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The Covenant 10+2 are the 12 Fruits

The Covenant 10+2 are the 12 Fruits for the health and blessings of YaHuWaHs People. On the date of 11/28/12, my wife and I discussed something that we had never thought about or fully put together before, and so I wanted to share this RUWach-inspired thought in the hope that it blesses you fully this day. We know from Scripture that ChazUW YaHuW 22:1-2 lets us know that there are 12 Fruits for our health, one for every month. We also know from comparing the popular bibles of this day that they list only 9 fruits of the Spirit, with 3 of those as synonyms (and thus not truly unique) in their Galatians 5:22-23 interpretations. Thankfully, YaHuWaHs Word does not have this major disruption and allows us to see all 12 Fruits of the RUWach that are for His Peoples health. Interestingly enough, we come to realize that there is a direct relationship between each of the 12 Fruits of His RUWach and YaHuWaHs 10+2 Eternal Covenant Words. Please enjoy some Fruitful Food for thought. Each of the 10 Commandments and the 2 Love Commandments from Mat.19:18-22 are listed below in the order presented:

1. I am YAHUWAH, The Almighty Eternal Loving YA creating His People, Who brought you out of the land of Mitseri, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no foreign gods (elohim) before your face. From this 1st Commandment, we see that it aligns with Joy. How so? Consider the feeling one would have when once falsely imprisoned and then allowed to be set free? Yes, YaHuWaH frees us from the bonds of False Religion, and this is exactly what I believe is conveyed here. Freedom from religious bondage and the Joy that comes with it. Are we not truly joyous from this freedom? We certainly are! 2. Do not manufacture nor consume for yourselves any contamination, nor any image to worship, not of anything that is in the ShamaYAim above, or that is in the Earth beneath, or that is in the water under the Earth. You shall not bow (subjugate) yourself down to it, nor serve them, for I, YAHUWAH, your Almighty Loving YA of All Creation, I am The Only Almighty Eternal Loving One. The sins of the fathers are passed on to their children, even to the third and fourth generation of those who ignore Me. Yet I send loving invitations a thousand times to every generation of those who seek to love Me and keep My Words (Commandments). In this 2nd Command we are able to link directly that of the Fruit of Knowledge. This Knowledge has been given to us by way of His Loving Invitations and in fact so that we are unable to ignore Him any more He makes it clearer and clearer to us the Truth of all, because He loves us so. If we willfully decide to reject His Loving Invitations, then it comes as no surprise that we risk bringing upon ourselves the sins of our fathers and essentially the curses that are passed from generation to generation of this world from our rejection and disobedience. For a time, all those of other faiths and traditions who do not understand this may continue to be blessed in some aspects of life. However, once we come to realize His Loving Invitations of Truth, we can no longer ignore Him or else we bring upon ourselves the loss of His blessings because of our willful sin. 3. Do not treat My Name YAHUWAH Almighty Loving YA of All Creation as unimportant, for I cannot hold him sinless who treats My Name as unimportant, for it is The First Gate of Salvation. Right now, many who are reading these words are perhaps wondering why we find it absolutely urgent and immediate that they repent from using all the names that have wrongful roots and meanings that are not of our Father and Master: Lord as defined from Baal, (je)sus from the suss of the day, such as dionySUS and pegaSUS and other elohims. Even (je)Hovah, we learn from Strongs #1943, defines as Mischief and Ruin. Yes, an angry god is often times portrayed by many, and yet it is VERY IMPORTANT that we understand the Truth of His Name YHWH as LOVE. He cannot hold us sinless when we reject the truth of His Name of Love. The known name and tribe YaHuWdaH hdwhy is one of many keys to understanding His Name of Love and why the d (d) was added into His Name, and this d in abraYA is a dalet or door or gate. It signifies that this, His Name, Is The FIRST GATE of SALVATION that we must walk through and

embrace fully. We walk through this door in Faith, and we never look back! Yes, this requires terrific Faith in these times, does it not? It is far easier to walk away from this because of the pressure and indoctrinations of this worlds religions. The pressure to minimize and make of no effect His Magnificent Name is certainly great. Have you been called or belittled by others as being a sacred namer or a part of a cult of names, etc? Have you seen first hand how others minimize the importance of His Name and refuse to admit the leavening of paganism within their own churches, kingdom halls or temples? This fruit is truly for your health and protection, is it not? 4. Remember the Shabath (7th) day, to keep it QadUWsha (Set Apart for salvation teachings by YAHUWAH). You shall labor six days and do all your work, but the Seventh Day is QadUWsha. You shall labor six days and do all your work, but the seventh day is The Pledged Day (ShabaUWoth) to YAHUWAH The Almighty Eternal Loving YA Who is Creating His Nation. You shall not do any work in it, you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your livestock, nor the stranger who is within your gates, for in six YAoms, YAHUWAH made the ShamaYAim and the Earth, the sea and all that is in them, but He rested the seventh YAom. Therefore YAHUWAH blessed the Shabath (Seventh, Pledging) Day and made it QadUWsha (Set Apart by YAHUWAH for salvation). The Pledged Day is identified as the 7th day or Shabbat day. This is a day that YaHuWaH has PURPOSED for us, is it not? It is with purpose and intent that we keep this pledged day to Him, set apart from all others. Notice how exact this Covenant Command is? How it spells out exactly what we should and should not do, and truly with great purpose? 5. Honor your father and your mother in YAHUWAH, that your YAoms (journeys with YA) may be long in the land which YAHUWAH Almighty Loving YA of All Creation gives you. Think back to your childhood. Was it not filled with discipline in your actions and in your growth? Yes, we made certain to act in a disciplined manner, because in so doing, we did honor our father and mother by our fleshly improvements by listening to them and in learning from them. Even now, as we Praise YaHuWaH and embrace His Loving Covenant in our walk and ways, we realize that this Honors Him, and it brings honor to our parents by our Walk, whether or not they appreciate our disciplined walk in Him, and one day it will be appreciated. 6. You shall not murder. This is a pretty simple command. Keep the PEACE. Have no hatred, strife or anger in your heart, especially because this is what can and usually does lead to murder. 7. You shall not commit infidelity. Why do we equate the fruit of persistence with this command, you may ask? In this

world, and especially here in the USA, we are constantly filled with fleshly inducements toward immoral behaviors that come through TV, movies, music and the Internet. The actions of coworkers, neighbors, relatives and acquaintances seem to center so much around infidelities, so much so that it is a CONSTANT battle to be able to PERSISTENTLY set our minds straight on His pathway and keep ourselves from looking or listening to the evil that shatan fosters by way of infidelity. Shatan is certainly persistent in his conduct, and so we too must be even more persistent and diligent in our conduct. 8. You shall not steal. Theft, the taking of something that does not belong to you, is probably one of the most ignorant things we can do as people. You can make excuses for a lot of things in life, sometimes even really bad things, but stealing is not one of them. As we grow, we learn how crystal clear honesty is, and as we walk, we correct our selfish inclinations. Always taking and never giving is a crucial error made by many, if not most, and certainly taking deceitfully from others is a selfish action of true ignorance and a total lack of True Wisdom. I think more so than anything else, we can easily fool ourselves into justifying why we have every right to do this or that thing, but when we make excuses for badness, we forsake repentance in our walk. As Keepers of The Covenant, we learn so much and are so blessed. YaHuWaH provides Wisdom that we never had previously, and eyes to see more clearly what was once very cloudy. Stealing equates to Ignorance, and doing the right thing in life comes from the Wisdom that comes from Him. AmaniYA! 9. You shall not give a false testimony to a neighbor. Deceit, deceptions, twisting, manipulations, leavening of truth and outright lies are what we are warned against here. These are especially never to be done to a near one or a neighbor, that is, a Brother or Sister in YAHUWAH. Yes the fruit of Truthfulness will keep us on a road that leads straight to YaHuWaH, and we should never have to make excuse or try to be truthful in anything. WE ARE TO CONSISTENTLY AND ALWAYS BE TRUTHFUL. This is because we are the earthly representation of the Love that we must demonstrate as our Savior commanded toward our Brother or our Sister in YaHuWaH. If we are untruthful in even the littlest ways, either in our speech or by our works, then we are of shatan and in his service, and those who love YaHuWaH can have no part in the lies, deceits and deceptions of this fruitless one, not even eating at the same table with such a one, as the Word clearly shows us, that is unless this one shows true repentance from their deceitful ways and accepts correction for their deceptive actions. Fruit for thought, is it not? 10. You shall not lust after anything about your neighbors house. You shall not seek after your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbors. What does it mean to have humility? It says Online humility: NOUN - A modest or low view of ones own importance. Yes, a humble person is one who does not look upon

physical or fleshly things in a lustful manner, or in any manner of desire over another, because then we elevate our own need and our own importance as higher than theirs. Even secretly doing this shows a lustful heart and shows a huge lack of humility on ones part. Have we not all been guilty of this? Can you see how the Fruit of Humility goes hand in hand with having a true Heart of YaHuWaH that will not lust after anything about your near ones house, but rather we desire to elevate the needs of our near one over our own. 11. All My Words (Commandments) are perfected in this You shall love YAHUWAH your Almighty El with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your resources.

LOVE: All your Heart, All your Mind, All your Resources. Love is the perfection of Him. This Love is the same Love that He loved us with by His displayed Fruits as our Master and Savior when He came to us in the flesh. He showed us exactly how to love, and this was a love we had never seen in the flesh before! It was New in that He had never come to us before in this manner and in this form of display. It is very easy to connect the dots on this Fruit of the RUWach (Spirit of YaHuWaH) connection, to be sure! 12. ...and you are to love your neighbor as yourself. Finally we come to number 12 fruit of GOODNESS. Goodness is all that is encompassed in the type of Love that comes from a person who cares deeply for others. Who does their utmost to be found ready and able to lift up others, to teach and provide for others, yes to even care so much for another near one (neighbor, as in a TRUE Brother or Sister in YAH) that you would give them the very shirt you are wearing. Can any other word describe better one who does what this 12th Command says? I doubt it. GalatiYAns 5:22-26 But the fruit of the RUWach is love, joy, peace, purpose, persistence, goodness, faith, humility, discipline, wisdom, knowledge and truthfulness. Against these, there is nothing in The Word of YAHUWAH. Those who belong to YAHUWAH our Beloved King have nailed to the execution pole the flesh with its passions and lusts. If we live by the RUWach, let us also walk by the RUWach. Let us not become arrogant, provoking one another nor envying one another.

ChazUW YaHuW (sn-Rev.) 22:1-4 He showed me a river of The Water of Life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of YAHUWAH hwhy Almighty and of YAHUWAH The Lamb. In the middle of its main street, on this side of the river and on the other side was the Tree of Life, bearing twelve kinds of fruits, yielding a fruit for every month (Twelve). The leaves of the tree were for the health of His People. There will be no curse any more. The Throne of Almighty Loving YAH and of The Lamb will be in it and His servants will serve Him. They will see His Face and His Name hwhy will be in their foremost thoughts.

II YAHochanon 1:5 Now I beg you, dear Covenant-Family of Lady KariYA, not as though I wrote to you a new Commandment, but that which we had received from the beginning, that we love one another as YAHUW loved us. This is love for El YAHUWAH, that we should walk according to His Covenant Words (10+2 Commandments). This is the one New Commandment, even as you heard from the Original Covenant Words, that you should walk in it... Yes, YaHuW always loved us, and we are always to love each other in His Way. He brought the understanding of this Way to us when He first came in the Flesh, not to do away with the 10+2 Covenant Laws, but rather to fulfill and make them complete in a Way that we had never understood before. So although it was a New understanding to us as sinful man, it was never brand new, but His Love was always "from the beginning." May YaHuWaH bless you and keep you in these Fruitful Words, and thereby bring you and your entire family all the Health and Love that only His Covenant 10+2 Commands completed by the Tree of Life - His NEW Commandment which fully compliments His True Unleavened Twelve Fruits of the RUWach. AmaniYA - We Believe in YaHuWaH!