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Published by: Roxy Shira Adi on Aug 11, 2013
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T HE SOULMATE SECRET Three Keys to Manifesting True Love


DATE: Thursday, March 8, 2012 TIME: 5:00pm PST | 8:00pm EST GO TO: TinyURL.com/ArielleSeminar



From the desk of Arielle Ford: Welcome Soulmate Seeker! Thank you so much for deciding to join me on my upcoming online seminar entitled “The Soulmate Secret: 3 Keys to Manifesting True Love” happening March 8, 2012 at 5:00pm Pacific. I recommend arriving 10 minutes early to be sure you get in. We’re expecting upwards of 30,000 people to RSVP for this seminar and although we’re doing our best to make sure no one misses out, with this kind of traffic servers can fill up fast. Once the server load limit is reached, no one else will be able to join the call. Be sure to mark your calendar and set a timer on your phone! I know you’re day is busy but plan to set aside time for this seminar. The more you prepare the better! This worksheet has been created to help you follow along during the seminar so you don’t miss a single thing! Keep this afterwards to review or refer back to at any time. Don’t worry if you miss anything, we’re happy to send you the competed worksheet after the class.Thanks again for joining me and I look forward to having you join me on March 8, at 5:00pm PST (6:00pm MST | 7:00pm CST | 8:00pm EST). To love and laughter,


and this is good information to have because by knowing what you __________________.THE 3 KEYS TO MANIFESTING TRUE LOVE ! ! "#$!%& The first key to manifesting true love is _____________. and then ask yourself what it is you most _______ about being with them. You MUST have _______________. is completely essential to manifesting your soulmate. you can figure out what you _________________. and emotional ____________________. Most people are really clear about what they ____________________. In order to manifest love. Ask yourself questions like: What are the _____________ I most want to ____________ when I’m with him/her? What are the _________________ that will be most important to my long-term happiness? And what are the ____________ and ______________ he’ll/she’ll possess? Here’s one thing you can do today to get started. Activating your soulmate manifestation powers means you need to properly place your ______________ with the Universe. psychic. What aspect of the relationship most ________________ you? ! ! "#$!%' Key number two is you must let go of _______________. But becoming _______________ about who the perfect person is. I want you think about one or more of your past relationships. you have to let go of the energetic 2 .

In order to truly activate the ______________________. but ___________. they tie us to the past. The first part of the process is to begin to identify those things in your ____________ ______________ that are _______________ the energy of your ____________ to the ____________._____________ to your __________. what you desire. you need to be able to feel in every cell of your body that what you’ve asked for. and it’s true. These come in many forms and stop you from finding your soulmate. The ______________________ is called a “________” because there’s a series of steps that need to be followed in order for it to work. I want you to tune into your ________________ with each thing and the memory associated with it to see if you can notice any _______________________ you have to getting rid of it. ______________ items carry ______________ and when we hold onto them. Now you’ve probably heard the phrase: everything is _____________. "#$!%( Key three is you must start applying the right _______________________ ______________________ to successfully attract your soulmate. Unless we become acutely aware of these things and finally ______________ them. As you’re doing this. We believe that ________________ can find love. there’s literally no _______________ for new love. We often believe that we’re _____________ from others and ______________ from what we desire. 3 . ___________________.

When you change your vibration to create more of what ____________________. Remember. you become a vibrational __________________ to attract more ______________ into your life. and that we must have done something to ________________ this situation.There’s a lot of us who also believe that life is filled with ____________________. you then become a _______________ energetically to what you believe is _________________ from you. When you’re vibrating in the energy of __________________. What you truly ___________. Stay on the online seminar to hear about the next step to manifesting true love! 4 . it simply demonstrates our _________________ about ourselves. we continue to attract exactly what we ______________________ because we’re constantly focusing our attention on what we ______________________. What is present in our lives does not prove our ______________________ or our ____________________.

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