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Australia Immigration Fact Sheet

Australia Immigration Fact Sheet

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Published by: Roxy Shira Adi on Aug 11, 2013
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Fact sheet

Australia-United States of America Work and Holiday visa
What is the purpose of the Work and Holiday visa?
The Work and Holiday visa program encourages cultural exchange and closer ties between Australia and other participating countries. Australia is the first country with which the United States has entered into a Work and Holiday visa arrangement. Further information for Australian participants in this program is available at the USA Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs website at www.exchanges.state.gov/.

Is this visa reciprocal?
Yes. However, entry requirements and visa conditions vary according to each country’s regulations. Reciprocity is an essential feature of the arrangement.

What is the duration of the visa and can it be renewed?
The Work and Holiday visa allows a stay of up to 12 months in both Australia and the USA. USA citizens can have only one Work and Holiday visa, however, they can apply for most other visas without leaving the country.

What are the eligibility requirements for the visa?
USA citizens coming to Australia must: • • • • • be aged 18-30 (inclusive) be outside of Australia when applying and when the visa is granted have successfully completed high school hold a return ticket or sufficient funds for a return or onward fare, as well as sufficient funds for the first part of their stay meet health and character requirements.

Australian citizens intending on travelling to the USA must: • • • be outside of the USA when applying and when the visa is granted show evidence of enrolment in a post-secondary course, or of graduation from a postsecondary course in the last 12 months be sponsored by a registered sponsoring organisation.


state. Visa holders need to meet relevant Australian occupation-specific registration or licensing requirements.When did the visa arrangement begin? The Work and Holiday visa arrangement with the USA began on 31 October 2007.state.gov/. Information for Australians intending on working in the USA is available at the USA Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs website at www. DIAC07/00131A .state. Can visa holders work? USA citizens holding a Work and Holiday visa in Australia can work for each employer for up to six months and are able to work for the entire 12 months of the visa. Information for Australians intending on studying in the USA is available at the USA Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs website at www. state and federal government agencies.exchanges.exchanges. Why do Australian applicants need to be sponsored and who can sponsor them? Sponsorship is a standard USA visa requirement. international agencies and private organisations can sponsor Australian applicants. Can visa holders study? USA citizens holding a Work and Holiday visa in Australia can study for up to four months. A range of USA local. There are no restrictions on the type of work that may be undertaken. Can visa holders leave and re-enter Australia? USA citizens holding a Work and Holiday visa in Australia can depart and re-enter as many times as they like within the 12 months duration of the visa.gov/. There is no restriction on the type of study.exchanges. Further information is available at www.gov/.

state.immi.gov. Where do I apply for this visa? USA citizens can either apply for the visa online at www.htm or by completing an application form and lodging it with the nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate.gov.au/allforms/pdf/1208. Will the work and holiday program be reviewed? The program will be reviewed in 2009.usembassy.Can applicants have dependants on the visa? Neither USA nor Australian applicants can be accompanied by dependants.pdf or from Australian embassies. Application forms are available online at www. It is estimated that the USA will receive 15 000 applications each year from Australian citizens.gov.exchanges. What is the average processing time for this visa? Most visa applications for the Australian Work and Holiday visa will be processed within six days. Neither the USA nor Australia imposes a limit on the number of participants. Australian citizens can find further information about travelling to the USA on either the Work and Holiday visa or the J-1 Exchange Program at the Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs website at www. .immi.au/visitors/working-holiday/visaoptions.immi.gov/consular/visas/niv/index. Australian citizens can apply at any American embassy or consulate. Is there a limit on the number of Australians who can access the visa? No. How many applications are expected under the Work and Holiday program? It is estimated that applications from USA citizens wishing to travel to Australia will grow steadily towards 30 000 visas a year in four years’ time.gov/.au/e_visa/work-and-holiday-visa. Further information on applying for a USA visa in Australia is available at the USA Consulate’s website at canberra.htm.html. Where can I find more information on the program? USA citizens can find more information about travelling to Australia at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s website at www.

state.gov/. a four month work program for people sponsored under this arrangement.exchanges. Further information on the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program is available at http://www. . Australian citizens may be eligible for the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program.What opportunities exist for young people who are not post-secondary students or do not have a post-secondary qualification? USA citizens may be eligible under the Youth from the USA Program.

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