others. It beckons us. It’s like engaging in a difficult climb. Freddy think is possible to recover it. it goes straight to … death. dance before being diverted by the magnet absolute.Soon. ” I think that everything is ruined. however. as a result speed which causes the bottom of the black hole becomes pink. yet so fast. the dead of day rush to the attractive light. but pledged a good string of recall. probably! . flowers in dew drops bright. One moment. then white. In fact. much care to preserve our own leads. here is deflected. That reassures me a bit. snatching hastily their cords umbilicals. rounded. planets and stars sucked is collide in a magical fireworks shaped galaxy swirling. burst into rosettes. It is there. Around us. purple. The rays are bent. the place is pretty bright! All around the corolla. Magic show.

I pour out to the source central . Around and in front there like a sea of ​ neon blue. nothing beats this intoxication of victory and speed. I had never seen such crazy sensations. far. the more the halo of light grows. S one of us thinks and everyone knows what in the mind. I then a scary thought: Rose is right to darken. I would nevertheless willingly traveled for days at leisure and months. This huge country. I sink. barely illuminated by a sparkling sunset. we are wrong to want to return to the world. I stretch my arms towards transparent Rose. I slip.The closer we get. We reach a beach. they send me a soft power. I accelerate again. We differs from sinking into a corridor walls that do ceases to stretch. By the way. the highest diving board. I sink. I was shaking. comforting and invigorating. My wife comes out of my field of vision. In addition to mph. I am here. We rush our pace with our thought. revealing other circles inside. I’m better than anywhere else before. Felix had reason: it’s not a crown but a funnel. I is approaching waves. car : racing motorcycle.

Everything turns. while we aspire. The dead are many days of the entry of the vortex. I like the sea sparkles us around them. The woman in dress Satin white skeleton mask floats in space black as an airship in a horror movie. His laughter strident deafened me. Raoul seized me by the hand with our Strip I spend a Moch. It raises her dress.illumination. Freddy rushes in an attempt to seize Rose before it crosses the first wall but comatose it goes too fast. Realizing that I have the jitters. he would have broken. She is such that I have seen so many times in comic dictation from previous Thanatonautes. We enter with him into the flower corolla star. Help! A giant monster emerges immediately. I’m like a gnat to this being ten and one hundred and one thousand times larger than for me? The woman in white satin has a gorgeous body. His chest swells tiny and her cleavage hints at the birth of her breasts. If his followers had not retained the cord of the rabbi. . Of dazzling lights flash on my nails translucent. A splendid force invades my transparent body. revealing long legs of a perfect curve it stretches luxuriously. Rose disappears. I find difficult to Rose in the crowd.

I draw all my strength. this I study to compensate for dead I know not what is missing? An arm rises slowly. they squirt of my fingers a transparent and sticky blood. Very slowly. Sharp. asking me to get lost in the folds of her white satin gown. I do not release my grip.She is always laughing. by banishing the desire. Despite my disgust. he removes the Mask #: The mask is almost removed. by renouncing in delivering it. . My hands to soar the edges of the mask. monks. And I see … Amazing what’s behind that mask! So unexpected! And yet so simple … 193 .BUDDHIST PHILOSOPHY “Here. Now it is more reasonable size. Behind the mask of the skeleton woman that attracts me so much? Amandine? Rose? My mother? Raoul? My death. I want to try to snatch. in leaving him no space. Behind this mask there is something essential that I need to find at any price. holy Truth about removing pain: The extinction of this thirst is effected by the destruction Full of desire. The skeleton mask stares at me watching my reactions while it shrinks as get better within my reach.

The blood stops squirt of my fingers. 194 . Death. Death is death is death is death is death and nothing else. As I now understand the terror of Bresson! . pure meditation.death in the face I step back and become very small. livelihood pure. memory pure. pure action. I debates do my best. as many identical representations of death. then another and another still She rejects and over a hundred. this is sacred path with eight branches which are called pure faith. by Francis Razorbak. “ Buddha. pure will.Here. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. Ectoplasm freezes my astonishment. The woman in white satin is the hard to discover one another. pure language. Speech Benares. His legs transformed into tentacles that imprison me. monks. this is it. the holy truth of the path the elimination of pain. Behind the mask of a skeleton. Another skull. pure application. there is a skeleton. The being or thing becomes daunting.

I will face my fear. And as it becomes masked woman. through me. After the first wall comatose. With this clarity. I agree with them.. I try magic formulas for get rid of it. “Vade retro Satanas. “In vain. I see the fingers pink rot. This is the central light that we shows the way.You will regret being up here! exclaims the skeleton. Telepathically. I have before me a spider covered white satin. Ministry changes to violet blue and brown. We think of the litany of fear of Dune. And Rose is still far ahead. the color changes. And when it is over. Just me. “ I close my eyes and mentally repeat each phrase. And where it is over. there will be nothing. All fought their monster. Suddenly. Only one remains. flesh rot. I will turn my inner eye on his way. The laughter stops and the woman in white bubbles exploding in Bright. . Freddy confirms this: we spent a Moch. I see in shadow silhouettes of my friends. I pronounce it: “I will not know fear. putrefy. Two indexes do manage to cross my face in ectoplasmic trying to poke my eyes out. There are hints of black. Fear is the little death that leads to total obliteration. I would will pass over me. Their personal monster. with new laughter.

Felix driven to suicide. No sense of loss. the slaughter of prisoners Fleury-Merogis. those I have received have left fewer traces than those I have given. convinced that inscribe my wounds there than just scratches. I just simply leaving a rusty armor. In fact. much less depletion. Wide despises. bubble-based memories on us. my first outbreaks of pimples and the shame they caused me. my car accident. I remember my birth. my father gave me vertigo only fun and forcing me to play the plane.Is it the shades of hell? We slow down our race while. What impression of force No twenty minutes out of my soul my flesh and I’m already hundreds of light years. Paradoxically. the crowd of the Palace Congress booing me. turns into spring. my mother force feed me. I cashed blows. I thought this armor protected me. I saw one by one. My soul is like a tree which would be engraved the knife of words and memories. Everything touched my sensitive roots. With this armor. Everything happens very quickly. The corridor twists. as the hailstones of unusual storm. Every time of my life. breath. she compressing the soul. I travel always toward the light of death trying not to pay attention to their bites. intelligence. the .

Rose than I had ever spoken. Too bad. Th approached with great difficulty. I almost joined. assassin. but it brought him nothing special. but you are not the my kind of man. On balance. This is an American astronomer. He said that in a couple. I prefer the meeting with the woman in white satin gown. . assassin. She discusses with the memories of her lover. assassin. Michael. she sought to resume pursuing the same studies him. That’s why he . I launched: “We are come to help you get you down. and my perpetual guilt. ” “Sorry. I should perhaps an opportunity to catch up. the Most important is to never get bored. When he dropped. Telepathically (as well expressed the ectoplasm). He said he was bored with it. struggling against storm of my own life. “She did pays no attention. “Assassin! Murderer ! “I throw in the faces of men I’ve forgotten to the name. She was gentle and kind.“Now?” I understand better many of his feelings.” I repeat an inner voice. “Assassin. Rose is also hampered by the hail of bullessouvenirs. “The bad memories mingle for old nightmares. I face my spent in the most honest.hate mail. letters threats. “You killed one hundred and twenty to three innocent people. That’s it. of course. She found her first love. I am making progress though.

Boys caress Raoul. I can not run after her. Accustomed places. He reminds me that the purpose of this expedition is to all go live on earth and that if I too rushed. I want to get her but Amanda of my fantasies. Rose is engaged to a prince of fairy tales. I am looking for as an escape Amandine true but it surrenders in the arms of a handsome Adonis black prominent muscles. already. you never get bored with it that. Amandine the I have so long desired. she through the second wall comatose.left her. Stefania took the opportunity to mingle moment a gang of girls who know the most inner springs of a woman’s body. In tears. I have not had the time to not swear. I will break my cord and not be able or Rose rescue or turn around. Freddy holds me by my silver cord. Raoul and Amandine holding my hands. Moch 2 we spend together. Rose fled. is presented in corset and fishnet stockings and tries embraced me. Stefania. whose long . I had never thought he could repress homosexual tendencies. Stefania has certainly often extolled the pleasures of the country red but I never imagined so many fantasies and perversions of reality! Another Amandine. Freddy. On the bench back of a Rolls Royce.

a daisy as a stripper. Then. Freddy is surrounded by a harem of women Arabs. So I had this fantasy that? This is delicious.blond hair contrasts with his black leather clothing. Where did we go screw us? Amandine in my dream I caress the neck from the end of her eyelashes she does beat very fast. A butterfly nervous tickles me of his long wings of silk. For his part. Amanda smiled at me with a look of the most rogues.police files . with her mouth. grabs his face and plunges between warm her breasts while laughing like a devil. A a. it deprives them of their silk veils. all wearing a sparkling diamond in the navel. she … 195 .

Should we intervene? . There is still mired in the second area.Note to the services concerned A group of experienced Thanatonautes took off this morning.

by Francis Razorbak. If despite our wickedness we have a happy life. Freddy fights the recall and we . despite our virtues we have an unhappy life. On the other hand. not yet. this is also due to our past karma. I like the tip of the shoulders. 197 . “ Narada Thera. Doctrine of the Renaissance. Then I Amandine dream. Especially on the upper. No neck. She now knows. Abused. She knows it. But it’s still us I like (it) I love even that. 196 . I … But tearing the houris. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. this is due to our bad past karma.IN THE CLOUDS … She chews the ears. And then the lobe. all about my sensuality! She benefits.BUDDHIST PHILOSOPHY “If.Response services affected No. Our present actions will have to turn all their consequences at the earliest opportunity possible. becoming more bold. And neck as well.

still dead. sentenced to death electrocuted. of astigmatism that have not recognized the . of road accident victims in shambles. the presbyopia who have not seen the ravine. The line the dead stretches out of sight. a Taoist monk did not lead off. What’s it that these strange visitors from the world of life for visit the continent of the dead? Most. We shake against each other by standing mutually our umbilical cords. myopic who have not seen the truck approaching. Many times we try to catch Rose. the dead. Lepers. is not interested in us. There is whole battalions of soldiers killed in alien wars. It has already crossed 3 Moch and joined the crowd of the dead in waits Like her. swimmers underwater that too teased the shark. Some are surprised to We always see off our leads. we enter the country orange. victims of devastating epidemics. of all races and all countries. however.to overcome our inner sex drive. I am looking for Rose in the crowd. of tortured political fakirs imprudent for chronic constipation. marines. He knows that we are moving towards territories beautiful but dangerous. the roasters red lights. explorers poisoned arrows in curare. In vain. of ethyl frantic and paranoid who fled their imaginary enemies through the window of the ninth floor of jumpers bungee which the elastic was too much of volcanologists too curious. Beside me. The dead.

the ball boys lost. fans of vendettas family. still dead. an old woman who died without used his wealth squander already his grandchildren … I grew among other dead. marathon runners winners. collectors of mines from the Second World War racketeers jackets that fell on the police leave. A victim of a jealous husband. Rose”. spikes or spite. Formula 1 drivers who have missed the turn of pilots who missed the runway. the colds unlucky smokers époumonés. thieves car bomb.tarantula. high school students who did not understand a viper. “Rose. a peasant surprise in a wheel hay by a vengeful father. issues I language telepathic. discoverers of the virus unpublished drinkers water in the Third World. Of Rose full of thorns. tourists who imagined that Harlem was fine-much more picturesque in the evening. Drugs in overdose. We overturning everyone. There are also riders who were convinced that there was . women too battered sliders on banana skins. Several women named Rose is back. Like those of others. Deaths. their ectoplasm tells their story. it does not look like a snake. deaths.

just up a hill. We gather around him. hitchhikers who saw suddenly. You have to know to end the existence and is satisfied with her end: she died after have passed his life. Freddy. A shipwrecked sea talks with a wrecked space. we are building a pyramid. ready for the figure we have repeated in the laboratory. To top. Of liver transplant patients discuss with heart transplant. She left when she was happy and that . they had just hidden in the refrigerator.enough room to double the truck up the hill. Raoul and Amandine keep me on their shoulders. I communicate to Rose that we are here to make Come back home. a motorcycle to graze and a truck they go for it. No tension between the dead. Bosnians coexist with amenity of the Serbs. Children criticize their parents who have not yet found while playing hide and seek. Clans Corsican reconcile. Here reign of universal peace. truckers who gave a great swerve to avoid a motorcycle just up the coast. Supporting each other striving to maintain our umbilical cords. It believes that the time has come. Freddy reminds us that we have no time to lost in distractions. “What for? “She replies.

the project succeeds. I understand that the only ambition of a human can only seek to continually improve. beings and things.It is nice to just . it takes his legs around his neck and plays elbows to exceed the Mass of the dead pending. what pride! “ She believes that the world is sufficiently populated to she did not regret to leave no descendants. I even see where hidden the keys to my car I’m looking for so for a long time to come. My mind expands in to blow my brains out. I want a child with her. Without asking. I understand why humanity tears in constant wars. She retaliates by me recalling a sentence of Stefania “The problem is that people are needed on this earth and are unable to give up everything. for example. I learned why E = mc2 and I think it’s great. What more could you ask for! I retorted that she died before having a child and that. Finally. I get lots of answers to questions that I do ‘ve never asked. I am aware of all of life. ca it’s always been for me a great mystery!) I understand that we must accept without complaint the world as it is and without judging anyone. . My wife and we after him pass and the fourth Wall comatose and win the land of knowledge. How. one can keep the bubbles in a bottle of champagne nothing by introducing a silver spoon in the neck. never to listen to my exhortations.

I warmed up with my friends. Suddenly I stop.Understanding As Adam had to be happy in crunch the apple of knowledge and Newton in the receiving of head! Ah yes. I’ll knock you down with my love. the best gift you can afford to own. And for now. Rose. Of course. The experience of death have me at least open eyes to an idea that had always seemed tainted foolish sentimentality: you must love to be happy. The general knowledge and little knowledge. I’ve never been able! And Rose? After all I thought I loved. Absolute knowledge and expertise relative. it surprisingly. I do not see no excuse or consolation. the meeting with the knowledge may be tested the most difficult of all. tenderness. if I pull there. but it’s not a reason. There is nothing of as scary a great love . if we draw from. surely it is happening. I experienced compassion. But do I really loved? Am I only able to love? To love someone outside myself and that is not me? I tell myself that I am certainly not alone in this case and they are certainly Many. Love is the greatest act of selfishness. I do not like it enough. struck by a revelation: I never liked. I advance in knowledge. On the immense love and free! The poor. humans who have never really loved. In fact. people with whom I enjoy being and talking. because I’m dead for her.

Freddy is surrounded by young . desire. I flat above his body and it turns into flower petals stained glass a cathedral. Gazelles grenadine hop over the Northern Lights. The ideal beauty back to the surface all my memories of beauty and leads to their peak. My companions also have their own visions. fish for long fins crystal us smile.suddenly delivered by someone who has always tried to moderate his feelings. knowledge. It will be scary and yet delicious! As I can not wait to tell him that I am able to understand what it means to truly love! I accelerate my flight and the other too. Flop! What a shock! After facing fear. How even describe the indescribable? I see a perfect female face. After. is full of knowledge. its splendid trees shimmering like wings Butterfly. Here is the beautiful country green. These are not hallucinations. Butterflies black fluorescent flutter around Raoul. Rose is at the end the tunnel. plants. it crosses the fifth wall comatose and between in the country of great beauty. flowers. like us. Dolphins silver play around Stefania. time. In clear lakes.

My wife comes and the sixth wall. Beauty is also Music And perfumes. I feel around like odor light and menthol. Front. she no cord interferes Moreover. because I am only able to convince my wife to return. straight into the unknown! 198 . in its course into the unknown! Floup! It is the other side.Sufi philosophy . She is in the Terra incognito! Freddy tells us that we must now change our position. Raoul encourages me. He tells us that only he and I will try the passage. That no Thanatonautes in the world is yet to come to overcome! As she hurries. me. Him because he is experienced by all. Moch 6. Rose slows down and then goes again to the attractive central light that captivates me too as its waves are positive. It requires a broad base continuing with a fine point. Somewhere heard the Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun by Claude Debussy. Come! Straight ahead.fawns green and white on the back cover of foam.

The path of this city has no end. I dissolved like salt I only no impiety. losing all [You have. Jalal od Din Rumi.here we are Freddy amazes me. Ministry cord excessively stretched. he advanced boldly. I’m a little tired of the surprises of death. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. that is what is the whole. In the sea of ​fidelity. no doubt 330 In my heart shines a star And the star then hidden the seven heavens. However. 199 . I . no confidence. and I dragging its feet.“I come from the soul which is the origin of all souls I am of this city is the city of those without City : …………………………………. “ Rubai Yat. no faith. He moves without complex to this border that no human has ever reached. go. by Francis Razorbak.

behind this curtain. Ideas. I hear you. all the ideas. And it’s . I walk in the fog. I see you. Millions of celestial music burst in my head. One moment I forget Rose. I feel you.feel back there lurks the ultimate mystery. Souls. Here dies the light. science fiction joins the fantastic and all the mythologies of the world merge with the exact science. I see it. I hesitate at first. I am in heaven. Here it is. finally. behind this curtain. Here is the graveyard of Elephants. Debris stars m’adressent of nice farewell. A star dies and a man who died doing the same path. I see you. I kiss the ground blur. all sounds. secret secrets. the last area of ​the continent Ultimate. My knees bend to genuflect. Here. and then I rush. sounds. the final mystery of death. My arms translucent rise as a hello. all souls. Here is the end. come to an end all thrillers and all novels of love. I am in heaven. I finally know the secret the most secret. trampling of my feet fluffy a territory valuable. Who has caused more deaths than … death? Here. never revealed to men. By mistake or out of love. They go to Paradise. Mystery of mysteries. all lights.

on vacation. We no longer afraid of the time. have always known that from there I came and there I had to go back. Revelation of the revelations. the other one . On land there.beautiful! Even more beautiful than all the visions of ideal beauty the sixth area. The real beauty of Paradise surpasses them all. my only home. our aching body and our minds filled with worries staggering? We are both here. My ambition is to remain a vapor thinking. It is so stupid. Paradise is my only country. I seem to have always been there. I’ve never really been Michael Pinson. I found my country and my world. I’m in my source. I ‘m a pure ectoplasm. I have never been this sad. I was attached to the land and my body. We no longer fear nothing I do not care Thanatonautes waiting for me at the door of Paradise. The lightweight. I am an ectoplasm. while my true self is so … light. Error youth. the only object of my chauvinism. I see the real sun. They are stupid to stay there. Me. They were only reproductions and imitations. Why fall back us to our skin narrow. I am here. so low I was only passing through. this stupid Michael Pinson. this is the cardinal virtue. I see Rose and I love much more than on earth. Besides. what type.

I know. Syncretism absolute. I see now souls of animals and even plants. because now I understand everything. No doubt the Paradise has he a second door through which they are engulfed. We are all interdependent and. I think yellow. bears and roses. White. There anemones and marine algae. I came to preserve Rose What a mockery! The fog scatters. I go down to examine the phenomenon more closely. It forms like a river. true white. and in the middle of human souls. Beneath me is the long line of dead. further. Plants also have a soul. .Terran. seems to divide. The River of Souls splits into effect in four branches. pure white is in Paradise. I am in heaven.

one of wine. rather four tones as the bass.Christian Philosophy . The law of existence penetrates me to the end of my toes. So I was just that. Four subdivisions. Next Rose. The river.on earth. one of honey. “said also Quran. Two doors provide access. all together. treble and shrill. midrange. Freddy and I go back the four rivers of the deceased. an incense … Ministry Paradise is watered by four rivers. And suddenly I see the angels. What works crammed into the office of Raoul evoked they ever a country irrigated by four rivers? The Hindus spoke of the Jews find Sentences of the memory of Raoul me through mind: “Hebrew mythology. Do not do violence to others whatever their nature. one air. the ancients knew and had used metaphors to describe the same pay-Sage Four rivers. We is invited to dance and rejoice. we have suffered. not only the good and evil. Throughout the world to another. Four ways to be a soul. a man ignorant dedicated to up one day in Paradise gauge his ignorance. 200 . We see four rivers. do not get either violence. carrying human souls and animal plant is divided into four parts. Four types of souls. You have to live avoiding violence. Paradise lies in the seventh celestial sphere.

Angels of Paradise. 201 . I know immediately that it is them. the Incarnation. redemption. one would think of fireflies.“The Blessed will then clearly the solution of mysteries which reason asserted here on earth with truth and docile submission of faith. The Trinity. The angels. “ Bishop Elias Meric. The show was worth the trip. by Francis Razorbak. the hidden laws of providence in the government souls in the government of the world in its action on the people whose history is too often wind for us or a riddle or a long scandal. .AT THE END By far. Extract your thesis Death the unknown. They know the economy supernatural ways of God to the sanctification of His elect and the infinite wonders of the essence of the Godhead.

I know who I am. No two among other souls. for the time not yet separated. but of the living can to explore the Continent Ultimate and back. And we are here to save Rose. I am spirit and matter and mind must remain stronger than the material.Freddy takes me to the shoulders. I have to keep the balance between heart and reason. even appearing to me like a paradise. not to stay with her to the continent of dead. I know who I am. Even the Paradise will be less powerful my will. He is conscious of having brought the quiet in my mind. We follow the branch “honey” the river of the dead. We are not dead. between ectoplasm! The rabbi speaks and takes me back to reason. I’ve already defeated under your form of woman white satin. Freddy is happy. but two Thanatonautes mission. I shouted that we vowed to bring Rose the land of the living. A pure soul and a body flesh. I know who we are. shook me like a plum. you will not seduce me ever. The dead are watching with amazement because we still have our cords . We mingle with them. I beg to remember my mission. We understand so fast. Delirium is Done Death. He caught all my thoughts just now.

Probably has it already crossed the controls. 202 . he telepath.All right. Is probably already weighing. fatalistic. . They catch and double souls in waiting in the green country from piles of centuries. I scream “Rose! Rose! “And an old man devoured by starving her cats receives my call and she tells me in front. You can not go wrong. Come on why … You say it is to weigh? Off course ! In the weighing of his soul.Yes.umbilicals.And this is where the weigh? . In loud. He who is with the soul Universal keeps his ego wherever he goes.Taoist philosophy “The Sage loves this life while it lasts and forgets then for another life. . They will examine what has committed to good and evil in this life before deciding its next reincarnation. Some souls are sometimes favored. You might think at the counter of an airport busy during the summer. I do not know why I have not yet broken but in any event shall hold good. . This is straight ahead. 334 The four lines are very long.

“ Chuang Tzu. by Francis Razorbak.Fire is the bundle that the soul is to the body. Ministry fire spreading without extinguishing it. It passes another bundle as the soul goes to a new body. Life goes on constantly. 203 . Extract from the thesis Death the unknown.police files .

Note to the services concerned You have refused to intervene to stop them. Hopefully it’s not too late. . To you on your own. Now they are there.

not human. They do not have umbilical cords. but are wrapped a phosphorescent halo and driven movements multicolored.Response services affected We’ll manage. a priori. .We seek a wife. It confirms that it is close to the weighing. overlooking the valley converge the four arms of the river. the how the fetus in a mother’s womb. Is that its summit by the light . The angels around them more closely. The dead are still advancing towards the light. I describe Rose. and we ask what we make here with our cords intact. They spin up and down and from left to right.THE WEIGHT OF A SOUL Freddy and I wade into the white mist from human souls. 204 . He shows me away. An angel told me that he is the one that allows to find what is lost. as they were able to express their thoughts by changing just their colors. a mountain of light covered with vapor. they are ectoplasm as you and me. Angels. They see us and their halo new and fantastic iridescent shimmer. We go to a valley where the four arms of the river of the dead come together.

. 336 .Not like the other angels. We are really playing with our lives. . convince them to let me press our rabbi. while the crowd of the dead comes painfully of them slowly. we do not want it appear before you.The following announcement an archangel. gather the dead on the verge of to appear. over us. Rabbi Rose shows me. In fact. He can not follow me. The archangel consider myself no surprises. His voice telepathic is sweet . the living. so stretched that it seems about to break. they are archangels. I fly to the archangels. It keeps my cord like his.Wait! Before judging this woman. they sparkle. three floating angels get more brighter than the previous. I must that we. The following is Rose. on a median strip. There.central guiding us since our entry into Paradise. On the top. embedded in In light of the mountain and the brightness of the archangels. With the dead. almost shouting: . whispered Freddy.Go ahead. we climb the path that leads to light. Th must continue alone while he will protect our cords.

victim of a gang of thugs. they remind me a little of the aliens Close Encounters of the Third Kind. We are forty live to be fitted up to you to save it. . One displays a string full of knots transparent and seems to read many interesting information. you really have that this woman is still necessary your lower world. They examine the rabbi behind me and our cords intact. still discussing with the other and finally speaks: . They ask me what right I would intercede here.For more than forty people have taken so many risks. He believes.You want to bring it back to earth. his fate rests in his hands. It seems open to all arguments. right? . In this light. This agent of death has no terrors. .and reassuring. Now. The three archangels meet for an intense discussion.Rose is dead. Rose hesitated.“Yes. Steven Spielberg’s film.Explain. . but it has nothing to do here. I see that his mind would eventually be happy with the game . It even attempts to comfort me at the same time as the gathered around the dead. The other two riders are just as archangels. sees Rose. So we allow you to back down but we will make him the cord if it wishes and the application itself.

fight against feeling. Rose stares at the archangels. Around us. it is free to return back and to resume the series of its existence. its good and bad actions. If it wishes. something in it.of life. Like me just now. it appears that here is his real country. Rose and me behind a long gray line of guests. and in front of a mountain of light. From a little higher behind. We are solely responsible for its destiny. . his only home. Otherwise. A child martyr approval. people and angels look forward to which side the balance. it’s like a wedding in a great cathedral skin. A couple facing each other. At the same time. Another is pleased that we were left up. maybe the love she devote myself. by doing a second. Rose takes a step forward towards the archangels.How lucky to be so adored a mortal! whispers a Japanese hara-kiri. with its ups and downs. But they refuse to intervene in the decision. Freddy is watching us. The situation is interesting. Of far. there will the weighing of his soul. An angel points out that this is the first time he sees such muddle. I hold my breath and suddenly it makes .

All this time. We salute the dead: . Rose is reconnected. Angels. I would rather die than to return. drive along the four branches of the river of the dead. sighs a psycho-killer American Grilled on an electric chair. Cherubim small as dragonflies are busy. life is a vale of tears. the material world. becoming bluer. we departed back to the source nor do we leave that to better come back later. If you ask me. guys! . An umbilical cord which I can not make the tip springs from the womb of my wife set out towards the entrance of the black hole. I. but I still have much things to do down. Archangels we smile. Behind the sixth wall comatose. which presented so far look yellow. He knows that we have succeeded. surprised. she said. .They will need it. We agree with Freddy. all of our friends are there and applaud mentally our return.Welcome back to the material world. We do not listen. Again a cord connecting his soul to his body. . The return is obviously more fun than one way. tender.Excuse me. We descend the mountain of light.complete reversal and flows into my arms. As salmon. change color. they waited. then the river unique. We no longer fear for our umbilical cords. The scene.

but all contain the same cotton.anxious to see the extreme tension of our umbilical cords. Raoul. a third stakes a fourth villain. pleasure. Chinese monks and rabbis allowed us to get to the bottom of life and reach the bottom of death fluttering merrily. “ Ramakrishna.Hindu philosophy “Man is like a pillow case. but the same God who is in all. the other is ugly. the stars pulsate miserably compared to the great light over there. It’s the same for men: one is beautiful. by Francis Razorbak. We voletons happy when arises suddenly a band of ectoplasm gallows. 205 . really. fearing that we can not more to turn around. patience. Amandine. Stefania. We’re almost out of the black hole. 206 . Parade of beauty. A pillowcase can be red.Pepin . Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. knowledge. and so on. Outside. another black. fear. We cross territories and Moch.

but people who have hurt you you want what they have done.We had imagined reconciled with the Old Man of Mountain. natural sound returned at a gallop. and we then refused without our recognition. I enjoy his company to locate in the large Martinez our enemy since childhood. It’s funny. We launched telepathically that ecumenism is a trap to fall asleep and allow all faiths Jews better invade Paradise. Now that the grand alliance was signed between religions.“Not at all! After: some politeness in our thanatodrome. And if you serves them. The mercenaries outnumber us and I very fear. now deprived of its Hashishins done to death and his Confederates come to their senses. We hated to this especially as we had saved from death then some. Freddy replies that no one owns the Continent Ultimate and it is normal that priests have agreed to condemn all violence. their hatred knows no bounds. It would be stupid to die and after such equipped! But Freddy knows that the Old Man of the Mountain does . who had gone candidatthanatonaute the time of slaughter. . he rounded up a posse of Thanatonautes Mercenaries. The last of Hashishins replied that he knows all the dirty trick of verbal are capable rabbis and does not let them take over. Lack of Thanatonautes Muslims.

Watch the birth of a child who will bear the . . but his accents IP Phon 340 ETHICS is so imperative that we end up compliance. Amandine taking power that wants to fight at all costs alongside her husband.Go! I reincarnate as soon as possible. none of us will return. In the manner of a lasso ectoplasmic. let me. Rabbi and loosens the cord is detached. Freddy Amanda cries. . The Hashishins reacts exactly like any Martinez.not want in fact his own. I will become a Lamed Vav. Precisely because it sought to them understand and make a friend after the latter had tried to kill him and his family. It attempts a herring. Freddy The wise old man sends us signs soothing. We are reluctant to abandon it. we ordered there. If we stay together. it spins her silver cord while the mercenaries based on in front of him. To protect ourselves.Come. A final message sounds to our ears: . before we could prevent.Run away quickly.

said Raoul. clinch Amanda Martinez fight with courage. With his experience wars of Paradise. Rose confronts two hostile souls. I expect the crack to me to return archangels when the grip is released. After being freed relatively easy to Martinez. And I. the old blind rabbi manages to cut quickly leads some of his assailants before they cover it. Correcting himself. Flee and remember you FM! He received blows. . The mercenaries then return against us. Raoul few charge killers. A final gesture fatalistic rabbi is drawn in by the Bright. . He goes umbilical cord around my neck like choke. Amanda arrived from behind and cut the cord of the obstinate Hashishins. It makes. The other is comfortable with such a poor opponent than me.You and me against the fools. Stefania will rush into the crowd. We follow but it is too late.same initials as for me? It will recognize my everyday objects. no luck. The Old Man of the Mountain has cut the cord from Freddy. I ducked a few strokes of my best. He shakes and my soul hurts. I am alone against the Old Man of the Mountain himself! The guy does not want me well. He twisted my rope to the extreme.

Lost is lost. We breathe a sigh of relief. Already turquoise ball of earth is looming in our bellies. He suspects that the real must be less runny. Among the mercenaries survivors is the stampede. The Cats may have nine lives. but we all know that to Freddy. Amandine us beg to try to save her husband as we have done to Rose. Sorry. He tries desperately to resume the shreds of his string of money. he is too late and we can not. No node Hashishins does. We came out on the edge of the flared black hole where the stars their last rays of incandescent howl of agony before to be sucked. Descent. ‘re Back the solar system. Your ectoplasmic cord you back always at your starting point. Hello again the Russian cosmonauts who have little no progress since our first visit. we leave the vortex of Paradise. . Slalom between planets. but not men. Here in Europe. Can not get lost. Crossing a field of meteorites. here in France. But in death as in life. Paris here. Floup! The Old Man of the Mountain is drawn by light as a bit by a siphon to drain. there is no joker. accumulating double knots and knot security. Braking near the moon.The man is terrified of what is happening: a woman has KO To force people to send in artificial paradises.

It’s not so pleasant to find his body flesh. sitting quietly. we dénouons the ours and raccompagnons ectoplasm Rose to the hospital SaintLouis. It sinks into the roof like a marsh. The light and heavy. No one taught me how to return to his old skin. My heartbeat is réaccélèrent gradually. To say that my alter ego remained there. all those little evils that persecute you all the time. Slowly I raise my eyelids. My toes are invaded tingling. the first thing I see is the display of the electrocardiogram and its small peaks. Just in case. I go through the top of my head since that’s where I came. my itching. in short. As long as our getaway him too long has not cause irreversible damage! We. I rediscovered the “normal” world.Safely above the capital. I improvise. in which “normal” world. . My ectoplasm and my mortal coil are facing face. We are more than my body and my soul. my sores. we return to our body pain. my cavities. floors. I feel once my rheumatism. floor. The translucent and colorful. I go into me like a thick ski overalls padded. Here I met again to myself. Solid and vaporous. It is now important to pick up. we return to thanatodrome. while I myself up to so many tricks! We cross the roof.

I hasten to call the hospital. tenderly. Miraculously. These are “small mysteries “. She has all her . THIRD PERIOD: TIME PROFESSIONALS 207 .onsciousness . gaping mouth. his eyes closed. . Exactly. as if to We repeat the initials of the child in which he will be reincarnated. there was a miracle! Rose has suddenly awakened. It is in fact a break in the series of images of the tarot. they would call me. It does not a name. The Doctors are excited. The first twelve cards are like first twelve hours of the day. Th approached and gently. FM His glassy eyes for the blind are wide open. I agree with the others.When we are all delivered straight. Always in this existence.TEACHING OF THE TAROT Death is the thirteenth card of the Tarot. sadly gathered around the chair where Freddy lies.It is well.

by Francis Razorbak. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. the thirteenth arcane means the death of the profane reborn initiated.HISTORY TEXTBOOKS . “the other twelve hours of the day. 208 . that of “big mysteries. The card is not evil. can not progress. noon arises death. If we can not overcome the stage of death.After the twelfth hour. Meaning of the Tarot de Marseille. In the esoteric meaning deep. and dive into another dimension.

In any honestly. I could never . PUF. If someone had told me before that after death the angels welcome you. I laughed softly. classified according to their different faiths.BELIEFS of our ancestors Survey in Europe in 1981 (end of the second old) on the beliefs of the people.Believing that there are … angels! And then what? Rubicon this point. my brother Conrad refused to take. He refused to advance more% in this delirious modern than we had named after Thanatonautes. His skepticism and materialism had been natural under stress.ANGELS . 1983). Basic Course 2 years. Out of 100 persons Catholics Protestants Not believe: practitioners On life after death 52 38 13 Paradise 45 43 8 To Hell 30 March 16 At December 21 Reincarnation 23 As the soul separated from the body 66 56 24 In God 87 75 23 History textbook. While the angels. 209 . Jean Stoetzel. (Source: Values ​of our time. it was a bit hard to swallow. In fact.

Everything was so “amazing”. after all. President Lucinda begged us to keep the largest secret of our recent discoveries. For now. . We recognized that the silver cord connected our mortal coil. We had admitted to being with a soul capable of travel. We recognized that this soul was immaterial Rielle. So why not angels? All religions were referring to one way or another. admit that the death was a continent was been for us the most difficult step and we had French craps. However.believe half of the half of the tenth of all these things that I experienced with my senses. it was important to hide what we knew from the depths of heaven.

The President then pricked anger upon learning of the assassination of Rabbi Meyer by Old Man of the Mountain and his mercenaries. 210 .Kill a man of high caste Brahmins. exclaimed Lucinda.Grab the gold.Sleep with a woman of low caste pariahs. . by Francis . . Let me do it. more than the Middle Ages.What is the turban.Hindu Mythology “Man seeks liberation. what a story! All we needed was than that. behind his desk mahogany. There was a terrible duel But Michael and Amanda have prevailed and killed him.These angels. I head over wars of religion! We are in the twenty-first century. How about God. “ Kali. No matter. said Raoul. Would we even repudiated all the rules of Dharma would be obtained and the purity and liberation.. He is already dead. Samtarana Upanisad. up there? We will not allow it hack the paradise. . Repeat the mantra Hare Krishna thirty-five million of both can be free of the gravest sins. We do not tolerate intolerance forever. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. namely: .Steal the property of others. . while you’re there? He felt that we were in possession of a bomb and the need to delay the effect. which knows only the language of violence and exclusion? He wants to make the war on the infidels.

now that the 346 347 Thanatonautes entered in the customs. speaks to the UN General Assembly. the representative of Equatorial Guinea. 211 . its amendments.Razorbak. with its laws. disillusioned.They are inadequate. and what a result! noticed. . it was high time to enter the legal age. economic era. He insisted on need to pacify the Continent Ultimate. Jean Lucinda President the French Republic. the era of medicine. Legislators to take responsibility. And in front of assistance rather distracted. the era of desire. Otherwise.We have already passed two laws Thanatonautes. the code of conduct mandatory. After the era of DIY. an era of violence. there would be an eternal Far West over our headers. the era of fear. it is therefore necessary for new.UNITED NATIONS The following week. . The Thanatonautes should be subject to a charter. he proposed with force two articles that would be known thereafter as the third and . Lucinda insisted. the era of astronomy.

Article 3. Every physical body will be responsible activities of its ectoplasm. like of Antarctica. The representative Fiji looked up from his newspaper and the Suriname started. we send peacekeepers responsible for maintaining peace and ensure the free flow of dead and Thanatonautes. why not? continued the Secretary generall After all. It is prohibited to cut the umbilical cord some ectoplasm whatsoever. Article 4.fourth laws Thanatonautes. . A murmur of astonishment ran the room. No one should be allowed to fight there or them to engage in campaigns of ownership.Yes. We are therefore entirely possible to .Heaven is for everyone. from his torpor. The Secretary General of the UN agrees with its meaning: . The President of the French Republic was formal: the Ultimate continent should remain neutral territory. According to a scale for prison sentences and fines proportionate to the crimes committed by ectoplasm. the Old Man of the Mountain was lifted up a private army to appropriate places. If necessary.

we returned to the . all knew. The third and fourth laws were adopted at a majority of votes. which also could to be very expensive. There was at present no violence in Paradise lence justifying such an operation. had informally encouraged and funded operations of the Old Man of the Mountain. A police karmic somehow.send our own strength interposition. However. namely peacekeepers ectoplas nomic. Twenty countries will advocate Cerent against or chose to abstain in order not to incurring problems on the side of Saudi Arabia. In addition. the proposal to create a police karmic was rejected.

Lucinda was right to bring the problem of ectoplasmic battles in the legal field. red. what puzzles! Delegates preferred to abandon the project of UN military his ectoplasmic. Many suspected that we had exceeded 6 Moch but all the questions.problems “Land” of sending any peacekeepers: would they allowed to kill if necessary. the laws Thanatonautes. black. All resembled a bit like a trumpet. The trouble-Ultimate Day Continent would now put beyond the pale {0}{0}”(L’humanite){/0}{/0} In addition. yellow. . orange. In the store down. The colors were reported in the order: blue. green. white. we oppose the silence on more complete. The map was rather pretty and perfect to adorn the wall of a budding scientist or an unrepentant dreamer. or would they just a to prevent the killing? In such a place. with a wide flared base and a pointed summit. our activities finally received official recognition. my mother was marketing now a comprehensive plan of Ultimate Continent. with its six and seven gates known territories.

. I did not thought to inform me or ask questions of the angels. the endless line of dead dividing it into four.As a legend. Brandishing a picture of a man .I have seen but not enough to see. Had we not found any (Really all?) this distant land? Of course. but we refrain from speaking of the angels or the mountain of Bright. reincarnation that followed. the vast white plain.Can you imagine the scope of such an assertion? struck me the President Lucinda. It must be understood. the three archangels-judges. It I had just thought comes the one “weighed” our good and our bad deeds before being reincarnated according to his past life. our team held its nth Thanatonautes Meetings Freddy is no longer there to testify. the mountain of weighing. Conrad had crossed a line between Terra incognita words. In the penthouse of our thanatodrome Buttes-Chaumont. each assailed me with questions about what were the “weighing of the soul “and. we noted a white area. It was too early. I still tell stories and how we reached the bottom of Paradise. of course. And all of my effort to save my wife. .

Basically. did during his trip not bothered to examine the scene. Amandine. No. I can not imagine what can happen. And then. How to be sure? . Our souls migrated slowly and herd tightened. That is what I call Mountain weighing of souls that emits the light that we draws from the first door. I also see anything special behind the mountain for simple reason that this mountain is so bright it hides all walks possible. I made a face. after the trial of karmas. as I also did not see mine.Are you really convinced that this is the end? It there is nothing after? I sighed. then asked: . I had not seen his father. Raoul proposed a . There was a dense crowd so dead.So there may be something else behind the … mountain. noticed my wife. which had the usual black robes now looks like a bereavement. there. My friend had himself recognized as the river of the dead grew from the orange territory.with graying temples and under deep that it was constantly on him. all his dilemma between back down here or not. there is a mountain of light. . Can not recognize anyone in this tumultuous flood of millions of souls in transit. Raoul asked if I had glimpsed his father. Desiring above all to find his father.

to understand the meaning of their lives. his “baptism” takeoff had such . My wife claimed perfect ment and delivery of the hospital in great shape. I wanted to go up there to see if his hypothesis white fountain on the other side of the black hole was the road. I believe that despite the death of Freddy. Amandine. Regarding Amanda. and all that.New collective off further exploration. Me? I was not too hot to go back up there but the others were obviously very excited to meet the angels. to see the end of consciousness. and all that. Stefania and Rose got up immediately hand volunteering.

reproduce.Cortex: Nechamah.Hypothalamus: Rouach. the trees bending under tornadoes and clouds were chasing. emotion. I agreed to serve as their guide. I remember very well. sleep. aesthetics and ability to control two brains.Jewish mythology Three souls correspond to three brains: . philosophy.Limbic System: Nefesh. Like it or not. 212 .ment delighted that she had left for any new adventure. our special tracksuits connected computers. . Level of our emotions: fear. Level of our needs survival: eat. strategy. Outside. May 13 A day particularly windy. Forward for the country of angels. . desire. Level of reason: logic. drink. Six … five … four … three … two … one. it was Friday. The video purred. . Off … I squeezed the bulb. but good! We alignâmes every five in our ovoid plastic. We took off together on a Friday 13. desire. I do not too much wind.

The Gehinom is discovered after physical death. Otherwise. is a little more long time but eventually also disappear. . they rejoice and welcome him. The party transcendental the Nechamah. or our bioenergy dissolves with the deterioration of the body. Its necessity may be compared to that of a good shower after a game backbreaking or passage through a decompression chamber of a scuba diver before rising to the surface. His father and members already deceased family gather around the Nechamah and he sees them. completely abandoned the form body. Ministry Rouach. by Francis Razorbak.According to Kabbalah. it is allowed to see his parents and his friends in the afterlife. This upper part of the Self is then received by the souls of those who loved her for her life land. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. This is where the souls are washed of their filth. At the time of death. it is recognized by those thrown into the Gehinom (purgatory). If the deceased was virtuous. a number of physiological and mental changes occur at the exact moment of physical death. he recognizes like all those he knew here and all accompanying his soul to where it should remain. related to the flow of vital energy. The Zohar explains that the Nefesh.

352 In Flight tight. I hid my fear.IN ANGELS My second trip ectoplasmic happened less than the first.213 . On my first flight. due to the Earth’s rotation. Is there mercenaries from another Hashishins or a few worshipers of Beelzebub in ambush. We crossed the Sun. I repressed my eternal question parasite (“But . we marched into the space at the speed of thought. There I was thinking about too many things along the way. was then directly on the way leading to the center of the galaxy. ready to attack by surprise and cut our umbilical cords? I was afraid. I thought to rescue Rose and thinking of others can forget his own anxieties.

Actually. To forget my fears. Review the Russian cosmonauts did me not even laugh. Finally. The Milky Way! The Greeks called and because the spray of stars they evoked a squirt Milk output in the goddess Hera. Someone should get to clean from all the stars lying in the Milky Way. Bathed in milk. you see what questions tion I mean. Move among the meteorites gave me goose bumps and the approach of each new planet seemed a good opportunity to rest my ectoplasm. we sail in tourists to the land of the dead. what I … “). I considered the galaxy around it. I really enjoy the show without . As was great! Stars do you want in here. wife of Zeus.

The smallest. The Orion Nebula looks like a scallop shell Jacques in the process of dissolving. Rose me the breath away.continually renewed the world interstellar. I realized that this show chart fascinates me and bring me to his knowledge. right. again. But. A course on astronomy in the open space is fabulous! More exciting than any safari. separated by only two million light years. Probably because they are younger. Far ahead of us. In the constellation Hunting dog (chance). . like a salt shaker upside down. Around its central axis. two galaxies are about to touch. the stars of Andromeda are more yellow than ours. my ectoplasm sees everything. Later on my left is the line rebound in Cygnus and then the variable stars of the Magellanic Clouds. there are the galaxy Andromeda. I distinguish the cloud of stars called Horsehead. similar in effect to a kind of neck ending in a corner. in the form of sea urchin. there are wild animals. As well as flies. She is sister of ours. All these names appear to me to mind but. Wonderful woman! Virage. Sometimes the supernova Vega. in fact. One could conclude that our good old Milky Way is older its parent Andromeda. is drawn by the larger.

Like what predation is present everywhere. Star collide on board. It is so huge it sucks all the other galaxies that pass the range. We cross planetary systems exotic clouds dust red and white. Even the inert knows his dramas.This is the galaxy M51.spiral. . Here. one of the spiral arms of M 51 will advance to capture NGC 5195. We build our five silver lace in a braid Security tight and. a galaxy Carnivore. the corolla of the black hole of death. using one of the choreography ectoplasmic Freddy. meteorites frozen with their beginnings of life ready to hatch on a planet which will exist. . and therefore more attractive and even more Carnivore. Areas of star clusters succeed large areas empty when there are only black. identifying the entrance to the giant tunnel of a circle effervescent. We veins always towards our central objective. explain telepathically Rose. There she is devouring the galaxy NGC 5195. When the two masses are sufficiently close to each the other. cold and nothing. set out again to the collision of the last Area/active person Area/person .And the “eat”? No! They will join to form a galaxy even more immense. finally.

Mao . always darker. It is so eclectic. bogged down. Molière. Look. Crowd a few mythical figures of my history books: Charlemagne Vercingetorix. There is also James Dean. a life without fantasies! I leave me not. as the “juice light” of nearby stars and all kinds of waves and particles. Houdini. I recognize so many things that I dreamed to meet! Marilyn Monroe. The membrane of the first wall comatose vibrates like a drum when it is hit or crosses. Winston Churchill. The river of the dead flows slowly across the plain orange. Dick. Queen Margot.. the world of the dead is also similar to a human ear. Leonardo da Vinci. Leon Trotsky. the crowd . Jules Verne. Zola. We arrive at the beach the Continent Ultimate. Fourth area: patience. These gatekeepers will always there waiting for me at home at the end. however. ever red. the fight against monsters tireless. Schlouf! I pass the wall soft. Lillian Gish.Prime territory: we are sucked into the vortex. Third territory: even my fantasies. Gary Cooper. Second area: again the fear of the past. Philip K. As it must be awful. I fly over the mass swarming paying this time more attention to those up. Miracle. Rabelais. nor my desires nor my pleasures. Fred Astaire (who can not help to outline a short walk from tap to pass the time). George Washington. I like to find them. Louise Brooks.

My second is a bird. The more impatient strive to remain at the center the river to reach the light at once. was this: mapping. he laughs and tells me. the Borgias (Grouped into family around Lucretia). Ava Gardner. We argue in the family of the last Tsar of Russia. To first he is annoyed because I disturbed its drag but when I explain my reasons. The real passion for this friendly ectoplasm royal. Louis XVI tries to reconcile them: it either did not see it coming. He turns away to discuss mapping Marco Polo. each blaming the other for not having foreseen the Revolution. being dredged Diana the Huntress. it . Many take advantage of the halt to unusual encounters. “My first is talkative. He was interested just as the locks. but draw the rivers Canada and move the words Terra incognita were really major pastime and unknown to Louis XVI. Raoul is friendly but it always throws puzzles and do not give The solution? I landed near Victor Hugo and the opportunity to to claim the solution to the riddle of the pastry. The least disciplined weave around. Paradise is really the last show chic where you cause! I mark up Victor Hugo with his long beard.Tse-tung. it’s a chatterbox.

. My great-grandmother Aglaia! I rushed towards her. Yes. I spot suddenly a familiar face. If I had more time. credit Indeed it was so easy that I had not thought of. it is now far ahead. But my great-grandmother Aglaé tells me that she had already briefed and that Moreover. Many others who were crying were only hypocrites eager to draw attention ! I’m so happy I want to find my father to tell him. My third is in the coffee is café. she saw how I had behaved to her death but do not mind because she had read in my heart my true feelings. I would try to know where disappeared Saint-Exupéry and why from above there are drawings giants of Chile and Peru. She recognizes immediately and includes immediately why I approached so quickly. Solution: the bakery is the Bavarian coffee.flies. “ What a chance to ask people the better informed. I would look Stradivarius to know the secret adhesives for his valuable violins.

Sixth territory: up to beauty. Of . the spirit lighter. despite the desperate calls of the first of Thanatonautes. one quarter of eggs. This too is part of knowledge.I take my flight. a quarter of flour. Fifth area: knowledge. continuing its path towards the light. Amandine meets Felix and pretends not to recognize. The beds purple lace alternate. eager to see if the bottom of the black hole overlooks a white fountain. the recipe for pound cake. a quarter of sugar. Purple. A quarter of butter. Raoul search in vain for his father. Do not I forget the recipe before I return to earth. fractal images shimmer to infinity. Below. Stefania hovers quietly above the crowd of the dead. red. tan. My astronomer wife is head of our group. yellow. I discovered by chance and without asking.

A unicorn gold rises on its hind legs. our cords always linked. As fear. Beauty is polymorphic. blue. The shuttle Challenger exploded had it not then dint of exploits were beginning to believe the flight spa tiaux definitely safe? Nothing is safe. even if the method proves decorporation dis green of the universe really soft. we do . black and white wings unfold dragonflies.iridescent butterflies escape from beaks of swallows roses. At no time. This trip was perhaps less exciting to be more first takeoff but never did become a routine. Seventh territory: we come together before Moch 6. Of frogs.

at the bottom of the black hole and with the possibility to get out. so bright face our ectoplasm so dull! If I . I’ve been there. so colorful. even with the best telescope onboard satellite! We were in the stars. center of the galaxy. the five musketeers of death was hand-holding the end of the trip. me. surprised. we would never been able to detect. What astronomer could feed more ambition? For us. Aggressive and magnetic at a time. What we found now. For me. the slightest incident could take on dramatic proportions. They saw the river of the dead pierced the membrane of Moch 6 understand but the last face of life fills every reasonable fear. the river of the dead split into four arms.should lose our caution. I lifted a piece of the curtain terrifying and invite my friends to follow me. I went while others were reluctant to follow me. We went far. At this rate. We had reached the general curtain masking the latter’s death. After: all. Below. far away and quickly. the flamboyant light struck us. Appeared the first halos of angels. so quickly. I found to be happy to return this vast plain cylindrical white and veils of mist. I shrugged my shoulders.

rabbis. Curiosity? Desire to advance science? Same Stefania to the language usually so glib coit remained. The “Great Initiates”.The Great Initiates. 214 . Apparently. It was “him” who replied to our site: . sages who quietly and without the help of modern technology. shamans. . patiently repeated the angel.You are the Great Initiates.MYTHOLOGY SIBERIAN . is not it? Which ? Raoul surprised. “Great Initiates”. It meant others we had preceded and had kept secret information. Other Thanatonautes? Monks. their visits had not been frequent. would have given up to this kind of journey from the dawn of time? The angel smiled. since still they were accustomed to receive. I understood why he and his colleagues do not put me in my problems first passage to Paradise.asked one day what is the best ambition of a man. But how to achieve such a feat? An angel with a sporty fluttered to us and asked why we are here with our cords intact. I now know the answer: the most beautiful ambition is to make his soul as beautiful as that of an angel benevolent. “they” had a term for the “living” advancing so far. our intrusion did not surprise too. even if we the learned later.

while the day is dark as the pale reflection of the sun.In Siberian shamanic religion after the death while is reversed. a intoxication or a dream. the rivers flow into the mountains. during an illness. In the land of the dead.Asaliah . That is why it is necessary to know a few things accurate. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. by Francis Razorbak. These are small details to know for sure we are no longer among the living. Sometimes you make a foray into the land of the dead without realizing it. Sometimes you enter the land of the dead at a shamanistic ceremony. You enter a country where everything above is down. the trees grow upside down 358 Raise High the roots. the night is bright as the light dark of the moon. everything is clear becomes obscure. 215 .

Their designations varied religions. Three main archangels: the archangel Gabriel (messenger and initiator). Asaliah in Hebrew. Mapanos to the Gauls. It was Ptah to the Egyptians. Apollo to the Romans. We had a choice: we could consider the angels as saints. Cherubim and Thrones. We optâmes generic for “angel”.Our host was called St. Jerome. The third. On this.” Corn he had a name in many other languages. They were perfect. the Archangel Michel (the slayer of dragons). St. the Archangels and Angels. Xochipilli for the Aztecs. the Sumerians Enki. Jerome French. a second Virtues. Lamed Vav or Bodhisattvas. There were seventy-two angels primary and seven hundred thousand angels side. the Archangel Raphael (Guide for physicians and travelers). he replied to issues Raoul on the organization of Paradise. Dominations and Powers. Dianceht for the Irish Celts. With . Savitri for Hindus. In order not to lose. The hierarchy was simple. The first triad included the Seraphim. Freyr for the Germans. which had managed their lives and could break the cycle of reincarnation but who still preferred to spend management of souls in transit. Ptah-Xochipilli apologized. the highest. Svarog for the Slavs. united the principalities. meaning “one who tells the truth. Buddhas. With pleasure. elected officials. Illapa for the Incas … His task here was to find the truth and help souls to rise spiritually. or tzaddik.

there was still a god or gods. yet Freddy taught me that in Hebrew. Indian. 216 . on top of these cohorts.crowd which pressed down. We pursued only visit. it was not the work he was missing.The number of rungs of the ladder of Jacob. . I was wondering if.. etc.MAJOR ANGELS Some examples of names of angels main from the Bible but could also be Greek. Chinese. God said Elohim and the name is plural. So… Seventy-two angels main … This figure reminded me also something. I recollected telepathically Raoul. . The Jews say that God is one.

Among the most useful. 6th angel LELAHEL. who chases away evil spirits. who can live in peace with others. one that soothes the revolts unjust. 10th angel ALADIAL. one that protects against adversity. 9th angel Haziel. 4th angel ELEMIAH. who helps get the benefit of Great and keeping promises. 8th angel CAHETHEL. in bulk. one that helps unlock the secrets of nature and to develop new technologies. who is the master of meditation and spiritual enlightenment. who dominates the world of dreams .First angel VEHUIA. 5th angel MAHAASIAH. 3erd. Second angel JELIEL. who protects those who fear we only discover their secrets. who heals the sick. 7th angel Achaiah. e angel SITAEL. there are still: 12th angel HAHAIAH. one that can detect traitors.

59th angel HARAEL. who removes sadness and terrors of the night.and reveals sometimes dreamlike form. 360 14th angel MEBAHEL. 20th angel PAHALIAL. one that protects against malicious traitors. one that helps scientists. 53rd angel Nanael. one that protects against usurpers of fortune. reconciliation and marital fidelity. mysteries sacred. who saves the trial. 50th Angel: DANIEL. a ruler of friendship. who helps discover the treasures. one that protects priests and magicians. 18th angel CALIEL. 42nd angel MIKAEL. 16th angel HAKAMIAH. 38th angel HAAMIAH. 26th angel HAAIAH. who brings a fast rescue when blows of fate unexpected. one that gives inspiration to those who hesitate between several choices. who protects men polished ticks and rulers. who can travel without incident. 23rd angel MELAHEL. 17th angel LAUVIZH. who . 13th angel IEZALEL.

69th Angel: Rochelle. Nergal to the Sumerians.convinces the children to be more respectful to their parents. It answered readily: . they do not come to me all in mind. who helps to find objects lost and those who have stolen. Its companions did not speak to himself and not not seem to want their company. who had found his range. Seth for Egyptians. But in your world. NB In case of specific problems. I have to be known still under a lot of other names. 72nd angel MUMIAH. they call me more often Satan or Angel of Death and Hades or Grand Hermaphrodite. it is recommended to use the angel specializing in the field rather than a whole divine. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. unlike the saying “better go to God to his saints “.IN GOOD COMPANY Stefania. What is your name? He too was not too surprised to see us there. by Francis Razorbak. sorry.Samael. who helps companies succeed and men live longer. He shone with a strange light … A . 217 . landed an angel appeared simultaneously male and female. but.

I am also the most indispensable of all the angels.Actually. I seduce the ignorant. I am tolerated here and below. told us that the devils were only shadows of the angels. an angel appearing to be St. but perhaps too original for you to understand. Your wisdom does she says not before back must touch the bottom? I help people to touch the bottom to move up. his expression was no longer anything “satanic”. This neither in gorged. Stefania thinking. give white clothes staining flood. Suddenly. nor by drunk that triggered disasters and conflicts mortals! The most great wars have been launched on behalf of the Good. Of course! Heaven. And this same wisdom invoked by Samael does it not also that of an evil can come good? As he departed. never that of Evil. Me.And you tolerate here in Paradise? He had a booming laugh. on earth. . I’m serving well. . I already understood.black light! A bit like the lamps in the night clubs. a poor image. neither fornicators. Stefania suppressed a cringe. . it’s the same. yet this Only by proving their ignorance to the ignorant one can advance! Thanks to me. those who have everything false can resume. Hell. I push them in their evil inclinations for better to prove their ignorance. Certainly I am aware I. the angel of clarification. PeterHermes-Aniel-Mercury. in your world.

Shaitan and Yog Sottoth.There is no key in the material sense of the word. I give the keys that allow understand the Paradise. Of . he said. . . they have their back dark. “the keys of Paradise”? Saint Pierre Hermes nodded kindly head.Can we contact angels without up to date? I asked. Like any angel. seventy-two Devils leading. . It opens other locks. right? It means a black angel completely filamentous gliding rapidly over the river of the dead. Saint Pierre Hermes is verbose. this one. is the projection of the Devil luimême.Saint Jerome-Xochipilli has already taken the trouble to give us some explanation.Yes. then.Impressive. the ranks tremble as in a breeze cold. the Great Archangel.So you got lucky. the Italian who had not forgotten her catechism. In fact. Previous Great Initiates me so designated because I’m often the only angel to take the time to inform newcomers.. .It means what. Chaos Rampant described in the Apocalypse. The three archangels are three Great Princes Demons: Beelzebub. there is thus one hundred forty to four. and vice versa. You are the holy Pierre keeper of the keys to Paradise? . . Thereupon he returned to the seventy-two angels major. In all. This is an image.You are Peter! exclaimed Stefania. In her approach. . Gabriel. All have their own palace called by a sphere.

“they” do was not taken seriously. I. They will be there then to intercede for of the soul when it weighed by the archangels. the power and utility of prayer. We operate only on a vertical mode.Guardian Angel and Demon staff are given the day of birth. calling all these beliefs pure superstition. The angel descends to judge whether to intervene. personal demon … The Great Initiates had transmitted their knowledge in the as accessible as possible and. At least. Yet “they” knew. in the past . And a long time. There you are. step-helping people knew. It was enough to think for an angel to intervene. the angel of the keys and clarification. It was as simple as “mechanical” than that. Can not change the register. . Thus. since I am St. I only helps those who want to “understand”. which is programmed as a single state: anger. Just pray or yet to produce an emotion corresponding to the field one of us. for example. Peter Hermes. from top to bottom and from bottom to top. and has always been popular imagery which had seemed so innocent had only reveal the “truth” true. There is a simple way to use them.. I grabbed Finally. peace. harmony … No free will. ” always. A vibration shakes when the meridian his sphere. . Angel guardian. We are associated each in a meridian emotional acting up-charge. hence.course! Every human being has actually her guardian angel and his personal demon.

negative energies may rise to spheres . But it is rare. You can not ask an angel one thing at a time. Each solicitation will pay in loss of energy. unless have a state of purity of procedure as it allows receive no compensation with angels. 4. It’s a barter. freeing the angel. saying. An angel also a mission and for a given period. 2. Always go through the hierarchy: the solicitation shall be provided to lower angels specialized by Angels top generals. ” An angel must not remain too long on earth. If he stays too long empty. unless enjoy the behavior of a saint. Be prepared to give up part of its energy to make a wish. 6. It creates a mess. a sacrifice of his own person. Peter Hermes 1. only the price differs. A bit like Faust.In karma. How does the services of the angels were not free? How mint-they? . I furrowed my eyebrows ectoplasmic. eroding karma. For perform a vengeance. . Always follow the angels and not allow himself the any negative thought about them. there is a price to pay. It must return as soon as his palace.Prayer is request the intervention of an angel very accurate. by efficiency is identical. 3. Barter? Yes. specified our initiator. “I do not need you. We can apply both an angel a devil. it is better to use an angel of justice as a devil of a temper. You have to sell his soul for power. 5.Obviously. Mission accomplished. I ordered mental the keys provided by St.

. Rose and I continued to browse the site as much as we allow our umbilical cords knotted. we always get what you want. Seraphim frolicking how many small hummingbirds in human form. Nevertheless. Stefania. The white angels are activated by the love of Well. all prayers are heard. Saint Pierre Hermes jumped as if he had just received a call and we left. The Great Initiates always had reason to surround always have their revelations of mystery. Suddenly. Probably someone on land was praying for him to come. there I became very clear. Amandine. The angels themselves. In life. which is probably run by a devil of lower worlds. They realize that the first. I grabbed one and noticed when he was blessed with six wings. distinguish the true desires of the whims of children. similar to those of dragonflies. Hatred vibrates the sphere corresponding to the hierarchy hatred. Raoul. I think that if the world learned that it was possible to have everything we wish we had not finished with the problems. is that we do not really want. the black by the love of evil. On these good words telepathic.corresponding lower. Love mobilizes a sphere of worlds superiors. When does not get it.

Tell me. the angels. . I insisted. however. . Pierre Hermes. looking at me as the mountain of light of Judgement. devils … But is there a god. Thomas you think maybe I do not believe what I see. He clapped his wings and fled. your place is below. two last to fly..And back there. that God exists and is everywhere. pushing us to go behind the mountain if . good angel. Me.It’s in all Bibles. Faced with this tiny cherub who made fun of my ignorance.What do I know? he said. Perhaps yes and perhaps leads there to God. Corn I understood that the leading supplier of keys would consent to give than he was willing to give. I’m agnostic. I am like St. little angel? He looked at me with disdain. archangels. I have seen here of the dead. but some angels believe. For my part. My Seraph was probably less experienced in this field. Rose. We have never seen god here. I ventured to the big question that had burned lips during our interview with St. a god above you? It was a small movement towards the back of the mountain. I have two wings to cover my face. He laughed a little angel.Why did you six wings. two to cover me sex. my place is here. do the hall of Heaven is for-Suit Who knows? he said with malice. And you. . .

MYTHOLOGY ARAB From the grave. but our cords of money were already too stretched to venture further. In addition. the deceased is subject to the trial of two angels Munkar and Nakir. they regain their whiteness. . Thanks to them. By bathing in succession in three rivers. We started a long time and it was we hurry if we did not want to risk find only heaps of flesh necrotic. they come out of hell and then become like the tso’rom (small cucumbers). Stefania insisted that we returned as soon as our envelopes char tional.existed a fountain white balancing the black hole. Depending on their decision. Reluctantly. The angels will then intercede with God to save the damned. the tomb transformed into hell preliminary draft in purgatory or Paradise preliminary. we rushed to our thanatodrome. 218 .

Towards the end. Corn the truth was she so ugly that only a black angel can to him be? I shudder even before my friend did began his story. The desire to know Raoul was always so intense he was obviously produce a strong vibration. the more it went away. Francis forsook completely his wife and devoted himself entirely to writing his thesis. The more advanced in its research. a Philip. Threat of divorce.What is it? You saw your father? . Raoul’s father surprised one day the lovebirds frolicking in the open. acceded willingly my prayer. His dark eyes flashed and his hands fluttered around her body like two spiders malignant. Razorbak took high and ensure that they fight to the end. it does . said Satan. She even came to a lover. Mr. Raoul sprang from his chair. by Francis Razorbak. The inevitable happened.Saint Pierre Hermes? . but Satan himself.No. Anger. he refused. but an angel told me his story. .first concern Upon our return. .No. If separation there was. Death the unknown. and Mrs. Ms. Razorbak not agreed at all.Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. He was overexcited. Dispute. 219 .

For his son. at the worst end. Actually.would not at his expense. The truth is the worst of all weapons and dark angel did not skimp on the details and moving. it perceive quietly heritage and benefit at will of her lover. but to his advantage. No one had pierced the deception. It was logical that Professor of Philosophy passionate death comes to to give it to better discover the other side of the mirror. so sensitive. Even Raoul had thought! Without the help of Satan. we . he never would know the truth. What opportunities offered the discovery Green Continent Ultimate! In the penthouse before the cocktails Amandine. his mother pushed his father. it was not a suicide but a assassination. Thus. with a strong child support and custody of Raoul. it was as if for the first time. Francis Razorbak hung on the hunt of water. a police investigation had resolved in Paradise. By his adulterous behavior. That evening.

Plus we will repeating that this whole thing of the past. that’s all. .No. I insisted. letting died in peace and live their lives more Raoul plunged into its fury. I swore that he was mistaken. now convinced that it had caused the death of his father. You can not know what had in mind when he passed through the chain.I’m not. .Satan is just pushing the ignorant in their ignorance. My father loved his wife and she has betrayed him. Th told him that his son. Guessing what he would do. it is easily justified but hastened to hang up. .She killed him. Overcome with rage. It’s as if everything around him was distorted by the obsessive idea. more we pray to distinguish things. I tried to hasten the telephone number of his mother to warn. and went hurtling down the floors of thanatodrome.tentâmes to appease our friend. . his head between His hands shaped greenhouses. he committed suicide. But all our entreaties seemed to produce on him the opposite effect. she killed my father! he cried. . reversing chair glass. rushed to avenge him. but Satan yes. he rose. But Raoul was unable to reason with a cool head.

My mother is the worst bitches. Your father also had his faults. After all. Pierre Hermes was silent. Not finding his mother. He neglected her and was interested in its books. who had knocked. . he had Dark at the famous Philippe’s lover at the time. he repeated. stamping and willing to break everything! As it is easy to get overwhelmed by hatred! For the first time I understood that it is better. It was all so ridiculous! The proud Thanatonautes had become a child in anger.Some business quickly thrown into a bag and already she was not there when Raoul disfigured by hatred smashed his door. Better to pursue the catch. He paved the way for research . thundered Raoul de back with us. It had devoted himself to science. and that was why St. He returned. You have yourself admitted that he did almost never held you either.My father was a learned philosopher. Freddy does he not say that “the wise man seeks truth while the idiot has already found “? . beefier.Who are you to dare to judge? inveighed Stefania any by passing a wet cloth over his bruises. . not knowing the truth. looking bad. often wind. . He had rushed at him but it was another. She thee high! But Raoul was in such condition that it was impossible the reason.

Raoul. Like the others. . because in fact you were not .Perhaps will they be reborn into a toad? suggested Amandine to comfort him. you should thank your mother.of death. .And the truth. Justice will be made. you became a pioneer of Thanatonautes and you ended up discovering the Continent Ultimate. .Nothing is simple. you’ve specialized in hibernation marmots. grunted he. With it. The angels have all the elements the case.If it’s any consolation. I sighed. I think you should make a good psychoanalysis. He drank in one gulp the glass of cognac she served and as claimed another. Up there. . she has created in you a thirst for knowledge. And my mother killed him! Rose put her cool hand on his burning forehead. an appetite needed to be filled. Trust the angels and destiny. . In fact. Th want it to be reincarnated as cockroach to properly crush of a kick. you have completed your studies of biology. In “suicide” tone father. . they will punish it deserves. . I also asked for a drink. remember that up there. too. whispered it to her musical voice. including the testimony of your father. added myself. it will inevitably be judged one day. Only human pride than to imagine we can do justice in this world.You know.Surely there are toads happy.Yes. Justice is an illusion. muttered Raoul. his soul will be weighed.

So. Viper. my old friend. I wanted to shake like a plum tree that sad wreck tipsy. Michael? I also learned some nice on you.Remember that Satan is still an angel evil. . we fought together against the worshipers Satan and now you are going to make you support for him to solve your little personal problems ! You’re just a Faust opera. Only your true friends know where you hit to make it hurt. you’ve just watched. We no time to lose. Instinctively. spit your venom! ” but fear prevailed. noticed Amandine. Satan made you confide in your father because you wanted your whole heart. my oldest friend … I vibrated strong enough that he teach me two truths about yourself. Raoul laughed bad. . We will still need you to thanatodrome every day and every minute. I say. . At .My friend.Listen to me! I exclaimed. Corn why’d have it about me? . I stopped my ears while he pronounced his revelations.ready to hear the revelations of Satan. I had suddenly enough to see it and wallow in its rage. . I-know-all just give me a lecture? Hey. I knew that these truths would make me ill.What’s that Mr. I shrugged my shoulders. . forget your mother. I grabbed Raoul’s shoulder.Impossible.Remember. I felt like shouting “Go.

do not know. Raoul was already . And greatgrandmother Aglaia … Raoul was staring at me with delight. “No way! to pass one on your belly already hot and bloody. But before I had time to put my fingers in my curtains hearing. But there it was. leave me digest first the first truth. . The craft followed me a long time. My mother was not my mother or my brother my brother. Do not know. I had the impression of having been hit by a truck.You did not hear? You want me to repeat? . He had me reduce to a pulp.Truth two! A truck that crushes you. My family had never been my family. For pity’s sake. My father was not my father. Above all. it’s already terrible. I pushed very. he was screaming already: .Your parents were sterile! You and Conrad you are that adopted children! Truth one. very hard my fingers to my ears. Everything collapsed around me.the mine of the three women. In my turn suffer! An expression sadistic appeared on his face while he was preparing to send its second missile. No sooner had I removed my hands from my ears as Raoul stammered: . This was especially the second information which was most affected Rose. I knew it was serious. My past was no longer my past.I do not want to know! I cried.

Because they remain in the heights of that world. beauty and grace. I like to get a good uppercut … Especially on the part of my “best friends”.He who says that is! 220 . I had no time to think about a repartee fine. I untied my hands to clear a punch lightning in the chin of the man who was my best friend.Thanks. time will not make them old. he displayed a face poor and happy. who are now prevented by my word to to see and forced by command to be held in their area until the coming of their arrival. Furious. They will see the world that has now invisible and they will see the time that has now been hidden. he said. In addition. They show the eminent beauty of living who are under the throne and all the host of angels. like I made a sentence. . Is gently massaging the face.having again stated the second.Jewish mythology “(…). Stefania and especially Rose. . I had to answer something for the nose definitively. Car in front of them extend the spaces of Paradise. they will be transformed into any forms they want. I articulated a phrase that meant nothing. The disarray was visible in the eyes Amandine. “ . of light splendor of glory. they will be similar to angels and like the stars.

8-11.Baruch. LI. by Francis Razorbak. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. 221 .police files .

Risk of adverse consequences. .Note to the services concerned Confidential information transmitted to mortals by angels unscrupulous. Intervention indispensable to put an end to this dangerous adventure.

372 222 . Rose and I made love.ORPHAN Just returned to the room. the Ministry of Education National introduced very quickly during ASV (Confrontation Serene of Truth). There is no reason for it to go differently this time. This teaching was at first confined the upper classes. He recently became part of baccalaureate exams.Response services affected You panic again for trifles. We control fully The situation! Everything has always gone very well. It fell well. 223 .HISTORY TEXTBOOKS It is necessary to be very hard to face the truth. It was she who had rushed to me. How many of us can they hear the truth and keep their cool? When were understood effects perverse Thanatonautes. History textbook. She whispered she wanted very quickly a child to me. I also wanted a child from . but quickly spread elementary classes. second year elementary course.

bouy” to inform us that he was hungry). First a green plant (monotone). We had gone over time. there happen may be the same. without reason.her since for a long time to come. ‘I remarked. we only had animals and plants. we had found one day. Would that to avenge turn the cat by pulling the dog’s ears. It would be fantastic become the parents of the reincarnation of Freddy. . eyelids and nose. three months had passed … But with any luck. Freddy said he would charge in the country orange to attempt to reincarnate in one year. the belly up) and Zouzou sea turtle (always busy to stuff yourself small maggots) and guinea pig (called Bouyebouye because he squealed all the time “bouy. decreed she. bouy. . the idea delights Rose. Also scientific Rose consulted a calendar. Anyway.Dates are subject to paste. then an orange (which produced fruit inedible) and a goldfish (Leviathan.With a little luck. then a cat that had ate the guinea pig and a dog (who had avenged the guinea pig by tormenting always the cat). . one could even deliver the reincarnation of Freddy. Hmm. Until then. Children are naturally good at restoring ties. tail. legs. A child would now be welcome.

to replace soon with thoughts and feelings much more . And the canary Uncle William: “When someone is angry against you. for how unhealthy pleasure.No. She sighed and made me swear always to my ears when Raoul seek to struck me the second truth. . I understand. . he now wants to any price you reveal the ugly secrets of Satan. it is not really angry against you.For the first time I hit someone with a This will hurt him … And then I lost my best friend. Raoul is bitter because he was unhappy to learn that his mother killed his father. Our embrace was happy. ” We refîmes love. I drove the “in fact. I made a face. I did not know that my husband had such a talented boxer! she said.It will pass. In all case. . I say.At work. I do not see why. . Raoul is not against you. yet I caught a sad expression on the face of Rose when she put the head on the pillow. what I do … “Always parasite. said she confidently.Once again we were pioneers. I said cheerfully. you totally sounded. I asked him what was wrong all at once.But you have nothing to do. Which had already thought to be a child container of a soul before chosen? It was as if we manufactured a vase to put flowers already in stock. protested she. shaking again against me. . it is only angry against himself.

so what? This did not alter my behavior. On the contrary. grumbled she. is leaned over the balcony to gaze at the starry night. You imagine. Simply place the safeguards to avoid nasty spills. The story of Raoul is perhaps a warning. Yet I could not see what could be more terrible to learn that parents who had always believed hers were not our real parents. In the morning.No. She refused. beautiful in her nightgown. the stars made their interest. Then.I sometimes wonder if we do not play with sorcerer’s apprentice. The moon was huge. I read in her eyes that she was convinced that this one would cause much more damage than the first. Look how the discovery the last area of ​Paradise has thrown us together against the other. It made me promise to never ask to hear it. if anyone went there and fell on an angel who tells him of truths inconvenient! . I was tempted to ask the second truth to see if I could cash it. . Around. .Just keep calm. Rose. I am now more grateful to my adoptive parents for having me and high.enjoyable. We fell asleep in the arms of one another. Raoul told me that I was an orphan. of course. Do not you’re not going to support the obscurantist who want a ban our explorations? .

All energies.Raoul was gone. Paradise. Felix. all souls. Freddy was there … And not just Freddy. Hughes. the pit end of the Paradis. the culmination of all our efforts. The meaning of our lives. a monk in meditation or an angel making discreet visit to the man who invoked ? . all ideas. all the lights. I watched a soul returning to earth. Good travel! dear contemporaries. A green dot symbol each deceased. They need to leave this world was probably stronger. an assassin who wanted revenge as a ghost. a lover who would not leave his beloved. I remained alone in thanatodrome with “my” three Women: Rose. Very rarely. Was it a survivor of medicine. a Thanatonautes isolated. He had disappeared. our first Thanatonautes: Marcellin. Amanda and Stefania. It was a garbage can and a matrix. I watched often this image. My wife had attached to one wall of the penthouse a huge poster of the galaxy with at its center. Some shot up faster than others. Rajiv … Inmate Fleury-Merogis galore … Sometimes at night I would sit in front of the receptor large antenna we had installed at the top of thanatodrome and I looked on the screen control the dead fly like so many flocks of pigeons. Everything started from there and everything came back there. no one knew where.

Regarding Raoul. he dragged Bar in bar and claimed that alcohol consumption would allow if improve his technique off. They told me blessed. They told me yelled and gave want to rebel against them like I was their true child. apologized for making me the evil and promised solemnly never to attempt to get reveal the second truth. I thanked him without much conviction. Powerless to discover. he realized he had to start with itself a major debate on justice. yet I measured the importance they had taken in my life. They were perhaps strangers. This did not please me that much. my mother and my adopted brother visited me. I have fallen unconscious in love . In the evening. He returned to thanatodrome. we thought it wandered somewhere on this earth much material in search of his mother in the flesh real. without betrays the slightest clue. I could get rid of my Oedipus complex with my false father no. sober. it was not far. My parents had always treated as one of their own. fortunately. sorry to fight against us. In fact. One day. I did not heard. They had kept the secret. rang at my door. Knowing that there information that could disrupt my life of completely and remain voluntarily in his ignorance.

it is perhaps this: being able to say thank you to those who have done good and not lick the hand of those who have harmed.with my miserable mother. not even Christ has been raised. who had abandoned me as a pile rags. The real justice. I just gave up. I passed. then our . I would never to speak up there with my real parents. and told me that. how can some of you they say that there no resurrection of the dead? If there is no vision. but often we find ourselves silly to do the opposite and we do not even know why. Sounds simple as that. I could enter into competition with my pathetic brother. As for those who had passed. of the dead. If they had abandoned me. But if the Christ is not risen. The truth of Raoul had allowed me to understand a truth even more valuable. I had only one real home: my heavy mother and the idiot Conrad. You do not choose necessarily friends.Christian mythology “But if we preach that Christ rose from the dead. I did not know why (probably very good) who had pushed. I did not even see their faces. whatever the circumstances. I embraced like never before I had them kissed. For all that. but … can still choose her family! 224 . many thanks.

” Willingly or unwillingly. empty as is our faith […]. Little by little we percions better the meaning of life. eat and drink for tomorrow we die. Paul to the Corinthians 1. If for this life only we put our hope in Christ. saints of all. They called us their “great introduced to the short week. 225 . as if those interviews entered a process already well known to them. If the dead not rise.message. “ Second Epistle of St. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. the elite of the Lamed Vav. Lucinda thought one day that this had gone on long enough. the last chamber of Paradise. by Francis Razorbak.CONFERENCES Advantage that. we are the most pitiable of all men […]. angels turn out kind and extremely wise. The angels were accustomed to visits by our small group Thanatonautes. It is still in superbodhisattvas. they accepted to answer our questions. but We were left alone to know. We multipliâmes trips to explore the best and if possible to the end. He was about to run a third .15. for now. When you know them a little. the secret was well kept.

The public would surely get more information about what happened after the death. After all. Speaking of angels and heaven was more prudent evoke indices recession. figures Unemployment horrible progression and a deficit commercial completely demoralizing. He no longer an asset to throw in the electoral battle: the Thanatonautes.presidential term. And how best to achieve that by sliding in the ballot box a ballot on behalf of the outgoing president? Everything is paid: one vote equals one step closer to the explanatory cation of your death. This was in essence the program election of our friend. diplomatic. economic. his record was disastrous. he was the man who had launched the exploration of the continent Ultimate Project bold if it were. political. Lucinda is counting on us for him to rebuild a image of the winner. . On all fronts.

For my part. And could we not learn there? Who 378 sponsored the Kennedy assassination. armed the hand of Ravaillac? Who was the Iron Mask? Which was hidden the treasure of Blackbeard the pirate? Up there. if desired very strong. populated by angels. plotted the death of Marilyn Monroe. I was not convinced that the time had came to reveal to people that there was a white country spent Moch 6. we had access to . and where the deceased had to make behalf of all good and all bad actions committed during their time here on earth. I was placed to measure the ravages of the truth.

I asserted forcefully. Some covet power. I remembered having wished to be dead. “said Freddy. Men are not yet ready for such an announcement. even if not a living hell? “Let us beware of our desires. I remembered having liked to have a harem of women subservient. just as they had not heard so many tyrants who want to become masters of the world! . we might be well annoyed if they materialize. Come. My dear Michael. Do not disclose the existence of angels. What/how? simultaneously satisfy all the earthlings? A world where all desires be realized upon solicitation of angels.No. some only dream of peace and non-carnage. What trouble ahead! The desires of each are often completely against the wishes of others. when everyone would know that is enough to call wholeheartedly thrilled that his wishes come true. haunted me … Not daring to admit my obsession. Fortunately. you were well informed that you were a adopted child and you do not make a mountain! Well … But a second fact. Was it really a good thing? In addition. ‘said the President with a smile. I went just . I remembered have intended the death of a professor of geography particularly irascible. the angels me not heard.all solutions to all the answers. come. others an inheritance. unknown to me that one.

jinn and even devils.: .He forgave him. my dear Michael. . it has achieved the archangel Gabriel. Razorbak drinks a lot too much alcohol. At first. telling throughout our interviews with angels archangels. The Black Angel Satan had caused all this damage. The evil it produces. .Perhaps. delighted. . we can trust the Paradis. forced to hide all the time? . Rose and Amanda. I submitted So the general will.But his mother. Stefania. he repairs them.How did you manage to get his due? The President rubbed his hands.These angels are certainly very practical. he evacuated the problem. I convinced him to follow a detox. but consider Raoul and his mother! In a flick. You see.Razorbak needs rest. seraphim. his white alter ego. The news amazed me. He promised to come and lend a hand to my presidential campaign as soon as it would Better . It is not I who convinced Raoul is Stefania. and for good reason! As to Stefania. it is able to transform as well. we went there together. they saw no reason not to disclose all the ultimate secret. Thus we entered our time “showbiz “. We entamâmes a series of conferences around the world. . What say to that? And who was I to counteract the Head of State? Raoul would certainly have been able to issue objections but it was not there.

Amanda was able to communicate his passion for Thanatonautes. Blond angel with the body of a crow. especially when her husband was the best choreographer of takeoffs Thanatonautes! The conferences of Amandine became real shows. . One evening.This “weighing of souls” seems incomprehensible. But little by little. It arose dressed all in black in white projectors. The lovely nurse initially silent and reserved. It doubles until . you really want to say up there. it turned out that only Amandine was very good at this type of exercise. a recent widow gave him extra credibility. is like the bachelor. The existence. they count points like so many penalties and bonuses? She took his time before answering.“Yes. Peter. it looked more to the fantasy of it that I crossed to each of my incursions aliens. had suddenly an oratory certain.Amandine. Come on. She recalled with wonder the Paradise. Of Moreover. when she finished her presentation. A widow can not lie on a matter touching the so close. The quietest are often the best speakers as soon as they given the opportunity. Rose and me. . while the choir sang the opening Carmina Burana. where it dated back more often to search (in vain far) Freddy and discuss with St. a journalist Raise your hand.

. specified Amandine. Other questions . In fact. You can get lost or run away with blows of actions that seem at the time harmless to me assigned an angel. Life Was a wide classroom where it all comes down to win the more good points as possible without his best bad grades and zero points? This vision of “school” of fate was enough to disappoint many But she at least had the merit of being coherently.you get the average. According to the schedule imposed by the three archangels. .… But in the same way. The weighing is very subtle and judges engaged to very lengthy calculations.A single act benefits can pay six hundred points of a sudden. Hubbub in the room. Most are recalibrated and then reincarnated. there is not a dead ten miles happens to get six hundred points and transform in pure spirit.But then the man went on. Peter had not been stingy with his keys. There was a rumor in the audience. Amandine provides precise figures: . Murmur of relief. It was therefore sufficient to properly have only once in his life to be saved! However. how does it bonuses and penalties for the soul away with its cycle of reincarnation? St.Six hundred points. already the speaker completed: . one evil act can ruin a whole life. judges must be six hundred points for not having to retake the exam of life.

Yes. and when performed well during their cycle animal. it becomes animal. they are reincarnated as humans. In fact. If it behaves badly during his existence.This mean that we were all animals before becoming human? . They are poor.Do you mean by this that those born in rich Western . the questions continued to rain: . In humans. on this earth. Those who behaved badly be born in countries affected by wars or famines are endemic. we fall back into a form of past life. They will sacrifice for other more striking still.Is there also animals up there? .Surely. This is the meaning of life. by Goodwill will be easier to prove.A regression is possible? Obviously. sick. The evolution goes mineral plant of plant to animal. . Hell is here. disabled … In these terrible circumstances. The journalist up immediately hand. they will have more more opportunities to redeem himself. .rang out.They are reincarnated into humans whose existence will be particularly uncomfortable and they will have to proof still their best sides. Humans are at the top of the ladder of reincarnation because they are the only ones to have an abstract consciousness. human to pure spirit. .So what happens is the bad people but not enough wicked to return to the stage animal? . animal to human. . Amanda had to disclose all the secrets of the world and yet. But this case very rare.

Again . it is our countries supposedly the most advanced experiencing the highest rate of suicide. horribly unhappy even in a rich western family and can be happy. perplexed. we are sown in weakness. in the warmth and solidarity of a slum in the Third World.Christian mythology “Such is there of the resurrection of the dead: we are sown in dishonor. but always seemed inhabited by rabies. After have so long tried to join his father. The assistance went. He spoke less. was hiding forever. it is raised in power. it was every day more bitter. to the exit. After: all. 226 . 227 -NOMBRIL Raoul had left in search of his mother who. very happy.It would be too simple. 42-44. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. It may be unfortunate. . After all. Private anesthetic effects alcohol. it is sown a physical body. it is raised in a body spiritual. unaware his shift. “ First Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians XV. it was only seeking psychoanalytic common. by Francis Razorbak.families are all people who have had good conduct in their previous life? Amanda sighed. it is raised in glory. he could more now to find his mother.

She went back and forth between Buttes-Chaumont and Heaven where St. He was in love and dad wanted to kill mama! Stefania tried to comfort her best. Raoul was silent. And as more Rose was pregnant. with whom it had become closely linked. My astronomer wife continued to believe that after the black hole was its opposite. “ Lucinda climbed in pre-election polls while Rose and I are mostly concerned with geography Full of Paradise. she claimed. Amandine was now figure star. “my small initiated. a white fountain projecting the souls like a shotgun flared.the Oedipus complex was acting up. was called. and they had together long conversations. with me now. She was become our thanatonautesse 1. Peter. What was there after the area weighing of souls? We had repeatedly approached. as if ashamed of his behavior past. Except that Raoul had everything reversed. neither of us had any desire to risk his life to find out. While . but ever we were able to bypass the mountain light to discover what was behind our cords silver being too short. The dead were drawn on one side and then powered on the other to their reincarnation.

do not seek the head. Thus. more responsible energy than X-rays or ultraviolet. . blood and force. I thought of the old riddle Raoul: How to draw a circle and its circumference without up his pen? The water left to drain. and then. we die. so our real center. With the navel of our stomach. A circle center full of energy. she had drawn more prosaically in a study on the shelves gamma. But according to Stefania. In the navel of the galaxy. Ending to my bath.waiting to go see her. we received food. the door had closed. She developed a new detector gamma rays that allowed us to better observe from Earth. always focus on the center. the surroundings of Paradise and the focus of our galaxy. Stefania said that the real me is the old corridor that connects us an time mother. I lingered one day consider the water drain away in gobbling in the bung. The secret of astronomy was there. Such a black hole which rushed the wastewater. In contact with all areas that had once fed. I fixed the tub now empty and put on a bathrobe on my skin moist. Our center gravity. we begin to to live. in that vortex. it was enough to warm it up in case of illness so that radiates throughout the body. The navel. But where evacuated our souls? In everything. the navel does remains an important point. at birth.

The same applies to the skull. lungs. Once the brain is ejected. intestine. stomach. The face is placed a pair of eyes dummy wood. They remove hair the body then incise the abdomen on the left up to the the diaphragm. The master ceremony is usually a priest of Osiris. they reintegrate after they have been treated in solutions conservative herbal. fabric and myrrh to restore the form a belly. and a funerary mask cardboard painted image of death. Aid coat the rib cage with tar to prevent the flesh does not crumble. They put in the nostrils of the deceased a rigid rod to pierce his the two nasal cavities. The face paints must be young and peaceful. We starts down the body on the back. the master of ceremonies will file tar inside the skull. He is accompanied by four assistants who symbolize the four cardinal points. Then they stuff the body with oil. He will distribute evenly over the inner surface by rotating Carefully head in all directions for this water Well The body is finally covered with strips of yellow linen saffron.228 . The priest of Osiris inserts his hand inside of the wound and begin to empty the noble organs may rot: liver. treatment the pharaohs and some notable deaths follows a ceremonial embalming very precise and strict. A Once cleaned. . spleen. The embalmer can rub a tool bent with whom he mincemeat of brains that expel then blowing into the other nostril. dressed as Horus. during the eighteenth dynasty.Egyptian mythology In ancient Egypt.

According to the papyrus No. They wanted to know everything: who were they before they present existence. In the shop of my mother. which she posed in outfits always sexy but never nude were selling like hotcakes. its switchboard had not resisted. Suddenly. eager to esoteric of all kinds. when we were together the Thai restaurant. Assailed issues. Then a television station had the idea to broadcast a show of our thanatonautesse. 3 Boulaq (Cairo). thirsty for originality. the conversation turned on the theme reincarnations animal. his posters. after a conference. people were interested in their karmas. But it was not the most important consequence benefits if noticed Amandine. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. and curious. Was it possible that all People . 229 .HISTORY OF ANIMALS The conferences of Amandine were more sailed. Word of mouth had then brought the scientists. by Francis Razorbak. At first they were only attracted intellectuals. as become of them after? Eternal questions: Where am I? Who I am ? Where i am going? One evening. Their phenomenal success greatly enriches the small family business.

Lambert came to mingle with our digressions. On reflection. The position gave him a feeling of comfort incredible. Mr. She articulated forward and back and could distinguish perfectly the muscle to work on the side of his face. in fact. His nose quivered at times such a nose and she reminded us. in addition she loved carrots. She also made her small demonstration. He confessed to rest sometimes standing on a leg. Fad or illusion? I collected deep inside the feelings you know when the short to gallop on all fours through the grass. He deduced to have been formerly heron and we showed how. laughing. frogs or slug? While bringing us drinks flavored with rose and shrimp croquettes. he kept with a single support a perfect balance. She knew how to move his ears rather dramatically. I knew what was that bend and then deploy his spine at each Following in the balancing artfully its long tail . Amandine “supposed” to have been rabbits.sitting at this table have once been shrews. it seemed to me to have memories of fox.

The subject fascinated everyone in the restaurant. The smell of the forest. When? I was a fox. a man removed to recollected . A big man with the long nose claim special memories of an elephant. I concentrated more and I remembered long winters. In the spring.Fur. How was this possible? Others also wondered memories exogenous. The conversation soon became general. ca I remembered. intoxicated with the smell of moss and thyme who had just beat my nose when I was in great gallop. a little lady shy confessed old quail. breathing and in the direction of the wind. I remembered encounters painful with hedgehogs. There was no better rest in the world. How could I know what a race four legs? How could I know the feeling Heat the burrow during the winter? The more I thought about it. I could have a complete map of the surroundings. nestled snug in my den with my vixen and my cubs. I was delighted to long runs in the forest. the more memories of my life Fox was accurate. I did not run fast enough to get to hunt effectively.

The claustrophobic had been abandoned in dungeons. exprostitutes. logical explanations. The psoriasis had been burned. as I wanted to believe those who thought they were former peasants. Everyone had memories of life abroad. Tintin. Those who had the throat weak were often reincarnations of guillotined of the French Revolution. Past Lives animal it came to life. ex-priests. Everyone remembered almost precisely lives Wacky. The stomach ulcer had been hara-kiri at their last life. The fragile liver were poisoned. A myopic was taupe. In the restaurant.his life dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex by exhibiting teeth actually very sharp. The hémorroïdiens were impaled. eight ex-pharaohs. as these people never existed. Lucinda joined us at the restaurant. It seemed to also in a . electrocuted. Most probably scenes views … television in Hollywood movies. The priapic were former hanged. Barbarella. The migraine had committed suicide with a bullet in the skull. Asthmatics were former drowned. or Hercule Poirot. Detail strange many diseases were due in karma. It was still a good time. there was obviously much former medieval knights. Parkinson. For. as he was required to report to those who took to Indiana Jones. Asterix.

Unable to ship up there a camera ectoplasmic to film a scene that we ourselves did in fact qu’entr’aperçue. and then we talked politics. My constituents will have and images of paradise without leaving their chairs. It is even capable of represent the scene drawings.good mood. The reporter ectoplasmic.Maxime Villain! said Rose. This is a gifted memory. But which of us had a memory sufficiently powerful to record then return all dialogues telepathic between archangels. Lucinda felt the time had come to create the event impress a definite opinion still volatile. After an initial rise. It was during this dialogue final prelude to rebirth that everything is played. He ate with relish the noodles basil. This is the man for the job. We had know in detail the system of bonuses and penalties. polls stagnated. One could of course observe the details and repeating phrases. exclaimed Lucinda. So was born the idea of ​Interview with a mortal. said he. If Amanda could tell a real weighing of souls rather than simply bludgeon the People philosophical concepts and moralistic. It was already calculating the number of additional votes that this evidence would bring him! I knew for myself that the ectoplasm have . judges and soul in the process of reincarnation? . It was perfect. it would much better. the reporter of the Little Thanatonautes shown.

I would prefer to forget a little time time! As the young woman had a facial expression astonished He explained: . Freddy the blind had he not was the most excellent of Thanatonautes? Yet every time I met Maxime Villain.Me. Small. . smirked Amanda when he acceded to our request. Maxime Villain irresistibly evokes ToulouseLautrec. my problem is precisely that I have too much memory. My culture is so huge that it becomes heavy. Me? If I do not notice immediately.a perfect view as they watch with their hearts and not with their eyes. I forget now. The journalist stretched his lips into a smile sorry. we did come to thanatodrome. he said.As soon as information comes into my brain. The next day. Ten times I started to write a book stop after a few pages as with my countless literary . I am cluttered useless knowledge. I wondered how he was doing up there without his thick glasses. with his goatee and his air mocking. short-sighted and chubby. . it not come out.How lucky you have a memory like that.

Maxime climbed the highest possible Mountain of Light in order to hear the judgments Ultimate. He forgave freely to anyone who had offended him. in turn. it is important first to forget all the others. Amanda and I’d diversion by talking with the angels while that. Three days later. allowed himself to appear as exceptional quality its enormous “ability to forget. teasing. Lucinda. Our group flew to . I had always envied his encyclopedic memory. Also remain-still a journalist and would accomplish ever its ambitions as a writer! Much benefit for the time of its capabilities. To create a personal work. I can not. Rose.references. We sat down at the point the following plan: Stefania. sometimes it’s so nice to forget … If only I could bury the bottom of a meander that damned second truth! So. which earned him a reputation magnanimity and had contributed greatly to its popularity. No need to wait longer. We began to develop devices for its mission. I felt like committing a plagiarism. This is True. I discovered it was for him a handicap. Poor Maximus! He could not forget.” It was free and to take measures proposed by its predecessors and had stigmatized when he was himself in opposition.

In advance. they were published in the Small Thanatonautes illustrated and later in interview with a fatal second book of Amandine Ballus. Similarly.” The angel distinguishes permanent consequences in the short. that of “present-future. is currently under glass at the Museum of Death in the Smithsonian Institute of Washington. 230 . The angels themselves. medium and long term of each of his actions and he chose to act in the “present-future” as we will use a food in a buffet. past and future. if we select grated carrots. every action accomplished. just to see an angel. Anyway. Humans are stuck between a past they must accommodated and a future that frightens them. They have a different perception of time. The manuscript original document of historical value. the angel.HISTORY TEXTBOOKS The Thanatonautes have always shown the greatest respect for angels. transcend the present. already knows the consequences.a report ectoplasmic even more exciting as the stories of battles Paradis. who had won Villain notoriety unique its kind. . we know what taste they have in our mouths. They are a million times more sophisticated and more subtle than us. a true angel to understand that we must respect it. Angels are perhaps what will be the men year 100000. With related drawings. Maxime stored all the dialogues in his brain. They offer us a totally new concept.

Maxime Villain was a child normal. on his hand. “Let labor taking the next class. Flattered by his attention. “It was enough that he opens his mouth to the attention of others is attracted by anything or someone blowing his nose. there was always someone to stop immediately. Maxime was even more mortified that he. Greco-Roman wrestling. at home. he had thus multiplied friends that had passed in turn their interest and thus their knowledge in areas as diverse as hypnosis. computer science. 390 231 .History textbook. twelve-tone . second year elementary course. coincidentally. mathematics. we cut a “pass me the salt”. astrophysics. In table. listened carefully all contact and could remain for hours without saying anything to store all information that he passed. the strategy of war Napoleon. Victorian literature. the teacher said. no one The listening? He began a sentence and. In elementary school. First Aid. with one difference: when he spoke.A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY OF MAXIM VILLAIN When he was little.

Among the men who have taken a vow of silence and with whom there was no dialogue possible. rocking and lull. however. Sounds acute. He was there all the time to reflect on her situation and eventually accept as is. At first he tried his better to force the listener. He was born receiver. Of . He left in peace to his monastery and continued to accumulate knowledge to listen to others. but irrelevant. he felt finally accepted and valued.” Same with his friends. Maximus says that high-pitched voice telling anything was more likely to be heard that deep voice stating exciting things. After all. Was it his voice. which was soporific? Sounds serious. he begged for a little attention. he became a Trappist monk. Maxime could not bear to always take nothing to exchange. However. He tried then to change his own. acting on the heart and chest. grave and sweet. Everything was good to meet its reservoir of material for thought. But as soon he began to construct reasoning that his parents yawned and changed conversation or his teachers said absently: “Interesting. excite and retain because they speak directly to the brain.music and many others. He would never issuer. with hardly get Results Out of spite.

not to learn in all.course. thought he. there did not restore still nothing of his knowledge as interested no always one.the words . but it became so extensive bank human data. gossip. he did not have to worry about his voice among the mass of subscribers to the newspaper. Maxime Villain began to hope to write a text which the engine or engines are so powerful that the first word read. writing was for him a vehicle for Emergency He quickly realized that structures stringent were needed to build a story. And when he wrote. culture. He passed through all the sections: trivia. He is passionate about writing when it’s considered as a science Exact. He thus became the chronicler star of Little Thanatonautes shown. “He fought all now Articles accompanied by a drawing. Better understanding and attention to this player mythical. He discovered that journalism would allow better satisfy his passion. A picture is often Wind needed to complete them. mesmerized at to be unable to give up and . however. politics. Maxime Villain never tired.not always enough. Initially. infinitely expandable. he would find at least one attentive reader. he began also to draw. it would have earned high hand any game show based questions called general culture. any reader would be captivated. With all he had earned knowledge that many have estimated utterly useless. . science.

Moves a message whose proclamation understood in the seventy worlds. Maxime had been a journalist without ever reaching complete any book. earth. it would be his revenge on all those people who never. the punishment he come from four sides at once. I place high literature.forced to read To the bitter end This text. But if it is different. fire. if unworthy. each pulling on his side. despite all his ambitious projects. The four cardinal put him in charge. had listened. I know that his ultimate goal is not to make beautiful phrases. The four elements (water. air) are competing in the human body. or even a nice plot. nor fine characters. he is greeted with rejoice in all the worlds and death becomes a party which welcome all worlds. If the man is worthy of this proclamation. Maxim said: “In my code of values. 232 . The ultimate goal of literature is to make people dream away! “ Make people dream away … Still. woe to him! “ . He placed perhaps too high.Jewish mythology “When it’s time for a man to leave the world today is daunting.

by Francis Razorbak. as it was reported and illustrated by the journalist Maxime Villain. The scene takes place on the borders ultimate Paradise. .INTERVIEW WITH A DEADLY Text & Interview with a mortal. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. 233 .Zohar.police files Name: Villain Name: Maxime Hair: Brown Size: 1 m 62 Distinguishing features: None Comment: Pioneer of Thanatonautes Weakness: Allure insignificant 234 . at the foot the mountain of light where sit the great archangels.

arbiters of our destinies. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: You are in the Centre guidance of souls and we are going to weigh in your past life. full of knots. in any way the meaning and value of the judgment. SOUL: I was very good. Donahue. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: Hello. SOUL: I . SOUL: A Weight? Archangel J. Actors: the three archangels more Charles Donahue. SOUL: Where am I? The deceased looks around and ground area of ​its ectoplasm where his left arm was recently amputated. RAPHAEL: A trial. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL (examining documents): That’s what you say. He raises his head and looks at the hill of Judgement ultimate the three archangels-judges in the process of manipulating strings transparent. which will change Moreover. quidam just died. The Guardian Angel Charles Donahue could not come. Mr. Your life will be under investigation so that we can judge your behavior and decide whether or not to end the cycle of your reincarnations on Earth.

but we extend not it. Raphael (while Gabriel held up a string transparent full of knots): This is not “Behave”. Archangel J. I had three children.heard in the queue I right to a guardian angel for a lawyer. I left a legacy to my family before I die. SOUL (vehemently): I have nothing to reproach myself. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: Your case will be discussed with the greater objectivity. . We know to the intentions that prelude to all your actions. Do not worry: you will be judged fairly. living at 200 mph. they must have a good surprise. A painful case of dismissal abuse. I got married. These are exceptional circumstances. He is not there? Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: You actually entitled to the presence of your guardian angel but also that of your personal demon. You know or you do not know that the guardian angel you are assigned day of your birth. We already know all about you. You are in the place of justice among all. You see these nodes? All are an act of your life. I was very good. if you want I think. However. It turns out they are both currently in full swing in the lower world. a person born on the same day that you need to send emergency and his guardian angel and his demon. that is. Awareness of your angel guardian and your demon hovering over the mountain and We hear them simultaneously.

our days … Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL (very dry): Adultery simple. one must have acquired 600 bonus points during his last visit to Earth. so that your wife was again always left alone at times when it had the greatest need of you. But did you really cared for them? I see that you arrange always go on holiday at the time of birth. I note here that you often cry. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: You imagine that toys replace the presence of a father? Sorry… Penalty 100 points.Everyone is buzzing bubble-memories enough similar to those that receive the dead. SOUL: What’s the story of points and penalties? Archangel J. RAPHAEL: To end its cycle of reincarnation and become a sage. (He studied other bubble-memories. You mistaken.) You raised your children. In addition. RAPHAEL: You mentioned your wife. too. I covered my kids toys. is not it? With an idiot at that. Archangel J. after the first Wall comatose. . SOUL: I was always overwhelmed with work and that is the well-being of my family that I m’échinais. each of my return. Penalty of 60 points. you excuse then business travel to escape the cries at night. SOUL (fatalistic): The customs are quite free.

SOUL: They were senile. Let us continue (He runs his rope and lands on a series of nodes especially white. dirty. And bawling. And with my work. Immediately. at that. Your parents still have had the patience to bear your caprices. they neglect them. he has a good back. Inevitably. old people are more visits. Were your parents desperate not to see you. chaotic. slimy. Those abandoned. I really overwhelmed … Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: When they raised you. unable keep you well on your legs. in hospices. more nurses treat. You really miss them. no wishes to them. . In addition.) You have put your elderly parents in an asylum for the third category where you not visit them that just once a year. you as you were “senile” as you say. you are also aware of that? ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL-JUDGE: Here we know everything we see everything we have everything.For now. they say. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL-JUDGE: And then. you’re at a penalty of 160 points. your work ! Let’s talk about your secretary! SOUL (surprised): Ah. anyway.

It’s a bit too easy. all that! It is already to . at the hospice.SOUL: I sent them still a lot of gifts. We judge people and they are condemned. they assured me that everything was fine … Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: Because in addition they will liked and did not feel guilty. One would think that you’re gone set and you do not consider that bad. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: What do you think? SOUL: I mounted a bottle factory! I did work .260. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL-JUDGE: Always the same old story. I still performed good deeds in this world. SOUL: Are not you exaggerating a bit? They were not so unfortunate that. As your wife as your children. Another penalty of 100 points! Not brilliant. Them either do not require special gifts. They wanted to the presence. SOUL: Wait. Every time I went to see.

you have committed. Ha! ARCHANGEL GABRIEL-JUDGE: Let’s talk about your plant bottles! It has polluted the entire region. I produced things that helped people live better lives. I fed the family.” SOUL: The trifles? what does it really mean? Archangel J. I quote: 8254 lies harmful to your environment. SOUL: Divide and conquer is a law of management music You can not blame me for having studied business! ARCHANGEL GABRIEL-JUDGE: For the plant. RAPHAEL: Throughout your life. You go up against each other to all the break. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL-JUDGE: And what working conditions there! You had created a climate of permanent conflict between your management and your workers. .worth of the unemployed. penalty: 60 points. There will now be add bulk to “trifles. Already 320 below the level of tolerable.

In addition. Mr. Bonus: 20 points. Mr. Their drivers are also right behind you to wait by The ectoplasm Donahue turns around and discovered behind her two dead excited. Bonus: 50 points. You hit a plane to avoid a cyclist while tumbling in front of you two big trucks trying to overtake. addicted Gambling with household goods. You have saved a motorist on a highway while his car was about to ignite. they deserve attention. traveling in a car loud. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL (setting always the string): Indeed. Mr. You give your old clothing to the companions Emmaus instead of throwing them in the trash. Bonus: 10 points. 45 small animals crushed under your tires. . it seems! ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL-JUDGE: I never said that.567 cowardice simple 789 cowardice serious. SOUL: And do not forget the circumstances of my death. sir … SOUL (consternation of the ectoplasm Donahue): You’re take for the perfect bastard. voted anything in elections. (It consult further its string full of knots which escape Now the bubble-memories like so many Champagne bubbles in suspension): You give regularly your blood to hospitals.

230. SOUL (outraged): What! Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: Yes. SOUL: Because it’s a terrible way to die? Archangel J. we have said from the beginning of the weighing. Or. in addition to cycling. all that. I have to admit. Death by fire you would have earned a bonus of 100 points! SOUL: What did you say your next time? Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL (very patient): You have 600 points to end the cycle of reincarnation. 10 bonus points.SOUL: Ah! Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: For once. but you could get more if. . you complete this existence with a total of . the closer it is martyrdom. you had the good reflex. he was a young plane tree who asked nothing better than to continue to grow and to shade the road and you have broken in two! The Next time you’re on your to prevent and trucks and cycling and the plane tree you plant simply in the ditch. It is very well seen here. RAPHAEL: More death is painful. Not terrible. the death by fire. May thus your car is on fire and you would have perished charred. you have also saved the plane.

We’re here to help you improve it. Let’s see what we have stocked with . RAPHAEL: We’ll give you the opportunity to correct the mistakes of your past lives. A life that you choose. another existence. SOUL (scared): Another body? Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: Another body. SOUL (more flabbergasted): Because we can choose his life? Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: Of course.Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: Especially if it is found that Gentleman is still in its 193rd reincarnation in human form. so you can you amend. we’re going to reincarnate.230. We can only refer you to another body. Choose your own strengths and your initial handicaps for your new life. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: And we are here to service of souls. we get always what we chose.230 points. The three archangels call two seraphim who have . This is for your good. Archangel J. in life. the next review. Try to do better than a lousy .

Archangel J. RAPHAEL: We have here the list any Cool for parents trying to make love at this time it is. SOUL: I’ll be able to choose my parents? Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: How many times does your repeat that one can choose his life? But be careful especially not be wrong! So you prefer the parents rather severe or relatives rather flexible? SOUL (confused): Um … What’s the difference? A seraph project a telepathic. and fat lady naked in bed. then the contrary. it below. looking for a position where neither one nor the other stifle his partner its weight. they fit on the side as Small spoons. They bring them immediately cords bubble images rich in information. .stopped fluttering above them during the whole scene. A big Mr. After trying in vain to him above.

With him. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: Mr and Mrs Dehorgne. you will quickly become obese. The woman is illiterate and submissive as a dog. At night. their specialty is cassoulet Castelnaudary and chocolate profiteroles. a nice pair. They are in the restoration and facility is not busy. they require you So to finish all the leftovers. . With your notes. protective. I can assure you. Like them. Pollet returns often end drunk and hit everyone. a heavy smoker. including wife and children. Single default: their profession. loving. Mr. It ahanne loudly.The phone rings but the woman motioned to the man not to respond. So they you want the Dehorgne? SOUL (looking with disgust the couple and their uncomfortable antics): Of course not. you can not afford to do the difficult. In the evening. Nice. It is red and sweating. RAPHAEL: The family Pollet. Archangel J. the shots belt will rain thick. Women face and twisted her hair. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: All parents have their advantages and disadvantages. drinks too much. The father is a tobacconist. New image upload telepathic.

Specifically. SOUL (very interested): Finally. Bon chic bon Gender: Youth. Far from complain. you propose another thing as monsters! Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: Not so simple. parents the kind friends.230 points … Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: The de Surnach. They have lots of friends. go out often canned. she moaned ecstatically. To below. travel the world. SOUL: But they are sado-masochist! I hate that. said Pollet is currently grabbing the buttocks of his wife and the scratch until they bleed. they let you do whatever you want but they are so dynamic that alongside of them. sports. All contemplate two handsome young men hugging happily under blankets. still in the game. please! Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL (doubtful): With . you . All their good hours.

You will be a child frowned and quickly soured. You. Then you hate them. RAPHAEL: We have the duty to show the good and the bad side of things. they are so crazy about each the other they do not accord relatively little affection. SOUL: Okay. A couple already old who believed no longer to have children. I understand. you will have a little old. they always seem young. as twelve years.always look erased and timid. As it is difficult to accept the idea that hates its own parents. you want quickly to the whole earth. Them. Archangel J. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: Consider the Gomelin. even if your choice becomes more difficult. For their part. RAPHAEL: First you jealousies. Who else? Archangel J. even sixty years. .

RAPHAEL: You think so? You love as you become unable to exit the family cocoon. SOUL: Perfect for me.Thanks to new techniques of in vitro fertilization. They pamper you at any cost. You will arrive in this family as an unexpected gift. SOUL (more suspicious) What’s the catch. They are old. so wise and understanding. You’ll like them and even love. shut up. No man will seem likely to match your father. this a time. okay. this lady already menopausal can deliver. unable to open yourself to others. They will make me fat by dint of candy? They me fight every wrong note as they will be proud my grades? Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: No. then. Archangel J. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: But they are older and die . You will always remain at home. but very sweet. You will admire both your mother no woman in the world will be comparable to your eyes.

She has a lover who will hate you. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: The Chirouble. You will hate also all men because your father and. You will entrusted to your mother. They lock you up in a closet to make love more quietly. You hate it all women because they make you think about your mother. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: Parents separated. SOUL (sorry): Who else is in store yet? A couple s’étreint passionately on the carpet a living room cozy. As you grow a rage as you will want revenge on life. Your father will sometimes on weekends but also focus more on his mistresses to you. you will be power-hungry to better control them. SOUL: Better and better … Archangel J. these parents presented tent a few advantages.soon. but they divorced within a few days. And live permanently in the regret of their disappearance. RAPHAEL: No. You find a baby bird fallen from the nest before learned to fly. hence. leaving you soft orphan abandoned. This indifference makes you irresistible and will make you a great seducer. With this kind of . They may be in the process of hugging. It will hit you every time you cry because she fear that her lover never leaves because of you.

He said though. He was a priori quite charming. Large restaurants. Archangel JUGEMICHEL: In addition. tobacconists drunkards. sorry. People love stories of unhappy childhood. this couple seemed much fun on the carpet. SOUL: I do not want to be Cosette and Gavroche. old parentsgâteaux and divorced scabby. Other thing. because it You will then decide your disability and health. BCBG dynamic. The ectoplasm Donahue hesitated a moment. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: .unhappy childhood you become an entrepreneur or dynamic statesman to grasp. Archangel J. RAPHAEL: And if you write your autobiography it will sell like hotcakes and producers would tear the film rights.230. you can simply talk Your awful young for everyone sympathizes and you forgive your wickedness. that’s all we have to offer. SOUL: You ask me to choose between the plague and cholera! Archangel J. RAPHAEL: You had to think about before. Choose and quickly. You .

your wife and your children with a better score. The more you suffer in this existence. You shall not eat not your hunger. I recommend the divorced scabby. I still prefer not to change country. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: So. Nice people which will give him an excellent education and perhaps chance to become wise enough to not have to reincarnate. SOUL: As long as pain. The dead before you had that . but you will benefit from an environment warm. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: There is still the possibility of reborn in a third world country. with all due influence. you have certain ment proposed better. We must see .you would be better included with your parents.20 points and just with that. the more likely you gain points for your next life. we were able to give a nice family of wine merchants. painful life for life miserable.

Even if their forgiveness later. A life is quickly past. SOUL (addressing Gabriel): And you. It will allow you to progress. what you think? Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: I instead select the Pollet. the tobacconist drunk and violent. Come when the day enjoyable when your father dare more hit you because you will become stronger than him. RAPHAEL: I think also it’s a good choice. I am convinced should not hesitate to choose a child really rotten. It is natural to seek to from the influence of wicked parents. Surrounding the Seraphim project the images of all couples offered. RAPHAEL: Each life is different.long-term. the day even more enjoyable when you leave the house slamming the door. Then things can not go getting better. Archangel J. escaping their tyranny … SOUL: But you accused of having neglected my parents in my life before! Archangel J. but an adult will bring you some compensation. It will be difficult to first. so you would be a few points bonus handy! The ectoplasm Charles Donahue thought it over in carefully . It is no absolute rule.

examining the projections of each couple. SOUL (sighing): Okay, forward for the divorced scabby. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: I maintain that it is a good choice. In nine months, if you wish, you will then reincarnated in the family Chirouble. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: Now for the pro

health problems. Also, you can choose. With your - 230 points, you must take two in the list follows: rheumatic paralyzing stomach ulcer, perpetual toothache, facial neuralgia, chronic crises nerves incessant myopia near blindness, deafness, exotropia, esotropia, bad breath permanent, psoriasis, constipation, Alzheimer’s disease, paralysis of the left leg, stuttering, chronic bronchitis, asthma. SOUL: Uh … Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: Hurry up, if I decide for you. There are people waiting behind you! SOUL: So, at random: ulcers and asthma. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL (noting): Not bad. Gentleman is connoisseur. SOUL: It’s that in my previous life, I have suffered chronic bronchitis and toothache perpetual. It was unbearable. Much change. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: Another small step. You want to be reborn as a man or woman? SOUL: What’s the difference? Archangel JUDGE

GABRIEL: Man, you are required to complete your military service and your life is eighty years on average. Woman, you give birth in pain and you live about ninety years. SOUL: One minute, if I am reborn as a woman, I can more become the great charismatic leader and seducer as you promised me. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: That’s well an a priori man. You are mistaken, the future is to tyrants female. To “Tyrant.” Just reverse the roles. All men will be at your feet and nothing will prevent you from exercising your powers of domination. Moreover, customs continue to evolve. We see more and more women at the head of nations or companies. SOUL: A birth, it must still be very evil, right? Archangel J. RAPHAEL: I recommend an epidural. And, you know, orgasm female sex is nine times higher than the male orgasm. Only women know the true pleasure. SOUL: You are probably better informed than me the matter. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: Why do you think that comes so many more girls than boys? People provide information before choosing. SOUL: Okay for females, then.

Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: Let us now to your overall mission. You do recall not but your soul has emerged ago seven hundred thousand years with the task to accomplish a work that is revolutionizing completely the art of painting. Now what do I see on your [ record ]: Just a few scribbles only promising line of your school notebooks. You benefitted any of your past lives to complete your mission. Archangel J. Raphael (disappointed): And that is why Humanity is still lagging behind in many areas … S someone does not do its destiny on the earth any one arts or science does not develop no! SOUL: With all my work down, I never had a free minute for my entertainment. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL (shocked): You’re laughing us? I note here that in your previous existences, you were mammoth hunters, driver carts, Chamberlain in a castle, explorer Africa, pearl diver, and film actor, with all that, you have never found a short week for achieve at least a picture? SOUL: I’m afraid there have never thought of. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: He will now. All of humanity is waiting for your contribution painting. Because your laziness, the paint is still looking for a second wind. Hundreds of artists and designers you expect to better

express themselves and enhance your message. Some die with nothing painted. SOUL: I’m really sorry. I will try to make my best this time. Still, painter, is a

job of down-and-hungry. It often takes fifty to be finally recognized. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL (mocking): So, Mr. is pressed, it has a train to catch? You will have ninety-ten years to reflect and buy brushes, it does enough? SOUL: In addition, as a woman, I will have even more difficult to impose on me … Archangel J. RAPHAEL: The difficulties will increase your merits. If your work is so overwhelming that we we expect, if you make your Mona Lisa, I agree to grant you 700 bonus points to your pro-chain passage. That allows you 100 points penalty! What lead a good little life of debauchery between two canvases. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: If Mr. is pressed, it can he arranged the coup de Mozart. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: Good idea, the scope of Mozart!

SOUL (concerned): What is the scope of Mozart? Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: You realize very quickly you masterpiece, you are fairly recognized, you earn just enough to survive and continue to call in quantity but also quality and then, presto! you die young. At thirty-five years, as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It can even thirty-nine, If it suits you. SOUL (interested): It’s tempting. I accept gladly. Thank you.I’m sorry Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: Wait, we do not finished yet. We still have to choose your death. SOUL: My death! But I’m dead! Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: I’m talking about your next death. We must decide everything in advance. SOUL: You mean, the last time, I opted stupidly to the plane?

Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: Yes! What do you want now. Another car accident, an overdose of cocaine, was assassinated by one of your fans or your penny

pirants turned away? We have all the dead pos

sible: the police killing the flower pot falling from a balcony by accident, drowning, suicide. More death is painful, plus the bonus is important. Thanks to their 500 bonus points, many Cathars thrown into the fire have been able to end their cycle of reincarnation. The immolation by fire, it was the fashion at that time. But there now more modern 300 bonus points for perished condemned innocent in an electric chair or a victim a generalized cancer. SOUL: Never mind the supplements. I would die quickly, without noticing it and in my bed. Sleep life and wake up dead. Archangel J. RAPHAEL: Sorry, ectoplasm Donahue, but with your note - 230 points, we can not offer death as

pleasant. Your passage from life to death can only be violent. Moreover, it will provide your work with an aura additional. Think of Van Gogh! Here is a man who knew well painting, of suffering and painful death. As a result, he earned his 600 points and was able to end its cycle of reincarnations. It has become a pure spirit. Take it to For instance: SOUL (plaintive) But I do not want to suffer! Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: In any case, it is not ground for fun. In addition, with parents that you are given, just starting out will not be pink! SOUL: What wound! Well, I take the suicide. But a suicide quick, fast and painless. Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: Do you throw out a window. SOUL: Impossible. I have always been subject to vertigo.

Archangel J. RAPHAEL: Slice your veins in a tub of warm water. But beware, if you do not want not you miss, then begin deep wrists. Otherwise, it will not work. Be sure to whet your razor. Pout disgusted the ectoplasm Donahue. SOUL: Well, going for suicide with a razor … Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL (smoothing the knots of the rope

lette): So I summarizes. We are in agreement: you are reborn woman with a stomach ulcer and asthma attacks. Your divorced parents beat you as

plaster. You hurry to paint the damn table. You die, veins trenches in your bathtub. For Otherwise, feel free to improvise. To the next? Archangel J. RAPHAEL: Not yet. It remains to write the Material Safety Data Sheet. SOUL: It’s what, right? Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: Do not worry. T identify some of your qualities. But here you do not have your say, it is we who calculate. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: I list: Physical strength: below average. Beauty: above average. Intensity of the gaze: above average. Tone of voice: the average level.

Charisma: well above. Ability to mind games: the lower level. Ability to lie: the next level. Technical skills: lower level. SOUL: It means what? Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: What Madame will have difficulty pass his driver’s license or it will be unable to repair alone her washing machine. That’s it. SOUL: Okay! As long as I am beautiful and intelligent, I will always find someone to help me. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: I continue: Intelligence: average. Seductive ability: level. Endurance: the lower level. Obstinacy level. Culinary skills: lower level. General irritability: the next level.

SOUL: I will be irritable? Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: Enough, Yes. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL (irritated to be continually interrupted) :

Ability to play a musical instrument: the lower level. Ability to fire the revolver: the next level. Taste for the sport: the lower level. Desire for children: average. SOUL: Oh, it has a broad back, free will: what you still tell me? If I am good at the crossword puzzles? For a reincarnation chosen, there are still even too many items predetermined and independent of my will. I protest. Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: You know, you’re already angry ! Let’s get: Ability to fight: the next level. Whining: level. Taste for adventure: the lower level. Come on, the next!

SOUL: One more question. I will remember all this? Archangel JUDGE MICHAEL: Of course not. You do remember anything, not even your visit here. It would too easy! Archangel JUDGE GABRIEL: At times, however, You seem to have premonitions, intuitions. This is all you will of that conversation. It’s your do then trust your intuition. But enough chat. Rush you to go down before your parents have finished making love, or you miss your train. Let’s go Next customer! 235 - Christian mythology “We are the brothers of angels. When we introduced into the court of heaven, what rapture before the splendours of the angelic choirs. And for all eternity, what joy to fraternize with the myriad of spirits Blessed! The angels are spirits leading to which our artists and geniuses are only Pygmies. “ Canon G. Panneton. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death, by Francis Razorbak.

236 - HISTORY TEXTBOOKS CARD FULL LAND OF THE DEAD 1. Off. 2. Cessation of signs of life. Emission of the radio signal frequency 86 kHz approx. 3. Coma. 4. Out of the world. 5. Flight through space. Duration: 18 minutes. 6. Emergence of a large circle of light spinning said Continent Ultimate. Limbo. Blue beach. 7. Docking in the Territory 1. AREA 1 Zone: coma over 18 minutes. Color: blue. Feels like: attraction, water, space. Freshness and joy.

Attraction by a bright light. Recommendation to continue: Do not fear past the first wall of death. Ends Moch 1. AREA 2 Zone: coma over 21 minutes.

Black </p> Sensations: Fear, revulsion, cold terror.

Nine cornices increasingly steep confronted

tion with the most painful memories. Light always present but blurred by memories. Recommendations to continue: understanding the past and be able to take every action. Ends Moch 2. 3 TERRITORY Zone: coma over 24 minutes. Color: red. Feels like: fun, light, heat and humidity. Confrontation with the most perverse of his vices and more crazy fantasies. Here come to the surface the most repressed desires. Face them without getting carried away.


In case of carelessness, may remain stuck to the wall slimy.

Recommendation to proceed: accept fantasies but not bogged down. Ends Moch 3. AREA 4 Zone: coma over 27 minutes. Color: orange. Feels like: fight against time, air currents, winds strong. Vision of a row of dead extending to infinity, walking slowly through a vast plain and cylindrical. Confrontation over time. Learning patience with minutes turned into hours and hours in months. Possibility of meetings and discussions with famous dead. Recommendations to continue: freedom from fear wasting time or the will to win. him to accept it! the status quo. Act as if we were immortal. Ends Moch 4. AREA 5 Zone: coma over 42 minutes. Couieur yellow. Feelings: passion, strength, omnipotence. Solutions to all

the mysteries hitherto incomprehensible. Getting to know the meaning of the chakras and appearance of the third eye for yogis. Discovery of the way of the Tao pure Taoists. Resolution of the secrets of the Kabbalah for the Jews. Appearances Garden of Allah for Muslims and the Garden of Eden the Christians. Instead of absolute knowledge. Everything finds its raison be. Discover the meaning of life, of the infinitely large to the infinitely small. Recommendations to continue: not to be impress with knowledge. Let yourself fill knowledge without wanting to eat them all like so many treats for the mind. Ends Moch 5. TERRITORY 6 Zone: coma more than 49 minutes.

Color: green. Sensations of great beauty, discovering landscapes sumptuous visions of dream and perfect flowers wonderful, wonderful plants ending in multicolored stars. The green country is that of absolute beauty. But it is also the site of an unexpected trial. THE VISION of absolute beauty brings the denial of self. We feels ugly,

Three archangels to weigh the merits. TERRITORY 7 Zone: coma over 51 minutes. This completes the migration of souls into new reincarnations. It is no longer a feeling of humility. Basically. the bright mountain of Judgement last++. Recommendation to proceed: accept his own ugliness. Recommendations to continue: be willing to pay for his evil deeds. second year elementary course. In the center. History textbook.useless. clumsy.APPREHENSION Published by the modest little Thanatonautes illustrated interview Charles Donahue enjoyed. Place populated by angels and devils. rude. Color: white. Ends Moch 6. along the river the dead. Claiming spontaneously reincarnation to repair the damage and nuisance caused in previous existences. 237 . however. a sense denial of self. an impact . Ends with the mountain of light.

It was translated in all languages reviewed by leading psychologists. priests. philosophers. He mobilized all TV channels for a speech announcing the entry into a messianic era. More Christian calendar with data tion before or after Christ. Our friend the President appeared obviously the most loquacious. We were in the year . There would now be a before and after the discovery of the Continent Ultimate. you guessed in fact he would have liked this new era is four sonnel of lucindérienne. It said that the Thanatonautes open all doors 412 hitherto closed. analysts and politicians.world. To listen.

What upset to learn that death was a country. A large door had open. each one did not understand unless something essential had happened. this country was populated by angels. Humans were no longer on land schoolchildren responsible for many learn their lessons. leaving the storm sweep a room longer closed.68 after the birth of Jean Lucinda. as the archangels we thought about our past lives … The Interview with mortal we had moreover taught that we live in a moral world. If Lucinda did not elicit the support of all of its per rings. There were good and bad ways to behave in this world. .

generosity. Only books Catechism of all kinds had thought about and. nothing seemed to matter. How clergy of all denominations had yet drummed since always that the future belonged to nice people! It was too late to do when I received the risks of such disclosure. lit by small flames candles. so moral. over the centuries. It was so simple. Live. Now. It does clothed only in long black robes Chinese the collar turned up and the skirt length split. the elevation of consciousness. die. so childlike. .namely empathy. everyone knew it. suffer. to avoid tainting the existence of any villainy. as many had ceased to believe. It was important to wash your karma all its miasmas. Amandine star had adopted the appearance of a priestess. In through the windows. We méditâmes about it in our penthouse. We bathed in orange light. while was an episode to the pinnacle of pure spirit. we could see the starlight. She had off all lights and replace them with candelabra.

He imagined impress people with his parrots and chocolate.But the worst is that his discovery has completely escaped. By discovering the death. . We. The proof is that if America is called like that is because of Amerigo Vespucci. We. Not surprisingly. we are still not there. we were dispossessed of our work! Expressing my agreement. remarked Rose. too. storm-I. I felt compelled to give rants instead. Stefania angrily: . I tapped his fist on the table low. but he missed his return. it has been the same.Time is critical. . the only discoverer officially recognized when by the Spanish court. in any group. It deserves although it does not care us! Still Columbus … . I broke the silence: .In Columbus.The first. but since the abandonment of Raoul. It may discovered America. she touched too many points essential declaimed Amandine with a voice actress. Was funny. We do not control anything. We are overwhelmed by the events. lacking reverse cocktails Amandine. The Thanatonautes escapes us.We must maintain control of the Thanatonautes.Poor Columbus died in poverty and oblivion. got angry again the Italian. we gave a meaning to life. As if. it was necessary a character irascible and blood! . Always quicktempered. We laughed at him.

fish. The land appeared to him then with all its wealth. since the Maintenance with a mortal. the Guarani Indians lived in the sky with gods. The herds. They feasted foods earth. a young warrior awkward pierced the sky by pulling with his bow. by Francis . .We have pioneered its control is rightfully ours.MYTHOLOGY Amazonian Indians Formerly.My poor darling. in heart of the forest.Nothing says Rose. Shivering with fever. fruits it seemed so appealing that it was from this discovery his brothers. we are overwhelmed. game.You heard what they say on the news? excited Stefania. There are only fools who kill! .What shall we do? asked Amanda. sorry. The sky had closed and Guarani were condemned to live in this land difficult they coveted. sighed Rose. . Corn it was too late. One day. beehives. but soon the wary animals became scarce. Indians asked to return among the gods. We will face a wave of kindness widespread. They reached the great river Orinoco. Their occupation was to keep the fire of stars and the glow of the planets. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. In silence. 238 . practice. . Berk. The number of crimes has sharply plummeted. The world has never known ca We’ll see what comes of it. the Guarani launched a vine to get down on earth. we sirotâmes our drinks too sweet and not enough alcohol. The rain flooding and fruit they could. Taking advantage of a moment of inattention gods.

A bankruptcy generosity they would certainly promoted in the afterlife.A WORLD OF SWEETNESS The world became progressively nicer. homeless New York welfare recipients in Paris. Upon request. such a contagious disease. Good works awash in donations. might be considered bad Action was now doomed to contempt. 239 . Hospitals overwhelmed opened waiting lists to meet the many donors Blood in power. endemic conflicts extinguished of themselves. Throughout the kindness gaining field. All that. They inquired more capacity for repayment their customers. forcing arms dealers delighted to close their business generator penalty. No question to sully his karma by bad actions.Razorbak. Throughout the world. No work of science fiction could have imagined something as sweet. We had to queue for hours to deposit the check or his best clothes. we there could be a down-andhunger in Africa. . The addicts found themselves down by dealers. of or indirectly. the bankers gave loans to the rate below.

However. hire strong. more altercations. No need to lock the doors. Each had duly registered the rules: the cycle of . more burglaries. Not wanting to sin by greed. more violence. more brawls. Fly! No one thought more. cars. If one had flunked the examination and forced to reincarnate in a poor country. a grimace or a bad word. dozens arms were stretched and many people stricken blindness found themselves and inadvertently lost on sidewalk opposite. More petty. The Third World received substantial subsidies. the Trade flourished. obsolete alarm systems. People showed smiles more or less forced avoid upsetting their neighbors by eyebrows brows. He was in the public interest that significantly reduces the number of bad homes where reborn. as sure it would have enriched meantime and that the next life would be more comfortable. The latter are endowed machine accepting credit cards and refused to accept more checks on presentation of proper identification. Once a blind seemed willing to cross a street.The good souls flocked to the bowls of beggars. while the world multiplied the gifts to everyone. You could now leave large open the exits of the apartments.

improve. “cla maient advertisements for correspondence schools.reincarnations continued indefinitely if it did not become not good enough and wise enough to deserve to be transformed in pure spirit. wanting instead to say ask for free time to explore their talents. learn. pottery and even kitchen were full. he was not carrying a hidden gift to to make faster? Moreover. “The library . All were then at their best. “Maintain the beauty of your soul. Who knew if. Grow it as a garden. Patrons anxious to help the poor artists showed courage in their living room. grow. like ectoplasm Donahue. Paint shops. even the ugliest of works have a market. music. The bosses begged their employees to accept increased lations that they refused. Learn.

and especially Navajos have a morbid fear of death. Thanatonautes experienced a renewed interest. two Twins Heroes who once stole the weapons from the sun to kill the monsters who wanted to kill the Navajos. not in. And do not paying attention. In mythology Navajo. The body is buried in a place secret. of course. The fact that these monsters are still alive is a small mess of the Hero Twins. . as far as the village. Who does not want to get up there find his “loved ones” or at least make a once and an update on his karma? 240 . The point of be barely able to approach a corpse. It no longer affects business of death.Indian mythology NAVAJO American Indians.libraries. misery and Hunger. Simultaneously. they buried quickly with a great reluctance and all sorts of precautions in order to The minimum intervention. it does not come near the tent. we consider that everything he owned is now dirty. Of Masons volunteers built with a vengeance. “claimed the unions. From someone died. dirt. These monsters are old age.

His rehab was not really been successful. Florent Mouchignard. He was still drinking. Raoul had not noticed any of these upheavals. You remember the . Florence Mervin … Each time. In thanatodrome. watch. . pen and the medal with belonged to Freddy. passed a state of drunkenness advanced. Fabien Mercantovitch. none had yet extended her handcuffs to the familiar objects of our lost friend. Firmin Magloire. we take an appointment with the happy parents. Fernand Melissia. consoled me Rose.Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. but when we had the toddler. Frank Mignard. FM . by Francis Razorbak.In Search of FM Busy drinking. among ten other watches. FM. Felicity Munin. our favorite pastime was to eat the headings of births newspapers in search of the reincarnation of Freddy. there was always me and “My” three women: Rose.. pens and medals. Stefania and Amandine. even if it was less of bartenders willing to serve. Fatima Maouich. We had dug up the babies FM! François Morlon. 241 . During this period.It is too early. FM.

thirsty 418 of affection. we called him Freddy Junior. After much discussion. a hug and nine months later. In fact. But us. I suspect hope that it would be she who give birth the next avatar of our rabbinchorégraphe. reminded me of Rose. There was even there Victor Hugo awaiting reincarnation.2 kg of a sweet little pink ball. Other hurry. we christened also advance our future baby Frédéric Marcel Pinson.The dead do not go all at the same speed. I attended the birth. Looks like ectoplasm Donahue was eager to reincarnate! . Talkative as it was Victor Hugo dragged argumentative. the . Even the vision the continent of the dead was nothing compared to the miracle so simple and billions of billions of times repeated. when Freddy! .It is recommended to wait and Freddy has always be patient. I had never been so moved. so much love was transformed in 3. and if it is not already passed its centuries ahead. It was beautiful! A kiss.queue? Freddy still has to be caught in the traffic jam of the dead land yellow.

the Thanatonautes and my karma was only stain pellets. we were three.hatch sion of a lifetime.” 242 . Our “Freddy Junior. Only he had. A few days ago. Are there magic more admirable? In addition. we were both in our apartment thanatodrome des Buttes-Chaumont.police files . In pre feel.

. Register now for over ten takeoffs per day. seraphim. Mistake to have left the Thanatonautes to develop. Cherubim. Technique more reliable. angels and devils hampered in their work.Note to the services concerned Estimate that there are vast mistake.

244 . 243 . An ancient tradition. is part a long tradition. we all know. Why regret there an inhabited one day? “ Lao-tzu. It was a technical Tibetan to recognize the kidneys skin tones. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. We always let in those who can enter.Taoist philosophy “All life is like a dream.JUNIOR We waited a year before submitting our Freddy Junior testing personal belongings of the late Freddy senior. there was a similar custom in some tribes. We cut a phalanx of death to to locate the fetus would be born deprived of the same phalanx. The .Response services affected Let’s not exaggerate. In Africa. It is not appropriate mourn the death which is only a change of form. There is no reason yet a change in attitude. by Francis Razorbak. The Thanatonautes.

Usually. Unless it does is he who has found up there. I was sure of: Freddy Meyer and Frederick Marcel Pinson had only one and even karma. . The small first became interested in watches. pens and medals galore as so many interesting and unpublished rattles. Amanda and I kneeling beside him. He was no fool. we wanted more out of the way such objects. worse. not swallowed. arranged to break two (justifying and all my earlier fears about my own property) and enters finally loving the one with belonged to our beloved rabbi.recognition ceremony Tibetan seemed more adequate. I jumped again when he waved proudly the pen Freddy. On all fours on the carpet. Already we were ready to rush into the arms of the each other. shaking happily few. the child looked at these watches. lest it damage them or. Rose. whispered it while kid was still twists between the forest of various utensils placed on the carpet. He knew that we recognize him! Anyway. He had distinguished between all and was on Entered. when choosing parental. at that moment I was convinced that we had found the right Freddy Meyer. No doubt. our wise. Freddy Meyer had returned to earth in the features of our son! Rose quieted the game .Do not get carried away.

Suddenly. that he will accomplish a great leap forward in the cycle of reincarnation. it will already be a great sage. Both the other. we considered our beloved son as a stranger.With all the knowledge that this kid was already in him what we were going to win as time! . . . Rose did not hide the vast ambitions that kept for our child prodigy. credit Moreover. This was done for. enthusiastic. we followed him as he continued his wanderings. announced Amandine. we multipliâmes. I put it in a course dance and choreography. It be the first human to have the memories of two lives. .In twenty years. He sent waltzing watch and medal the deceased Strasbourg to better capture a lighter Disposable blue sea and a chocolate bar in his gold paper. if we tell the life of Freddy senior Freddy Junior. Breath. . completed myself. delighted and excited. We portions more attention to the toddler when Freddy Junior showered us with net releasing the black pen to Freddy senior to a much more attractive pencil fluorescent orange.When he is old.It will take advantage of a sudden sixty years of experience. Perhaps it what happened to Mozart? He was the reincarnation of a Another great musician and his parents understood from the outset.He will also in a yeshiva. the proposals for the future.

It was not the result of the existence of a holy man but simply a man.An extension of any quidam that we had never even attended! Rose tried to console us and to comfort ellemême ensuring that. We were disappointed. it had been a good person so that it has réatterri in a home as than ours. In bed at night. What a disappointment! Little was still allowed to eating his chocolate bar. Now that we knew it was not him. We had given birth to a normal baby. he would drag the name as the shot of a life that does not belong to him! With a bad faith which hitherto I was not customary. though. We now seem to have adopted a small Korean or been mistaken about the merchandise. My wife reproached me for having called a little too lightly the child’s first name Freddy. it was not Freddy. and the child seemed to us suddenly. It would put full-face and Rose Cleanup almost with disgust. Still. we had a family quarrel. I . born of karma for no one knew that. you know …? abroad.

stingy! I replied that she was not in any case if fine stove than that. Not mine. it was his son and we were talking. . she defend tooth and nail. it would have done better baby! Furious. it gave me all sorts of old resentment at the figure. chuckled to myself. Why would it not later someone good? . she was so absorbed in his work astronomer that was just if it was responsible for her dear Freddy junior then. my lack of character.retorted angrily that it was her bore the blame. One chance in billions also be find the “real” grieved me to myself. She blamed my lack of initiative. I never saw her as furious. she was the mother. Mustard went up in the face of Rose. After all. derived from the genes and mine. like any mother. without worrying about if it had had time to go shopping and never bring flowers. In bulk. it was his belly who had made this “thing”. With a little application. She too was taken aback but it should not forgetting that this child was ours. my perpetual submission to Raoul. After all. my inability to keep my mother and my brother to invade our apartment for a hat not they invited each other without warning to dinner. she sent waltzing the duvet and said they had always knew that there was one chance in billions that it works.It is perhaps the blind so that it has really the same opportunities and the same talent as the other. after all.

I found myself alone. like an idiot. fitting the own sirens. My son is asleep.One sentence led to another without our welcomed the decision. Waved in vain his toys preferred and finally prevail in my bed. In the end. Read things into perspective really abominable your little problems but now I could not forget my behavior absolutely mean vis-à-vis Rose and horrors that I had said. heard it crying. This was the moment chosen by Raoul to return to the Improv . Rose put on clothing to chance and fled to take refuge with his own mother. neither she nor me. along with Freddy Junior. I fell in the living room and looked some relief in reading a book of horror.

the time has come to deliver you the second secret. I was beside myself. Raoul was an odd and.In love! surprised myself. I told him the scene with my wife.Uh.It’s … report … to love. I lay down flat stomach next to him. . Go ahead. Forgetful of all promises to my wife. drooling on my rugs. But.So the second truth? questioned I nervously picking up my friend to put it in a chair.Michael. speak.Vista thanatodrome and break into my apartment. .Yeah.It has something to do with Rose? . . He could hardly stand. I would have hastened to me plugging ears or throw a good punch to do shut up. He gasped: . He collapsed on the carpet now free of all relics of Freddy senior. I held my desire to shake. He might vomit the large red stain and Rose would never forgive me the damage. Ordinarily. yes. but realized while I was totally shot. very drunk. he approached me and said: . Raoul laughed stupidly. with the assurance of a drunkard. if you will. There’s a woman who loves you and awaits a . I pressed on the contrary Speak? .

.! A few more stammers and Raoul recited finally a story consistent.Nadine Kent! I repeated. my friend told me that when a couple had known a love so intense without Yet children. too. my wife was called Nadine Kent. Unfortunately. that’s the name . dreamily. One day. In this life. all to his sentence. I did not recognized. It was American but lived in Paris. she did not notice crossing an avenue and was hit by a car.Yes. I had suffered so much loss that I death of sadness in the months that followed. His drunkenness dissipating. they had the right to join in their next incarnation to fill this gap. but my mind all captured by the Thanatonautes. I had known the great love. we could not father a child. . The Angels thought it was a form of suicide. in our previous life. Intense moments with a wonderful woman. Raoul knew almost everything about her. I had no may cross several times randomly in the streets. The great love. She felt a great sorrow and Me. this woman was sterile. Satan in said lot. In my previous existence. I had to find that woman since it was my real woman. credit Anyway.

I always tried so hard to seduce a woman and then to adapt a married life. even in one of your past lives! Coughing interrupted his laughter.that told me Satan. all others would seem insipid. Rose and Freddy Junior was an error referral … Of least. I suddenly realized why I. as tempting as its shadowy interlocutor.But this prince charming … . says Raoul. guy ass. kind of koala viscous! Th wonder that such splendor has been able to find you. yet it was known that few men in his life. I was programmed to a child that Nadine Kent. too. .Do you realize.But his action also extends to lost souls. She was now twenty-nine and his parents feared that it remains never old daughter. Nadine Kent was a beauty sublime. .Satan is the angel of evil. love … Not that I did not want love but now that I pointed the finger that I must love in particular. .It’s you. You’ve got the luck! Not only do you have already experienced a great love but you have one other in reserve! Love. since the beginning. my friend Michael! A fascinating goddess waiting since birth. When asked why she persisted. He had conducted its investigation. Some Nadine Kent which I knew nothing. . In fact. She does not want that you. if wonderful to live alone. it was what I thought of that moment. . she replied with a smile waiting for Prince Charming. and even there yet.

one of wine. by Francis Razorbak. one of Milk. Genesis 2. When a Right (a pure man) arrives. they take away from him the shroud that was in his grave and clothe eight clothes clouds of glory. they put two crowns. 245 . eight branches of myrtle. And they put in his hand. And every fair has to alone by a canopy from which spring four rivers. a nectar and one of honey. 246 . And on his head. I enter my handset.NADINE . ” “ Yalkut. in small letters. the other gold. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. I take the phone book and looked at the letter K. Kent Nadine. one of precious stones and pearls. And they do enter in a place flowing with eight streams of water from eight hundred species of roses and myrtles.Jewish mythology “There is in heaven two doors of diamond and. his number was spread there black and white. near them. seventy thousand angels servants.In my confusion. Without further ado. And sixty angels stand in front of every just and tell him: “Go and taste the honey with joy because you’ve taken care of reading of the Book.

. The hour was late. was gently Nadine. husky voice. but never anything as moving. With Thanatonautes. we began to talk.Could I speak to Nadine? I say in a tone uncertain. . in my haste? . A mouth approaches the handset. in a voice choked with tears.Hello? maddens me to myself. . I’m here.It’s me. Standby Footsteps light. Together. A sobbing with joy.A female voice elderly: . I did not hang up. consented.Hello? Who wants me? asked a soft voice and familiar for at least three hundred years of reincarnations. anon-I.I know. I had already known moments difficult perilous. And I knew she felt the same feeling. . Confidences that two people who do have ever met would never have dared to say. That was it. For you. At the other end. We said things senseless. Another silence. Please. I pleaded. I perceived a hesitation at the end of File It was to be his mother.It’s been so long I expect your call. that this succession of sentences confident and tender.Hello? I had another call.No. I sighed. I will still . .Hello! Silence . No doubt. . A delicate hand grabs of the device. moving and terrible. I perceived a sob. with a touch of mistrust. .I will seek.

I took it hastily. In the living room. “Hello! hello! “Cried again the phone. I embraced my child who already eyelids were closing on the eyes as blue as those of his mother. As I tucked carefully I closed the door with the clouds. I was suffocating. To yelp in addition its first word: 426 Father A little chubby hand began to wipe my tears on my beard. I cursed the angels in general and Satan In particular. I took my son in my arms and took it to her room. I did not want to hear the “hello. hello” desperate sounded in the handset. I curse Raoul. white and blue painted by my wife.there. the famous truth! Devilish Satan! Why am I having learned? I paid dearly for ignore forever the existence here of Nadine Kent. I curse the Thanatonautes. . I could not go. This was the moment chosen by Freddy junior arise his face smeared with sleep. I knew. Raoul was laughing like hell. It was there.

unceremoniously. in any country throughout the situation would pursue me. Nadine. Stop the world I want to get off.Forget about me. Find yourself another man and I beg you. be happy! Then. I wanted to tear the skin covering my soul.I wanted to not be me.Egyptian mythology Formula to never die (pronounced twenty-eight every day before going to sleep): . 247 . I plowed hand with my nails until they bled. forget me for this lifetime. For pity’s sake. I take Raoul neck and flank-dock at the door. Stop the world I want to get off. I felt incapable of taking an old contract signed in previous lives. Not having a wife for. Why had it imposed a situation as unmanageable? I could not escape anywhere. Nadine. I picked up and whispered with fear uncontrollable .

the master of night. which is out of Nun. as twilight. which can not perish in my name Soul. My abomination is misconduct. those who do evil can not harm me. I am the master of light and my abomination is die. the soul of God creates Hou. I saw my father. and my body is sustainability because my events are eternity as master of year and regent of sustainability. residents of the CRE . the one whose body is in Heliopolis. I am responsible. I deleted my sins. I came to the existence of myself with the Nun in my own name of Khepri in which I come into existence every day. I am the Elder of ancient gods: my soul is the souls of the gods. I am the Noun. I Hou.“I am the soul of Re. eternity. I have no consideration for her. I believe in Maat and I saw her.

if we had discovered the angels. The temples were deserted. that of the Ibis. found God. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. 248 . however. “ Book of the Dead Egyptian.ANOTHER COMPANY The discovery of the seventh heaven brought daily new changes.twilight on the hill west. The main prelates had great shout. by Francis Razorbak. . For What part in religious ceremonies since the mys Ministry of death was gone? Even the priests lost the faith. we did not. it was all end of devotion and mysticism. all faiths.

However. Accompanied by Monk graduated from Thanatonautes. Some were real tourist offices: “Weekend in the afterlife. Formation spiritual tual accelerated. Boosters provided. The end of the purpose was to build a swimming pool in a church.Temples were turned into museums. others theaters. Possible meeting with . Guided tour. others in private houses. Reflections multicolored stained glass was reflected in water and organ music sounded at the time of dives. The thanatodromes private hatched everywhere like mushrooms. as and when religions Pericles taient the Thanatonautes developed.

They took pleasure in raising Freddy junior. I did not care and I did not want to take care him. Freddy Junior . In thanatodrome. inquisitive and easygoing. We paid dearly for knowledge as it was dangerous to venture further. Amandine and Rose (with which I was soon reconciled) were fit while Raoul and I were face warriors weary and disillusioned. became the mascot of the place. I must say that the kid was Interior. Raoul may have given up reunited with his mother but was nevertheless ethyl and bitter. most of these ads were men reverie. “Maybe! that basically kids are great sages and only wear life makes adults unreasonable? If it was not the reincarnation of Freddy Sr. “ Of course. women took over.the angels. The tours usually stops at the third third or fourth zone. After the coup of Nadine.

“Daddy. . Later. you could fly from a replica of the pyramid of Cheops or a copy of the Sistine Chapel. It must have over the top of you. With my son. daddy-poo. he provided system sound and uniform Thanatonautes identical to our own. Dad pot-de-glue! Me? my kids. My genes were perpetuated in the nucleus of cells.No.Papa-pee? asked point-blank Junior. With it. for a fixed price two hundred thousand francs. he would have a good psychoanalysis to teach him how to separate these four concepts distinctly. rooms off a mythological decorations or mystical. Amanda caught up with him for a hug. I suspected Conrad of being a bad teacher. I them alone. .” “Mom . . My brother had set up a company Thanatonautes. He built thanatodromes anywhere in the world. As an option. life went on. given his propensity to run around in all corners. ”” Pee ”” poo “were the four words he loved align successively. In promoter advised it innovation by providing at option of the customers. The less fortunate. My brother laughed and replied: . on demand. Humanity evolved.Still playing with this kid! sneered Conrad.was probably that of a merry prankster rather sporty. it proposed thanatodromes individual wooden huts similar to saunas but affluent of all equipment necessary for a successful takeoff.

The manuals of Thanatonautes. As to those who could not afford to buy all the bric a-brac of Conrad.The affairs of my mother were also booming. though the competition was rude. asthma. Fly was now within reach of all. all as stories-stories. however. But how a desire virtuous Could germinate in extremis in the mind of the whole his life was devoted to evil? Sometimes. were in vogue. I had opened a publishing house to publish the works Complete Amandine Ballus: The Vademecum of dying Some ideas for a weekend in Paradise. that good repressed tendencies or accumulated during lives earlier .INDIAN PHILOSOPHY “The mood at the time of death determines the shape received for the next life. The Thanatonautes in ten lessons. they could always leave their bodies by meditating! 249 . heart and epilepsy : Some precautions to take before you die … All were bestsellers.

by Francis Razorbak.it gets complicated Life was a passage. 250 . Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. capable of solve all problems. Willy-nilly. the idea made its way among the populations people. it had no less a place geographically accurate in the universe: the black hole in the center of our galaxy. “ Ananda Mayi Ma. Just about everyone now knew there was a continent “spatial” consists of seven heavens and that in the last resident of the angels. The first to suffer from these revelations was our president Lucinda. There were other lives before. There was only one month of the elections when one of . as and as knowledge of the Continent Ultimate spread here. If Paradise was not palpable. there would be other After the soul survived the body.430 laughing change at all at the moment of death the soul a man who spent his entire life in error.

Picpus described in detail the forum of ancient Rome and health problems the winner of Vercingetorix. a Richard Picpus. who helps the success of our business Of course. claimed to be mounted Paradise and be taught by an angel he was the reincarnation of Julius Caesar. . Napoleon and Alexander had nevertheless built prestigious empires. Lucinda could claim to be the first head of state to have deflowered Paradise. Mythomania or encyclopedic memory after Picpus-Julius Caesar. Even Lucinda was stunned. who Julius Caesar was a model and who knew so his life by heart. Told reporters stunned. marched candidate Robert Mollin which provided reincarnated Napoleon Bonaparte and Philip Pilou that swore to be Alexander the Great. . Each affirmed able not only to give France a international reputation but also to conquer permanently the Continent Ultimate. ‘replied the other without disassembly. But we knew the angels not talkative and doubted the veracity of This plethora of new contenders.rivals. tried in vain to the trap. Lucinda. .What an angel? demanded to know Lucinda in a public debate. Caesar.Mumiah.

We ressortîmes old Folders Julius Caesar and civil war sounded the death knell of the Roman Republic. Napoleon was the gravedigger of the French Revolution and unnecessary conflict bloodied Europe. Napoleon and other Alexandre convincing voters. If these pseudo-Caesar. fighting would resume and the galaxy again become quickly out of control! It was Rose who suggested to use to historians. Alexander the Great had the dubious morals and his famous empire lasted only time in its short life … . After all. yes They were devastated entire continents and caused the dead countless. these famous men did not have lives copies! It had been fornicators and tyrants.What a trap! Lucinda had found it “Paradise” that in front of him. We meet soon to seek together how pull away.

Bizarre characters brought us support unexpected. . An avatar of Vercingetorix reminded television how Caesar did not hesitate to starve the population during the siege of Alesia. Alexander the Great fared better because there was that specialists from Antiquity to be familiar with the details scabrous its existence. There was still some nice stories of massacres and orgies. victims Gaul were the ancestors of the voters of today. But in this conflict. For an hour. the collapse of the Russian campaign. he told the horrors of war Gallo-Roman. She highlighted the massacres of the war Spain. the error Waterloo dreary plain. An unexpected reincarnation of Josephine spread in women’s magazines gossip about the sunsets adulterous the Emperor.

Since the vast majority of voters never approached Angels in any way and was quite unable to boast of any existence illustrates it approved its discretion.Faced with this onslaught. pre pretentious. Alexander the Great and his face of an angel pleasing the crowds. A week before the elections. no matter what he pleased. said he and his present alone determine undermine its future. Its this alone would argue in its favor. Lucinda retained the largest silent about his past lives. imbued with itself. the polls gave him 34% of intentions . There was no nothing to boast of being only Picpus after Caesar! Still. His attitude was all the more appreciated that no one knew it was over acts in this life that would be considered later. He was proud.

I have an idea.We need a miracle last minute! sighed the candidate Lucinda. murmured dreamily Amandine. however. 251 . . we were far behind with 24%.Hindu philosophy “If the prospect of continual beginnings produces a certain fatigue among Hindu thinkers. India where I lived. “ Alexandra David-Neel.to vote. accommodate themselves happily.ELECTION RESULT Amanda had actually had an idea. Julius Caesar and Napoleon was in back of the pack respectively 13 and 9%. Villain called a press conference in which he announced . Extract from the thesis Death the unknown. Maxime Villain. and good. by Francis Razorbak 252 . the “See ectoplasmic” joined our team elections. Almost on the eve of election. . Lucinda was a “miracle”. the masses. they aspire to put an end to this game painful deaths and successive rebirths.

Why ? Easy. This deposit was decisive. The little man smiled modestly. because they and they alone were aware of all their lives. the dear man was blamed on a well bad penalty. However. Maxim! Thanks to his contacts known to the angels and honesty legendary. Few were willing to risk to take a bad point in voting for a candidate considered undesirable Heaven. In fact.You would not by chance the reincarnation of Machiavelli? I inquired with a laugh during the ceremony. our elections. they did not care. . Never angels had expressed any opinion whatsoever on the ballot. Bravo. . which led them to trust him. Lucinda was reelected with 73% of votes. As a reward on earth of his sin.calmly that the angels were in favor of Lucinda. Only the sick and infirm did not yield to the polls. He had flatly lied. You lied. Lucinda was still President No one would ever be allowed to question the words of Villain who had recorded so faithfully V Interview with a mortal. Maxime Villain received a medal Thanatonautes from the President.As are you sure? I do not even know if it is . .I wish that you compare me to Dante or Shakespeare.

police files . at a glance. 253 . The truth changes with space and time. it’s that up there. Lucinda was elected? Well. they saw the thing a good eye. too.possible lie. And I run.

The trouble will to start. It is too late.Message to the services concerned We had been warned. 434 .

Was announced and on the news that was traced to Adolf Hitler.THE PAST CLARIFIED After the reelection of Lucinda. . 255 . Peter. by Francis Razorbak. 6. People were leaving more often to the bottom of Paradise.Jewish mythology “Before the silver wire does coward …” Ecclesiastes XII.In bonsai! astonished Rose. Let us not underestimate. the Thanatonautes experimental became the Thanatonautes mass. it seems in some cases it is possible. .From what I have said St. . 254 . And it was not without consequence. I thought the ectoplasm humans could not return to form vegetable. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. says Amanda. Anyone could claim to have met with a angel and bring up there his little scoop-shaped thunderclap. It would have been reincarnated in bonsai. We reincarnated generally to improve but if.Response services affected Situation still under control.

bonsai is only suffering. Constrained not to grow the shrub remains forever dwarf while all that lives on this earth has the most basic rights that is one to grow. it is so stupid that animal. without place. Without water. The avatar of Hitler belonged to a kid a wealthy family. The Chinese have long felt justified to confine their daughters’ feet in narrow strips for keep growing. it returns to the plant and perhaps even as far away as mineral. Of course.when of human existence. But in the case of bonsai was worse! It was not . The kid could not understand how the life of a bonsai was a punishment. we start at the animal level. It’s torture a plant high level of art. I considered the thing and the obvious jumped out at me. The life of a bonsai is a torture permanent. without air. without food. He cared very own and there was a lot. simply because they considered them the most beautiful as well. members constantly intruded. I was flabbergasted. And if human it was even more bestial than the most wild animal. Hitler bonsai living room! We found the bonsai to the address indicated by some Angel indiscreet. It is a plant in a pot too small for her and we then cut systematically all growths.

it claimed the death sentence of bonsai. it was good to reincarnate in bonsai in Japan. Ravaillac was innocent of murder Henri IV. Swedish diplomat brave in the rescue of Hungarian Jews during the occupation Nazi. just to save money. and roots. For my part. had been killed by the KGB. The Chevalier d’Eon was a hermaphrodite. upper limbs. Raoul Wallenberg. and I examined each times with the utmost caution. I could not believe the angels so talkative with so many people. thus end (in my deepest regret for that matter) to his eternal torment. judges! There was However men to think smarter than them and finest vigilante! With great blows of petitions.just the feet. like resistant martyrs Poster Red had been reported by their “friends” of the French Communist Party. According to some tourists from beyond. The Iron Mask was the sister hidden Louis XIV. lower limbs. Good idea. Finally. He cut its branches. . I had chills. Followed a shower of “revelations” more or less verifiable. we dug up the thing to death liberating ensues. Every day The more subtle punishment for a heinous criminal war. hat. JOHN Lennon himself had contacted her killer to be commit suicide. archangels. remembering as I had been unhappy when my parents forced me to put on the clothes that are too close to my brother Conrad.

the crafty étalèrent their past lives to get some benefits in this life-it. demystified. True or false. A grocer Asian Paris assured the reincarnation Modigliani and began a trial to the heirs of former art dealers so they him pay back their considerable capital gains. But apart from these “bad”. Mussolini was a circus dog. he then explained enrichment suddenly by the alleged discovery of the secret of transmutation of metals. about the fascist generals South America they were mostly reincarnated as geese you Gave to make foie gras Christmas. Mao was duck glaze. explained. It was found that. I could become self-employed through an auction several of his paintings. others advantage of celestial revelations doubtful to get lather. physician to the royal family. collected in museums. A charming teacher aerobics television swore to be the reincarnation of Botticelli. overall. We lost count of the litigation and the demands of repairs of all kinds! It was human history. the bloodthirsty tyrants had received adequate punishment. . Stalin was reincarnated as laboratory mice. as to According to some who needed to be revised.Nicolas Flamel had made his fortune by robbing and murdering bourgeois. informed. Jack the Ripper was well William Gull.

have children and build a family unit strong enough that this state lasts as long as possible. “ Saint Gregory of Nyssa. The world opened up and I closed my. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. If it was not in his earthly life. I was happy. by Francis Razorbak. I was spending more and more one world of my home.SLIDE Freddy Junior grew and our interest in Thanatonautes was decreasing while that of the public kept at contrary.Christian mythology “There are natural necessity for the soul to be purified and cured. to grow. At that time of my life. I introduced him to the love of books as I . A healthy family life is perpetuate to become atavistic and would avoid the occurrence of child temperamental. I was convinced that much in a life was to marry. I loved Rose. 257 .256 . The awakening of Freddy Junior I was fascinated. tyrannical or apathetic. healing takes place in future lives and beyond.

when someone 438 . Before.myself had been initiated by Raoul. contemplating the stars relativized human problems. all these cutesy. stories short with beautiful scenery. Rose taught him to observe the stars. . I offered him the freedom to educate themselves and then by itself. to a good deed! She was beaten for refusing. tales.Do you prefer violence. Not to seduce her. You’ll raving! Stefania was red with anger. fables. the company continues to receive waves shock movement Thanatonautes which we pioneered. Because of us. But beyond the walls of our cozy apartment delayed course. It seemed to me that by communicating to Freddy my craving reading. A stranger had approached in the street to offer him a large sum. . . all of these vouchers. it was changed. I digress not. Stefania came home one day quite upset. but just like that. Every night.I’m tired of all these sweet.No. I told so to my son that seemed to be the most interesting for a child three years: legends. Past. perhaps? asked Rose.

mumbled he. Stefania fell upon him.You feel free. . . everyone is nice in superstition pure! They were all afraid to be recalibrated up there their review. he sat comfortably. . just to participate in our conversation. Having possession of a sandwich smoked salmon and a small cold beer. clearly indicating its condition. he tore promptly sandwich and canned hands. it was because he wanted to.was kind. Is zero. like all his fellows. The man stared in amazement. He entered quietly and headed straight to our refrigerator. Rose and me.It’s not that you refuse alms is that sup-is not that you stinking the house with your dirt and your clothes greasy. Since all the doors were open.But … but … you’re crazy. and had freely chosen kindness. . then appeared at the door he was no longer useful close. especially! burst does. A beggar dressed in rags. Now. he had used to enter any which apartment and to use at will. and before I could react. we do not learn to hit before entering in people! The tramp was indignant: .Species of lout. He had the choice between being nice or nasty. The poor man took us to witness. the Italian out of it.Do you dare deny me alms! .

He realized suddenly that this pair of slaps had nearly to raise the status of martyr. you wonder not to be reborn … (He looked for a moment the worst) to be reborn cancerous. sang there almost. and strongly reaffirmed: . . . vermin! The man stared at her. that he worth a gaggle of bad points for his karma! We looked Stefania anxiously.Okay.You can repeat myself that? He smiled mockingly.You hit me! he said. . this should surely you . Get out. But after that. And it’s not worth me start again I do not know what a curse. but the table. glasses vibrated when sounds the right pair of slaps. in the meantime. regardless of his foul breath.. He rubbed her cheeks sore. . I’m going. eyes wide. Stefania brought his face close to hers. Cancer? <> Much so I have a little fun in this life. this woman! I do not realize … If she refuses alms. it hit me. Being a victim of shrew violent and aggressive.Yeah.It struck me. And But you have interest to clear out as soon as possible before I sending you my foot I think.It will not in his noggin. .You will be reborn cancer.Nothing to shine! stormed does. This woman had dared to engage in an act of violence on a beggar. mocking. The man was more astonished than angry. . I do not live from the hand of the Italian.

it can not touch or be touched by anyone. We did not know what to say.You should not have to risk hitting. In fact. Stefania pacing the lounge like a lion in a cage. Reborn really cancer? . more conflict! There is no one left. For lazy. to imagine nasties.argues a lot of bonus points. to care about their defenses. . basically. They are selfish. They seek to do good than to ensure a good status in their next life. you do not understand our world is more populated than larvae and mops! More emotions. We never know … I began. too. Be mean forced to deal with others. beaming. Rose and I trembled for our friend. and not complicate my life. What are we bored! I suddenly realized that I too. more fear. . She interrupted me bluntly. at that moment. . Stefania turned to us. They are not good. They only care about their karma. down here that beings soft and superstitious. He crossed the door. Kindness is just a comfort be quiet.My word. you get all crazy! she said.But. But be nice. She passed a hand across his forehead. I always been kind of selfishness.

And she went away without further ado. The monarch who was surprised. was still her husband.Jewish mythology The body and soul are they equal before the trial divine? The body could accuse the soul of sin. The soul and the body could they so escape the Judgement divine? We asked the question a wise man. since since she left him lying inert at the bottom of the tomb. Hi. he replied with a parable. Thanatonautes! I’m going.. however. What soul could argue that issued the body sinner. Then we eat outfit The blind proved unable to resist the temptation. it hovers serenely through the air like a bird. suggested he blindly. The cul-de-bowl was soon raving about the benefits beautiful. he was nothing left of fruits of his orchard. . who. the blind replied that he had seen nothing. I’m sick of good intentions. Like all sages. She took her things and left our building of the Buttes-Chaumont without a goodbye to Raoul.I’m tired of you. even drunk. the cul-de-bowl would have been quite unable to climb a tree to capture the any fruit. I’m tired of this company since we will have revealed what should have him remain hidden. “Let me climb on your back for gathering. 258 . the king who had chosen guardians of the orchard a blind and a culd-bowl. and the return of the king.

prosperity and happiness. the world knew peace. Thanks to Thanatonautes. Humanity had finally completed a ambition dating back over three million years since appeared on Earth. He ordered the culd-bowl to get on the blind.HISTORY TEXTBOOKS Thanks to the Thanatonautes. fears had been defused. Similarly. With the exploration of Continent Ultimate. death was considered as pain and suffering. A conduct on earth and up there. all the soul and body appear. by Francis Razorbak. 259 . Of Also. the reward expected. Babylonian Talmud (Sanhedrin 9 a b). hatred and jealousy disappeared from the surface of the planet. a new era ahead.p> Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. together with the wars.The king does not think long. The American paleontologist Thunder proposed to delete the term homo sapiens and replace it . together they will be judged. Until then. Together. they were severely of blows as if they were one.

VISIT TO THE MUSEUM Life goes on. wax figures mimicking daily activities Thanatonautes. we read emotionally list of the first volunteers sacrificed on the altar of Thanatonautes. we redécouvrîmes Our first chair off. 260 . The movement was worth the sentence.with a more modern homo Thanatonautes. we lingered in front 442 our own reproductions. second year elementary course. What a leap forward for mankind! History textbook. Rose and I decided to enjoy the weekend of Pentecost to take Freddy Junior Washington visit the famous Smithsonian Museum where were kept all the relics of our adventure. . Homo Thanatonautes is a man who knows now not only his life and death but also all his past lives and future. even without Stefania. In this imposing concrete structure.

If the mood took her one day to return. I die” and the sound of blows and a its fabric torn supposed to reproduce the noise produced by umbilical cords when they slam. hot dogs and refreshments frozen. it triggered even the sound of fighting. By pressing a button. In fact. The Americans are still well things. was still on a drip. with a note narrating his sad journey. . they will not retransmit in the intergalactic space. was much more successful with its sheath black molding. I was just like with this grin bizarre and the large syringe by hand.” and “dirty dogs of infidels.” the “Attention. A huge mural of thirty meters long and ten wide recalled quite accurately the battle of Paradise. because the ectoplasm. the mortal coil of Rajiv Bintou. the Thanatonautes Indian who had lingered in the world of pleasures. kept in the freezer transparent. even if they did. his body was left at his disposal. how starlet. this set the scene was stupid.Personally. ATMs conveniently located gave visitors an impression of paradise while their to gorge on popcorn. a pan-map stated in any case her umbilical cord was still intact. Amandine. All around. In one corner. “Oh. The Smithsonian Museum was huge.” the “Take that. rogue. Next. There was also a model of the blockhouse Bresson. Puppets flew in the different figures thanatochorégraphiques composed by Rabbi Meyer for takeoffs in groups. produce no noise. even Thanatonautes.

Needless to say. straight into the unknown! ” I prefer our old motto: “Together against the idiots! “Always up to date. Three old machines wax to large beards white were perched on a promontory translucent Plexiglas lit by neon (the mountain of light Last Judgement. I imagined pretty well in the future a new profile Greek on the coins associated with our motto: “All right. To be believed the Buttes-Chaumont! To complete the exhibition. no doubt). they repeated endlessly: “This will be weighed every good and bad actions of your past life.The center of the gallery. and their mouths moving. a large satellite dish. “ There was later a detector off ectoplasmic (Invention of Rose. recreation of the interview of the ectoplasm Donahue. the great Adonis smiling put up statues here had nothing to do with the brute we had known. a screen with fake green spots. a sculpture showing Felix Kerboz shaking hands across the centuries to Christopher Columbus. Fun. museum officials had developed a great relief model supposed to represent Paradise. A cone of cardboard thirty meters high in its widened part dragged a corridor was narrowing to finish on . my wife).

“Images Satanic in no way resembles our mate the real Satan. a2 + b2 = c2. we heard a sucking sound and then found himself in the territory black red. For territory of the patient. In the knowledge. A real little over catchup for use by school students. a voice-over commented: “Behold here a few of the demons believed see the first Thanatonautes when they passed Moch 1. the treadmill slowed so abruptly that some believed in a crash. a few butterflies rickety side by side with dolphins laughing. Families photographed with a vengeance and s’esbaudissaient the slightest comment. . orange. etc. Somewhere.a diameter of two meters. the organizers did not want to shock the children. It was enough to advance on a treadmill in order to penetrate and slide slowly through the corridors to changing colors. Regarding the area of ​the pleasures. Each crossing of a wall coma was symbolized by a curtain with thick sections of plastic could not see what was back. Some characters contented themselves with kissing on the mouth. the voice was passing information of a kind Pythagorean theorem. As a pinnacle of beauty.. lit up as and as slides illustrating our stories of the continent the dead. Around us. Each Moch plastic through.

rubbed shoulders cafeterias where it was good sit and rest a bit and souvenir shops better stocked than my mother.Jewish mythology “The birth of man on earth and his death cause a shift of mind that is removed from a location and moved to another. 261 . false thrones takeoff.I’m sorry No better reward for the visitors a little tired. tee-shirts. Finally. In a large room. models of demons. picture books angelic or demonic. I hesitated in front of a cassette video graphics promise to share “As true” all the sensations of flight Thanatonautes. models of angels. Freddy Junior feasted cotton candy and asked several key chains with the names of angels still missing to his collection.If you are very wise one day you too will visit the Paradis. This is called Gilgoulim.. We abrégeâmes our trip across the Atlantic. the clarity of days was based on land white! Thank you. provided a dad to his toddler. I gave it up. I was careful not to say such things to Freddy Junior! After the treadmill. meal trays for easy take off. all unpacking sickened me a little. For my part. just exit. . the migration of souls. “ Zohar. After: confinement for several hours in the museum.

Given the congestion in space. the Thanatonautes was a way to seek their ancestors which they devote a cult unwavering. the number of people who rushed up there to have a taste of their last trip. For them.Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. Death after all. . In 2068. it’s true for everyone. refresh your soul. The Japanese provided the main body. the deceased and Thanatonautes had for the first time the attention attracted by a notice posted on the road to reincarnation.KARMOGRAPHE The Thanatonautes became truly a mass sport. 262 . Major brands devised soon to start in marketing ectoplasmic. A advertising ComaCola: “With Coma-Cola. “ Insurance companies followed suit to the firm in Atlanta. by Francis Razorbak. Of Zen meditation took charge of the project in Paradise using the power of their thinking. died the day were forced to clear a fashion on their way between “tourists” to the umbilical cord intact appetite for new sensations. It was crazy. Not surprising while a Japanese company was the first to put point “objects ectoplasmic”.

projected precisely in the desired area messages to be played on the Continent Ultimate. AGL. depending on the energy of the carrier medium. Do not repeat. Bulk.“You are? So you have committed a imprudence. Customers were not lacking. In heaven there is no 446 restrictions. The rates varied by area. . They appropriated without asking anybody surfaces and locations that we have drawn on our maps. security in all existence! “ The advertisements were limited primarily to the corolla external but soon. The formats ranged from 1 m 2 to 10 m 20. Monks is recyclèrent and focusing in prayer. we settled in front and behind the first Wall comatose. after Coma-Cola and AGL. tour operators for travel ectoplasmic (“With Airmort. Specialized agencies were created. Upon your next reincarnation contact the General Insurance in London.

pants (“At home in your future skin of newborn with Impermeablex. the chairs off of my brother Conrad (“Thrones Emperor catapults into the hereafter. No advertisements for inflatable dolls in the red zone fantasies or for watches in the country of patience. The UN imposed. all died are baba “). Prohibited advertising for a drug reactivator of memory (“With Memorix. credit coming into the black hole of Paradise. It does still had not exaggerate! In bookstores. however. Some psychics gifted reached even to make flashing their commercials. the Continent Ultimate was now sold to the merchants of the Temple. diapers linking exvieillards incontinent future babies incontinent they again become “). an ethics committee. layers. or for encyclopedias in the area of ​knowledge. even the angels love it “) and up Liquor (“Lucillius. International to put an end to abuse. no more than an art gallery in the absolute beauty. Whatever thought Raoul. the books ad hoc accumulated : Death and .return guaranteed”). it was now the impression of being near a large supermarket. you would have remembered all your nonsense “) near the black area of ​bad memories. appetizer if fruit we would like drink with the Seraphim “). dairy (” Thanks to the yogurt Transit. the secret of meditation successful “). rock bands (” music Dead-Stroy. leave without cumbersome to natural paradises “) of bedding (“Mattress Somnis.

that any thing. any behavior. anyway my previous lives have already set my karma. The whole world was under the banner of good deeds. Trade walking. More religions. I’m just living on a purchased thousands of years. Handbook of etiquette the use of meetings with the other dead. And why go to the trouble when it was enough to . everything was observed and recorded in high places. laziness won humanity at the same time for kindness. Why perform wasted effort. Humour is based on derision and trips to the continent of dead had proved that nothing was ridiculous. The Road of reincarnation: comprehensive plan and advice not to go astray. even the most innocuous. Paradise Earth contrasts die so what?. is people said. their ancestors and angels. the ironic. More old hatreds centuries between people. had its price. people loved each other. Another problem is the fatalism total who took possession of the people. On Earth. Some examples of choreography ectoplasmic. everything became simple and clear. the Paradise? “So. if my destiny is already written up there. “What’s taken anything.formalities. the mocking? Even the humor was more appropriate. poverty would disappear. Where were the cynics.

considered the fireball approaching.police files . . you almost die stupidly! He looked at me smugly. Thinking of my first accident. . My discomfort was accentuated even when. what could induce people to engage in business or to imagine new projects? I had always been beset by doubt as to the revelations on the Continent Ultimate. at least … He returned in frolicking as if he wanted to be killed later. not the driver could stop in time.Small moron.enter a shop or in private for use at their leisure? Without material incentives. one day.Not at all. I ran: “Warning!” The boy paused. since I was destined to be saved by you. In speed he was traveling. nothing can stop it. arms dangling. waiting to be crushed without realizing that my warning was also part of his destiny! I jumped so and ran away just time. A children crossing the street when there arises a sports car. Today. I witnessed a strange scene. And he stood there. only to play me a trick! 263 . and set out deliberately: .Bah! If this is my fate. looked at me.

. The Thanatonautes has enormous dangers. Multiplication of testimony senseless on the Paradis. Urge you to intervene. Humans are already in place advertisements on the way of reincarnation.Message to the services concerned Stop it right now.

I felt chills. In thanatodrome des Buttes-Chaumont. a world beyond the life and . with the loss of Stefania. his wife. As for Raoul. fatalistic and unmotivated? In this case. I had accomplished a great sin and I need a number of reincarnations to repair This fatal error. We think about seriously. It was even fatalism.Response services affected Yes. I could not go to span in Street people lying quietly waiting for their present existence flows. he had found a new good reason to drink. succeeding that of his parents. Rose. was the renunciation of life! Remembering the kid indifferent to everything. Freddy Junior and me we closed more and more about the family unit while Amandine continued his lecture tours.APATHY Was it really possible that our whole adventure has served to this: make mankind completely apathetic. 264 . The situation takes an unexpected turn. the atmosphere was grim. He seemed to find in alcohol as a third world.

Are you tired? I asked her.So the world is stupid. Amanda joined me. I was silent. I liked especially a solo plaintive and sad saxophone. .death. the fools have already found. ” And now the world has found its truth. . I thought back to that day when I asked my mother what it meant to the word “death.Yes. I remembered also the amazing image etched forever in my mind. both have upset early with Raoul not to let myself be drawn on this slope.Do you remember what was said Freddy? “The wise seek the truth. Dismissing a green plant. the three archangels Light gathered up there to judge us. she let herself fall on a wicker chair next to me. No! I have the disease states of mind. full of remorse. Maybe after all the alcohol is at the end of all questing. Th looked at only. .” I could see the icy hand of my great-grandmother Aglaé hanging out sheets. In this case. .The states of mind? Who does not? Lighting a cigarette bidder whose Raoul left still hanging packets everywhere. she added: . . the kind of music that no one was listening more. but it’s our fault. One evening I sat listening to jazz in the penthouse. Returning from one of his shows.

hurry down. they are not benevolent. stay humble.TEACHING YOGI It is five observances to remain strong in his life: .Contentment. The body must be healthy if we want 450 keep a clear conscience. never fulfill its stomach full.Study. . Goodness imposed. We do not live for ourselves but for something in us that is beyond us. 265 . by Francis Razorbak. . . I began to understand Stefania. Rose appeared in the penthouse. . Above all. clapping his hands. . Despite their smile.Health. Enjoy what is a. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. fear of annoyance. Move towards knowledge by reading sacred texts and meditation. it is also disgusting that the soup mash-Mellows honey and grenadine syrup. Ministry meal is ready and Junior is already devour everything. They are terrifying.The offering to God.If you are hungry. surrender to the pleasure soon taken.Perseverance. Do not get overwhelmed by the smaller of emotions: fear of the unknown.In fact. It will remain soon as crumbs. It should be clean. .

266 . . A new conversation with Peter provides Amandine of key more specific. She reported the official scale.DEVELOPMENT ACCOUNT We already knew from Interview with a man that six hundred points were needed to end the cycle of reincarnation and become a pure spirit.

60 points Slander: .70 points Humiliation: from .10 to .400 points .MALUS Lie: .100 to .10 to .

500 to 1450 points .820 points Abandonment of parent: from .910 points Cruelty to animals: from .100 to .1370 points Cruelty of humans: from .100 to .100 to .100 to .Failure to assist a person at risk: from .560 points Child abandonment: from .

5 (The number of points deducted depends on the case given the will to harm.1510 points Recurrence: penalty multiplied by 1. pleasure taken to the evil.500 to .Crime resulting in death of others: from . irresponsibility. selfishness which motivated actions and non-actions.) .

BONUS Don concerned: from + 10 to + 50 points Sincere gift: from + 10 to + 90 points Contribution of joy to those around: from + 10 to + 100 points Assistance animal in danger of + 50 to + 120 points .

Assist a person in danger of + 100 to + 270 points Production of a work of art: from + 100 to + 410 points .

you could die easy knowing exactly . The most serious cases were represented by a rod parsley or a fungus. With karmographe. The karmographe The thing was a kind of small watch crystal display liquid and keypad.2 So precisely made people more cautious. First sign of the scale of degeneration karmic. A Japanese firm had actually marketed a counter good and bad actions. Rather than risk committing a sin. every night before bed. the acts committed during the day to find out where we were exactly with his karma. People were carrying their right wrist. Not enough good points and a horse was part of the screen karmographe.Original idea for progress: from + 100 to + 450 points Self-sacrifice for the benefit of others: from + 100 to + 620 points Proper education of a child of + 150 to + 840 Multiplier: bonus multiplied by 1. a amoeba. a rabbit. as it was at the time. The term Nor was a metaphor. some preferred suicide immediately to restore the counters. the left being reserved to the knowledge time. which passed down to a dog. It was enough to note. a snail.

where we were in the scale. Me? I was more humbly somewhere between 0 and 5 points. The Japanese had ensured the grain. 267 . The aircraft had replaced advantageously confession. I was a neutral type. His karmographe pristine announced kindly 25 points. Finally. In thanatodrome. Pink found that it had a bonus of 400 points. without fear to face the trial of the archangels. Even in my karma I was using. Raoul was right: I was not a hero. I did not commit too many nasties in my life but I had not been a saint. The kid does not become less obsessive. No sooner had he pulled the ponytail of a comrade square he consulted as soon as he karmographe to know if it was serious. My brother had so resolutely turned towards a . Their patent was well protected. Freddy Junior was in turn fascinated by the machine.OUT Thurs Conrad was able to get the reproductive rights of karmographe. we played with the device. the operator ration and account settlement required a lot of franchise with oneself. Obviously.

business first! Ironically. he counted quickly among its first customers his own son. at that. . A small turn quickly to the land of the dead and come back in another skin. allowing oneself to slam his own umbilical cord. ie pills “special suicide without pain. By way of letter Farewell.any other business: the pills “out game”. we inquiétâmes.” “Better a new life a life failed “was his slogan. desperate to have failed composition of mathematics. “So much effort and education thoroughly programmed stupidly wasted by bad note math. Gustave. Was simple and it said what it meant. Rose and I. “ His parents were convinced he had probably reason. but they did not know as much as the kid was reincarnate. we wanted not to say that our children are left too early. And if Freddy Junior was tempted too? One annoyance is so fast arrival the present. my nephew. who had always been so skeptical about the Thanatonautes. was now the first to encourage people to take the plunge. it’s enough hair pulling! “Lamented Conrad who wondered if he should cry or not death of his own son. Conrad. the teenager had scribbled: “Do not worry. We had good knowledge of Heaven.

it was enough to said thumb and get “out of play” with the pill up counter by my brother Conrad. too. never to part. and hop i The most sensitive walking with a cyanide capsule implanted permanently in a hollow tooth. Rose did his best to comfort him in all circumstances. If he returned with a notebook full of bad notes. Discontent. The result could be seen almost no old people in the streets (a first ride. we made Fences to all windows. The suicides of children increased. But all the parents were not as effective as us. we offered him gifts to comfort him. as those of adults. we covered their affection. and forward to a new youth before knowing the irreparable outrage of years) not more people concerned . And it does not yield to a sudden desire jumping into the void. We do grondions ever. Life is a game. dissatisfaction.To better deter escape this mode that spread in schools and colleges. and the least concern. we replaced in sweet pills cyanide “bench” that he had bought with his pocket money by harmless candy in icing sugar. they put an end to an existence considered a failure. It was essential that our son loves his life to the point of persuaded that he will never find parents also owls in another incarnation. assures us constantly of our support.

In the administration. All that remained that beings immature obsessed with the idea of ​doing good. future elites disappeared before he had time to take of age. unable to make any clear decision as they feared to injure one or the other. not elsewhere in we did not know what future. More no one was so much life to the point of fighting for her or bite the bullet when you face adversity. they rubbed more than soft and void. There was a real social problem. But now that suicide promised delivery of the counters at the slightest annoyance.or too sensitive. slightly as play roulette or the lottery. Worse. it was also important to promote life here and now. Death become commonplace. Lucinda and his government understood the problem. The leaders of men and creative are for most people experienced a difficult childhood and it came out in force wrist by forging letters of hardened steel for better survival. This was not evident. each hoped to see that he would reincarnate. laziness or superstition. It was important to act quickly so that the most intelligent and most sensitive young people continue to commit suicide. This should not be the correct numbers that were missing up there! .

So I said why not me? Now. Similarly. my life I did not like. So I wanted out of life. Before I go. I do not regret my choice and when I see all these . said: “At first.ADVERTISING Life.Thus was born the ANPV. My parents were alive. my grandparents and all the failures of the family were living. why not around the world? There. But the drug made me sick and alcohol as well. What fools! Yeah. and I wondered how they were coping to stand by and support to age and rot up as rags. even stones live. concepts that people attach to their lives rather than go to tire-larigot. Lucinda began to contribute the best advertising so they invent slogans. twenty years. uncle. I even tried to flee with drugs and alcohol. ideas. a student. Suzanne M. I thought it was corny. 268 . Then I had an idea.. I thought it was zero. life. Who would have thought that before the 2000s? It would surely laugh out loud at the idea that he would one day advertising for people to appreciate what is most basic more natural and easier in the world: life. the National Agency for the Promotion of life. the animals live. I realized as life it’s great. Plants live. a moment full of emotions.

young people who are hesitant. do You also around the world. life is a something that will remain in vogue for a long time! “ This is a message from the ANPV. National Agency for the promotion of life. guys. come on. I say. You see. 269 ​.police files .

. Do not refuse to recognize your mistakes.Message to the services concerned This is pure madness! So strong you are. Your laxity is detrimental. At all. Very damaging. do not go to pride.

Strive always to the grain. “ Poem language Yamato (ancient Japanese). but we are together. the Lambert case. 270 . We are like grains of sand on the beach but without the sand beach would not exist. . Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. by Francis Razorbak.Japanese mythology “We’re just grains of sand. to put end of a blow to the movement of suicide.SUICIDE OF ANY ERROR The National Agency for the promotion of life was to his best. It had a tragic event.Response services affected Fear blinds you. please. but received only the insignificant results. And above not panic. A little quiet. 456 271 .

one-off “and urged the pear in the rules. the head of our Thai restaurant favorite. We Reglami our devices. two. Mr. especially since as Mr. He was febrile.Oooh oror! To go . we had just asked to try one. The weird happened to Back When Mr. Lambert opened his eyes. He counted “six. even his face looked more like the Our placid Thai restaurant. . We had before us a man to stare hard.This happened on a Sunday. Another man. We allow some to our friends use our thrones of takeoff. Nothing unusual so far. in our thanatodrome of Buttes-Chaumont. three. Lambert was somehow the leader of our canteen personal. Lambert. Hyde would have always hidden until the Dr. Lambert? I asked. nervous. we wanted to keep the best relationship with him. Mr. I felt to find myself in front of another Jean Bresson. We had no reason to oppose it. JekyllLambert? .You feel good. five. “Maybe! a Mr. He sat down. four.

This story disturbed me a lot.in there. His voice was that of the former Lambert. he did not care elsewhere now. Later. Mr rajawi. his features too. Jekyll. . He had forgotten everything the kitchen and up to his beloved recipe noodles basil. A mystical explanation.Oooh oror! To visit. It’s going very well. We decided a video conference to discuss the problem. The name stuck. That its customers used as fortunate to go to be fed wherever they appear! He washed his hands. In the kitchen.You have visited the Continent Ultimate? inquired Amandine. I visited. and Yet I could have sworn that we had to deal with the same person. with even a Jene-know what’s evil in the eye. head of thanatodrome Indian had an explanation to offer. . He said it was the suicide that were causing the phenomenon. but still an explanation. It’s really a place very. they had thought of a syndrome of Dr. He put suddenly sold his restaurant. very interesting. When someone kills himself deliberately before to have completed the time of life that has been . I spoke with colleagues from other thanatodromes. They assured me having already encountered similar cases. He left the city and we never saw him more. it turned sardonic. I never went as well. Like me.

the official said in Abidjan.This is what we call evil spirits. Their actions are ridiculous and should arouse pity rather than fear. . S a wandering soul goes through there so it rushes into. reported Director of thanatodrome Dakar.allocated during his last trial. they can cause rain and thunderstorms unannounced but it is their only strength. in search of a body which rematerialize to live what was left to live. hovering above the ground.Maybe. These wandering souls. or he is engaged in Thanatonautes. the living have often referred of “ghosts. At worst. doing to raise the floors or vibrate chandeliers. he gave a time his physical body. It remains there. it is very difficult to find bodies vacant and many committed suicide wander and for millennia. but with this new mode of suicide. they play to scare people to ensure they still have some power. blolos bian men blolos blas for women. the air must be saturated with ghosts in search of a mortal coil.And we blolos. sighed his colleague from Los Angeles. . Mr rajawi continued his explanation: .When life meditating. . They scare fearful and naive typing against the walls at night.” Because they are miserable and desolate. However. the ectoplasm is transformed in a wandering soul. .

We stayed there all bec us between glances. Everyone went to his case of “possession” to return. went into the afterlife. because of all the “tourists” which. What a paradox! These suicides that were leaving for a better life their way into the first existence came! And even if they had the chance! It was not so easy to be there at the right when faced with a mortal coil vacant. That respond to that? Despite our warnings. thanks to us. Of sudden changes in mood and behavior were now elucidated. What risk were we so all taken during our many Travels And. We need people stop suicide and even Thanatonautes. It’s too dangerous ! Everyone at home. . even worse. convinced that they were that accidents will not happen to. The idea of ​being bitten her body during a takeoff . It there would always be hotheads to go for a walk on the continents most ultimate. the agency Travel ectoplasmic continued to do business. There were skeptics to declare that we want our sport us when he moved to democracy and that soon. even workers could Thanatonautes Sunday.We must raise the alarm. we organized conferences campaigns Everyone does not believe. a lot of Ghost now had a nice set of body put on. I say.

It was definitely a complete science that manage their karma and every morning brought new laws. Become a wandering soul in search of a body. For candidates to suicide. that there would necessarily be lived to the end. had a few more years to live. It could include suicide. by disease or accident. Some sought to exploit. there was hardly any buyers. however few. and that perhaps for centuries to come. . in case of disaster. People understood that suicide did not call at all a counter to zero. it was different than for tourists to the afterlife. after reincarnation in a physical shell foreign. We learned to accustom small miseries. A man who committed suicide at age sixty when he should have died sixty-six reborn and in the skin of a child doomed to die in six years. would then go to you and fit in your family and into bed with your wife without anyone capable to make a difference. other safety and happiness. which. was not a future very exciting. It was not pleasant to think that anyone. The explanation of my fellow Indian had another advantage : It comforted the parents of babies or young died too soon.discouraged. Conrad vain solder its stock of pills “bench” unsold.

these bandits would be sufficiently punished in their reincarnations. rape and pillage. We had heard from by {0}{/0} {1}Logs{/1} She had gathered around her a band of “Bad guys”. she was engaged ultimately an act of . I knew he was thinking constantly Stefania. They feared that the operation could be considered a assault and said that. it or some of his own. it proved there were still risks to be in this world.Raoul is walled up in silence. they abstained. murder. By sacrificing his karma healthier society. Stefania was something of a national curiosity and even when the police were able to stop it. perched on bikes. It gave relief to the property. But the fear of damaging his karma was too strong. the desire to commit suicide resume faced with a world so bland. a horde of thugs in leather jacket black. trying his best to promote acts as outmoded as theft. in any case. That whatever now our knowledge. Yet. The Italian Tibetan Buddhist we had loved so much professed everywhere that the property was equilibrate with evil. Embodying evil. Under his leadership. Stefania had difficulty retain the services of associates and initiative remained isolated. for Raoul and me too. Stefania became a major concern.

Now. This is my twelfth marriage. no sooner had they left the Earth that is found stuck in a crowd of tourists ectoplasmic. “ This is a message from the National for the promotion of life. We did not know what to do. I’ll never have the time to know all. Vinstack. 273 . breasts. With a mouth. forty-two years old.pure abnegation. single. All are different. life is women. a process. That’s why I’m glad that life is actually quite long. Finally. 272 . eyes. a haircut. a port Neck different. leads a modeling agency. We all felt vaguely that in reality. thank you life and I thank you women. the umbilical cord tied to . As women exist only in life. we decided to go back up there to see a little what was happening. a perfume.ADVERTISING Mr. He loves life and he tells us why: “For me. takeoffs had nothing to do with those the first time when we evolve only among the the deceased. legs.IT is further complicated Still many daredevils on the way to heaven! Ha! yes. I’d love to live a hundred years to find a more than women. Stefania’s Cursed was a saint.

Paradise is open to everyone and no one has the right to impede the free access. a sign projected a whirling dervish of Turkey set the tone: “Welcome to Paradise. Such an act is criminal and will be continued as such. if not more! Movies Do not miss the next existences. a large poster of the National Agency for life. Be sure to weave carefully your cord ectoplasmic than your guide. or no religion. Article 3. danger! Ban travel alone. a monk Recycled. You are a thousand annéeslumière of the Earth. advertisements for prepared meals. From the entrance. Caution. Heaven belongs to no country. Article 2. It is forbidden to cut the umbilical cord ectoplasmic of others. And still so many ads. cat food and dogs pets. “ Ensued the various laws enacted with the support of United Nations: Article 1. travel unusual … And of course.that of their guide. extolling the virtues of returning to life! Lucinda had tried to bring greater security on the Continent Ultimate. . cigarettes.

Article 4. Article 9. Tourists Thanatonautes must leave this place as clean as they want to find in their actual death. Article 6. Article 12 Paradise is not an amusement park. The parents with children are asked to leash by their cord ectoplasmic. . Article 5. No evidence outside can not affect the archangels. Everyone is free to owner his own experiences in Paradise as here below. It is forbidden to disturb the angels in their dexterity Article 7. It is forbidden to store memories and fantasies of another. Any physical body will be responsible for activities of its ectoplasm. It is prohibited to affix graffiti ectoplasmic on advertisements decorating the hallways. It is forbidden to hide behind doors comatose to play tricks with the dead in Passing through Article 10 It is forbidden to speak to the archangels in the weighing of a soul. Article 11 It is forbidden to interfere in favor or against of a soul at the time of weighing. Article 8.

despite the warning. Some played to fight their painful memories in the way of wrestlers. On the surface of the first gate comatose spread : “Moch 1. Warning: memories aggressive. Those who are unable to assume their past are urged to get their umbilical cords of their guide and regain their bodies. Surrounding advertisements extolling the virtues of .Everything had been planned for the comfort and safety of tourists. “ The deceased’s date and Thanatonautes no one rushed no less en masse. People sen sible to abstain. As all this was indecent! Tourists Greek played voyeurs looking at the bubbles that affected them in any way.

the death of Felix Kerboz. “Maybe! Amandine. despite the amendments. Some tourists had fantasies perfectly disgusting. the peep shows and porn videos.psychoanalysis nalystes and private detectives. passionate love once brought to Aman dine. I began to be used to. for those who still had an opportunity to redress their wrongs. . the advertising of sex shops. not to mention a bunch of minor events that I never really digested. she imagined a man’s sex … Here. I found my car accident. Moch 2 and back in the red zone of pleasure. my arguments with my brother. As each time through the Black Country. I thought this place looked more and more within hot and humid with a woman’s sex.

Amanda took me to that I do not hit back to its double black leather. Everywhere advertisements for watch manufacturers. . very excited. I yelled at him telepathically to leave me. Moch 4. You are about to enter in the country orange. Time. “ . “Look. I was married and family.Shoving his fantasies of orgies and young stallions oversized. it was not the time to enact legislation if they were not even met. Moch 6. Here ends the for. When in doubt. Look out! Here. Decidedly. Moch 3. what a terrible opponent! Yellow zone. Do not if you are not able to learn all the truths World Village. “Welcome to heaven. A woman I continued shouting called Nadine Kent. Really. I was just anxious to get out of there. As eager to turn around while there is still time. Amandine I took his hand up Moch 3. I fantasized about all the women in my entourage. It is blase about everything. I do marveled over to meet celebrities or famous men. The fantasy of Nadine metamorphosed then for adopt the generic form of Stefania. ” The crossing lasted only two or three minutes but We seemed drag on for four or five hours. You are about to to enter the land of knowledge.Eureka! Eureka! bellowed telepathically tourists Greek. finally.

We walked in the white area of ​the weighing of souls. this is the Olympus but Where is Zeus? They did not understand these idiots. three of them came to Raoul. Others. Thor or Isis. Quetzalcoatl. the angels do not have name. To those who appear before the judges want a good queen carnation. The angels have no supervisor. Some Greeks asked questions they did mine not to hear. Similarly. Jupiter. but in However. They paid no attention to the tourists. said the Greeks. . The angels began to know us well. Amandine and me. issued the whirling dervish official. Angels have no .You are in the bright background of the black hole.Okay. they bear names. No Zeus. are reminded not to disturb Angels at Work “.

they remained bound. We were doing just the situation that another cried already murder! One after another. Their ball of cords was indeed intact. There is always related to the braid of our group. All became clear when he screamed in its language. we all understand: . all religions. This is the bottom it has been decided! This meant that while the ectoplasm was walking here on earth his body had been murdered.My umbilical cord is cut! . the eighteen tourists Greek did the same sad conclusion. No.Impossible! calmly replied the guide.nationality. It was horrible to know and died away. It is only when the group would defeat its nodes that the unfortunate now deceased would be sucked its next reincarnation. but nothing connected it to Earth. As its cord was actually tied to the other. all philosophies. All had lost their . telepathically. they have all nationalities. somewhere else! . whined the other. What stupidity it chauvinism which suggests that its own deities are necessarily more impressive than the other! I do perceived not immediately the cry telepathic pushed suddenly from I unite the Greeks did not surprise but fear.

The Italian had sent communicated to the major news agencies to announce that it would address now to thanatodromes and ship again in the hemisphere Ultimate the lovers walking aliens.physical body! Together they spun join the longest river of the dead. Raoul. Do you regret?? My friend had decidedly changed dramatically. We went too far. you wanted to know everything about death! And now that we have unlocked the secrets.But it’s you who first. The evening papers désignèrent the authors of the package Heavenly: Stefania and his gang. I protested. Pacing the penthouse. Extensive program ! . Amanda and I écourtâmes at quick trip to return hurriedly these comfortable armor what were our bodies. the mortal coil are at all times vulnerable and it is always dangerous to abandon them. he decreed: . “Picking”: apprehension. . She hears thus making the death fear and mystery.Stefania’s right! exclaimed Raoul. Yes.

No more war. While the world was unbearable. Oppenheimer also expressed regret for having designed the atomic bomb. Rose and I hochâmes head. Only Stefania shown courage. more crime. In addition to your conscious desires. more adultery. are your desires and fears unconscious. A portrait of Stefania black and white.Well.It is too late to go back. ‘I murmured. But look a little around you as people are become vapid! It happens nothing. furtively stuck a poster on the run. Amandine. said Raoul. you draw your life. Around you is a mental atmosphere which attracts but does not attract either all things. . Thus you attract the people and events . It’s never too late to do. more passion at all.We could have done better to remain in ignorance. It is also made of your fears that are the negative part of your desires. I saw a young boy. I came to Thanatonautes to fight against my boredom and Thanatonautes had made the world boring! For the canopy. This atmosphere Mental is made of your desires. we managed to stop the suicides. in big red letters: “Together to reorganize the bad! “ 274 . Raoul had Suddenly the same accents as his wife: . These are the two sides of the same coin.Rosicrucian Philosophy “By your desires..

Bands black and white zigzag on the small screen.Dad. The cartoon Puerto Rico it was closely following had suddenly stopped. 275 . watching television. . Cosmogony of the Rosicrucians. Rose and I.466 that form the fabric of your life. . “ Max Heindel. The welts left already place in the image of Stefania. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. It was not a failure. by Francis Razorbak. The action is a desire solidified.THE THIEF OF SOULS These were the cries of Freddy Junior we rameutèrent. is a failure. We can not release that untying the knots emotional situations past and present.

indignant at being deprived of his favorite show. Stefania addressed his followers. But it’s for the good of humanity whole that we act. Travelling on boys black tank top muscle tattooed and girls with long hair hanging over their ripped jeans. the most popular and time of the greatest Hark! exclaimed Rose. at the Last Judgement relive the . . Focus on her face once so happy and now tense. There is only one fault: ignorance. much admired. Education received in the pain is always more effective a lesson in joy. Together to millions of viewers. she said.Thank you all for coming. perched on a mound grassy Stefania harangued a small crowd. Rumor approval. To us to learn from our experiences. do not bring reward or punishment.The world is in itself neither good nor bad. or some principle whether we assign the direction of our lives.She managed to hack the fifty-third chain. and I increased the sound to hear better the words of our friend.. As we still learn from them. God. . The nature. Somewhere in a forest. “The whole history of mankind is full of abominations and atrocities. We did shut our son. I know what courage it takes to promise to engage in bad risk to sully his karma. “But I can assure you.

All your actions here. poisoning and produced by Leonardo da Vinci. the country has experienced war. All your experiences. Yang against Yin. “In Italy. five centuries of peace and democracy. and what they produced? Watches for power accurately measure the time of their trouble without end. when the archangels will indicate the scope of the blame for your actions. In Switzerland. In fact. they brotherly love. they respond not with anger nor indignation. terror.pleasures and all the suffering you have procured for your neighbor. I assure you. murder. but to be constantly aware of. the Good fight against evil Beau against the ugly. and this is constant confrontation What always sprung knowledge and progress since both are never been without the other. The purpose of existence is to abolish ignorance. you understand the importance when you death. Because the Earth is the place of experience. during the thirty-year reign of the Borgias. “Since time immemorial. “The purpose of existence is not goodness. The purpose of a existence is the realization of self. with . the truth against falsehood. “But with the knowledge of the Continent Ultimate. Michelangelo and all the current spiritual renaissance. They laugh just your stupidity. The purpose of an existence is not to be nice.

This is just the beginning. people have brought the goal of life to one and unique requirement: the goodness! What a mistake! In truth. Persons engaged in a takeoff will advance by us sentenced to death. evil is essential to the balance of things here below. we have already sent in beyond a group of tourists Greek Thanatonautes of circumstances that had nothing to do in Paradise. Thank you. We will obtain closing thanatodromes. I stated. A bearded shaggy jumped next to her.this trend so human to always want to simplify everything. . we will continue our Fighting spirit In truth. Last . we terrorize Thanatonautes. my friends.I’m sorry In a first attempt to bring humanity back to a correct view of reality. chanted around it: . The black eyes of Stefania flashed. Fifty boys and girls.In the threat and violence.We will bring evil! We will bring evil! . I assure you. we will not stop there. She was as transfigured in its efforts to convince the rightness of his cause. more sinister each other.Thank you.

You want some? I have. and a title.It’s not just thanatodromes! Evil must be everywhere! And we must end the sentimentality room! For this. surrounding Stefania their leader and imitating his lascivious movements.p> He increased the volume to maximum and the air was filled with sounds more and more violent. Between them. A punk in relation identified with kohl and mouth Scarlet shouted above the tumult: .What do you suggest? asked a hoarse voice. brandished as a relic a cassette. His mount was pledged to a cassette player. Roar of motorcycles. The camera fell on the rock fan. They all trémoussèrent once in a sort of barbaric tribal dance. The same excitement the winners.Why not revive the hard rock? Is heard more than classical music or planing in stores and on the radio. AC DC. There’s really tired. they wake up the world. .Warning. rock! chanted the activists of Evil. Highway to Hell. . cigarette between his lips. ab was registered on behalf of a group. tourists of death! Laughter and applause. Increased its motorcycle. a type unshaven. Th want to rock concerts of thunder! Rock. bandanna to front. very old while promising. . He slipped one All around him gazed with envy. there are simple things! .

No dancer. Apparently. like the dervishes turners. God willing! exclaimed the punk. bottles. and Yet they were all in ecstasy.Yeah.And after alcohol. People are afraid to drink because they fear to behave badly under the influence of alcohol. . There are : as alcohol. there . Billy Joe. Let us open in the clandestine and pour out the bottles everywhere. I met Satan and. . breathless.. he’s a very respectable ! Stop the music. all impulses released! A great stone in the garden kindness! . motorists drunk crushers good people and why not rape.If we kill. Widespread drunkenness. indeed. Promoters of Evil do not find at least the idea excellent. . was an idea that their kicking. because God is. Up there. ‘said Stefania. God willing! cried Stefania.If we love hard rock. God willing! yelled the bearded man. All distilleries have virtually disappeared from the surface of the Earth. . Stefania was venerated to his family of worshipers of evil and he obeyed the finger to the eye.It’s not just hard rock to have disappeared. The motorcyclist obeyed immediately. I assure you. he knew where to dégoter.God is good. I thought in petto it should have from time to time her former husband. did not protest. Congratulations alcohol! . Alcoholism. it promised men roueraient strokes women and children. but God is evil. There’s at least one of which had not given up! And obviously.If we exist.

police files . All tremble or visit us join! A kind of fog invades the small screen and Freddy Junior could get on with his cartoon. Total in fact I can assure you. Just ask politely former bosses. Then.Drugs. They fileront coke without problems so they will be safe to commit a good deed coming to the aid of junkies in need. we will succeed in reinstating the sacred balance between Good and Evil. it concludes quietly .are still … . .My friends. Recreate networks of dealers. The sounds of AC DC sounded again in the background violent before Stefania will summarize:p> .Drugs! approved Stefania.Evil is reborn. setting right the camera and addressed his audience cathode. There must have a few stocks in the suburbs. assassinate Thanatonautes. 276 . you all know now what you have to do: find new recruits. suggested Billy Joe. spread alcohol and drugs. who apparently understood quickly.

Message to the services concerned Not our fault. Did not need Stefania Chichele to put Thanatonautes incapable of harm. Human movement spontaneous. Natural reaction to laxity that has lasted too long. .

278 . Arise. you who are dead on this earth! Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. the master and disciple. you who have followed the yasat. We take yet old policy of openness.RESULTS Despite all his enthusiasm and his eloquence.Response services affected Not matter whether you are or not involved. Stefania failed to revive the forces of evil. endowed with body and having the same appearance as when they death. by Francis Razorbak. It did not reach never gather more than a hundred thugs. 277 . The Italian distributed thousands of leaflets that people picked up without reading them to throw in the trash the . the father and son. O corporeal beings. which s’échinèrent to delinquency in general indifference.MYTHOLOGY ZOROASTRIAN A fifth of the dead out of the earth. They arise in pairs. wife and husband. where the breath had left their bodies. one who commands and the that follows.

. Do not respect the sacred things? But nothing is sacred. a bonus easy. wars have become a way as another to prevent overcrowding and thus prevent the humans to crush the other species. To otherwise. so devoid of pride and pretension. He does not lack of interest: “What are the sins of choice? Kill? But if a god. but rather the refusal to give to others that would be. God. Fly? Who are we to claim that anything is up to us alone and not another? Fly is not a sin. Some newspapers took up the text with no more results. Disregard the name of God? But if a god exists.Nearest They contributed well to the cleanliness of the city. could not care less and those who worship and those who insult him. it certainly is an entity very wise and intelligent gente. any god exists. it has never prevented people to exterminate them. if a God exists.

wake up! Kindness. Call it God if you want. Like him. such things are sacred? Claim. his breviary of the past. to rush on the Little Red Book of Mao Tse-tung. There is an authority above them. The angels are not aware of any. but 472 Know that God cares absolutely good deeds and kindness.The priests who claim to be the interpreters of a god make commit themselves the sin of pride. Peoples of the world. speaking of the need a permanent revolution . she felt that it is in contradiction is revealed the true nature of the world and is compared willing to Great Helmsman. “ In his fury. there is nothing worse. Who can dare say that such a place. only claim. our friend had thrown out the window the Book of the dead Tibetan. She was burning for the taste of the action of the Chinese president.

His troops enjoyed themselves well in their debauchery. a Long March. said Mao. alcohol or weapons in an attic. they said all took pity for these unfortunate propagators of evil in the karmas if damaged! Thanks to them. The revolution Evil is a necessity for humanity. As best was something gained. completed Stefania Chichele. he immediately despatched to the lovers of evil. Now that all the clothes available were given to the Companions of Emmaus. Assassination was undoubtedly a good way to die a martyr. . when someone chanced drugs. We watching for their next evil deed that will spice up a little if dull day. The contradiction is the driving force thought. one could win with it some bonus points. there became less bland.and preparing. Mao had his Red Army. as they primarily benefit the pleasure to do a little evil in this world. she had her black army. At the price they pay their sins up there. They were nice kill many tourists from Paradise this did not prevent the affairs of the specialized agencies Turn over again. too. They were also admirers who rented their selfless courage. however. And also. Difficult to reverse in a world filled by goodness! The “poor”. with these “bad guys”.

many of those who their exit fare. Jump into the void a lot of courage. paraplegic in a wheelchair. Mainly in bad weather. did not leave any chance. Why had he killed while all indicators polished ticks were in good shape? In retrospect. he had not been suddenly disgusted . I wonder if.It does not get better It was then that Lucinda decided to end his life. He jumped the fifty-eighth floor. was put in position a paratrooper head first to make it safe and fast.279 . The President had spanned the parapet for a rainy day which made the road shimmering. as Stefania. Then either they land softly on a hood of a car or a rubbish. In addition. It must be said that in general they choose the fourth or fifth floors. Lucinda him. Bystanders found him mangled foot the Montparnasse Tower. or they end up legs crushed. As always effective.

without pomp and no procession. I want debunks all my statues. wrote our friend. And without stele indicating my presence. I want to go directly to the earth being invaded by the roots of the tree. nibbled by slugs. I do not want to be buried in a coffin padded under a marble slab. no requiem or funeral oration. I hope the funeral of the most simple. I ask be buried under a tree. perhaps I 474 reincarnated I and humus fertile? If my body has served only . I want it removes my name from all the history books and dictionaries. no tears. Th want us to remove all street signs to my name. earthworms. bugs.by that company soft he had himself contributed to to create Was it that he wants to s’autocondamner and to turn into wandering soul! A housekeeper discovered the will that deceased had placed on his desk: “I finally understood that it is useless to be famous. Despite my suicide. Flowers or wreaths. Immortality is razor.

I long to understand. unlike wishes also ignored by all. streets and squares. The interim government decreed that the thanatodrome ButtesChaumont he had created would be called now thanatodrome Lucinda. There are countless cities and villages which they dedicated avenues. but I know that without grains of sand. President or tramp. The death of President Lucinda could have a new brake application movement Thanatonautes. the interior minister decided to burn on the spot a text as subversive. as well as Medal Thanatonautes would now medal Lucinda. but now I see the meaning of life. After his magnificent funeral. of course. Only small grains sand lost in the universe. but it is difficult to choose death! . “ Of course. I claim the privilege of have been a grain of sand for humanity. You can sometimes choose his life.little in my lifetime. I was a grain of sand. he devoted chapters integers in the history books. we built a gigantic statue in his likeness on the place of Hôtelde-City : …………………………………. king or slave. This is not was nothing. it is at least one good compost after my death. there would never beaches. we are all the same.

Rather complicated. I am Professor Filipini. I have long carried out research on life. I am a scientist. Every life is precious. See this formula (the teacher holds up a rule to table) is that of hydrogen. a man in white coats. If you do not respect yourself. This is the formula of DNA. respect life chemical that is in you. “Hello. Quarantine smiling in front of a blackboard. an electron is simple. Same man is unable to make.00000001% of DNA as it is complex life. Deoxyribonucleic acid. The Universe is up to 99% of poor hydrogen and one finds only 0. Stefania had so away from his life that he considered himself free.ADVERTISING On the TV screen. “ Sweet female voice-over: “This is a message from the . Watch below (the rule moves on the table). At the end of the ceremonies that Raoul told me that he intends to remarry. Do not waste yours. and there are very few in the Universe. right? Well. life is that. An atom. of life.Richard Picpus was elected easily president. He said that his only goal was to continue the work of the great “Initiator “The Thanatonautes. 280 . His first speech was a tribute to Lucinda.

Mesopotamian mythology “But you Gilgamesh What ever your belly is satiated .ANPV. “ 281 . National Agency for the promotion of life.

Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. I did not expect more. “ The Epic of Gilgamesh. by Francis Razorbak. Neither Rose nor I had surprised tender looks. 282 . These are the only rights possessed by men.wedding The elect of Raoul was Amandine.Be happy night and day Make every day of your life A celebration of joy and pleasure That your clothes are clean and sumptuous Washing your head and bathe yourself Flatters the child who holds you by the hand Rejoice the wife who is in your arms. stolen kisses in the evenings 476 . brushing of hands.

We did not hear doors slamming during the night between the two apartments. We had a long discussion in his living room. Finally.penthouse. Of course. It was his way of . It was he who. He who had always lived according his parents. but she had still not murdered with his hands. The event shook the personality of Raoul’s completely. Now he threw on his own parents look quite different. Nine months later. she had deceived him. realizing his solitude in a world where. Amanda gave birth to a small Burnet. that he found himself a father himself and moved to the other side of the fence. His wife had not itself attached to the toilet! He spoke and Burnet shouted. she hated her father. had decided to hang himself. In addition. Raoul understood how his mother was able to turn away from a man who neglected her to do concern than death. Raoul had stopped cry Stefania. just beyond. he was not interested. the During his endless drinking. Suddenly became lucid. the facts were there and the bride and groom radiant.

Would she. his relationship with his parents looked like enough to mine the Burnet howling and Raoul rushed to his turn. Thus. As soon as she was not receiving. to forgive him one day not to be ran faster? Would she one day forgive him for not not offering him all the love and all the toys in the world? 283 . It in would then be neglected and not to give instant his tyranny. it did not tend to more quickly the toy she claimed. In her arms. Then.communicate with the world. Raoul told me his last reflections: . On reflection. the attention it wanted. it denying the same time. He closed his love for the punishment. Under the decibels of the girl. she screamed. whatever they did. there is no to forgive yourself for not they have forgiven before.” she said.ADVERTISING .There is only one way to love his parents while forgive them. My friend remembered the little things that make big grudges childish. too. Amandine is undertook to calm her down. she began slowly her tears. “Wait three minutes. when he was little he could not stand not her mother do the dishes rather than dealing him.

Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. of course. Because without life. Life alone is well. National Agency for the promotion of life. by Francis Razorbak. what is to come. love well go with a group of friends.A big boy lanky. “ 284 . My name is Thomas Frilinot. maps. He is the master of the field immortal Because it grows beyond food.it gets harder ALWAYS . is lounging in an armchair in brown leather. friends. The man is nothing but this world What happened. and friends. right? So live life. thousand feet Covering the earth from side to side He still exceeds ten fingers. it’s even more fun. “ Rig-Veda. it would be really bad. mop disheveled. dressed in jeans. life. And life also. love it. Me. we play mostly cards. “This is a message from the ANPV. Hello. guys! “ Soft voice. but with friends.Vedic philosophy “Man has a thousand heads It has a thousand eyes. And me. What we do in our life together? Uh. cards. 285 . well we playing cards and then … bof.

since the ectoplasm from living bodies come to the edge the Continent Ultimate. After all. The dream was so strong. They recognize that it is impossible to impose a strict control of births. I hastened to record in the morning in great detail. send aid to the sky. His speech is simple and straightforward. with a cycle of reincarnations prematurely and unfairly interrupted. why would they stay not help identify and monitor the cards karmic? Meeting in emergency session.That night I had a dream. “The Archangel Gabriel descends to Earth to contact the General Assembly of the United Nations. are completely overwhelmed by the dead each day. Humans do not cease to reproduce. Here is the story as I wrote this morning. There have been mistakes. even working twenty-four hours twenty-four ! The country orange is full of souls waiting. The records are sloppy. The archangel Gabriel thus has a choice to humans: or regulate finally properly births. so logical. the Heads of State of the planet fully understand the problem. so realistic. They are . so consistent and so scary at the same time. services. he says. Seven billion humans is too much! How to weigh all these souls with only three jugesarchanges. Sages were reincarnated as gangsters while perfect scoundrels became pure spirits.

Of course. But it’s not just the family. if it does not cease to terrorize his fellow class. yet the oath is broken. ectoplasm sworn were soon so numerous that incidents are increasing. Hop it! Quickly. This seems trivial. one of them commits the first prank by warning his son. Not seen. No one is perfect and governments. Up there. it will be reincarnated as a slug. just to settle the karma of his offspring. Of used the paperwork to turn every morning agents ectoplasmic and sit on their thrones takeoff like others. However. And friends of . after consultation with its plug. from still developing with the growth of populations. For example. his father eventually change slightly the cord.switching to the second solution: sending officials ectoplasmic Paradise. at the same time. there are friends. with respect to the kid who insists on play the bad heads. these international civil servants are sworn. not taken. It adds 100 points. the angels have planned for their offices where they analyseont all their cards to their customers. A new class of pen-leather is born. take subway or commuter train.

A new bourgeoisie appears: the thanatocrats.friends … And those. who. knowing that employees. Now it is to be poor. In the past. It is no longer a dream is a nightmare. they make sure to be reborn in affluent families and in excellent health. because . A few tickets. manage to find their identity and address an envelope properly. Regardless of his behavior here. So that rich stay rich and healthy in their next life. always well informed. and that’s a good reincarnation of guaranteed! Gradually. In advance. The rich pay to find out the exactly is their karma and how many sins they can still afford. The poor remain poor and sick in their next life. it is established a real black market good reincarnation. which frightened the most people was to commit sins. even sworn never so well paid than that. it becomes impossible sible to be reincarnated as a better if you can not afford Financial to bribe an official ectoplasmic.

with no way out of this circle cycle of failure. No longer hesitate to hire professional killers to seize the property of others or get rid of a rival business. Any act does to the conquest of money. Mafia rising from the ashes. My wife Rose is snatch her purse the supermarket. prostitution. We no longer live for money. crime. fraud. drug trafficking. But giving up the afterlife is to make again all responsibilities to the angels.you know you will remain forever. Have money can rebuild their virginity karmic. My son Freddy was attacked by racketeers at the exit the school. or they are no longer able to manage the seven billion people on the planet. so why trouble? The world is completely dominated by money. Everything is good to get: theft. The world . for all its reincarnations. All the rules are changed. This is the opposite of the period virtuous. The remains of different religions are launching a campaign for the humans stop meddling in the affairs of Paradise.

Ministry kind of cat that has it all and merely lounging in its reincarnation.becomes more and more wild and more in addition to ignoring … “ I was awake shivering and sweating. got dressed and went down lunch with the other coffee. It would revive likely in the form of a very relax. Almond and Rose had gone shopping. Quickly. the angels me a message their channel of communication usual: the dream. I looked at the cat cafe. Junior had already left for kindergarten. Happy beast. I found only Raoul.Jewish philosophy “Just as the human body consists of members and parts of . It was difficult to understand what he bellowed but basically it meant “Your thanatodrome. It seemed safe. Was it possible we’re misguided at this point? I felt sure. I shower. yelling. And its content was clear: stop everything before the situation escalates to the point of control. Then a policeman jumped into the cafe. they are now ransack your thanatodrome! “ 286 .

various ranks with all these actions and reactions to form a single body. Raoul gave me a nudge. 287 .You and me against the fools? This sentence I plunged at once in the past. But see the store from my mother ransacked. when they have each other for actions and appropriate responses. I boosted. . photos of Amanda coated whiskers or other obscene drawings. split. . we saw demolish everything with rifle bat baseball and chain biking. “ Zohar. Stefania had had their order to destroy our thanatodrome. by Francis Razorbak. balls souvenir containing dry. the posters of Paradise torn Tshirts soiled. are literally one organic body. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. The challenge was difficult and But we managed. letting sink their pretty liquid. When Raoul and I were still best friends world and when it impressed me so much by using his voice against the worshipers of Beelzebub. Through the windows on the ground floor and the store. Again. and the wider world is a hierarchy created things. the victory seemed beyond our reach.ATTACK AT FORT Buttes Chaumont These were the worshipers of evil.

I forgot how we we were angry. Hairy. 482 We were together. There were two hooligans quite frightening. no one paid attention. He and I against the fools. body tattoo skulls and signs Hell. They believed that in a world so sweet. . Him and me against the world. Suddenly. Raoul could even take a long tube Metal protecting a giant poster and me tender. We broke the stunned.We passed the door. One was busy splitting with a knife scarves representing the map of Paradise while the other broke with the teeth dolls angels the most popular. I went over. They felt invincible. . They had taunted successfully police and soldiers. smelly. no one would dare oppose their raid. First. Th clutching the improvised weapon.Stop it now! barked Raoul. how he became an alcoholic. He took also an aluminum tube. they wore rictus of rage and cruelty.

Ministry second does not claim his account and fled to the floors to seek reinforcements. and oscilloscopes for identifying the flights. Perhaps the wars of Paradise Had she given more confidence. To my surprise. He who seemed their leader had a face that was familiar. of course. I do clapped not too bad. The guy collapsed. but resumed quickly. cut in half. the terrible master of Hashishins? I take a plaster statue representing Felix and crushed the head of the great.One moment they stopped. then. After all. I forgotten that the worshipers of evil did not respect anything and had no code of honor. The second we rushed ab The scene turned to boxing. broken one by one all screens control. he gave me a big kick in the lower abdomen. I stood up and was fighting the best I could. I should have stayed on my guard. almost smiling. Thank you. had I not knocked down. come near. We proceeded on. The biggest approached us. . we override four beefy armed axes that fun at all to smithereens. with the help of Amanda. Felix. banned. I collapsed. They destroyed chairs. I had just enough time to see Raoul jump to punish the miscreant a blow of aluminum tubing on the head. The sixth floor. It held out his hand as if to shake one of us.

Far from being grateful for having spared risky experiments Fleury-Merogis. two Malabar fell upon me. who do I see? he said. Our class enemy that we had saved their lives in the first flights Thanatonautes. my friend pulled away to grasp the size. He rushed with his ax as Raoul tried clumsily block of the aluminum tube.Bastard. The edged weapon fell. Raoul recognized too. you hate a terrible hatred. We fought like kids. my opponents overwhelms me. But we must love our enemies. . even if only because they see is on the nerves. well. Was the big Martinez.Well. Already. Martinez we wanted to have denied the celebrity Félix. He grabbed Raoul’s head and began to shake. Raoul. . If someone hurts you and that you not only do revenge not but what more you save his life or you make it well. a kick properly adjusted. you will want very strong. recognition was each other. “ Was. I remembered a lesson Meyer: “If someone hurts you and you do not avenge yourselves. I tell them pulled their hair and they’ll scratched the necks of their long . I will have your skin! said our former comrade . Corn slender and flexible. It was cut into two Simultaneously. reached the fingers Martinez clutching the ax. I had no time to follow further their duel.For the first time.

. interspersed with the dull thud of fists against flesh. We were all so busy we tap it and we strangle that we prêtâmes not pay attention to a roar Motorcycle followed not dry up the stairs. she says. even the cops are afraid of damaging their karma! It was the general hubbub. . It’s still useful to have friends. . Enough! intima does. said Villain.I’m here guys! Maxime Villain rushed to the rescue. but the reinforcement was very much appreciated. She pointed a large revolver caliber automatic 9 mm.It will not help. it does not feed. . The round Italian was much thinner in its forests. hitting bat baseball whipped the air. Stefania. with a large black cape with red facings.dirty fingernails. She gazed with delight. armed with a nunchaku. With this weapon East it was pretty laughable. The others were about to have the upper hand when suddenly a voice is heard. She looked a bit like my fantasy of the third country. They dare never fight. She was beautiful. The objects were flying. Thus. We raised our hands. A figure appeared in the doorway. to the faces.A long time ago that I wanted this interview. It fell to the ground. . Chestnuts and squirrels.It .You have to call the police! bawling myself.

shouted it. For pity’s sake. they crushed the vials. We were wrong.No. . We are lost from the start. . who was bleeding from the mouth.was enough to call. employing the tone of warlord had become.Stop prating. breaking everything. begged Stefania while continuing to keep us in playing with his gun.Know when my men and I came here to destroy the thanatodrome. . They dismembered the thrones of takeoff. In you. We have made an appointment. But all that is needed to demolish.Let’s begin by destroying these guys? . but no bullet came out of the barrel . put an end to the Thanatonautes. they broke the devices. Stefania. Apparently she did not relish the humor of his former husband. And his band began to rampage. she said firmly.But I’m listening. Raoul. Otherwise. his henchmen roared. . We must destroy the monster we have built. many thoughtful. Michaelese. it can only go from bad to worse. sly. Martinez. These are my friends.Raoul. Behind her. I was convinced it would take. Let’s go ! commanded she. Maxime. proposed by massaging the cheek . observed Raoul. I will never do wrong. Raoul lowered his hands and approached her. Raoul. I have many. Raoul. She came to me brushing: You are my friends. I’m all ears.

he smiled and began to embrace greedily Stefania. we will recover before the soul reaches the world of dead! No! said Stefania. Hands tied. even if only because they see deals nerves! “They were kissing and this moment of violence suspended with a kiss was something magical. I cried. Meyer was right when he repeated: “We must love our enemies. Everything happened so fast that no one had time to react. Martinez could not stand it. It was she whom he loved more and he wanted from a kiss. sobs in his voice. Love a little on this earth before leaving elsewhere. he thought only one last moment of pleasure. Raoul opened his eyes wide with surprise then.when he took his lips. Too fairytale. She made a sign to his henchmen and they tied him up. including he had just been assassinated. It . Benefiting from stupor Overall. It was not yet completely gone. at the approach of his death. it’s not too late. He had discovered the death. I rushed forward to m’appro expensive to Raoul. you must re-walk a throne off ectoplasmic. the ax still stuck IN THE BACK . Then he fell on his knees. he picked up his ax and planted in the back of Raoul. the ultimate meaning of life and yet. No! let it die quietly.Quick.

He loved books. recognized me. He had loved Amandine. Meyer said: “It is very difficult to love Really? In general we have only one life for this. Before. I was furious. “ The body of Raoul was lying in the arms of Stefania. no one tries to stop him. The soul of Raoul started with a kiss last memory this “low” world. It is so common today make up the dying as I had forgotten. As before. smiled and mumbled something thing I was the only one to hear: “The link is settled I knocked down all the evil in me O Osiris powerful I finally born Look at me. He had loved his father developed to follow him in his adventure. But Stefania had made his decision: Raoul had to die “normally”. Its . people were dying and it was concerned only their funeral and their regrets. He had like Stefania. We were losing time. “ He dragged himself to kiss the feet of the Italian and had a final jolt. it must not miss. He had loved to the point of train in its wake. indeed! I would like to succeed and mine. Pretty dead. I remember. I thought that Raoul had known love. I have been born.opened his eyes. He loved his mother as to forgive him for not having loved enough.

the soul of Raoul was already be in the territory orange. Around us. I looked at the corpse of my friend. mixed with the billions dead. his henchmen knew very well what to do. Aouuuuuu. one of the masters of ia Thanatonautes. do not howl at the moon as a coyote. I wanted to howl at the moon like the coyotes of desert. let us go. Could we put a spirit in that pile of meat? It was now too late. 288 . she said.Come. When his best friend dies. . Everyone knows that. But no one understood that it is my only natural way to express my sorrow. Motorcycles pétaradèrent. I realized that Raoul had been my brother. we must cry.HISTORY TEXTBOOKS It was in 2068 that Maxime Villain. irrevocably dead. states: “As long as man is deadly. When I was convinced he was dead. it can be . Their leader in tears: this was contrary to all precepts of the worshipers of evil! They sat there dangling arms.eyes filled with tears. The worshipers of evil disappeared as they had appeared. The mortal coil was probably already emptied of its soul. My only real big brother. We never meet again.

more limited. sad. unmotivated.relaxed.elevators gifted could reign without end. our time on earth is limited. more fear. cantankerous. one day we die! History textbook classes during elementary 2 years. as each new life is full of surprises and disappointments. . what is more horrible than immortality? Imagine you a life that does not finish last. by chance. to repeat. Everything would be all over blocked by the strongest that never gets old. our karmas are renewed. Death is essential to life. Really. our bodies age. Indeed. Fortunately. joys and betrayals. . Immortality is a thousand times worse than death. The days ticked mechanically without being appreciated. extend to infinity? It would quickly become bored of everything. Names would have the opportunity to end his life. of pettiness and generosity. “ Was the answer to the centuries in American philosopher Woody Allen. more hope. let’s be casual … because. We would have no purpose in time.

Ectoplasm RAZORBAK The Archangel Gabriel greeted the ectoplasm Raoul Razorbak with the deference due to a Great Initiate. therefore. had maintained impulses for revenge.289 . there was no need to weighing or bargaining for a future life. the custom wanted the archangels abandon their prerogatives of judges. found he simply. . The archangel Raphael explained briefly Raoul its merit in previous lives had earned him the death fast enough for an ax in the back. itself decide its next reincarnation. After a brief confab. This soul already knew everything. however. was not yet come for his soul to be transformed into pure spirit: he had too sin pride. However. had allowed himself to drunkenness. facing a Great Initiate. In the ectoplasm Raoul Razorbak. Its merits he had also gained access to all knowledge he had desired. Time. the three archangels-judges 488 remembered with a Great Initiate. The procedure was necessarily different. .This time for good. and especially to become a Great Initiate. and given the qualities that enabled him to access this place.

.Maybe. .Let it be done according to your will! sighed the archangel Gabriel. Put me in a seed. did the soul invigorated. the vegetable to the animal and the animal to humans. herbivores graze. I’m tired from the busy world of humans. but I’m so tired! In lucidity I beg you to grant me this regression.Well. The wind whips.The soul of our friend thanked him with gratitude. Show me this you have to offer me as a body spray.I want to be reincarnated as a tree. an onion! I gush then the ground to a lifetime of healthy immobility. . this is not a regression but a relief.In the tree. rainfall and drowning. animals and human crush them . announced the ectoplasm of Razorbak.Okay. pollen Daisy contacting stamens males of a congener. For me. .What? fright the archangel Gabriel. one potato. It must well be somewhere pairs of plants being to copulate. . He was the first to know not to be in possession of six hundred points needed to end the cycle. The Archangel Michael tried to reason with him. Even animals move too. . . you know that consciousness evolves the mineral to the vegetable. . We reserve this kind of regression to frank scoundrels. repeated firmly Raoul. Tree is unworthy of you. I want to find the stillness of the plants.But plants are not at all the quiet life! exclaimed the archangel Raphael. Quiet at last quiet.

290 . See what vine! It is exposed to warm sunshine. Raoul looked at him with tenderness the plant that was be its parent. to settle debts in a lifetime lived in the seventeenth century rather than those of his last life.” On its pages are recorded acts and thoughts of previous lives of each and future lives necessary to appease the karma. A seed grape in Sauternes is being done fertilization in France. Ministry harm inflicted in the latest reincarnation is perhaps already offset by the good done in a previous life.without noticing. they do not suffer. look there! exclaimed the archangel Michael.Hey. . but as the plants have no system nervous. He found his future father a little twisted but very nice.police files . It was quite poetic. It might be nice to become a small plant Vine. Raoul and archangels and examined with candor. It is the Chateau Yquem. . there is a “Book of Life. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. a great believed. 291 . it enjoys sufficient moisture. A seraph project several bubbles love plants.Hindu philosophy For each.Yes. The mind can choose to start with it or by this. So he decided to be grape. by Francis Razorbak.” The Orientals call it “Archive akhashique. growers maintain it with love. Together.

Message to the services concerned Now what? .

Response services affected You were right. When one sees rats. Under the broken glass. The shock caused a fuel leak in the tank. the husband is air traffic controller and converse at work. An insomniac annoyed swore.CHAIN A cat in heat meows on the sidewalk at 2 h 11 of the morning. it bounces against a window while a woman phones her husband. While we discuss findings and insurance. Two fellows are exerted to smash in a basket Basketball in the light of a street lamp. A wing fiery wings to fall into the dustbin where fled pussy. she screams piercing. it jumps up and sends the ball high above the wall. Terrified. the driver has not had time to realize what was going on and pressed the first car. The driver slows sec. However. Gasoline ignites. Good for the cat crossing the street running. Continuing its trajectory at high speed. the animal runs to an empty lot. The projectile misses and lands on the windshield of a car. knocking the passage an empty tin which was hiding a big rat. Disturbed. Both cars explode. 292 . opens its window and launch a slipper toward the cat. It is time to intervene. too bad for the vehicle that was behind. from dropping a few glowing ash of his cigarette into the puddle. To cry of terror of his wife . Everybody out. she runs to a wall.

Fun to expand the mind. I said everything. It turned out that this dial indicated in an airliner approaching its precise position relative to the runway. You will have used a foray into another dimension to better achieve something seemingly impossible. the circle around the point used as axis. Faced helped pile. Mark a big point on the edge. Just fold a corner of the sheet of paper. riding on the tails and the side face. As said Maxime . 293 . it has a side movement. When you reach the edge of the board paper stop. one can go in a different type space where one has all the rights. This goes well beyond all mystics. From this point to draw a semicircle on the turned edge.DEVELOPMENT 2 h 13 in the morning at my wristwatch. It’s just that expand the mind. There is no more than unfold the paper to complete. Use another dimension … Raoul had reason to solve problems there Admittedly. Oh no! I check my notes and see that I forgot indicate how you draw a circle and its axis without lifting his pen. This is enough to push a wheel. without lifting the pencil.ringing in the earpiece.

I gets really in other dimensions. I know I am a human being. I know the time. beauty. while kill him. space. any make. Dream on the other side of the sheet.Villain. Why ? To participate in the discovery of thanatonau tick. they must begin in universe and end in another. I know that human thought can all fly and pass through the material at the speed of the imagination. I think it is the same with the destiny. If I rested now my familiar questions: “Where am I? Who I am ? Where i am going? “I think I could try to answer them. any change. For they are complete. s’emma gasiner in books. Anything is possible in writing. living here and now. the only goal of the writers must be there: “To dream more far. all . why not enjoy it? Sometimes just by writing or reading. To dream on the other side of death. knowledge.

I can forget everything. I feared they prevent me from writing This ouv … “ 294 . died yesterday night in unusual . Everything is in the center. there is only reflections. Stack One last sentence again for my book. On all fours. I just wrote. Face. I do not publish. Thank you to the angels for giving me the time to tell history of the conquest of the continent Ultimate. I know I’m a corpse on borrowed time. I reread it.READ IN A DAILY “Michael Pinson. the leading pioneers of Thanatonautes. Amanda Ballus. “Until last moment. I publish. Outside. Rose Finch. I run. But do I publish it? This contribution will he a good or bad for {0}{0}”(L’humanite){/0}{/0} Pile. I said everything.492 is inside. I look. Perpetual reflection on the obverse and reverse. The play runs on a armchair.

circumstances. Peace to their souls. falling to a traffic controller heaven. “Brahma . All sheets have been calcined in the drama. Experts are currently looking into ruins the black box of the device that will bring more further details. it remains unclear what message the pioneer of Thanatonautes sought to convey. decided depriving them of the divine power and hide in a place where it would be impossible to find. they are surely in this paradise they contributed so much to discover. the lord of the gods. Summoned to a council to solve this problem. Investigators reconstituted at the time of death Michael Pinson was writing at his desk. minor gods suggested “bury the divinity of rights in the land. The disaster would original human error. But they abused both of their divinity that Brahma. Â by now. A Boeing 787 has cut down on their thanatodrome.Indian mythology An old Hindu legend ensure that there was a time where all men were gods. The difficulty was to find a good hiding place. ” (On sale from next week: a special issue on the life and work of Thanatonautes French.) 295 . Their death was instantaneous.

. climbed. ‘said even Brahma. tokens of divinity in the depths of the oceans. He explored.” It will not be enough not because man dig deep and find. dove and dug without discover what is in him. “We do not know where hide the divinity as it seems to exist on earth or in the sea where man can not reach one day.No. the man went around the Earth.said. says the legend. “ Brahma thought. “ And since then. “ The lesser gods concluded. “ The minor gods then proposed: “In this case. . because sooner or later man will explore the depths oceans and it is certain that one day he will discover and rise to the surface. and gave his verdict: “This is what we will do the divinity of man: we will hide the deepest part of himself as the only place where it never think to look.

by Francis Razorbak.HISTORY TEXTBOOKS . 296 .Extract from the thesis that unknown Death.

test your knowledge growth in Thanatonautes responding in less than five minutes. What are the Christian names of the three Archangels-judges of our destiny? 13. 3. What are the three main techniques a decorporation? 5. the following questions: 1.QUIZ To prepare for the bachelor. What are the famous words of American philosopher Woody Allen. Why Stefania Chichele turned Does it rebel? 15. watch in hand. What date was the Battle of Paradise? 12. no territories …) 4. What does Freddy Meyer to Thanatonautes? 11. Where is Paradise? 10. What was the first Thanatonautes to cross the second wall comatose? 7. How to meditate for a decorporation? 14. How many walls comatose on the Continent Ultimate? Look out! walls. What is a tachyon? 6. What is the only event perceptible a flight ectoplasmic? 9. What was the name and surname of the first Thanatonautes to be formally managed a trip ectoplasmic? 494 2. Which was built the great thanatodrome of Paris? 8. How to protect .

What is the wise? History textbook.her umbilical cord silver at the flight of his soul? 16. 297 .police files . What is the ignorant? 17. class terminal.

Message to the services concerned At your service. Are ready. .

our umbilical cords are cut and we know that for this existence. Off. Amanda and I have died in our apartments the thanatodrome des Buttes-Chaumont. Villain stumbled home in the kitchen and collided head the acute angle of his machine washing Crockery [Porcelain] We all go at the same second. We hover almost before spinning to the center of the galaxy.Response services affected At work. Rose. without uniforms. 298 . this will be the last trip.TIME TO OBLIVION Again I fly to Heaven with my friends. happy still to be together for this final journey. We the dead of the day. But this time. Without devices. . without thrones. victims of Boeing crazy. We go through at full speed the solar system and its periphery. “ We are no longer Thanatonautes. Without shelling our famous “six … five … four … three … two … one. without pressing pear.

Soon we came to the mountain of light. We have so many hikers. Long ago I no longer fears his empty eye sockets and grinning toothless. It seems cepen ing in high places it is pressed to see us. On the Continent Ultimate.We no longer any apprehension at the gates of death. We go through all the colors of an ordinary death. orange. We did not wrong. as others Palavas-les-Flots or Trouville. white. We we go straight through the crowd of the dead waiting as if we were still Thanatonautes. green. Blue. we are now with us. I do not pay attention to the winks of Women in white satin mask skeleton. black. yellow. red. The archangels are there .

there have always been Thanatonautes to want to explore the Continent Ultimate. and many others have provided testimony. Peter seems sorry. Since the earliest times.waiting for us. Thus were born the Bible. Mohammed. the Tao Te Ching Chinese … and . St. they interrupt the River of the dead. Buddha. The angels welcomed their rare visitors with kindness and have given willingly mysteries of Paradise. the Koran. Abraham. To better talk to us. regardless of protests of ectoplasm in a hurry. the Book of the Dead Tibetan. In return. he will is responsible for an explanation. some wanted to trans put these “revelations” to other humans. As usual. Jesus. the Gospel.

getting better and move more rapidly towards a state of pure mind. We learned all the meaning of life and sense of death. the idiot has already found. secret. an interview with a mortal published in the press. symbols airtight. But we. They had sought to take advantage of their knowledge all future generations so that they are progressing. We had scattered at random through. we had betrayed and. what had we done? We had broken the secret. we had been unconscious. The Great Initiates had thus contributed and men and heaven.” The archangel Gabriel annoyed us about our “work”. We invited anyone who follow us. of karmographes galore … Ha! that disorder! It was really . “The wise man seeks the truth. The angels had of human Great Initiates and they had not shown themselves ungrateful. We brought the tourists mess where the mystery must remain mystery and secrecy. They had hidden under a blanket of legends and mythologies strange.all the sacred books of the world. However. they had surrounded their “revelations” of mystery mysticism. in turn. Angels have always been kind to Great Initiates because until we all were wise. We. Battles for possession of Paradise panels advertising in the halls of death. misled our congeners and caused confusion on Earth.

sweeping the passing everything from near and far. But men need to understand the truth themselves. the store of my mother. explode. large and small.You wanted to play to the gods.“Yes. Sacred knowledge can not be popularized. ‘said Rose. struck by lightning. A typhoon passes over the lower world. . He was the first and most dangerous of you. A cherub casts bubble images. We put the time. Advertisements ectoplasmic dissolve under our eyes. concerns the Thanatonautes. . . History textbooks of Thanatonautes disintegrate to dust. formal and informal. The Wrath earns up to a lovely seraph. ton the Archangel Gabriel. giggles Satan. The Museum of Death of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington is on fire. We no longer need you the bottom. The thrones of takeoff lie disarticulated. erasing forever from the minds of humans. Of thanatodromes.That’s why you have killed Raoul? . but we finally decided to leave the police angels intervene. Look what is happening right now. I wonder suddenly: .great time to put an end to our stupid actions. We’re going back down to Earth and undo everything we did! . All the work of our previous life returns to nothingness.More pain.Very well.

.But that’s just what wanted Raoul! . . .You have published … manuals tourism. Instead of enjoying the silence.We miss you respect. The dead awaiting trial constantly impatient to be interested in the scene. scolds the archangel Michael.You have prompted thousands of wandering souls in encouraging suicide.. to move the way of knowledge. . .We are but mere humans and as all humans we make mistakes. . even the enlightened one day have always understood that they had to keep quiet and speak only in metaphors.And that’s what earned him specifically to be initiated. You are Great Insiders. Shyly. . Even the cult members the most outlandish.A little more and your habit of putting the light where should reign the dark. the desire to learn.You look at us without fear. there were street lights and prostitutes on their way to reincarnation. today announced an air sorry the archangel Raphael. .You consider us as your servants and not as masters.You have developed machines to die.You have designed and sold maps Paradise. you spread the meaning of life and thus negated the engine of existence : Curiosity. they have never seen the archangels lose their . . you failed … Archangels repeat the litany of our sins. You wanted to popularize “Dead”. But you raw smarter than others.You have repeated our words.No. . I try to defend ourselves: . Corn our knowledge does not suffer from being overused. Since all the time they are here.

it There were supporters of the no and the “police heavenly” that stopped sounding the alarm. . but in this case. .imperturbability to get excited and cons of poor ectoplasm. I interrupt to ask. those wanted put us out of harm’s way from the start. we have allowed to continue. They sometimes mind if crooked … For the father of Raoul there had had secret meetings. They advised the angels from below. With his thesis Death this unknown. In front. However.We too feel sometimes curiosity against humans. The majority of the seventy-two angels white main and seventytwo double blacks felt that had to wait and see. ashamed. Its publication would up too much sail. These are the others.Then. when his son took over.We wanted to know how far you dare go. The archangel Gabriel did not lead off. There were the curious like me. . it had gone too far. top. those who get upset now. so supporters of the yes. .Traitors. Apparently. we are asked to make these Thanatonautes who considered the discovery of death as a sport. Maybe are these the “police heavenly” that are intervened against us. you’re only traitors! A question bothering me since the beginning of the reprimand.Okay. why did you left to do? Some angels show a sardonic expression. . . says the archangel Michael.

But it’s too late.our police. Only after you have caused too much damage. Myths evoke probably Thanatonautes but you hear me: no one imagine the Thanatonautes really existed.” You should have ponder the biblical allegory of Adam and the apple of knowledge. we self-destruct itself. You have reached us and deserve and to become Great Initiates. not to panic. But you were not the ordinary human. Pierre. You will not be another of these waves legends that no one really believes. the Yeti of the Himalayas or the triangle of Bermuda. . lamented Rose. Ha! These travel agencies ectoplasmic … Even with the best will in the angels could no longer tolerate such incursions into their secret world. as Loch Ness Monster. After all these images we’ve shown. only move towards it … . pensions. No more than men saying. slice the archangel Raphael. “I know everything. It will . Too many people read our books.You commit again the sin of doubt our power. You should never attain knowledge absolute. I make you solemn oath. The Thanatonautes died along with you. you feel still unable to locate forgotten in our memories? In our memories? .No one will remember your action. Of ordinary human would be unable to concentrate enough to complete an experience as crucial. said St. The archangel Gabriel interrupts him with a disdainful gesture. the joke is finished. we who have already sent a Flood drowning all the sins of humanity. in any case. . The Thanatonautes. The concern of karma entered the customs of all.In you.

300 . also known as … Noah in the Bible. Extract from the thesis that unknown Death. I saw the men again become clay Waters stalls formed a roof. these friendly and the superstitious.And Burnet? . On the seventh day Storms of the flood That such an army Were all killed on their way Diminished in intensity.Mesopotamian mythology “Six days and seven nights spent Storms of the flood was still blowing Storms in the south covering the country. Satan nods. “ Epic of Umm Napishtim. with all these vapid. Mothers s’angoissent: . I looked at the sky. I opened a small window. They will not be punished for the sins of their parents.They forget too. That was all over. she will be saved because it tried to continue the work of Satan at a time when. 299 .And Stefania? I ask.only be a second thought in the minds of people particularly susceptible. pleased. Fears nothing for them. But unlike you.Stefania forget too. he really need a helping hand. silence reigned.Jewish mythology . The sea calmed The wind subsided The roar of the flood stopped. . The light fell on my face I knelt down and began to cry. by Francis Razorbak. .And Freddy Junior? .

the fetus is a great sage. Only his unconscious who vaguely remembers the “big secret”. Amandine. “ Freddy Meyer. 301 . an angel descends to do shut up. . he knows all the secrets of the world. All emit more than stable light indicating the final resolution and no Calls. Villain and me. very slowly. No angel would dream of taking our defense. But just before he was born. in a very long time. Notes of work. It is Because of this contact angelic that we have a recess under the nose: “The gutter lip. thousands years perhaps. We tell them your story and slowly. Rose.According to Kabbalah.THE SOLUTION We are still before the mountain of light. other Great Initiates arise here. The Archangel Gabriel took the floor again. real insiders because we will never accept more tourists. It applies a finger on his lips and said “shhh” … The fetus then forgets everything. Small consolation! We write I do not know when to us Another . Already in the womb of his mother. they will discover your exploits.Later yet.

Go ahead.You will follow the common path. . In my head. Even in last moment. .What will you do with us? concerned Amandine. It runs nearly to discover what is on the other side of the black hole. . of course. My wife ahead like a dream. a novel. since you will not return to Earth shout to the winds that you have seen. .A few steps more and you will know. . a Bible.You agree finally to show us the bottom of the Paradise? surprised Rose. perhaps it will remember still a bit in the next incarnation. . Like all other dead do not have 600 points. the astronomer is pleased to meet his curiosity. “If j’imprègne my soul of this insurance that the Thanatonautes really existed and that I was a pioneer. order the archangel Gabriel.Of course. You want what hides the mountain light of Judgement. I hammered “I was Thanatonautes I been Thanatonautes I was Thanatonautes. you will be reincarnated and. your reincarnation will remember nothing of your previous life. delighted. who knows what! Raoul had reason to believe that all these socalled “Mythologies” hiding the truth. 502 .Odyssey. indeed He smiled.

In my turn. .To you. But trust us. Now I know.Together. . We have planned for you a friendly small reincarnation. My lips feel nothing but my soul is moved. I understand. of course. repeats it. it’s just fabulous. I cross the mountains with light and that I see behind is truly wondrous. issues I telepathically. there a… . Michael. You do know that one hundred and fifty to three human forms.No trial for the Great Initiates.. . I have explained to Raoul.You and I together against idiots. You are still young. I Trembling with emotion. As we were far from account. Rose consider myself anxiously. Suddenly.I do not go to trial? . On the other side of death. This is beyond any what we had seen in all other areas of Paradis. She rushes and ectoplasm long kiss my mouth. I approach. I see the bottom of the bottom of the black hole and I’m just flabbergasted. Fabulous. It is not at all what I thought. No one could have expected it.


Jerome Marchand. Dr. Patrice Serres. Frédéric Lenorman. Loic Etienne. Thanks to: David Bauchard. John Cave. Dr. 1969: First steps on the moon. Richard Ducousset William Aretos. O’Brian.DATES TO REMEMBER 1492: Started in the Americas. . Olivier Ranson. Catherine Werber. second year elementary course. History textbook.

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