Positive Attitudes List

Affectionate Acceptance Aspiring Ambitious Motivated Candid Caring Change Embraces Cheerful Considerate Thoughtful Cooperative Courageous Gloomy Decisive Devoted Determined Perseverance Endurance Enthusiastic Expansive Freedom Friendly Focused Frugal Generous Goodwill Grateful Hard working Honest Humble Interested Involved Not jealous Kind Mature Open minded Tolerant Optimistic Positive Practical Punctual Realistic Responsive Responsible Self-confident Self-directed Self-disciplined Self-esteem Self-giving Self-reliant Selfless Sensitive Serious Sincere Social independence Sympathetic Accepts others points of view Thoughtful towards others Trusting Unpretentiousness Unselfish Willingness Work-oriented

Faith Flexible Forgiving Reliable Distant Responsibility Acceptance Confidence Seriousness Optimism Pessimism Interest Independent Jealous Courteous Cooperative Considerate Gratitude Cheerful Inferiority Condescending Happiness Frankness Respectful Authority Sincerity Persistent Honest Sincere Sympathetic Responsible Realistic Faithful Flexible Decisive Trusting Thoughtful Determined Loving Satisfaction Hostile Generous Modest Reliable Tolerant Kind Humble Cautious Suspicious Sarcasm Helping Hardworking Inclusiveness Tenacity .

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