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0490229 BBCDB Gude Kathy Wildman Jayne New Matrix Intermediate Teacher s b

0490229 BBCDB Gude Kathy Wildman Jayne New Matrix Intermediate Teacher s b

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Studеnt's Bookсontents lntroduсtion


.} sеrrsе

of idеttCicEr

arт GIтe rттirtd-s

Let'sreviseUnits1 and 2 key






Let'sreviseUnits3 and 4 key


Tlrarтs of сot*тntзltтicаtiotт 47

Let'sreviseUnits5 and 6 key





Lеt'sreviseUnits 7 and 8 key

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? сIтoiсe

Lеt's revise Units9 and 10 kеy
Photoсopiab|e асtivitiеs сontents PhotoсopiabIe aсtivitiеs Photoсopiable aсtivitiеs Теaсher's notes Workbook answerkеy



Whoаre the British? v: Desсribing сharасtеristiсs _ brlщ in,buildup,mаkе Рhrаsа| vеrbs up, put in,put up with Examt]aining: |vlаtсhing hеadings R: Mаtсhing headin8s 4

аndpresеnt сontinuous, Present simpIе stаtive verbs

Present simp|e andpresent сontinuous жension: sеehe1r,Iееl, t?stеandsme|l; Аdverbs of frequenсy


Brаinpowеr V: Thеbrаin аndperсеption Еxamtrаining: Skimreаding Ехamtraining: |V|uItip|е сhoiсе R: Мultip|е сhoiсе 16

pеrmьsion, ob|igаtion Modаl verbs: аbiIity, аndreсommendаtion in thеpаst Мodа|s

оndshould Саn,hаvеto,mау rnust, Ertension]. oughtto,nееdto

3 jjrnеspo:sс

Uрsand downsof thе humаnnсe peop|е, V: Dеsсribing SurvivaI, Prepositions Еxam training: Sсanning, Summаrising R: Мatсhing з0

nаrrativе tеnsеs: Thepast: pаst pаstperfeсt сontinuous, Past simplе,

pаst Pаst simplе, сontinuous, Pаstperfесt whiIе Еxtеnsion: д5,when,

32 Presеnt сontinuous, й4 8olл8 to Тhefцture: Prеsеnt 5imp|е

goingto тhefUture: Prеsеnt сontinuous, will, аndprеsent simp|е аssoon аs, Extеnsion: Othеr uses of will,whеn bфrе andоt'ter 46


Jobsin thе futurе growth, v: Desсribing Prepositions, Desсribing аbiIities Ехamt.ainin8: п/issing sеntеnсes R. Missin8sеntеnсes 42

5 Fa,',eаndЙт'',е

vеrbs: IogioI сonсlusions Мodаl in the pаst сonс|usioпs Logiсa|

Modаl verbs: |ogiсa| сonс|usions Logiса| сonс|usions in thepаst olthough Eпеnsion BесIuv, unless'

60 Bоdу |ащuagе v: вody |аn8uagе piсtu1е5 Еxаmtrаining: Dеsсribing R: fi.lаtсhing 68 7Sпtа'Ibеginnlngs NеwYork v: PopU|аtion R: пilissing sеntenсes pеrfесt Prеsеnt pеrfесt Prбentpеrfeсt 5imр|e аndpresеnt сonti пuoUs 70 perfесt Prеsеnt perfed pеrfесt simp|e аnd prеsеnt сontinUous Present Аlrеаdу, stil|, Elfiension: уеt 72
The pаss|Vе Extеnsion: Тhе passiуewith bу, of' ууith



Meаsuring the risks v: Possibi|itу, resu|t аndсhаnсе Аrtiс|еs 94

Rе|аtive с|аuses Dеfining аndnon.defining сlаusеs

reIativе DeIining с|аuses Non.dеfining с|аuses Еxtеnsion: Whеrе, whеn 98 сonditionаl, wishеs tirstаndseсond Would rаthеr, wouldprфr to,prфr Еxtension:

96 Wishes First аndsесоnd сonditional.


|ntothе wild V: Wildlife Phrasa| verbs: wеor o|f,woke up,sеttlе in, bring1bout, сomе round '108

112 Rеportеd sреeсh Repoded statemеnts requests anddemаnds Reportin8 122 sрeесh Reported Extеnsion: 5./g8бt аnd rесomnend


Runnin8 out of timе V: Ways of li{e plауon' Phraя|verЬs: еndup,lookoftеr, pull out,toke port 120


L: = Listening, R: = Reаding, 5: = Speаking, V: = voсabulаrу с: = сu|tu]e focus,Fi = Funсtions,

hondovеr. i.:Expressing opinions '116 Writing a formallеttеrof appliсаtion AppIying forа job 119 R: \gnаlion byGeorgе Bernаrd shаW 128 '133 . Ц фтi xп€ З тrnе Ш rшщe:пгr.: 4g out aboutа job fii ll]i{ ШР ]r.а:е шfiШ фemr'.тaling enquiriеs ш| lmrщrt'l fiпtеss ц'.B.i!сl ll:.}б it bettеr 1llшl R: тhе LondoпRoаd tromY|hen I wаlkеd outonesumme| morning byLаurie Lеe 105 C: Notting Hill Carnival сhiпeseNеwYeal ]|llt''tшl к Ь thеir shoеs '.i::s0п !li|Е .rll.look|or. iil{lllш]lT€ ? mme Rz Fiveсor|omilу byRo8er МсGough 50 Writing аn argument for and agaiпst Аmbition: stу|е Exam training: P|anning а сompositiоn lt*hr й. let$b)down. workout.l Llщ.think. in sеttlе splitin.iшr тl:l.Ir!|iШтш I !:-1i:on fll|пП: ]rluilшNjcx" 7. growup keep up with.::еrnаtives liii|il'l[п( !.lllш5 з:rа ringwhаt something mеаns !h ]i]ilш]fl !!FI '=]t!lаining а theft аrеthеBritish? Who PhrаяIvеrbs: bring in. ons шi l ]iltl tЁ.rfrfiffirrtrtrsЬ & .s'.toke on.'т]i ]: :о]nions' а nеWsreport Nfl ]llхlшщ.шшlr&Пг| тwiпs \lаtсhing ш] Et'+ intormаtion o l.liтrl:ге.buildup.J..gеt boсk..шm ]]ш[Ii wlitingа disсursivе сomposition personа| / И..moke up. '' йи '. :эcrorаI аnd diяpprovaI ш! rl|Ц]lflтil J'l-.find out.|obs Tа|king аbout thеfuture Prеpositions Phrаяlvеrbs: bringIbout.put up with. аnning а wеekелd lh rр\ mr tr\-'_ision с: illusi(21stсCnturу stуle щ 64 шffir._:аriюns .r'.m |ilпl {rйfln nIlJC ]li' fl|]il5mixrЕ :J1\eгsаtion . |аll through 40 in thеfuturе .oppinghood lп! Writing a letterof еnquiry Body|аn8uа8е phonеs: |\4obi|е Formа| аndinformа| voсаbu|аry Variеties of English Ad.row i. sеt Phraя|vеrЬs: off.t ihе futurе lh 'I|lhшпm l[.е plа}s шin lЕilrЕ _ .гlс . rlч". 92 Writing а mеssage and an informa| letter |\4еаsuring therisks Prеpositions risk Desсribing put (sb) Phra*l verbs: through. hongup.в!. tuu lhп шi'mЕ \!U|tiplесhoiсе ]f|. gа in holdbock.bеup to.mоkе up' put in.ь ai:"з Writing a dеsсription Great Wа|ls: А dеsсription of p|асе ш l|lШ ilпп: !]nif. lind ou\ fill in 76 78 тravеIwritel of thr уear pаrаgrаphs Writing а storу: 0rdеring аndеvеnts NеwYork words Сonfusing of 8et Usеs Phrаяl vеrbs: сome иp with. r )оmеone й li]lii|lР .onvеrgt|on lifr пrцт16 -]5:ls jti .сomе round.iшr.:еmеnts f. шil lfl .. сo|| boсk. jц fil ilшlllly . verbs: Phrasa| tаkeup.. l {еw fi|lers l.iii]i]шiiilЕ :::.ieсtives Phrая|verbs: fryoиt"keеp up... :. pеop|e lnviting -'rJ п !]{Eш W]iting a |etter аboutyourself penfriends: сomputеr Desсriptions Exam training: Аvoiding rеpetition .lobs Wordbuilding Аdjeсtivеs 14 (: Diffеrcntpelsрdives on the ЕU Writing a lеttergivingаdviсe А homе-stау visit: Giving аdviсe Bra|n PoWеr сrImе put up.sеtup.ssion ШIliш mlЕгc fll Щ '.ttkеup 130 Rl Thеludge's housе byBrаmstokеr 7lt C: Spending habitsand lifеstуIеs шillrыlп!] rП'o.А ta|k rm rпйlщ -lе Еаlsе ш iш]l lп1Б Mr{. on.sеnd kеep in. 104 lnto thewild Phrая| vеrbs: bring in.}:lг) Ups anddowns of thehumаn rасe Сonfusing words put ot'I..l.lfi _ .fo] .[' liiiiшrn :ГE?mmе fr} l. сome up oglinst. [t.Irilgs:т:п lh l]l]п t llшt'.mokеup. wеоr oJf words сonfusin8 Giving an opinion 118 Runnin8 outof timе Соnfusing words Phraя|verbs: сorryout.ur:теri.шl]llшmЕ i:l:. .workout t2 Fаme аndthefamily Prepositions Еxpresslons Phrаsаl vеrbs: hong on to.сorry on.putoff.givеup.т 'lf]ltfr} цffirimd ]it t]i].'ш.'л.r:e htп llппg or Iа|sе шпп' !ililпg ]еntilyin8stаtеmеnts ]lц' lllllilПi]ii t. сounton.put up h/ith .sil .шmml. dropoff Prepositions 26 A New sport from ]oу Luсkсlub byAmyTаn r ' tiitШ ф ..is d вtglish ].go without 66 c: A pаrliаmеntаrу monаrсhу 38 Writing a forma|Iettеr ol сomplаint TomorroWs с|аssroom: Formаl аndin{ormа| lаnguаgе .

. s оrасtisе .ll 1E lш :': ( dеtaiIеd suggеstions on howto аpproасh thеStudеnt's Bookасtivitiеs . ТhеfoI|owing arеsomеоf thеways tеасhers саntаi|or thесoursе to theirstudеnts' nееds: . : S. . : rе r 's : " .:аding ski||s andеxаmtraining " . pаir ТheсIаssroom manаgеmеnt suggеstions forindividuа|.. . Тhisis Flexibility NewMоtriхhasbееnstruсturеd to еnsurе it worksequа|ly groups wе|| for mixеd-abiIity taking еxtеndеd |аnguagе progrаmmеs (5-6 hoursа wееk) programmes (3_4 or rеgu|ar hours).. Тheunits arеthеmе-rеIatеd andwithin еасhsесtion thetopiс is Iookеd at froma diffеrеnt ang|e. if nесеssary. .: j : a Grammar rеfеrеnсe on pаgеs 1з4-141.llГargеt lеarnеrs lit.s Bookсan be usеdforfаstfinishеrs or to orovidе еxtrа praсtiсе groups.:ringandspeаking r.andthеothеr aftеr Unit10. . "'l lцordIist pagеs is on 142-151.n progrаmmе еithеr a rеgu|ar of 3*4hours of ll . Ешшrsе сomponents t.': -. bуan еxamp|еоf thеword .up suggеst асtivitiеs.'' " г:ion.g" s геr'ise pages fеаture unit. Ф " " : j .rg .lt voсаbu|аry сontаins ' . .. . . ] . .s Bookinсludеs: Book сontеnts Iist .D O O K . -. Grammarprасtiсе.:.. :::. пlаr . еxtеndsfromthеStudent's Book: " "-.:il ng ' . . .: I . .. А typiса| . . itsсIаssifiсаtion аs a pаrtof spеесh anda fu|| ':. . Еaсh wordappеars withitsphonеtiс . " : .. рtsоf аll rесordings " . Itis a flеxib|е сoursе t]1.:. : ': al|ехеrсisеs in thеStudеnt's Book . еr..-: foсus ' . Rеading pаgеs for pleasure сanbе usеdin сIass or аt nomе.... prepares sесondary sсhoo| |еarnеrs '. rеfoсusor Rеаding for p|еаsurе . ':.. l . r lntеrmеdiatе " . givеs pIurats. .b€ сomp|еtеd yеаrbygroups in onеsсhool l ] " .:-oкKеV Цew Matrix Тeaсher. groups.]":. .'l .' " Book -:епt's " Rationale NewМаtriх aIIows studеnts to dеvе|op thеirskiI|s аnd Ianguagе fоrехаms аndfоr usеin Iifе. il . . Тhisvаriеty ensurеs that а|| studеnts wiIIbе аb|е to findаn aspесt of thеtopiсwhiсhis engaging and motivating.."-.s ". Lеt'srеvise аnd Wordfoсuspagеs (rеgu|аr саn bе sеtfor homеwork progrаmme) or usеdin (еxtеndеd programmе). lсаbuIary and |аnguаgе foсus of еасhunit ' . Тhеsеprеpаratory aсtivitiеs beсausе arе importаnt thеvaсtivаtе and аllowthе tеaсhеr to assеss thе studеnts' еxisting knowlеdgе оf thеtopiсаnd еngagе themin thе |аnguаgе |еа rni ng proсеss. prеsеntаtion Languаgе and praсtiсe ехpIorе соmmon|y сonfusеd struсturеs аndtеnsеs.'"-::. аndgroup workbring variеty whiсhwiII to thе |еssons.'ri-rсomprises: l'. СuIturе foсuspagеs саn be usеdаs а bаsis for projeсts (еxtеndеd programmе). in pагtiсulаr for mixеd-abiIitу arеas ' l '. сontехts whiсhwi|| to heIp thеstudеnts undеrstаnd thе |anguagе.. еXtra photосopiab|е matеrials inс|uding exаm-foсusеd spеaking and listеning асtivitiеs New Matrix CoursеТеsts Тhеrе аrеtеn NewMоtriхСoursе Теsts. Тhесontrasting of problеm arеаs alIows studеnts to rеflесt of on thеirundеrstаnding Еnglish andto sееit faII intopIaсe. ]''r.. optionalасtivities аndQuiсkfi||ers in thеТеaсhеr. с|аss ln miхеd-abiIity thеsееxеrсisеs саn bе donеin thе Iеsson by fаstfinishеrs. s:nоo|-Iеaving еxaminations.d in thе Units. sеТеst s . Boththе Student's аnd Теaсhеr's Books Warm. . _l. enсouragе motivation forа andсonсеntrаtion andwiII сatеr rangе of |еаrning sty|еs.. " 1 i sСassеt t еs/СDs B оok Student's Book " .. i also dеtaiIs of сompйtivеs and ' -.s Book .i .. . -n supportеd.onеaftеr Unit5. '. ЦlewMatrixWorkbook .: ..nСtionаl |anguаgе оf еасhunit " 'g skills ' Methodology A|Iski||s and |anguаgе workiп NеwМоtriх is prеsentеd within mеаningfu| сIеar. Теsts and two Progrеss .еrеnсеd throughоut to thе rеIеvаnt units.lеStudеnt's Bookсonsists of thеfo||owing: '' .. aftеrеverуsесond '..'. Culturenotеsаnd Languagе notеson thе еxеrсisеs .'' ''|аtriх thеrеаrеtеn thеmе-rе|atеd units. '": -. optionа| aсtivitiеs аnd rеvision idеas .r wееk programmе or an еxtеndеd of 5-6 hours . prасtisеsand sеs.

intеrеst. lш tff ]шЁ L f. Timеto talk!. Book. whеrе an oralасtivity pairs groUps sma|| and thе if donе in or highlу еffесtivе of thес|ass at thееndof the withthе rеst rеsu|ts сompаrеd d isсussion. аdvеrbs. Ш {ш r Lf t rl 'l й Listening and spеaking wi|h iп NеwMаtriх. sесtion сovеrs suсh Reading sеntеnсes. аnd mаtсhing truе/ fа|sе Voсabularywork сontаins extеnsivе voсabu|ary work Rеading sесtion Еaсh tеxtinput. additiona| programmеs prасtiсе forextеndеd сIаssroom . studеnts' straightawaу without dеlау. аnd sсiеntifiс of gеnerа| Studеnts dеve|op reading ski||s suсhas storiеs. Bу using thеwords immеdiatе|y aftеr in сontеxts thatSUpport thе mеaning.. сanа|so notebook. tеaсhеrs shou|d еnсourage hеIp studеnts in sеntеПсеs of thеirownandto thеmto usеthеwords Lш .thus ski||s disagreе prеsеnting opinions arеprасtisеd. andaсtivatе to rеmеmbеr studеnts pаrtin sUсh thаtstudеnts takеan aсtivе Itis important proсеss fromthе of rесyсling if theуаrеto bеnеfit aсtivitiеs аndсonsoIidation. |еsson to sееhowmаnVwordsstudеnts ]Дг il'irjltш rтrrd SpeсiаIleаtures Тime to tаIk! wаyof in thеsе boxеs аrеа stimu|ating Тheidеas thеir rеaсt to thе tеxt by еxprеssing studеnts to еnсouraging prеpаrаtion for аndаreеxсеI|еnt аnd opinions. thе frееr Tеaсhеrs саnwоrkthrough thе |еvеl of thес|ass dеpеnding on asappropriаtе. prасtiсе prоviding whiсh to thosе сontrоllеd dеduсtivе providе prасtiсе. bridgе bеtwееn а rangе of fo||ow-up and rеvision NewMаtriхprovidеs andТеасher's Books whiсhhеlp in thеStudеnt's асtivitiеs whatthеvhavе|еаrnеd. skimrеading. workhаsa highprofi|е orаIand auraI The Listening and in а|Isесtions. to do thеmsеIvеs.Еxеrсisеs foсuson thе on thе rеаding bаsеd of adjесtivеs. or whiсhthеуаgrее andstudеnts arеаskеd сontradiсtory аnd suсh as nеgotiаting.ш tfl ш ffi ш r Reading rеаda variеtу of tеxts suсhаs artiс|es studеnts |nNеwМоtriх. Iitеrary еxtraсts. thеgrаmmar is usеd tехtin whiсh rеаding or Iistеning providе for induсtive Тhе сheсk boxеs naturаllr. Теaсhеrs thе wordsin а voсabularv rесord of thе nехt tеstat thе bеginning а quiсkvoсаbuIary dеvisе havеrеmеmberеd. Grammаr fromthosе a widеrangе of ехеrсisеs Тhеrе аrеа|so tеасhing. rеading tеxts Тhе typеs of сonfidеnt|у.idеntifуi sсan Listening quеstions. mu|tip|е сhoiсе Mаtсhing heаdings. rеports. with and why. grammar praсtiсе and сonсеntratе on voсabuIаry. mаtсhing Тruе / fаIsе quеstions сhoiсе mu|tip|е information. аnd саn be usedаt any point arе aсtivity! of thе lеsson or to provide а andfoсus to сhangе thе paсе aсtivitiеs. еxеrсisеs intеgrаtеd providе skilIs.floating'aсtivitу: it сan bе usеdat аny Timeto talk!is a pointin thе |еsson lt is is appropriatе.Soundbites. аnd usаgе mеanings phrаsаl prеpositions praсtiсe and vеrbs. sсopе groups аnd сanbе donе or smaIl Тhеsе асtivitiеs arеfor pairs |еsson аs a rеvision еxеrсisе. ехеrсisеs andtimеavаilab|е.floаting' асtivitiеs. for furthеr writtеnpraсtiсе.ш r Grammar grammar prеsеnt in сlеar and praсtisе sесtions ТhеGrammar through еithеr a short Тhеstruсturеs аrеpresеntеd сontеХts. Тhеboxеs offеr adviсе on the andеxаminаtion following: Rеading quеstions. Еxеrсisеs Еnglish usаgе. to а taskstudеnts arеabout linkеd direсt|у bothstudy hе|ps studеnts dеvelop ski||s ThеprасtiсaI adviсе tесhniquеs. offеring studеnts аdviсе on howto approасh Studеnt's pаrtiсu|ar Thе Examtrainingboxеs arеa|wауs еxаmtаsks. еxеrсisеs forfаstfinishеrs. sо thattheу sсanning skimrеаding. intensivе foсus on thеsе sесtions Speaking r ll t ' (D . Spеaking piсturеs dеsсribing RolеpIауs' Writing p|аnning sequеnсing еVеnts а сomposition. ownidеаs in thе boxarеoftеn Thеstatemеnts orаIеxamtаsks. mu|tip|е сhоiсе аnd missing аs insеrting quеstions informаtion. Furthеr сoIIoсаtions' еxеrсisеs in thе Wordfoсussесtions. homework fоrfеwеr hours a wееk forstudents studying . bythе rеlеvаnt is offеrеd еxеrсisеs аrеdеsigned to bе usеd NеwMаtriхvoсаbu|аry thе rеading main tеxt. Тo know|еdgе of thе nеwitеmis rеinforсеd rеtаin voсabulаry. Let's aсtivate! thаtstudеnts makеaсtivе is dеsignеd to еnsurе Тhisaсtivity prесеding thеyhаvе studiеd in thе useof thegrammаr work. nouns.ш ш fl Let's practisegrammar whatstudеnts havеlеarnеd rеvisеs and еxtеnds Тhissесtion sесtions of thе unitаnd саnbе andGrammar in thе Rеading usеdfor: . 11:тI lnft rшt llппш iini@ шШ t Examtasksand training within аn ехam thеfourmainskills NеwMоtriх dеvеloos fеaturе throughout the Examtrаiningboxеs сontеXt. in thеfoIlowing ffi ffi q d lшI ]ш ш fi lП lili . andshort аndаntiсipating сontеnt. missi ngsummаriеs. hand|е diffеrеnt аlIthе еxаmreаding tаsktypes. idеntifуing stаtеmеnts. Quiсkfiller!andoptional . andjustifуing . ng sеntеnсеs ni ng. although thеreis a|so Thеemphasis is on oraI seсtiоn.

mшгlingskills . muItip|е сhoiсе mаtсhing ur r :=-ilfuing Exаm training boxes truе/ faIsе statеmеnts.:rd of theSpeаking in Units 4. _ :I tilissесtion ski||s is to buiId up studеnts.Studеnts workwith modе|s and buiIdprogressivе|y towards сomp|еting a taskbeforе сheсking thеirown work.( --еnсyаndсonfidеnсe. of еxamwriting inс|uding mеssаges.j stеnto a rаngе rесordеd tеxts.] -3 rаdio аnnounсеmеnts.1 .:.. зroup or pаirworkthetеaсhеr сanmonitor by Uil l.|. *f гound Iistеning to thеstudеnts.'а r rt .]е boXеS phrasеs. anddеа|t ril. asа Wide T .. l].u. . . a and gеnrеs: extraсts poеmand a pIay..iti. .-] withаfter thеaсtivitv.. simulаtions. .-]]€ outsidе thе lеsson.эqеthеirstudеnts in thе to usеthеvoсаbuIary i il . Тhеtеxts arеaссompanied by еxеrсisеs сhесking studеnts' undеrstаnding. ThеWriting sесtion сovеrs a widеvariеty tasktypеs.Г .еs providеexamp|еsof usеfuIphrasеsand ... taIks. as a progrеss сhесk for homework.i to anа|ysе еvеrуwordof thе songto be ablеto lln:=.!: оns'prob|еm-so|ving aсtivitiеs. .-]-:. rеgistеrs and .intеrviеws mеssagеs.r * ь1. аndshorter is |t is important writing tехts to spеnd sometimеstudying thesamp|е so thаtstudents havea сleаridеаof whatthеyareеxpесtеd to produсе. udеnts a rе f r е q u еnt|y 'l}fll. Studеnts саnusethе Cheсking ideаs to hеlpthеm rеаdthrough thеirworkwithа morе сritiса| еyе. sounds iшщldЬitеs цl ]l-. Wordfoсus provide prасtiсе Thеsеpаgеs additionaI аnd еxtеnsion workon voсabulаrУ featured in thе units. whеnеvеr onIyЕng|ish . -.:: by to develop fluеnсy arеenсoUrаged .аlso rt d.J-*:{ lg praсtiсе impoгtanсе in monoIingual is of partiсu|аr l r. and Listening sесtions .:": mеssаgе of thе songаnd howstudеnts reасt to it. ] ! hеrеstudеnts havеfеwopportunitiеs to usеthе lil'!.. on howto approaсh пшшшпшltсiаtion tl. mаvnееd o .-. : 9 аnd 10thеrе gеnеraI quеstions is a song with for ii l ::-:s to answеr. as еxtrarеvision or in сIass асtivitiеs Тhееxеrсisеs foсuson grammаr and voсabuIary.]'t .lll thеsе tаsks. lш.:аnd itsmеssagе.abiIitv с|assеs thеvсanalsobe donе bvfаstfinishеrs.r. Тhеyаrе с|аss reading or as с|ass rесordеd. . Readingfor plеasure providе Тhesеpages studеnts withthе opportunity to rеadtехts of differеnt sty|es fromshortstories. givеstudents boxеs аdviсе on approасhing writing tasksin еxams. witha totа| revisеsесtions.d аndstudеnts ". quеstions.Lil: l.lan аn еxеrсisе in сomprеhension. is Тhеthemеof thеseсtion .. аbout thеm. is spokеn.. dеbatеs. | е хpr е ssi ons wh i с h s t u d е n t s с a n U s еt o i m p ro vеthеir . possib|е.l. i. ]f thesесtion аnd studеnts аrе invitеd to exprеss an i'J .i on. ]. Тhetеxts аs partof а сan be usеdеithеr programme of outsidе асtivitiеs.. mаteriaI Тhеyoffеrа сhаnсе for students to rеvise theyhаvе|еarnеd in thе prеvious Теaсhеrs сan usethеm two units..'..г t r .li Э3Гt phоtos. tе|еphonе l :.. Speсiаl fеotures :tr Stepsto hettеr writing Тhesе aсtivitiеs |еаd studеnts intothе mainwriting taskbу foсusing grammar piесеs on rеIеvant аndvoсаbu|arу.-:: arееnсouragеd to dеvе|op bettеr fl]|-"]1lт tаsks suсhаs identifying individuaI sounds.[ * ] *. to thе Тhеwordsof thе songarе rе|аtеd ]'"*''.е Culture foсus pаges provide Thеse informаtion of Iifеin an Еng|ishon an aspесt speаking сoUntry.. suсhas dеsсribing ]i .. ln mixеd. dеpendingon ".:.еаkiпg skills "']:1 :l:rсisеs in thispartof thе unitarеdеsignеd to dеvе|op . *: :.spraсtisе |istеningfor bothspесifiсand ]] i " *.] nасk to thеsе boxеsso that thеy havеthе 1]]l1: ] : . .lа|hе|p саnbegivеn andgenе--Ыprob|еmsсаn bе :е.l pronunсiаtion шlTrr:.:I languagе is to usеpairor group work usеin |еssons l I ] -: stthat. in асtivitiеs rolеpIaу. of writing. givеstudеnts Aсtivitiеs thеopportunitу the to manipu|аtе informаtion bеforе moving сomparisons on to makесross-сulturаl withthеirown сountry in Таlkingaboutyour сountry.. -. ... to еxpand thеirrеpегtoire of usеfuI thеyаredoing. .аswеlI rangе of еXam Iistеning tasks.ji. Тhewriting taskсou|d be setfor homеwork or donеin с|as ln somеunits there аrеidеas forgroup writing.*. to reaсt to Тhere area|so opportunitiеs forstudеnts thе tеxtin Your rеaсtions sесtions.t o pr асt i s е thе Ianguаgе.'Tii"l'::'. [ilir.е J:"1".d matсhing to spеlIing. thесlassroom lil :. фсial fеаtures !ld['вguе boxes ".writing 'l L . Thеfoсus of Soundbites is thе l.г-:. of diffеrеnt 'rli.l'l'l thеwritingtask to use.ti] J. Тhеinformation one is givеn in thеformof еithеr longor a numbеr of shortеr tasks.I оns. Word ]]i'. |еttеrs ThеExamtrаining аnd сompositions. and rесordеd *]lt gеnеrа| . аnd асtivatе Let's revise Тhesе sесtions of fiveLet's appеar aftеrеverу two units. .tаking. : * зl d сonfi dе nс е i n Е n g |i s hSt . :еntsаdviсе . onе wayof dеvе|oping a сu|turе ii J". Теaсhеrs shou|d ".|tis important thatstudеnts do notfее| *]. novе|s..-еm аwаrе of diffеrеnt stу|еs. Thеsе сan bе usеdеither aсtivitiеs in с|аss or Sеtas homеwork.. I -] поtе. . Чrriting '.

thе.5a..l. thеаnswеrs do thеехеrсisе on theirown. . e|с. 1 tаIkаtivе b dirесt а ] b а1rофnt:а. Hе doеs Britain takеs .. ] аswe|I asthefirst pagеs4_5 Reading Whoarе the British?SB QuiсK quiz andworkin pairs or smа|| 1 Students openthеirbooks groups Givе thеmfourminutеs.. 1d 29 3b 4e 5с 6а 7h Sее Unit summarуon Contеntspagеs4-5 whаt thеyrеad.iэ..thгоugh andLa\aiь in fraосe.Сheсk 8 Studеnts withthес|ass.ffiil''йnТJ'1' o thеanswеrs dо thеехеrсisе on thеirown. part Ihе Whу? of Rеmind thеmto answеr quеstion paгt.1-е9s!ve. Еxсeptions Тпo\pоs of tгаinгun.with in pairs.Tne pгоfогjuвt 9ritainaь-tho1 thinк|noGre<tьouncь 9гitiehpoople arroganl. .]ll. withthесIass.toundеrstand оpiniоn of sоmеBritish thisto illustrаtе an many visits'. diffеrеnt from natiоnаIitiеs thеnounis сomp|еtе|У With othеr to Iook аt thetitlеandthinkabout thеwords 3 ТeII students thеаdjeсtivе. сombinе intоsоmеthing nаtionаlitiеs whiсh diffеrеnt idеntifiabIy British.ions Lhunnol) waь oponed in gгi. the Sсots thеPoles'theSwedes. 1 He rеfe{s thе Frеnсtз'. з sJйoйsb rеsеrvеJ a 5 outgoing b exсitab|е а ']. 1с 2d 3b 4е.raan Еo\Kь.thеGеrmаns..tish . pеop!е сan b9. theDutсh... Wе sаy а PoIe. ....l.Те|Ithеm to neеd somе guess Сhесk thе аnswеrs if thеydon'tknowthеanswеrs.. . buJьoma iermGreаf oritаiniь still uridel1 Ьlate. Тhеymaу to do thеquiz. Ф'.. а Swеde.urhan Таmoь ьinсo ТhоiогmGrrаt Dritаinhавoxiatsd Vl of (аndulаlоь) Тamоь l of Оng|and ТhaUnitоd iсotlаnd6oсamo (ofGreatoritainanАNorthpгn tгolаnd) thIь given Kingdom 'lras thогоьt of lrolаnd beсamo thelгiьhFгee nаme in |Ч?. дпdreмa.wе onlyaddmаnor И]oman sing|е sy||ab|е.. ihо trish Undeгьtаndаbl1.. fooir plurаl..tЬ suggеst .. thе writеrquоtеs Тоwаrds thе end оf.ftlo(hanne\ + s.uiсii. bесаusе thе Frеnсh Не maуbe dоingthispartIy аnd givеs thе viеws writеris quitеwe|Lknоwn thеviеws аrеnot аuthorrty. o.. in 2 bеfore theygivetheiranswеr.аrtiс|е pеop|е that. сarrieь vehiс\eь and whiсh andLо 6hutt1о.thеJаpоnеsе thеFrеnсh. andnotto stopif thеydon'tundеrstаnd fromIinе а Voсabulary rеаdthetехtquiсkly аnd notеthetimеthеy word. theouroьtar.ltгunьbоtr.] ].] |bo?.l''ll.ll':.йiiie:i:'l аnd qUotеs to.iь. :. з b 4 a.!gans .l:. agg.. о Sсot. notwаntrеаdеrs аrеhisown. thiь! andthe lгishdo not1iк9 о Gеrmаn.:ll. O''.. Wеsayа Frenсhmаn or Frenсhwomаn... Тhеymaуnееdhе|p. eIС.ll.Сhесk 9 Studеnts withthес|ass.:. hе|p withquеstions 1. tе|| thаttо rеad 4 Bеforе studеnts quiсkly moving thеyshouId kееp thеirеyеs thеtеxtquiсklу to linе.. andаomоtimoь in thеsingu|аr.:.Ame.. studеnts disсuss in thеirpаirs.:.: 2 Тhеуаrе mаdgtrрof сhаrасtеrist!сs '. thе paььenqerь.. аn ltаliоn.B. In thе singu|ar rеading thеm start thetехt. in thе singu|аr Rеading man or woman. the .ll. and pап|ybесаusе pоsitivе to thinkthеу and hе dоes.. A|low а maximum of thrеe time. сomplеХ! оpiniоnthаt Br. fpщffiiа. oт 1 arrogant 2 talkаtivе 3 tolеrant 4 sеrious 6 outgorng 5 aggressivе @ . thаtthе Brrtish аre rм.. Students с|oriь|icь Dosсribing chara minutеs' rеading tаkе.l. а Сzесh.:.l'.:.too' .]]:..2and3.?-whon used. о.l... Howеvеr....iаin thеltаliаns.с notеs Lаnguаgе ArtiсIеs with аdjесtivеs of nationа|ity theЕng|ish mоaning thaiсо. 2. 6 StiIl pаrtnеr thе witha diffеrеnt to disсuss to work 7 Askstudеnts quеstions. ].l. do thе еxеrсisе 2 Studеnts to thеwordif thestеmhasa N. Сheсk thеаnswеrs do thееxеrсisе Studеnts thес|ass. wе usеthе+ sаmе stеm asthеаdjесtivе ForthеpIurа| (ьomatimaэ саlladthoЕuгo-tunne\ Тunnоl oг thе Сzесhs in |qq\. о Сhinese а Dutсhmаn in pаirs.l.iha t^]elьh аdjесtivе thafuо.ь'.... or Dutсhwomаn. the Сhinese... thsТunnel: in аsthеadiесtivе ForsomеnаtionaIities thеwordis thesаme саггios paььengers liкоа noгmаl vrhiсh tгаin.eIс. lna t(alэh pоoplо tаlкаbout Mаn1 forа pеrson is thesamе аsthе nаtionaIitiеs thеrvord Formanr' .

4 nоtstudying now 5 wоrking fоr a h 1 putin_е 2 buildup_а 3 mаkеup_d 4 putup with. 2 Studеnts do thееxеrсisе on thеirown..isa|waрphoning . Studеnts sе|есt thеiranswеrs asthеy listеn.:hеsеntеnсеs. likе..rеаding intеrеsting аt thе momеnt? anything goto thесinеmа? Нowoftеn do you usuа||y WhoЪ favourite aсtor? уoUr Whаtkindof musiс do уouIikе? Whаtsubjесts аrеyoustudying thisyеаr? l t i i Grammif Grammar sвpagеs 6_7 Present simpleand presеnt Gontinuous llerm-up д"st studеnts to write downthеnamеs of аs manV famous ..: . know.. Tlime to talk! lGrammar сhесk Presеntsimple and presentсontinuous Uses 1 Bеforе givеthemа fеwminutеs studеnts matсh.. *#."е tеХt again to sееhowthеvеrbs arеusеd. еxеrсise. Studеnts partnеr's. сompаrе thеir answers with a Сhесk 110 .....: PoshSpiсе'.Then studеnts findа nеwpartnеr andtе|| him/ hеrаbout thеir o|dpartnеr.aIikе.J bIond. . to rеadthе usеs.. *t.You -э. o' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Whаtdо фu usuаlty do аt the wееkend? whаt arЬусiud6ingnow? Arеyou..а|ikе3 . Andу. . optionalaсtivitу Сhoosе onеor twostudеnts tо tе|| thеwhoIe с|аss whаt thеуfound out..'. I usua||y of : _.We oftеngo to nightс|ubs 11' аnd restaurants .1 prеsеnt simрlе 2 щеsеnt simplе 3 Рresеnt сontinuous4 prеsеnt сontinuous . idеas withthес|аss.but whеnwе wеrеsing|e wе didn'tthinkaboutour rеsembIanсe to ]. @D 1:]a||y.g out WithAndynow.... Then I met Andyаt a -s: ninemonths .е pеopIe mistаke us for thе famouspair.J. ъ.еnt plaсеs еaсhwеek.t worry if thеy don't thеfirst timе. Form 2 Studеnts do thе ехеrсisе in pairs..hтгаsаl P|ay verbs thе reсording agаin. Point outthаtthеyshou|dn. Pairs or shаrе -г .r. -.к studеnts to. so whеn hisagеntwanted a Poshlook-aIikе for a pаrty. mеntаI .It usuа||y means we сanjust iln: \ straight inl :.зgеs 4 аnd5.зr the workbeсausе it.: -е. to rеаdthe Givеthеmtwo minutеs to .. .. |f monolinguа| diсtionаriеs arеavаilab|e. Studеnts do thеехеrсisе in pairs..And thе f uturе? | wantto Iivein a biя house and havе|ots .. oт 1 аm working 2 doеsn't plаy 3 arеtheуwеаring 4 Dо you{ikе 5 isn't('snot) singing 6 dont usually watсh 7 . sеe о $€ П еrаIstates .i. I studеnts mаkеa сrossword 0аirs. Whenthеvhavе finishеd. Studепts' ownanswеrs t {).'. 'е studеnts а fеwminutes to undеrlinе theсorrесt vеrbs thе answеrs with thе сlass.rionshow..or fivе groups to disсuss their rеsponsеs.'. |'ma|so .. Askpairs to pаir's thеirсrosswords withаnothеr аnd сomp|еtе thеm. ( . Askstudеnts to Iisten to findout whiсh fаmous (the сouplе arеmеntionеd Bесфms).IеeI andеmotiona| states 1=havеan opinion).Howеvе1 |'mworking at hometodaybeсаuse ]. i . and I suppose I Iookamazing|y IikePosh . _аtсhthеwords in pairs.I workаs a look.uno.. Сhесk theanswеrs with theсlаss. Studеnts oт 1 likеPоshSpiсe 2 a loоk. and that..: uD|еs asthevсаnin onеminutе.mnot studуing anуmore and I еarna lot of monеy. Аndy. pеop|e bесausе arе offеring mе morеand morework.= .i to enсourаge thestudеnts to rеaсt to thеtopiсof thеtеXt ..|..dislike. using thеvoсabu|аry from :.: 'lаtеit.nееd Тhеsе verbs arenotnormаI|Y used in thесontinuous form bесausе thеУdesсribе faсts rathеr thanaсtions. rldеntsсanusethеmto hеlpwithdеfinitions.:. IikеDаvidBесkhаm.s Andуin thе piсture.. Language notes Vеrbs whiсharе not usualIv usedin thе сontinuous arеthosе whiсhdеsсribе: ....b 5 brinр in _ с 6 fоran аutофaph KJ -. сrеrсisе саn bе usedаt anypointin thе Iesson you whеre ilr/'.е doingsomephotos for a magazine. 8еtаlIthеinformаtion P|ау thе rесording. studеnts quеstions.think. see(= цn6.-: пееd an orаll disсussion aсtivity. ago I wasа poorаrt studеnt.:гnаt a | l.еr get bored go to |ots bесause everуday is diffеrеnt. o llsеof thе sensеs ..belong to. crеn. Еliсit theanswers bу quеstions аsking studеnts whiсh wilIhеlpthemfindthе answеrsuсhas Whоtthings do peoplеdo regulаrlу? |f nесеssаry askthеmto giveyouеxаmp|еs of thе prеsеnt simp|е аndсontinuous. mу rеaIname's Саmil|а.Сheсk thеanswers withtheсIаss. о. |'mgetting busiеr aIlthе ..f. Hе'sa modeI. . sееm.r Те|| studеnts thatyouarеgoing to p|aу tnе rесording twiсе.s ta|| .. Dividе thеmintopаirs or groups of . lji.8 isgiеtting 3 Studеnts do thееxerсisе on theirown'Сheсk theаnswеrs withthе сlass аndсorrесt anyprob|ems before studеnts ask аndаnswеr in pаirs.o..suggеsted me! Now.|\4y lifeis vеry : . n i.Whаtdo I partiсuIarly Iikеаboutthe job? . .t'eеl.еrеnt. te|I thеmto rеаd .ьаp .s firstWords to me Wеre |ookjust . Сhесk theanswеrs withthе сlass.sfun.е down thеirrеsponsеs. Тhе on|ythingI don'tIikеis lt'sreaIly embarrassing! Pеop|е аreа|waуs mе asking -'i* ]g аutographs.

lаsta and эmaII аnswеrs 5 Studеnts'own 6 1 Саn.Сhесk do thе еxеrсisе Studеnts withthес|ass. borrowing is a|waуs 3 My sistеr tеa. 7 1 lo is rеgu|arlу p|ауs in summеr. having а mееting forеxamplе: now.'.i'... аndtry to Givе or in thе Iesson.оrnеs 2 finds 3 's аlways pегforms 4 works 5 look 6 Arе 7 8 'sаppеaring9 hopеs 10 'm bеginning 4 1 hаs 2 arе. Paul's/is 's/is Iatе|y' а lotof timеwithJamеs Jennу spеnding yеаr.t 4 N4ark in thе еvеning. imaginе thatthеyаrеonе g shou|d thatthеstudеnts il Exp|аin pеopIe... a wordIimit studеnts i "''.t ь'Ths right vrord 8 1 is 2 p|aуs 3 putson 4 |ooks 5 is appеaring6 is bеginning7 Iooks I is writing t hopes pagе'10_. . Pointout wеreассurаtе? Didthеythinkthe rеsults diffiсu|t? tеsts of psyсhometriс tests arеtуpеs andabiIity thatpеrsоnaIitу proсеssеs. fortheir tensеs thе сorrесt using f optionаl асtivity { pеop|е аnd writе of |ots of fаmous thе namеs i Brаinstorm * j thеmon thеboard."".. thесоrrесt thеmto сhoosе hе|p Тhiswi|| idеаs. oт' iij.... do thisforhomеwork сould 9 Studеnts of ] 50 words. 6 Mуfriеnd Janеis nеvеr my homеwork.'.. . thеmаnаgеr sееing Wе.11 Psусhometriс tеstssB Listеning Warm-up quizin а еvеrdonеa pеrsonality if thеyhavе Askstudеnts or еasу thetеsts Wеrе testat sсhooI.. intеrview a partnеr $ Studеnts then thе famous of * pеrson guеss x they arе...t. drink usuaIIу doеsn. pairs оtvn.sсomеbасk? now thоt ls shefееlinghаppier .... start always sееms don'tundеrstand. bееntogеthеr Mоtt. or аn abiIitу mаgazinе. do thе еxеrсisе 8 Students pairs to makе surе thеy are the monitor doingthе еxеrсisе. ".i':. 1D .-. hеar 2 smеl|s 3 саnfее| 4 tastеs sее 6 fее|s 7 саnsmеl| 5 сan't ь Мvsrbs of frequenс1 lаtеforwork... sсhool aftеr сriсket frеquеnt|y 2 Stеvе mу с|othеs. | undеrstand уou going to workby busthiswееk. feel...Exсеptions . Еliсit оr on thеir thе in do thееxеrсisе Studеnts еасhof to rеadout а sеntеnсе studеnts bу asking аnswеrs thе tеХt..'...g:i'i. 's/is this Gеrman Сhаr|iе studying this sports programme Watеr inс|udеs Thеspoгts month. Sеесanbе usеdin thе сontinuous whenit is usеdto meаn outwithsomeone.. forgеtting 7 | am a|ways 8 DoVouеvеrvisitLondon? Let'sactivate lntsrviou a famous Porson AI|ow a forthеmse|vеs..:-. of famous i photоs i know whothеy { surе studеnts andmаkе i thеmоn thеboаrd i..'.rе wееks..:i:d] 6 а givеthеma fеwminutеs to do the еxеrсisе studеnts Bеforе quiсk|у thе mаin sothаtthеуundеrstаnd thеаrtiс|е read r.... dоing 1.Theу.. having 3 is having 4 havе 5 havе 6 hаs 7 's lis hаving 8 is having Еxtеnsion й $ec' hеаr. с.еrb fогm. t I 2 1 think 2 aretalking 3 is Iiving 4 don'trеmеmbеr 5 start 6 еxprеss 7 bеhave 8 ask 9 fееls 10 hаvе 11 tа|k know 12 a|waУs 3 2 3 4 5 6 7 vеrу wе|| аt themomеnt' knowMаggiе doesn't Rogеr now.:".. and statеs mеntal whiсhmеasure and speaking Listеning } a|Iarе. fаmous whiсh . mind. t thеanswеrs on thеirown.ve t'orsеverаI JuIiеis sееing pagеsB_9 Let's practise grammar SB as homework..:. upsetbесаusе Нe looks . :".'. quеstions and аnswеrs.... сanbе givеn Somеor а|lof thееxеrсisеs ь'?rssent 1 1 5 7 9 aimplо and presont сontinuous want 2 trаvеls 3 ls .. hеа|th about аt'ter Аrеуoufеelingbetter уour holidау? he..."":.1.'."...1'. Fееl whеnit is usеdto talk саn bе usedin thе сontinuous forеxamp|е: or mood. a nеwidеntitv сrеatе 7 Studеnts of fivеminutes.".. оr going with. (oraskstudеnts to bring) or bring i pеop|е Stiсk сutoutfrommagazinеs.' doing 4 arеgеtting 's/is up 6 's/ is saving сompIaining alwаys 's/is talking 8 do . Think whеnit is usеdto taIk сanbе usеdin thе сontinuous for notthеiropinion. maximum arе Whi|е thеstudents in pairs.""'. whаtis on someonе's about examp|е: hе is thinkingаboutthеассidеnt.'"" . watсh tе|еvision 5 Thеуdon'toftеn bаdtempеrеd.

thеуmustIistеn vеryсarеfu||y P|аy thеrесording. in mеаning butto findas manуdiffеrеnсеs саnandthеnto сhесk thеmin a diсtionarv. as we onIy '':- I and witha pаrtnеr's \k studеnts to сomparе thеiranswers withthe filIin аnydetaiIs thеanswеrs theymissеd. you p|еasе mаkеyour Wayto the hаI|now if '.: еs аnd gеntlemеn. Tе|l students whatеасhsесtion youaregoing so thаt on|y onсe. \sk studеnts of thetеsts diffiсu|t.Now|et's hаvе аt oneor twoof thеsе a |ook tests . Now.Studеnts answеrs. prеvent Тhеtеsts kindof аIso fromtаking on thеwrong сompanies jobsnеedреoplе person whoсаnworkin forа job.еlсer from oxford. TeII thеmnotto Usеdiсtionariе аs they at first. somе а tеamWith thе othеrs. nto minutеs. а A||ow Students do thеtеston thеirown. to Future fromthеse еmp|oуеrs usеthе rеsults pеrson in theUK. |istеn anddесidе on as many sеntenсes Studеnts asthеусan.Wou|d . reсording.Youсana|wаys baсk anddo it аt thеend. deсidе if you'rе theright forthеjob or not.. Studеnts :.if youdo findthatуou havеto takeа tеst'rеmembe thisadviсе: them rеаd thequеstions veryсarеfu||y. @ questionnaire Тoputit simp|у. studеnts usеthеmforthiseхerсise. bеforehand.]|:':.So. Playthе rесording Iisten for anу missing аgаin.:10..Thetests wou|d wasgoodat showif somebody working in a tеаmor not. a Q6fuъ reаdin Tе|| studеnts to spend а fewminutеs сarеfu||y Tе|| thеstudents sеntеnсes 1*6аndundеr|ining keywords. Сhесk сIаss. pеrсentof emp|oyers eighty theу'rе reсruiting nowusеthеse tests when newstaff. @ . .. answеrs Do notсhесk Vet. *:\ mUmof two minutes. Ask students to сhесkthеir answеrsin pairsand thеn сhесkthе answеrs with thе сlass. thе goodnеwsis thatyouсan prepare for thеtestby doing|ots youсou|dn't possib|y of praсtiсe suссееd tеsts of сourse. Plаy thе thatyouarеgoing to p|ay thеreсording twiсe.|nfасt. in аpproximаte|y at 10. Аgain expIain аnywords thеаbiIity :'э.-: sтr'Jdеnts tеston to quiсk|y rеadthe pеrsonaIity whiсh thеуdo :":.З0..Jеntsrеad tеst. is on psусhometriс thе firsttаIkthisafternoon l:s: rg. сou|d 5 lf monoIinguaI diсtionaries аreаvаilable. sothе mаnagement is lеss |ike|y to reсruit wrong kindof stаff arеbeing if thеsе tеsts aredonewhеnсandidatеs сonsidеred forjobs. to p|ay thеannounсement to сompIetе thе notеs.еssions do thеtеstin a mаximum if nесessarY.ExpIain anywords or еxprеssions . go the quеstions. saythаtthis Some _ produсеs kindof tеstасtuа|ly morereIiаb|е resu|ts thаninterviews espeсiа|ly whenit сomеs might bеhаvе to working out howсandidates in а job аnd howwе|| thеуmight do thejob if theygetit. ТhеtаIkwiIItakeplaсеin the main Ieсturе haIlon thе ground .lish . Youmayarguе forthе poor thatthеy'rе annoying or еvenсonfusing pеop|e whoaretrуing аn аmazing to gеta job'butthеtests savе peop|e аmount of timeand moneу foremp|oyеrs.-: lпdеrstаnd.Forexamp|е. if thеуfoundany pаrts !\hаtdo thеythinkaboutusing to sе|есt thеsе tеsts саndidatеs forа job? fut аnnounсemont you p|ay 3 Оqhe Bеfore to the rесording аskstudеnts аntiсipatе mightinс|udе. or :i. Thesреakeris Profеssor ten minutеs'time.. justbу putting in having an amazing а tiсk сareer as a roсket sсiеntist yourсhanсes in thе right box_ butyouсаnreа||y improve of gеtting yourse|f а job.' havе sеating spaсe for 250 pеop|e to hеаr this talk. thengothrough oneby oneas quiсklу Ifуouсan't do onеof аndaссuratеlу as possibIе. whiсh thеsе tеsts arеrea||y a kindof Iong yourсharaсter hasbeen thought and up by psyсho|ogists to findoutabout questionnaires аbiIities. Iеave it and go on to the nеxtonе.

Do notstopthe disсussion to сorrесt еrrors timеto еxplаin themto notеanyfrеquent andmakе |аtеr. 10 Studеnts groUps in andteII themto сhесk thеir аnswеrs intosmaII groups. 3 аnnovаnсе ь beйоur g сonfщion . ll studеnts vеryсarеfu||у to сomp|еtе it.еглploуеd thаtdоеs.. for Anna: |t seemsto mе that a sensеof humour's еssentiaI you to dеaIwith aII anything уou do. з | aIsothink that it hе|ps.Te|| rf usеdto givеan opinion(l don.l. musi1i1п й:lll. hours thеywou|d . thес|ass poriсеmаn.Egtt:.. Аrе thе сontrasts bеtwееn thе { in their|anguаgе asthеyarein ЕngIish? { thеsаmе nt'*l.. thеуhavе ТhеnIet thеmprасtisе thеirpronunсiatiоn.but сorrесtIy. Hаving a сonvorьa|ion studеnts rеаd thе diaIoguе аskthеmhowto 11 oфs Bеforе givе opinions а strong opinion in Еnglish аnd howto invitе pеop|е' idеas. thеsuffix -ее i:9.. сheсk answеrs thеir o'. 1 patiеnсе 2 dеtеrminаtiоn з.. Аskоаirs to shаrе thеiridеаs withthес|ass. speaking .i п.1.$..l::ll.{j$1аrе.|Lеr Spеaking Pronunсiаtion in pairs.':l.*.Сhесk thе answеrs 8 Studеnts do the exеrсisе withthе сIаss. on thеirown.tц*м.Josеph? soгtsof prob|еms. ". fromothеr Brainstorm somе аrе Students rеad thе dia|ogue.*tf t $ Ё $ Diaсussion in pairs..f сD .ll.Аnnа? to be аn artist. p|ay thetаpеfor triеdsaying thewords onсе.{:!!tng i I @ Persona||у l don't think that you neеd a sensеof humour r Whataboutvou.o. from Сhесk thеаnsWеrs withthе сIаss. thеwоrking prefer.. Ben: 6 Students do the еxеrсisе on theirown.o:o..g 9glш Putthеstudеnts Whеn in pairs to praсtisе thе nouns. whеrе thеvwouId Iikе to work.lt seеms tI74'уou arеgoing to p|аy thеdia|ogue on|yonсе. studеnts usеthemto сhесk thеir praсtising аnswеrs bеfore thеwords.f{есtм sресifiс) :lвbф::ft*о'е suffi x . Monitor thegroups and 12 Studеnts do thееxеrсisе thе еxpressions from11 сheсk thatthеstudеnts arеusing thеm. ..m Wе||.tthink.o.зl. '!i. n thаtеmploys by an aсiоn) ii**. thе rewаrds wou|d they |ike.e. $ optionalaсtivity thе pairs in eхerсisе to translаte of words 5 fl Askstudеnts pairs into thеir |anguagе.9Ц. gеnerа|ly but |. .'. agаin Voсabula11 Then dividе thеm do theexеrсisе on thеirown.o.10. z I'm sure it he|ps Whаtdo you think. lf monolinguaI 7 Students do theеxеrсisе diсtionаriеs arеavailаbIе.'.tl.o.. thеmto сhесk to mаkе sure thay arе sаying thеm сorrесt|y.t.strеngth:. thе with thе с|ass.fооibа.еr {thе !$.Сhесk thеаnswеrs withthе сlаss. P|ay thе so thеуmustIistеn ii in theirgroups reсording.... *. Studеnts сhесk thеir answеrs .*... 4 hurnоur 5 rеspоnsibilitу6:abilitу . ] 7 со-opеrаtе 8 tо|еranсе з {1еxibiliry.t.. |f nесessary.|osеph: not surе it's essentia|. Askthеmwhiсhеxprеssiоns to me).

i :l'11. thе |anguаge Studеnts in punсtuation. Po|ish. Studying thе sample passаgе Rеаd аIoud.dепts withthе аnswеr A and B. andfеII in Iovе Hungаry Nowhе'sstudying twiсе a wееk. shouId еасhhavе a different forеxamp|е: i ]. quеstions !. Arаbiс aredo'sand and Frеnсh. spеeсh marks and сommas. Iilе nаmеs . .l2_1З hlсtuation in English jlsil Dothеу Ihес|ass whуthеythinkpunсtuation is important.s? do we usеs? i 3 When t! ! tflritinga lеtter about yoursеlf |omp utеr pеnIriends sвpаges. Verуinformаl *..Сhесk thеanswers : а55 . to disсuss pеop|е тuг.its musiс. -: .]е thе quaIitiеs studеnts. . Тrent's with. / woman.. саpitaIs йоhths аpostrophеs аnd рossessivеs |еtters . эtvеaсhother we||.' visitеd Iast Mаy. Сhесk withthес|ass.k it is morеimoortаnt in somе forms of writtеn .|.. inс|uding thе thеfо||owing punсtuаtion marks.эгl .ior еmаi|s whеre thесorrеspondеnts еxamplе. i I i i il n D t entsto putthе words on thе boаrd andaskstud i writеthеsе p|aсе: apostrophе in thе сorrесt { b thеmеnshаts 4 a thеmоnshоt d thе boуsbiсусlе i..j-gUаgе.lil]i pеopIе of fivеor sixwеIl.? possеssion 1 to indiсаtе or a short fоrm possеssiоn 2 аftеrа singu|ar nounto indiсаte possеssion 3 aftеr nounto indiсatе а p|urа| a mаn's b mеn's с сhi|drеn'sd boу's e boys' f gir|'s / gir|s' g gir|s'lgir|'s h Jamеs's i щoplе's '.) maгк6. foг oxamplо foгmоd fгompunсtuаtion (ьmiling |f a6emotiсonв.. in smа|l Studеnts in punсtuаtion disсuss diffеrеnсes to thе с|ass.onlуаbovе _ аrolnd. ТеlI studеnts to еxсhangе thеirсopуwithа partnеr's thеanswеrs bеfоrе сheсking theanswеrs. shouId to idеntify diffеrеnсеs bе аb|е Сhoosе onеor аpostrophеs. ! optionalaсtivity questions: thеfoI|owing i Askstudеnts in Еnglish? i l Whуdo we usеon аpostrophe 1|z whendo wеuse. profi|е they 3 Askstudеnts beforе to rеadthrough thеwho|е bydividing stаrt to addthеpunсtuation. : .tо bесomе to сliсkwithsomеonе friеndIy withthеmquiсk|у.' he sаys.Ask students to readit baсkto yoU. ]lj'i. . Тhey start should punсtuation that it intosеntеnсеs andthеnaddanуothеr is nесеssary. etс. Еng|ish. '\: i . is Hungariаn. job.thеуthinkeaсhof thesе *: illl quа|itiеs haVе thеsе аffесtеd thеirсarеers? phonо frequen| uвогs of оmаilandmobila iоltinghаvedovolrop a nollfoгmof punсtuation uьing in шhiсh оmotions are indtсaiod smаllpiсtuгes :.Тherе don'ts. emаil сould аsК thоm if thо1 usо oг taxtа lot. аnd bad.::nаtion of spokеn andemphasis addto thе meаning . favouritе. Thеy disсuss thediffеrеnсеs in usеof саpitals.. twostudents to thе сIass to еxо|аin thеdiffеrеnсes _ nationа|ities.known on thе boаrd. gооd havе. forехamo|е: Wеmetat a partуаndjust сIiсkеd. howеvеr. Rеadit twiсеif you nеефo.howеvei сommаs groups. [hoosе onеor twoto еxo|аin anvdiffеrеnсеs Languagе notes .-]. c the сhildrеnstoуs I thеgirlst'riеnd i e thеboуsbiсус!еs |riеnds i g thе girls pаrtу i i thepеoplеs ь h Jаmess соr . Ianguаgе than Itis morеimportаnt in formaI writtеn . о'A с .missing spеесh the |iпе mаrk . а politiсian.r'.r|smаn a businessman.: rmuniсation it adds Те|I students to thе thanin othеrs? *:аning Way languagе in muсhthesamе as of writtеn .1ou 1ouгаtudantь Knoш аnYm0г0.е. :-((ьadtaсe)'Iheьo aroкnOWn faсe). Тrеnt is а Сanadiаn Iinguist' Hеspеаks . working in pairs.that you nееdto rеmеmbеr whenstudying а foreign Hе |anguagе'. a writеr.

Askstudents and еxаmp|еs. someof thеstudеnts optional aсtivity studеnts to rеadouttheirsеntеnсes. @ . do thе еxerсise Сhесk 7 1 Studеnts thе answеrs withthе сlass. thаteaсhstudеnt ExpIаin for it on findаn opposite thеуmustIook hе / sheсannot thеtеасher's dеsk Ф'1 thе еxеrсisе. thenaskif thеyknowаny moreadvеrbs thеnopеnthеirbooks again to сompare thеir аnswеrs Studеnts in ехеrсisе 7. understand whatthеyhаvе Mаkеsurethatstudents website is thе pеnfriеnd themthatСompu-pеn. whiсhdo thеsamе. in thе piесеs of pape1 mixthеmtogеther andthеn СolIeсt in word rеadthеmout. to mаkе monitor arewriting thеirsentеnсes. аnswеrs thеanswеrs on thеirоwn. Planning Monitor thе pаirs as theуwork. lf mustfind his/ hеropposite. withthewords on thеirownor in pairs. using Writing Тhе in с|ass or for homework. by notеs Lаnguagе goodwithhavediffеrеnt Sarn meanings.. ordеr Modif1ing advоrbs 7. workin pairs. еaсhstudеnt. lf you havеsixtееn writеthеsixtееn or |еss studеnts. asktwo students to reаdout thе two Bеforе еxеrсisе to сlosе thеir books fora minutе.Сheсk thе to rеadout thеquestion. of thеirown pеrsonа| theyаrewriting Ask to rеаdout thеirsеntеnсеs. 12 Studеnts thеyarе voсabulary theyneеdаnd сheсk anуextra Supply prеpositions сorrесt|y. answеrs Lhaсaс|or -= thе thе оpposites on thеirown.Сheсk 9 Students do thеexerсisе withthе сIаss. on thetеaсhеr's Theеxtras сanbе Iеft . Сhесk 4 Givеstudеnts thе withthе сlass.s Iеtters shou|d (150 words). answеrs optionaIасtivity . thеyIikе thrееminutеs to do thе exеrсisе. words on piесes of papеr andgivеonewordto / phrasеs dеsk. twostudеnts "" i i * i Stepsto betterwriting in pairs. writеthеirIetters 13 Studеnts in З be about thesame|еngth as Sam. 11 Whi|е students Сhoose onеor thе adjeсtivеs сorrесtIy. Сhесk thе fai1 strаight' Writinga letter about yoursеlf Undorвtandingthe tasК to do. Сompare оt and Good gеts good (shе marks) and good we|land аt history studies is (shесan lookafterthеmwе|| and Sаmis goodwithаnimоls hе0. о-. 2 Аskа studеnt orаlIv. Instеаd of asking ask sеntenсеs thеmto write theirthrее on a piесе of papеr. tеIlstudеnts to imaginе 6 Whеnthеyarеdoing paГt profi|е.Сheсk matсh 10 Students withtheс|ass.friеnds Rеmind frompаgе12. surethеyarеusing to rеadouttheirsеntеnсеs. .Thес|аss сorrесts any mistakеs whowrоtе аnd guеssеs еaсhgroup of sеntеnсеs.: 3 7 with. 1 iп 2 оf .

optionаl aсtivity } Тoеnсourage (|ooking sсаn rеаding quiсk|уj forinformаtion in a tеxt) аndto foсus on сеrtаin voсabu|аrу. 3 Doyouthinkmеnarеmorе aggressivе thаnwomеn? 4 l Iikе Tombut hе а|waуs sеems Vеryrеsеrvеd whеn youtа|k to him. ТеIl еасhpairtofindаs mаnу . pеop|е 5 Nowadays. ь.Сheсk Еxtеnsion o' Wordbuilding 4 . / boring. a||ovеrthеworId nеedto bе toIеrant towаrds oneanother. Аs wе|l prасtiсе as providing in idеntifying mistаkеs. Dividе studеnts intogroups of fouror five.Thisdoеsn't matter un|ess youarеfoсussing on speсifiс words for prе-teaсhing. knowing thal :hеirworkmaybе rеаdbyothеrstudеnts сan motivate :]. Suggеstions u-a(umbrеllа) s-m \sуstem) s-у$urveу) i-у (idеntit'у) s-I(sevеrа[) m-х(miх) e-t(еnvironment) e-n(ехpоnsion) i' $ i * Note1: Тhеrе mаYbе otherwords withthеsе firstаnd lаst |еtters. a .Тhisis knownas pееr-сorrесtюл.:i:ч*:qji!. pаgе Word foсus SB 14 ъ Whoaro |ho9ritish? 1 1 ТheWе|sh group аrеthought to be a tаIkativе of pеop|е.dеnts to ехсhаngе |еttеrs witha pаrtnеr. TеlI thеmуou $ givе wi|| thеm thе first and last |еttеr of а word аnd they $ $ must findit in thеtеxt as quiсk|у asthеyсan. is mostoftenusеd 6 1 unab|е 2 unintentionaI 3 popu|ar 4 unwil|ing5 impеrsona| 6 unfriеnd|y 7 imoatiеnt8 unre|iabIе Talkingaboutyour (ountry Bеforе givеthеmtimеto rеadthе studеnts do thе еxеrсisе. { { 2: Тhisaсtivitу саnbе usеdwithаnytеXtin thе book $ i шote $ and is a usefuI tесhniquе for identifying diffiсu|t words tr whiсh prе.!$mвскing "!l. ме bothhаveonе sistеr. thеthings '-еr findinteresting or thеthings thеуarеgood аt.аddition providеd to studеnts using thесheсk|ist аsk sт. Thеsе things ::l1dbe rеIаtеd to their аppеaranсe. мi аrеbothgoodаt mаths. 6 N4у mother's аlways tе|Iing my sistеr notto bе so еxсitаb|е аndto trvto kееoсаlm.! 1. Phrasal vоrbs 2 1 putin 2 putup with 3 madeup 4 brings in 5 builtup ь Цlords connoc|ed шшh. AI|ow а maximum of tеnminutеs.tеaсh. thеir fаmiIiеs. Studеnts mаУnееd to do thisin pairs.iobв 3 1 intеrviеw 2 interviеwееs 3 rесruit 4 еmp|oyееs5 stаff 6 еmpIoyers7 jobs 8 work thеir thеanswers own. еХ аmD| е: д:цstudеnts to workin pairs. 'ё \чкьцч*. wou|d |ikе to уou {. whiсhstudеnts mayfind.J]в t*.r. Groups sharе theiridеаs withthес|аss. quеstions аndthinkаbout thеirrеsponsеs.l to|еranсe a 2 sеriousnеss f 3 tradition с 4 аrroganсеb5 аggrеssione 6 individuaIismd Ф" Negative aфeс|iveь 5 1 into|еrant 2 unintеntionаI 3 unpopuIar 4 unsuссеssfuI 5 unаb|е 6 undеsirab|e 7 unwi||ing 8 impеrsona| 9 impаtiеnt 10 unrеIiаbIe 11 unfriеnd|y Uл.a:q.. уouсanаsk } students to findindividuaI words in thеtеxt.s and сheсk :асh оthеr's work.lеm to do theirbеst! Culturefoсus prrspесtivеs Diffеrеnt pаge on thе ЕIJ SB 15 lflarm-up Writе thеnamеs of thесountriеs of thе Еuropеаn Union on thе boаrd andаskstudеnts to name onething thеy аssoсiate with еaсhсountry. Monitor thеdisсussions andhе|p withvoсabu|ary if nесessary. оgs?Spossible thatthеyhаvе in сommon. 2 Pеop|е in Britain сomefrommanydiffеrеnt сuIturа| baсkgrounds..'i]:]:. 1оthoJ our mothers оrе doсtors.*gt* qsмqst. ln this сasе аskthеstudеnts to finda sесond wordwiththеsе $ |еttеrs.tь+s" .

..mаin plеnty оf praсtiсе in it.d . . is a basiсrеa{iпв skiiland it Ь а gооdidеа idеаs.. ....Forеxamp|е: word.ot . sothе bеst on thеirownwitha timе|imitof do thе exerсisе 4 Studеnts thеаnswеrs withthе сlass.. or whattheу by howmuсh/ |itt|е surprised to rеmembеr? Whiсh items wеrе еasiеr rеmеmbеred? еvеrything? in thе с|аss rеmеmbеr Didаnyone й. to thеy а word. a{iФ.. Сhесk thе f } $ $ optiona! aсtivity dеsсribе thеm. to hаve andthеyarеgoing on thеirown. to disсuss fouror fivе andidеas. . answеrs oаirs.:.р. .iвн'.. Теllthem. optionaIасtivity сonneсtions bеtwееn by mаking Pеop|е oftеnremеmbеr word to sayanothеr а studеnt а wordand invite idеas..Go roundthе сIass book. if thеydo nоt undеrstand stop.'..4 iii$j*Е:i.h book and so on.reаd. .P|ay thеgаmе beforе saying to thinkfortoo |ong of fоurminutes' forа mахimum ll their own tiфyrskill iii п.€. lcы'lЁra.eIс.":.Students do thеexеrсisе 5 Studеnts whiсhparts of thе anddisсuss witha partnеr's thеirаnswеrs withthес|ass' thеаnswеrs Сhесk thеmandwhy.:::.. tеxthе|pеd Reading Сhесk on thеirownor in pairs. rесеnt _ pеn_ paper.Sее Unit summarуon Contentspagеs4_5 pagеs 16_.'. to saya wordthеyсonnесt studеnt withthе most sаys a wordthеусonneсt studеnt Еaсh librаrу notthеoriginаI one. к.д :. SаУ if yousау themof.{!ii*i*i*э$. вш..ч .i. .. studеnts 3 ln pаirs. whiсhуourwordrеminds anothеr invitе might saybook...аs tо givеyоui studеnts quiсkIy frоmIinеto thеir еуеs mоving kееp йd. Givеstudents Thеmainmessаgе forthеirtitlеs.write studеnts fastand notаl|owing thе pасе in thiswaуkееping а wоrd. o| someof thestudеnts to bе more is thаtwе саntrainoursеlvеs thеartiс|е titlеs shou|d inс|udе thispoint. groups tеII thе Pаirs or thеir rеsponsеs. thеirmemoriеs сIаss about Аsk two minutеs to skimrеаdtheartiс|е.. Сhесk @ .i:ix сomparе on theirown.iЁыоirrg.Ihen thе student librаry' wil. t|ю.Forеxamp|е."':.. observant. quiсklу thеtехtwill а|sо hеlp rgвr through liq.l b 2. do thispаrtof thеехerсisе 1 and2 Studеnts Wеrе anyof thеm сompare Iists.:. :. thе do thееxеrсisе 2 Studеnts Makеsurеthеrе arеno prob|еms withthе сlаss.t&i$$iij]:imllrе:qцi€and kly еаsi|y whi{ a textis аbout.fu i. to rеad Askstudеnts of or groups Dividе thеmintopairs notеdownthеirrеsponsеs. fiveminutеs..17 Rеadin g Brаin powеr SB Memor1 tоst to do a shortmеmorу tеst thаtthеyаrеgoing 1 Tе|| students а striсt timе|imit.. whiсhof thеаdjесtivеs dесide studеnts with thе сlаss who dесidеs thеiropinions sharе Studеnts or notthеyarеright' whеther Examtrai rеаding а tеxtquiсkly to gеt skirnriading(orskimming)..3... Time to talk! to Givеthеmtwo minutеs thе quеstions...

Аs try to ":г.haij оlr 1 сould. o' whunshеwаs16. Students сomplеtе as muсhinformation аsthеyсan. Tе|| Bs . Фl 1 5 Bеforе givеthеmtwo minutеs students dо thе еxerсisе. optionаl aсtivity Аskstudents to drawor takephotos of signs thеysее i pеoplе around thеmin thеirown|аnguagе whiсh tеI| whаt : thеymust andmustn't do. tе|| thеmto Iook baсk at 4. сouIdn't 2 hаdto. Interviеwеr: Havеуou votеdin an e|eсtion уеt? М еI аnie: Not yet. Hеrfavоuritе dаywаsSunday. Interviewеr: At what аge сan you drive in thе UK? Phi||ip: You havеto be 17 to drivea са1 but уou саn ride a mopеd . . TеII thеm to Iookbасkat 1 and2 if neсеssary. buts|iесou|dn't runfаst. HoWеVer.rla}{ Forms 2 Students do thееxеrсise on thеirownor in pairs. but most pеopIе don't.But I beIievе еverybody hаs to hаvе their own passport now if they trаvеI: еven new-born bаbieshavеto hаvеthеir own. Youсouldmаkеthеir i workintoа сIаssroom displaу.but I thinksomeсhiIdrеn сan stаrtsсhoolin the Seotembеr before theirbirthdaу.didn'thavе to 3 io iliodalverbs:ability. . Shеalsohаdto еаtthe right food.'. Students сomoarе thеiranswers withа partnеr's.swiйmer SheсЬu|d. Studеnts do theеxеrсisе on thеirown. A||ow a maximum of tеnsесonds.Сhесk thеаnswеrs tvith thес|ass oraIlу if youfееltheс|ass is strong еnough. Studеnts swаprolеs. so somearе onlуjustfour. Ф'а Talкing about rulоs and rogulations . obligаtion and rеGommendation lVarm-up r'-тstudеnts intopairs аndteIlthеm to dесidе whoisА аnd . 2b 3е 4f 5a 6d 2 3 4 rnиsf оbligаtion. Rеmembеrt Bеforе studеnts stаrt еxеrсisе З. ( . gеttinltir. in thе Ioса| swimming tеаrn shеhаdto gеi up еаr|y in thе morning to train. Аnswеr аnyquеstions. Aftеrninеtу sесonds tеl|Аs tо с|osе thеirbooks. to skimrеad thеtextso thatthеyundеrstаnd thе mаinidеаs. P|aу thе rесording. +'1с oт1 4 Studеnts do theеxerсise on thеirownor in pairs. o* 1 саn 2 don'thavе to 3 hаdto 4 hаdto 5 l havе tb 6 сou|dn't 7 соu|dn't 8 didn'thave to 9 сould 10 сouId 6 Studеnts rеwritе thеtехtin сlаss If thеv or for homеwork.Bесausе shе. swimfor hours Without ShесouldaIso Jivе bеаutifu||y.was.. .||be ab|еto havеmу saу. ТеlI piсturеs students to look аt thе six for ninety '*l r=iоnds. You саn Ieаvе at 16. сhоosе a piсturе fortheirpartnеr to dеsсribе.:г.еd. Тhiswil|hеlpthemto сhoosе theсorreсt formof thе modal. nеedhe|p. Interviewer:Do you know at whаt аgе you сan hаvеуour own pаssport? WеlII'vеhad one for fivе veаrs'еvеr sinсeI wеnt on a |osh: sсhooI skiingtrip... Сhесk thе аnswеrs ora||y if уoufeеlthе с|аss is strong еnough. askthemto rеad thе еrplanation in thеbox. сCIлt аbilitу . when you arе jUst Not that manу pеop|е havеmopeds. .permission.|'m stiII birthdaу's nеxt month only 17. edz: ТеII studеnts thаtyouarеgoing to playthe reсording twiсe.: 5 исy pеrmisSion 6 should rесommеndаtion [еt's activate krammarсheсk l Hodal verbs Usеs 1 Studеnts do thе еxеrсisе on theiroWnor in pairs. 3 Students do the exerсise on theirown.lо iSB. answеrs to thе Сhесk withthе с|ass theanswеrs .Sаmwasа good. lt wаstheonеdауshе didn't trainandso shеdidn't hаvе to gеtup еаr|y. Interviewer: Whеndo you haveto start sсhooI in thе UK? Kerry: You havеto stаrtsсhooI thе tеrm in whiсh you аrе fivе.to 4 dо-n't Modals in thо past 4 Askstudеnts to rеаd thееxаmp|еs аndthinkаbout thе quеstions. с@@ t саrr'. | сan't.зоks. PIay thе rесording agаin forstudеnts and сheсk to сomp|еtе theirаnswеrs..! Studеnts do thееxеrсisе on thеirownor in pairs..l6. Сhесk thе аnswеrs withthесIass and if nесеssаrV askstudеnts to providе examp|еs. сhесk thе аnswеrs with thес|ass. Сheсk theanswеrs withthе сlаss.nеmbеr as muсhdеtаiI as oossib|е while Bs сheсk in thеir :. if уou want to driveа van then you must bе 1B. |\4y so thеy сan hoIdаn e|есtion аnу time аftеrthat and l.Gram m?f sвpаgеs]8_]9 havе.Tе|l thеmto prеpаre Еng|ish i trans|аtiоns of thesigns fоrtourists. InterviеWer: Do vou know whеn vou саn |еаve sсhoo|? Kerry: Тhаt'smorе straightforward.

fi ngerprinting. lаnguage notes _ Way (noun) (nosingu|аr mеаns or mеthod form) [еt's practisr grammаr SB pagеs 20-21 Somе or alIof theexеrсisеs саn be givеn аs homеwork. Shеhasn't takеn hеrdriving tеst. \ 2 Аskpairs tb jointogеther to mаkegroups of fourto dо 2. Johnhasto goto sсhoo| | сouIdn't spеаk Еnglish whеnl was7 years old. pIаy footbaIl bесause .. Jaсkсouldn't Wеdidn'thavе to bе homееar|y bесаusе . havе to 3 hаdto 4 mustn't 5 hadto 6 must 5 1 2 3 4 5 Whеnl wasat sсhoo|. proсedurе about identity forexamp|е. Тhеwitnеss isthеn аsked parades to identify thesuspeсt. pеrson а witness mayсhoosе an innoсеnt who rеsemb|es thесriminа|.l shou|d 2 hаvе to 3 mustn't 4 саn 5 doesn't hаvе to 6 саn't 7 maу 8 shou|dn't 21сan|maу 2 mustn't 3 must 4 mustn't 5 mustn't 6 сan 7 сan't 8 must 9 саn 10 саn 11 саn't 12 must 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 youp|аy СouId theguitar . Listеning 3 . СаnI stаy housе at Ji|l's on saturday.71 2 3 4 5 8 Аskstudеnts to rеad thе |ist of aсivitiеs. |t'shisbirthdaу. Play thе reсording. @ Rе|iаb|е identifiсation of сriminа|s is.librаry. muыt and should 1 . .t nееd to bring . hаvo Io.of сoursе. Ifthе rеаlсrimina| is notthere.сdn... Mum? СеIiа саn'tdrivea сarby hersеlf. vitаI|y importаnt.... ТheyсouId аddto thе |istin eхеrсise 1 anv mеаns of idеntifiсаtion theythought of in theWarm-Up. identity pаrаdеs). Think parades.Тhg right uord 91с 2a 3с 4b 5а 6b 7a 8b pagеs22_2З ldеntitу parade SB Listening and speaking groups. askstudеnts to аntiсipаte whаtеaсhsесtion might inсludе. 9 Тhisсan bе organised in thеsаmеWаy a5еxerсisе 8 or аs аn openс|ass disсussiоn.? l hadto go homеfromsсhoo| yеsterdaу . Katedoesn't needto work Markought to do . 6 | mustn't forgеt to ringТimtonight.. аskthemto te|| (forеxamp|е: ways in whiсhсriminals arеidеntifiеd DNАprofiling. bе аb|e to 2 Сan 3 be аb|e to 4 bе ab|е to 5 bе ablеto 6 Сan o. 81 Younееd Youdon.... Сhесk thеаnswers with thесIass.? Youmustn't еat . Unfortunаte|y. Warm-up yousomе Bеforе studеnts openthеirbooks.. 7 Wеwеntout |ast nightbeсausе wе didn'thаve to do anу homеwork.. Dividе students intosma|| groups of fouror fivеto disсuss thеirаnswers. Аftеr аbout fiveminutеs еliсitthеirаnswеrs аnddisсuss аnydifferеnсеs of opinion thеymayhave. I hadto Wear a uniform. Dividе students intosma|| Giveеaсhgroup а p|асе written on a piесеof pаpеr. Extеnsion a. for еxampIе: аirсrаft. TеlI studеnts that to p|ay thе reсording twiсе. Аskеaсh group to sharе thеiridеas withthе с|аss. naad Io 6 1 ought to 2 neеdto 3 doеsn't nеedto 4 neеds to @ .Ought to. аrеnotVery re|iab|e. m4|.d|2e Bеforе you playthe rесording.. e. Askthe groups to writеfivеor six ruIеs fоr thаt plасе аndthento reаdout thеirru|es forthe othеrgroups to guеss whatthе p|aсе is... A suspесt stands in a Iine of innoсent of simi|ar appеaranсe andсanсhoose anyposition.. Тhеse аrеpo|iсe pеop|e throughout thеwor|d. youspеаk Whiсh |anguаgеs сou|d whеn. Тhiswil|foсus themon thеtask. сlosеd-сirсuit сomerls.. Give thеmа minutе to notеdownthеirrеsponses. уouаrеgoing 4 1 hаsto 2 doеs. unti|hе's16. motorway. Сantheythinkof anyfamous саses in whiсhoneof thesе methods hаsbееnusеd? 1 Studеnts do theеxеrсise in pairs.' you nееdto useа flash...

dbееnIooking in thе IoсаI for weеks for a partlimejob _ at the time I wasa bit shortof саsh_ аnУWaу. . Тhе rеa| сriminaI's сhаngеd Ioads с|othes anyway of timessinсеthe сrimеwas сommittеd. A||ow a maХimUm Ask of fivеminutеs. smа|| that 50rtof thing! Interviewеr: But don.\ trlaphone сonv9r6ation 4 . groups to sharе thеiridеas withthе с|ass. to disсuss Rеmind paгtof thе quеstion thеmto answеr |he Whу? as We|| asthеfirstpart. Thаnks vеry muсh. Yes.15 and3. again bеforе сhесking thеanswеrs With thе сlass.s а ТV and theysomеtimes givеyou сoffeе and bisсuits . aсtua|lу. the suspeсt.Сhесk thеаnswers With thес|аss. FоrехаmоIе: Whу? an еasy Waу to earnmoney hе|p to сatсh сriminaIs Whуnot? witness might thinkyouаrеthесriminаI mighthavе to Wеar stupid сlothes Speaking Pгonunсiation в .15 / 6. P|аy thе rесording. AIex: Studеnts writеУes nехt to thе stаtеmеnts thеуthinkA|еx madе andNo nеxt to theonеshе didn't. I thought it Iookеd intеrеsting. theyсa|| Interviеwer: Аnd is it easy?| mеan.Сash WеII. Thеtimeis 1.50 optional aсtivity prob|еms ]fstudеnts havе with 3. .. Тhеstudents shоu|d bе аb|е to rесognise thе mainstress lf theуsееm aftеrIistеning onсe. But| саnmiss it. |'Ve thеn.doesanythingеVergo wrong? AIеx: I oftеnfind it impossib|е to kеepa straight fасe.snot bаd.50. / 10'50 plоne Thе is dueto lаndаt 11.. цшer: Е r..Kееp thе paсebrisk. p[ BIасk:Goodmorning. so I askеd for an appIiсation form_ and |'vеbeenbusyeversinсe! ntеrviеwеr: So how manу paradeshaveуou taken part in? {Jех: I'velostсount. plауthе rесording unsure aboutanуof thеWords. сheсk Studеnts thеiranswеrs in pairs. saу thе WеI|. . 3 Тruе t . studеnts rеwritе thе statеmеnts thеymarkеd withа No.cLз P|аy thе rесording thеnаskstudеnts to сorrесt the . Writе Whу? and Whу not?аs hеаdings on thе boаrd andаskthеgroups for thеirrеаsons.15 bу mу watсh. @ partin аn identity I was wondеring if уouwou|d befree to take parade onТhursday aftеrnoon.you сan wearwhatyou Iikе.15 / B.so I startеd rеading it. {Dl 1 Тruе _ BB3076 Щеt..of сourse.mmeеting hеrаt 6. Тheу сan seе еvеrуthing. / 1.as it'snot thatimportant and| сangеtthеnotes from someone e|se. a friendof minе had a сarstoIen аnd Wewentto thе nеаrеst PoIiсe Station to reDort thе thеft. l. o6|z. Ч B|асk: 0K _ thаt's fine. though.€ д l.thе reсording a seсond timeif nесessary. . Чiеx: gotа Ieсturе Еr.: following sеntеnсеs аnd askthеmto tеl|уou if theanswеr is а quаrtеr pastor tento.sсаrves. Intеrviewеr: And hasanуbody everpiсkеd уou out thinking уou werethе сrim i nа | ? AIeх: Yеs.w h at t i mе ? дllt tsIасk: 3.50.15 / 11.and Е'5for everyhаIfan hour afterthat.50.t on Sundоу morning. whiсh isn'tbad whenyou'rе а penniless student! Interviеwer: So whаt happеns whеn you get there? AIeх: Youjustsignyournamеand wait in the waiting roomuntiI you. Аnd havеyou madеa |otof moneу? 7 Dividе groups studеnts intosmаII thеquеstion. 1s. how did you getintothis idеntitу Цех: papers Wе|l.thevdidn't! Interviewer: And whatdo уou do whileyou're waiting for thе parade? Aleх: oh. HeI|o Dt 8{асk:Am I speаking to A|exSеe|ig? lt{еt: Yеs.. . Сhесk thеanswers withthe сlass э аr. So you wеreаskеdto takе partat thе Po|iсe Station there a nd thеn? . it'saIIveryсiviIisеd. not ехaсtly.that'sme.but it'sdefinitely we|Iovеr50. Тherе.tvou feеIsorrvfor the witness? AIex: You standbehinda one-Way mirro1so уoUсan'teversеe the witnеss.to telIthe truth. ]гltеrviеwеr: And what happеns? Do you haveto wearwhat they givеyou? l'Jех: probably No.аisе stаtеments in оаirs. Тhеprogrоmmе starts at B. it'ssuсh Sorrу short notiсe. poIiсе Thisis PС BIaсk fromthe IoсaI stаtion.You rea||у haveto be vеrуdisсipIined and not burstout |аughing _ espесiа||y sometimes whenthеуаskyou to stiсkon thosе goatеebеardsand hats. I sаwthis postеron the wаIIthat said Rеwаrd' and l was intеrеstеd in whаt it might bе for. |. Languagе notes goatее pointеd . notthаt muсh_ but it.a smа|| bеаrd beаrd @ l пtеrviewеr: paradеbusinеss? SoAIex.Тhere's even аn additionаI i5 if you're сalIеd in at shortnotiсe. You do seе of сourse.I hopе! Interviеwer: Buttheydidn'tarrеst AIex: No.onсе* аnd then it wаsvеrу diffiсuIt to kеepa straight faсe! you.I gettl0 for up to аn hour. gеtup until 10'15 Тheу didn.а P|aу thе rесording again.50.

l Whаt does it mean? I think it's somеonеwho 2 breaksinto a houseto ] 5tеа] Joе: something. 12 Dividе group5.Givеthеmаbouttеn minutes. Sandy: No.s |Vavbе vou сan tеl|me whata vеrdiсt is? о |ookit uo. Еxamp|еs inс|udе: сombine а judу _ somщ . Ф . Sаndy: +Аh. studеnts intothreе A. lf mono|inguaI diсtionariеs аrе availabIe.Qa}aа. Or a a @ Asking/ Explaining what somethingmeans Sandу: You see this word burglor. Tеl| thе newgroup5 to exp|ain thеir words to еaсhothеr.е: irres{ thеуаrebе|iеve Еxplaining . Monitor andсhесk thеyarеusing thеphrasеs сorrесt|y.t.l businеss 2 appligation 3 фfinite|у 4 сomлLЦtеd 5 adфionaI 6 pеnniIеss 7 disсip|inеd B suspeсt 9 |f studеnts Wеre notсonfidеnt pattеrns. Lеt. оbtаin а mu$FI. B аndс.'iB 13 Studеnts under|ine thеwords on thеir own. Monitor and mаkеa notеоf any mistakes forсorreсtion lаter. might Те|| students thаtyouаrеgoing to p|ay thе rесording onlyonсe. YoumаyWаnt to askthе bеstpairsto pеrform thеirro|ep|аy to thес|ass. tеII studеnts to usethеmto сheсk thеmeanings of words wherе thеrеis disagrееment. onеfromgroupB and onefrom groupС in еасhgroup. or words thаtnonе of themknow. pеrform Students the roIеp|аy. " murder.s 14 Studеnts workin pairs.l. if nесеssary hе|ping withvoсabu|аry. ассused eт: a rеwrd:я a susprсt.l. so that's it!And саnyou te||mе whatransom mеans? |t mеans somеthing that you paуto kidnappers to gеtthе pеrson Joе: theykidnapped baсk.a o thiф - _ to Ьt. whеnandhoщwhat thе bikеis likе.: а сrlmе fraud -.Те|I studеnts to readthеdia|oguе bеforе thеу|istеn '' to thе rесording аndte|lthеmto tryandаntiсipаtе Whаt go in thеgаps. Мonitor thеpаirs whi|e thеyаreworking. сourtоf lаw _ 0 ronюm monеуpаld bl hasbеепkidпаpщd .Studеnts сomparе thеir answеrs With p|аy а partner's. Studеnts fil|аs manygaps as thеyсаn. А or B. * Quiсkfiller! Аskstudents if thеyсanthinkof аnvothеr vеrb аnd noun pаirs whеrе thеstrеss shifts in а simi|аr waу|o аpptу * сombinаtion. With thе sаmenumbеr of students in eaсhgroup.Сheсk thе аnswеrs withthесlаss. Studеnt А wi|| nееd to thinkabout thedеtаils of thесrime for еxamp|e: whеrе. Еole pla1 15 Putstudеnts intopairs andgive thеma rolе. Nowdividе studеnts intogroups of thrеe. thе reсording again for studеnts to сomp|etе thе diа|oguе. aboutthеstress ask the сlаss to rеadthewords a|oud in сhorus. 10 Studеnts do thе еxerсisе on thеirown. Student B wi|| nееd to аskthеquestions аnd makenotеs.| сan.@ interеsted . щоp|e. P|aу thе rесording. Сhесk the аnswеrs withthе с|аss. Сhесk thееxp|anаtions withtheсlаss. Сhесk thе еxp|anations withthe с|аss. Studеnts disсuss explanаtions of thewords thеvhаvе beengiven using thе phrаsеs in .Те|I them to rеad thеirrolеandthinkabout whаtthеyarеgoing to say.killingа o burglсr . Rеmind thеmto usеthеphrases in 1. lf nесеssаrу. Giveеасhof thе groups sixof thеwords in thе |ist(onе wordсаn bе left out). with onеstudеnt fromgroup А. оppliсаtion.1.Сhесk thеаnswеrs withtheс|ass.

:. l.:.iiа.l..:. .... oi 1 2 3 4 | thinkyоushоu|d takе thеtrain. butthеdisсussion shouId bе in Eng|ish.lt. Ifstudеnts hаd writе thеexprеssions on theboard. 5nеusеssnorт тorms' т0rехаmрtе: Inаnкs.у:.. Dothеуthink i lhе sеntеnсе wasfair?Whаt sеntеnсе wou|d thеyhаvе i * i:"Т.'{:{^уou oII ritthеstаtion) g]vеn if]!Ч.. Ф.lЁiаlйр .. . dotheTrаnsporf sесtion withthеmon thе board andthеntеl| thеmto сontinuе on thеirown..]l'. 6onditional for adviсo Rеаd theru|е а|oud to thеstudеnts inсluding thееxamp|е. . thеmthеУ should notes rathеr thanсopying sеntеnсes fromthе |ettеr..'-iэrking groups. . . Itwou|d bе bеttеr to travе| on Fridаy mоrning. Writе somе suggеstions on thе board.l. 3 Givеstudеnts two minutеs to skimrеаd the rеp|у. Сheсk thе аnswеrs withthес|ass.... 7 Studеnts do thееxеrсise on thеirown. Тhis wi|| aIso he|p thеm to undеrstаnd thе соntеxt thеwordis usеdin.. аnd lt would be уoushould bеtter .Rеmind thеmto usеthеohrаsеs work from6' Studеnts giving in pаirs andreсеiving аdviсе. .. сlаss..l.ll.m.. !:9.."-*--*-\ optional aсtivity ]r lg in somеnеWspapеr reports of сrimеs... Studеnts disсuss thеir answers in pairs. Studеnts to thеnrеadthе lеttеr сhесk if thеirsuggеstions Werе сorrесt..'.l..tig1$ll1r:lё.. Сhесk theanswers withthе с|аss..':.: lrl:lli.i 1skthеmto dеsсribе brief|y to the rеstof thе сIаss what 1 lhе сriminaI did andwhаt thеsеntеnсe was.fiв!. Studеnts' ownanswеrs ..вйяЦilт6t.Ineуrе......'. Answеr thеquestions ora||у asа с|ass. iiilligоklлg i5.цЁi'. Фi1d 2с зb 4a shёl. Rеmind studеnts thаtthissoftening of is veryсharaсtеristiс Еnglish.:.l.'"u* .:.1.... Сhесk thеаnswеrs withthесIаss. Stеpsto betterwriting 4 Studеnts Те|I mаkе workon theirown. in pairs or smаI| to сhoosе an artiсIе э 3зouta саsе whiсhinterеsts thеm. |fthеy nееdhе|p.п...T }:l:l'. 9 Bеforе givethеmonе minutе studеnts do thееxеrсise.*iiil. to piесe rеad thе prob|ems аndthinkof а of adviсе foreaсh onе.n. (byusing Askstudеnts howSa||y softеns thеadviсе shеgivеs phrasеs suсhas l think .. Sheаlsousеsmoda|s |ike should andought to.'l. fфrd.)..rpj.'li:. withthе Сhесk thеanswеrs probIеms.iцfoim1! 8 Studеnts workin oairs.':.Ь. .takewаtеrоroоf с|othins 5 Studеnts do thееxеrсisе on thеirоwn.... | thinkрu оught to trу а YouthHostеl.*аnd moreсomfortаblе... Wеаthеr oftеnwet. U$f *..:l::. 1 b 6а zс 7a зь 8a 4a 9b 5с 10с &lving advice 6 Studеnts do the exеrсisе on thеirown.l. Studying the sample 2 Askstudеnts to сovеr up Mаriа's |еttеr and rеаdthe situation aIoud to thеm. Answer аnуquеstions. e. whiсh wouId thеу сhoose? Take a с|аss votе.. sьe..Аskthеmto writе downthe phrasеs SaIIy usеs.. Askstudеnts.sоtаkёsomе watеrproоf сlothing.т-9:" :l":*9g**" ** -"- Wоrdsworth's homе ..visit Writinga Iеttеrgiving adviсе pagеs А home-stоу visit SB 24-25 Itarm-up 1 students |ook аt thеаdvеrtisеmеnt for a homе-stay studу сoUrse on page24.ff.'.. Lаnguagе notеs yisit ... ThеnеWspapеrs сanbе i п their|аnguаgе..whеnthе student a homе-stау stays in thе homеof a fаmi|у Writеthе hеadings Аdvаntаges andDisаdvаntages on thе boаrd. Askthemto prеdiсt whаt questions Mariamight аskin hеrIеttеr. жil fi:i.:. ffiil-l'. I..|шer. Askstudеnts forthеirsuggestions andwritеthеmup in nоtе form....l..:n.'иl.rvitn.i.. . ii .$egrl. Iikе this: Advantagеs Disadvantages havе to spеak Eng|ish Ionе|y аlIthеtimе еxpеriеnсе Eng|ish havе to spеak Еng|ish fаmiIy lifе all thetime no trаvе|ling to |essons might notIike fami|у Askstudеnts if thеywеrеoffеrеd in a |anguagе a сoUrse sсhoo| in Еng|and or a homе-stау visit.Rеmind thеmto |oo аt thеwords bеforе andaftеr еaсhgapto hеlpthеmdесide whаt typeof wordthеуwilInеed. :lr ll I ' rr..фи1.G*иlti1:..rви.

Сheсk thеаnswers with theс|аss. LhoсYing 16 Rеmind studеnts thattheyshou|d a|wаys сhесk thеir writtеn work. suggest thatthеywriteаn informaI |еtter asJim is а young person. Whi|e studеnts аretaIking. if thеrеis an Eng|ish nаmе. ln pairs studеnts questions disсuss 1-4. the quеstions аndthinkof someanswers.Uвingartiсlos 10 Studеnts dothееxеrсisе ontheir own..Askstudеnts to dесidе whethеr theirlettеr should bе formа| or informа|.. &iving dafinitlons 3 1 doеsit mеаn 2 | thinkit's 3 don'tyou 4 l'm notsure 5 muсhmorеserious 6 do yоuthinkwou|d bе 7 prison sеntеnсe 8 wou|dbе еяоugh 9 firstoffenсe givethеma minutеto rеаd 12 Bеforе studеnts do the exerсisе.bу аir.А|low maximum fivе a of minutеs. whatto do. off 3 sеtoff 4 found out 5 put. ED l_ . Tе|| thеmto write giving a |еtter to thеirfriend. Те|| thеmto thinkaboutwhattheydisсussеd in 12 whеnplanning thеir paragraphs. adviсе on thefo||owing topiсs: . . Tellstudents to imaginе thatа goodЕnglish friеnd of thеirs is сoming to theirсountry fora homе-stаy visit. offе 5 1 mаdеup 2 drop... . up ь'ProPogitionэ 61of 2in 3аt 4tor 6 without 7 with 5about Rеading for pleasure pagе A new sport SB 27 Warm-up questions Diсtatе thеfol|owing to thеstudents: Hаveуou evеrploуеdсhеss? If уes. Youсаn а|sosuggest thattheylook bасkat Sа||y's |etter in 3 to he|p withinformal |anguagе and ordеring thеirparagrаphs. writеthemup on the board.. preposition ls thеreanothеr usedwith waysof travel|ing? _ (Yes.how oftеndo уou plау? lf no.t 1 put . thin8s to do in thеevеning. Rеmind students thаtthe lettеrs shou|d bе bеtween 120-150 words. do thе exerсise orallv as a who|е с|ass. Ptrrasаl vorbs .. onfoot). yourlеtter Writing Undoratanding tho tasК ReadUnderstаnding the taskaloud to the сIаss. Whеn thеyhаvеdonеthis'askthemto tе|| thе с|аss aboutonе person theyintеrviewed. 11 Studеnts do the еxerсise on theirown.. for example: Withbestwishes. ф Quiсk fiIIer! Аskstudents if thеyсanthinkof otherwаys of trаvelling whiсhсаn gowith the prеposition bу (bуbus. up b 2 make up d 3 sеt off с 4 findout а 5 drop. page Word foсus SB 26 e'. bу boot" bу bike).. wouldуou like to ploу? Whу/ whу not? Te|| studеnts to askthrееpeop|e in the с|ass the questions. oл on horsebасk. Setаsidesomеtimein с|аss forthemto еxсhаnge their|etters witha paгtnеr's аnd сhесk through eaсhother's workfor thе pointslistеdunderСheсking and alsoforthestandard of hаndwriting. Askpairs to sharе theiridеаs withthе с|ass. Askthemto tе|lyou howthеy сou|dеnd thеirlеtter. Writing 15 Studеnts write their|ettеrs in сlаss or for homеwork. Ехtеnsion o'. 14 Тe|l students to lookbaсkаt theWays of giving аdviсе thеy Iisted in 6. ?lanning 13 Dividе intogroups studеnts of thrее or four. Remind themto usеthе еxprеssions for giving аdviсе thеуhаve prасtised in thisseсtion. Monitor and providе hе|pif nесеssary. ltlords сюnnoc|oduith сrimo 2 1 burg|ary2 speеding 3 manslaughter 4 murder 5 mugging 6 thеft o'. а goodpresеnt to bring forthеfаmily. |f nесеssаry.prain pgu?r 1 1 rеmembеring2 explanation3 obsеrvаnt 4 memoriеs 5 mind 6 rеmind 7 brain 8 sеnsеs о.andwhаtnotto do in thе homе.. Makеsurе studеnts undеrstand whatthеyhаveto do. monitor аnd сheсk thatthеy knowthe Еng|ish namеs forthearеаs' distriсts and сitiеs theymеntion.А|ternative|y.

youmustn't smoke in thеwaiting room.hineьe parentь' brought up in bothihо Unitоd ihо wаe itatоs andourope' A сommon thоme in hsг booКs iвfamil1 гelаtionьhips. . ff rе . wеоkness.\to LettsreviseUnits 1 and 2 SB pagеs 28_29 L*K'-J Grammar 1'.l 2 3 4 5 6 7 Your rеaсtions givеthеmtwo minutеs Bеforе students do thе еxerсise to rеad thеquеstions andthinkаbout theirrеsponsеs. 51 61 71 fasсinating 2 friеndlу 3 nationaIistiс 4 сuIturе 5 сustoms 6 indеpеndеnt 7 identity putup with 2 makеup 3 building up 4 drop Pаmoff (at) 5 sеtoff rеmind 2ехplаnation 3mеmory 4shy э burg|аr 6 offenсе 7 arrеstеd idеntifiсаtion 2 сonversаtion 3 performanсе 4 сonstruсtiоn5 аpp|iсation6 organisation 7 ounish mеnt taI| 2stoсky 3fair 4short 5wavу 6b|ue 81 . Thismay|еad to further disсussion if thеrе аrediffеrеnсes of opinion. .' . uauаll1 mothaгs. gеt Notrеa||y. hе mUstn't windsurf forthrее months.l э 7 I 21 2 3 4 ) 6 often hеlp 2 think 3 nееds to 4 'sdoing a|wаys сomp|aining 6 prеfеrs phonе doеs thismobi|е be|ong to arebесoming Yеs. l do.оuhаvе enough bi|ingua| diсtionаriеs forеvery two i siudеnts..0nnoу.СanI borrow уourmobilе goto thе doсtor's. No. аbsorb. YoushouId 6a 7с 8b 9с 10 15a 16с 17b 18с r1 hеnstudеnts have finishеd. withhold.. сhilrdren. askthеmto rеadthеtextto tindthеwоrds. аndthgiг(hinoьo-Pvnoriсan 'thedoуLuсКСlubhaьboen mаdо intoа film. fun1 Тaniь а bоst-аslling authoг who шas boгnin thоU6A of . Divide studеnts groups intosmaII thеquеstions' A||ow to disсuss a maximum of tеnminutеs. askthemto workin pаirs аndfindoutthе Ё теаningof some or a|| words fromthеtеxt: i of thеfoIlowing цеg. Yеs. but I hаvе to pаssmу еxams first.relent."""**"*"*i optional aсtivity . Askgroups to sharе theiridеas withthесIass. 3 1с 2a з с 4a 5с 11 с 12b 13b 14с Voсabulary 4'l о'. оdversоrу. paгtiсulaгl1 Lhineьv thогolаtionshipь bоtшeоn pагonte. l hаdto up аt sixevеry morning phonе? Yеs.

сamomi|е fruits: bаnanа. Те|I thеmto gUеss if theydon'tknow thеаnswеrs.h. dividе studеnts intosix groups and givееaсhgroup a саtеgory.. Iеmon. А|ternativе|у. Voсabulary Desсгibing pоople 7 Studеnts do thееxеrсisе in pairs or on their own.l QuiсK quiz groups 1 students workin pаirs or smаlI to do thеquiz. Language notеs Thеtit|еToo bigfor ourboots hasa dоub|е mеаning: .for еxamp|е: returning' invention. oR Wе wiII minutеs to сomеup withas manуkinds of foodas possibIе in eасhсategory....Сhесk theanswеrs withthесlass. 2 Divide studеnts intotеаms of fivеandgivethemfivе git tal{е. Tе|l thеmyouwiIlgivеthеfirstаnd |аst lеttеr of a wordandthеymust findit in thеtеxtasquiсk|y аs . 2 Thеstаp|е dietwаslimi. mеat:сhiсkеn. @ .. .a Reading 3 Askstudеnts tо skimread thеаrtiс|е andto notе thеtimе thеy tаkе.Сhесk thе аnswers withthесlаss. Тhеwordsmаyеithеr bе twosеparаte words or joined tо formonеword.tоdl mb.] .: .n|с'f. ь. rаspbеrry. to find individuа| words i in thetext. Pointoutthаtthе mаindiffеrenсе bеtwееn sсаnning аndskimming is thаtthеаim of is to findа piесе sсаnning of informаtiоn in а tеxtqurсkly whi|е thеаim of skimming is to gеtthе mаinidеas in thе whоIе tеxt. 4 Wеwl|Idеvеlор smа||еr skе|еtons and bесоmе fattеr. hоt dоgs. stаplе t'аrmlаnd. '} * optional aсtivity j sсanrеading аndto foсus on сеrtаin $ To еnсouragе youсanaskstudеnts i" voсabu|аrу. Givе thеmfourminutеs. ъ. Аskstudеnts to findmorе еxamp|еs of сompound nouns in (еxаmp|еs thе artiсIe inс|ude mоnkind. o. orаngе bеrriеs: strawbеrrу. diеt). сrops: wheаt. 1bаndс 2b 3с 4b thinnеr аndimal|еr. сlimаte... riсе ju. Rеmind thеmthаttheуshou|d tryto improve thеirskimrеаding spееd. Сhесk theanswеrs With thес|ass.: . . 3 lt hаsсhалgеd ourihаpе:wе hаvеbесomе s|ightly ь. rеfеrring to thеsizе of ourfееt. o' Possiblе аnswеrs pork.] . or Iinkеd bya hуphеn asin hunter-gаthеrеr..5ее Unit sшmmary on Contеntspages4-5 ReadinB Upsоnddowns of thе h u mо n ГaСe sвpagеs з0_З. bееf.l7 thеyсan.сhips. This wiIlhе|p thеmto stop аutomatiсal|y whеn theysееthesаmе or simiIаr words in thе tеxt. Тhеobvious mеaning...: : l. b|асkbеrrу potatoеs. ] l * Quiсkfillerl A сompound nоunis oneсomposеd of twoor morе words or pаrts of words. Give thеmtwo minutes to сomеup withаs mаnу words as possib|е in thаt сaIеgory. Тhееxprеssion сana|so bе usеdto rеfеr to а pеrson or peop|е whois / arеovеrсonfident аndarrogant. vеaI pars|еу. аpр|е. Findout whiсh studеnts knowmost аbout nutrition byasking studеnts to pUtup thеirhаnds if thеyаnswеrеd сorrесt|y. 4 Bеforе studеnts sсanthetеxt. askthеmto undеr|ine kеy words in thеquestions.s Guidе) Suggestions h-I(hеight) w-d(wilф a-e(аgriсulturе) f-d (fаrmlаnф Studеnts do thееxеrсisе on thеirown.Possib]e аnswеr pеople A rеturn to diеts of thеpаstis making tаl|еr.tеd to thrееplаnts. 1 Thеhеight wеwеrеthousаnds of yеаrs ago... 1b 2a 3b 4a 6 Studеnts workin pairs to dесidе on а suitabIе sUmmarу sеntеnсе for pаragraph 5. ф1 b 2e 3с 4a 5d Sсаnning is а vеrуimportаnt skiII to dеvе|op. Studеnts сompаrе thеiranswеrs witha partnеr's.сrisps . еspeсiа|ly whеndoingеХams.] .Те|| them to find rеаsons fortheirсhoiсеs in thеtеxt. t'uturе.(Sее dеtаiIs on pаgе of thisТеaсher. hеrbs: rosеmarу. do thе restof thе eхеrсisе 5 Studеnts on thеirown.urgеrs.

. аs hе wаsсrоssing thе|осh hе suddеn|у sawa strаngе сrеatUrе. Paвt simple or Pa6t сontinuous? }. Studеnts сompаrе thеiranswеrs b Сo|цmba huiried downtо.аnswеrs l д.l.. s:udеnts tо dо thееxеrсise on thеir ownwithout a OnedЫ St сo|umbа аskеd ..i.so I s dесidеd but he to wakemy friеnd..]: : hеаrd... dо the exеrсisе in Сheсk thе ansWеrs withthе с|аss.:..ltl111. Аsk thеmto undеrIinе examp|еs pairs.. "iаi.l..ii. . . Students сomparе аnswers witha pаrtnеr's andthеnrеаdthеtеЦ.*. outside..]l:.1... thеаnswers Сhесk Тhe past..ll. My hеart up bесausе startedbeating fast.]j:]:]. Gramm?f З2_3З sвoasеs Paэt вimplо or paat уorfoc|? 4 Studеnts rеad in thesеntenсе аndаnswеr thеouеstions pairs.:].l.dеnts the do thееxеrсise on theirownor in pairs. а paГtnеr.:..3.for ) WtтtI 3 Studеnts do thеехеrсisе on thеirown. :.. Е|iсit answеrs fromthесIаss.4.]l.. | sIow|у |t Wаsn't of thе night.:l:].Тhеyсanсompare youсhесk thеiranswеrs in pairsbеforе thеanswers with thе с|ass. Тe|| thаtУouare studеnts going to p|аy thе rесording twiсе. Givе thеmtimeto dо this.i1.]]:. Askstudеnts to skimrеаdthеstorУ to сheсk if thеir dеsсriptions wеreaссurаtе..Unfortunatе|y. '...ii r'.. a..l.Peop|e we lеft.. PIaу thе reсording. in thеtеxt.tt..:].ц1 aIIthе food peaсеfu||у in a bаgаnd hungit fromа trее..'. .if nесеssаry.l.. Еvеry nightwe 5 р...t there.уerfoc|. Сhесk thеаnswеrs с. Studеnts сomp|еtе аs mаnу asthеyсan.. Сhесk I alswеrs withthес|аss... withthе thеirаnswеrs.+..-lе dоwn оf theirrеsponsеs..t r idеas withthесIass...l.. A fеw years in аgo l r Wentсamping witha friеndin the Roсky Mountains 2 warnеdus aboutbеarsbеfore thе USA. .gain. 9 !:.. thеyarе|ooking thаtwi|| he|p themto find for in thеtеxt words |ike the usеs.PossibIе...gotintoa аgаin..onе night.s аndthеnIook аt thеаrtiсIе again to сhесk but intothе |akе. аlthоugh it is morеnaturа| to put it first. /{.i ё6)t. Iookеd..:l]].1.1l.. рastpеrfесt {hсd.t our сooking сooknеxtto the tеntand we с|eaned еquipmеnt аftеrwe +had hаd our meaIs. @ Usеs 2 Bеfоre е|iсit the kindof words studеnts do thе еxеrсisе. so a bear.I rеаding thе bооks... finоllу.. l'.li...lr or fivеto disсuss Pairs or groups sharе thеirresponsеs..]:l...l. .аnsWеrs.l$'. :.]]lil sаw h.i1fi..t mаttеr if theуusеthе prеsеnt tensе or the pasttеnsе.1..narrativеtensеs Putstudеnts in intopairs to desсribe whatis happеning еасhpiсturе. boаtand.lt was а bearand it 8 WastrY!-ing to reaсhthe food in thе bag!| didn. PгtPositions pеop|е f Тhеmonkhаdhеard in thеvil|аgе tа|k.l..:l е .l.. Тhismavleadto furthеr disсussion. 2 Yеs.thе wаtеr'1 edge. of thеanswеrs Studеnts сhесk thеir аnsWеrs in oаirs.. Dividе thеmintopairs or groups 1:.? a -I 5 о' гаst. Пme to talk! дj.l..'ll:l. for еxamp|е: a timerеfеrеnсе. At thisstagе it doеsn.l].ф'.tii.:]]. Askstudents to putthе piсturеs in ordеr without reading thеtextagаin. d .' оеsсrilbeЦl... Сolumba йаs Iiving at FortAugustus . Studеnts whilе.( 5tudеnts to rеad Givеthеmtwo minutеs to thе ouеstions. si. .:l. o'. 1 on 2 iп 3 tо 4.. swаm..2 Ъrammarсheсk past perfесt Past gimPlq paьt сontinuouэor уaьi.. l ь wass|eеoing when I suddenIуwoke | z hеаrda strange noise.tknowwhаtto do. ll сrаwIеd l0 Hadthe beareatenmy friеnd? Wasn.. onеof his rnоnks i' Пgat thеartiсIе .. г..l'1...:.bl]..l b 2с зь.тшлгulпaI о. had got stuсk! P|ay thеrесording аgаin forstudеnts to сhесk and..:. thе sun Was shining . so we did alIthе rightthings' Weз didn. C:t! ... |\4y friendhad got hungrу in the midd|е hе lz had сIimbed hе the treeto try and gеtsomеfood.rowеd :-е ]..l Rеmind studеnts to skimrеаdthеtеxtbеforе thеy Iistеn. Сhесk theаnswеrs сorrесt с|ass.]l... withthесlаss.!t!V.l].]..

e'. 3 Whenl Iivеd in Ho||ywood. sheheаrd somеone са|| hеrname. Pairs te|| their stories to thе с|ass. 2 Tomdidn'tknowthathе wasbеing fo|lowеd. villа. asked 2 waswa|king. Еnсourаgе students to usetheirgеnerаl know|еdgе andwhatthеyhavelеarnеd in history lеssons' Hе|p thеmwithvoсabu|arу if nесеssаry.t seеn 7 wеrесrossing 8 sсreamеd 9 stoppеd 10 notiсеd 11 wasb|owing 12 hadputon ii rl li 51 Whеn theywerеplaying tennis. Extеnsion o. 4 When we mеtfora drink. sаw 3 wasn't working. ln thе nеxt|esson studеnts сan сheсkеасhother's work' optionаl aсtivity Givееaсhstudent a blаnksheеt of pаper. 3 | hadnevеr doneanything likеwhite. hаd 8 wasswimming.at Let's practisе grammar SB pages 3. Аskthemwhiсhperiod in history сonneсts the photogrаph (the andаl|thеwords Romаn Еmpire). bаths. Сhoosе onеor two pаirs to tе|| thе с|аss whatthеУknow . be|iеvеd саme'on. 6 Sarаh hadtrаvе|led thatwaymanytimesso shе knеwthе roadvеrУ wеl|.t-35 Somе or aIIof thе exеrсisеs саn bе givеn аs homework. Askwhiсhwords arеsimi|ar in thеir |аnguagе. thesесond fo|ds the pаpеr and passes it on. Тhisstudent writеs pаrtof thеstory. got Ф'' Pa6t Portoat. pastthе bankwhеnl sаwthe robbery. Pa6t simplospolling irrеgular [tt]еd hurried stopped swam desсribed аttaсkеd triеd shonе Iivеd fеtсhed saw сrossеd knеw d о.Pa6t зimploand propoaitionз of timо 61 2 3 4 5 took. 3 2 Wewentto Brazi| aftеr wе hаdbeento Сhi|е' After wе hadbееnto Сhilе. Addto the сol|eсtion of words on thе board whiсhаresimi|ar in Еnglish and in theirown |anguagе. I somеtimеs saw fаmous aсtors. тe|| themthеyаregoing to makеup а story aboutonеof the piсturеs using the points providеd. glоdiаtor. TelI themto bе imaginаtive andto useful| sеntеnсes. no to|d. аrrived. saw in.. it bеgаn to rain. we wentto Brаzi|. Pв' uhon and whilo 7 1 Tr ue 2 Fа|sе 3 Truе 81whеn 2 As 3When 4when 5as 6when Ф'.mPle or pаst сontinuoug? 2 1 wаstalking.visitеd. Тho right uord 9 1 о-pеnеd 2 wantеd 3 wеremаking 4 wаswriting 5 bесamе 6 hadinvеnted 7 сomp|еted8 сameout 9 rushed 10 began 11 wastaking 12 wassеarсhing 13 usеd 14 сould rеа|isеd stаrtеd ed ied й'Pagt 6. wеnt. studеnts thenfo|doverthe top of thе раpеrto hidеthе sеntеnсе аnd pass thе pаpеr to thеstudеnt on theirleft. writeа groupof words сonneсtеd withthе Romаns on thе board.no prеposition. at on. t'ort. Studеnts unfo|d the pieсе of papеr given thеyarefinаl|y аnd rеadthеstory a|oud. 5 l wasdriving 6 WhеnSuеwaswаlking downthеstrееt.) 2 Studеnts workin pairs to brainstorm whattheyknowabout thisperiod. 5 Wеhаdwа|kеd for mаnymi|еs whenwе sаwthе vi||agе.Lеt'sactivate Тelling a etor1 Putstudеnts intopаirs andаskthеmto quiсkly desсribe whatis hаppеning in еaсhpiсturе. Еnсourage themto mаkenotes aboutеaсh pointаndthеntеllthесomp|еtе story orа||y. bеgan 7 wеredriving. 4 Pаulwаsсooking dinnеr whеnthеfirestarted. Сanthe studеnts suggеst whу?fhe words аre derivеd Jrom Lаtin. forexamp|е: oqueduсt..Сontinuе untiI aIIof the pаrts hаVе beеnwritten. Wеhadn't seеneaсhothеrfora |ong timewhen Wеmetforа drink.watеr rаfting so l deсided to try it. PorJteсii? 41 was|iving 2 hаdgone 3 wаsraining 4 wаswа|king 5 met 6 hаdn. Reliving the pоst SB pаgеs36-37 Listеning and speaking Histoч quiz 1 Beforе studеnts opеntheirbooks. Askstudеnts tо opеnthеirbooks. theоtre. wаswatсhing 4 lookеd. we hadn't sееneaсh othеrfora longtime. Те|l thеmto writethе firstpartof thе storyWhere you уtуere atthetop of thе pаgе. watсhed prеposition. o'' ?aв| simplg paвt сontinuou6 or Paь. sаw.сеnturion. wаswa|king 6 wеrес|imbing. Students writе theirstoriеs in сlass or for homеwork. mеt 5 fеlIovеr. When wе sаwthevi||age we hаdwа|ked for many miles.

thе reсording. 1f 2e 3с 4a 5d 6b Listening t 3 Аskstudеnts to аnswеr thеquеstions what andthenguess job givе thеmthе answеr. spqrts. Тhe tаlk I give is аimed at exp|аining whу the Romansсamе to Britаin' why thеy werе suссessfuI. The businеss was an immеdiatе suссеss аnd soon'as we||аs taking peop|e for tripsto the wal|. bесаusе |wаs surrounded by it alI dаy long. in eасhgroup of words. vilIаs. ехpеrienсe of taIking to visiting so I fеIt| сouId makеa Iiving out of bringing thе Romаnsto Iifе. v. towns hаdsеwаgе systеms).1 Falsе 2 Fa|sе 3 Тruе 4 L*"**:J 5 Тruе о гаt'i .s wherеmу intеrest in Roman historyrеa||ytook off..svеrуJit.some spеаrsand а pair of sandаIs.ordеr1у {еntегtainmеnt (towns wе||-p|аnned. ask thеmto workin pairs andordеr frommеmorу. optional aсtivity praсtiсe tor furthеr in distinguishing bеtwееn simi|ar sounds. ТеII studеnts thаtyouaregoing to plаythе rесording twiсе. wа||s glаdiаtor fights. Сhristiаns bеing thrown to thе |ions. lf thеirаnswеrs arеWrong at thisstаge. bаths. Тhreeyeаrsаgо. A talк pIaуing 1 66Jз. сhаriоt raсеs. TlЧti. . Thеу.bridgеs. а||thеяmе : iх"|'. to havе a holiday or beсause of iIInеss orinjury Pronunсiation . Lаnguagе notes tаketimeot'f for a periodin order. two he|mеts.Тhеnsаythesесond sentеnсe in thеpairand askthеsаme studеnt to sаyitsmatсhing sеntеnсе in B.. a |orrydrivеrand for manу yеarsas an аttеndant at thе loсal musеum. A|tеrnativеlv askthеwho|е с|ass тo rеsoon0.Тhеyа|soget a сhаnсеto touсh the wеaponsand patro||ing imaginethemsеIvеs as soIdiеrs the RomаnWаII two yearsago.if nесеssarу. to a pаirof sеntеnсеs in A andaskstudеnts to sаythem.аnd I beсamequiteаn expert. from а job . o.stopworking forexamp|е. оutdoоr thеаtrеs. o'. Sаy thеfirst sentеnсe in a pairin сolumn A аndaska studеnt to sayitsmatсhing in sеntеnсе сolumn B. P|aу thе rесording for studеnts to сhесk thеirаnswеrs. с|еаn (baths. forts. I'vе hаd mаny jobs in mу Iife. Thеsеntеnсеs in сolumn B arеdеsignеd to mаkе surе thе student hаsunderstood thesimilar in thе sounds оаirs of sеntеnсеs in А. do notсorrесt thеmbut makеa notеof any words whiсhareсausing diffiсu|ty. P|aу thе reсording аgain. oqlз} Askstudеnts to workin pairs whiсhvowе| to dесide sounds arеdiffеrеnt. TеII thеmto Iistеn саreful|y and notto writеаnything you plаyit thefirsttimеbutto listеn whi|е forwhatJеff doеs(he3 P|aу о Romаn soldiеr). Lаtin . He Нenеvertоkеs а holidау. roаds. Whеn point studеnts саndistinguish bеtweеn thesounds. Students сhесk and.l.'' Bеforе studеnts Iistеn to thе rесording again. A B He likеsworking.ery Iuxurious but hаrdforthеs|аvеs goodюads. |'d |eаrnt а Iotaboutthe Romаnsand hаd somе groupsof tourists. Hе.I was gettinglots of requеsts to go аnd speakin sсhoo|s wherestudents wеrеstudуing thе Romаnperiodof historу. I a|wаys wеаr my uniform. thousand * ! .vеworkеdas a pаinter. in the noгthof Еng|and.Тhat.rе buуingsomeсloths.s WaII.wаr|ike (а powеriuI armуwhiсhсrеаtеd а largе еmpirе) еаsy forthе riсh.Theуlikе to bе in fаshion. how the Weаpons thеу usеd he|pedtheir еmpirеto growаnd what Iifеin thosеdaуswas Iikеfor an ordinary so|diеr. а summеrаnd а winterversion.B00 having Romanс|othеs аnd weaponsspeсia||y made. JеffЪ is.Possible answеrs .and often |еtthе youngpeop|е trу on mу hеlmеt. аqueduсts.I dесidedto givе up mу job at thе museumand start my own businеss. thеmto undеr|inе kеy words. He likеswаlking. Then I advertised in the loсa|tourist offiсe_ my advert offеrеd. two shiе|ds' a sword. and so Romаnhistorуhаs a|waуs fаsсinatеd mе. l Iivеа few mi|esawayfrom thе remainsof Hаdriаn. goingtoсleаnthеhousе. the еvеnts P|ay thе reсording аgainforstudеnts to сheсk thеirguеssеs and rеordеr thееvеnts if nесessаry. I hаd to havеtwo sеtsof сlothеs. thеatre a a Whеn the rесording hasfinishеd.I spent!1. сorrесt thеiranswers.GuidedТours of the Romаn Wallgiven bу а reaIRomanso|diеr.Z!n 3 lз:l :у. |u Тheу'rе * *$ Ф Тheу.Qr. сruе| gIЬdiаtor inсludеd fighф.l: 5 . youсould teIlthеmto writе downthеvowel sound. @ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 B hеаd bеd said wеаr wherе were work walk word took soon moon еlsе tе|| help so know how do nе s un s o m e сIothеs сIoth both I @ Hе||o! you how I beсamе |Vtу name's а Roman Jеffаnd I'dIiketo tе|| sold ier. Сheсk thеanswers withthe сIаss.butdo not ц' Hе is ho|ding а shiеld аnda spеar andis wеаring a hе|mеt on hishеаd. struсtured sрtеmоf govеrnmеnt).z Bеforе thе rесording аskstudеnts to rеаd thеstаtemеnts Remind сarefu||y.rе buуingsomeсlothеs. writе sеntеnсes in twoсoIumns Iikе theonеs be|ow on thеboаrd. dесidе if thе studеnts statemеnts аretruеor fa|sе. Mаkе surе thаtуouwritе thеonеsIn сoIumn A in pairs. or sounds. |fthеyknow the phonеtiс aIphabеt.

somеspеаrs and a pа ir of sа nd аIs . sаs therеis in thе modеrn Martу:But thеrеq wаsn. Сhесk thе answеrs withthе сIаss. two shieIds. for еxamp|e a Romаn soIdiеr' Thеyсаnсhoosе any period in history thеу|ike.P|aу thе rесording. Askthеmwhаtrеading skilI thеy arеgoing to usewhеnthеyrеаdthe dеsсription (sсоnning).it wаs probаbIy lessinterеsting Iiving in thosetimеs. . Сhесk thеanswеrs withthес|аss.l0.L-::-:-J Speaking Phraвal vsrbs шith taKo and give 7 Studеnts do the exеrсisе in pairs.1. с}i 2 3 Studying thе samplе 2 Bеforе studеnts do theеxеrсise. but 2 it Wasphysiсal|y than today.I spеntЯ. whatmight Remind studеnts of how importаnt possib|е it is to antiсipаtе answеrs. or writе a short сomposition for homеwork. il i Photo disсuввion 11 Dividе students intopairs.4 and6. Studеnts sharе thеir idеas withthесIass. Te|l themto dесidе whoisА аnс who is B. askthеmto dесidе whiсhpеriod in history wouId bе best foryoUrarеа.t prеssure as muсh worId aпd there6 wеren't as manvthings to worryaboutin a wау.but z on the othеrhand. I had to hаvеtwo sеtsof сlothes. monitor andеnсouragе thеmto . Pam: Тruе.s. studеnts сhесk thеirаnswers witha pаrtnеr. a summer and а wintеrvеrsion. Forquеstion 3. Thеymaynееdhe|p to rеmеmbеr thеanswеrs to 1. or smа|l P|ау thе rесording so thеyсan Iistеn to thе expressions in сontеXt. qtt l }J':l' 2 givе uр 3 took off 4 Аskstudеnts to imaginе аnd dеsсribe a typiса| dayin thе |ifеof pеrson an ordinary who Iivеd in thе past. @ Marty:Lifеin thе pastl wassimоIer than Iifеin morеrесent times. Theу сou|d еithеr do thisora||y in groups. two hеImеts. Whаt wasthеtourof? Wаs thеguidegood? Why/ Whynot? thеquеstions about thе anyinformation that O'l с@D |'d Iearnt a Iotаbout thе Romansаnd hаd somе еxperiеnсe of talking groupsof tourists.Сhесk theаnswеrs withthес|аss. but thеyshouId notmentiоn thepеriod in history in thеir desсriptions. ТеII studеnts thаtyouaregoing to p|ay thе rесording onlуonсе. ЕxDresэionв g 6y'м Studеnts do thееxеrсisе in pаirs groups. Теllthеmto raise theirhаndwhеn thеvhаvе finishеd rеаding аnd have writtеn in а|lthеinformation. Аskthеgroups to givеthеir dеsсriptions orа||y or to readout thеirсompositions' Тheс|ass guеssеs the pеriod. don't you think? з morediffiсu|t Pam: Maуbе. Yоuсou|d turnthisintoa raсeto еnсouragе themto sсan quiсk|y. to visiting so l fеItI сou|dmаke а |ivingout of bringing thе Romаnsto Iifе. Writing a desсription Grеаt wаlls SBpages 38-39 Warm-up Askstudеnts if thеyhavееvеrbеenon a tourwitha guidе. o.B00 havingRomanсIothes and Wеapons speсial|у mаde. a sword. Studеnts gaps fi|| in as many asthеyсan. Сhесk the answеrs withthе сlаss. askthemto rеadthе idеas and to makеbriеfnotes on bothof the piсturеs. askthemto rеadthе quеstions in thе Faсtfi|е. usеа variеtу of exprеssions pairto from Аskeасh te|l the rеstof thе сlass whiсhpеriod(s) thеythinkwouldbе thе mostintеrеsting to rеlive andwhy. il 8 Studеnts rеmain in thеirpairs to do theеxеrсisе. Students sсan thеtаIk andwritе in thе missing informаtion. Bеforе theystаrt. Whi|е thе students аredisсussing.l MaКinq сomparisons 6/rs Students rеаd through thеdiaIoguе аndin pairs '6 disсuss go in thеgaps.

Thеsе сaninс|udе сountriеs. сities. evеnif it is inсorreсt... Ask studеnts to hеlpyouсorreсt аnyWrong answеrs on thе board аs somеof thеmmаyhavе thе сorrеСt аnswеrs. Сhесk tnеаnswеrs пiththесlаss. 4 Students do the еxеrсisе on thеirown. Те|| thеmto writеit forа pаrtiсu|аr audienсе' forexаmo|е: Newstudents on thеirt'irstdоу Parеnts A groupof riсh businеssmеn аnd womеnwhomightgivеmoneу to thеsсhool Тhеy shouId thinkсarеfulIy аbout thеfасts аnddеtаiIs thаt wou|d interеst аndаmusе thеirrеadеr. Еxtension i l "i OptionalaGtivity Studеnts.. Word foсus sBpagеs 40_41 ь uP6 and doшns of ths human сaco 1 1 mankind 2 anсestors3 hunt 4 hеight pеrson 6 сouсhpotatoes 5 averagе 2 1 stap|е 2 grow 3 support 4 |ivе off 5 gathеrеd 6 variеty i tTJtlnit. suссеeded in сonquеring meаns thе sаmеas mаnaged to -]nquеr. а dаmor а wе|l-known fасtorУ. аnd rеferеnсе books whiсh сontain information аbout fаmous historiса| p|асеs in thestudеnts'сountrv. . |f pеnor сhа|k аvаilablе. Point outthatthiswilIhеlp .1.Phrаsal verbs 5 1 putoff-b 2 tаkеn uo . ТеlI studеnts to lookat thеdеsсription in 2 forhеlp. 5' in spitewouIdbе сorrесt if it wаsfol|owed bу ot'.. When desсription baсk thеусanаddаnуmissing informаtion. >.. Тhеy shouId Iist thеmin twoсoIumns likethis: ЕngIish [thеirIanguagе] Тurn thisintoa сompеtition pаirs bеtweеn or groups.еmеmbеr! rsk а studеnt to rеаdtheRеmembеrl boxandthе ru|еs in :lеrсtsе 4. rivеrs."е\. -. working in pairs groups. 1b 2a 3с 4b 5с 6b Planning 6 Studеnts p|an thеirdеsсriptions using thеrеfеrеnсе mаtеriаl thаthаsbeеn сoI|есted. g thеЕmpirе Statе Bui|ding h МountEvеrest Аskstudеnts to workin smаlI groups andto prеparе а dеsсription of thеirsсhool.hе|ping withvoсabulаry if neсеssarу. suссеedеd wouldbе сorrесt if it wаsfollowеd bу in ."]еm to deсidе whаttypеof wordis nеedеd аs wеlIas rе|ping themto undеrstand thесontеxt.еm to сhесk thewords beforе andаftеr thеgаpsbеforе . Stеpsto bettеrwriting TЪe dоflnite ar|lic|e R. Remind themto usеdefinitе artiс|еs сorreсt|v. i optionаIaсtivity Pаirs саnеxсhangе сomp|еted dеsсriptiоns withanother pаi/s. down .in :'gitе of mеans thе sаmеаs despitе. Studеnts workin pairs to сhoose а p|aсe. i. Remind . oсeans and seаs.а 4 |et.. Ф . Тhе pairor group gеographiса| withthеmost nаmеs is thе winner.o stut. for еxamp|е: it сou|d bеа bridgе. Make surе you mаkеа|lthе rеfеrеnсе mаtеria| сo||есted avai|аbIe for thеmto usеwhеn writing thеirdеsсriptions. or smaIl thinkof аs gеographiсaI mаny namеs in Еng|ish asthеyсan...с _ 5 fе|| through d 6 1 takеup 2 putoff 3 putup with 4 |еt.:'. о'4onfusing uords 3.e.dеnts dо thеexеrсisе on thеirownor in pairs.. usеa differеnt-со|ourеd forthе сorrесtions. Цlriting and сhecYing 7 Studеnts writе thеirdеsсriptions in с|аss in thеirpairs making surе thаtthеyinс|udе aIlthеthings in 7.lа 2d 3b 4с 41tour 2trip 3voyаgе 4journеys i o. -ing' .е 3 putup with. Тhеyсheсk thatthе desсription thеyhavеoееn givеn hаsсovеrеd a|| thеpoints pаirs gеtthеir in 7. Rеmind thеmthat thеbuilding or monumеnt does nothаvе to bеvеrУ o|d.il:Ё*::. Lаnguage notеs . guidеbooks сo|lесt |еаflеts. Youсould аIso askstudеnts to bring |еаflеts аndbooks fromhomе.Аskstudеnts forthеir аПswеrs andwrite еaсh onеon thеboard if morе thаnhа|f thес|аss agrеe it is сorrесt. down 5 fе|lthrough your desсription Writing Undergtandingthe tаsK 5 Bеforе thе lеsson. Monitor thеpairs asthеy work.!:. сhoose theirаnswеrs.

|odЬoсroiaricь of 6tat?. Studеnts information. of bothsуstems. ?aгliаmоnt Thоmoьt aсemini5t9г6 in tho govaгnmоnt. withthе сIаss. to readthе stаtemеnts and. text. ii . thе answers own. mwiьonсoa wooY are сal. thеyаrе thеnsсanthеtеxtto findthе trueor faIse.thoгa tr5Ч (м? foг shoгt). theprimеministеr / president? held? How oftеnаre еlесtions Kеywords: primеministеr. mini6tcг6 and Thomoьtimpoгtаnt (a ministr1). disadvantages join groups togеther to mаkе of fourto сompаre to askpairs shаrе Askgroups to brieflу thеiridеas аnd disсuss thеiridеas. aro M?s in paгliamоnt. Studепts the Whу? and Whуnot?par|s answer writеthеsе аnd if nесessаry maynееdto do thisin pаirs quеstions thеm: to he|p аnd kеуwords on thе boаrd Нowmonуpolitiсаlpаrtiеsоre there? Whodeсides. mini6i0г6 imPoгtant pollс1. Groups maximum disсussion.Мonitor Dividе studеnts A|Iow if nесеssary. aboutyourсountry Talking givеthemtimеto rеаdthе do the exerсisе Bеfore students quеstions Remind thеmto theirrеsponses. elесtions thе intogroups of fouror fivе. of tha thc poliс1 эuгоthathiь/ hcr dоpaгtme. whiсh doсidaa quostions to diвсuаь imPoгiant of govогnmant. a аnd helpwithvoсаbu|ary disсussions idеas with the shаrе their of ten minutеs. politiсаlp0rtiеs. somоof Iheьe in tho govoгnmоnt balong 1o hhehtinel.Whiсh to thеmto givеrеаsons for hаvеbееnbornin? Еnсourаgе thеiranswers. askthеmto skimrеаdthе 1 Bеforе studеnts do the еxerсisе Whеntheyhavе Аllowа maximum of onе minutе. on their withthe с|ass.nt folloшs q0VPгnm0nт. Optionalactivity (in fromthе pаston thе boаrd or fourdates Writе threе yеars whiсhyеarthеywouldmostlike Askstudents on|у).without finishеd askstudеnts to dесidе in pairs whеthеr reаding theteхtаgain. АlIow а 2 Givestudеnts Students do thе еxerсisе maximum of fivеminutеs.l rl il Warm-up on thе board. andthinkabout of the quеstions.Сhесk @ . ihc mаinlincsot goveгnmоnt Ihо LaЬino|.t: rc*J Culture foсus А pаrliоmеntаrу pagе41 monarсhу SB iь an aсtivoando|oсIed Mcmbaг of Тhо9гitish?гims Miniоtsr . yеarwouId they|еast Iikе to havebееnbornin. of a aovornmant Dapагtmоni the1aгo in сharge andmаKos oaсh miniьior iо гоаponвiblc for htь/ hoгdоpaгtmont. Askstudеnts WriIe Мonаrсhу andRеpubliс to whаtthеyknowаboutthеse workin pairs to brаinstorm two аnd Askthеmto thinkof advаntagеs forms of ru|e. Whenstudеnts have finishеd. timeto rеаdthеtеxtin moredetaiI. Тhismav|еаd to further с|ass.

Thеfuturе Warm-up Mаkеsurеthestudеnts' Verbаl hоngmаn.Сhесk do thе еxеrсise . Rеmind thеm workin pairs to answеr quеstion pаrt wе|| аs the first of thе as IheWhу? .-dеnts 1.sк Unit summarуon Contеntspages4. suggest thattheyundеrlinе thеmin thеtext. -$ 9 Givе studеnts andto timеto thinkabout theirownаbilities writea paragrаph. 3 аdjесtivеs: fastеst-growinc fi Studеnts thеаnswеrs on thеirown. quеstion 2 ]:-dеnts Аgain. inсrеasе. pаrtner their find nеw to sharе ask thеm to a 'е :.''th еасhothеr? optionaI aсtivity Аskstudеnts using i to writеsixsеntеnсеs aboutthemsеlvеs thеsamеstruсturеs reаd in 8. ". аt thisstagе. finishеd. as thеrеis no Iimitto thе |еttеrs to quiсk|y 1 Аskstudеnts at the piсturеs and in pаirs to |ook desсribе whattheyсаnsееin еaсhone.Кquiz quеstion 1l !. Сheсk thеanswers :}r I nouns: inсrеаse demаnd. |t is morеdiffiсu|t thantraditionaI butis aIso hangmаn ordеr. sharе Groups idеаs аndoоinions withthес|ass.т:ind forthеiranswers. Makе surе thеy :асhаnswеr before making а is notnееdеd. opеnuр 2 vеrbs: сrеatе. thеаnswеrs :nеir withа oаrtnеr's аndthеnсhесk answеrs т'iththес|ass. GrammiJ sвpa8es44_45 Yoсаbularу )'rsсribing groшth 5 !:udеnts to dесide if thеwords arеnouns. whеrе . Enсourageфеm do theеxеrсisе fina| сhoiсe. Studеnts do thе еxеrсisе on thеirown. thаtonеsеntеnсе -ndеrstand 3. lеttеrs а||thе tе|lthеm thеordеr of thе |еttеrs. thеirbooks 1 to seemorе and Iook at thе ohotos in еxеrсisе eXаmplеs..growing 4 is soаring / inсrеаsе / is inсrеаsing5 еxpаnsion РrgPositions a Studеnts Те|I thеmto сhесk do thееxerсisе on thеirown. dеmand.Inthеsamеpairs rеfеrring to thе piсtures studеnts disсuss thequеstion possibIe. Givе thеmto thinkof reаsons :. words of 6 аnd 5 |etters andthаttheymust guеss thаt Iettеrs of. as thеydo not knowthе Ietter еasiеr theyсanguess.1f 2d 3а 4с 5b еisnоtnееdеd Askstudеnts to to rеаd thе stаtеmеnts. P|aу Thisa vеrsion theboard. agrее :-еstions withthес|ass.Exp|аin to findoutwhatуouarеthinking youwilIte|lthеm is in thеfirst. disсuss 2 With thеirnеwpаrtnеr. aсtivitу |f уou havеdonеthеoptional With in thеirparagraph. to Divide intosmа|| studеnts their disсuss thеirrеasons forthеiropinions. П'еading 3 l-sk thejobs andto undеr|inе students to rеad thеartiс|е -еntionеd.'lith thес|ass. тorе thаnonеusе. TеII butwithout using of hangman thеstudеnts thаtуouarеthinking of an itеmаndit hastwo (mobilе phone). withthесIаss. Do many of thеstudеnts . Studеnts аs thеsеntеnсеs i thеirsеntеnсes to а partnеr. outthatthе mobi|е Аskthemto opеn an examp|е of rapidly аdvanсing tесhnology. worktogether .эт. 4 S:udеnts to disсuss in pаirs. Сhесk thеanswеrs withthесIass.аs with. them. Givе thеmtwo minutеs groups notеdownthеiropinions. thеsесond or neither if a |еttеr of thеwords butthatyouwi|Inot andtheуmustwritеit down. 5oаr. зi 1 opеnUp 2 demand 3 fastеst. о' 1 2 3 4 ! 6 ta|еnt skills goоd suit into яtisfасtiоn i pagеs42_4З lеаding Jobsin thefuture SB iшш. phone point is Whеn theуhаvе thеitеm. Notе:vеrba| anytopiсor to hangman сan bе usеdto introduсe rесyс|е voсabu|arу. ТeII thegаps thеmto ignorе Time to talkt 4sthismауbе thеfirsttimеstudеnts hаvеseеnthis :есhniquе. Whеn Givе themа maximum . books arес|osеd. thеiridеas withtheсIass. еxpaпd. thе instrшсtions сarefuI|y mаkеsurеthеyfo||ow зеforе doingеxеrсisе 3. Putstudеnts to thеirpartnеr into Studеnts exp|ain job whiсh arеаthеyhaveсhosen Studеnts sharе andwhy. of fiveminutеs.cisсuss they :.5 Doвсribing abllitios 8 ТeII studеnts andto сhесk to sсanthetеxtto findthеwords howthеyarеusedin thеtеxt.еrbs hаve Pointout thatsomeof thеwords or adjeсtivеs.еma mаximum Briеflv disсuss both of fiveminutеs. When thеуhаve thеyhаvе to ordеr thеmto findthеitem. thеyсаn usethеse sеntеnсеs pairs.

wiII or going to? Language notеs (D . аnswers pagеs4G_47 Lеt's practise grammar SB саnbе givеn as homеwork.PIaу thе rесording. Studеnts on thеirownandthеn сompare thеirsеntenсеs witha pаrtner's.Сheсk theanswers do thееxеrсise 2 Studеnts with thе сlаss. thеаnswеrs withthе с|аss. 2 |sshеgoing to a сonfеrеnсe on Wеdnеsdаy? going No. Еnсourаgе .wоn'tlive 4 wi||bе Lеt'saсtivatе Plаn а trip intogroups of fouror fivеto disсuss thе 8 Divide studеnts poirtts ТеlI thеmto Iookbaсkat 5 for he|p аnd makеnotеs. еtс. С.iu. in |\4аnсhеster tomorrow for the restof thе Тhеyz ar. Тhe Аrеnааnnounсеd Тhe pop group groupl is pIaving nightand in Londonon Friday. or falsе. answers Languagenotes to notеthаtherеthе useot going |t is important to or сontinuous is notwrong. N4onitor to makеsurеtheуаrеusing thеfuturе if nеtеssary.D. Will or going to? to rаin to сrаsh 2 wi|| usе 3 isgоing 1 1 isgoing to fаint tо gеtmаrriеd 5 'm going 4 'm notgoing quеstiоns going and for mаnyof thеsе to сou|d aIsobе usеd hasа if wе wаntto makеit с|еаr thatMaggiе sеntеnсеs personaI intеntion to do thеse things. withon Monday 2 1 Whois shеhаving a mееting morning? mаnagеr on Monday Shе's mееting thе marketing morning. Сhесk themto saywhythevеrbs arеor arеnotсorrесt.shе's to a сonfеrеnсе on Тuеsdау. Сhесk thе withthе с|ass. @ Forms on theirown. A|Iow a maximum thе dесidе whethеr thеsentenсеs tеxtagain studеnts аrеtruе sсanthetextto сhесk thеirprеdiсtions. yougivе thе Iеttеr thеmandpointing at thеmto remеmbеr B. this. areсorreсt or not.А|though thе group+isn. givе in thеorigina| forming newgroups еaсhstudеnt 9 Bеforе groups Тhisсаnbedonеquiсk|у аndsimp|y byаsking a |еttеr. еspесia||y thе prеsent butthаtthе prеsеnt is moreсommon|y Тo mаkеsurеthе simp|е used.the sсrеens wiIIbе abIеto hеarаnd sеefans in Europe. Сhесk studеnt whi|е sayingА. аndDsandto tе|lеaсhothеr Futurо Prodiсtion6 to rеadthе ru|e torgoing to a|oud. tеnsеs сorrеСtIy. andthеn if it аgrеes. Тiсkets you maywаntto do this is strong еnоugh. сorrесt theiranswеrs. аskthе сIass 3.ьr Studеnts сhесk аnd rесording onсeonly.m. 3 lf yourсlass Аskindividuаl studеnts forаnswеrs exеrсisе ora||y. p|ans for thеir nеWtour reсently. Students withthесlass. Сheсk the withthе с|аss. In faсt. Somеor alIof the exerсises oт Proаent simPle forthе presеnt Аska student to readthe ru|е simp|e aloud. He|p withvoсаbularу if writеsеntеnсes neсеssаry. сomplеtе thеru|еs. Without rеading tеxt.Bs. the states in the USАв wi||be |ikеbeingаt thе rea| mеanthat bеingat thе сonсеrt for the еventsin the USAand are p|anning to сhargе thing.manyof the Еuropеan s wiIl bе broаdсast Iivеаnd fansо wi|Ibe abIеto sееthеm on сonсerts z are buiIding gigantiс Thе organisers sсreеns so thatfans in videosсrееns. lеtter of Аs.l j ii rl t t сhесk lGrammar Тhefuture Uses intopairs to iook аtthееxamp|еs and 1 Putstudеnts Сhесk thеanswеrs with thесlаss.tgoingto the UsА. 5 Studеnts do the eхerсise on theirownor in pairs. in Pаrison Sundаy аnd з wiIItour Еuropе month. Аska studеnt askthеmtо quiсk|у 4 Beforе sludеnьdо the exеrсisе dеsсribе whаtthеvсanSeеin еaсhpiсturе.Сs Nowaskthestudеnts to formfournеwgroups аbоut theiro|аns forthetriо. fеw wеek. Еnсourаge them Studеnts do theеxerсise еxerсise.Do not whythеanswеrs to thinkabout the answers at thisstagе' сhесk to pIay the Теllstudents thatyouarеgoing :Qd. forexamp|е Whаttimedo thеgroupmеetаt thеаirport? Thеуmеetаt З p. Сhесk thеanswеrs i-:=Ц Tho right шord to skimreadthеtеxtbeforе doingthе Remind studеnts in pairs. ь'Prоsont сontinuous.аskquestions аboutthеtimеtablе students understаnd in presеnt present and еnсоuragе fu|lanswеrs in the the simp|е simp|e.Тhe organisеrs sсreеns in 20 сonсеrt haI|s overthе nехт they9 аrе goingto instaII thе spесiaI l0 won'tbe as еxpеnsivе as thosefor the Iiveсonсerts. thеуknow thеir еасh byаsking a|| theАsto putup thеirhаnd.do thе exеrсisе аskthemto skimrеadthе 2 Beforе studеnts of oneminutе.

In thе programmе' through various we'regoing to trave| Januаry stages of their Iives..2200. Еmphasisе thаtthеywiIlbе unIikе|у to hеаrthеexасt. Shе. Shе's to thеthеatrе 3 Теxt1 1 аrеаppеаring2 wi|| opеn/ opеn 3 wil|p|аy 4 wiI| stаrt / start 5 сost Теxt2 6 wiIlbе 7 is opening 8 9 wiIlstаrt 10 wi|| bе Listening and speaking L" ":::J pagеs48_49 2Зrd сenturу twins SB Warm-up Brainstorm diffеrеnt ways thatWесanrесеivе аndfind informаtion mаgоzinеs. theу'rе tееnagers. writе in anyanswеrs theyсan. Jimmyаnd Jеnnу..|| m going to piсkup / 'm piсking up / piсkup areflying / fly |еaVes . on Monday.. sеntеnсеs. thеnlistеn . goingto . Sheis touring а faсtory 7 Whois shеhaving withon Тuеsday? a mееting Shе's having a mееting withAIison andtheteam. ... thе informаtion in еxеrсisе 3 withthе Q* Gothrоugh thе с|ass. Givestudеnts а few ideasif neсessary making sureyou youсаngеtinformаtion inсludе radio. to thеthеаtre 6 \Yhat morning? is shеdoing withJohnon Тhursdaу withhim.whenthеy're to havе 3 'I|buу havе/ 'rеgoing 'm going to buу/ '||buу P|aу and thе reсording again.. with Тuеsday? 8 Whois shеhаving Iunсh on Dirесtor.m. What sortof progrаmmеs do thеyIistеn to? Listеning A radio programmg 66)сэAskstudеnts to Iook at thеtabIe andto notеwhаt ' information yoUare is nееdеd to сomp|еtе it.withАnnе? 3 llhеn is shehаving Iunсh Shе's hаving Iunсh withAnnеon Wеdnеsda'y.iii. . Nhon.l:iii.. Аskthеmin whаtways progrаmmes)' on thе radio(through Аsk nеиls аnd doсumentаrу studеnts if anyof thеmlistеn to thеradio forinformation. whеnthеу'rе 45.' 6 'Il hаvе to 8 9 10 11 12 wоrds theу hаve uпdеrlinеd.* \1hаt Andy? timeis shеmееting p. arеgoing to start . d5 ыoon аs. @ Еxtension э.rе notflying / don'tfly oрт li. hе|p 6 'll take * e4 bornon our neхtprogramme is aboutimaginarу twins. Wе'|| look at their Iives from 1 to B уeаrsoId.l thеfuturе 2 prеsеnt simp|е 3 a futurе 7 1 2 З 4 5 wil|Iеt.othaг uьoьof will 4 а 5 b .i. lnternet. bфra and аfter tеnsе 6 . forsimilаr words in thе rесording.IIаrrive '||stаy h Thо гight шord 8'l 2 3 4 f thеirideas 2 Students in pairs disсuss thеquеstion аndshаrе withthе с|аss. Writе thеirideаs оn thе boаrd anddisсuss аnythatstudеnts arееspесia||y intеrestеd in. rаdio). сomе. Studеnts сomp|еtе thеtab|e pаirs.. Те|I to rеadsеntеnсеs а-j and undеr|ine studеnts (mаximum words threе) theуthinkarethе most important ТеlI in еaсhsentеnсе.TеlI studеnts going onIy' to playthе rесording butthаtthеуmustIistеn notwritе. l с 3 d2 5 1 'l|answеr 2 4 Wil|.and. Shе's mееting Andyat 5 withJohn? 5 is shеgoing to thetheatrе going No. P|ау thе to thе reсording аnd rесording Studеnts Iistеn onсealIthеwaythrough.s hаving Iunсh withthеManaging еvеning? 9 Whаt is shеdoing on Тhursday going if shесangеttiсkets.when B0. з 'll visit 'regoing wiIlbе do arе.. yoU going pIay studеnts arе twiсе... willphone аrrivеs. Givеthеmtwo minutes to do this. newspapеrs. thеnсhесk with in thеаnswers thеirаnswеrs Сheсk the с|аss. todaуIV. Еxamtr ln thistаskstudеnts in the nееdtо idеntify kеywords .|ast of aIl.:i:i:l:ii.. Playthе rесording. 1st. te||s gets. @ . doing l are.shе's withАndy. books. wiII stаrt 'm going go to book.

Where the air resistanсе is minimaI. they pаsswithflуingсo|ours. ТravelIing abovethe еarth. putstudеnts Bеforе disсussing the quеstion as a с|ass.bodyorgаnswi|l be grownfrom genetiс matеriaI tаkenfroma samp|e of thе twins'sa|ivа. Writе Iеttеrs a_h on thе boаrd. Askstudents whiсh of thewords theyundеr|inеd hе|pеd thеmreсognisе thе answеrs whеnthеyIistеnеd to thе = sуringе. the reсording..P|ay thе rесording again.|| wе|сomе thе opportunity the ageingproсess. putthеmintopairs prеdiсt go thеmto аndtе|| whatmight gap. Studеnts undеrlinе thе main stressеd sуl|ab|еs. Unfortunate|y.AII сarsaregoing to bе programmed to drivеthеmse|ves using|asеr traсking dеviсеs whiсhwi||еnsurе thаtаIIvehiс|еs staya safеdistаnсе awауfrom еaсhother' Аnd whеnthе twinsarе reаdy to takеtheirdriving test. bothhavеa сomp|еtе thеy. Studеnts thеiranswеrs сhесk in pairs'|f nесеssаrу. for еxаmp|е: neеdle. in еасh Rеmind howimportant studеnts it is tо youarеgoing antiсipate аnsWеrs.l t Pronunсiation s Qф* Studеnts Iook аt adjесtivеs a_h.Rеmind themthаt strеssed sy||ab|es arеlongеr аnd loudеr thanunstrеssеd P|ay ones. they'|| bookа honeymoon ho|iday on the moon. vou thinkvou'lI do a Iotof trаve||ing? goingto travеl. Tе|| studеnts to pIay thе reсording twiсе. 2: tеenagеrs SТАGЕ Gеtting from А to B wiIIbe vеrydiffеrеnt from travеlling aroundtodау.Whataboutyou? Mеg: We||. a p|anе whiсhеnginееrs wi|| finа||y сomp|еtе aftеryeаrs of researсh. students сhесk and сorrесt thеiranswеrs.AIlow a mаXimum of twominutеs.You s're boundto get boredin the mountains.. aftеr еасn stagе to givеthеmmorеtimеto writеin theiranswеrs. their pаrеnts wil|bookthеm а sеaton the Flаshman. Whеn thеyhave a|| bееnwrittеn up..I thinkq I'mgoingto build a ho us ei n t he m o unt a i ns . just in timeto сеIebrate thеirjointseсond marriаges to another sеtof twins! And. Writе еaсh Word nеxt to thе сorrесt lеttеr аnd under|inе thеstrеss thе studеnts idеntifу. :l il l l t . thе tremеndous noiseit makesmay pеop|е disturb on thе ground. 6 Do Riсk: But I knowyou. Тherе.wherethe two happyсoUp|еs WilIgеt to know eaсh othеrеven bеtter. DisсUss thеquestion asа с|ass.the twinswiIIstilIbе going strong but thеy. board andаskthесlass to put pausе P|aу thе rесording again'lf neсеssary. the F|ashman wilIbe аbIеto trаve| at amazing speеds. wаyto keepevеryonе looking А simpIe syringе and neеd|e wiIIbe aIIthat'snеeded to givethе twinsthе fасеsof 40-yeaгoIds. into pаirs to brainstorm thekindof prob|еms thatmight bе сrеatеd if wе aIl|ivе to bе ovеr]00 yеars old. Аnd. i @ а рrfесt b сomplех с сommerсiaI d gедgtiс е draщatiсf minimаI g simp|е h рIеvious Studеnts matсhthе adjесtivеs to thеir mеanings on thеir own аnd thеn сhесkthеir answers with a oаrtnеr's. og|+'я Bеforе studеnts Iistеn to thеdiaIoguе askthеmto skimrеadit ignoring thеgаps. wi||' of сourse. Studеnts filIin аs many gаpsas thеyсan. Whеn theyhave finishеd. Speaking Talкing аbout tho futurо Warm-up Diсtаtе thеfolIowing to thestudents: PаssаIl thеехаms Go to universitу Trаvel to Аustrаliа Buу а саr soon Gеtpоrriеd уoung groups intosma|l Dividе studеnts andaskthеmto disсuss what theуaremostIikelу to do аnd leаst Iikе|y to do. evеnif it is wrong. to reverse Genеtiс enginеers wiIIfind a young. p|аy the rесording a thirdtimеforstudents to сhесk and сorrесt thеiranswеrs. the twinswiIIIivein а homedеsignеd to сreate an idealеnvironmеnt for thеm and supp|y them Withеvеrything theуneed. Сhесk thе answеrs withthес|ass. bесause сommerсiaI spасe trave| wiIIbe аn ordinarу еvеntin еvеrydаy Iifе. but it won't be like аnу wе knowtodaу. bе ab|eto speаkpеrfесtFrenсh.. so thеy'|| start|eаrning |аnguages at fiveyеars oId. SТAGЕ 4: B0 yearsoId At B0.as thе new сenturу approасhes.but I mаyсhangе mу mind. SТAGЕ З: 45 yearso|d Аt 45' if the twinshavеany aсhesor pains'they'|| 80 to the orgаniсHeaIth Сentrе. arеgoing to bе a piсture of Jimmyаnd Jennу probab|y healthand theу'|| bе justas fit and strong аs thеуwеreiп the orevrouS 0ne. P|аy thе reсording.@ SТАGЕ 1: 1_Byеarso|d In the 2Зrdсеntury. @ Meg: l Wherе do you thinkyou'|| Iivewhenуou'rе o|dеr? going Riсk: I thinkz l.I wаnt to sеeеVеryсontinеnt. Meg: 7 |'m definitelv @ .and. сhесk thе answ еr s w ith the сI ass. New rеsearсh intothе brainis going to bringabouta drаmatiс сhаngе in tеaсhing methods. pеrt'есt аnotherlanguagе speak Frеnсh. In a fеw months. (а)injесtion rесording.|| setof rep|aсement orgаns .tIivein a big сity.thеy'|| Тhеу'|| move yearwhеnthеy on to morесomp|еX |\4аths аnd Sсienсе the fol|owing сomp|ete thеir|аnguаge studiеs. Сhесk thеanswеrs withthес|ass. Askindividual students to sауthеWords using the mainstrеss identifiеd.m probab|v to Iivebу the sea.jt1$!1i* j:. . oi *iig. by thе аgе of еight. Forthеir1Bthbirthdaуs.p|aу the rесording аgаinаndаskthe с|ass to сorrесt аnУmistakеs. = (f)fluent. I з dеfiniteIy won.

disсip|inеd 2 (bottom 5 left) quеstions Studеnts asa с|ass. thеquеstions song twiсе. answеr therеmaining t1o of ihoЕ. mаггiоd in gьo. vlaз boгnin Livaгpool in lЧ4o.. [|есroniсtrans|atot. Rеmind themto usеthе diffеrеnt in thisunitand tа|king аbout thefuture theyhave studiеd to usеthе еxprеssions in 7. Tе|l students to Votе forthеwayof lеarning thattheythink is thе mostsuссessfu|. qосountries no it eсhoеs lmоginе there. аndtheгeiа а tandenс1 to bо muсhmoгainfoгmа Hourоvcг. \anguago in а lоtteг of Uаing аppгopriatо formаl аppliсation andсreateь a goodimpгaоeio is а {orm of politeneьв liКeweaгinq сlothes аt аn inteгviaw. Divide the boаrd intothrеe сoIumns аnd rесord theirvotеs and rеasons Iike this: Piсturе 1 (top) Votеs 2 Reasons interеsting. Monitor аnd сhесk thеyarе using thе |anguagе сorrесtIy.Те|| Givе thеmtimeto thеmto rеаd theirquеstions. Еnсouragе students to giverеasons forthеir answеrs.hеre.oaI\eь.lvpoint. аndvlaь shotb1Mагк Lhapman YoKo to thinkof wауs be in whiсh thetalking trans|ator сouId lf anyof thеmknowthеsong.r*пhr'i + аt* .. Writе еaсhpartontoa arеstudеnts pieсе sеparatе оf pаper. l songs. twiсе. to rеadthе quеstions thеntе|| whаtit is аbout.в john whаtstudеnts knowаbout brаinstorm Quiсk|y Lеnnon. аndemail to pоoplо usоthetelоphone.Рtloto diaсussion t Putstudеnts intoоairs themto dесidе whois A аnd andtеII photograph lvhois B. Makеsurеthеyknowwhiсh to look аt. Аskthemto thеmyouаrеgoing to playthеsong Studеnts' ownаnswеrs Play thе аnswеr whi|е thеsong is p|аying. thalnteгnоt сommuniсahc. Warm-up 1 Studеnts Iook аt the piсturеs on pagе50'АskindividuaI studеnts to dеsсribе whаtthе pеoplе arеdoing/ using. thаn arеoftenmorееffесtivе repеtition аnd rhymе gгаmmatiсa| torffi.s сlаssrooffl sвpagеs 50-51 Soundbitеs Imа9ino qsrvithTimeto tаlk!'Soundbitеs аt сanbе usеdin thе |еsson э. Whеn * 'lords :hесk thеyhavе. Ono. ьmагt optional aсtivity of parts as Dividе lmаginе intothesamеnumbеr thе song thеrе in thе сIass.s in Iinе7 beсаusе qеаvеn tп |tne 1. саnеXprеss you rself сlеar. quеstions in notе аskandanswеr downanyidеas.s Lеnnon usеs thе inсorrесt ассUraсу. thеmup аndgiveonеto Jumb|е еасh Te|I thеyarеto organisе studеnt' thе students of thеir thеmsеlvеs to thеposition in a Iinе aссording to thеу arе in Iinе. 3 Givеstudents forthе two minutеs to sсanthе lеtter Lаnguage notes informаtion. аskthеmto briеfly еxp|аin usеdin thеirown lеssons. tеlIthеm in thе song. Askstudеnts o. Writinga formal lеttеrof сomplaint Тom orrow. forfinishing off thеyarеpartiсu|ar|y usеful a|though a еsson up tiredstudеnts! or wаking g e6|а.beсamo a member 2 Studеnts Аskthem workin pаirs аnswеring thequestions. Studеnts wаys of thеirpairs. thеаnswer by reading outthеwords " Фrr t Мs Нnrlsоn } o| 1*f. oг ajob in studonis ma1want to appl1 foг a сouсьe 6ngliьh. Ф'1 2 Studying thе samplе Formаland informallanguago lnсгоaвingl1.

. thаnk. i thеsеsеntеnсes ъэ]. would. be. optional aсtivity Тel| studеnts thаtyouarеgoing to rеаdoutwhatfour pеop|e sаid. heаring. Аskstudеnts. if.to. уou. sinс9relу. . t'orа double not о саppuссino.look for. t'rom. pаgе Word foсus SB 52 о'Тobs in thofuturs 1 1 flourish 2 еxpаnsion3 dеmаnd 4 5 soаr 6 сreate 7 fastеst-growing 21 6 2 ski|Is 3 into 4 satisfасtion5 points 7 good ь ТаlКing aboutths futurs 31 2 3 4 ) 6 7 Doyouthink wi|| dеfinitе|y Iivе in wilIprobab|y hаvе Won't Wе аrеboundto wаtсh pеrhaps wiII spеnd probаb|y wi|| be @ .l 3 rесеived not onlу thеinсorrесt size. Те|| thеmto lookbaсkat 4 forhelpif nесеssary.Aсtthе situations аs muсhasyouсan: 1. forwоrd. Students writеthеirlеttеrs еithеr in сlass or for homеwork. Сhесk theanswers withthe с|аss. Askthеm to notеdownwhatthevthinkthe situаtions arе.:э j j.lfollowеdtheinstruсtions on thеsсrееn veryсоrefullу..This 2 isn. . LhoсYing youсhесk 11 Beforе studеnts worktеllthеmto сhесk thеir ownwork agаinst thеpoints in 11.:9:3lr9.Language notes Yours fаithfullyis usеdif you don'tknowthe namеof the pеrson youarеwriting youarеаddrеssing to e.l I I to bettеrWriting Stеps $l.уours.сould.g.:*:". Planning and шriting 10 stiIl in thеirpairs students disсuss аnddесidе on еaсh point.but аlso thе wrong сolour. to makеfourphrаsеs thаtarе oftеnusеdin formаI lеttеrs. in fourdifferent situations.twhаt lordеrеd.It wаsso noisу thаtl сouldn't slееp . or wrotе.lаsked еsprеsso.' 5 Studеnts workin pairs. themas Dеаr Sir or Маdаm. 4 .уour. wоrking in pairs.riti.and Yours sinсеrelу if уou knowthе nаmе. Аdvise themto rеadthеехerсisе a|| thеwaythrough firstandto do thе eаsiеr onеsfirst.Rеmind thеmto skim reаdthе letter first. Monitor andсhесk students аrеusing thе сorrесt formaI languagе. Write thеfol|owing words on the board: grаtеt'ul. Undorоtandingtha tasК Studеnts rеаdthеtask. .. аnd l hаdаn importаnttestthеnехtdау. of. furallsing tholalout .. l..Iettеr 9 Studеnts disсuss thе advеrtisement in pairs. Тhеyсаn Usе аnyof thеwords morеthanonсeif thеvneеdto.Тhеfirstpаirto workout thе phrаsеs is thеwinner. Сhесk thеanswers withthe с|аss. аn 6a 78thе t{ritiпg уо'rr r. Answеr аnyquеstions thеymaуhavе. Tе|| thеmit shou|d be 120_150 words.lettеr. TЪe dafinitо artiс|o 7 Students dotheexеrсisе onthеir own 8 Students do theexerсisе on theirown. Аskstudеnts whatа||thе pеop|е whospoke or wrotе aII wеrеdoing(сomplаining). Аsksomеof the pairs to shаrе thеiridеas withthесlass.. but I аm stillunаble to aссess thеlnternet.цg fоrmallstters 6 Givеthес|ass two minutеs to workthrough thisеxеrсisе аs quiсk|y as possible.

off 8 1 fее| uо to 2 сount on 3 work... wаr' end.|4 wilIrisе 15 work Voсabulary 4 1anсestors 2sprеаd 3rеsult 4on 5off 6 up 7 invadеd 8 |iving 9 with 10 amusе 5 1 demand 2 inсrеasе3 |еisurе4 ta|еnt 5 suit б fluеnt 7 hea|th 8 сontaсt Artiсlos 6 1Тhе 2thе 3. Еaсh Whеn sеntеnсe shouId start withthеwordСars.. out 4 сomеup against 5 brought about 4 . withthесlass. hо and?aIion шгitо a lot foг сhildгоn..d poоtry andpopmusiс.l1 thе 12 thе Phrasаl verbe 7 1 tаkеup 2 |еt. eасhout Ioudor reаdto themse|vеs Students on their own. it сontampогaг1 РOotr. Youсou|d stiсk thеstrips ь Phrasal vоrbs 5 1 brought aboutb 2 сomеup аgainst d 3 сounting on a 4 bе up to с 5 workout е 6 .udеnts rеаd a poеm intopairs аndtе|Ithеm thеyarеgoingto rс|uding mеanings if nесеssаry. зrbon monoхide. wi|| Iivе going. ?юgoс rull-timо anda сo|\ogo шгitог hp vаьa ьoсondary aсhool ioaсher \P'diuror.Dividе thеminto do thеехеrсisе groups smalI Аskgroups to sharе to disсuss thеir answеrs.oil... паьvtгitten Howaь pla1ьandiь a froquont broadсaьIer' аevогal зvrагded in Цr1.tе petrol. thеy hаve finishеd andask dividе thеmintogroups of еight themto putthesеntenсеs to intoan order thаtthey|ike formthеirown poеmaboutсаrs. Askpairs what theу thinkthе poеmmight :з shаre bеforе rеаding thе poеm..Pu|Ihe spеed' .. thеirideas withthес|аss Your reaсtions givеthеmtwo minutes Bеforе students to reаd do thе еxеrсisе thеquestions Dividе studеnt andthinkabout thеirresponsеs. Haboсamo whiсh :Ъmouа ?oeiь' a|ong шiihМrian Hоnгlaь oneof *ю.beIvюen |Ч|oЭ of а gгoup andtТ1? he waь the mombor *te'fiсaffolrd' сombinс. up to 2 bring about 3 сomeup against 4 сount оn 5 workout Rеadingfor pleasureFive-соr pаgе 5З fоmilу SB tаrm-up .z Bеforе аskthemto rеador studеnts do thееxеrсisе Iistеn Youсanаskindividuа|studеnts to rеad to thеpoеm. down 3 fе|lthrough 4 putup with 5 put . A|low а mаximum of tеn minutеs.l waswatсhing 2 wаs 3 stаrted 4 piсked it up 5 hеаrd 6 soundеd 7 Iookеd 8 wasraining 9 wаswа|king 10 wastrуing 11 wasgеtting 12 са|led 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 areyougoing to visit.Livaгpool and9rian ? aIIen'.ftleir andaссoььib\o.6.4Thе 5. an D9o (Oгdar of the9гitish6mpirо) 1 c6|*. IsС|аrе isn't going Wе'rе Arеthеyсoming is Аmygoing to a UK.Eхtension ь PгePositions l1for 2trom 3bv / aт|er 4of 5outof 6in k_J optional aсtivity Givееасhstudent a thin stripof pаper аnd askthеmеасh to writeonеsentenсe on it еxpressing theiropinion of сars.l Аre. Сheсk :э disсuss bеаbout.7 8 а 9 thе 10 thе . Askthеm thеsе words. аnswеrs withthe сlass and enсouragе thеmto giverеasons fortheirаnswers. саsh..h. I'llvisit wi|| livе. or1 2 3 3 1 feе|s / is fее|ing 2 '|Ihavе 3 turnsbасk 4 to disсuss 5 wi|I soonbe 6 arеalready working beсoming 7 аrесurrentIy on 8 to оromotе 9 сan 10 will hаve 11 wil|spеnd 12 don't beсomе сhangе 13 wiI| .{ ЭoIht'tlсGough Howоveг.boforeho beсamo УLсGouqh wао boгnin Livоrpool. groups intosmaIl to disсuss thequеstions. a Vеrsе if thisis еasiеr. Аskgroups to shаrе thеiridеas Lеt's rеYisеUnits 3 and 4 SB pagеs 54-55 Grammar 1 . thе fo||owing wordson thе board: unleоded t'аmilу' greed.

hayi'... Сhесk thе withthе сlаss. ln pairs disсuss thеthings students anddесidе on whiсh importаnt threе aremost to thеm. wall. studеnts аrtiс|е.leЪ.. stаr аn intеrnationaI youngstеr а tаlеntеd top..pio{$5siоiti*l1]ffiibfiltle.: сhаЬpionship. l don.Ьббreviation hrpoсaiion. but thеmainpoint is thеimpoгtаnсе of support.aqhiеvе ]'Тhe artiсleаlsоtаlksabоutbеnеfits аnd saсrifiсеs.Rеmind 1 Studеnts studеnts whatthеythinkаndсompаrativе of ways of saуing forms phrasеs bywriting thesе on thе boаrd: ln mу opinion. Support fromthеfamiIy if сhiIdrеn arеto st.ldсеss..suщйarisеd the]fi:nа].ll.owned broadсaьIing notr^roгк.l.саusе to |ose interest or еnthusiasm footbа||еr.rаnкed яеtto thetoO _ A аtreоt oroаdwаv in Naш YorКfamous foг itьthoаtгpь. ..'.ge}:]1Р:]}!iellРsi 4 l.b:i{i91]!]..l1l.. isn't оs importаnt .bеl']Рr.. par:qgrlaph ..2 3 4 5 :6 а]m. on Reading in pairs. Language notеs _ a footbаlI p|ayеr whosе mainro|е strikеr is to аttaсk andtry goa|s to sсorе ТеlI to reаdthrough 1-10сarеfu||y studеnts bеforе thеy sсаnthetеxt... @ .tional at ihо оndof JUn9..reсognisе оppreсiоtе аnd еnjoу sоmеthing putoff.. аs . Сheсk thаtthеyundеrstand aIlthe phrаsеs.. : ].n ..s a top-rаnкet . 1d 2a 3е 4f 5с 6b Voсabulary Famo workin pairs.fее| (something) regret sador disappointеd аboutsomеthin8 (somеthing) . minutеs to skimrеad Сhесk thеаnsWеr withthе с|ass. Givethеmtwo thеаrtiсIе..l... . |f mono|inguaI arеavaiIаbIе. . Studеnts do thе exerсisе on thеirown. bесаusе . а oаrtnеr's. _ WimbledonA disiгiсtin ьouth London шhого thоAtl Ongtаnd Lawn Llub is ьituated. is morе ...i' 3 Studеnts rеadthеsummаrу sеntenсes.Сhесk thе answеrs withthес|аss.....1'.. Ф... Сhесk thе answеrs Seе Unit summarуon (ontrnts pages4-5 ф1d 6е z с 3b 7 a 8с 4е 9d 5b т0b Rеading Famе аnd thefаmilу SBpаgеs56_57 optionаl aсtivity I I Warm-up lookat the piсturеs on pаgе 56.ur .:]i:. Whаtdo уou think? Whаt оbout уou? importаnt thаn.tогnаti onall1 foг itаlrloгld Ьerviсo.5 lt'sаn amatеur Timе to talk! to rеadthе оuеstions. |fthеyarеunsure of somе of thе 5 Studеnts tеlI thеmto |ook аt thе phrаsеs in сontext in th..to do tt-: studеnts а timelimitof fouror fivеminutеs Givе thеiranswеrs tt lаndthеntе|| thеmto сompаrе еxеrсisе. tо givееxamplеs fromtheartiсlе of fami|y Askstudеnts bеnеfits andsupport.:. 3 Yо. Languagе notes ..:'.уqt]::.. ] Hе'sa tа|entеd playеr. diсtionаriеs . withthе сlаss..:':1l]'. ТоnnisandLroquo| 1hо сlub iь thоьitoof an аnnuаl laurn tenniь сhamplonаhip intогnа..i:. foг Еriiiьh 9roadсaьIing a . meanings. Dividе thеmintoоairs of fouror fivеto disсuss thеirresponsеs' Pairs or or 8roups groups share theiropinions withthес|ass. а prоfеssiona| ...tthinkthоt. Personаllу.:. saсrifiсеs..nt!$]g*s ]щ. answers oт1 .1.].'..кnown etаte in....}о.:. Тhisis .сanusеthеmto сhесk thеir еxoIаnations. ф . Givеthеmаbout two Askstudеnts minutеs to notе downthеirrеsоonses. .]*оt']n. tеnnis 2 Shе. 9PС .:. Аskpairs to share thеir idеаs withthес|ass using thе phrаses on thе boаrd..'.. is important o'. beсоusе . 2 Studеnts do thе ехеrсisе Сheсk thеanswеrs with thе сIаss.'.

Hisfathеr mustbе |\. goinginto thedrivingsсhool.. Remind thеmto to reаdsеntеnсes Q'.. I don'tthinkso. Askstudеnts Answer anуquеstions theymay under|inе thekeywords.Doeseitherof thеm hаvea fаmous fаthеr? n е l еn: Zeta--|ones'fat!x.*аt11.liсhaeI Zеta-Jonеs.dad wasa bakеr. He'san асtor. or З. sUrname..ж$*. .. ltilodals: logiсalсonсlusions larm-up . ]*Ёrarеslowin guessing whoit is. It mightbе froma biсyс|e. lе l е n and Nig е| : HеIIo. Want to do thisaсtivity aftеr 3 Students Ask do thеexеrсise on theirownor in pаirs."l.. o' 1 lnu$:: 2 сар't. to p|ay thе rесording Тe|| studеnts уouarеgoing twiсе. Сutthеmintopiесеs so thateасhobjесt is notpositivеlу thесIass idеntifiаb|е. no..ilnшi.o. EIiсit or givе thеmothеr еxаmp|es.rtегviеwer: frommаgazinеs... уou mustknowthis.:lеrinе . hasа touсhof the lrishin it.Now anothеr |\4iсhaеl Doug|as group WhiсhBritish aboutfami|у сonneсtions.ll.. ' 2 Studеnts thе answers do theexerсise on theirown.Сhiсаgo). сontaining two brothеrs ]i1еlеn: аre yoursubjесt.WeII donе. In faсtthеy thеусouldhaveWе|sh mightjusthavea We|sh namе|ikеJonеs. might 6 саn't o ! '1 their P|ay forstudеnts to сhесk thе rесording аgain in pairs. Stiсk thеmаround / pieсеs on thе board up individuaI andaskstudents / ho|d to sаywhat bе. l sаwJohn аnd Sylviаtogеthеr.oаsis.соuld 3 mightnot bе 4 .glas' fiIms.l think it was Doug|as. whena negative сonсеntratе on sеntеnсe strеss..2. suсhasThеMаskof Starrеd in manуAmеriсan l. Areyou ready rtеrviеwеr: fami|iеs.No! It.сg41 5.Wеthink it mustbe Miсhaе| question 'ltеrviеwеr: it is.' . makesweets and Anthony с|uе. @ got He|еnand Nigеl IodaуWе'Vе on Keу to Fortunе joiningforсes HelIo аnd to trу and win a fortunе. Hе l еn: husbаnd or thеymighthavеa WeIsh or wife.' Notе: YoumaУ eхеrсise 1. famous аnd hiswifеis Сatherine '. oh. if зэn'tknow You maywantto giveс|uеs to thеirquestions.l'm sUrе.н+i..|t hasto be oasls.*.rtlli .. theiranswеrs answers. (ontinuous form 2 Aska studеnt to rеаdoutthе rulеаboutthесontinuous infinitive.w h atth e W е |sh \ 8е| : be Let's с o n n e с t i oс no uI d first? Тheусou|d|ivеin Wa|еs or сou|dhave|ivedin parеnts Wа|es.s too sma||. Right. it mightbе ooslsаnd Liamand NoеIGаl|aghеr..$. Studеnts сhесk 3 5 i optionаl aсtivity а few on thе |еttеr firstby asking } Youmaywantto foсus . еspесiаI|y moda| is usеd.L*=J Gramm?f sвpages 58-59 ГGrammar сheсk Logiсalсonсlusionsabout thе prеsent Uses 1 Studеnts thе disсuss in pairs asthеydo thе еxerсisе.Didn'tСathеrinе I Hopkins. . Thеуmightbegoingout togеthеr.1. Тhey'rе brothers and thеyhavean Irish Hе l еn: oh yеs. thinkwe neеdа sесond j u stth i n k .lt сouId bе froma motorbikе. they thinkeaсhpieсе might / may/ сou|d pаrtof a biсyс|е Forexаmp|е: whее| .WeIsh marriеd to Miсhae| Zеtа-Jonеs aсtrеss ]':. hаvе.or Еxp|аin thatyouсanon|уanswer уes. AnthonУ Hopkins |t сou|dbе onе of thеm. l 1-5.Сhесk *. .l. .ltеrviewer: for me? Do you havеan answer ]"1еlеn: Doug|as. il:l.l....t.Are you surе? Arе you ready? "ntеrviеWer: \ i gе | : Yеs.: youarеthinking pеrson andthаt thеstudеnts of а famous '|*:lПUSt guеss you quеstions who of аsk to аrethinking . to studеnts to rеadoutthе сorrесt You mayWant sеntеnсes.|Musiсians \ige l: We||. Yеs... ']. l sаw Pеtеr Hе mustbe leаrning to drivе. Students dесidе on theirаnswеrs P|ay thе rесording. Сheсk аnswеrs withtheс|ass. roundonе is on famous for the firstquеstion? Whiсhfamous асtorhаsa We|sh father? сonnесtion and a famous \ gе| : and Сathеrinе Zeta-Jonеs are Welsh. wеIсome to thе programme.. аsthеyIisten.

Thо right vrord 71b 2с 3с 4b 10b 11a 12b 5с 6b 7a 8а 9с Listеning and speaking pagеs Mаking сhаngеs SB 62-6З Warm-up Writе thе numbеrs 1 to 30 on theboard asthеуmight аppеar on а |ottеry tiсkеt.. Тhen youaskquеstions thеymustс|osе thеirbooks whiIе about the сontеnt of thе piсurеs.' Тhеdogmight bе in thеgardеn. Mеmory ТeII students theyhаveonе minutе to lоok at thе piсturеs and remеmbеr as muсhas possib|e. Аskgroups for thеirсonс|usions.lB 16 17 19 20 21 22 2з 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Те|l thеstudents to imаginе thatthеymustсhoosе fivеof thеto win а big piizе.. сheсk studеnts hаverеad сareful|y bуasking somеquestions: Whosе housеwаsit? Whаtwаsstolen? Whois DovеThormаn? Divide students intogroups of fouror fivе.. 4 |tсan. Forexamp|e: a ls thеmоn swimming? ls hе аlone? b Howmаnусаndles аrеon thесаkе? Аre thеrе аnу bаlloons in thеpiсturе? c Whеre is theсаt?ls it аwаkеor аsleep? d ls thepеrsonsinging? 31 саn'thаVе to|d 2 musthavеbееn 3 сan. I supposе mу sistеr сou|d hаvеborrowф them. |t might notbе a good dayto gosailing . |f neсеssarу.t 5 сou|d сould i might. Grаhаm сou|d bеwaiting outsidе in hisсar.. for examp|е: 12з4 'r0 7 6 8 9 11 12 1З 14 15 '. goneto the сountrу. You mustbе vеrvtirеd.e. Rеmind thеmto .Students do thе exеrсisе on theirownor in pairs. Тhatstonе mаynot bе а rеaI diаmond.l-6 |ookbaсkat for hе|p withmodаIs. Асting сan'tbe еаsy. t t I I I 1 must 2 must 3 mightnot 4 сan. Let'sactivate Aгt thoft m1зilor1 7 Writе Whodunnit on thе boаrd. Yourumbrеl|a isn'twеt. Сhесk the ansWеrs withtheсIass. 3 Тhatdrеss сan'thаve сosta Iot.. 2 Тheymighthavе Тhеywantеd to getout of the сity. Аskthеmto disсuss thethеftand mаkeсonс|usions.lzho donеit? i. 6 My boots аrеn't hеre. / might 6 сouId / might 7 must 8 сan't 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Тhаt саn't be Suе. optionaIaсtivitу game.lt isn'tgoing to bе rеlеаsеd untiInеxtwееk. |Vlonitor to makе surеtheyareusing the moda|s сorreсt|y. Сlarе mustbetеIIing thеtruth. Сhесk the answеrs with theсlass. 7 Ji|| might nothavе takеn theсаmera. Еxtension ъ. 5 Тheусan'thаvеgoneby сar. Еnсouragе thеmto givеrеаsons fоrthеir аnsWеrs.|t's froma vеrУ сhеap shop. goandlook. Te|l studеnts thisis a Whodunnit.Howwou|d thеymakethеirсhoiсе? CD . pаges Let's practise grammar SB 60_61 Somе or а|Iof thе еxеrсises сan bе givеn as homework ф Logiсalсonсlusiona 6 Askstudеnts to lookat thе piсtures andto briеfly tеllyou whаtis happening in еасhonе.|-ogiсa| сonсlusiongabout tho past 5 Studеnts disсuss in pairs asthеy dotheеxеrсise. 9oс4uвa'unlosэ' аIthough 5 1 although 2 bесausе3 unlеss 6 .t havebееnrаining.l bесausе 2 а|though 3 beсаusе 4 bесausе 5 unlеss 6 а|though7 unlеss 8 un|ess o'. l'|| /-8 Тhеусan'thavеbought thе СD. Аskthеmto rеad аII the information сarefu||y. Аskstudеnts if thеyknow whatit mеаns(l..whoсommitted thесrimе)..|t'sstilIin thеgaragе.t havеpassеd 4 mighthavе havе / сou|d ) саn'thаvеreсеived 6 musthavеhad 41 Shеmusthаvеovеrslеpt аgain.

Теll thеquеstiоns Givеstudеnts а rninutе to reаd Тhеn thе kеywords. GilT@ -iе wordlottеrу or evenan Amеriсan isn. thаt mаthematiсians thought it wasa сomp|еte hаvea Ben: Whуon earthdid theythinkthаt?Loads of сountries nationa| |otterу. mеntioned 'е rtаinIy l.. Те|| themthatyouaregoing p|ау makе Studеnts thе rесording twiсе. *й.ll. in thе hope of gettingriсh so thousаnds of pеoplebuу tiсketsregu|ar|у q u iсk! L-=*: P|ay the Studеnts theiranswеrs witha partnеr's. тodern timеs.оf thеunderIinеd piсk in thе rесord. Bеn: Yеah. hеlpthеmby writing withthе theiridеas пееd Askpаirs to sharе on thеboаrd.. PossibIе аnswеrs i. winning a lot of monеу! Wе numbers. as you mightthink. sе moneу. -.::те|ottery was hеIdiп 1826.having to paydebt bаnkrupt no monеy аndthеrеfore unab|е _ for еxamplе сurrenсу thеsystеm of monеy usеdin а сountry. was aboutto go : zаbethI was in powеr. Julia. аnswеrs as thеУсаn. Pеoplе lf thеir аrеgoing to bе drаwn оutof a pool0f numbеrs. B en: 0 nе i n 1 4 m i I l i o n? of bеingrun ovеr right. thеirdесisions asthеуIistеn. Еuro . P|ay thе reсording.ii .зppеnto you in Iife.l сarеful|y and to rеаdthеstаtеmеnts studеnts Qo' ТеlI to undеr|inе the kеywords. reading somewher Julia: ln 1995.it wаs* 1995. Тhеу sаythat ЕnglanditseIf in 1560 ::n kruptw hеn the Qu e e nс h an g е d th е v aI u eo f th е с u rrе nс y :' r:ry to its formеr g|ory. pound dolIаrs ster|ing. you Iikеdit or not. Putstudеnts into Dostеr. thеусhoоsе сhoosе lfе. Hеy!Whеre areуou going'Bеn? shou|d Ben: Тo buy a |ottery tiсkеt! P|aу thе reсordin in pаirs. Тhinking about thеmеаning.'.I. Bеn: So whatnumbеrs do thev piсk? _ thе datеof theirbirthdaу. It аIsomаkesрeop|еinto miIIionairеs. Studеnts сomparе thеiranswеrs theiranswеrs.s the thаnуou did of winning by a bus on the wayto buya tiсkеt jaсkpot! Ben: Hmm _ | саn sеethеirooint. students disсuss аnd FindoutwhowouId withtheс|ass.lЁ.е lotterуin Еngland when Queen сan bе traсеdto thе 16th сеnturу. right. сhесk сorrесt thеir rесording for to сhесk and again studеnts аnswеrs.b 6b 7a Languagе notes . .hеlp thеm аndhеlpthеmanswеr.n ::lla rd s.f i.i monеy is а vеryhарpy еvеnt.iyЬu.Yеs. agesof thеirсhildren.*е tvordsoundsаs i{ it mеansа lot ot'. whethеr lrd the Iottery No-onе's not а 20th сеnturyinvеntion. сomеsfromthе |taIian .thе nеw nаtionаI |t Iottеry is rUnjUst Iikеa businеss.thisinformaI thеаdjесtivе eхprеssion usеs quiсkrather quiсklу thanthe аdverb b1 ln 9гitаin.an Еng|ish.but a Iotterу whеrеor whеn the first|otterу wi t h i n с o nnес t i o n tt w аs mе n ti o n е d in th е Bi b I e .fussiblеanswefs numbеrs in thеir :hеy random|у. . thе Тhеy Iikе to |uсky numbers сhoosе JuIiа: thаtsortof thing.Do you? _ dеpеnds got! how muсhmoneу|'ve JuIia:Somеtimes Ben: Whenwаsthе lottery firstIaunсhed? | сan'tremembеr. pairs lf to disсuss the quеstions.а namеforthe British for examp|е: thе sterling сurrеnсу. Askpаirs to еaсhpoint. G@ A talК youarеgoing з Q. you know. at random it sееms that mostpеop|е don..t'tsеs. "j :еsan еnormousаmount of moneуfor сharity. .I remembеr Waste of timе. Plаythе rесording. itsе|f is сertainIy Was irrе еХасtIy bеgan. London's then introduсеd prizesof money.vеhеardthаttoo. Anybodуwho сan Ben: I nеvеrbuу |ottеrу tiсkеts. сlаss. Inthesamеpairs. or Ameriсаn уoUсanpаyin stеr|ing gеtriсhquiсk. withthe с|аss. in Еng|and . sеtsof numbеrsуou me thаt if you piсkсегtain JuIia: But somеbodytoId mighthavеa verygoodсhаnсe of winning. Do||ar.l8. Bеn: l.but сhеa ting b е с аmеа tе rri b I e аn d d i s h o n e stу .So peop|е :tеriеs Iongbеforеthе rеstof the wor|ddесidedto borrowthe ItаIian wэrdlottа. Ben: So whаtdoеsthisa||mean? Iess often. rvords outsynonуms will. 4 Listening in З. thatsomеsеtsof numbers arе сhosen JuIia: It mеаns you havemoreсhanсе of Ben: So if уou piсkjustany oId numbers. аnd шndеrliле thеmto rеadсarеfuIlу whiсhmеаnthе sameаS tе|| thеmto thinkоf othеrwords words. you maythink * оrd.BUtl havеn't a сIuehow it works.Probablytrying to to restorethе o|d stеrIing . unluсkу |ikе 1j numЬеrs Askthеmwhat thеythinkof thе Students opеnthеirbooks.outobе |uсkу ''gg.l think.forеxаmplе thеy.* ТеII tо plаythе rесording studеnts Iistеn and сirс|е as manу Studеnts twiсe. y o u m еa n? J uI i a :I n B r i t a i n. 'ч*iсhofferеdsubstantiа| : -. аgаinforstudеnts to сhесk andсorrесt Фi1taIsе 2Тruе 3Truе 4tаlsе 5Falsе . were using who usеdа lotteryto give peop|еIаnd. апdthatwinning.. wouId notliketo winthеlotterv provethеу аrе he|ping board the сommunityсan аpрIуto the |ottеry for monеyto hе|ptheir саUsе.ing.NoW.ItасtuаIIу wordlotta.: on in 1B02and ru|еdthat privаte|otteries .ЕIizаbеth first pubIiс|ottery.. pеople сan whеrе A |оttеry сompеtition is a gambIing sе|есt numbеrs thеуthink wlnа Iotof monеy. thеy words аndeхpressions Песеssary. WeshouIdn't сhoose one setof Iuсky JuIia:Тhat's piсkany old numbers.т it took to rUn an honеstlotterythat Pаr|iаment bесamеso diffiсuIt Thе IаstoId wеrе il|egаI.apparеntly o ne i n ' 1 4m i l l i o n.buI lts aсtuaI bе mistaken! уou'd *еаning is dеstinу |I originaIlу rеferred to what wаs goingto or t'аtе. wеreabout of winning theуsaidthatthe сhanсеs JuIia:Wеll.si|vеr аnd othеrobjесts. Аnd thеуsаidyou had morесhanсе Ju|ia:Тhat. Сheсk theanswеrs orr1с 2b зb 4a 5. nUmbеrs arеdrаWn.th were hеld from thе 17th сеnturу stаtеand privatеIottеriеs pr o bI em I .an fut of ?ar\iamont iь a сhango in ths lашmаdо ?aгliаmоnt. thеуwin..аvoid thеirаgеor thеirbirthday. justany old numbers. shаrе thеiridеas rvhо andwhv..tpiсknumbers JuIia:WeII.

optiona! aсtivity po|| Таke a quiсkсIаss on howstudеnts сomеto sсhoo|.Аrеyouаmbitious? Сlass groups. hаrder. themto |ook at 5 for hеlpwith thеyаrеgoing ехprеssions. whodo notagrее to givethеirrеasons.Speaking MaКing dосisions s Юd* Rеmind howimportant it is to antiсipatе studеnts rеadthrough Students thе dia|oguе and in pairs answеrs. John: I thinka Iibrary щrcе? Jess: Yes. с sсorеs o sсorеs 1 point d sсorеs questionnaire quеstions саnbе сombined intoа сIass Тheir to еvеryone to do'Тhеstudеnts Withthe highеst andgivеn sсorеs arеthе mostаmbitious. withthewriter Findout who in thе с|аss agreеs by asking Аskthose whoagreе to givе fora quiсkshowof hаnds. multip|ein pairs оr smаII students write Working questions is dеsigned to findout if someonе сhoiсе for еxamp|е: ambitious. for еxаmp|e bikе to sсhooI сou|d |anеs or bеtter busserviсеs. Rеmind thеmthаtA shou|d spеаk thе roIе first. 2 points. go in the gaps. Givеthеm to rеadthе paragraph 2 Askstudents thе to skimrеad thе сompositiоn аnd mаtсh two minutes withthe pаragrаphs. answеrs Writingan argumentfor and pagеs 64_65 against Аm bition SB idеas Brainstorming thеm brainstorm words in pairs аndthenorgаnisе 1 Studеnts groups: positivе. whatmight disсuss fill in as manуof thе gaps as thеyсan. summariеs monitor do thееxеrсisе on thеirown. Monitor thеmas thеvspeak.. rеаsons. с start working d deсidеit wosа bоd tеst.|f possib|е. Dividе studеnts intogroups to disсuss howways of gеtting bе improved.b sсores 0 points. If уougеtpoormаrksin а tеst а fееl tеrriblуupsеt. playthе rесording in |f neсеssary' сhесk theiranswеrs for students to сheсk thеiranswеrs. З points.Studеnts Studеnts pairs.Аskpairs and prеparе what Те|| to say.But you'vеgot to agreethat а disсowou|dbе more popu|аr withyoungpeople. Studеnts askаndаnswеr in pairs. @ . Аskthosе optional aсtivity quеstionnаirе . Nige|: I thinkwe'veaIIdeсidеd 6 mostof us seеmto think that a sport's Hаttie: We|l. Whеnstudеnts аrеrеаdy. сorrесt|у. b not worrу. youthеirwords andwritethеmundеr the studеnts to tе|| hеаding. Studеnts intopairs аndte|| thеmto dесidе whois A and 6 Рutstudеnts to rеadthеirrolеs who is B. сorresponding @ Persuading somеone 1 Don'tyou wou|dbe popu|ar with еverybodу. intothrеe groups Ask Writе thеthreе on the boardin сo|umns. nеgativе or neutraI. Photo disсuвgion intonеwpairs andаskthеmto dесidе 7 Putstudеnts who is studеnts A andwho is B. Thеnplаythе rесording.Тhеngivеstudents timеto preparе thеir answers. stadiumwould bе сhoiсе. Before start the еxеrсisе аskthеm youwhatthеyсansее to lookat thе photogrаphs аndtе|| in еасhone.. poo|wouldbе best? Nigе|: z Don'tvou thinkthata swimming Pеop|e Iikеswimming. 3 Studеnts the thеmastheyworkto makеsurеthеyhаvеidеntified points сhесk thеiranswers in pаirs. the mostpopu|ar thе samplе Studying summаriеs. thе сorreсt theydo pIаy. do уou . Сhесk thе again withtheс|ass. Don'tyou thinkthat+wou|dbе Hattiе: з Whatabouta sports stadium? аn еVenbеtteridеa? Reaсhing a deсision thatа disсowouIdbe thе bеstidеa? Jess: s So do wе аl|agree poo|'s thata swimming thе bestprojесt.

:l. '. Planning and uгiting 12 Bеforе thеvstart.. BradPitt. Undоrstanding tho tasK 11 Dividе to studеnts intogroups of four.lЕ. 'first f lеntlf. аnd impеrsonaI formsprеvent themfromсontradiсting thеmsе|vеs.Сhесk lriththесIass. |аstly.'.jnКng vroгdв 4 Studеnts thеаnswеrs do thе еxеrсisе on thеirown.9tеpsto bеtterwriting .s:'.]. thеmto foIlow points саrefu||y..l991 fаmous duеto hе bесame his ro|e in Thelmа Hе plays manуdifferеnt аnd Louisе' types of сharaсters.irst is usedto tаIkаboutthе bеginning of a situаtion аndto -аkе a сontrast withwhаthappened |ater. Howеvе1 hе droppеd out of justbefore univеrsity hе wаsduеto graduatе and movеd to Ho||ywood. Givethemtimеto brаinstorm andorganisе Tе|I thеsеvеn thеiridеаs. Тheymаrried in 2000 butthе marriagе Iatеr. While shehаsappеаred in manyfi|ms. Jennifеr Аniston wasbornin Са|iforniа shеhas although spеntmanуyеаrs is an |iving in NеwYork.nеvепЁе|ess'thеrеforе 5 Studеnts thе do thеexеrсisе on thеirownor in оairs. In 1995he wonan osсarfor his ro|е tn Twelvе Aniston Monkeуs.Аddany information thе students fromthe informаtion bе|ow. 1 2 3 4 ) Writinga groupсomposition 10 Think aboutthe subjeсt Аskthес|ass to idеntify the pеoplе in thе piсturеs andto givеas muсhfaсtual information аboutthеirIivеs asthеy youthinkwouldintеrеst сan. l: /ast for is usedаt the endof а situаtion to indiсаtе rе|iеf.l\'ritе pairs on thе board or saythеsе of words аnd ask studеnts whiсhis morе formаl: |аstbut not leаstl lояIу moreover I in аddition nеverthelеss l howеver эa l therеfore . forеxаmp|е: l: l didn.$i] fi.'rC. @ .qi. с ''а.l'.. filmingThеОbjесt of Му Аffесtion in 1998 shе mеt hеr husband. Herfathеr aсtor аndJennifer stаrtеd hеraсting at 11whenshе going stаrtеd to thе RudoIf dramас|ub.ll..::9:]::] 7 a.:а. еndеdin divorсе fourаnda hа|fyears .i.:. rеmind studеnts of the order of pаragraphs in thesаmp|е. Те|I the groups disсuss ideas for bothtitIеs andthеnto dесidе whiсh сomposition thеywouId Iikе to write.11l. . . ]. ln . *'. wantto writeaboutmorеthаnone pointof view.. tфe 5 Аskstudеnts whyit mightbе bеtter to usеimpеrsona| forms in a сomposition Еxp|аin thatthеymight of thiskind. Сheсk аnswеrs withthе с|аss. whеrе hе Wеnt to university аndstudiеd journ)ismandadvеrtising.]]f 7-oro arltclo 8 Studеnts dotheеxеrсisеs in оаirs. Hе wasmаrried to Jеnnifеr from2000to 2005.!.t but soonl wаsspeоking t'еelvеrусonfidеnt. optionaIaсtivity .:o'аm oIe: l: !аsttheplаnеlаndedаnd thelongt'Iight wasovеr. BradPittwasbornin 196З grеw up in in ok|аhomа but Missouri. Steinеr Sсhool WhiIе shеwasat thesсhoo| an shеbесamе painter ассomp|ishеd andhаdonеof herpiесеs disp|ayеd in thе NеwYorkMеtropo|itan Musеum of Агt.. с . >. AIthough fromthe сomedy shеis bеstknown as Raсhе| seriеs Friеnds. theanswers with Сheсk L=*== lllапguаge notеs д:-. оr 1 а.rnоrеоvеr.

or on a desk. samp|е сomposition. answеrs ь ProPoаitions 2 1 of 2 of 3of Еxtension 31а 2b ь ЕxPresвions 3а 4с 5a 6с 7с 8с о'. Сhесk thе answеrs whattypеof musiс withthе с|аss. and answеr thе Studеnts сhесk their artiсlе in pairs. TelI themto rеfеr to thе |ist on thе thеmto еxplain whythеy|ikеwhat boаrd and еnсourаge givеthеm is vеryintеrеstеd thеydo. thееndof thеасivitу. forthe сompositions to read. @ . Divide studеnts intogroups of fouror fivеto disсuss thе good quеstions. Remind thеmto thinkаboutwhуthеуfееlas theydo.ftv зhour haвnoьlbecniaYen a вtоp |n Fаme ideaof the. 1 Аskstudеnts to |ook at the photos and in pairsidеntify еaсhphoto shows. сhangеs.s whoсontinugз аndvrho iв vioworь doсide in tha сomoоtition оliminatad.Foreхample. z4 livо iogоihогandaro filrmcd Рuаdemу in the UK сonioьtaniь houгь a dа1duгing thосompоtition. makenotes of mistаkеs and е|iсit withthе сIаss.LhocYing as thеyсhесk thеirwork. othеrgroups I I I I foсus CuIturе page 67 Musiс 21st-сеnturуstуIе SB Warm-up Writе themon diffеrent types of musiс. Word foсus ь Famo and tho famil1 1 1 taIеnted 2 аmbition3 top-rankеd 5 intеrnationaI 4 saсrifiсes 6 top 4o n 5at 6w ith To ver Bеforе studеnts do thе еxerсisе tе|lthеmto skimrеаdthе АI|ow mаximum reаdthе artiс|е.butenсourage 13 Monitor thegroups сorrесt rather than сorrесting thеirwriting thеmto se|f for quеstions аsk |ikeСаnуou improvе them. poopla are 9сitiьhtоlaviвion ьhorlrв in urhiсh Pop|doland?opstаrв сoniraсi. Phrasal verbв 41d 2a 3с 4e 5b 5 1 workout 2 put off 3 80 Without 4 сarrуon 5 hаng on to Talkingaboutyour Gountry givеthеmtimеto rеadthe do theеxеrсisе Bеforе students quеstions аndthinkabout thеirresponses. Adjeсtivе Verb Noun famе аr8ue argumеntatlVе motivаted harm harm dеsirе desirе destroy dеstruсtive сomplеtе thеtаb|е. fuгthoг. Тake a quiсkсlass to findoutwhiсhtypеof musiсis thе сlаss favouritе. . thenundеr|ine the stressеd Students notе if ТelI thеmto thе stress сhangеs whеnthеform sy||ables. whosingthеtypеs of musiс I lt сontаins words fromthе Writе thistаb|е on thе boаrd. Again.or untiI the majority of thе groups votе havеrunout of things to say. Аs a с|аss brainstorm of bands Askstudеnts to givееxаmplеs the board. oaсh wcoY сompelo to шinа reсording thо1hаveto sing a naш songandeiflher a grouP of musiсa1paгts oг thо ьhoш. Studеnts questions. Сhесk thеаnswеrs withthe сlаss. fouror fiveminutеs forthis. Groups sharе thеiridеas Thismay|еad to furthеr disсussion. groups intosmalI Putstudents of fouror fiveto disсuss theirmusiсaI tаstеs. / pеop|е you havеlistеd. a of two minutеs.If уourс|аss in musiс. it bу reordеring thеpоrаgrаphsZ and /s thеrе а bеttеr linkingword Thegroups disp|ay thеirfinishеd уouсouldusehеrе? on thе с|аssroom wall. opportunity forуouto thismaybе a pееrсorrесtion at monitor.

thеquestion andusing job intеrviеw 6 Аskstudеnts situation.lf nесеssаrу... Тhеymust somеwords whiсhdesсribе i|уi(xl.c аnswer |\4onitor thеpairs anyquestions thеymаyhavе. :i-. Studenь..'.'ll l. Сhесk to te|| thеаnswеrs withthе с|аss.. ь . oт1с 2a 3е 4b 5d piсturеs ]еsсnbiп8 аnd соmparing issomеthrng thаtthе я. Jаpаnеsе. thеwords in thеIist first TeIIthеm to rеad .l Piсturе1 (topleft): fоrwаrd ovеr thе mаn is lеаning а dеsk withhishands с|аspеd. |oоking nеrvous.:iе .. .*u''. .Сhесk thеanswers withthесIass.lо. surprisеd. '.tor eхamp|e: freed. body .rе еndоf thеaсtivity. rеmind thеmto usеthе .j5 ihosеfее|ings Forеxamp|е. Piсture withhis 3 (bоttom |еft): thе manis gеsturing pеrhaps hands. lrе sаmе pairs tаIk аbout fееlings and studеnts .!n:цёlь'l:*t!:9:*.:.. Itа|iаns.doin. of hеrsеat..теs саrеfu||у.rаthеr thаnbywords . rеlахed.. Voсabulary 9od1 languago 5 Studеnts do the exеrсise on thеirown.own аnswеrs "!' optional асtivity 1 Whenstudеnts hаvеdisсussеd аppropriatе bodу|anguаgе.d (рarаgrарh 4) g (paragrаph 7) k (pаragraph 11) Lаnguage notеs .sш. .: sтudеnts thеmthаtуouаrеgoing opеnthеirbooks.еnts do theexеrсisе on thеirown. In to imaginе a typiсaI pаirs.. onеwitha student уouсou|d l using appropriatg bodуlanguagе andonеwith i ../ |nаppropr|atе languаgе.thеfinаlrеhеаrsа| rеhеоrsаl drеss of a plаywiththесostumеs pеrformаnсе asthеywouldbе in a rеа| .arаСtеr...] i:]ll:.еrpiсturеs. and сorrесt ^.' :riпkis tуpiсal оf thebodу|anguagе of Аmеriсаns.'.hеy might in thеirсhаirs withthеirarms sitbасk шlе. Рiсturе his heаdin 2 (topright): thе mаn is ho|ding hishаnd. sharе ! llptional aсtivity *j( !тUdеnts havе nationaIitiеs if thеv thinkthаtdifferent x .... . аs Studеnts sсаn thеtеxtand undеr|inе thеwords thеyfindthem...Сhесk Аsk thеаnswеrs withthе с|ass.:.i rolеp|ау two interviеws. As in 1. giving : -:stions rathеr than а detai|еd dеsсription of thе piсture. Foolings 7 Rеmind studеnts kеywords whiсh wi|| he|p to undеrIine thеmto find the wordsin thе tеxt..: rIinuоus whеn аndto answеr the tеnsе appropriаtе. Givе themabout Divide а minutе to notеdownthеirrеsponses.tш Unit sшmmarу on Contentspages4-5 feаding pages68-69 Bodу lаnguоge SB Students workon thеirown. CD . Gеrmаns.rе 4 (bоttom riфt):thеWo. t .l ' : i l i '.own аnswеrs Time to talk! Askstudеnts to Iook аt thе photograph and rеаdthе questions.:9 т-атthеypraсtise. ь' 1 сool 2 nеrvous З сautious 4 tеrrifiеd 5 rе|iеf 6 strеss I Фil Youсou|d do thisеxеrсise orаl|y as a сIаss. |оoking tirеd andworriеd..l) a (pаragraph с (pаra$raph 2).. ry. еtс. :-.. Аskstudеnts parts whiсh stаtеments of thе tехt arе reflесtеd by thе уou thevсhosе. studеnts tаking turnsto dеsсribе thе to workin pairs.. Piсturе is sitting оn t|.. thеm Notе аny frеquеnt еrrors.. angrу'nеrvous. of bodу l-. ..hеуwork. еxplaining or quеstioning. Enсоurage thе reasons thеmto thinkabout ansWеrS. t::l. For еxamp|е.mаn еdgе frowning. .еring thесorrесt tеnsе.r ь Пossible answеrs . studеnts whatwouId body disсuss bе appropriatе language.: !rаmp|es youсouId са|I out are.=:. с|utсhing herbаgtight|у.. Dеmonstratе by asking a morесonfidеnt quеstions я"ldеnt to аnswеr 1 and2 аboutthеfirstpiсture.. monitor surе thеуarе andmаkе . i -. thеmintopаirs thеir or groUps of fouror fivеto disсuss forthеir аnswеrs.Remind themto skimrеаdthe teхt.rеvealing tell-tаIe andgiveаwоу or indiсating somеthing thm'п-up ls'i:":.1 2 Piсturе suggеsts а man who еnjoуs роwеr Piсturе nеgоtiator З suggеsts а сonfident Рiсtures 2 and4 suggеst thаi thе pеоplеdo not сopе wеl|understrеs| . :..!]i".. Pаirs оr groups thеiridеаs withthесIаss.'' depressеd. to studеnts whiсh words thеуundеr|ined in thеmеanings hе|p thеm.r. tе|| ']l 'i ]L]t fееlings. аnхietу.thеir. of fееlings l":. for using thеirbodiеs. .r' Studеnts...еnt what do kinds |anguagе..dепtswiIlhаvе it is imрottаnt to. sits.] :. 'r. TеII to rеadthе Exam trаining studеnts .thе proсеss bodуlаnguаgе of сommuniсating by thеwaуonе stаnds. movеs.

Тhisis emаiIs usershаvesеntor rесеived сomouter Ietters. @ . but it hasa|soсhanged at somеtime.'l.l. butdo notсorrесt thеirprеdiсtions of thegaps asthеу filIin as many Studеnts thеrесording' саn.J. Forms (D . aboutwhat..*.son at our |oсaI to information shouIdmean tha: to musiс. studеnts P|aу thеrесording in pairs. hаs bесome meansсommuniсation thanks tс to writeto strangеrs аnd we are now morе|ikely moreinformаl of Intеrnеt usershаvеvisitеdсhаt rooms.. than oId-fashioned usingеmаi|s.Оver40% in subjесts is that thеy a||ow attrасtion уou arе intеrestеd уou to disсuss nеedto boreуour interestеd. Еifteen and howthеyaссess сommuniсate morеand morе peop|e then it hasbeсome but sinсе usedthe |ntеrnet.:ll. for are findingout othеr thingswe havestartedusingthe Intеrnet reаding the news сinеmasand thеatrеs. lf monoIinguаI diсtionаriеs in ЕngIish if are telI thеmto сhесk anyеxp|anations thаtthеyarе avаi|abIе' thеаnswеrs withthесlаss. а8аin.Howevеr wе haveaIsobeсomеbеttereduсаtеd thаt We сan arе' we haveto remеmbеr of the Internеt thesebenеfits too |ongin front of and that spеnding withoutсomputеrs survivе сomputers сan mаkе us |аzуand bе bаd for our hеa|th.AIIthis ассess and Iistening good аl аnd informed. r in pairs. what thеythinktheboyis doing in pairs. Сhесk thе theiranswеrs сheсk and сorrесt Studеnts withthе с|аss. Сheсk thеanswеrs with do thе еxеrсisе 1 Studеnts thесIass. it is to antiсipatе studеnts howimportant .Grammif sв page570_71 з The presentpеrfeсt Warm-up on pаge 70 andte|lyou to Iook at thе piсturе Askstudеnts on hisсomputеr. optiona!aсtivity words from].Ф't Rеmind words in thе notе: thе missing Askthеmto prеdiсt answers.for еxаmplе: * thеirbooks. to еxp|ain as mаny of thеwords asthеyсan. to сomеout to thе board studеnts аnd Iеt { тhеnсhoosе i i i in thе Iast 20 yеаrshavebееnin thе way pеople сhangеs Thе biggest yeаrs аgoveryfеш informаtion.tlе. Askstudеnts to с|osе Наngmaл using i P|aу monitor. 2 Askthe pairs possib|е. do thison thеirown. Not only do*-i and opеned WeWаntby pressing a fеw kеl.Тhe сhat rooms. Youdo thеfirstonе.:. Сhесk answers.Тt. rathеr beсausе understаndаbIе quiсkеr |t hаsa|sobесomt and еasier. Сhесk thеаnswеrs thе ru|еs 2 Students сomp|еtе withtheс|ass. Studеnts beforе PIаr thеmаt thisstаgе. Сhесk сompletе thеiranswеrs. o. Unsurе аbout. аnswеrs ф:l 5 I [Grammar сheсk Past simple and presentpеrfeсt simplе Usеs on thеir thеrulеs in pairs anddесidе disсuss 1 Studеnts thеanswеrs withthе сlаss. You no |ongеr are equa||y withotherswho Ioса| friеnds. it meаn wе сan find out аboutany subjесt lt seеms ovеr90% of thе waywe сommuniсаtе.Сhесk thеуIistеn. popuIar a whoIenеwworldto thosewho useit.

. inс|uding thе tеxtin thеsоеесh mаrks. optiona!асtivity p|ay gamе.:l.:. Askstudеnts to idеntify the Hollywood? tеnsеs in thе саrtoons.l. stiil.. 4 alrеady @ .ll..llll:. sinсе 7 Bеforе youwhаtis studеnts do the еxerсisе askthеmto te|| 2 HasRасhе| sееn anУfiImstаrs sheаrrivеd in sinсe hаppеning in thесartoons.. сom 4 Pamhаswantеd to bе a vеtsinсе shеrеadа book or 'l about onе....|. 2 5 JuIiе hasn't spokеn to Samsinсe thеyhаdаn з argu mеnt. 5 BiII hаssеntmetеnemaiIs 10 o. Mаrkhasn't stoppеd Сhесk pIaуing thеanswеrs withthе сIass.. Studеnts do thе еxerсisе in оairs.'h. 3 Sinсe hе bought a сomputеr. to share thеir аnswеrs withthe сIass.ll..l::.l:ll:l::.'!:n. Bеforе studеnts do thе еxеrсisе. А is aIIowed Studеnt to сheсk the dеsсriotion withthеbookooеn. Сs. Сhесk thеаnswеrs with .1.l. A|tеrnаtivе|y thisсouldbe given forhomеwork. YaI.l. а mеmory Put (Aand B)....l.11l?i.'l..l.... 1. to tе|I еaсh othеr аbout эт 1 Wеhavеnеvеr p|ауеd game: thаtсomputеr thеir wеbsitе. simple аndсontinuous. yеt 5 2 yеt. G'Prовsnt porfoc| Thо prоsont porfeс|simple and prosont Porfoat. Tim hasfaIIеn оvеr ) manу timеs.l. forstudеnt B to giving dеsсribе in аs muсhdеtаil аs possib|е..j. 3 Sаrаh hаsbееnon a соinputеr сoursе forsixweеls.::'. 4 6 Sinсе hе stаrted ro||еrb|аding. Let's praсtise gramП?I sв pages72-7З .с|oсk Somеor al|of thе exеrсisеs sinсе this саn be given аs homеwork.. Тhеnstudеnt B сhoosеs onеof therеmaining сartoons forstudеnt A to dеsсribе...ФbfiЁв. [еt'sасtivate Тalкing abou| a uоbsito t0 Studеnts lookat thewеbsite аnddisсuss in oаirs thе infоrmаtion Аskoairs thаtit inсludes.. Ds.1е с|аss... B. С or D. Extension Й. сontinuous 1 1 Johnhаsn't flownin a plаnе hе Was tеn.2 or З. |'ve с|еanеd . haswritten 8 hаshad 9 hаvе doing уoubееn 10 |'ve bееn сIеaning.I 4 Howmanyphone сal|s hаshе madе? 2 HowIong hаsshеbееn working / hassheworkеd аs an асtrеss? 3 Howmany СDshаsshе|istеnеd to? 4 Howlonghave thеybееntherе? 5 How|оng hаsshеhadit? gamеs 6 Howmаnу сomputеr hasshеbought rесеntlУ? Фi1 з 5 I 9 Studеnts tаlkin pаirs what about thеyhаvе donеand havе bееndoingon thесomputеr rесеnt|y. groupS a lette1 А.!inсe.l1. б Studеnts writе thesеntеnсеs on thеirown. in thеnсhесk 12 Bеfore groups givеeaсhstudеnt forming nеW in theoriginal pаirs.*l$аt:t6n.!lшdеnts do thееxеrсisе in oаirs. Bs. 2 1 hasmаdе 2 havеnevеr sеnt 3 go 4 hаsrесeivеd 5 hаsbесome 6 hasaffeсted 7 had 8 disсussеd9 hasgiven 3 1 hаsbееn studying just 2 l've won 7 p|аying 3 Hаshе bееn 4 hasjustfailеd 5 run 6 hаsbееn аpplуing. h1sinсе 2for 3еvеr 4nеvеr 11 Dividе studеnts in groups of fouror fivеto disсuss thе points and makеnоtеs. Studеnt А сhooses a сartoon...:'.'.l.Givе students intopаirs themoneminutе tо study the сartoons bеfore tеlIing thеmto сIosе thеirbooks... Remind thеmto usеthе оаst prеsеnt pеrfесt simp|е.l].l.. 4 Hаvеyou еvqrv!sttёd. 2 Thatсgmрutg1 hаt'1!l1йikаd. hashad 7 hаsbeеnwriting. morning. Monitor to mаkеsurеthеyаrеusing thе |anguаgе сorrесtly.l..ll. puter games.i:1.Nowaskthe studеnts to form : groups thе new of Аs.

Hе hаsn't Sal|y FaIse. Zлmonhot ьo ii hааhadoveга hundгоd LudшiK to з1stam is bаьod ьuссoььfu|. Studеnts сomp|еte аnd сorreсt Playthе rесording Сhесk thеаnswеrs withtheсlass. bеIievе3 has. Falsе. libra ry. Io \oarn эoundь Ihore aro still notmаn1 ьpоаКe. studеnts wеrеsurprisеd @ . .. over1obeсomo a ьuссeььfu| \anguago' oьporanlo ia unliкol1 @ eхсеpt in сommonWiththе Аmeriсаns Тhe Еnglish hаverea||у еverything of сourse. pеopIе? Now. @ @ Еng|ish wasspokenbу 5'500'000 Did you knowthat in thе 17th сеnturу. What shewantеd things other forsports саsuaI shoes oi running! Playthе сhесkthеir аnswеrswith a partnеr's. bought tiсkets forthе сonсеrt ) FaIsе.it'sthе firstor seсond|anguage of аbouta quarterof the popu|ation variеtiеs and if you сountthe different of the |anguagе wor|d's _ sсiеntifiс. to shаrе theirideas you p|aу whаt the rесording. agаin. I to|d 2 Did. вo thаnthаtof бngtieh.".wеbothlivein -. yоагь L.Тhe right vrord I I i Ameriсan Еnglish bеtwеег of diffеrеnсes to giveyousomееxamples Askstudеnts сouldbe in voсаbularу. аsthеV сan..4?li* Askstudеnts Plaуthе whi|е theylistеn to thе reсording. Bеforе сhоrасtеristiсs). Studеnts Сhесkthe answerswith the с|аss. Еng|ish. Askgroups tо lookаt thеpiсturе withthе сIаss thеiridеаs to sharе points 1_4. Studеnts write to reаdthе questions. 4 hаvеmеt 5 stаrtеd 6 hаsdесided / dесidеd 7 add 8 hasworkеd / hаsbееnworking visited hаvе 11 hаvе 9 hаd .гa. yеt. thе bookbaсk to thе Hе hasa|rеadУ takеn Fa|sе. askthе students . by аnyof thе аnswеrs.|anguagе.) еxаmp|е. to sаywhаtthings students Wеbothhаveblасkhаir.. tе|| thеir сhоiсеs уоu + youarеgoing students to p|aу thе reсording Quo Tе|I Playthе rесording. / invanted in tB61 oьporanlo iь a|anguage \ tha?olishphilologiьt. Hе hаsaIreadv askеd abouta саrееrs intеrviеw.|0 doеsn't done 13 Did ... rесording аgain if nесеssarу.000 words or misunderstanding on oneor of words сause сonfusion Womаn:Lots Have thestory of thе thеothеr sideof thеAtIantiс. thеаnswеrs rесord ing. |ook 14 touсhеd 12 have and speaking Listеning Vаriеtiеs of Еnglish sвpagestц-ls groups intosmаII Givе thеma fеwminutеs 1 Divide students аndanswеr thеquestion.Io in сommonmeans(shоrе hаvesomеthing the еxprеssion' asktwo thаtthесIаss undеrstаnds сheсk (tor thеyhavein сommon. Studеnts сirс|е as manyаnswеrs twiсе. Disсuss thе quеstions oraI|y Playthе rесording. Аskpаirs to makеintе|ligеnt to but do not сorreсt them аt this stagе.got 7 1 hаvе.ф. _ thаt'smorethanany other|аnguagе in the wor|d! like800. Thеsе Amеriсan and British grammar or pronunсiation... Askif theiranswers.6'I 2 3 4 Тruе phonеd yеt. Shethоught Аmеriсаn in oxford Street pеoplе who taIking about aII thewrong mеant sneаkaround _ peoplе were trоinеrs hаve done. teсhniсaI and so on _ it hasa voсabuIary of somеthing diаIесts. studеnts disсuss Аskgroups Inthе sаmеgroups withthе сlass.. Although itь ьpоlling on bocome the аnd it thaгefoгe muсh oaьior of Iho|anguago. о flotwasan to|dhimhе hаdа flаt? whуon еarth thеТехan shou|d te|| so hewondered apartrnеnt meant thathisсarhada flаttvrе! himthаt_ buttheТexаn gir| whomеtan of thеЕng|ish Mаn: Andthеre's another storу it Iooking forsneаkers. уoUhеard who on an еmрty roadin Texаs whometsomeone Еng|ishmаn Тothe Eng|ishman. Listening Тho Еnglish |anguago workin pairs to сhoosе thеiranswеrs bеfore 3 Studеnts Rеmind thеmthаtit сanbе hеlpful Iistеning to thе reсording' guеsses about thеanswеrs. аs а сlаss. Hе hasn't o.

Thismаkеs it partiсu|ar|у dangеrous if usedbу terrorists. to i||ustratе groups prepare their TeII thе to thеir .?ndy _ swеets сookiе . Аskpairs to tеl| lou thеirсhoiсеs butdo notсorrесt thеm. aboutordinary who buуthings +Еurthеrmorе.pavement sidewalk trunk_ сar boot Ths Arnогiсan laliсogrаphог NoаhЬlebьtоr stаndагdiвed Ameгiсаn spalling in hi5Amогiсan Diсtionaг1 Language.s drugstore shop irenсhfriеs_ сhips gаrbagе / trash. s To sum up. thе lnternеt is so bigаnd usеsso manyIanguages it is diffiсuIt to poliсе. listrеasons and summarisе.D. Те|| them to matсh thеwords theyfindеasiеst first. Фl 1 3 British.Тhеy shou|d givеthеirtаIks. Studеnts workin pairs to mаtсh thеAmеriсan Еnglish words to thеirBritish Еng|ish mеanings.rubbish _ pеtro| . thеnсhoosе а spеakеr. t'toor andtrunk аIIhavесomp|еteIy diffеrеnt mеanings in British Еng|ish. Ask Studеnts power thеmwhatthеythinkthеsongis about(the of lаnguаge).Theyсan usе this information to steaI moneуand idеas. partiсu|аr|у people bankdetai|s. Те|I to hеаra song thеmtheуarеgoing аboutwords. э lll _ ba nknote _ сhestof drawers эUrеau зп т | n . thеoneаbovе is thеfirstfloorаndthе onеabovе thаtis thе sесond floor. andto thinkof rеasons andexamp|es points. Iisten on|y.Аskstudents whеthеr theylikе|anguagе: theirown or Еng|ish andwhy.s. to сhесk in a mono|inguа| diсtionаry if theуdo notknow. Thеspеakers Takе а сIass Vote. ovеrthе Internеt. Plаythesongаgainforstudеnts their to сheсk аnswеrs.swееtbisсuit _ сhemist.film movie _ fulIstop реriod rеstroom_ toiIet :есondfloor. з Тhаtis bаd еnough. Еnсourаgе thеmto prеdiсt go in thеgaps. Oftho6ngli6h r.Playthe rесording forstudеnts to сhесk and сorrесt thеirаnswеrs. Askthеstudеnts what thеmеаnings ТеlI thеm arе.sесond Еng|ish wordsbill' burеоu. 1 1 5 т {)". P|аy thе rесording. Briеfly disсuss whаt they think about thе|ntеrnеt in rеIаtiоn to сrimе аnd tеrrorism.фaт. thеfloorat ground |еve| is floor thеground floor. Studеnts сheсk thеiranswеrs in oаirs. you bill. @ . Сhесk thеanswеrs withthе с|ass.qа5 _ post mаi| . plaсe. Plаnning groups 12 Dividе studеnts intosmа|| of fouror fivе. P|ay thе reсording agаinif neсеssаry. whatmight Point outthаttheywill bе givе еxpressions usеd to opinions. Soundbitеs Word1 Fаppinghood l3 .firstfloor .. monolinguaI diсtionariеs areаvаiIab|е.в Askstudеnts to read thеtopiсin itaIiсs.а largе boxthаtуou useforstoring or transporting (British) things Simon ln l mv opinion' thе |nternеt makеs thе wor|d а moredangеrous z Firstof aII. l . tе|l thеmto сhесk thеirownanswers. P|ay to filIin thе thе rесording again for studеnts gаps.t 5 6 @ optional aсtivity ТheАmeriсаn gas.l1. l Брtting t Studеnts rf do thе еxerсisе on thеirownor in patrs. Studеnts rеad whatSimоn says. 11 Stчdеnts do thе еxеrсisе in pаirs. сriminaIs сan haсkintothе сomputеr systems of organisations аnd find information аboutthеm. Studеnts thеgаps сomplete andthеnсhесk thеiranswers withа partner. SoAmеriсan English sесond flooris firstfloorin British Еnglish' trunk.Makеsurе thаtsomеgroups аrеgoing to spеak forthetopiсandsomе against it.lhiсh шаs in |8Lь flгьtoublishоd Speaking Givinд oPinion6 1g 6fв.Tе|| thеgroups to аddаnypoints theусаnthink of to thеonеsIistеd. P|ay the rесording.a piесе of papеr whiсhshows howmuсhmonеy (British) owеforgoods or sеrviсеs bureаu a Writing dеskwithdrawеrs anda Iid(British) gаs. Сhесk thеаnswеrs with thdсlass. gаs forexamp|e. (British) in а сookеr _ sесond British in Еng|ish.l Ф . I thinkthat Iifewаssaferbefore thе Intеrnеt аnd wou|dbе bеtter Without it.a substаnсе whiсhis usеdfor hеаting and сooking. tа|ks using thep|an аndsomе of thеphrаsеs in 10аnd p|us phrаsеs thеyhavе in units sееn 1 to 5. but thеусanаlsofind information.

thirstу.Еnсouragе phrasеs andexprеssions in thе |еtter thаt undеrlinе the thequestion.l'. markwhiсhwords theyhear(pаpers.thе students stupid. person' people. students сompаrе Whеnthеyhave to do as a wholес|аss Thismaybe easiеr othergroups. rеsu|ts with finishеd. forеxаmp|е.trans|atе'thеm to intoBritish Еng|ish.Te|| thе studеnts thаteightof solution. tlцotheaters. solution). hаveeverfoundа mobi|е Whathappened? i Eng|ish sеntenсеs on thе board. Thelаdies. for eхamp|e: studеnts l put thе tеndollаr bill in thеburеаu. TV. firsttime.restroomis on thеseсond t'toor. romanсe.Сhесk withthесlass. youp|aу Whеn thе reсording forthe thе 15аrein thesong. Stepsto bеttеrwriting Formal and lоse formаl voсabular1 thеanswers 7 Studеnts do thе еxеrсisе on theirown.сrozуtroubIе. thеse Write thеirfindings on the boаrdusing aсtivity.mod' troublе.vidеo. on thе board. I I I thе questions in pаirsbеfore 14 Students disсuss sharing thеir с|ass. hungry. Write these Words on thе board: romтnсe' intelligent. Writinga lеtterof еnquirу M o bi l е p h o n еs SBpages 76-77 Warm-up anddisаdvantages Brаinstorm thеаdvantagеs of mobi|e phonеs With Write thеirideas in twoсolumns theсIass.' r optional aсtivity papеrs. workin smallgroups to findoutthe information. 2 Students @ . on тrаIns pеop|е whаttimе dangеrous сantе|| if usеdwhеndriving youwilIarrivе sсаn thе |еttеr andanswеr thе quеstions. Thесentеr сontаins Тhесookiеs аnd саndуаrе in the trunkwith therestof the shopping. bуе.hungrу. thе sampIе Studying Underвtandingtho taaК whiсhаdvеrtisеmеnt is reаdthеtаskanddесidе 4 Studеnts pаirs forwhiсhsituаtion. Write someAmeriсan Аsk .сrаzу. Thеmаilboхes in Britаinоrе сolored red. Сhесk 5 Studеnts withtheсlass. stupid. hеlpthemto answеr фiii Classsurvey to |ook аt thе oiсtures 1 Аskstudеnts andanswеr the quеstion. ТV. thе answers thеm 6 Studеnts do thеexеrсise on thеirown. headings: whoovlnа mobilephone: Numbеro| students Whуbought: Uses: brothеrs ownа Numberof studenвwhose / sisters / pоrents mobilеphonе: Whуbought: Uses: if thеr Аskthеstudents Arеаnyof theirfindings a surprisе? phoneusеful in an emеrgеnсy. for еxamp|е: Advantages сanсhаtwithfriends аt anytimе Disadvantages disturb othеrpeople whеn usеd in publiс. Putstudеnts into to appropriatе disсuss thеiranswеrs. This mav lеаd further idеas withthe to disсussion.

Extension ь. Youсou|d mаkе this еrеrсisе а raсе to sееwhiсhstudеnts a|I I pairсanmаtсh :hееxprеssions first.Щoсtivоa 31f 41 2с 3d 4b 5 а 6е rе|iеvеd 2 familiar 3 advеnturous4 rаrе ) сommon 6 sensible 7 strаngе I apprеhеnsivе / nеrvous l. l. tь a сonьoquenсe he ondeА uP шith turo а сivilьогvаnt jouгnaliьt сritiсin and drama \ dа1and afrce|anсo tдlhila hiatpaго timо. аskthеmto сheсk thеir ownworkusing thepoints in 12. hiьfаthог waьYoon thathiаюn hаda pгopeгjob and joining inвiьted on 9гаm tha сivil ьorviсe afierhо gгaduаted from jobь. Rеmind thеmto usеthеformаl еxprеssions thеy foundin 6 and7. Й1am 6toкогis famouь Draсu|a. 1 o6l* Beforе studеnts do thе еxеrсise.ho mci aIamouь aсIor сa||ed6iг Henr1 lгving. Haшaь boгnin tB4] foг шгiting in Dublin.таnу studеnts ownа: эiсусlе .l posture 2 hаndgesturеs3 fасiаlexpressions 4 еyесontaсt 5 toneof voiсe 6 hаndshаke olmost t Studеnts do thе ехеrсise on thеirown. lгalаnd andgг9$l uP Wаnting to writо liкоhiвmothог.Aссapting it mоant movinо to Иndonto vroгК in aIheairo. Putstudеnts intopаirs andtеII themto brаinstorm whаtsortof ехtra information thеyсouId askfor. (hocYing youсheсk 12 Bеfore studеnts' |еttеrs. ъ'Phrasal vогbe 5 1 tryout 2 kееp upwith 3 work out 4 arеIookins for 5 findout 6 fi|I in Readingfor Plеasurе TheJudges Нouse SB pagе 79 your letterof еnquiry Writing llndоrвtanding tho ta6к Sгudеnts rеadthеtаsk. 10 TеIl studеnts to |ook at thеаdvert andto mаke а notеof thе dеtаi|s. Tel| thеm to lookbaсk аt thеsamp|е |еttеr for ideas if nесеssarу. о'Vаriоtiss of gnglish 21 d2 6 t/ зb 8с 4 т 5n 9 е 10a o'r 1 2 з 4 optional aсtivity \k studеnts to arrange thе еxprеssions of quantity in оrdеr fromthе most to thе |еast. wir of skis @ .Сhесk thе аnswеrs withthе сIаss.Сheсk theаnswеrs rvith thес|ass. andthеwords andfigurеs in B. }о а с|аss forеxamo|е how survеy on studеnts' т.keepmy earsopеn. infested.tflmifing аbout faсts and figuroa t Studеnts workon theirownor in oairs. аdvise. шhooffered9ram аjob. hаngmаn' сondеmn to deаth.tr^rаs Whilo in onq|andho ьtaвod wгitino ьhoгtstoгiaа аndnovоls. Write thе numbеr of students on thе boаrdnеxt to eaсhitem. \^loгкing аааjouгnаliэt. Рlаnningand uriting planandwrite t1 Studеnts thеirIettеrs in сIаss or for homеwork. on their Studеnts thеndo thе еxеrсisе own. Warm-up Askstudents if thеуbе|ievе in ghosts. Hoшsvgг. Answеr anyquеstions thеymayhavе. Hаvе аnуof thеmhad аnysupеrnaturаl ехpеriеnсеs or knowаnystories of pеop|е who hаvе? Lеtstudеnts tе|| thеirstories andaskthес|ass to possib|e thinkabout ехp|anаtions forwhаthappеnеd othеr than'ghostly' ones. possеssions. pagе 78 flWord foсus SB * * * рodl |anguago 1 . Сhесk thеаnswеrs withthе сIass. Askstudеnts to writеsеntеnсеs about thе с|ass using thе еxprеssions in B.nlсulаtor :ar iD plауеr fiо{ thе fo||owing wordsfromthе text:hаuntеd.Horlras univeгвi\. askthеmto rеаdor Iistеn to thе еxtraсt.

Ju|еs going 2 bееn 2 1 bеen сrying 3 hаd 4 nеvеr workеd 5 beеn 6 сomе 7 bought 8 watсhеd 3 1 2 3 4 5 yougiven yеt? Hаvе Jаnеmy mеssagе Wе'vе sееnthаtfi|m. Grаham сou|d Тim might Iikе Isаbеl|е. / Johnhаsn't John passеd hisdriving tеstyеt.t sports сompеtition. I t I I Lеt's revise Units 5 and 6 sвpagesво_вl Grammar 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 СIarе сan'tbе 20 уеars old. Rеmind theouеstions thеmto аnswеr thewhу/ whу not?pаrts of thе quеstions. Dividе groups to disсuss thеquеstions. to sharе thеiridеas with thе с|ass. Bеforе studеnts to read andthinkabout thеirresDonsеs. alrеаdУ yеt. are 2 hasshown 3 hasannounсеd p|aying 5 hаsmаde hаsbееn hasreсentlу rе|еasеd7 hаvеinсrеasеd hasIeft 9 expIаinеd .l ta|sе 2 FаIsе } Тruе 4 Truе 5 7 Fa|sе Yoшrrеaсtions givеthеmtwo minutеs do the eхеrсisе.l0 hаvеbеen 11 dесided 4 1 4 6 8 VoсabuIary 5 1 famous 2 tаIеnted 3 ambitious 4 sасrifiсes 5 pushy 6 to thеtop 6 1 сlutсhing2 gеsturе3 ho|ding 4 frowning 5 firstimprеssions6 еyесontасt 7 hаndshаkе Phrasalvеrbs 7 'I oft 2 on 3 without 4 on 5 out 8 . Dаvе сouldbе tirеdfromworking so hard. 6 Jimis stiI| hеre. Sarah hаvе sееnthеXtrеme сan.l putoff 2 workout 3 сarryon 4 gowithout 5 hang оn 9 1 kееp up with 2 findout 3 filIin 4 tryout looking for 5 @ . l hаvеn't bееn shopping yеt? Havе thеybееnon ho|idаy passеd hаsn't his stiII driving tеst..Ф. bе watсhing ТV. musthаvеbеenat thесonсеrt. . studеnts intosmаII A||оw a Askgroups mаximum of tenminutеs.

piсtures iге\ 8еtthеiridеаs from:fi|ms.. g.:rаpоugh l'rrlmepэal Voсabulary Population 4 Bеforе thеtеxtto studеnts do thе еxеrсisе аskthеmto sсan findandunderIinе thеwords. rеmind Iikеits. @ . Give them answеr thequеstions with thе с|аss.h Unit summaryon Contеntspages4-5 АskindividuaI to sаythеmаloud...:" 3 Studеnts thе answers do thе еxеrсisе on thеirown.. Na.d.:.. аgent Language note immigrаte is not сommon|у usеd. qпg'у Yorkseеms to be .... o. NаtiveAmeriсаnь Nour iь Iе.. . : '. . .r.i. books.Сheсk withthе с|ass...06 I 1. estаte houэpв oг Engtiьh оxpгоssion meaning is аn Amоriсan propeф. .k аndwritethеmon the board..dеnts Thisсou|d disсuss thеirimpressions of NewYork.iln .11.navo no сonnoсIion With ths Far oaьt.004.** .6onfusingl1.'.i f6ortcti. lнrъ66 а reаltorin *1. ..'.. inhabitаntо of Amoгiса wgra thоoгiginаl Amогiсanь 'ыj. . saying thеdatеs andnumbers.. a 1626 b 1524 c 19О7 d thе. . Сheсk thе answеrs -]qutеs.756m 2.dеlэwеэ/ .rm tho moreaссurait. or juвI Аmeriсаn Arn0гiсan6 oIten rс'ans... wе tеndto useеmigrаtе instеаd.. musiс.tivp trЁ. do thе еxerсisе Students on thеir own.rэkwc/ or /'rekclJ ltе..t z 3 1l 5 6 l..000 j $z+ k $1.:'i Ты..:.|7th сеntury e thе1800s f thе1840s g the1920s h 116 i 14....е.'. Rеmind thеmthatsomе mightbе in thе missing sеntеnсes. ...:.rguаgе notes Fтшrrunсiation fliТt:..оliais ' ... '. Ф. in Askstudеnts howthеwords to exо|ain itaIiсs hе|pеd thеmto mаkеthеirсhoiсеs.lo bu1з andssllshou&sandlandiь сa]. Studеnts thеn studеnts praсtisе in pairs. .000 km fваdin g NеW York SB pagеs B2_BЗ quiz $шпск l ftldеnts fivе in pairs.: ]. . .те thеsе ohrases on thе boаrd: l :rink NеwYorkis / mауbe ...ttаrе /. а Тhs бngliаh Aгiiish equivаlоnt iь "ш-с.i.::. group *:rеr bеа сlаss Whеre do or а smаII disсussion. . *. .l сould to dеsсribе Nеw brаinstorm 50me adjесtivеs aIso q:r.1qur. studеnts thаtwordsin thе missing sеntеnсеs rhшand thеsе or аftеr rеIer to sоmething mеntionеd bеforе thеmissing sеntеnсе..] ..|ed ц. Ц':. -. it'nu*Ьо i.]..i*'il*i'. |f nесеssary...iLanEnglish andаn estаte in 9гitishЕngliьh...1 lmmigraпts 4 rеsidents 5 n\--rve \ll0г9 сa\\od Indiаns. i.. i-":.#]tli'"с. t-sн*.]ois /. for еxamp|е: eхсiting."1i: optionаIaсtivity i:.'. 1wеф. or tе thеone hеrе? NеwYork? Havе anyof thеmvisitеd fu..beсauьe erploгeгв in whоn Europоаn fiгstагrived trе'гiсa (iouthoaьItndieь ihо1hadroaсhodIhe iha1thought :а* Aоia). lп'ь'ilijц}li.l.

dау it's bш thе mаteria| during in а spесiaI сoverеd onеthey thinkеасhonеis andwhiсh they аndWhat whеre of different сoIouв' aII sorts Iike rainbow.000 You're Verу. Jane: plaсе to stay andthose whojustwantan interesting somе |fyouwant oссasion. by еliсiting to findoutif it wаshauntеd students deсided nесеssarу onеof theowners mento stаy fourbrаve in.Thаt's withthe с|ass. the |сeHotеI J anе: Аnothеr film. buttheywantеd Iiked thеideaof a сastlе' I wasсontaсtеd bу hotеI. a саve. @ progrаmmе we're ta|king to Jane todaу on Thetrаvеl Interviewеr: whiсh Holidауs.They andthensomе friеnds to goto Frаnсe.. four _ on different there (аrсhitесt pеrson аn . and fеe|ing if WeI|. oneof уourmorе Те|I usabout Interviеwеr: quitepoрu|ar. or in Sсot|аnd. thеfourth is . idеаs riсh. island on a man.с:krtеktJэ/ Thestudуof thisdesign ) of uswhodon'tIikе quitеa story. bесаusе bаgs. do the еxеrсisе 2 Studеnts withtheсlass.000 About to Givеthemtwo minutes to rеаdthe questions.? buildings is соlled whodesigns А and saw thedevi|. and сorreсt to сhесk againforstudеnts Playthе rесording withthесIаss. |.? (аrсhitесture /. Stuart stav at сast|е YouсouId Janе: pеoрle say. сan. youmean o/? theсoаst? Don't Interviеwеr:o//theсoast? асtuаl|y. it а|l stаrtеd it or BеIieve Janе: in rеnovаting andinvoIvеd an аs an arсhitесt wasworking it to somе Amеriсаn in a сast|e.The every it'srebui|t bесause unusua| уear.m аfraid. сanyou in ho|idaуs in unusuаI speсialises Jane. fivеto disсuss speсiaI sIeеping aregiven Guests sharе thеir сanbе_4 to _9. J anе: сheapеr? What about somewhеre Intеrviewer: |t. hoteI fora speсia| whowanta speсiаl or in а palасe. A beсome in Swеden's WеIl. Whаt do voumeаn? RebuiIt? lnterviewer: it'sals: it hastobe. busi gotoffiсes What sortof a|| overЕuropе! Аndnowyou've lnterviеwеr: peop|e stayin yourhotеls? in arсhiteсture. so to guеss thеanswers beforе workin pаirs 2 "e&. Iistеning аbout it' Itwasbuilt storiеs fasсinating therе are somе WеIl J ane: guеsses thеаnswеrs.madе in sea: lt Was bui|t the No.. That's Haunted? Interviеwer: Rеmind thеmthatit сan bе to thе rесording.s hauntеd. therе's 8.. Аskstudents haI|. butit'sа fasсinating Warm-up J a nе: boаt andit"s Iooks like a saiIing |t arсhitесts.. J a nе: viaа bridgе or by heliсoptеr. it |ooks a at night in and why. soIdier. l rесommеnded oIdhotеI friends of thеirs сontасtеd me. Аftеrthаt themаnother so I found too'andrеаlised thеre mаin|у Аmeriсans butothers others. a сinеma аn аrteхhibition it'sgoing to have Тhis уеar of fouror thеmintogroups Divide notеdownthеirrеsponsеs' of iсе' wi|| be madе |сеBarandeverything anda fantаstiс аs thеуwork Monitor thеstudents thеiridеas. thаtyouаrеgoing ТeI| studеnts as mаnуаnswers as thеy Studеnts сirсIе P|ay thе reсording. rеaсhed |t's Thе passivе verveхсlusive. answеrs in theirnotеbooks.с:krtеkt/ wasfound dеad.. prеparе thefo|lowing words.popu|ar hotе|s. Jane: justofftheсoast in of Dubai. pаirs butdo notсorrесt to te|| lt i5sаidthat story.. in summer Wel| as it mе|ts Jane: _ nеw everythiп. anothеr of a High|and thеghost /.|f . if neсеssаry. b' andс aretruе if stаtemеnts to dесidе to workin with thе answers Сhесk thеmаbouta minute. you bе very you'rе have to riсh. Groups temperatures voсabu|аry thеmWith hеIping а bit hottеr] somewhere What about notwarm! lnterviewer:ooh. Сhесkthе on theirownor in pаirs. new rooms. to buiId arеused tonnеs of iсеandsnow З0. hotеIs.. ? (me|ts When l thеdаr k.so heаsked he movеd beforе questions: Аskthese theysaw Two of them said nights.. to spеnd thеweekend most|ikе wouId is it? Нowеxpensive Interviеwеr: a night.. Diе Bond in thеJames onеappeared similar andis сirсlе of thеArсtiс Swedish onеis north Doу. redesigned Тimе to talk! it. Аsk' about mаkеinteIligеnt hеlpfulto yеars agoandhаshadа vio|еnt four hundrеd a|most youthеirсhoiсеs thеm. do theеxеrсise 3 Students @ .. to stayin а hotе| Wе'|| findit forуou! or еvеnin a treе' in thеdesеrt сhесk [Grammar The passive Formsand usеs Тhеnаskstudеnts to rеadoutthеsentеnсеs. а сompany ot Fontosу Hotel Сameron hotels.Аskthem on at thе to Iook 1 Аskstudеnts whitе.Butасtua||y.. Yеs.rепrЬu/ sunnуаt thеsаmеtimeis а . thе сlаss. sсarу Тhere. in unusual Sol sеtup the forho|idays wasa mаrket nеss.s onepаrtiсu|ar|y history. at the bасkof thе book. themor usethewordlist orсуou sеein thе skуwhеnit rаinsаnd is Thесolourеd / .}-s5 sвpages Grammif thеArabЕmiratеs.. Givе or faIsе. of somеof thе workin pairs'lf thеyareunsure 6 Studеnts to hе|p diсtionаriеs theyсan usеmonolinguаI mеanings.. thе answers Сheсk thеirаnswеrs. pagе tеаm of еxpert piсtures 84. 1 Аskа studеnt pаirs a. in thetrave| businеss? howyougotstаrtеd еxp|ain very waywhеnl in a smаI| not. lnterviewer: |tsounds bya Itwasdеsigned buiIding. so it'snotforthose Тhat's InterviеWer: lme|tz/ iсeturnsto wаterit. |t's thе BurjaIАrab. Studеnts ls it true? intеrеsting.в in faсt nеw suites. whoarеintеrеstеd Wegetpеop|е A|| sorts. a tеnt witha ghost.7 (rainbow ) to p|ay thе reсording twiсe. Iooking at over$1.

: l ': : : : rl ..... z drЁ. 3 A |argе arеaof forеst wаsdеstroyеd by firе in Аustrа |iа.. 1 .... . сombining аndvoсabti|arу. 3 1 2 3 4 yеаr. . 3 is..: : .. .: .... ".. 4 Тhеsuspесt wasbеing fо|Iowеd whеn bythе pо|iсe hе сrashеd intoa treе. .".. :: : -: . to findoutthе nесеssаry informаtion.Wаs:snФ'{fl. ... groups 9 Divide thesma|| intopairs to makе andаskstudеnts group а new pair... 2 1 Guerniсо wаspаintеdby Piсasso.: . .. A||ow а mаximum Notе:It of tеn minutes.: в lо о k Ё .. :. '". quеstion Monitor to сhесk thеyarеusing thесorrесt forms... Askstudеnts to putthеirhandsup to givеan аnswеr... l.: ". . :.. :: ' :: :: . .. :.. .' .. . ТhеfiImis bеing mаdе at thе momеnt.. .nciieЁ:ijffфd : :: ..:. ... ... .: .:. .Аskstudents to rеadout their аnswеrs andсheсk аnyproblеms thеymight hаvе. . bе оub|ished 7 is bеing transfеrrеd 8 is notа||owed :.. ..:.... TеII thеmto сhoosе a fi|mand makеnotеs. z с rеiit ЁЦ... : '' :' .: : -. Мonitor during thе thеwеаkеr studеnts асtivitу. Thrее sсеnеs hаvebeenаddеd to thеfi|msinсе |аst night.. '.. Lеt'saсtivate Dэsсribing a film 8 Dividе studеnts intoоаirs. b ёliiЁц iеd..1 ' . 10 Studеnts usеthеtеxtfrom7 as а modеI.Somеor aIIof thеexеrсisеs . . '.... withа diffеrеnt Pairsusеthеquestiоns in 9 to sееhowmuсhthe nеwpаirknowаboutthеfilmthеy group.....:.:. Тhiseхerсisе сan bе donеin с|ass or аs homеwork.. beеnrеportеd printес 2 arebеing 3 havеbееnmаdе 4 wiI| bе bui|t 5 wеrеtaken 6 wi|l.. .. . аskthе Beforе сhесking theаnswеrs studеnts in pairs to сlеarup any to сomparе answеrs diffiсuItiеs.. 5 .. ...Тhisis a Studеnts do thе exеrсisе morеdiffiсu|t know|еdgе of grammar еxеrсisе.....i'...t: : :".. ........:.: : . ..Сhесk withthе сIass.. .. Name Film Film typе 1 Aсtors Те|| students to usеthe ouеstions in 8 to аskstudents about thеir fi|ms andсomp|еte theinformаtion. . .......:.. .. .'.. . . CD .. oт1 2 з 4 5 6 youсou|d 6 Fоrvariеty do thisеxеrсisе as а who|е сIаss асtivity.".qglisir.. . :'r'''" .... .aa. : . . ..'. Writе these headings on thе board andaskstudеnts to сopythеmintotheirnotebooks. .. a { te r .. 7 ТhеhoteI Wasnotdеsignеd forа сo|dсlimаtе. ..... сan bе givеn as homеwork. . .. 5 Wаsthе fi|mmadеin NеwZea|and? 6 Тhеdesign is bеing studiеd аt thе momеnt. PUt studеnts intopаirs or groups to сompare thеinformation. .. :... on thеirown.:. disсussed in thеiroriginаI optionaIaсtivity Questionnaire Tе|I studеnts thatthеyaregoing to askthe otherstudеnts in thес|ass аbout thеir fiIm. : .... ..i.. : . tutu 4 Studеnts thе аnswеrs do thееxеrсisе on thеirown.. ..Dther tenses 3 Point outаgаin thаtеvеnin othеr tenses сhange уoUon|y thеformof thеvеrbto bеto makеa passive. . -' Lеt's practisе grammar SB pagе BG-B7 ь Pаasive 1 1 Has. Тhеnеwhotе| wiI|bе builtnеxt ТhесrimеWаsn't disсovеrеd forfourdаys. withthес|ass. . : 9flщ*]]... mightbе neсеssarу to askstudеnts to do somеrеsеarсh of а favouritе fi|mfor homеwork. .' 6 yjli.....: Thеowners оddedthеrеstaurant to thehotеlin 2001' 7 Bеforе students do thе exerсisе аskthеmto skimrеadthe paragraph. Students сomp|etе thеtabIe on theirown.. 1 :' . . o' 1 wаi addgd . . . .." ..'. :. . 2 Parking is notpermittеd in thе сеntrе of town.

WeI|.ъ**o'*****. in ran dom i theеxеrсisе. evеnУou' if you feе||ikeа bit of exсitement! Thе idеа for my gаdgеtfirst саme to mе when I was tаking photosof posingfor thе сamеra.':. to сhесk for studеnts agаin as а сIаss.your dеsign might be сopiеdbу someonee|sе.sthе your invеntioninto wordsаnd drawings.ЕVеryonе wаs reallуа саmera? thаt а tie it: how about of whеn I thought Тhаt. thе reсording as thеусan..t words fivеextra listеn а thеy Whеn theуhеаr. Askthе on thе саssette. arrivеd wеrеsрokеn were Wеrе wеrеbuilt 1 I I I A talк playing Bеforе skiII. da Vinсi. thatthеyheard thewords With thеgаps .уou oughtto do as muсh rеsеarсh is uniquе. as you саn bеforеhand Тhe thing is. to notеwhiсhwords studеnts theyсanсomp|еtе theinformation.-'-: @ .so you shouldn'tеventеl|уour friеnds thе dеsignand app|iеdfor a patent!|f аbout it unti| you'vе registеred you don't registerit аnd app|yfor a patent.. by a lot of fаrmеrs аregrown orangеs bу сomputer. |f thе patеnt offiсerаgrеesthat it's аn originа|idеa. |ooked some friends...and |'dget somе of thеm! niсе relаxedpiсturеs short|уaftеr that. еffесts wеrесrеаted spесia| Those bеing аrесurrеnt|y of сarсrimеs А seriеs pо|iсе' bуthе |oсal investigаtеd storm.. iswеa * |fуourс|ass аdd about and thе boаrd on order. on thе kеysеntеnсеs foсus Playthe rесording. somеonеto|d mе that аny ideа for a new AnуWay. in уour produсt. thequestion 2 Disсuss . Iаwand nobodусan сopy it (wel|.Тhen. youwilIp|ay twiсe.this persontold me I should сontaсta patentagent.Justgo for itl by Miсhе|angelo. or try to ThiswiIlalsohеlpthеr. by Lеonardo wаspaintеd 7 Thесhurсh its |еg whenit brokе trained wаsbеing I Thеhorsе pages 88_89 lnvеnting tomorrow SB and spеaking Listening Listеning ь'Рvtive or passive? 41 2 3 4 ) 6 7 I 2 3 4 э 6 7 I аrеmadе WasnotrеIеased watсhеd is writing Hаs. produсtnееdsproteсting .you knoщ thе pensthat openеdout into paraсhutes. thе (noun.by? Тowеr dеsignеd э Whowasthе ЕiffеI pаinting the rooms havеbeеn 6 Thеdесorators rесеntIy. anyonе thanks kind of thing. r wаsdisсovеrеd $ optionalасtivity from words writе themissing k at Iistеning. so unnaturaI.. of sсiеntists by a group 3 4with 5of 6by 7 2bу 2 bу 3by 81of 7bу 8 with o. еtс) adjесtivе. as mаnуof thеsеntеnсes сomp|еtе Studеnts rfфi. Tе|| studеnts whentheylisten.you сan sureуour dеsignreaIly to mаkе absolute|у or уou сould ask а eithertrу to produсethe thingyourse|f.}*' аnо rеad thе sеntеnсеs to thе studеnts ask rесording. seсrеtpowers _ gаdget now seсret сan own a to me. theуwiIlhеаr. waspaintеd Сhapеl ThеSistinе in Са|iforniа.. by а terrib|е wasdеstroyed 5 Hishousе arebeing studiеd of thееxpеrimеnts 6 TheresuIts аt thе momеnt. oersonwho has to trаns|ate Тhеn Уou send уour аppliсationto thе Patеntoffiсe.!:*Ф|sй*sgatqф 5 '. timеto сompIеte sесond . wоrd of possiblе what sort prеdiсt words. appеаr thatdon.so don't be put off. your dеsign is then protесtedbi they shouldn't!). you be interеstеd might think who mаnufасturer of but I took hundreds |t took me aboutа уearto get thingsorgаnised advаnсeordеrsat onе show аlonе.Тhat.. Iistеning is a usеful Prеdiсtion t '.4. thеirаnswers сheсk Studеnts thеiranswers. bееnmеndеd wаssto|еn Was. vеrb.Tho right uoгd 9 1 mаkе 2 wasbuilt 3bv 4 bеgаn 5 wasdisсovеred 6 hassuffеrеd 7 hаsbеenrеbui|t 8bv 9 wasdestroyеd 10 by 11 of 12 gеt 13 сost 14 hasbeеnphotogrаphеd 15 wasbuilt '16 bесamе 17 bе bookеd 18 takеs P|ау thе rесording in pаirs..s Тhen nobodywou|dknow I was takingtheir photo.i thеfirsttimе.**o @ Еxtension ь' Tho paььivo uith by 2d 3f 4e 61с 1 2 3 4 5b 6a With wantеdone of thosеgadgets ЕVer sееna JamеsBond fiIm?| а|Waуs thат .driven disсovеrеd hаvе / disсovеrеd wassold beсаmе began. Anуhow.".

эusinеss plаn. P|ay thеrесording agаin to сhесk thеiranswеrs.Тheysaidit wаsn't thаtspeсiaI or unusuaI and I'dnеver Ll'i]i". I Iеft sсhool ехiс. gaps studеnts fiII in аs many аsthеyсаn.|.s15 |t..vе won five WеWere _ |arge|у for our dеsign and good it'sproved vеrypopular bесause 'iшrrxl]']! i ш.thjs leаdаnd |istеn йhiсhwords аt thеиmе timе. 'l [ ]*.:.oduсt..8 Yе. ]]]... wе rеntеd a bаthroom in pеopIe's j.. Studеnts |\4оnitor аnd mаkеsUrе thеirro|е quеstions them thеуarеforming аnd rеmind thе сorrесtIy to usеohrasеs fromеxеrсisе 6 to soundmorеnаtura|. :.. ' t'**.'.5 to сarryon. с h e ap l.аt. In faсt. neеdсommеrсia| know-how to turn it into a suссеss.. Studеnts dесide thеsoeаkеrs madеthе statеmеnts сheсk or not.rg somеthing to сarrya hot drink in а thatwouIdallowpеop|e getting !. 1f 5a 6b 7e 'l.l....'l.. аnd I thinkbeсause on quite it. :а:еnt..t].so it doеs...'-< As а rеsuIt.I Wаssсalded ]1ц:''. 4 .:. Language notes FiIlеrs Iikе Whеn thеse to1sound morenaturaI сanhеIp studеnts pointout\that not theуarespеаking..I'|| lt.but my сustomers .il. |lgdiffеrеnt аnd | еndеdup as a markеting аnd eаrnsomemonеy' illr.AskB to |oоk to аt thе produсt dеtai|s and be prеpаrеd answеr Asouеstions.s sеeif | саn showyou..'. Тhе Iidсomеsoff easiIyl +0h vеs..l . :пloughout )l{Е-j::omakeit. ": . l.l.. in the сountrу but a сovеr '.:'.:'l]. it. -..n d а skеd е v е rуmo b i |e mеtotryа n d fi n d o n е .. llii пе:.-.'еаrsago. Howеvеr.l:-. the mostimportant ooint.so I app|iеdfor a bеIievе зnd sеt up on my own.l.l:ll.]..i.l6..I p h o n e d . two сatеrlng for the design.Тhеrе уou arе. @ .1 .l. withthе с|ass. l " just so I Iikе thаt didn't exist.ll. Jtilе3[еr ] Speaking Lonverьallion fillоrs в оф. l Сou|d for? сustomer: is thisgаdgеt vou te|lmе what. lllг::liеs and a сoffee-shop |tWas to usethe produсt.Now Assistant: Ah.i\ intеrеsting. -UpWithout .l.а nd s te а|i nth g е i rp h o n es а nd sa ythа ti t p rе v е n ts givenmе the сourage lit ] /..i. Pointoutthat.You p|aсe thе |id* justso _ and usеthe hand|еs to turn it.s hеreon the bасkof thе Iаbеl.:. Сheсk thеаnswers withthесIass.g.:.=rsix months WhеnI firststartеd talking to сoffее to gеtit right.е Uрw itha design s аu n a th аtс o u |d b e fi t t edi nt o for a s ma||.i].'... poo|thatсou|d garden but bе big swimming fit intothe tiniеst *п.l.:l.I approасhed -.mobi|e Voсabula11 5 Students withthеir workin pаirs to mаtсh thееXprеssions mеanings. Givеthеsесond answеr as an еxamp|e quеstion) a good andaskstudents if thеyknowаnyothers. we аdopted а r l. so аs a сhiIdI hаd probIems at sсhooI. '." .it'sа|sobeсoming guests зr tvith wаnt to offеr their a bit of a few hoteI owners who ' 'l'll: .э'. .ТheуthеnIook thеyarеintеrеstеd at thе produсt in sе||ing |\4аkе whаt thеproduсt surе thеyknow / buуing.... :': ..: :lnаnd stiсkat it! jrшP. r. to p|ау *а:сhеaсhinvеntion сomparе witha speаkеr. аbout whаtinvеntion ц. Сheсk thеanswеrs 2Yеs 3Yеs 4No 9 Nо . .'l.' @ P|ay thе rесording andсorreсt аgainforstudеnts to сhесk thеir аnswers. for сhi|dren our firstfew years wе didn'tеvеn to swim in! During 'l...s сonvеrsation..:..'::l':.cеnts yoUarеgoing Thеy therесording onсe. thеyjustshowed mе the door but l еvеntua||y шli. ц. Wе.. @@ -.! Дll ! r-adiointervisvr cфз Те|| Putthеminto studеnts to |ook at thе piсturеs.my fathеr сompany and I wereaskedby a homеimprovemеnts ii .l l .l : .l.Studеnts thеir forstudеnts answеrs in pаirs.t I deсidеd to trу and solve by a саppuссino.i1. сhainagrеed got u зt You'Ve to bеlievе in your first.:.l..*.s now a huge suссess.:'.l:. thеmtimеto Write theirnotеs...'. Playthе reсording whеther again. P|ay therесording.r.' lrithout My |аtest idea is a smaII too muсh additionaI expеnsеI " l l.sfor opеning thingslikеjаrsаnd bott|еs.s to tа|k theyсansееin eасh onе.blеmrather l'm a dеsigner' so I started thаntаkethe сafёto сourt! i'"". Сustomеr: And how doеsit work? з We||. Еxp|аin thatit is veryUsеfuI to hаvеsеtphrаsеs give you whiсh timeto thinkof whаt to sayin a (Thаt.:] bасkto thе offiсe сutting up bitsof сard..j(еr 2 ll.*.с.1No 5Yes 6No 7 o-hеаkеr1-сuр Spеаker 2 _ sаunа phoneсovеr $еаkerЗ . o*l.but aftеrI wentto business sсhooI. l.]p and withinsix months ц1li-q in businеss... :it mаrried Тhеn l mаdеup mу mindto do аnd hаd two сhiIdren..But I wаs determined to provеthem wrong. Theywаnted а phonеthatсhangеd p h o ne ti.Аskstudеnts Wr hаvеundеr|inеd andWhу.mnot riсhyеt..]l]]].:. Fоle pla1 7 Putstudеnts whois A and intopairs andtе|| thеmto dесidе who is B..ц['*зl\еr з п :. аWard Aftеrthata сhаinof hoteIs.r:": пary-sized homеs. .].ii.l. p е o p Ie .-.:Е" Тhe idеaсamеto me in minutes.:. is.l. thеyshou|d ovеr-usе thеmаs pеop|е might thinktheyhаvе nothing to sayl Askstudеnts to rеad thеdiaIoguе.:'. cасker oUrown_ one whiсhin faсtсhangеs and we сrеatеd Lll. and I burnt.'l. Assistant: it firm|y on top of |et. {'l.iurer шll ': .€ ) . We|l...eхaсtIy' z Assistаnt: Тhat's а goodouеstion. n.:. qskstudеnts in Words to undеr|inе thе mostimрortant еаф stаtеmеnt thеmto wi||hе1p in 4.srea||у сhеapеnough for peopIe quite ]пJ] 1сomеs to bе аbIеto affordit.. Тe|| Ihеmwhiсh thеy thinkIooks thеmost j:.-:аntfor a pасkaging сompanу.: г '".]]. but it.оfessionaI Inventing a nеw produсt is onеthing'but approaсh.i] ]go..': the 12 сompanies аnd pеrsuaded the daу.е r answеrs withа оartner's.ll:.|ttook and startеd ll -".т::s зnd fаstfoodсhains. о....'. Givе pеrform p|аys. Studеnts ]. аnd how muсhis it? Сustomer: justсheсkthеpriсе.s .

2 еvелtual|у3 proud @ . In pаirs students сhесk their answеrs rеferring to thеtеxtif theynееdto.ууant.. Еnсourage thеmto rеfеr to thе tеxtwhеnspeaking. Аskstudеnts to сlosе theirbooks andreаd outthеannounсеmеnt to thе сIass. Studеnts сompаrе thеir answеrs withа partnеr's. с . :'rl.) Pointoutthаttoo manуspесialist thesаils..Iikе andfigurеs. words in a trave| story сanputoff reаdеrs whodo not thеm. 6 Аskstudеnts to sсаnthеtеxtto findand undеr|ine words 1-5. sаilor уасht.|:tttt thе reсording. makеa storу soundmore reaIistiс. o-. Askpairs to shаrе theiridеаs withthе с|аss. drеаm.lf thеynеedhelp.. (Forеxamp|е: Do thеyknowаnу morе? rоise аnсhor.. trеat thisas a Iistening aсtivity.butthе сorreсt undеrstаnd useof а fеwwе||-known faсts onеsсan. 3 Students disсuss thequеstion in pairs. thеmfami|iаr withthe thеуhаvе tunеof thе songbеforе to сompIetе B. to fuпhеr disсussion.Givе themtwominutеs. Studеnts сhесk theirаnswers in pairs. Writinga shortstorу pagеs90_91 Trоvеl Writеr oI thе уеar SB Warm-up Askstudеnts thе rest to tеII of thес|аss аboutа travе| bookthаt thеyhаvеpartiсu|ar|y еnjoyеd' What wasthе bookabout? Why did theуenjoу it? Studying the samplе 1 Students read thеаnnounсemеnt andanswеr thе questions. Ol 3 mind 4 Romе l:. Сhесk theanswеrs от. в . Studеnts thеnworkin pairs thе meaning аndсhoose of thеwordin thеstory. hоrbour' soil (v). fry.Сheсk the answers withthес|ass. or twoеXаmplеs of timerеferеnсеs. '.td 2a зb 4e 5с 6f 7g thequestions in pairs 9 Studеnts disсuss before shаring thеir Тhismav|еаd ideas withtheсlass. This wi|| makе win. hoist bow. for еxаmp|е: сyсling. stеrn. Сhесk the withthес|ass. Сheсk theanswers withtheсlаss. withthе с|ass..уасhting. P|ay thе songagаin forstudеnts to сhесk thеirаnswеrs.:.-_- Soundbitеs You can got it if 1ou reall1шant f $ $ $ optionаl aсtivity Аs a firstlistening еxеrсisе writеthese words on the board to order themasthеylistеn: andaskstudеnts now. P|аy Studеnts |istеn andfilIin thе gapsin thе song.A.1:t. Е"B. ...:i:ill Stepsto betterwriting Doвсriptionв 5 Askstudents to matсh thеwords аnd meanings without looking at thetext again. horse ordaring paragraphваnd ovоnts 2 Аskstudents to workin pairs to rеordеr thе paragraphs. 1а 2a 3а 4b 5а optional aсtivity in thestory Аskstudеnts to findаIIthеwords speсifiсa||y Withboats assoсiated аndsaiIing.Фт.ll:lr: :. ь.wау. givethemonе 4 Studеnts workon thеirown.. Аskstudents to thinkof words assoсiated withan advеnturous aсtivity thеyenjoy. аnswеrs Ф. Сhесk theаnswеrs withthес|аss.'ll.t" D. АItеrnаtivе|y.

5 Bесаuse hist'аmilуwerеproudof hin. Аnothеr to thinkof аn intеrеsting шаyin whiсhthеусаngеtthе rеаdеr's is to mаkе attention surе theirfirstsentenсe is interesting. Тhismаy|еаd to fuгthеr disсussion. if thес|аss is еnthusiastiс.че thеstudents thеfo||owing answеrs to somеquеstions: I Bесouse hist'аther tookhim sаiling. orjust bored. DispIay thеwinning in thесlаssroom оr on thе storiеs кhooInоtiсеboard. Givе themone minutе. hаvе a rеa| с|ass YouсouId (othеr tompеtition withа panе| of judgеs tеaсhеrs? (travе| students fromаnothеr с|ass?) and prizеs books?). Asa с|аss. hоi] ь Confusinguords 3 1 disсovеrеd2 invеntеd 3 foundеd 4 found 5 rеfugееs6 asy|um sееkеrs Тalkingaboutyour Gountry givеthеmtimеto readthе Bеforе studеnts do theexеrсise quеstions аndthinkаbout thеirresponsеs. 2. 1 Studеnts opеntheirbooks and rankthе itеmsin thе list aссording to howmuсhmonеy theyspеnd on them. tl Еnсourаgе studеnts tit|е.goI 4 1 gotаwaу 2 gotoff з gotusеd to 4 gotstuсk 5 gotby ь'Phrasal vоrbs 5 1 grеw up 2 kееp upwith 3 making up 4 сomе upwith 5 sеtup Hriting your story ll. Culture foсus Spеnding hаbits аnd pagе lifertуlеs SB 9З Warm-up TеII studеnts to сIosе thеirbooks.-J ъ' Usos of. 2 Divide studеnts intosmаllgroups to сompare answеrs. Dividе studеnts into groups groups questions. tUord foсus SB pagе 92 ь'Nоu YorК 1 visitеd 2 inhabitеd3 4 еmigratеd 5 |еavе 1 truth 2 mind 3 supposе 4 hаrd 5 baсk 6 question 3 Bеforе studеnts do thееxеrсisе askthеmto skimrеadthе tеxt. 2 Bесоuse he сouldsееkiller v'thаlеs bу his уасht."*. Point out thatthеyaIIstart WithWhу? ThiswilIhеlpthеm гlеаiisе thе importanсе in of making it сIеаr whуthings happеn л story. 3 Bесоuse theуwеreсurious.l фI t. 1 аftеr l sh 7 sttoп|y аt2 Extеnsion L. thе on thеir Сhесk i"rs\l'еrs withtheсIass.tпdргstanding tho taэK and planning ' Adlisestudеnts thatthеirstory wiIIbе morеinterеsting and сопvinсing if thеywritеaboutаn еxpеriеnсe they thеmsеlvеs havеhаd. ТеII studеnts to rеad stаtеmеnts 1_Bаndto sсаnthеtеxtto findthе missing information. Тhеnaskthеmto еxсhangе withа partnеr's and сhесk work stоriеs еасhothеr's шsing theсhесk|ist in 11. brainstorm things thаtstudents spend thеirmonеy on. Al|ow a mаximum of two minutes.dеnts do thе еxеrсisе ownor in pairs. Booksand magazinеs СDsand vidеos Goingout with friеnds СIothеs Presents for friends/family lБ. Lц'pIаin thattheymustworkout thеquеstions bу reading thе l]ieш. о' 1 thеirоwn home. Find outwhiсhоne in thе |ist thе с|ass spenф1nost monеу on by asking fora quiсkshowof hаnds for еaсhonе. (namеs of students) m {skstudеnts to сhесk thеirownwork. Тhеymightlikеto try bеginning thеirstory withdirесt spеесh' Rеmind studеnts tо |ook baсkat еxеrсisеs 2 and4 forways of sеquеnсing еvеnts.ТеlI thеmit doеsnot mattеr if thеir plасе story takеs сlose to homеаnd not in аn еxotiс С0Untry. lt is thеwaythestorу is toIdthatis important. @ . 3 hеа|th andfitnеss "4 shortеr 6 morе. Сhесk thеаnswеrs With thес|ass thеntеlI studеnts to rеаdthеtеxtagainin thеirowntime. of fouror fivеto disсuss thе Ask to shаrе theiridеas withthес|аss. . 4 Bесousе it wоsgoingto bе hismoment of triumph.

. ..:.l.km rаil journеу?) answеr: 4..l'li.l$..trаve|Iing km bуtrain ]'6-.roсk с|imbing _ 6..1. Tаkе is morеaсtive in mеаning..lТтlt.l.. 7 а 8 Thе 9 Тhе. Тhе riskis riskу.l.4 working as a dееpsеafishermаn 7'1.. 0nе givеs an answеr.. а 10 no аrtiсlе @ ...:. thеmost dаngеrous аspесt of а flight to Аustrаliо?) Youmaywantto аskyourstudеnts to сontinuе in pairs...Тrlu 6 Fа|sе l.'.i. bаsеd on thе information Suggеstions: answer: 0.ssеJ!. no аrtiсlе .]i. lt iь paгtiсulагl1 urall..::'.llnaэ..l...a suffix whiсhmeаns а dеviсе t'ormeаsuring somеth ing' for exа mp| е.:.:l'.s upsаnd downsusua||у refеrs to thе diffiсu|tiеs аnd p|еаsurеs . о..l..l Studеnts ansWеr thе quеstions in pаirs.. Givеthеmfive minutеs.stЬti5iiсq. еxс|аmation mаrks (оnthе riskomеtеrl to thеairpогtI) Bеforе studеnts do the еxеrсisе askthеmto readеасn statеmеnt сarеfu||у аndto tryandmаkе a dесision bаsеd on whаtthеyhаvеrеadso far.'l. 3 Тhеаrtiс|е lt inсludеs: сontrасtiоns (pагtiсu|аrlу in thеdrrесt spеесh).....:1.. Аskstudеnts to thinkof somе еxаmp|еs of peoplе tаking risks. spееd omеtе r.].Ф..s аnswеr: Theсarjournеy to thе airport.l.'.Сhесk theаnswеrs withthес|аss..'.. it'sсrеditеd аt thеend.. Lit'е..i.l.].l.....:l..n. Jjketihio.. wаshing 5'5.:l. ]...11.. Language notеs Wetаkеor runa risk.З.dyiпg up оr wа|king downthestrееt for20 уеаrs 6.PossibIе аnswеrs 1 A riskis the possibilitу of dаngеr...Studеnts thensсan thеtеxt to findoutwhеthеr thеirdесisions Wеre сorrесt... .... adjeсtive from 2 Writе thесorreсt аnswеrs on thе board.ttйЬ'..* Voсabulary Possibilit1.. .. on thеfirstsу||abIе of thеsuffix: /rrs.. . tо whiсhthеymustmakеthе quеstions.. а... Seе Unit summarуon Contеntspages4-5 Reading Mеоsuringthе QuiсK quiz .:.'сhаnсеs like|y...8. .l. do people think job?) is thеmostdаngerous (Whаt.thestylе of writing 2 |t usеs а p|ay on words in thеtitIe.l.З(Whоt is the riskof mаking а 160..:'ltа1}sе.. twominutes to tryаndanswеr thеthreе |f no-one hаsfinished givе аfter twominutеs....l .'..2. pairs.. . сan a|wаys thеma уou Iittlе bit morеtimе...I60 1..born mаlеbеing murdеrеd?) (Who answеr: Hе's thе dirесtor of thе Risklnitiative.d.... oтl ]t measцrеs ..: .]lil'.5 5 соngequеnсеs7 соmpаrisоn.':.. \rlагwiсК Univогsi\ie а highl1-гaepoсted univerьi\ in сentгаl 6ngland. is НеnrуWynn?) (Whеre lt'sаt Wаrwiсk answеr: Univеrsitv.6(Whаt is the riskof а new.ri.3. Pеop|e tаkerisk .l...l!...l.tlie 6 no artiс|e. Studеnts disсuss howthеwords areusedin Studеnts сomp|еtе thesentеnсes on thеirown..8'. is quitеinformа|.' Artiсlоa 6 Studеnts do theехеrсisе on thеirown.1]]: in Ii{e buthеrеit rеfеrs tо thе rising uno1u|1. thе riskomеtеr.З. (/spr:..:11']:.. the..160 o.. bесаusе thеyarеdеspеrаtе.'. harmor Ioss. thеmyouаrе pаges94_95 risks SB going givе to thеmаnswеrs....Тrue. thе "*. ......dеstruсtivе astеrоid hitting еагth 1600 km аs а pаssеngеr 1'7_ flуing . . Language notеs -ometеr . Thеsе words аrеusuaIlу withthеstrеs. thеothеr mаkеs thеquеstion. thеrmomеtеr |t is еasy to makеnеwwords us..9* driving km byсаr whеnvасuurning. Те|| themto usеthесomparаtivе in thеirсommеnts.lТit.kоmltэ/.smоkiп!40 сigаrеttеs u сuy Askstudеnts if theуwеrеsurprisеd by anуof thе аnswеrs...кnourn foг itьstatiьtiсs dapагtrn:..' Fа]sе.а.4l'.: probablу thissuffix... thеn сhаngе roIes.:...'thе.....l. forехсitеmеnt. for examp|e: Wethought thаttrаvelling 160km bу trаinwаs riskierl morеriskуthаndriving160km bу саr....0... Сhесk thеаnswеrs withthе с|аss.sсat* .$a|sе. dоmItэ/) (/Oэ'mnmltэ/).l.Сhесk thеаnswеrs withthес|аss.9 ... Reading Askstudеnts to skimrеаd thеагtiс|e firstandthеngivеthеm quеstions.. Askstudеnts forthеiranswеrs.. in thеtext. result and choiсo 5 Studеnts sсanthеtextto findаnd undеr|inе thеwords.l.. is the Risk lnitiаtive?) (Whаt аnswеr: Тheythinkit'sсоаlmining.7.'4. Frаnk Duсkworth hаs аs donewith pronounсed riskomеtеr.g:бf.1'.. . 1 a nеwspаpеr аrtiсlе. optional aсtivity |f youwаntto еxp|oit thеteхtfurther аndgivеyоur students morepraсtiсе tе|| of sсаnrеаding.

optional aсtivity Writе thеfo||owing bаsiс sentеnсes on thе boаrd. working in pаirs. for exаmp|е: Нe hаsо phobiоаbout t'Iуing' _ a niсknаmе ffiеtubе forthе underground railwаy systеm in '..еrisksthеvtook lGrammar сhесk Definingrеlativе сlauses 1 Students do the еxerсisе in pаirs.':.(whiсh I boughtlаstyеaф Нe. ropе hшr'-оundings: сave.. or Nо.:lii1. wа|| rйгthеу thinkof аnyother things thаtNiсkmight wеar / use шr:ее in the саvе? Еdаtlvо с|auьoь l Studеnts workin pairs to disсuss thе quеstions. Dividе thеmintogroups of fouror iтl... ТelIthеm to guеss if thеуdo notknow (nondеfini ng relаtivесlаuses). (lt.:пdоn шег .. andthе objесt in othеrs.сlosе-fitting sшit suitmаdеof rubbеr wornby divеrs.l'ilntheirresponsеs.isks аndwhotаkеs Ieast byаsking studеnts whiсh шl'*. GrammilJ sвра8еs 96_97 kп. Askwhiсhsеntеnсе is сorrесt andwhv..Ask flnт. to mаkе thеmmorеintеrеsting bу adding defining rеIativе с|ausеs. Rеmember! Aska student to rеаdthе information а|oud аnd makеsure everyonе undеrstаnds.rr:i. | met my gir|friеnd) l prеfеr (whiсh о holidау.lf. @ . Аsk studеnts. 1 2 Studеnts dесidе in pairs whiсhsеntеn сe thоtсou|d bе omittеd from. Givеthemtwo minutеs to . ь1 2 3 4 Studеnts do the exеrсisе on theirown. Сhесk thеanswers withthе сlаss.6 1.dеnts to rеadthequеstions.ltmakеs.аreуou glаdуou tookthе risk? Р"тthеmintosma|| groups to tеllеасhothеrthеstоriеs of #.s 3 Studеnts do thе exеrсisе in pairs.. .. o*fiit..''it:.'tt. ТeIl thеmto makеthe rе|ativе pronoun thеsubjeсt of thеvеrbin somеsentеnсеs. "'rg|ping i. Tom. фionаIaсtivity Дtsк studеnts to rеmеmbеr an oссаsion whenthеytooka E.]llirш]]:l* ].''. thеmwithvoсаbu|ary if nесеssаry. Тhisis thесаr.is t'romSсotlаnd. Аskthеmto thinkabout quеstions: thеsе Wq^. trаnsport.up .thеtimеwhеndemand (for forsomething Wk hour mапp|е...Гlmе to talkt lш s. l. Givе thembеtween вnеаndtwo minutеs.flI[. is fun) Non.'.l!p5 sharе thеiridеаs withtheс|аss.. Сhесk thе аnswеrs withthесlass.ern to namеas manyitеms of с|othing аnd equipmеnt and ]1mtшrеs of hissurroundings as theyсan'for еxampIe: Ешr'lрment: hеImеt.е. sй orsandсаvеrs .s thеmоn. |аmp. Тo makеit с|еar diсtate / writеthеsе twosеntеnсеs on thе b|асkboard: тom...к. i.vуholivеsnехtdoor.. Findoutwhotаkеs rm.'. thеoppositе of dеfining rеlаtivе сIausеs.. e|есtriсity) is highеst t \sk studеnts to skimrеаdtheartiсlе.шtslк studеnts to |ook at thе piсturе of Niсkon pаgе 96.(whosto|е thе bag) Thоtсоfe's (whеrе thеplасe.ist'romSсotlаnd. dgfining rolativо с|auьeь Аskstudеnts whatсlаusеs whiсhgivеus eХtra information about а pеrson or thing arеса|lеd. Сheсk theаnswеr withthе сlass.that livesnехtdoor..'u did уou tаkеthе risk? gh'оthаppеnеd? !--жking bасk. Сhесk thеanswеrs with thес|ass.еn fеarof шmеthing. 5 Students disсuss thеаnswers in pairs. Askstudents to еxp|аin whyb is thеanswer not а dеfining rеlаtivе сlаuse).:lеs theуwou|d do andwhy.аlIor а |аrgе risk. Сhесk thеanswеrs with the сlass.tе :: disсuss thеiranswеrs' Monitor thеstudеnts as thеу шшг*.eпguage notеs phobiаis usedon its own to mеana strong iЩ..

whеn| |ivеd 5 ln 2003.rord 71whеn 2whiсh 3who 4whеn 5whеn 6 whеn 7 whiсh 8 whеre Lеt'sactivate Guoьв thо аdronalina sport Tеllstudents intogroups of thrее. p|aуеr professiona| he rеtirеd.) vеrу off thеpitсh. А|аska. whois Сanadian. Тe|l to listеn аnd сhесk studеnts whi|е theylistеn. a саstlе Bеn d Have Vousеenthеfilm whiсh/ thаtstars Аfflесk. Japanesе girlfriеnd is gir|friеnd. is Сanadiаn. is my maths whose fathеr 5 Simon. who. Й whiсh' who or whoeo 4 1 whiсh. restаurant. Japanеsе.d 2 whоse.Do notсhесk do the ехerсisе 7 Studеnts answers. whose / My brothеr. whеrе thе sсhoo| 2 That's Jenny my whеrе townin Еngland is а соаstа| 3 Hastings whеrеmy mothеr wasborn. goodat historу. has withthеlinеsmen andthеgoa| to bе togеther thegame fit. homework.Students the sеntеnсes exаmp|е gаmein thеirgroups. g Wеvisitеd whiсh/ thаtwashauntеd.сontro|s 5 Тhereferee.е 5 who. Thisis a сommon teсhnique tookp|aсе thеaсtion thеaсtion sound narrаtivеs as it makes whenwriting immеdiate' thе on thеirown. Мakea noteof anyfrequent withvoсabu|arу whiсhсan be usеd сlauses in thе usеof re|аtive mistаkеs at the endof thеaсtivity. who is vеryfit. theruIes arеsеnt whobrеаk 6 PIayеrs p|ayer professiona| in theworldbеfore whowаsthebest Gretzky. stiсks whiсh arеusua||y PIaуers useiсеhoсkеy goa|keepers thiсker b|аdеs. whеnl broke 6 |twаsJu|у whеre thе rеstaurаnt 7 Thаt's Johnworks. for pееrсorrесtion @ . с Тheringwhiсh/ thatсosts $500is verybеаutifr. has a who is in 2 My brother. rесording Whoro.doеsa lot of sport. is mу whiсhis vеryеxpensivе. of thеgame. hе retired. is in Аlaskа. rеlative сlаusеs thеnp|аy if theуwаntto.b Еxtension ь Whara aod whan whеn 5 2 whеre. sixс|ues Pointoutthаttheyсanusethе сorreсtly. $500.с 4 whiсh. wasborn. o|d. Thеring. Sаturdаy. possib|е: (Аlso Тherеfеreе.) in thеwor|d bеforе thеbest Was о'. Tho right r. сosts whiсhis bеаutiful. Givestudеnts thе instruсtions prеparе Monitor to makesuretheуаrеusing еaсh. 7 Wayne (A|so possib|е: Wayne Grеtzky. helping studеnts agаinаs thеyplay. pagеs 98_99 Let's praсtise grammar SB аshomеwork сanbеgiven orа|| of theеxеrсisеs Some Ф'' Dofiningrelativоc|auьog youread whiсh thepoem / that 1 2 e Havе Jamеs wrote foryou? a I i 5 6 7 8 ь wаspаintеc whiсh/ thatwassto|en f Thepiсture by VаnGogh. goa|s theothеr than thеgamе togеther withthe whohasto bеveryfit. 4 ТhеСhinahouse. Non. frightеnеd / wеnt сaving. 8 4дJw TеII theirаnswеrs. is сoming who is a doсtor. todаy. whiсhis thehighеst thеmountain b HесIimbеd in thеrange. townin Еng|аnd.is a сoastal in Wеgo еvеry weеkеnd whеrе 4 Thеmountаins. when I of thе dark wasfrightenеd is а studеnt. winte1 l wаshappy.Аskstudеnts do thе exеrсisе 6 Studеnts for thisсouldbе givеn A|tеrnativеly outthеirаnswers. in London. mountain to gooutwithDаt'iс who/ thatusеd thegir| a Тhаt's notеs Lаnguage in the prеsent tеnsе evеnthough 96 is writtеn Thetеxton page in thе past. usеhavе whiсh Thеstiсks is to sсore morе whiсh dеvelщd fromhoсkеу. ь. 6 1 Lаst I rеаlised l Last Saturday of the dаrk. my lеg. to folIow students 9 Dividе a fеwminutеs to сarefuIly. mothеr / Hastings. judges. 3 My friеnd Jаnе. by nativе Canаdians wаsfirstp|ayed lсehoсkey mаdе from wood. PIay the аny mistakеs thеmto сorreсt twiсеif nесessary.to rеad on thеirown.dofining сlauьos wou|dn't start. I wаs l rеalisеd whenI wеntсaving. fаvouritе is vеrу teaсhеr. 6 A|еx. arеgoodforskiing. whoсontro|s andthegoal Iinеsmen judgеs. Тheobjесt team. tеnуeаrs whiсhWas 3 1 Тheсаr.а 3 whiсh. the groups Monitor if neсеssаry.o or thаI / that) 2 1 whiсh/thаt 2 whosе 3 (whiсh / that) 4 (thаt) 5 (whiсh / that) 6 (whiсh z whiсh / that @ 1 2 3 4 whoIivеd in Novа Sсotiа.

thеуfе|ttеnsе in thesituаtion. Тhеre.s might sayit. Whatdid уou sаy? b:*.. ifu:*ltioпist: Еmеrgenсу serviсes. . so it'sсertainly to do! a jobwithpIenty |t's VitаI to bе a good swimmеr. ilшшйr. andit'sevеn morе diffiсu|t whеn wearing your thеuniform andсarrуing equipment.. lllшl@гг] Аnd thе аddress? illllTгrагt: 1З ParkH iI| Ro ad . Сheсk thеanswеrs withthе с|аss. oh. answer! П @ . on topform аI| thetimе. Was 50it'snotrеa||y surprising thatl deсidеd to work fortheRNL|. butthеnit'svery Тobе diffiсu|t to getoutаgаin. so I trуto do a bitof training. what She didn't know shеwas _ butit сertаin|у poor doing. HoWсan wе be of hе|p? Шптп".{lflПап: oh. d[ Цi t !.. My сat Pol|y's stuсkup а trеe and shеjustrеfuses to сomеdown.re in |uсk. sеrviсes il. Те|lthеm to imаginе thatthisis a rеaI :"!еrgеnсy so thеywill onIyhеarthе reсording оnсe. llш!йIп Don'tworry. thewho|е a risky business fromstart Youhаvе to be to finish. l shou|d еxerсisе twoor thrее times a week.фltш. did you saу {lll{тпt. that's danger we thegrеаtеst faсе_ bеing swеpt аway bya strong сurrеnt whiIе wе're in themiddle of a resсue. сome on .ttionist: Whiсhsеrviсe? Fire. lLшll.s notreaIlу a propеr a|| voIuntary.l l. @ @ ill."dеnts сompаre thеsе withthosе in thеirсountrv.. уou're I suрposе oneof thegrеatеst risks is if thесeiIing faIIs down on topof you. andI might a strong alsohavе to swim|ong distanсеs.Speaker B I suppose it'smyownfаu|t. Аn oId|ady startеd hitting mеwithhеrknitting neеd|es onсе.t garden in somеonе's front weсan in а strееt. Youсan.frstеning and speaking Аskhowmanyof thеmmanagеd to writеdowna|lthе dеtai|s.а п: No.аndbIoсkеd stairs сanbevery dangerous. Fire Brigadе..PаrkHi||Roаd. I think. l1l![й]гi] WеII. I wantеd а job witha differеnt gotit. It's so huge andpowerfu|. oh. do notnееdto writеany informаtion. Wеrе thеrе anydеtai|s theyfounddiffiсult Whywаs to hеar? (Therе this? сou|d be а numbеr of reаsоns.vе а|wауs Ioved thеsea. job! Bеing a lifеguard is mуidea of thеperfесt I've bееn hе|ping withthе|ifeboаt resсuеs forabout twoyears now. TеlI students that youwillp|аy thе reсording on|y they onсe.lstеning р*ilпa]laPhono сonvrrsation rgЬ .ап: WelI. Bеforе theyIisten. Somе peopIe job_ it. You. ТеlI thеmto сomparе thеirs|ips witha partnеr's and addany missing dеtails../)thе сorrесt boxеs Thеy as theуIistеn. for еxаmp|е.|. soуouhave to bе in good _ a|though just|and shape. andthata|| shouId do is tiсk(.\ lntorvieus l aоlas Аskstudents to lookat thеtab|е. quite Асtuа||y. therisks youmight aren't what think.гаn: Sorrу. аndуour thenyouhаvе to sеtoff. Wесovеr a huge area witha heIiсootеr.lMary n: Wilkinson Wilkinson. Тhеtroub|e isyouhavе to do a |otof running.msureshе'sgoingto fа|I off thе branсh anу minutе.|'vе beеn a paramediс forаbout three now vears andI Iove working on theairambu|anсе.. Wеасtuаl|y havеаn еngine out on the roadat the moment. !ildеntsIistеn andсomp|еtе thе messagе s|ip. Еverything happens at top Youhave prepare yourse|f spеed. P|ay thе rесording. аnd| сeгtainly to befit as a firе offiсer.it's on its waу baсkfrom yournаmе? anothеr сaII. Niсo|a . Ina wаy. Whiсhsеrviсе do you rеquire? . Thеsea's verydifferеnt froma poo| andI havе to putin а lotof hours'training to bеstrong to swim wеlI in enough thesеa. Wе'|l havеthe еngine thеrеwithуou in a fеw moments. but |'musuа||y soехhausted when I gеthome. nеver andуou'rе whatit'sgoing gooutwhenl sure to do nехt. rea||y. уou5eе butWе're busy a|| thеyеаr round. I havе to besure | сanswim against сurrent.I don't know if you сan.Speaker С quitе |. Whаt's luиf'гr"а .Е* еrgеnсуfitnеss sBpаgеs 100-]0.s а |otof running аbout andIifting' Even Iifting the|adders offthеfirееnginе сanbeeхhausting.Youhave сha||еngе еvery day.HaIl'? Sorry.' о Тhisis thе information thata rеa| еmergеnсy serviсе пмэшld nеed. ilш][йГrг And thе ohonеnumbеr? ill[Tiт-йn: 020 B5BB654З_ аnd pleasеhurry. аskstudents to rеаdthe mеssagе . Iand |'vе hadto runforas |ong as hа|f an hour to rеaсh a patiеnt. madam. theywerеdistraсted by fil|еrs suсhas oh andl think. job's honеst.po|iсе or ambu|anсe? lшlШшmаn. mtr*рtionist:Puttingyou throughnow. the fire brigаdе. _ Spеаker Andreа A Myjobasa paramеdiс isvery сhаl|enging. a fеwminutеito equipmеnt. l usеd to wаtсh thе Iifеboats young. wе too_ somеtimes сangetintoa bui|ding. al|| Want to do is rеIax in front of thеТV. thing frightened mеat thetimе! Viсtoriа .

of anddueto аrеfo|Iowеd Bесаusе .. Сhесk theanswеrs with аgain P|aу thеrесording thес|аss.hе|ps if саnnot сurеа patiеnt mауbе b|аmеd himsеlf / hеrself. Anothеr еxаmp|e hеre.. fromthe Reading risky pairs to prеparе and work'in Students сoаlmining. ь 1 Fа|sе 2 Fаlsе З Тruе . ordеr try and putthеmintothе сorrесt Rеmind саnworkon thеirownor in pairs. Givзng r9a6on6 " О6|*э т'.4 Тruе 5 Тruе note Lаnguаgе Еnglish forrunоwау mаkе а runt'orit_ informa| Speaking Voсabula11 matсhing еaсhphrasе withits workin pairs. words. Сhесk сhесk thеirаnswers. TеlI studеnts frommеmorу. to quiсk|y 9 Аskstudеnts of еaсhiob. tе|еvision if nесеssаr'' withvoсabu|ary monitor thеmаndheIp othеr. 1 bесаusе job сan be dangеrous somеtimе... and thensuddеn|у opеrative thеn? Whаthappеns JournaIist: somеtimеs wе еvеnhaveto Amanda: You run aftеrthemof сoursе.. out. f. is it to bе fit? And how important Journа|ist: _ so it's and menta||y demanding Amаnda: Wеll.|е 2b 3g 4a 5с 6h 7d Bf @ . peopIe if thеуаrе frightеnеd. attaсk animals z due to thе faсtуou arе in с|osе сontаг Patty: But it'salsodangеrous getso с|osе to animaIsPеop|е don'tnormaIIу with animaIs. beсаusе . the еxprеssion tapеandаskthеmto identifу thееxprеssiоns аsJ .somеtimеs withаnima|s сontaсt zookееpеr pеоplе if thеyаrеfrightеnеd аttaсk аnimaIs _ nеwdеsigns pilot. but Amanda: l sUpposе who appeаrсo. thе riskfасtor intooаirs to disсuss studеnts in B. Yеs.". brеaking @ if neсеssаry. 7 Studеnts withthес|ass' Сhесk thеanswеrs meaning. еxаmplе: andсhесk thа. ап. thеyarеworking whi|е |\4onitor thegroups Askthеgroups to сorreсt|у.. veryimportant Howdo уou keepfit? You mustbe verybusy.the workis physiсal|y indееd. o-.. similаr thеаnswers withthе сIаss. .' Dothеyrеmеmb'еr risky 10 Brainstorm jobs for еxamp|е: dеep sео seсtion. do уou havеto fасein yourjob? So what kindof risks JournaIist: thе worstprob|еms сomеfromviolent suspесts. f:' by а nounor а prоnoun. beсаuse of I dueto thе stress.tеsts mауnot bе nеWаirсraft tеst goodand mаyсrаsh _ rеsсuеs pеоp|е in thе sеа-.form саn be usedtо rеfеr Thеwholе teаmis in good is.mау in trоuЬlе tifеguоrd or drownin thеаttеmpt bе injurеd peоple ilI whoarеsiсk.Thеrearе somеsuspесts therеarе others makea run for it. too. аgain' thеrесording to plаy thatyouaregoing . of giving arеWаys еxprеssions Words. о. thеir аnswеrs shаrе givеrеasons forthеiropinions. thatthеусan Tе|l studеnts сarryoutthе intеrviеws. Rеmind thеmto usеthееxprеssions notes Language arefo|iowес thatbесаusе rеmind studеnts l sinсe If nесеssarv. P|ау thеrесording. for aboutfiveyears. сarе|ess and thе' arеsomеtimеs rеason is thаt peop|e Sam: з Аnother еsсapеs. Amаnda: |'ma po|iсe offiсer? Аnd how |onghavеyou bееna po|iсе Journa|ist: Аmandа: oh. I jog in the morning. аnd voсabulаry. forеxamp|е: аnd a vеrb. Studеnts thе sаmе thаtthеymaуnot hеarеxaсt|y students listen for butthatthеyshouId on thе reсording statеments Studеnts Iisten Plaу thе rесording.ф*. |еavе thе сagеdooropеn. Тlthеy . as on topform . When thе.. fi||in the сorrесt Students s to rеаdthestаtеmеnts сarеful|y аndto . @ * 6 Оfu ТеIl andto undеr|inе kеy studеnts to rеad thеstаtеmеnts thеir Students сhесk answеrs in pairs. Jishing. thеаnswеrs Сhесk q1 thЁ"" 1-8in7. outthata|| Point might P|аy the rесording rеasons. с . a zoo kееpеr's Jake: Wе||. withthe с|ass.d. andin pairs disсuss rеаd thеdia|oguе Studеnts of thе missing go in thеgaps.You oftenrisk and fеnсes сIimbovеrwa||s armsor |еgs in thosesituations. And thеn if |'m the gym aftеrworktwo or threеtimesa wеek.in сIosе . givе to rеview themthеoppoгtunity wi|| in сontеXt. _ fights or seriouslу in thearmу.maуbесomе doсtir. on a lateshift. hеаrd. аnima . form. whatdo you do? So. аrеintеrviеwing Whi|e thе pаirs intеrviеwеr.': duе to humаnеrror.but 4 that's СhIoe: thе job is dаngerous..Аmanda.:. b|u:e.I I i notes Language to physiсa| fitnеss.thеnthе animaI isn'tit? It'snot rea||y beса-. or or аs a journaIist еасh othеr аs thеmsе|ves intеrviеw еас. idеntifу thеjobsin thе piсturеs. Photo disсussion Pr.Stop!'Pаusе саIl thеyshouId onеof theехprеssions. Journa|ist: offiсеr. l sinсе bу a subjeсt аttасkpеoplе. Possiblе аnswеrs . Тhеntе|| at exprеssions to |oоk Askstudеnts . thе еxpressions thеyаreusing themtо enсourаging withthесlаss. Journalist: go to I usuaIlу Amandа: l justhаvеto makеtimeto workout rеgu|arlу. to сatсhthеm.maуbе kiIIеd soldiеr injurеd lntorviоuing jobswiththе с|ass.

what to rеadthе lyriсs andto guess ф.ii:li..2:'Iiii*f*iiili::'i:]i:i'i. P|ay thеsong.invo|vеd {tits оf potentiаl|y асtivitiеs and new.]t:lhвФ'.5ошndbitеs *'шtod1doss it bsttsг brainstorm idеas about the]ames Bond fi|ms.ik studеnts whyshе hasdonеthis(bесоuse it.. .lьl1l. "-'-'. students-аnswеr thе questions аnd disсuss thе rеasons forthеm. ц.""" аnd t*-" ''J' :"" 6 Studеnts do thisexerсisе thеаnswеrs by thеmse|vеs. ln an hоuror so. . :'.l::] Students rеаdthе mеssаgе agаin andwritеin thе missing !10rds. ТеIl thеmto thinkаbout whеthеr thеywantto desсribе а rеsuIt Point or а purpose. dесidе whiсhho|iday theywou|d rесommеnd to еaсh of thegroups in a_саnd why.. r...Ё.. outthаtin itеm2 in 9.oodу Wa6 doeo it better 6ung foг iho g8Э \ 6aгl16imon -*neь9ond |i\mТhe5pуwhol-оved |vle.*' in Jоrdал: it is. Prеpаrе thЬvеgеиblеs in.i*.l Dividе groups' studеnts intosmаII Givethemfivеminutеs groups to disсuss thеiridеаs.LlS Mаrtinis.." .еveryihing 3 .. с.6 Horsе-riding in Wа|es: it is suitаbIе forа]| k_J . you mightgеt: Тhеprojесt involvеs traсking wolvеs. асtivitv. 10 Askstudеnts to Iook аt thеthrееpattеrns аndto mаtсh thеmto thеsеntеnсеs in 9. Studеnts filIin thе Studеnts сhесk thеirаnswеrs in pаirs. Arеthеуvеrydiffеrеnt? Hаvе аnyof thеstudеnts bееn on an aсtivitv hoIiday? Bssult and purpose 9 Studеnts rеadthеsеntеnсes whiсh аnd in pairs deсidе purposе ta|k аndwhiсhrеsuIt. : 2 ' .. Studеnts сanеxсhangе notеs withа Dartnеr's andsееif thеvсan undеrstand еасh othеr's notеs.Ё'.. /sаbоut Studying the sample 2 Studеnts rеаd thе mеssagе аndаnswеr thequеstions in pairs..ll:l$.. risks tаking аndwomen) for vodkа t.agents. 1 informа| 2 Dеa1Iove Stepsto betterwriting Writinga message and an informaIlettеr Асtivitу holidауs SB pages 102-10з . In pairs.sа noteаnd pronouns).:t:l'. In pairs. animals.::. ь . 4 5 Writingan informallеttеr Undorstаndingthe tasК 11 Advisе studеnts to thinkоf а friеnd to writеthе Iеttеr to so thеусаnthinkabout howthеywou|d ТеII writе to thеm.. Тogethоlidау . То thе trаvеl.аbtoad Divjng аnd.:. .:.. / pеopIe *. thеanswеrs Сhесk with theсlаss..::l' . o -r Ь 2c 3с 4b 5 *l. 12 Lettоruriting 7 Students dothisеxеrсisе bvthеmse|vеs. .еipёriеniеs.. . оftеn lеаvе out аrtiсlеs аnd 'rе GD . it Уoubrokе thе sеntenсe intotwo. аgаin forstudеnts to сorrесt thеirаnswers. points thеmto |ook аt 7 andto inс|udе а. :.tие . :. 4 Studеnts writеthеirown notes.. broсhurеs.]епts те_l\h?tis hefаmous (007 British tor? sесret agent Jiсtionаl .1. thеythеnсombinе sеntеnсеs 1_5using thе pattеrns. Sсiеntists wаnt to understаnd thеirbеhаviour..:'.ll8l. Who is -':. Тhiswi|| hе|p thеmWith 1-5. Ask to shаrе thеirideas with thес|аss.'' " ... d andе.||[:*':. ovеп. o'. 5 Students rеаdа-с bеfore sсаnning Askthеmto thеadvеrts.lьlll..l'.. рnd put.g ':{0'.. Askstudеnts ^1тight go in thеgaps. Сheсk withthесIаss. P|aу thеsong 3аps.. oii'.

tо givеfunnyendings.|04 Word foсus SB c' Moaguring tho risКs Rolе play thеmtimеto а rolе. 13 Аskstudents thеir|еttеrs witha partner's аnd сhесk еасh еxсhange in 1З...is ons.taг madedoсumoniaг1 filmьduгin. whiсl Monitor аndmakеnotеs сonvеrsаtion. workusing thеpoints others Whоtwаsthelоst bookуou reаd? Whаtwаsit аbout? groUps thеquеstions. цloгld цlагаndwrotо аutobiogгaphiсal booка... I соught in thо шоьt о..ч.eсond publiвhоd in gbq.' LaurieLoewasboгnin t{t4in G\ouсoьiorьhira аndthоnin Иг. it wаsdit'Jiсult а bаd сold. theiridеas page. . Givе themas |ong it. newspаpеrs..l wasdеstroуеd2 is bеing bееnrеdесorаtеd 3 stars 4 wiIlbе buiIt 5 havеn't be madе to be/ madе 6 is going / wiII Rеadingfor pIeasure page... for thаtor so .:. Viсtoriа сlimbеdthelаdderso thаt . won.сhесkthе thеirlеttеrs аnd howto begin Withthес|ass to mаkеsurеthеуarеusing a |ogiсаl answеrs grеetings suitаblе to informaI andеndings ordеr andusing Iеttеrs.. 1 Askstudеnts to rеаdаnd/ or Iistеn givethеma task. l ended lit'ewаssаvеd. 4 lt is watсhеd yеаr.. 2 Mаny farms andhousеs Broadсаsting Сorporаtioг bу thе British 3 |twаsbroadсast by peop|e a||round theworId. Hplа.s tot'indvoluntееrs. up as a lit'eguаrd. sсhool ha шorкоd Afte. аll I Wantto do is relахin front of thе ТV.. 5 Itwаsbui|tIast wаsсаnсеl|еd.Why? Whуnot? аskthеmif thеуIikеd Aftеrwards in pairs.t bе finishеd 2 . .Planning and шriting disсuss thе best ordеr to putthepoints in studеnts 12 |n pairs and end it. LhocYing Тhеnaskthеmto to сheсk thеirownwork. to disсuss 6 tе. a\brigadoь tо flght " tojoin tha lntогnаtion tr todunьuссeьefult1 4ivil Wаг. Hatгаvоllоd охtoneivol1 thгough uьЪ|uьou":'.. the6pаniьh of ь" . Do not to thе еxtraсt. intosma|| Dividе studеnts studеnts tо tе Тhenaskindividuа| fiveminutеs..l through 2 up 3 up 4 bасk 5 baсk 6 in Let's rеvise Units 7 and 8 sB pagеs106_107 Grammar Paвьivo in ]999.Studеnts сanbe оееrсorreсted 1 'l dangerous2 Dangers 3 measuring4 assеss 7 сhаnсеs 8 |ikeIihood 5 risks 6 сonsеquеnсеs 9 сomparisons 3in 4at 5 for 6 for 7 аbout 2of 21oп 8 for Extеnsion й' Do6сribing risK thе risks 2 а riskfасtor 3 аs muсh 3 1 |owеr аs 4 tаkerisks 5 dangеrous aspесt danger risk 7 dаi|у dаngers 6 a smа|I ь Phrasal vогbs 4 . to devе|op thеir Give thеma сoup|е of minutеs nесessarу. Forа morеdiffiсu|t studеnts Enсourаgе youсouldgivеthеmsomеsесond ha|vеs of sеntеnсеs. tho Ь. Niсkturned off hishеlmet wеrе so сoldthаt..г ouropo аndаli. q uеstions: Diсtate thesе Whаtdo уou reоd? Wherе do уou rеаd? Нowoftеndo уou rеаd? @ ... аbout anothеr student's thесIаss il i I whiсhinсlude somеfirsthaIves of sеntеnсеs so Givеstudеnts thеm.andgivе Givеpairs of studеnts providе whеrе Monitor and hе|p makеnotеs of thеiridеas. exеrсisе. thеmabout reading hаbits. forеxamp|е: . . А or B... thе lnternеt.:rт in an offiсe Оna|and. . 6 Тhеoiсniс wasbrokеn. сomiсs. thiь.. Shеworks so hаrd thаt .. of аnуmistakеs. 1 1 lt wasinvеntеd wеreburnt down.Hо diod in qq. rolеs. 8 Hе wasarrеstеd writtеn. reversе at thееnd. аs thеynееd.l05 Thе London Roаd SB Warm-шp rеаd. Thесаvеrs lt'sso dаrkin theсаvеthоt. thepоtient. for еxamp|e: diffеrеnt things thаtpеop|e Brainstorm mоgаzinеs.. shopwindow 7 Тhеjеwе||erу аt thesсеnе of thесrimе. novеls. thаtаndaskthemto сomp|еte еxаmp|е: lightso thаt. Аskpairs to shаrе thеquеstions Students answеr with thе с|ass.

whosе is а piIot.s thetourist whotoldmе where * Реtеr roсkmusiс. Е h Notting НilI is a film whiсh/ that is setin London.шь pronoun саn lеavе in 3.@.Г t f 3 4 5 с т guidе thе hote| wаs. 6. out the rеlative . саnspеnd in Hawaii. hasgiven up hisjob so hе who Iikеs to go surfing. in is usuaI|y whiсhis a vеryBritish siJmmеr. is in a bandwhiсhp|ays g Тhat's for.тиt the mistaKоg plауеd gamе. 9. in wintеr. Didyou notiсе thatHе|en wаswearing? thеtrainеrs you hеard thе : Hаvе thatTomhаswritten thе song 'чusiсfor? t а Thаt's sonwasarrеstеd. whiсharеsimiIаr thе сoast you usеon rivеrs. thеsummеr Ulсabulary rmds сюnnoс|od uith tho movomont of populationa Е 1 homе|and2 iIlеgaI immigrant 3 аsy|um sееkеr 4 rеfugeеs5 immigrants 5 iпhаbitаnts ltфdivcs J 1 kееn 2 disturbing 3 proud 4 uneventfu| 5 unforgеttab|е 6 сurious 7 amazing il1аt 2whеn 3bеforе/ago 4|t 7 whеn 8 to 5bеforе 6is #&шtаfign and assossmsnt l 1 mеаsurе 2 сhanсеs 3 likeIv 4 stаtistiсs5 sсa|е 5 сomparisons tlрoьitions l !iп 2on 3at 4for 5of 6in . theСDwhiсh/ thatl'vebeеnIooking Thеbookis abouta bovwhowitnеssеs a murdеr. thеwomanwhosе !l d lt'stimеthаtyouto|dmе thetruth. brother it is bеst to usea guide who 3 lЦhеn mountain с|imbing. t l Сriсkеt. 2 | wеntparасhuting withJaynе. : Тhat's Markwhose sister is а soapopera stаr. . to kаyaks 5 Тhеriver. lhе. . kлоws thе mountain wеl|. 7. б JuIiаn. is nowа whiсhis so dangеrous gеnt|е strеam.i!t. 4 '!oUсanexp|ore in sеakayаks.

..':lta..rf... Moгeinfoгmаtion on andanqerod anima\ь аt:wwl-r.mll...sрei!еs о.о1eihornQd.. Ovoг-hun... Тhоцlorld\^lildtifo ЕunduroгКs Io ьavoondangorod ьpoсioь and aro viia\ thоwildp\aсeь IhaI to theplanet.цis$r ]il 1'1!l... orinoсо сroсodi|е.еd. sumitrаnorаng-utаn.. .i€ s ..аn6.l'.ooo.iitt..аnimа| groups еndаngеrеd whiсhhavеso spесiеs .оl llna1!опat1.. Disсuss whаt thеymеаn withthес|ass.l. Tho ьPoсioь no\N axistь in а fош эmаll эubpopulаtions in noгth-oaьtогn lndla аndin Nоpаl.l'.2l..a.limitеd. Сhесk thеаnswеrs withthес|аss.vа ю T!gv.'siрeРienсс.паtuiill.'.l'.moreinformаtion o! in сritiсаl dаngеr Spесiеs totа| nеar|y 2000. lbеriаn Gаngеs shark..l Reading lnto thе wild sBpagеs10B_....].рa..: ...ituie'....fоr.*.qve.а...tip'l'.''iё{оrd'. foг аgгiсultuгаl withtheс|ass.ar*.'9. The оstimata iotalpopulаtion iь сuггentl1 aгound z.il. ....1h1iво:fi0rn. rolеs...]]jiфqtl.n"а lаnd _ panda barnbоo "..:wfiiсh:].1gg66nё:йhоil.damж*ldeзtruфiоln. o.wl...studеnts wаkе up (|inе 15) shou|d know this sеttlе in (|inе 27).IТlan.3. studеnts сhangе 1 Askstudеnts to matсh thеаnima|s to wherе thеyIivе.l09 Warm-up Putstudеnts intopairs andеxplain thаtоnеmust thinkof аn quеstions thеnasks аnimа|.:6... Studеnts workin оаirs.Ф.d!.. ТeII studеnts thаt theу саn find } at www.'9 partof Nepаl.'. сE .lCh. ивпiёr'. с0nsёшаtiQ'l'. : i il il ..1.|еathеrbасk ... аskquеstion whiсh have Whеn a Yes theanimаI is guеssеd thе / No аnswеr. ' optionаlасtivity othеr аnima|s whiсh studеnts thinkаrе } Brаinstorm еndаngеred.rd. For еХаmplе: pаrrot..''. .. tn.ы1ш:l..n.. Reading 2 Studеnts do theeхerсisе on thеirown.ix!st'. 7. See Unit summarуon Contеntspages4-5 mяy!ng.ting Thеy thenсomp|etе thesentеnсes.:l.. bаt.!зl]:i'Ir: .oгq.. Lщd |оbstеr. Askthеmto сomparе thеirаnswеrs Сhес' thеanswеrs withthe с|аss. 5..' d'.1ho ьpoсioь ulas to artinсtion in theaaгlY lqOO6. 6 Studеnts do theexerсisе on thеirown...ll 12.Рqоtесtqd'laiнls.-.. 1'.ь hоаlth andsuгvivаl.. l.: ТеII studеnts to skimrеad Сhесk thеаnswеr withthес|аss....!*. ". Puеrto Сhinеsе a||igаtо1 Riсаn Bulmеr's fruit flуingsquirrеI...theу.. . andother havo dsveloDmontа boon thоmаin threаis to thо o-тl'. {*tuge'.чo Тhеyаrеаll еndangerеd spесiеs.}оulnd. Sumаtrаd rabbit....li.щib.. to еxp|аin thе words.'.2']]]tr.ll..:ll:Ё... .tаtionь.'. 1'.damagi .1.prо iёа!..!. Why? Ask studеnts if thеre arе аnyаnimaIs in $ dangеr in thеir сountry.!ёft ..Рar&!. |уnх.d.!0ьt. Language notеs ..}...].weа'[l:Фffl ll...w0ikO..iiastе ..tlе.disappeаrs (|inе wеаr off 12) / stоpworking .. .'.ti' Voсabulary \^tildlifo studеnts do thееxеrсisе аskthеmto sсаnthеагtiс 5 Bеforе г to findаndundеrIinе thеwords.: Studеnts rеad agаin witha pаrtnеr's. in lоoking organiиtions aftеr thе еnvironmеnt -'In |nтnеW|t0 naIUrе .Сhесk theаnswеrs withthесIass..fu.nа1inл йi Id at...Сhесk thеаnswеrs withtheс|аss. Abуssinian wolf...lrечо.аvоid..wh'i(h'.sIow|у round(|inе 14) сomе devе|op сonsсiousnеss Тhe lndiаn гhinoсогoа onсooъiьIod aсroьь flhe оntiго northeгn pагi of ihe lndiаn subсontinоnt. аi!eея'. 4 truсk 5 40 6 сagе 8 lllо.g.ti..1'.ll..trlаiu:Ьl:d....bеgin tо fееI сomfortаb|е in а p|асе bring аbout(|inе з5). Тhеothеr untilhе / shеguеssеs Point outthatthеусanonIy thеanima|.... en. з.p!оtedеdl..l.makеhаppеn .!!l:an'i.grаss rhjno oй"-no.. Сhесk thеаnswеrs r.sеa turt|е _ tiяеr iunяlе .'.61g.rthеtеxtandanswеr thеquеst... !9..a.. .а..n$'!.riie.iln.tiu.. ..... ..l....оi. 1.а '.1. withmonoIinguaI diсtionariеs if nесеssаry.ntеi.l.:'.a.sЁасe 7.щe...rn!ght'nQt:.:l550lIl .eхtrе*е.но$'1.i!r. Phragаl vоrbs 7 Studеnts sсanthеteхtagаin to findthе phrasa| vеrbs..biоughtl.. Give thеmonеminutе..*'l.1 . *'..са.iBl..^rith сonvoгsion сomбined of hаbitаt plаn.. Studеnts thеnаnswеr thеquеstion in pаirs.. аnоthеr morе s|ow|y to сomp|еtе thеsеntеnсе..1. lt has5 million membогs.аqtiv ].mёmbе..l1:..Namdaphа Wildbасtriаn саmеl..wе1..red|ist'оrg' ё.'.s. ] ng thе еnvi rоnrnеПt.Фn.l.in].' tьпsё..setj..'iл'.ihu.п'. ll ..th оr :...''а'.lа!tq!:i!l.bogt сlosa ьpoсioь. ..lс6iu!фdliъу.

сompIеtе gap с|uеs.* mа|s thatthеyсonsidеr . finе.е с|ass.hiсh and аrеfirstсоnditionаls in pairs. to go trave||ing but it.{. thеrulеs I Students сomp|еtе щr 1 thе Frтs on thеirown.doesл't сal| Wishes to do Do notaskstudеnts 5 fuЬr PIау thе rесording. аs thеу work llш Ilп.'. п dskа student tо rеаdthе examp|e Studеnts sесond.l.snot possib|е to l stiII Want of p|aсes abroadmuсh_ on|yto Spain_ so therearе |ots sеe. аnd |еss |'d Iiketo spend moretime praсtising hаveеxamsat thе еnd of thе Уear. I t Cпammif 110_. ltllll'пl]lil :. for сontеxtual шhаt еaсh and aftеr сomes bеforе withthе с|ass. l Studеnts thе sentеnсes сomplete @ somе |'dсhangе if I had thrееwishes but I suppose My |ifе? | |ikemу |ifе.Give them two minutеs to |]|lllilfiilе Dividеthеm into smаIIgroupsto ]: .u Monitorthе studеnts ss tinеir answеrs.. bееn I havеn't whi|е|'mat sсhoo|.tn thеir responsеs. * * * ii' llrcs in pairs..I praсtisе hasn'tpiсkedmе уеt. Ithink |. but mv аmbitionis to bе on the sсhooIbasketbal| SсhooI.ldтsйflеrs аndаskthеmwhiсhthevthinkarethе most askthеmthis fiйl-'.]еnts to read thе questions. Сheсk thеanswеrs @ r1 2 3 4 5 do thе on thеirown. irесk thеanswеrs sеntеnсе.lon: therе to rеadthе Askstudеnts wIг i'angеrousZ Askforthеiropinions. theуhavеdisсussed' тe*l зnd сomparе it withthе idеas themto lookat Rеmind T Siudеnts thetеxtin pairs. Studеnts do thе еxеrсisе еrеrсisе oral|y аs а с|аss. with thеаnswers in nairs.t job...hЦ]fll'шl Groupssharеthеir idеas if nесessarу. шith voсabu|аrу .3 5 wil|bе.l11 sвpagеs Еrst аnd sесondсonditional Hr-up jllLrlil.l. whiсh arе . anythi ng.i:r'*iiЁjii$ii$i. .He alwaуspiсksthе samе tеаm. *.l wouldсookit for myt'riеnds. |t wou|dbе grеatif | сou|dwork in my unс|е's a pаrt-timе of getting |'dlikе shopatweekends.]lL]i]il] . Сhесk 4 Studеnts do thе ехеrсise ш:l d 2.Аre оnimоl is а whеre dаngerous аnу situоtions чшiiеs.s but the сoaсh a lot and I think |'veimprovеd. Тhеnеxtstudent thе сhain. but l'm thinking gota job and I nеvеrhаvemuсhmoney. go 4 .$liт:Jжl. to соntinuе Тhеnaskstudеnts might say: If l саughtа big соrp. woulЬ|еnd meеt.еrous Aftеr thе disсussion andwhy. :omp|еtе thеgaps Ф' 1 workеd. |'d lovеthаt.l* to mаkеa Iist givеstudеnts two minutеs :hе bookс|osеd thеir Тhеnbrainstorm шti dangеrous. of thе nеxt Prompt withthе beginning a studеnt forехаmp|е: lf l went I mightсаtсhа big сarp. things! | haven.dеnjoybеingа bit moreindependеnt. .L-=:-J Пilt !fu]r to talk! . t'ishing. wi|l . . team.i':i{*i}ii{i*l*ii| thес|ass.A|tеrnаtivеlу. but l timе studying. i 1Crаmmar сheсk i I]lLс first аnd sесondсonditional Askstudеnts sentеnсеs.

ii. 7 Students сomplеtе thеinformаtion in pаirs.'Рosrib|eапsшers l. ь'Firet 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 сonditional '||givе sее.Ь. Аskgroups to shаrе thеir idеаs withthес|ass. Givе themabout fivеminutеs. Let's practise grammar sBpаges 112_11з Somе or al|оf thеsе exеrсisеs саn bе givеn аs homework.. сD . wе'lI visitthе Еiffеl Towеr.t have to rеvisе for mYеXams..l I wishI didn. would him? voubеliеvе youhе|p 2 d |fyouhаvе timе. rathеr..1:. 6 а |fSueWаs getintoso morе shewouIdn't many аrguments..1$. 1 pastsimplе 2 wou:|d : Rеmеmbеr! Aska studеnt to rеаdoutthеаdviсe...J.. / lwish mу ь Тhs right шord optionalaсtivity to writеdownthree ! Askstudеnts things thatаrе not j: pеrfeсt in thеirIivеs.. Shеwishes shе go on ho|idаy.. Askа studеnt to rеadout one i sеntеnсе and othеrstudеnts tryto еxprеss his/ hеrwish.l . Сhесk thе аnsWеrs withthесIаss... Te|l thеm to usеfuII сonditionа| sеntеnсеs whеngiving thеir аnswеrs. '.i..6 Lеt'sactivatе Maк. 5 Тinawishеs thаtshеdidn't havе to goto the dеntist... won..:.:..would prфr to. :' Youwishуou werеtаll... . he..t.. . or / prefеr.1$. . do.l...... Studеnts dесidе on thеirownwhat thе pеop|e might wish. :.l ..i.::]i1.-а |rоkеn !9:!вalцs!:i6:a!i!i:\i. 7 g |f wе go to Pаris. rаther.x... to Wou|d .'1а'1.hasn't '|lgo.3 l* .о"- Lк:j 6 Studеnts matсh thеwishеs withthеstatеmеnts from5. ь \rtliьh 3 PossibIе answers .arеn. llТJffilh':Jlilleв l1T. than Would . to wou|d .. сou|d 3 Paulwishеs play thathе сou|d forthеsсhoo| сhеss tеam.*.... сou|d 2 Fiona wishеs shеwаsn't so busу.l]..thаn / Would prеfеr prеfеrs. Shewishеs shесou|d visitherfriеnоs.]. you prеfеr 10 if Ё i Lоt..in:€P:u!itiit|a1i1i .'. 4 1wishhеwоuldn.. саnсontinuе in smа|I i studеnts j Note:ThеoptiоnaI justas wе|I aсtivity aftеr 9 works after э. wi|I . doеsn't do .. 5 b l'd sееа doсtor аboutthatсough if I wеreyou.hi:l: stаy inthis hotеl..5 ь' First and ьeсond сonditional 2 1 с|t he toId thеtruth..ng vriehes 9 Askstudеnts to Iook at thеpiсturеs andto idеntify whythе pеop|е areunhаppy.. Askstudents to sharе thеiridеas With thес|аss.. qo. I wishl goto thetheаtre. or prеfe1 to wou|d rаther groups..:..i. Hеwishеs it wason а differеnt еvеning.'|l don't bе Wi|| .l''...prфr prеfеr 51 prеfеr 2 wou|d to.. For еxаmp|е: ! i l'm quitеshort. rather to. сF.. wi|| mе makе dinnеr? youdo if yougotIost 3 e Whаt wou|d in thewoods? 4 f lf he praсtisеs hаrd. .IIgеt intothеsсhoо| tеam.l: .l.s imagine 10 Studеnts disсuss thequеstions in groups of З or 4.. rаthеr prеfer.i1}lli] Theythenаnswеr thеtwoquеstions. ш}1i|. patiеnt.wouId rathеr з Drеfer 4 infinitivе 61 2 3 4 ) 6 7 I wouId rathеr..'..l wеrе 2 wou|d do 3 wouldread 4 еnсouragеs5 USе 6 '||try 7 motivatеs 8 сou|d Extension ь Wouldrаthor. 4 | wishthаtJanе would аrrivе on timе.t phonе.... got won'tbuу.1ii}ii:i|.. : 4 .!.. Studеnts сhесk their аnswеrs in оаirs... l wishl didn'ta|ways hаvе wаit to for hеr.l.rаins go haven't sаvеd. orgаnisе. Ф.Zl ..1 t.t 'l|p|aу get. GivееxampIеs if youfее| it is nесеssаrV. ТhismayIеаd to furthеr disсussion.!]:!.

going аre 11 let 10 9 wiI| 8 wi|I assoсiatе like 14 willsend 12 go 13 don't the net''butothеr Tim. 1D . |f mono|ingual thеydo not know.000 сounсi| whena loсa| wаshorrified nevеr who has free. Students Play thе rесording. dесided Listеning and speaking уou wеrе in their shoes. pоoplо boггow so moаt of ong|and. rесording аndto undеrIinе for P|aу the rесording youwi||pIay twiсе.nobody oursе|vеs thеquestion еvеrybody andasking to happen?'Wе thisbe a||owed nееd to payаnyrеnt. ЗB. @ thо1livо in pгafeг to oпnthоhousоь ln 9гitain.poop\e genora\l1 eьрсiall1 аndflatьагe oъPonьivo. andthосollaсtion llghting ьuсh aььtгaet to thе thеylistеn bеforе to rеadthestаtеments Аskstudеnts that ТеIl studеnts thе kеywords. thе rest of usаresitting . so shouId to goandfindout.сourts. аггangоmоnt iо сallgda mortgаgo o how andguеss Askstudents to rеadthеsеntеnсes Ф. Сhесk theanswers P|ау morеtimeso thatthеyсanhеarthе the rесordingЪne words in сontеХt..Mеаnwhi|е.. one is entit|еd . Тim. sBpages. in thе l!nеr his hеr ownеrship hasеstab|ishеd / - Io a\oсa| bоlongь oг flаt urhiсh а сounсilhouse / Jldt iь ahouьo (administгation) аt а 1or. ::гIaсеd housefor the Iast rссording if you аrе to thе |aw. A building Тhiь eothattha1саnbu1a houssог flаt. Askpairs thesеntenсе: to сomplеtе \sk studеnts stауif .*Y-:-J ь Тhe right шord like 3 wеre 7 1 сouId be/wеrе 2 WouId.|14_115 thе аnd matсh at thе piсturеs trsk to Iook studеnts dеsсriptions to thе photos.апguage notеs or lаndwithout a bui|ding whooссupies . уou arе еntitledto own a propertу thаt thе :. сomp|еtе аs many of thеgaps -rе nation was housеworthЯ200. mono1 to pоoplo l'mc:gld1l....аAskstudеnts whаtthe to exp|аin to workin pаirs tеII availabIe.пithout (лunсiltar iв a taъbaьod on thоvаluоof a muсhmoneч' ьerviсcь to pa1 iь uаsd foг |oсal.. Listеning A ТV programmо 1 О6J*a thеyare you p|ay te|| studеnts the rесording Bеfore in а a manwhoIivеd going about tо а programmе to Iistеn house. in Иndon аndthe ьouth 0V9г ьoсiо\andPаYit bаск oг buitding monо1 fгomа bаnК lоnds thаt аn oгganisаtion 6Oсi0\ is ьevera\1earь. arе diсtionаries words mеаn.bеdroomеd tаx or rеnt. do in whаtthеywou|d intopаirs to disсuss 3 Putstudеnts withtheс|ass. !еn Тim E||is сomp|еtely to Unеmp|oyеd i at thе four.|f wou|d did this. thе againanddisсuss at thе piсturеs 2 \sk studеnts to Iook quеstion asа с|аss.. thеymight be сomplеted.t.. сounсiI {r/э..thе сounсiIhаd simp|уforgotten : оtvnеd the house. mightbе undereiIher thenetthеeхp|anation withthес|ass.sIip through Тheсounсil аpologisеd for|еtting theyIive of homes up to с|aim ownеrship squatters arеnowqueuing rentеd bеdsits in oursmаIl in too.r гоntto pоople аndiь гsntоd сounсil .'з d аny сounсil 16 уеars. rцhr(noun) is something j']uаtters' untilthе a propеrty to oссupу involvе thе right rights Iаw.еrе iIlegаIIу for morеthan 12 уеarswithoutanyoneсheсking thаt -:Llseis rеaIly уours. thеirideas to shаrе thissituation. of гubbish. Houэоь гаthог thаnгontthom. t wouldlet thesquаtters l. thе rесording studеnts to mаrkthеirаnswers. paу gеt 7 see 6 5 spеnd 4 wouId . or ехprеssions themto |ookup anуwords s/ipthrough of аn idiomIikе Rеmind thеmthatin the саsе slipor nеt. asthеyсan. ths tаx Tha monо1 fгom 2гopoф. чuтttеris а pеrson for (aperson andasks whositson thе pavеmеnt :еrmission *onеyis a bеggаr).ln this саsе.hasbеensquatting . Lаnguage notes to do or havеby |aw.

1meйs sаfе u.. 1 fаult 2 dеad|inе 3 paying thе priсе 4 oppоrtunitiеs ь 9 Disсuss thеquеstion as а с|ass. P|аy thеrесording.s not hisfaultthatthе сounсiI mаdеа mistаke. as. askstudеnts to antiсipatе thеаnswеrs. Writе thеsе adjeсtives andnouns on thеboаrd аndask studеnts if thеyсаnmatсh thеm. thenthе WorId rеаIIy hasgonemаd!Manytaxpayеrs havetroub|е affording еvena one-bеdroom flat_ and yetsomеnobodу сanjust nevеr geta job.Butthey |еtit go.1 1u.NoWthеy're paуing the priсеlIn а Way. ::AJil .) 8 {d"" Bеforе you plаythe rесоrding аgain. siсker who wouIdbеnеfit fromthe saIеof the housе. HostеIs аrеjusta temporarУ so|ution.stop payingrentand be as frееas a bird?| сan. but thеrеаre Iots peop|е of oIdеr.intеd' (vеrу as whitеаs sno\ry white) @ Suggesting aItеrnatives Ann: Whatсan we do aboutthe homе|еss? z providеd if the govеrnment moresheIters Jeff: l Sure|v withfoodand з thеvwouId ассommodation gеt pеop|e off thе streets? it bе bettеr providеd if the govеrnment morесhеаp JiIl: But +wouIdn't permanеnt housing.llu.. Youсаndo thisorа||y. lf somеone is arguing or сomplaining too muсhabout youmight somеthing tеII thеmto lеtit go.. |ike as freе аs а bird'whiсh inсludе thесompаrativе struсture as .Iivein а сounсilhousеpаidfor by taхpayеrs. asthеy wou|d in a tеst or еxam.tbothеr to do anything е!sе аboutit. But hе stаyed whеrеhе wаsand thеydidn. Dotheуsound strangе whеn theyаretransIаtеd intoEnglish? сD ..vеry n::*:lн. Ann: And whatаboutunemp|oуment? s сouIdpavpeooIe the govеrnment to staуin еduсation JiIl: WеI|. In faсt..s somеnobody who.wе shouId сongratuIate himl Language notеs Nobodу onIyhasthе mеaning a person of no importаnсе wheп it is usеd withan aгtiс|е or a Word |ike somе or just.s bottom wise a parrot old an owl siсk а сhurсhmousе grеen thеhills dаft (meаns stupid) housеs sale grass smooth Punсh Playthе rесording agаin forstudents to сhесk and сorrесt thеir аnswеrs.Iеt's faсeit. it'sa frustrating situation for mostpеopIe.Jli3ii%"n ilТ::i :. If they'daсtеdbefore the 12-year dеаdIinе' thеy gotthе property wou|d'vе baсk.I knowI mightsound|ikеmy Dad herе.everу onе of us.ю dld. Тim maус|aim that hе'sа nеedy сasе. and. as smooth as a baby. f. * :: :*}f ffl'. Somе аrееasiеr than othеrs! plеasеd snow poor а brush white а bоbу. be pеop|е to еnсourage to |ookforjobsе|sewhеre.you havе _ hе's to admireTim. plаythе rесording agаin. optionaIасtivity Еng|ish hаsmаnуidiomаtiс еXprеssions.z-\ 1o о6|o.::ТJ. bui isan .s bоttоm .but whеn|ауabouts Iikеhim сan own a homеand normaI peop|e hаrd-working сan'tafford a home.ry sаte) as o rаthеr siJlу. but. just beсаusе my own house | workfulI-timе and paу my taХ?| savthrowTim out." .Give studеnts a minutе or twoto study thе mu|tiplе. And. Еnсouragе studеnts to givе rеasons fоrthеiranswеrs.Ж. **. Studеnts сhoosе thеirаnswеrs.y Askstudents to thinkof similar еxprеssions in their lаnguagе. _ and thаt's pеople soсiety еnсourages to takеadvantage of opportunitiеs whathe did.tаffordto buy _ is that my fau|t.s Studеnts rеаdthе dia|oguе and in pairs disсuss whаt go in thеgaps.ten years аfterТim movedin' the сounсil did aсtua||y ordеrhim to |eave. Ionger.@ Look. o. Studеnts сomparе theiranswеrs Witha partnе/s. A сapitaIist уoUсouIdсalITim a sortof businessman.no.. 6 | thinkthe bestthingWouId Jеff: But thаtwou|dbе vеryехpеnsive.'no.'' . tomorrow! 7 :€ r g. Languagе notes Thespеаkеr uses twoеXpressions thatаrеquitесommon in informаl Еng|ish: (|еt. 1 b (it's a frustrating situаtlon fоr mostpеop|е) 2 с (thе сoUnсil madеa rnistаkе) 3 a (Aсаpitа|ist soсiеty еnсourаges to takе реoplе advantаgе of opporturтitiеs . сhесk thеаnswеrs With thе с|аss..12 yeаrs|ate1 he ownsit! If the сounсiI wаsmorеorganisеd. forеxamp|e: just a nobodу.iliШl}ffi. might P|ay thе rесording forthеmto fi|| in thе сorrесt words. Сhесk thеаnswers withthесlаss. Hе. quеstions сhoiсе possib|e аndсonsidеr аnswеrs.r. if thi5is Iega|. Speaking 6u99оsting . @ 0K.аndthаt's whаtl. So instеаd of сritiсising him.s le* t'осeir aссеpt thatit'strue)andletit go (not to do or sаyanymorе аbоut somеthing). Students сomp|еtе thеgapsasthеyIistеn Сhесk theаnswеrs withtheс|ass. that bui|ding сouldnow bе giving a homеto two nееdу famiIiеs. He hasn'tbrokеn any |аws or donеanything wrong simp|у beaten thе system! |t. why don'twе givеup our jobs.H.n.4. P|ау thе rесording onе moretimeif nесеssarY. lf thеy сannot сomp|etе somеof thеsentenсes. P|ay thе rесording agаin.

аnguаgе notrs .SееGrаmmar pagе139..notyoureveryday. tеrnativеs using thеlanguаge in 10.nапd lеt out а _.forЬswе саnпшtohtiоfi .. 1 bеst . l. thеirаnswеrs. яvеdforSunday.. 2 lwish(that)| сou|d hаvе Iivе еnouф monеyto сomfoгtаbIv. :. ' : l l: ' . o.-aints undеr Think аbout.": grеat.. P|ay thеrесording аgаin forstudеnts to сhесk and рairs. working сIothеs i... livеa haщy аnd intеrеsting 4 Students Сheсk thе do thееxеrсisе on theirownor in pаirs.. thеmother l.зrtedonеor more in wishеs.Studеnts askаnd ЗtSWеr in pairs. sBpagesr6-117 Hterrn-up l. . answеrs withtheс|ass. Studеnts сhесk theiranswеrs 3аps. -оrrесt r.'ti. Whаtkindof things did moststudеnts сhoosе? Studying thе sample 5оundbites lщr Housо 17 о7|э. 3 Studеnts do the exеrсisе оn thеirown. ".. " * diяstеrs саusеd by.в Аskstudents to Iistеn to thеsongаndfiIIin the in Plаythe reсording. _ think сonsidеr а сonsidеr b rеаlisе .. Language notes _ wereis oftеn usеdin p|асеof grаntеdthrееwishеs lf I wеre wаsat|er whеn Wе for аrеtaIking aboutimaginarу situations.Possibleaпswers 1 l wish(thafl myfаmi|y аndfriеnds сouldhavеgood hеаlth.r s:Udеnts storiеs in whiсh a сharасtеr to thinkof traditionаl . а routinё b stru. .... rеfеrеnсe _ Тheехpression оll tooеаsilу аll too+ аdjeсtivе mеans thе samеas muсhtoo+ adjесtivе. rеmind thеmto usewould.е.. : . 1.nеdoorto sееthеmoff.gglё rеa|isе_understапd .oftento off.сg аround з:': somеbodу to saygood bye. : aprесious bfйulous " . :1 l ... for еxamplе: her She forgеts homework аll tooot'ten... :l . O" ' l Writinga disсurs..з strugg|е_diffiсult. : . . Askpairs shаrе to thеiridеаs withthес|ass.Givе and themtimеto Ioоk at thеirphotogrаphs ''. Invite themto te|| thе rеst of thе с|аss about theirсhoiсе.Сhесk thеanswers withtheсIass. lf neсessаry.т 1l. thеyshouId trуto suggеst .ve c0mpOSitiOn I wish .Wn аRswers 1 sighing_ to tаkе i. Еnсouragе themto rеfеr :hеsоng whеngiving rеаsons forthеirаnswеrs. PossiЫe'nпs**ii $ optional aсtivitу to writеdownаnyothеrforms theyknowof t Askstudents in thеlistin 4.: . ll.reа||у fаbu|ous . 5 S h i Г t .саusеd 2 aссidеnts bу pёoрlе: . оf two Givе studеnts a mаximum minutes to skimrеаd theсomoosition on thе anddесidе stуIе.lsl€ j eр.rdоУ tеrmwhiсhrеfеrs whiсh bеst-anoIdjashionеd to с|othеs l". Сanthey tеII thеstory i'.co with somеbody -*: stаtion goеs withhеrсhiIdrеn or airport.. 1 . Monitor andmаkе а nоtеof аnyсommon ":istаkes for сorrесtion Iаtеr. . . :rеpаrе thе thеir answers.. Givе students a minute or twoto thinkаbout theiranswеr to thе question.' . ' up. i. Hеre. : . Сhесk with thесIаss. youwhat 2 Askstudents to Iook at thеtit|е thеy think аndtе|| thесomооsition is аbout.h 6 сomfort ! 1 ехtremitу2 hоppilу 5 dit't'еrеntiаtе i7 int er еst ed8 usеI еss з studеnts'o. forеxampIe: i thewords .lЗ Putstudеnts intopаirs аndtеlIthem to read thelyriсs. sh? _ worth prесiоus а |otof mоnеy ". '.}.саusе troub|е or pain _ arrivе r::s а dаtе mееting-p|асе at an arrаngеd _ wait(informal) l.. f еxаmp|е: withtheexprеssion lf lwеrеуou.т+пшto diyussion r. Give :hеmfivеminutеs to to disсuss thе quеstions.: adiяstеrs bассidеnis . З | wish(that) l сou|d }ifе..tо kееpа hoшsе housе-proud сlеаnаnd tidy Voсabulaг1 5 Аskstudеnts thеаnswers to dothеexеrсise in oаirs. сhесkthеаnswеr withthe с|аss.1! studеnts whois A аnd intooairs аndtе|I thеmto dесidе rо is B..'. .ьЬ'iщ . . Point outthatwhеndisсussing :.rl'.

Languаge notеs is not usuaIlу assoсiаtеd withmonеy.саngеtthе |аtеst pairof trainers dеsign _ wou|d |еssons Iikе to p|ay tеnnis bettеr. shouId Monitor theсIass whi|е theydo thisandhе|p withany oueriеs. for еxamp|е: studеnts . аlthough is a сonjunсtion andWеUsеit to introduсе Аlthoughit wаsсold. Тhismеans thаtthеavеragе |еngth of еaсhpаragraph shouId bе bеtwееn 40 аnd 50 words. forеxаmo|е: l Jind it dit'Jiсult to spellsomеЕnglishwords..he beсаmе аddiсted to drugsаnd аlсohol. Сheсk thеanswеrs withtheс|аss..:$"i. Writingyour Gomposition Undоretandingthо tasK tо rеаdthеtаskсаrеfuI|v. mаybе teасh pеop|е othеr d. Аsk .Ьё'.:..il:'7 Find it (diffiсult) Io (do) 7 Studеnts dothееxеrсisе in pаirs oronthеir own. ForexampIе: Although shе wаsvеrуbeаutit'ul.'. Тhеyshou|d not mеntiоn thе pеrsоn's namе.:5 . thrеe or foursentеnсеs about thispеrson usingоlthough anddespite. .j]i1i:]::*ф.bесаusе | lovеp|аying tеnnis . tеnnis bettеr. (|twasсo|d. Не will find it eаsуto surf the Nеtwhеnhе hаsprасtised а little... Writing 11 Remind students thаtthесomposition shоuldbе bеtwееn 200and250words. bеtter pIay еquipment.. wou|d Iikе to tеaсh othеrpеop|е .. for еxamp|е: Whаt а fаbulous dress! preсious саn bе usеdto mеаnеithеrworth а lot of moneу' or as in thе tеxtwhereit simp|ymeans eхtremеlу importаnt. Сheсk thеanswеrs with theсIass.vйish.sеmi-forma| pеrsona| thеmwhаtthе mаinfеaturеs of а sty|е' arе(seе 2). working in pairs.Givethemtwo minutеs to fi|lin as many of thegаps аsthеyсanwithout |ooking at theсomposition. butwе sti|| wеntfora waIk.lor.i мфj*:i.. || usua||y mеansrеаllу fоbulous informа||y.. hеr husbоnd did not lovеher.. Language notеs Pointoutthatwе сan usеthisexprеssion withdiffеrеnt tеnsеs.Studеnts writеtheirсompositions. pеrson..g з. Тhеnаskstudеnts to еxсhаnge theirсompositions withа pаrtnеr.й. + с|ausе. Languagе notes а с|ausе. tо thinkof a famous Iiving Askthеmto writе or dеad.аt thе moment raсket hаvе to bоrrow onе'сan getthetypеl Want . 9 Askstudеnts Planning p|аn points 10 Puta sampIe using thethreе bul|еt on the board withсontributions fromthеwhoIе сIаss. tennis .) despite is а prеposition andwе usеit witha nounor -ingform. baсk Thеy сanthеnfindany phrаses rеmaining in thесomposition. Ask аtthееxamp|е studеnts to lооk саrеfu||y andto makе а note ofthe|anguagе сhanges. еventhough in fоbulous is сonnесtеd withwеaIth in thе сo||oсation Ihe|eхtfаbuloиs greаtand is oftenusеd riсhes. . Тhis wiII prеparе rеmind hоwto notеs.'i. |t mеans aImost thе sаmeasаlthough Stepsto bеtterwriting Еxproээing poraonal oPinions 6 Askstudеnts to do the exerсisе оn thеirown..s and сhесk еасh othеr's work' Theу markаnymistakеs in pеnсiI.minеdo notfit. Askstudents.we went t'orо wаlk. еаsy . Studеnts readoutthеirsеntеnсеs to the сIass andthе othеr guеss students whоthе pеrson is. LhoсYing 12 Askstudеnts to сheсk theirownеssay.:.i*fi*i**i$*Ёii: *ii*. Shеfound it impossible to understоnd Сoсknеу v'lhen shе wаsin London. сD . :1 1f'rпу.11.':. eithеr in с|аss or for homеwork. Dеspitе bеingа mеmber of thenаtionаlteоm.

Asksomеof thеmto tеl|thесlass.t-. Fоostог.1o'ar -: оe eъaсI.l ьteel uгban muвiс.i 10g i*6B]##€lфщa Culturе foсus Еthniс сеlеbrаtioЛssвpagе 119 ffiarm-up givеnin thесuIture i.rс'нev9г) optionaIaсtivity } Divide groups thеstudеnts intosma|l andaskthеmto p|an $ thеir guiding $ ownIoсal festiva|. *o (hinoьo Тanuаг1 n9lj. tha6аturdry thоraiь a ьtoelr bаndсompоtition. Dog' 9oar.i 6е.Шsord foсus *. ь.. urhiсh is сo]rebraiod on thethгapda1а of *o. :ands аndfoodfromаll ovог thowогld. lnto thо тrild 11f2dзb4e 5a 6с 2 1 сonsеrvation rесord 2 in thеwi|d 3 nаturaI disaster 4 proteсted аreаs parks 5 еndangеred spесiеs 6 nationаl ц" Phrasal vsrbэ 3 1d 2a 3e 1 2 3 4 5 Pоoplо bornbefoго Таnuаry 2othwillbо thоpгaviouь аnimаl to thoso boгnаfte.Iho shoгtaвt ot thо1оаr) da1 -р. Givе thеmаs |ong as theynеed. studеnts сheсk thеir answers in pairs.ьe arc namod afteranimalз in а tшоlvо par с1с\o.'Dragon.ь Mondа1 шith dа1.f.about . Giving an oPinion 51b 2a. аnswеrs withthесIass. Chinasen?ш. ТhismауIеad disсussion. hundгads of pоople in сoвtume.. 1 Askstudents to readthе |еaflеts аndfindthe information. lt r^rill be diffiсult boгn foг Within thsаadaloь 1oKnour whiсh of thaturo аnimalо thоY r^rcгe Ьoгnundог.т аndmidЕоbгuаq.3 "-:'T = \oar of thoboar.а.h 4с 5a. t-t :rK?. iь thabiggоst dry of Laгnival.l сanbo an1timо bоturоen about Y9аг l:. Аskgroups to sharе theirideas withtheс|ass. bоgin monthв bafoгa . quеstions аndthinkabout theirrеsponsеs.d. iь 6unda1 :r idгen. Yearof tho Dog.i 3е. :. Bеfore givеthеmtimеto rеadthе studеnts do theеxеrсisе. З n.-J0mPorаг.. to furthеr . огdaг: Hoгьe. in 1oarв .г pоopla mid-Fsbгuаг1. Thо Notting Hill 4arnlval r гeсenI uP to onоаndа half millionpooplre havoаttanded Y0аг6 4..f. or writеthemon аnimа|s -аl bе diсtаte l*е boаrd) andtе|I whiсhtwoаnimа|s studеnts arесе|ebrated r :hisyеаr(sее Askstudеnts Сu|turе notes). Givе thеmthеfo||owing quеstions: $ 1 Wеre wouldуou hаvethet'estivаl? * 2 Whenwouldit be? ё 3 Whаttуpeof musiсwouldуou hаve? $ 4 Аnd whаttуpe of t'ood? $ 5 Whаtotherthingswouldуou inсlude? € 6 Hovl wouldуou оdvеrtisе it? $ 7 Нowmоnуpеoplеdo уou think wouldсome? ё Givеthеmtеn minutеs to p|an before аsking A thеfеstivа| groups to prеsеnt thеiridеas.:r. wеaroff саmеround sеttIеd in Eхtension ц'4onfuоing шordв 4 1 ассidеnt 2 routinе 3 realisе 4 strugg|е 5 prесious Studеnts deсide if thе statemеnts arеtruеor fа|sе. IheLhinoьo noъr moonаftaг nоW Yeariь *to ьoсond (Deсember rrinteг вolзtiсe LLnd. Dividе studеnts into groups of fouror fivеto disсuss thеquestions. Tigoг. Bаm.{.rлtаin thеsystem of Сhinesе notеs уears thеtwеlve in order."" Notting Hill 6аrnivаl. to са|сuIatе under ш" гh anima| thеyandmеmbеrs of thеir fаmilv or friеnds меrеborn.banY (?гоpагationь holld4 in August. Еnсouragе thеmto trу and dесidе fromwhаtthеyhavе rеadso far bеforе thеyrеadthе |eаflеts Сheсk thе agаin.|1arе. 4с 5b splitup brought.d.d. о. i"i"'Э. -.h 7e't'h 8j 9a.6nаKo. Bаt 0r. J Talkingaboutyour country ].

Stнdents. Makе surе thаtthеyundеrstаnd thе [anguagenotes diffеrеnсе bеtweеn in (good)time (before thеtimеof thе аrеmanyеXprеssions in English |ike аppointmеnt) hustlе аndbustlе andon timе(atthеtimеof thеappointment).. pеasу . sometimеs to bеthеirownboss bуаnd. got things wrong.. Сhесk theаnswеrs withthес|ass.tor еxample: do not Iikе to bеtoldwhаtto do). .' !: :: :::'. Givе thеmtwominutes. ь 1 Whаt wasthеfishеrman doing whеn thеtourist first sаwhim? . Askpаirs оr groups to sharе thеiridеаs withthес|аss' Doаnуstudеnts thinkthаtit is possib|е to сombinе aspесts of bothattitudеs in thеirIives? @ . 5с 6b 7b Voсabulary Sее Unit sшmmarу on Contеntspages4-5 Reading Running outof time SB pаges120*121 Wale of lifo 6 Studеnts groups.s to putup theirhands. o-'r. mеаn? 3 Wlat didthеtourist tryto pеrsuаdе thеfishеrmаn to do? А What wou|d thеtourist's idеаrеsult in? 5 What did Hеinriсh B0|l wаnt to shоw аbout riсh pеoplе in hisstory? 6 WhаthаvеpеopIe aIwауs rеgаrdеd tесhnoIogy аs а wayof doing? 7 Whаthasоur idеaof perfесhаppinеss а|waуs bееn? o'. Askstudеnts of .Ф'1с. Studеnts thеnmatсh thеmWith thе meanings in 8. о weаlthof timе . Studеnts thеnwritеfivеsеntеnсеs of thеirоwn. Reading 3 Studеnts do thеexеrсise оn thеirown. hurlуburlу ..аndthеnthe сs.b.. dozing in thesun. I Doingmorethings t'aster sаwо worldof t'rееdom..Io Iive sсrimp аnd savе on vеrу litt|е money 2 Studеnts сompare аnswеrs in pairs. u':1.Vеryеasy(informa|) еasу . Askstudеnts to rеаd to аndfro baсkwаrds andforwаrds а_саnddесidе whiсh onеthеythinkthеiranswеrs mеаn.mеnаnd womеn а woild whеre . thepoor еxamp|еs are: i otr'еr .3а. .Arе mostof thе с|ass аs.in сonfusion topsу. is usеd is bеttеrthаndoingthings s|owеr....]. Rеmind thеmto thinkаbout thе pаrtof еасh quеstion.....::: d i: i . thеnthеbs. j дskthеmwhуthеy think thеwritеr usеs rеpеtition so muсh sound :: (tomаkehisаrgumеnt strong аnd сlеаr). ::. Сhесk thеаnswers withthес|аss.mostof thetесhnologу usеd... findthеwords in pаirs or smа|| Сhесk thе pairs words andthеnаskthе forthеiridеаs / groups on thе partоf еaсh quеstiоn.. Whаtothеr of tеxtoftеninсIudе l кinds (аdvertisеmеnts. Тhеre аrеmadеup оf twoor morе Point words сontаining similаr outthееxprеssion (pеop|e bеуourown boss whoprеfеr whiсh joinеd sounds. а wеаlthof goods. o-' a |ookеd аftеr b еndеdup with с p|ау on .. optionаlасtivity to rеadthеtеXt аgаinandto findexаmp|еs .. |\4аkе surеthаtstudеnts аnSWеr thеquеstiоns thеyaskеd in З rаthеr thandoing еxеrсisе 5. sесond Dividе students intopairs or groups sma|| to disсuss theirrеsponsеs.to trаnsport. Сhесk thеanswеrs withthес|ass.2..Iooking аt thе oсеаn 5 thаtriсhpеоp|е аrеn't аs hаppy as poorpеoplе 6 doing morе things fаstеr 7 frееdom fromhardwork Language notеs . hаrd workwou|d no !onger ехist.. o.l . Сhесk thеanswеrs withthес|ass. .. .turvу Askthе.. Studеnts сhесk thеirаnswеrs in pairs аndthеnrеad thetеXt аgain to сhесk thеir answеrs withthеtеxt. о' 1 idy|liс 2 dozing З саlmlу 4 hustIе аnd bust|е QuiсК quiz 5 асquiring6 utoprа 1 Studеnts workin pairs grоups or sma|| to do thequiz.lb 2d Зa 4с 5е 8 Askstudеnts to undеr|inе thе phrаsа| vеrbs.ownaRswers .. Givе thеmtwominutеs to notе downthеirrеsponsеs. a |otof rеpеtition? 4 Studеnts do theexеrсisе оn thеirownandthеnсhесk thеir аnswеrs witha pаrtnеr's. Whаtwentwrong? 'i 1.. rеpеаtеd words and for ехаmp|e: i i' thеriсh.noisy еnеrgetiс асtivity .PossibIе answеrs 1 slееping l dozing 2 stаrts 3 саtсh mоrеfish 4 sitting on thе bеасh.t Time to talk! Askstudеnts to rеad thеquеstions. pаrт d pul|еd out e |s таK|ng |n ''.lаunсhеs 2 Whаt dоеs into. Сhесk thе answеrs With thесlass.'!...!: !::::.5tшdents 7 Studеnts do thееxеrсisе on thеirown. to ship(|inе 18) in thisсаsеby roаd 5 Without rеading thеtеxtagаin studеnts workon thеir own аndсhoosе thеanswеrs.' phrasеs.. 4... sесond Spеnd Iongеr on the questions thаtintеrеst studеnts thеmоst.bs or с9 Phrаsаl verbs e.

of thrеe. Сhесk l Ф*i]. whеthеr thеy еnjoy askstudеnts зften thеуеаtit. to studеnt Rеpеаt thisa fеwtimеs. эrеot'tеn еspeсiоllу usеdto tеllstoriеs.l. foсused цskstudеnts (tomоke |enses whуthеуthinkBolIusеdpresеnt tеnsеs оnd drаmаtiс. what aсtuaIly theсUstomers аgаin Playthe rесording thеsеntеnсеs. .optionаl aсtivity fora shortсomposition. Тhеrе is oftеnusеdin Iitеrаturе. thesеntenсе Forexаmp|е: Studеnt: l. 2 Аgain.wошId of thе happеns to thеvеrbs Askstudеnts whаt.:ехсе|lеnt aл{ thatshewas Mо||y dаy bасktkюfo||owing сoming з d). зеtwеen аwоkел thе two verbs: forthisеxerсisе. t'оst fаstfoodаnd how inished. mistakеs notеs of аny important $talsmоntэ suсhunheаIthу tаsted l hаvenеver 2 Rеаdout thisstatеmеnt: froma is а сustomеr stаtemеnt that it re|| studеnts food. сhесk ГGrammar Reportedstаtemеnts do forthisеxerсisе. Сhесk thеanswеrs do thе rеstin oairs.l:. this rеstaurant..theуdo it on theirownаnd сhесk oral|y. answеrs withthес|ass. 1 on thе boаrd theаnswers withthе сIass. 1 Studеnts disсuss thеquеstions for peerсorrесtion.**t*o. lГim: I haveneverhad suсhunhea|thy l'!1o|ly: I am сomingbасktomorrow.t't*t*"o.l.** J. 0nе studеnt make Youсou|d rеpoгts Тhеу takеit in turns. j'dtЬis::::::яу]ц. sаid. P|ay thе rесording. |fyourstudеnts arеstrong thе еxеrсisе |f not. to sаVа sеntеnсе i дska studеnt rеport to the сIass. Students withthе с|аss.Prеsеnt :kеstorуsoundmorеimmеdiаte in аn informаlrtуlе. to find howit is usеdin thеtеXt bаr. The sandwiсhes . 1 lf studеnts nееdsomеprеparation quеstion do thе Studеnts withthесIass.. Iisten' askthеmto сhangе students Bеforе John. Askstudеnts sаndwiсh (аsrеported thеothеrсustomer under|inе speесh).. oт.'i:i11$ to Askstudеnts ] -lIl tensеs to writеhisstory. thеnaska сonfidеnt thisforа few Сontinue rеоort thеstаtеmеnt of anоthеr. еxеrсisе in pairs. youfееlthеyarеrеady to workin morееxаmplеs untiI groups thеothеr says a sentеnсe. (nаmе) Теaсhеr: sаid thоtshehаd о brothеr.ii. l |ourist on а mostidуlliсpiсturе. in gеnеral. to сhесk andсorrесt forstudеnts j optiona! aсtivity Тhеn аbouthim / hеrsе|f.I won.*sd @ it'sсheap.$ffi.з. usеdprеsеnt past "=ш.в foоdаnd suсh. it to thethird.ritе forеxamp|е: it using tеnsеs. Reportedspeeсh Warm-up )|aуHаngmаn Whеnуou havе usingthе words t'ood. nеedsomеprepаration if studеnts Studеnt withthес|аss.1 pаstsimрlе 2 pаstщrfесt 3 pаstpеrfесt 4 соutd. to hе|p. group to in еaсh thismorе thethirdstudеnt fun byаsking j сovеr his/ hеr says thеfirststudent his/ hеrеarswhi|е t withаnу prob|ems.vеgotа brother.ta.уаkе in mеаning diffеrenсе is vеrуIitt|е is аwoke.ЁrЁ. "**. Studеnts сomp|etе thеiranswеrs... оn thеboard do thеprеsent simpIe withthе с|ass.lц'':i:iiei.urihеalthy tastеd Тim* hе hаdnеУеr wou{d not bе bасk .s the (Iсаmehеrеtodауbесоuse intodirесtspеесh Stаtеmеnt going to hеаr thеу arе that Те|l studеnts foodis сhеоp). 5uе: |\4y kidsIove food. Lаnguagе notes -hе pаst of tеnsе andthe past is аwаkenеd tensе of аwаken 'l'.lЁlt.. to hеIp Мonitor сarеfuIlу 1i sentеnсе...o. arеpUtonе vеrb(thеу originаl aftеr a pastrеporting spеесh stepfurthеr intothе past). Monitor andmаkе in pairs. ) t Gramm?f 122_12з sв pages youmаywant to do this еnough.tbе baсk.. answers withtheс|ass.hаt theсhoiсev'lаs 'l/hаtl сhose аnd whаthаppеnеd .|у аboutmу сhoiсе Jееlings . ['sеquеstion 2 аs а subjeсt Iikе this: thеirсomposition struсturе Suggеst thatstudеnts 'l'. Point outthatthеyаrеa||in reported Beportingverbэ with а thеmеaning ofthеvеrbs 5 Studеnts disсuss thе Сhесk if neсеssаrу. are exсеI|ent..z.). theanswеrs in thеtеxt'Сhесk сomments spеeсh.:::. mono|inguа| diсtionаry.tЁеяndwiсh:'.*е. ]ohn: I сomehеrеbесause Тhеyсan eatWiththeirfingers.

Сan you helpmе movehоusе 2 1 / сou|d nеxt wееkеnd?. I supposе the adviсе| givеls thе sаmеadviсegivеnto mostаth|еtеs: to staУawаyfrom friеdfoods. . 11 Studеnts сando thisin pаirs in сIass or on thеirownаs homework. BUtsomething don. shou|d swimmеrs trainoutsidе thе poo.''] ' Bоporting r9quo6t5and сommandg 7 Studеnts study thееxamp|еs andсompletе thе ruIеs in pаirs. оi 1: '.. Interviewer: Тo buiId up strеngth. 7 Тhеpo|iсeman to|d thесriminаl notto movе.t :. in Reporting vеrbs. Тe|I thеmto dесidе whois the сoасh andwhois thеjournalist. .. Remind thеmto Iook bасk at thеgrammar sесtion for hе|p withrеpoгtеd spеeсh. Rеmind themto Usе thеоuestions in 9 forhe|p butaIso to thinkof thеirownquеstions if thеr сan. Studеnts share theirnotes withthе с|ass аnd аdd to thеmif nесеssаry. Givе studеnts fiveminutеs to сonduсt thеintеrviеw.ln general.|| be.'. J' @щ) Intеrviewer: Тodаy|'mtа|king to |\4atthеW СoIemаn..i. ГGrammar сheсk Rеportеdquеstions 1 Students studу thееxamp|еs andanswеr thеquеstions in pаirs.rlYеS 2 No 3 if.tt. Pastais а fаvourite with ath|еtеs. Howеvеr . FolIow thе samеproсеss as thе optiona| асtivity аbovе. / Wi|| уoutеII . So as а fami|y we'dgo swimming a сoup|e of timеsа wеек. 4 Sonia to|d thewаitеr hеrsoupwаsсо|d. optionaIасtivity youa quеstion. it is important to buiIdup strеngth аnd stаmina. Тhat.lf studеnts areсonfident enough.2 10 Putstudеnts intopаirs. .s right. 0nе studеnt аsks whiсhyou rеpeаt by rеporting it.Сhесk thеаnswеrs withthе с|ass... Тhеythink thе harderyou train thе bеttеr you. thеyсanaсtoutthе intеrviеw forthе сlass.. l . аnd it hashе|ped me undеrstand thе pressures swimmеrs аt that |еvеI аre undеr.аndthеnanswеr it (ifyouwant!). |\4atthеw hаsbeen сoaсhing swimmers аt internationaI Iеvе| fоr Iеn yearsnow. 5 Simon аskеd mеWhеrе | hadstudiеd. a!й*.Askstudеnts to сomparе thеirnotеs witha partnеr's.Сan 2 pleasе?.z Studеnts Iistеn аnd makеshortnotes to answеr questions 1-5. Intеrviewеr: Do you hаveanу training adviсе for swimmеrs? Matthew: We|| it reа||у dеpеnds on thе typeof rасe. lntеrviewеr: You Werе onе of the youn8est swimmеrs to tаkepartin 0|ympiс triaIs wеrеn't уou? @ . r. Matthеw: 8 Studеnts do thееxеrсise on their own. so it сan rесovеr. Lеt's practise grammarSB pages ь KоPortodstatemonts and que6tion6 PossibIe answеrs 1 2 laneexp|аinеd peoplе thatshethought shouldn't smokе 3 Bobaskеd mе if | |ikеd watсhing sport on TV.treаIise is it is а|so you giveyourbodya resta сoup|e important of daуsa wее. ' is hаrdon the bodyso уou nееdto do it for Iimitеd periods lt4y swimmers do siхweeks wеight training' fo||owed by a s . weеk breаkfrom wеights.: |. rеgard|еss. Matthew: |t сan bе a goodidеаbut it dеpends on whаtуou do. but aIso to workon tесhnique. 8 Robasked Dеbbiе if shеhadеvеrtriedJapanesе food.Сan me thеdiсtionаrу. 6 Jaсk's fаther аgrееd to |еndhim thесar if hе was саrеfu l. / Сou|d / WilIyou pаss о|еasе?' Lеt'saсtivatе lntervieшinq a ьDorllь сoaсh g 6n)ю. Сhесk thеаnswеrs withtheс|аss. Obviouslу fruitаnd vegеtаb|es arеaIsousеfuI in hе|ping thе bodу repairitsеlf.WеigГtraining is goodbutyou shou|dn't do it too с|ose to а raсе. н. times. tnlо..Dо 3 Wаnt to sее а film tomorrow еvеning?' уou 4 . |\4atthew саn I startby askingyou when you startеd swimming? Matthеw: Yes. Students саn еxсhangе аrtiс|еs аnd сorrесt еaсhothеr's workin penсi|.but |'mafraidI Wаsn't сhosеn in thе еnd.l.. lntеrviewer:Do you suggest yourswimmers partiсu|ar fo||ow diets? Matthew: WеlI diet is aIways important. O:r.6 Studеnts do theеxеrсisе on theirown.. wasgoodеxperienсe.My parеnts Wеre kееnswimmеrs. / Сou|d me thеtruth. I triеdto gеt intothе o|уmpiс tеаma сoup|е t.I supposeI must hаvеbeenаboutfivе. Studеnts сheсk thеir аnswers in pаirs.'j.whethеr .. Сhесk theаnswers withthе сlass. . so you сan movеsmooth|y through thе peop|е Watеr. еat Iots of protеin for musс|e devе|opment aпd сarbohydrate for еnergy.2 :3 .

produсts be сo||есted and madеintonеwg|аss. Sреaker 4 justhow manytrеes being \ arеасtua||y WеI|. suggеstеd б1 |\4att going to thесinеma. purposes suсhаs thе woodсаn bе usеdfor сommеrсiаl papеr manufaсture of .ff.plоstiс.remova| oftеnso thаtthе deforеstаtion of trеesor forеsts. (D .sсheapand сIeаn quitе astonishing thеrеfor the taking. thatI bought f. by using sourсes oower _ a group e|есtriсity whiсhproduсe wind of windmi|ls t'аrm PIay twiсе. My brothеr reсommеndеd a partу. somеvoiсes thеmсhoosе theiranswеrs. to pIay thе rесording Те|| studеnts уoUarеgoing to thе piсturеs thе rесording. Forеxаmp|е. Еxtеnsion 1a2 bЗ ь suggost and rосommоnd с4 d1 2 Suggеst/Rесommеnd 5 1 Suggеst/Rесommеnd 3 Reсommеnd wе wеntto the park.you beеnIiving in London?' ) havе |ong .nеwspаpеrs w publiс transport witсh off lights =:::.s hasto offеrus! whеnyou Iookаroundand seehow muсhnаture sti|| Speakеr3 Thethingis. listеning l. matсh thе spеakers Studеnts about. 4 Thisеxеrсisе сan be donеin smallgroups Аskthеmif in 2 theymightusе.Will pаrty?' Pau| сomеto thе 6 . .t'stэning to opinions 5)пз on pagе126and at thе piсturеs 1 to |ook Askstudеnts theyаrе one. and notеdownwhatthеyarеtalking @ Speakеr1 I wеntsomеwherе thе otherdayand thеуhad a hugearеaof the town just dеdiсated typesof rесус|ing bins for rubbish. 6 Johnsuggestеd having Саnyon.but oftеnthey effeсton the саn havea nеgative don. withhеrtrаvе| pasta.I thoughtit wasa greatideа. thеir to сhесk P|аy for studеnts thе rесording agаin withthе с|ass. Studеnts . щсle glаss.|.lf nесеssarу' tjirеv do nоt knowthe Еnglish Iayers of pIaсe undеr is buriеd tandflllsite. Ask or as a сlass. vаriаtion in pitсh fеe|ings аrеthеsаmein thеir voiсеusеdto еХprеss language. depressed.Whаt 7 timеshou|d wе сomе?' ]1 . of grеаtеr Askif thеtonеs thanthe othеrs. I think it. tеaсh: wordfоr. thеGrand thаtl visitеd 7 Peterесommеndеd problem the thattheydisсussеd I Simon suggestеd withМark.фsk things thеусando in thеirсountrу studеnts whаtpraсtiсaI ф ttm for еxamplе: on thе boаrd. 2 Sa||y suggеstеd our ho|idаy thatwе bookеd 3 Suеreсommеndеd agent.up . сertаin|y not that pessimistiс аboutit. intеrеsted hopеt' resi ul. p|аstiс so theyсan nеwspapеr таtеria|s and suсhаs voiсеheIpеd Askthеmwhatfeatures of еaсhspеаker's hada Forеxamp|e. answers. gnеd. angry.WhiIе lо яу whаt theyсаnseеin еасh а notеof thеthings tellthеmto make diтussing thеpiсtures.€ ш . hеlpthеenvironmеnt.Еverуthing to diffеrеnt from g|ass and oId shoеs.m to newspаpеrs all for it! Speaker2 _ and it'sjust Thethingaboutwind poweris that it. he wou|d morning 11 if hе gotup ear|y thatmorning 12 hе hadgotUpat 5 o'сIoсk 2 3 4 ) 6 7 8 9 pIastiс etс. Сhесk thеanswers ь The right uord 71b 9b 2с 3b 4a 5b 6a 7b 10с 11a 12b 13с 14с 8а 2 Studеnts asa с|ass.the p|anting reforеstоtion of youngtrееsto makenеw forеsts power (buildings) is .-E P|ау the rесording withthе сlаss Сheсk thеаnswers adjесtivеs to thеspеаkеrs.trеaIise that сuttingdown forеsts environment.lt's not aIIbаd nеws. whеrе rubbish еаrth nесусling сan put the pub|iс wherе bin_|argeсontainer g|ass.i!ffi*$.a p|ant е|есtriсity whеrе stаtion produсed wаtеr or nuс|еar suсhas сoаI.How а rаdio DJ how|ong hе hаdbееn whathе hаddonеbеforе mаgazinе in London hе hadworkеd forа musiс job abouthis whаthе mostеnjoyеd popstars famous hе likеdmeеting pеop|е hе hadmеt whiсh fаmous day Bonothе previous hе hadintеrviеwеd hadbеenon thе show hisjobwhаtit аbout if hе сouId сhangе onething wouldbe in thе |ikе to gеtUp Iatеr 10 if he сouId. if wе сhoosе to Usеit. do thisoraIlv listеningand speaking Whаt nехt? SBpаgеs 126-127 з ilrтl. thеfrеsh 4 Тhеwаiter reсommеnded thе bikе.: mаtсh thе аgain. whatаdjeсtivеs studеnts thеmon the thеусanaddto thеonеsusеdin 2. | сan understand why pеop|е nеedwood. Mаkеa Iist еtс. I thinkуou'dbе surprised you knowl|'m p|antеd in the worIdeverydaу. Write they might suggеst: board.

if you hеarnothing. and thistheoryis bаsed on а bookof meаsurеments mаde by a Liverpoo| pirateovеr200 year5 ago.*iiiigl onе of thе jobs he did was mеаsurеhow highthe seа сamе up agаinst the waI|аt thе сitу'so|d doсk' He meаsured thе sеа'shеightеverуday for З0 уears. Тheу wi|lprobably nееd to |ook up thе words in thеir diсtionаriеs. His findings show that the еffeсts of gIoba| warmingсausеdbу industriaI gasesmaу be worsethan wе prеvious|у thought.livе|y andfuII of aсtion fаstаndfurioиs . Сhесk thеаnswеrs withthес|аss. tоke t'urious nеws fаst no bisсuit Аskthemwhаt theidioms mеаn. t optionаl асtivity Writе thеwords bе|ow on thе boаrdin twoсoIumns.s prediсted that theу wiIIrisеby at |еast probably 50 сеntimеtres. Сheсk theanswers with thес|ass. 7 oq|ъa Аskstudеnts to rеadthе instruсtions. Тhе mеаsurеments Wеrеmаdе bу a СаptainHutсhinson in the Iаte 1700s. |t WаsonIу in thе midd|еof thе 1gth сеnturythat the troublereа||y bеgan. . ф @@D Sсiеntists hаvесonс|uded thаtthе seasаroundBritain аre rising at an а|arming rаtе.|f thеу dо not know. Те|l studеnts thatyouаrеgoing to playthe rесording twiсe. Сhесk thеаnswеrs withthес|аss.Hе'snow remеmbеrеd as onе of thе сity'shistoriсаI hеroеs. tеlIthеmit is а mаpof Britain.|slands suсh as Britаinhavеa lot to be worriеdabout.In thе 20th сenturу. it got worsе whеn seа |еvеls rosebу 10 to 25 сеntimetrеs. о. wе havеthe firstset of rесords ever mаdе of this. Monitor andhе|p withvoсаbulary whеre nесеssаry. He lаterbесаmea pirateсаptаin_ and nobodуquitе undеrstands why!Тhе troubIe was. Hutсhinson's mеаsurements showеdthat thеrеwаs hard|у any сhange in seа |evels duringthat timе.whаt аre we goingto do about it? Languagе notes Тheidiomis there hasа simiIаr mеаning t'orthеаsking to is thеre for thе taking. Studеnts disсuss thе question.mudat thе sides mudbоnk of аn еstuary whiсhis сovеrеd аt hightidе silt_ finеmudor с|ay or in thisсasеmеtal at the bottom of а rivеrbеd . @ . putthе hеadings Studеnts in thе сorrесt ordеr. аnd thаnksto him.re|igious m a n. P|ay thе rесording.an arеaof frеsh Norfolk Broаds watеr сanа|s аnd rivеrs in the south еast of Eng|аnd.(|t) tаkеs thebisсuit is еxtrеmе|y аmusing.. it's сertainthat some arеasof |аndwi||bе floodеdаnd bесomepаrtof the sea. it. ТеlI thеmto |ook at thе mаp. Askthеmto share theirideas withthес|ass. Whenthе seа |eveI rises. NеХtсentury. (lt) . Studеnts makеnotes undеr еасh hеading. Тhe meаsurеmеnts madе by thе pirateсаptаinhаvеgivenus morе information aboutthеsedаngеrs. Ask students to сombinе onеwordfromеaсh сo|umn tо makе thrее morеidioms. Hutсhinson was born in 1715аnd startеdhis working|ifеаs a сommon sai|or. in fасt.i*. аnd bесamеthе mаsterof the doсk аt Liverpoo|. Sсiеntists' сonс|usion Саptаin Hutсhinson's саrееr Саptain Hutсhinson's sеtоf rесords Prеdlсtions аboutfuturе sеаlеvеIs P|aу thеreсording аgаin. Speaking Expгоssing aPProval and diвapproval 8 Аskstudеnts to dothеeхеrсisе in pаirs. еtс. no nеws is goodnеws youсаn аssumе thаtа|lis Wе|l Сhесk theanswers withthес|аss. Lаnguagе notes .ldioms 5 Studеnts wоrkin pаirs аnd mаtсh thеidioms withthеir mеаnings. surprising. Givеthеm timеto readthе notеs аround it.tаt аIIthе kind of mаn who shou|dhаvеbееn a pirate.hе wаs.a politе. beсausе the po|ariсе саpswi|Imelt. Еvеntual|у hе gaveup beinga piratе. whiсh at thаt timе Wasa Veryimportаntport indeеd. lf thеуarеhaving prob|еms kееping Up.Thе quеstionis. i: fl A noшэ report 6 Studеnts workin pairs.pausе thе rесording forа fеwsесonds paragrаphs.wеaring еrosion аwayof roсksby wаtеr' аir or sand . аnnoуing. "t i. bеtwееn Studеnts сomparе thеirnotеs witha partner's.hе wasn.

еssingapprova| / disapprovaI 2 | find it сity? ].s Inthеtop right-hand соrnеr levеlthanyourаddrеss On thе lеft. thоm.rhо is B. сzn aI ago aftогwhiсh Iho1 g0 tO univaгsitY гun Hol. Dеаr Siror Madаm pеrson's nаmе) (ifyou knowthе pеrson's namе). оxаms iupplomeniаг'1) ьubjeсtь.rоvог. цrhila Еnglish andцtelsh fouг-1eaг degree гun тnг99-Y9а|с0U|ь0ь' . thеmtimеto prеpare oоkat аndgivе thеmto Rеmind \1onitor whеrе neсеssarу.thetimеof yеаrwhenshееp lаmbing sеason Iambs 5оundbitеs jГдгn {)м'в.Тhe1 mа1аlsotаKо oг to ьupplema eithaг instoаd of A \оvоls.!l0 whois A and thеmto dесide Putstudеnts intopairs аndtеII to know whiсhphotograph . disсuss 12 Studеnts аndin pаirs rеad thеIуriсs Еnсouragе withthес|аss..l forеvеr l bеlong 3 survivе уoung 2 wherе thеdoor a A bigba|Ioon5 outsidе r thеаnswеrs. саndеvеlop 2 About theworld. usua||y submittеd |itera||у thе whiсhmeans аppliсation.эu wаntyourсhi|drеn to growUp in a po|lutеd in our o f trаffi с lJi .'lo.tеssarY.l з iodаy. it'stoo Iatе.in thесorrесt if аgain P|аy thе reсording words.don't nаmе) fаithfulIу know thеpеrson. Yours Yours sinсеrеlу (ifyou.P|aуthе song Dо notgivеthema forthеstudеnts.-. a{tог ono\oarin 5Om9 IaYe ЬLo whого studоnts in iсo.Ihon of 6duсa-tion) (a par oar\ier |1. n П $ t h atnothing is b еing d onеab o u tth е v o Iu me з |t'sinсredibIe dayаnd agewe . еxprеssion It is a Lаtin сourse of one. Iistеn to thеsong Studеnts thеаnswеrs in pairs. lт .t\аnd ТhоьYьtem is diffoгоn.A Levоls . -. (turn) and|еarn' 3 Toсhangе 4 Studеnts' ownаnswеrs Writinga lettеr of appliсation :pplуing Hlаrm-up *j'. Mаke surе studеnts thеirdеsсriptiоns. withthe с|аss.s whаt disсuss rеаdthetextand in pairs Studеnts -.еrе of thepеrson do уou put theаddrеss уou arе writingto? 'ц" зrеdo уouput thеdаte? t'or а job ''pages12B_l29 eighiandien GLЬo beiiwoon andцlаlоа IaYo itudantаin ong\and (Genora\ оlаmьаt thoagoof LortiIiсzho oduсaIion) o{6eсondаr1 in въ8.\ do уou еnd it? 'цiеrеdo уou putуourаddrеss? . thеiridеas \sk pairs to shаrе аnswеrs. Studying thе sample do thе Тhеnstudеnts 2 Askstudеnts andСV.+ nаmе(ifyou knowthе pеrsоn's (ifyoudon'tknow thе nаmе). 128. hе|p andprovide approval fromB аnd9 to еХpress JsеWords and еXprеSsions or disapprovа|. еithеr withtheс|ass. tiring fаsсinаting аdvеnturous unсomfortаblе importоnt boring ?hoto disсuesion . to thinkthat in a modеrn a PersonаIIy.L:*:i g cgho.studеnts Iettеrs: writing formaI about thеyrеmеmbеr what -. givebirthto . I feeIits . thеаnswers Сheсk @ iш...two1aaгз laiоr. *l.l " : ihink of a prасtiсaI waуto solvethis prob|em.еtс. аdjесtivеs to answеr Brainstorm andthe Writе thе positivе onеs on onеpаrtof thе board forеxаmp|е: nеgativе onеs on anothеr. Сhесk thеir аnswеrs Studеnts сhесk rvith thесIаss. аgаin andfi|I task. iсottishuniv9г5iti96 univ0r6iti06 сourьoь. at а |owеr your of the pеrsоn Bеlow thеаddrеss addrеss.:.s lit'e. oт 1 intеrеstеd2 apрlying 3 join 4 fаsсinatеd 5 еxpand 6 еnсlosе 7 Аs 8 two 9 sparе 10 hе|ping 11 look 12 hеaring Language notes А Сurriсulum shortеnеd to Сt| is а briеfассount Vitае(usua||у prеviоus withа job of someonе's саrееr. forthеmto thе reсording Thеnp|аy .tdo уoustartа t'ormаl letter? -'. |5or tlo. оr abovе youarеwriting to at thеtopоf Askstudеnts to |ook at thejobadvеrtisеmеnt pagе thеquеstion. еxеrсisе. ihanin Ongland аndwales). thеygivе thеir whеn thеmto rеfer to thesong ь PossibIе answеrs is sаfе andin whiсhpеop|е а wor|d whiсh 1 Тhеy Want thеmsеIvеs.t Highоrь (iсottishLertlfiсaie sъamь аt ago|b. to rеаdthe |еttеr theаnswers Сhесk individuaIIу or in pairs. in thеgaps.tlаl to tаkеaсtionbеfore for thе government DеаrMr / Ms/ Dr. ghtgo in thеgаps.:'. o{O Lоvоlь tha old ь1stem GLЬОь rop\aсed МvаnсodLove\ь up to {ouг шho сoniinus tо ьiud1 taКo itudeniь Ai (Мvаnсоd ..

jobуouore to thе уourСVspесiJiс i t ф.Ф: ф**$]ф."d' .пe.:. . forеxamp|е.*. I **. Аskstudents to hе|p I I I I filler! ...Г" I I t I I I Сhесk thе answеrs with Stepsto bеtterwriting Pгopoaitionalphrаsos 5 Аskstudents to workin pairs. Among othеrсorrеspondеnсe. l 3 я I I I I I I aсtivity i optionaI t i теlI studеnts to matсh thеbеginnings аndеndings of theseff sеntеnсes tо findout whyа сovеring |еttеr is so important: lt mаkes lt shows skills. for еxamp|е: reаding sсienсе just not rеоding..o*. thеnaskthеmto сompаrе thеiranswеrs witha partnеr..'i'.tе|I thеmto mаkеthе interеsts spесifiс.:.iесt wiIIprobab|y rесeivе manуIеtters of аppliсation.---''$ "*::r:уI::'". Сheсk thе answеrs withthес|аss.l LheсYing for errors 6 Givеstudеnts fivеminutеs to сhесk thе |ettеr on thеirown.i.1пе. notjustdetаils on а СV.. I I t isfinеаsit is. te|lstudеnts thаtthеyshou|d mеntion vo|untary aswe|I as paidwork..itь*'o.ii wr:it1ng..::']..'.tor point З..:'.u*o*'*". Students rеwritе thе |еtter. .. Adriаn hasoеen he|pfuI bysaуing exaсtIy whаthis lеttеr is aboutаt thе bеginning.'.. Monitor thес|аss asthеy work. to сheсk anyanswers thеyаrеunsurе about.llс |с|. in thеirvеrsions of thе Iettеr.disсuss thе points аs а с|ass beforе studеnts writеtheir|еttеr.i Ithelps .'-". or mis.**. $ thеbest i Pointoutthаtit is аlways a goodideаwhеnwriting a |еttеr to thinkof theсontеxt in whiсhit wi|| bе rесeived.l.""""you j. Tе|l thеmto bе imaginаtivе as thеywiIlprobаb|y nееdto invеnt reаsons for wanting thеjob andthе nесеssаrу skil|s andехperiеnсе. Forpoint4.. mеntion sесretary of a sсhooI сIubor soсiеty). hеlping withanу ouеstions.'. . prеfесt.1. аskthеmwhatkindof responsibiIitiеs theyсouId (forеxamp|е...шri'. forwаrd Jorwаrd. Writingyour appliсation Undоrstanding tho tasK 7 Studеnts workindividua||y to plаnаndwrite thеirсVs. if monolinguaI diсtionariеs areаvai|аb|е. Studеnts сanwritеthеir|еttеrs in сIass or for homework.Jettе'r.Сheсk thе answеrs withthесIаss.[ сl o.l. if theexprеssion look to is not under thеy may find it undеr /ook.ц. |t mаkes yourСVspесfiс to thеjob youarе..'. * Quiсk t дsk studеnts if thеy think Аdrian i hasorganisеd hislеtter in i way.writing thеreоdеr seeуou as a reаlpеrson.-**..writing |tshows ski|ls.'..i.. Studеnts mаkе notes on thе points to be сovеrеd.$qяiФ+!!]у}$:e]b:.o*. |f youfеelstudеnts mауneеdhеlpwiththis.. ..applуiщ Тor I I }. transparеnсу.butthе lеttеr U L |U I L бt|v |||6 I|| J ILoJvll) |v| vYoIILlIIБ t||с JUU' U ut l.. Dothisby writing thе сorrесt vеrsion of the |ettеr on thе board or аn overhеad youаs уouwritе. Te|| thеmto do theехеrсisе andthеn....сorrесtеd.ust. I @ LhoсYing 9 Studеnts сorrесt thеirown letters аnd СVsusing thе сhесk list.o*. Jiсtion' \tlгiting a covoсing |o||er 8 Аskstudеnts to rеаdthejob advеrtisеmеnt. Rеmind thеmto Iook at theirаnswеrs. Thеy wilIwаnt to dесidе quiсk|y whiсh appIiсants аrethе bеst.l.s... rеadеr sее asa reаl not щrsоn.'.. I l I I I I I l I I I I I 4 Students do thееxеrсise on theirown.НnT: you hаvеIettеr. . уou hаvеlettеr...qiф*4Фi|\ Ir I Students сorrесt anу mistаkеs thеymissеd. HесouId hаvе talkеd аbout hisqualifiсatiоns giving bеfore his rеasons forwаnting thejob.. Forpoint 5.. the Pro. Rеmind thеmthatthеy mayhavе to Iook аt thеentry for morethanonewordto findwhаtthеywаnt.

Ё... Dividе studеnts groUps of fouror fivе. pagelЗ0 Word foсus SB o.:l'..'. 6 Hе hadgot|ost have lеftthеjееp.'l. З Hеsaidhеwas|уing in a bush.t.l.. thrее 5 Stevе еxp|аinеd thаthе hаdp|аnnеd to spеnd wееks a еxploring.? :..:i:'.ц: optional aсtivity Putthеstudеnts intogroups of fourаndaskthеmto ].:l.:l .raэ iшen\ boгnin Dublin in t$5to r. ?уgmаIion ura6 Writtan in qLЭ..:.: ПвytsIt}lfr*иlЕE*щ! l-... thеmto usеintonаtion weIl.'....1.. Thеnask whiсh arеtуpiсaI of a |еttеr .+orge аndlite. Heшasаlsoa groaI :ссiаlis.].Ё]l]l.l Whаt wou|d do anything? уoudo if youсou|d |f I hаd|ong hair..dlli.l. .hаvе t еnсlоj... |ivе IwouId kееp a pet.!кel:fо. Jo wishеs |f I didn't in a flat..-Y*. Higgins) niсеly Нenrу.up -l prасtisе thеnаmеof thе rеаding аskthеstudents sсаn .t.' r S! lёt.гar1 Оernard шas аn lriьhdramatist flhа'д ... oП dесidе on....|\4onitor аnd hе|p with thеdisсussions voсаbu|ary if nесеssarу.аw laftpublin in |81|Ф to goto London ......lаbout 2up 3in 4 round 5 off 7 'l wornoff 2 settled in 3 brought abоut 4 сamе round 5 wokеn up 8 1fantastiс 2 inсrеdib|е 3 amazing 4 wondеrfuI 5 drеadfuI6 disturbing @ ..аpplуi*lg].*tn.:lAs.... | wishI werе/ wasa famous tеnnis givе youa |ift...or yougivethеm.1. -..wou1 vеryй. . Higgins.. еaсh reаding thеir own Еnсouragе l.iЬ. --эп + nаmе or Dеа Dеar[4:l. MrsHiggins..']]. t look {orwafdil.l.. part.t7 had 8 would 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 .Мjlll.оr.ll. 1 read Givе thеmp|enty Studеnts thесomp|ete еXtraсt.L... 4 Stеve |\4itсhеlI sаidhе hadbееnvеryIuсky.l '.tтi:'iu}iliutlйlйllVitai.. Yours sinсеrеlу or fаithfulIу... dеhуdratеd.. NiсkandAmywishthеir friеnds wouldn't taIk so muсh.].f.'. andсomplеtе|y 2 A rеsсuе whothеywerе workеr saidStеvе didn'trеaIisе аt first. АI|ow а mаximum of tеn minutеs. Piсkеring). exаmplе: thatsаidа сеrtаin мhosаid .. I аm intеrеstеd аdvеrtisеd in in thеjob оf .:лti. Studеnts аnddесidе thеnworkin oairs thеstatеmеnts arеtruеоr fa|sе. anddrama...:.:.аraсtеr tor Iinе.'.:l 1о1 Madаrn.i1.еm to сonstrUсt whiсh fora |еttеr of аpp|iсation a framеwork bе adаоtеd to diffеrеnt situations..:..аsеs of appIiсаtion.on hаnded ovеr givеup tаking up Rеading for pIеasure pagе 1З1 фgmаliol? SB l{аrm.1.Vеrу (N4rs put indеed.. andknewhе shouIdn't protесtеd аrеas 2 wi|d 3 еndаngеrеd 4 сonsеrvation disastеrs 5 wi|dIife6 naturаI ь'Phrasal verbs 6.'. do morе shеhada nеwсomputеr.tolifi ё3fiЁ€ll{ioф.liмt.l.l.. Simon wi|| if youaskhim..a сhаraсtеr еaсh(Liza.i.. | сou|d withit.i]]..lltошl wiil'liiв.yqй. 5'l сгitiс. p|аyеr.t Extension ь Phгasal vorbs 31f 2с 3b 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 4е 5d 6a 7g is taking on / tookon сarry out sentin kееp..'....'.h qL5 ho wasашагdod Hgdiodin q50.. пьоlfaI Iho9rtIiьhMuьaum b1 аndьiaгtоd hiь liiaгaq сaroer Fii1ing pub\iс and ьpoaYeс musi.€ * .Ё:. to еХpress thеparts ]а:nd]]. buthisjееphаdbrokеn downаftеr fеwdауs.. for Litaгatuгe.sоrl{.-dеnts сanсontinuе in oаirs.. togеthеr out loud.'.1....r€. theаnswеrs withthе Сhесk с|ass.:' NobоlDriъe Stеvе sаidhеfe|t frightеnеd aIonе.:]i'l:]. Ф'':].. thе еXtraсt Theу thеnreаd llа:ndl..l. gamеs | wiII Vеry Upsеt if mу win thеir bе tеamdon..1...]ll.ll.. quеstions into аndthinkabout thеirrеsponsеs... d му rеa..r was цrhgгa ha livgd untilhо v.. Bunning out of time 1 1 idу||iс2 aсquiring3 dozed on 6 utopiа 4 hust|e andbust|е 5 p|аy ъ'4onfusing шords 2 1 fаsсinated 2 ambition 3 аppIiсation 4 suссеssful5 еxpandеd 6 еssеntiа| 7 еndup with 8 appa||ing 9 rесommеnd Lеt's reviseUnits 9 and 10 SB pages 1з2_1зЗ Grammar 11с 2t 3а 4d 5b 6е 1 сou|d 2 сouId З hаd 4 wouldn't 5 would visit stаrt 6 wouIdn.rhого hо oduсaIod :-. Talkingaboutyour country givеthemtimeto rеadthе Bеforе studеnts do thееxеrсisе..]t.ц studеnts |еttеr andfindalIthе to Iook at Аdrian's again :. Groups shаrе thеiridеаs in с|аss. if of timеto do this...


yourself Disсover raсteristiсs Cha сrossword Тhеwrongorder You arе the judges praсtiсe Listening 1 Foodand hеalthсrossword You arе whatyou eat The rightperson for the job The shapeof the future praсtiсe Listening 2 parents Ambitious peoplе Popular BodyIanguage Amеriсanсrossword praсtiсe Listening 3 A growing сity Еvеryday objесts Тaking a big risk Getting into shape praсtiсe Listеning 4 Animalproteсtion projeсt A redevelopment Kеeping students Lifestylе сhoiсes praсtiсе Listening 5

Pеople People Foodand drink Stateand soсiety

8B 89 90 91

Hеalth Peoplе Work Sсiеnсе and teсhnology

93 94
95 96

Familylife Culture PеopIe Culture

98 99

100 101

Stateand soсiety Shopping and serviсes Nature Sport

103 104
105 106

Nature Hom e Sсhool Work

108 109 110 111

arе you?Ask and answеr Whаtsortof pеrson quеstions B aboutwhatyou woulddo with Studеnt Thinkaboutyour partnеr,s below. in the situations from thе suitable adjесtives аnd сhoosе answers them. list to dеsсribе

Studеnt B
arе you?Ask and аnswеr Whatsortof person questions A aboutwhatyou woulddo with Student Thinkaboutyour partner,s below. in thе situations from the suitable adjесtives аnd сhoosе answers thеm. list to desсribe

ЕхаmpIe а sаd film? .{: wfliil #оyошdо whenу$u'{еw*fr&iлg gef ирsеfsr rry, frз j#sf* slrx" 8; l сfоn,f .'4l Уо$dол'*gеfирsеfоr сry' 50уОu,rrnОtv€fу sешsjfjуе. Whatdo you do in thеsesituations? a Vеry sadfi|m. 1 You're watсhing fromуou but somеmoney 2 А friendborrows payyou baсk. doеsn't youfor monеy in the strееt. 3 A poormanasks gooddaу. hаda rеa||y 4 You'vе withyourplаns. 5 Pеop|e disagrее fora friеnd whois Iatе. waiting 6 You'rе party you whеrе don'tknowanybody. 7 Youareat а . . . . . . shy. сare fuI j еa |ou s. с he e rfu| . honеst emotiona|. motivаted. flеxib|е . impаtient . stubborn . сrеativе positivе . |aЦ . responsib|e . sensitive soсiab|е . hе|pf . . uI rе|iab|е to|еrant genеrous

Ехаmplе B: Wltвtdо уtзuda whепа friеnd is upsеt? thеmta fееl bеttеr' А: J rry*it/оr 8; Уошdоrl,t find *ut tмllаttfuе рrоblеm is,Saу0u,r€ n*t vеrуsеfisiljye' Whatdo you do in thеsеsituations? is upsеt. 1 A friеnd of friends. outwitha biggroup 2 You're p|ans minute. сhangе at thе |ast 3 Yourho|iday ТV, thе watсh |ivе sports on but Want to 4 You pеrson you'rе to watсh a film. withwants you for him Iiе asks to tеI| a / hеr. 5 А friend shop|ifting. 6 Yousееsomеone witha probIem. friend neеds 7 A уourheIp . . . . . . shу. сa r еfuI j еa |o us. сhееr fuI . honеst emotiona|. motivаtеd. flеxib|е . сreativе . impatient . stubborn positive soсiаbIе. sеnsitive. |azу . responsib|е . helpfuI . genеrous . to|еrant reliab|e

аboutyour partner,s Whathаveyou lеarnеd pair of studеnts. with another Тake сharaсtеr? Join dеsсription it in turnsto givеa shortсharaсtеr of your pаrtner.
@) ш.* Mаtriхlntermеdiatе

aboutyour partner's Whathaveyou learned Tаkе сharaсter? Join with anothеrpair of studеnts. give of desсription a shortсharaсtеr it in turnsto your partnеr. @oxford Universityp."'' lIEillElEЕ

(haraсteristiсs сrossword
Studеnt B hasthe wordsthatyou do not.Ask him / hеrfor your missing words. Еxplain thathе / she the words аsksyou for. ЕхаmpIr A; }4r&**,s ? d*ьt,эt? ypзrtзятs ;.уlзlсРз 8; ft's*э l.уgзrd Ъ*i tэ*is3,,. $жrеf3 Уes"



















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Student A hasthe wordsthаtyou do not.Ask him / hеrfor уour missing words. ЕxpIain the wordsthat hе / shе аsksyou for. Ехаmplе B: lff}t*аtk $ сf*rgрзl
4; ff ,s f?lfsf?'$ * l.*'*rdъыdтзс&



















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6 offoтd UniveгsityP."'' ll@l!Е


Aссеpt оffеr of аn аItеrnativе dishto thewaiter's you had сhоsеn. .Тhe wrong order? StudentA in a restaurant. Exp|аin give whаt theсustomer thatуouсаnnot thеrеis nonе|еft. StudentB You took an ordеr Youarе а wаitеrin а restаurant. You ordеred a You arе a сustomеr has menu. . Те|| brought whathе / shе thесustomеr уouhаvе thе ordеr wrotе down ordеred: vou voursеIf. different . you ordеred."'' lI@lEЕ @oxfordUnivегsiф . thеonе You speakfirst. Waitfor @) ш"* MatrixIntermеdiatе P. been . the food out аnd arе now bringing from a сustomеr to him / her. bесausе hе/ shеinsists on hаving. Askforthе mеа| withthefoodyou to bе rеp|aсed orderеd. Те|I еаtthеfoodyouhavе thewaitеr уouсаnnot given. . offеran аItеrnativе dishfromthe menu. . whiсhdishes Fromthe mеnuсhoose your partnеr to spеakfirst. but the wаitеr brought mea]fromthe you сompletely food.

of o nеmi||ion d em a n d a ranso m hurt. a hаndbag stеaIs А muggеr runs hеrarm. Usеthеsеideаs . сoming с hiId rеn dr iving. Sеntеnсе: questions in groups.You are the judges тry Readаboutthe sеvеnсrimеswhiсhhavebееnсommitted.s hisfirstoffеnсе."'' ll@rtrЕ @oхfoгd Univегsiф Intеrmediate NеWMatrix @) . Doyouthinkit is possib|е to bе re-еduсatеd? fоrсriminаIs P. Disсuss thesе . andthе boуis not ThеpoIiсe thе boy' Sеntеnсе: Тhе supеrmarkеt. shou|d to agrееon whatsеntenсe сhosе. parks hisсаrin a no-parking rеgular|y А tееnagеr pays timеhе hаsdonеit. fromаn oId|аdу.Тhеpo I iсе It's thеsix thеftаfterfivеwаrnings' Sentеnсe: аn imaginarу Hесreatеs is aссusеd of frаud. А bаnkmanagеr thе € 1 00'000. prepаrеd thе sentеnсes to saywhyyou suggested уou to helpyou deсide. goеs € 2 00 wоrth intothеshopandstеа|s theshop.Тhеmuggеr ovеrand breaks dy faIls Thе oId |а |t. aI a с|osеd а robbеrу A woman sееs t hеwo m a n t hе po I iсе of саIIing butins tе аd с rim inaIs е s саpе of foodanddrinks. hеr|еaving Thеpo|iсе сatсh Sеntеnсе: -oId gir| froma shopnеаrhеrhousе.finе(How o сommunity (How warning long?) sеrviсе " сontaining € 5 0. stеа|s swееts A tеn. findthеm. аnddangеr o us hе rw ithspе е ding с h arg е Sеntеnсе: Hе arеа. аWay an0 doеsn't Sеntenсе: and takеthеsonof а riсhbusinеssman Тwokidnаppеrs kiI I Тhеу sa yt hеywiI I е uro s. po I iсe No bo dy o utof s сhо o l. ТowhatеХtent сrimеs? сommitting stoppеop|е doеspunishmеnt . prison muсh?) (How Iong? tеnyеars? sеntеnсе ) . hе|o her.yеar hеrwit h сhа r gе th timеs hеhаsdonеit. Shеdrivеs is hur t Тhе . Be be givento eaсhperson. Itis thefiftееnth nеVеr thеfinеs.Hеthеntransfers сontaining bаnkaссоunt in hisna m е. ассount m on еУ t o a Sw is bank s Sеntеnсе: frоm dаughtеr hеrfivе-уеar-o|d is |аtе соI|есting A mothеr young with arеа at 100km/hin a residеntiaI sсhoo|.

з @* You hеartwo pеople tаlking at a busstop. с. You will heartwo shortreсordings twiсe. B.сhoiсe in whiсhpеoplespeakin different situations.Oostlnatlon j' Destlnatlon You will hеartwo shortreсordings in whiсhpeoplespеakin different situations. Howdoеsthe gir|fee| aboutherexams? 4 & What arеtheyta|king about? A worriеd A а ТV show B rе|axed B a radioprogrammе C сonfident fi|m С a сinemа D frightened p|ay D a thеatre (p ш.* Matrixlntеrmеdiаte @ oxfoтd Univeтsity p'"'' lП@Е .A. optionA.You wi|l heareaсhreсording Choose thе сorreсt twiсe.You wiIl hеar eaсh reсording 1 @**к Whatitemhаsthe girI|ost? AГ_ @* Whеrе do thethreemеssages fromthe сomputеr to go? tеll the driver . or D. or D. choosеthe сorreсtpiсture.7Dоstlnatlon (.questions Shortmultiple. с. B.

. l*."'' lntermediate@) New lMatrix ." *lт* сзрр*sftе *f.tsrd. А: Г*fl B: Yes.Ask him / her for your missing words. Ехаmple B.Explain the wordsthat he / she asksyou for.ЕxpIain thе wordsthаt he / shе you asks for. l/lJзgЁЪ ? grr*ss? 8. F A т D {л tа * F R E т U L I т s P R s к Е t E l LJ o т E F* s т A P t E т N o N с t I M A т E o Oford UnivеrsityP.Food and health сrossword StudentA Student B hasthе wordsthatyou do not.Ask him / her for your missing words. lffJзtтf\ ? s*tvэз? r.{*r А. f*. r ( A A G R I Т H Е B o H Y D R A т E B ( U t т s v т A tvl I U R N к Е o Е o R D E B R I E s B o N E s N StudentB Student A hasthe wordsthаtyou do not.s Wfuiс& $зs$$s # и'$r# 'r&i*. Ехаmplе А.s **rзf&*r l*r*эiязg" B: '4griсезffжrе/ А. Уgs.

Photo2 (p ш."'' fl@fil!Е .s questions. 1 Whatсanyousееin the photo? 2 Do pеop|е shopIikе thiswhеrе уouIivе? 3 Doyouеnjoy shopping forfood? 4 Whаtareyourfаvouritе foods? theсooking 5 Whodoes in yourhomе? Photo1 StudеntB Part 1 Lookаt photo1 with Student A. Part 2 Lookat photo2 with Student B. Ask him / hеr thеsequеstions. Answеr Studеnt B. Ask him / hеr thesе questions .You are what you eat StudentA Part 1 Lookat photo1 with Student B. Answer Studеnt A's quеstions.* Mаtrixlntermediаte @ oхford Univеrsity P.l What yousееin сan thе photo? 2 ls thisa hеa|thy wayof having a mеaI? 3 Why do youthink thispеrson is еаting likethis? 4 Howаrееating habits сhаnging in yourсountry? yourfаvouritе 5 What's snасk food? Part 2 Lookаt photo2 with Student A.

s p е n d i ntg pret ending to im ein t hes t o re be a сustomer . working sесurity withthe store сIosе|y guards о makin8 if a сrimе to the poIiсe statements is сommitted . easy-gЬing щ Tim Randall Work eхperienсe: tтaffiс warden. goodat writing. 1 кeadthe information are Makea listof whatskillsand qualities needed for thе job. watсhing seсurity through сustomers сameras on sсreens .The right person for the job in the iob dеsсription.Giverеasons StoreDeteсtive Responsibilities . soсialising @oxford Universityи"'' ll!il@ftl!Е |ntermеdiate@) Nеw |Matriх . сreative. keeping reсords of aсtivities daiIy aссurate needed Skillsand qualities a a a a o o a a a o Ray Hatton Workexperlenсe: newspaper сrime rеportеr. Readaboutthe thrеесandidatеs еaсhperson аnd deсidеwhiсhone would bе for your deсision. 2 Disсuss below. bestfor thе job. driving instruсtor driving instruсtor qualifiсation. postroom manageТin a big сompany Qualifiсations' qualities: skills and good team manager' eхperienсed at handling сonfliсt Interests: playing footЬall. patient.

What will you nеed? 1 шobody nееdedmobi|ephones before they Now manypeoplесan. roI|s. A тv With a memory lf you wantto watсha ТV programme that you missed. Ьshiгts. Werе thе mostpopu|ar. A flying car This сar wi|| run on гeсyсled гubbish. |twiIl to travel be able on the roads or in the air and will be able to stay suspended in the air even when you paгk it. thеm. etс' A musiсal pillow Listento musiсwhenyou go to bed by putting yourheadon thispi||oщ whiсh сontains a speсiaI softspeaker сonneсted to youгCD p|ayen An internet conneсtionin your bathroom find out whiсhtwo invеntions 2 дs a сlass.Workwith а partner to disсuss thе five invеntions dеsсribеd bеlowand dесidеwhiсh two you would both usе in thе future.Be prеpаred to saywhy you haveсhosen them. @) ш.like a сomputersaves fiIes.* Matrix|ntermеdiatе @ oxfoгd Univегsityp'"'' lI@ЩЕ . An ironingspray you wi|| Whenyourс|othes needironing be able to spraythemwiththis to get perfeсt|y flattrousers.and you ordeгit without having to do anything. toiIet etс. Whatrеasons werеgivеnfor сhoosing them? A сomputer wil| automatiсalIy know whenyou need moretoothpaste. it will pгobIem. notbe a YouгteIevision wi|| automatiсa|ly гeсorda|| progгammes from a|Iсhannels.tlive without existed.

ф*.еаrеthеtwospeakers? A t o m a kе an appo intme nt A in а |ibr a r y B to сhаngе an arrаngеment B in а film rеnta| shop someone a timеto сoI|eсt C to orgаnise C in a musiс shop аn invitаtion D to саnсе| D in a bookshop P. You will hеartwo shortrесordings piсturе. You will twiсe."'' ll@ftEЕ @oxfoгdUпivегsity (p NеwMatrixIntermеdiatе ...€ .You wiIl heаrеaсhrесording twiсе.сhoiсe in whiсh peoplespeakin different situations. or D. Choosе thе сorrесt 1 Ф"l Whаt thе manbuyat thеshop? doеs A ryffis ffie ffimd ffiw щ4l/lQЭ:o is a piсturе of Annie? 2 . * Whyhasthе сa|Iеr 4 . in whiсhpeopIe You wiIl hеartwo shortrесordings reсording hear еaсh D.. A. B.questions 5hort multipIе. с. optionA.ф* Wh. or Choosе the сorrесt |eft a messagе? 3 . B. Whiсh of thеfo||owing A speakin diffеrеnt situations. с.

Rеmind Samthatyouсamеto an agreеmеnt whiсhhе / shehasnowbrokеn. Enсouragе yourfather to bе morе / mothеr yourIifе understаnding about andwhatyouWant. Waitfor your partner to speakfirst. ablеto сompetе suссеssfu||y in tеnnis yourfаthеr сompеtitions. . do ing o t hеr t hings. tennis. saуhowimportаnt еxamp|е. . Threemonths ago. You spеakfirst. Suggеst praсtisе thаthе/ shеshouId morе. and Venus WilIiams good and know You're vеrу and wаntto thattheirfatherpushed playing. but thatyou had to praсtise morеduringthe wееk. havеSaturday еvеnings frее. Waitfor your pаrtnеr to spеakfirst. Samwi|| notbе and hаvе an ordinary Iifе.Sаm's сoaсhhasphonedto say that his / her playingis not as goodas it wаsand thаt he / shе has bеenlatеfor praсtiсе all wееk.Lastwеekend SamWentout to partiеs on Fridayand Sаturday nightand has beentirеdall wеek. ТеII Samto mаkе а dесision bеtwееn his/ hеr t ennis a ndhis/ hеrfr iends. You hаvеseen You Iiketеnnisand hаvep|ayed it sinсе the suссess of Serena you Wеre young. Тryto pеrsuade to |еtyou / mothеr .suсhas go out with friеnds. Part 2 lt's threеmonthslatеr. Part2 lt's threеmonthslater. @ ш. . Threеmonths ago'you аgreed that Sаmсouldgo out with friеndsmorеoftеn.the son/ daughtеr bеen of verydеmanding goodat sports and espeсiаlly parеnts. . . TrY to undеrstand Sam's neеd to sееhis/ hеrfriends.if he / she did morе praсtiсе in the week. . Yourсhild. Tе|y . do otherthingstoo.* Matrix lntermediatе @ oхford Univегsity P'"'' lI@lЕEЕ .butthatуoUWant to spеnd morе time .you and yourfathеr/ mother сamеto an agrееmеnt thatyou сouldgo out with yourfriendsat thе wееkends. it is forуouto seeyourfriеnds .Ambitious parents StudentA StudentB Part 1 Part 1 Youare a parent. .Sam. to you. Аpo|ogise prасtiсе for bеing |аtе to tеnnis this wееk. Тe|l I ourсhiId thatyo uthinkhе/ s hеsho u|d yourfather no w thattеnnis is importаnt / mothеr foсus on tеnnis more sеrious|y. thrее hours еvеry еvеning.hasalways You arе Sam. сontinue but nowyou are 16 and wаntto Youarе ambitious and wantthе samеfor yourсhild. . Ехplain thathе / shеwon'thаvе a tеnnis сarееr in thеfuturе if thеsituation сontinuеs.Lastwееkеnd you Wentto a сoupleof reallygoodpartiеs and had a lot of sсhoolhomеwork so you havеbеena bit tiredthis week. You speakfirst. themhardat а youngage. Eхp|ain thatwithоut morееffort. for . saуthatyou'rе wondering whеthеr а саrееr in tеnnis is rеа||у whаtyouwаnt.

.. . using thе following What / do ? Do/ do / alonе оr withothеrs? Whеn/ startеd? Wha t y p e / .. wiII soonmаke of thе bookсovеr. еtс) yourfirstbookwaspub|ishеd Whеn you havе written Howmanybooks you yourparеnts he|ped Whеthеr youаndyourparents hadto makе Тhеsасrifiсеs Part 2 Findout аboutуour partnerby askingquestion using notеs the following to hеlp.. andVou a bеst sеI|еr Yourfirstnovе| hasbeсomе Yo urphoto is o n t hеba сk mi||ions. . What / dо ? Do/ do / alonе or withothеrs? Whеn/ startеd? W ha t ypе / . ? D id /p аrеn t s/hе |p? What saсrifiсеs / make? / аnd parеnts P'"'' ll@l!Е @oxfoтdUniversiф NeWMatrixtntеrmеdiatе@l ..? Ho wm a nу / . storiеs novе|s. thri||еrs.? W hеn his/ hеrfir st / . Whаt typеof books historiса| fаmiliеs. .Why am I famous? StudentA Pаrt 1 beIow аnd deсidеon the 1 кeadthе desсription informаtion аskedfor.. Youarеthеguitarist in thе |аtеst YoU'rе butуou notaswe||-known asthеsingеr havеa |otоf fans. Deсide Wh аt у ournameis yоustаrtеd writing When youwritе(sсiеnсе fiсtion. . popsеnsаtion. Deсide W hа t is vo urnа m е youstartеd playing When theguitar youp|aу What typеof musiс Whеn wasrе|eаsеd Уourfirstrесord Ho wm a ny m а dе a I bumУ s о uha vе yourparеnts you Whеthеr hеIpеd hadtо mаke.. What sасrifiсеs уouаndуourparеnts Part 2 question by asking Findout аboutyourpartner notеs to hеlp. about romanсе.? Wh еn his/ hе rfirst / .? Did/pа r еnt s/hе|p? Whаt sасrifiсеs / and pаrеnts / makе? StudentB Part 1 on thе 1 кeаdthе dеsсription belowand dесide informаtion askеdfor.? Howm a n у / ..

squestions. Ask Studеnt Lookаt piсture B thеsеquestions.l StudentB Part 1 A. B'squеstions.|. is happening in thе piсture? 1 What 2 Howdoeseaсhpеrson fеe|? youdo to prеpare wouId forа situаtion 3 What Iikе this? 4 Howeffесtivе is thiswayof se|есting еmployeеs? othеr methods сou|d bе used? 5 What Part 2 2. Ask Student Lookаt piсturе1 WithStudent A thesequеstions.Body language StudеntA Part 1 . Answer A. Lookat piсture Studеnt Piсturе2 (@ NеwMatrixIntеrmеdiatе @ oxford Univегsity p'"'' lI@ЩЕ . Student Lookat piсture Answer Part2 2 with Student B. is happеning in thispiсturе? 1 Whаt il|еga| items might be disсoverеd? 2 Whаt reaсt in this situation? 3 Howwou|d уou wouId еnjoy this kindof work? 4 What sortof pеrson е|se саnbеdoneto stoppеopIе travеIIing 5 Whаt аndother iI|еgaI things? withdrugs Piсture .

Explаin thе wordsthat hе / shеasksyou for.xstсlrsl 8. P Е R D R I o * U G & NI D Y П: A R в A G E s т R U N к -Г o R R E s E т R o L o к trl Dт ttl R A s 1l Е s ii :i I D W A o v I E ts ]. ЕrоmpIе 8: !У*я*Ъ ? *сr*ssi {: lf l * ьv*rs. . Е'ramplе {: l. Askhim / herfor yourmissing words.Ask him / her for your missing words.ъfoтd UnivеrsityP'"'' lI@lEE NеwMаtriх|ntеrmеdiate@ .AmeriсanEnglishсrossword StudеntA Student B hаsthe Ameriсаn English wordsthatyou do not. Уes.зl 8: if t * рl*с*уst*с*ят &я. 8: ls if сsв#y? {.у. that Еxplain thе words hе / sheasksyou for.Уflяtt ? d*r.for swсg*s.яу сзs3зri* яrсdяз*&r-gff" "t: /sif са dr*. Уеs' D р F L] (a ( A N D Y м A G R o o * Т * р ti t I trl A E N lu R D C ]l F E A R к I U Е s StudentB Student A hаsthe Amеriсаn Еng|ish wordsthatyou do not.

Matсhing abouta sportsevеntthey havеbeento."'' lIE@rEЕ @ oxford Univегsity . 1 П Speaker 2 П Spеaker Spеakеr 3 П Speaker4 П 5 П Speaker A a footba|| mаtсh B a Formu|a 1 motor raсе C a tennis matсh D a horse raсе E a baskеtbа|| matсh F a skiing raсe @ ш. u& yo. Тhereis onе еventyou do not neеd.* Matrixlntеrmеdiatе P. will hеarfivе pеoplеta|king 1_5to the еvents Matсheaсhspеaker A-F.

Prepare thе material you Anсhorage.500 2OO2 Population No sales tax in Anсhorage Pаrt 2 Шsten B tell you aboutwhatyou сan do to Student B thеsequestions. ]:сЪгd P'"'' lI@lEЕ Univеrsity Nеw Mаtriх|ntermediаtе@ . prеsеntation near whаt сan do on yourargumеnt A. Ana|ysе the matеriаlprеsеntеd prеsentаtion hasgrowninto a on whyAnсhorage B.l HasAIаska bееnpartof Amеriсa? aIwаys yеars ago? Iikе a hundrеd 2 Whаt wаsАnсhoragе youеxp|ain of Anсhorage? thеwеaIth 3 Howwou|d а towngrow to hе|p 4 What areimportant sеrviсes intоa сitv? youprеfеr in a warmor a to Iivе: 5 Whеrе wou|d Why? сoldсountrу? Part 2 a presentеd Analysе bеlow.A growingсity StudеntA Pаrt 1 a Preparе below. Thеnanswer to Studеnt Prеsеnt quеstions.l \Vhаt сanУoUsееin thе piсturе? youIikе Why? Anсhoragе? to visit 2 \Vould \Yhуnot? move do youthinkmight 3 \\/hat typeof pеopIе to Anсhoragе? to уourсitу? 4 Howimportant is tourism of tourism? еffесts 5 \\hаtarеthe nеgаtivе r0.Тhenask him i her thesе quеstions. StudеntB Part 1 Listеn A tеlIyou aboutwhyAnсhorage to Studеnt hasgrowninto a сity. .856 1920 PoPulation 1968 0il disсoveгeо oil pipeline 1970sТгans-Alaskа 0peneo 261. Thеn yourargument to Studеnt сity. Alaslсa fгomthe Russrans 1s67 Bought 1888 Golddisсoveгed staгted 1915 RailwaУ tirst sсhoolopened 1.Prеsеnt answer Studеnt B'squеstions. ТhеnаskStudent . A's Student inсhortЕe. пеаrAnсhoragе.

B's quеstions aboutAnglepoise Answеr Student hairdryеrs. Iеft аnd гifht. Howeveг.lepoise weге desifned byа Bгitish сагengineeг. they werе m ade o f аluminium. They thewаy beсame wereseen as сomfoгtаbIe. they beсame veгy hot.hеld hаirdryеrs. in the foг use Onwoгkbenсhes. @ ш. t hedesisn wasimpгoved sothatthеy сou|d workat diffегеnt tempeгatuгes andspeeds.1930s Geoгf. Answer Student A's quеstions abouttrainers and T-shirts. AskStudеnt your questions. Anglepoise lamps . Thedesifnis basedоn the wаythe human агm bendsаndthe lamoсan movein foгwaгd thгeediгесtions. StudentA StudentB aboutAnglepoise Usenotes1-8to mаkеquestions A lampsand hand.l Who dеsign? / for? 2 Whеrе / produсеd Why ? 3 / сrеаted 4 Howmаnv ? / sе|| Tгainers The fiгstmodeгn tгaininf shoes weredesifned by Rudo|f Dassleг. made in Wisсonsin.* Matriхlntermediatе @ oxford Univеrsity Prеss l]@lfilfl . aсtoгs suсhаs Maг|on Bгаndo аndJames Dеаn stагtеd weaгin$ T-shiгts in fiIms аndsoon peopIe staгted сopyinf them. and hагd wеarin$. in the A|thoufh likethehаiгdгyers they Iooked wе hаve today. intohow they Inspite ofthattensof hаve be e n in Bгitain t h ousands so Id aIone sinсе introduсed. theUSNavy oгderеd a new typeof undeгshiгt oг vestmаde outofwhite сotton. Ask studentB your quеstions. . Lateг pгoduсed they weге in p|astiс beсause this геmаins foг|onf. it wаsnotuntiI theendof theSeсond Woг|d Waг thаt thev beсаme popuIaг.held hаnd-he|d Тhe fiгst haiгdryeгs wегe desi$ned and .1920s. Тhey weгeсгeated to bе funсtionaI and so theгewas littIe еffoгtout Hand-held hairdryеrs 5 Wherе first dеsign? / 6 Whаt / madеof? 7 What 19З0s and1940s? i happеn 8 What madеreсеntly? i deve|opmеnts T.t do anyexeгсisе. оooIeг Inthe1930s аnd]940s. As pгintinf teсhniques impгoved it waspossib|e to putwoгds andpiсtuгes ontheТ-shiгts andthey beсame a wаy forpeopIe to expгess themseIves. stainle ss ste e| oг Тhis meant сhгome. |n1942.Evеrydayobjeсts . аnd baсk.e Caгwaгdtne.eг. Iamps and hand-he]d Тrainеrs 1 Who/ dеsign? 2 Who/ wornby? 3 What сa|I? / businеssеs popu|ar? 4 Why/ bесomе lamps Angllepoise lamps Anf. looked. lnthe 1950s. andtheymadeyou Iookfit and spoгtyevenif you didn.shirts 6 Whаt madеof? / USNаvy 7 WhoI wearby in 1950s? B What еxpress on shirts? / peop|e hair dryers Hаnd. Reсent deveIopments inсIude attасhments to sty|e the haiгin diffeгent wаys. The saiIoгs Iiked weaгin$ these so muсh thаt they woгe them without shirts oveг them аndafteг they had stopped beins sai|ors attheendofthewaг. thеv weгe T-shirts pоpu|ar? 5 Whеn i bесomе T. USA.l-B аbouttrainers Usenotеs to makеquеstions and T-shirts.shiЁs Т-shiгts have been woгn sinсe the bеfinninf ofthe20th Centuгy. popu|аг footweaг Traineгs beсamе as fаshionаbIe jeans popu|ar. Theiг twobгotheгs аndAdo|f shoes After Weгe Woгn byath|etes inthе192B 0|ympiсs' thewагthetwobгotheгs spIit upto staгt theiгown is now businesses: Puma andwhаt Adidas.and up and down.

whiсh WasVeryluсkybeсausethe roсksstarted downaroundus. 11 We founda (what?) . Suddеnly the volсano (whеre?) lavaand ash flyingup into 77 ll We founda сave'whiсhWasVeryluсkybeсause (why?)12 us. startеd.We got baсk(where?) 74 at thе еnd of the daywithno problеms. started B (what?) and then a lot of We startеd to started to сomeout of the сrater. r ill. 9 as (what?) . wе it and wе didn'twantto сanсеl tripwas planned at thе lastminute.Тheсlimb сonfident werefeeling for (why?) stopping itself tookabouteighthours. whiсhis notas easy сlimbdownthe mountain.We hеardthe reports we arrived.lavaand ash flyingup intothe sky.аnd we werefeеling(how?) aboutthe day. was (how?) . to move. a few days before and we didn'twantto butthe tripwas planned з сanсelit (whеn?) -. Whatan expеrienсe! o oxfordUnivегsityP'"'' II@l!Е NеWМatrixIntermеdiаtе@ .Whenit started quietand we deсided beсame thevolсano 13 (what?) .andwe neсessary is whiсh aboutthe day. A to сomplete questions with Studеnt Ask and answеr takinga big riskwhenwe Wе knewWeWere 1 (what?) in to сtimb deсided (what?) of Siсily. with bits of roсk. (what?) started. stopping (whеrе?) Whеnwе reaсhed lunсhand a rest. whiсhis notas easyas сlimbing 1o--.fl $ i. trouble 7 to move.We hadto around stayin thatсaveall nightand we didn'tsleepat 13 t he all.When(when?) quiet to risk and wе dесided volсano beсamе leaving the сavе. We started up.*-.started whiсhwe notiсed to сomeoutof andthenа lot of smokestarted to сlimbdownthe the сrater. Thefirstnightwe stayedin a (where?) earlyin the leaving before We had (what?) morning to startourсlimb. Whatan experienсe! further StudеntB the story. 5 if you . whiсhis neсеssary wantto be safe. lots of . it Takinga big risk StudentA the story. 10 . We had if youwantto be safe. B to сomplete quеstions with Studеnt Ask and answеr takinga (what?) We knеwWeWеre to сlim b w he nw e de сidе d 2 .Theсlimbitself 7 for took (howlong?) . erupted. 9 Theground. Whenwe reaсhed 6 the .We hadto stayin that сrashing andwe сave (how long?)12 to gettight didn'tsleepat all. mountain. We got baсkto the 14 withno further base (when?) problems. Тhefirstnightwe stayedin a loсalhostelbеfore to (what earlyin thе morning l do?) leaving equipment. Butthеn fett(how?) whiсhwe notiсed Theground. I Butthenthe we feltgreat.We MountЕtnain (where?) aсtivity volсaniс of possiblе heard the reports 3 butthe (when?) arrived. the top we . WasVeryhot. and we nowfelt (how?) withbitsof roсk. and we nowfеlt Suddenly(what-happen?) extrеmely frightеned.

amatеur 4 Whodo youthinkgеtmorе I sportspеop|e? or profеssiona you monеy fоrсharity? lf did this. Part2 Lookat photo2 with Studеnt B. these 1 What сanyousеein the photograph? joinеvеnts Iikе this? 2 Whydo peopIе pеop|е whеn thеyhаvе How wiIl thеsе fееI 3 finishеd? sаtisfaсtion. Photo 1 Photo 2 @ ш.Gettingin shapе StudentA Part 1 B. 1 What сanуousееin thе photograph? is sport foryoung сhiIdren? 2 Howimportаnt fоryoung сhiIdrеn to сompеtе? thing 3 Isit a good Whу? Whynot? 4 Whаt sortof trаining do уoung athlеtes nееd to do to bе suссеssfu|? саnintеnsivе trаining havе 5 What еffeсt on thеsе in |atеr Iifе? сhiIdren StudentB Part 1 A. Answer Lookat photo1 with Studеnt Studеnt B's questions. Answеr A's Studеnt Lookat photo2 with Student quеstions. would 5 уоurаisе tуpeof сhаrity? Whiсh Part 2 A.* Мatrix|ntermеdiate P'"'' ll@l!Е Ф oxr-oгс univеrsiгv . Ask Student A Lookat photo'l with Student quеstions. Ask Studеnt B thеsequеstions.

"'' NewМаtrixlntеrmеdiatе@ . aboutjourneys ф.Matсhing they havеmаdе.o You wilI hеarfive pеopletaIking A_F. 1 П Speaker 2 П Speakеr 3 П Speakеr Speaker4 П 5 П Speаkеr A bуtrain B by boаt C by plane D on foot E by сoaсh F by сar @oxford UnivегsityP. 1_5with theуwаytheytravellеd Mаtсhеaсhspеakеr Тhеrеis onе optionyou do not neеd.

* Matriхlntеrmеdiate @oхfoгdUnivеrsityPтеss t!!@lЕlfl . Ask Student .Prepаre a thе material Analyse presentation on what is beingdonеto proteсt yourarguments A. Thenanswеr Present B's quеstions. Prеparе Analyse the mаtеrialprеsentеd a presentation on why wolves аre endangered. Ask Student 1 What саnyouseеin thе piсturе? 2 Whathasbeеndonеto proteсt thеwo|ves? in Iifesty|е thrеatеn wo|fhabitats? 3 What сhangеs protесt to 4 Whуis it important animals Iikе woIvеs? animals neеdprotесtion Iikе 5 Whiсh othеr this? @ ш. Student answer whv? Exponsion in skiing threqlens wolves IШore sheepkilled by wolves Illеgal huntеrs thrеaten wolf population maintain Wolvеs natural balanсе Wolvеs and forеsts wеrе protесtеdоffrсially in 1998 Part2 B thesеquеstions. A's questions. yourargument to Studеnt B. Тhen Presеnt to Studеnt wolvеs.l Whеre Iivе? do woIves thrеatenеd? 2 Whyarеwo|fnumbеrs disIikе thеwoIvеs? 3 Whydo farmеrs in sеeing? rarеanimа|s arеyouintеrеstеd 4 Whiсh thаn morеimportant 5 ls humаnprogrеss protесti ngthesе аni maIs? Part 2 presented below. Student StudentB Part 1 A thеsеquеstions.Animal proteсtionin Еurope StudentA Part 1 below.

A rеdevelopmentprojeсt in a largeсity. soсial . сounсiI flatswithIowrеnts . luxurv flats .1 @&doгd Univеrsiфp'. 2 дs a сIass.thinkingaboutthе аdvantagеs and disadvаntages to thе сounсi| in thеseareas: . Disсuss еaсhidea.You are сounсilIors Nеarthe сentrеof the сitythereis аn old The whiсhis ownedby the сity сounсil..'' lI@lEЕ New MаtrixIntеrmediаtе@ . (thеre nеxt withvotеrs is an elесtion Choosе whiсhideayou think is bеstand be prepared to say why. popularitу year). faсtory to сounсiI wantsthe buildingto bе redеveloped providе idеas The following aссommodаtion. finanсial / есonomiс . сompanies by different hаvebeеnsuggestеd and organisаtions: . Whyis this one betterfor the сounсilthanthe others? Whatmadеthe otherideaslеsssuitablе? sc. 1 work in pairs. a hote| pеopIe аndtourists for business . deсidеwhiсhidea is the mostpopular. a studеnt ha|| of rеsidеnсе. a hostе| pеop|е for home|еss . t 't1 \.

Keeping studentsmotivated StudеntA at your sсhoolhasaskеdyou to Тhe headteaсher prеsent studеnts.* Mаtrix|ntermеdiatе P'"'' lI@lEЕ @ oxford Univетsity . You havеthought sсhool. idеaswould/ wou]dn. Тhеre with tеsts in еaсh subjесt' shouId bе weеkIy privilegеs for thе top studеnts.t . . Тhеrе in sсhooI bеforе Iеssons shouId bе rеvision еxams. shou|d be no homеwоrk during thеwееk. Еxtrа aсtivitiеs suсhas drama andsports should to to miх bе inсrеasеd еnсouragе studеnts outsidе Iеssons. сomp|еte . ThеsсhooI finish еar|iеr on Fridаvs.Dесide whiсh Compare to the hеad are the thrеebestideasto prеsеnt tеaсher. speсiaI . why thеsе making notes about Spendfivе minutes idеaswould/ wouldn'twork. Тherе at thеweekеnds. YoUshouId bе a||owed to dropthеtwosubjeсts |east. Thеrе shouId bеа mаximum of onеhourof evеrу dаyandаt thеwеekеnds. . butmorе . dаvshouId your ideaswith Student B's. сlass . homеwork . should bеа tеamquizеvеry with working andweaker students togethеr tо stronger it. motivation at idеasfor inсreasing of thе following ideas. major . @ ш.Dесidе whiсh Comparе to thе head are thе threеbеstidеasto prеsеnt teасher. of the following You havethought sсhool. Еxams be rеp|асеd by projесts donеin shouId аndat homе. Тhere wеek. . Iike уou StudentB at yoursсhoolhasaskеdyou to Тhe hеаdtеaсher present motivation аt students' ideasfor inсreasing ideas. your idеаswith Studеnt A's. YoushouId in thе ехtrа |еssons bе ab|е to сhoosе twosubiесts vou Iikemost. makingnotesaboutwhy thеsе Spеndfive minutes work.

"'' lntermеdiatе(! New|\4atrix . Ask Studеnt Lookat photo2 with Studеnt questions.l Whаt сanyoUsееin thе photogrаph? pеop|е fее|? 2 Howdo thеsе fr o m travе |l ing timеdo уouspе nd 3 Howm uсh homе to sсhooI? formof transport? 4 What is Уour favouritе yn t hеir putsuсha highprio rito 5 Whyd о p е o p|е work? StudentB Part 1 A A. thеse 1 What сanyousееin thе photograph? thisсo st ? а hoIiday Iikе 2 Howm u сh w o uId а|onе оr in а |аrgе to travе| 3 Wou|d уouprеfеr group? Whу? pеop|е? trаvе| |ikе thisbеnefit 4 Howdoеs sсhooI aftеr 5 |sit a goodidеаto gеta job straight Whуnot? Whу? or сo||еgе? Part 2 A's Studеnt A. Part2 B B.Lifestyle сhoiсes StudentA Part 1 B's B. Answer Studеnt Lookat photo1 with Student questions. thеse . Photo2 Э oхfoтd UnivетsityP. Answеr Lookat photo2 with Student quеstions. Ask Studеnt Lookat photo1 with Studеnt questions.

"'' lI@@йEЕ .Someinformation fromthе notеsbelow. Bгidgе. Fill gaps1-6 withthе missing information. E Startwith a (0) WЖw&&Ж WNфЖffiWNilЗrкWЖ E milе drivе in the minibusto the Iaunсhing point. houгs. a watегproof(6) for va|uablеs. сontainer @ ш.Completion spеaking to a groupabouta Qu.* li4atrix Intеrmеdiаtе @ oxford Univеrsity P. and a AlI сanoesare supp|iedwith padd|es. Plan for the day: Launсhthe сanoesat (1) Must bе baсk by (3) Rеturntгip down the гiveгwiIItakе betwеenthгeе and (2) at the Iatest. Тhefirstonе is donеas an (0). Safety notes: A maximumof (a) Everyonemust wеaг a (5) pеoplepеr сanoe. You wilI hеаrthe rесording еxamp!е twiсe. a t a I It im еs.n You wiIl heаra сanoeinstruсtor is missing сanoеing trip.

Тhеrе is topiс or thеy rеlatе to by unit 'чhiсh pаgе(s) withinthе to thе аisoа morеspесifiс rеfеrеnсe However. Page 92 Listeningpractice1 questions ShortmuItiple-сhoiсe . Givе аndthе еaсhstudеnt а сopyof thе menus p|аy. Givе ТeIl еaсhstudеnt a сopу of thеworkshееt. Те|| justify thеirаnswеrs by students thatthеymust giving |ifе.s сopy..nit rе|аtеd mаtеriaI appears. Givе Ask еасh studеnt а сopyof thеquеstions. аnуquеstions . Givе studеnts at еaсh Те|| thеmnotto Ioоk halfof thесrоssword. p|аy.. Putstudеnts to intopаirs.. prасtiсе оr rеvision.3 0 yеstеrday from Bournеmouth and I lеftsоmе|uggage ' sееnhаnd еd o n thе bus. Rеad andсhесk fortask togethеr thе instruсtions whatthеуhаvе to do. o f сr im ina . аndthеquеstions studеnts to read thеinstruсtiоns thеуmaуhavе. Askstudents аnУ аndanswеr thе instruсtions to read quеriеs сrossword tеrms Tеасh the thеymayhave. @) Gir |: I w o ndеr if yo u сo u|d hе|pmе. . Girl: No. Еxp|ain thatthеуarеgoing j udgеs bеt hе in а ser iеs tI r iа I s . Attеndаnt:Doеsit hаvеa nаmеon it? on thе baсk. . аndаnswеr anyquеriеs . Studеnts thеwords to сompIetе аskforаndеxpIain surеthatthеyаrе Mоnitor to makе thесrossword. .. . studеnts withеxtra spеaking to. l'||go аnd hаvеа |ookfor you. Page89 Unit 1 People (haraсteristiсs сrossword Т im е: 1 0t o ]5 minutе s Student's 14 Bookpagе . Studеnts thеir аndсhесk сrosswords сom0arе nsWеrs.Generalguidanсe Thеfo||owing notеs rеIаtе to thе photoсopiаb|е to Тhеy аrе|isted aссording асtivitiеs BB_112. stаrts thе ro|е Page88 Unit 1 Peoplе yoursе|f Disсovеr Тim е: 20 t о 25 minutе s Studеnt's Bookpаgеs 10_. studеnts undеrstand . jus ttе ||ing th еir no t t hе and ех p |a in in g w ords partnеr thеwords. Putstudents to intopаirs. on pаgеs grammar. еxamp|еs fromthеirеvеrydау . studеnts сooiеs . . whеrе n0tmеan havе to bе donеat а spесifiс thеaсtivitiеs flеxib|у to provide Тhеy сanbе usеd cointin thесoursе. Putstudеnts intooаirs. I w ason thе З. Тhееntriеs whattopiс thеyrеlatе bе|оw a|so show to takе. When thеасtivitv' asksomеof hаvе finishеd studеnts partners inс|uding to thес|аss thеir thеmto dеsсribe givеn Iifе bуtheir fromеvеryday thееxаmples 0aпnеr. Сanmorе easilу bе plannеd Page 90 Unit 2 Foodand drink Thеwrongordеr? Тim е: 1 0t о 1 5 m inut es Studеnt's Boоkpаgе 1B . mау|еad tо further disсussion. instruсtions forthе ro|е . Whеn forthеir thеуhavе finishеd..l1 . |\4akе pаirs groups Tе|I togеthеr.. Givе оf thеworkshееt. thisdoеs . P|аy praсtiсе Listеning 1. Askthеstudеnts А Studеnt to rеad thеinstruсtions. Putstudеnts А and B thеir intooаirs. асross anddownif nесеssarу. Studеnts Tе|| in еасhсase. Еxp|аin thattheyаrеgoing pаrtnеr's pеrsonа|ity findoutabout theirownanda somеquеstiоns.dо yo u kno wif аnythin g b tna Attеndant: Whatwas it . deсidе on thеsentenсе thеmtо thinkof rеasons forthеirdесisions. othеr.l . . аskpairs judgеmеnts Тhis andаskthеmto givе thеirreаsons.l. studеnts thе instruсtions andthееvidenсе tо rеad аndanswеr thеymаyhаvе. bу asking andanswеring .slightbI uеand thеrе аrеtwo Gir l: No 'а r uсksасk b|aсk striоеs downthе сеntrе.a suitсasе or somеthing? _ it. so thеy andhоwlongthеуmight bе еxpесtеd intоIеssons. Page 91 Unit 2 Stateand soсiety You аre thе judgеs Тim е: 2 5 t o З 0 m inut еs Studеnt's Bookpаgе 23 . .but thеrе's а |еttеr K in a сirсIе Attеndаnt: A|Iright. of fourby putting thеmto сom0arе theirsеntеnсеs.

if yougoin there саlmаndсonfidеnt. You arе whаt you eat Тim е: 1 5t o 2 0 m inut es Bookpagеs 30_З.. с@) youpass PIеase takе thefirst turning on thelеftaftеr thе|аkе.1l.. i . .::...'t f 4. studеnts to еxp|аin fromthе refеrring to informаtion theyremember rесording. disсuss arerequired .:. Students Page 95 Unit 4 Work for the job Тhe rightperson Тim е: 1 5t o 2 0 m inut es Bookpages 4243 Studеnt. Тheythеndisсuss thе strеngths andweaknesses of anddесidе whoto hire. I've Girl: I know it shouId bеa|lright. queriеs thеymayhave.: .i :Ц::.Students do task4 individually. done..Studеnts Listеning do task3 ind ivid u ally. do muсhbеttеr. Studеnts idеntifу whiсh piсture thеуarе taIking aboutin the reсording. you'Il feеIing bit.l::.i:. Studеnts аnd сheсk their сomparе сrosswords answers. Те|| themthеуarеgoing to takeit in turns desсribing questions.you'|| Boy:Yourea||y mustn't about bеfinе. P|ay again..i!:ii..justаftеr thеwееkend samе nеI.l.4. gotto trуandrе|ax what butyou've Boy:I know a уoumеan.tl*. Students the words to сompIete askfor and expIain Monitor to makеsurеthatthеyare thе сrossword.' . . Givееaсhstudеnt a сopyof thеworkshееt.. . . .s сopy..l Student's . P|ayListеningpraсtiсе..s .3... Girl:Yes.:'. сМ) wе||? Boy:Didyous|ееp wаking up. good. Putstudеnts intopairs. worry it .I stаrted to. Askstudents to rеаdthе instruсtions andanswer anу quеriеs Тeaсh thе сrossword terms thеymayhave. . Youаrеnowаpprоaсhing ontothе8З245. . .butmydаdwаntеd to seesomе stupid programmе about thеhistory of сinemа sowe hаdto switсh ovеr. thewords аnd notjusttе||ing their exp|aining partner thеwords. Givееaсhstudent a сopyof theworkshеet. Boy:|twаsrеa||y butthеrе's a rеpeat on Fridау.. сhan .thinking Gir|:No'I kеpt аbout thеsе еxаms аgain .:. Putstudеnts intopairs. andаnswеring thеirpartnеr's thephotos . People с@) Hаrmаn lastnight? Boy:Didyouwаtсh Girl: No.:i. isn't thеrе? p|аy.tl.lg*$: .3.. Putstudents intopairs.2. Putstudents intopairs. .li. Givе the photo..s .:: . P|еasе turnright justbеforе is on thеright-hаnd side Your dеstination the roundabout.. butI kееp whаtif therе's a quеstion thinking about something I hаvеn't whatif | сan.. I thinkit'son at ]0. .. themnotto Iookat еасh othеr. PIay praсtiсе 1. Giveeaсhstudеnt a сopyof a photograph 1 or 2 withquеstions. P|ay praсtiсe 1.t.1. Students А start by dеsсribing the photo andasking B'squestions.':i. thеiranswеrs сomparе о"..and ask students thе reсording to in pairs. Disсuss in с|ass' Askonеor two theanswеrs togеther whythеусhosе the piсturе.. studеnts А and B their Give Tе|l haIfof the сrossword... nсrossanddownif neсеssarу. Listening Page 93 Unit 3 Hеalth Foodand heаlthсrossword 1 0t o 1 5 m inut es Тim e: Bookpages 30_31 Studеnt.1. *. identify thе сorrесt . thеmtimеto thinkabout .{. .. . .t remembеr things.. a T junсtion. Studеnts piсture. Page 94 Unit 3 i:.": ':. Те|l to read the instruсtions studеnts andthеjob desсription andсandidatеs' detаiIs andаnswer аny .t. Studеnts whatskiIIs forthejob..:.ii':i.. Сhесkthе answеrs togеthеr. P|ay the reсording again' so thеyсanсhесk their ansWеrs. . theсandidatеs (a .в. . donеa |otof work.

саr's so | сan'tdrop him round.. Gir l: I don.vе _ you wаntеd? right? Iist whаtwas it MiIkand brеаd. lt. Listening Page 97 Listeningpractice 2 с@) Man: gonеand lostthe Hi Suе_ l аm аt thе shop but |. morе. Givestudents of thеworkshееt. thеndo n'tw o r rу . quеstions Short multiple.ho|don а sес. Таkеа Votе Werе to findout whiсhtwo invеntions their mostpopuIаr studеnts to report аndеnсourage rеasons forсhoosing thеm. if yo u сan't. students fromthe rеfеrring to information theуremember rесording. Disсuss Askonеor two togethеr in с|аss.. Te|| students to rеad the instruсtions andthe information on the page аndanswеr anyquestions thеymayhаvе..star r ing got it on tаpеanу MаrtinLаwrеnсе. Studеnts idеntify whiсhpiсturе theyarеtaIking about in thе rесording.don'tWorry. Еnсourаgе thеmto giverеаsons wanting thеirсhoiсеs.. сEE@) you tе||mе if you'vegoIBаd Boуs Man: 2 Hi. P|ay praсtiсe Listеning 2.еr .thаt's whаt I wanted.. thе window? lt'sjustthеrеon thе lеft. P|ay so thеyсаnсhесk their therесording agаin' ansWеrs. my goingin for а sеrviсе. Studеnts piсturе. Wе'Vе Man: Тhаt's finе... And Woman: Yеs.shе'sgotfair hаir. sе еvоu i n a mi n ut е ..sovеrthеrе.I do n'tthinkso . Gir l: Тhе onе with g|аssеs? Boy: No .4.and that.s two саrtons of miIk.. H еr ew е аr е. . aboutЕd СharIotte here.1.trеmеmbеr. .shе.mjustсаlIing сo ming o vеrto mo r r o w . @) Answеrphonе: Mеssagе . the answers the to еxpIain whytheусhose piсturе.I'II knowwho'sin it? M an: W ilI Smith and.Sсienсеand teсhnology Whatwill you need? Т i mе: 1 0t o 1 5 m inut еs Bookpages 4445 Studеnt's . identify thе сorrесt . сouId just |оokit up _ do you Shopassistant: Yeah. M an: 0K . . Man: 0K. аndаskstudents to сompаrе thеirаnswers in pаirs...Studеnts do tаsk4 individua lly.. P|ay praсtiсe 2. сopiеs . P|ay praсtiсe Listеning 2. . optionalaсtivity Askstudеnts to invent аnother deviсе thаtthеvthink wiIlbе usеfuI in thefuture. W o man: Hi thеrе. аnd I waswondеring if you сou|dbring . Give students Тhеvсаn Iook haIfof thеworksheеt. Listening ..2Зp.сhoiсе . any fruitWil|do . Sho passistant: W i|| smithand Yeah. Reаd thе instruсtions for task1 togethеr and сheсk whattheуhаve to do..2. it doesn't mattеr сomingroundthis you'|| probab|y еvening rесоgnisе hеr. thе thingis. P|ay praсtiсe 2. P|аy thе rесording agаin. ..Сouldyou givеmе a ringand wе саn tаIk аboutit? Byе.Students do task3 individua llv.I. Тhanks.by thе wаy. r u no u t о f a p p l е s . at eaсhother's сopy.er .. . studеnts undеrstand .s Boy: Anуwаy.banаnаs finе.hе саn сomеovеrfor Dаvеovеrhеrеinstеаd I unсh if yо u I ikе. .shouldеr-|ength. .3.looking onеwith blaсkhаir ? Boy: No. Studеnts thеywi|| disсuss whiсh of thе inventions for nеeding or neеd. Wе haven't justgotthе DVD. l'||gеt Riсhаrd to bringEd ovеron thе wаyto work.. you sееthе Bond postеr shop assistаnt: by 0K..m. .. .. aI2. I think. . thenwе nееdsomеapplеs. Page96 Unit 4 @) _ shеwаsаt that justhadа phonе Boy:|'vе сaII from Anniе pаrty |аst weеk.. Girl:Whiсh onеWas shе? Was shеthatstrangе.' rесеived today'. Putstudеnts A and B their intopairs. s h а || l g oa n d Маn: |t |ooks Ii ket hе y'vе see if they'vegot anу mоre? wou|dbе Woman: No.

s astonishing sеrving rеаlly it I know in reаl|ifе_| mean hаrd shеhitsthеbaI| you seeit. . '15 to 20 minutes Time: exсiting too.Wеsaw beforе they аn inсredib|е quеstions. Whеnstudеnts havefinishеd tе|I thеmthеyare now going theirpartnеrs aboutwhythеyare to interviеw thе notes doneusing for famous andwhattheyhave quеstions Monitor to makе surеthe in part. _ andshе's whiсh wаsfantastiс. mесhaniсs. . Studеnts thе piсturе and asking A startby dеsсribing and сlаpреd andсheеrеd on_ еverybody shесamе B'squеstions. Givееaсhstudent а сopyof a yeаr . Putstudеnts A and B thеir studеnts intopairs. othеr's any andanswеr to readthе instruсtions Аskstudents tеrms quеries thе сrossword Теасh theymayhavе. instruсtions Rеad the going аre thespеаkеrs by аsking Whаt undеrstanding going to аre How mаnу spеokеrs obout? to tаlk уou аrе thеуgoingto tolk hеаr?Howm0nуsportsеvеnts аbout? praсtiсe 3 onсе. in ro|e. Givееасhstudent p|аy. l Went to Was sсhoo| pits in thе We Were bесause thiswasbri||iаnt Jасk's Page 100 Unit 6 аndthеу foroneof thеbigoi|сompaniеs dаdworks PеopIe in themidd|е soWеWеrе oneof thеtеams. thеmtimeto thinkabout _ it wasreа|ly whеn exсiting forthеbiggamе waiting . Whеnstudents havefinishеd. Те|| to tаkеit in turns dеsсribing thеmtheуаregoing player. 1: Wеwеnt theothеr Spеakеr | beсausе timеI'vе bееn.Page 98 Unit 5 FamilyIife parents Ambitious . thе instruсtions them roIеs and . sponsor _ Wеgotto meеt thеdrivеrs. writedetai|s . Students aboutthеmsеlves.. to сomp|еtе the words askfor and eхpIain Studеnts try tо do thаtwhatthеyshou|d Stress the сrossword. Give the piсturе. arеspеaking interviewees . just saythе British not thewords. сopy. pIaу.we manаgеd to gеttiсkеts 2: I sаwherplay|аst Speakеr piсture 1 or 2 withquеstions. ro|е thе starts .. Putstudents milIionth of a sесond |inе аbout а сrossеd thе intopаirs. Askthе studеnts Тhestudеnt to reаdthe instruсtions. andthе of everything Bodylanguage the еvent evеryone and thе еnginееrs. anywаy easily.snotthеfirst thе a lotwhеnl wаsа kidbeсausе usеd to goquitе but nеar onеof thесirсuits. sее а (@ @ . pаrt ro|e for 1 of the thе instruсtions . tо sеehow we|l. a сharасtеr haveto invent .. playing speaks first. Еxplain thatthеy anyquеries answer forthemseIvеs.finаls.l5 Time: 10to minutеs 56_57 Bookpagеs Student's . Тe|| of partonе. G_3.. hisdad_ it. it |ooks Iooks faston ТV. their and сhесk сrosswords сompare Studеnts ansWеrs. PlayListening byJасk and wеwеre invited wееk. сame on. . is to exp|аin thatthey to mаkе sure Monitor еquiva|ent.. askthеmto swap give for part2. thеirpаrtner's аndanswering the piсtures Wаs matсhеs butI thinkеVeryonе of other a сoup|е . Putstudents a сopуof intopairs. Еng|ish just their te|ling thewords and not arееxp|aining pаrtner thewords. aska fewstudents to whattheyhavefoundout abouttheir tеIlthе сlаss pаrtner. Page 99 Unit 5 Personaldata Whyam I famous? Тimе15to 20 minutes 56-57 bookpagеs Student's . Give ha|fof thеworksheet. Page 102 Listeningpracticе 3 Matсhing of theworkshеet. Studеnts youсould theсrowd's tе|l shеwаsdefinitе|y _ was sеtquitе еasi|y Shеwonthеfirst favouritе. сopiеs Givestudents Сheсk thestudеnts' togеther. асrossanddownif nесеssary.butwhen асtua||y _ .and themto reаdthе instruсtions theymayhavе. to thesemi. аndit. shеwonquitе evеn fastеr to matсh. Аskthе students Studеnt А to rеadthe instruсtions. butit wаsgrеat a с|аssiс ЬЗ so it Wаsn't rеа| сhampion. thе parеnt Page 101 Unit 6 and tourism Travelling AmeriсanЕnglishсrossword 15to 20 minutes Тime: 74_75 Bookpages Studеnt's A and B their intopairs. Whеnthеyhаvеfinishеd part1..thеguywhowonmanagеd wasrеally 68_69 Bookpagеs Studеnt's |ap and сornеr of thе|ast оn thevеry|ast to ovеrtakе аhеad. Givеstudеnts Putstudents Te|| thеmnotto Iookаt eасh hаlfof thе сrossword.

to go wantеd аnd AIiсеrеа||у 3: It wаsfun for а сhangе' Spеaker tеаm,but thе tiсkеts hеrfavouritе thеy'rе bесausе _ l don,trеа||y knowhow expеnsivе wеrеinсrеdib|y on top of wееk, аnd to еvеrу afford thе fansсan 8o аnd sсаrvеs аnd thе thе shirts thаtthеy hаvеto buy _ Vеry Was the hatsаnd so on but thе stadium Wе gotа goa| and it wаsa grеatmatсh. impressivе... h a I fo nе o f thеir , n d i n t h еs е с o n d i n t hе firs th а |fа so thеуwеrе wassentoff for а badtaсkIе' strikers t h е yg otаn dow nt о t е n m е n ...b u ts o m е h o w to bе a I i k еi t wа sg o ing аrn d t h е ni t l o o k е d е qu а| i s е t i mе,Саr r еr o minutе of injurу butin thеIаst dr aw , , i n t ot h е n е tf r o ma сo r nеrаnd gota bri I l i a nh tеadеr it wаsа|l ovеr. thеrе_ wе wеrеin a staying aсtuа||y 4: Wеwеrеn't Spеаkеr but drivеаway, rеsort аboutаn hour's muсhsma||еr Wаson, and Wе'dhеardthе еVеnt wе wenta|ong. t ' sn o tt h е s o r to f thing |i v i n g i n Е n g |а n id obvi ou s |у to gеta manаgеd Wе Vеrу оftеn... to sее уoU8еt and goodp|асе abouthа|fwаydownthе slopе, rеa||у W е 5аW a f a s t ... a с t u a | |у i n с rе d i b |y t h е yса m еd o wn it diffiсuIt, Wеre Vеry сonditions bесаusе bad сrаsh, WаsVеryiсу,and thеrеhadn'tbeеnаny nеWsnow, r o undthе g o ti n t оt ro u b I е сoming аn d t h i sА u s t r i a n o v е rа n d thеnсamе еn d f е I I Iost h i s b а |а n сa сor n е r, for us аnd rightintothe safеty strаight heading , u t h e ' dh u r th is knеe nе t t i n g ... H е wа sa ||r i g h t b аnd thеy had to sеndа tеаmto tаkе him off thе for X-rаys. mountаin аnd off to thе hоspitaI if wе сan- it's еvеrуyеаr 5: Wеgo to thе |ntеrnаtiona| Spеakеr aIwаys а |ovеIy and thеre's сoUr5е, a fаntаstiс Iikе... It must thе weathеr's whatеver аtmosphеrе and in thе wor|d, сoursеs bе onе of thе mostdiffiсuIt that wh е nу o us е еt h e fеnсеs t h е mo s td а n g е r o u s ... q u i t еs с а ryаnd , tо think t hе yh a v еt o j u m p i t ' srе a I l y or thirtyof thеm aIl going thеrеаrе maybеtwеnty саn things ovе rаt t h е s а m еt i m е ,i t ' sn о ts u rp ri s i ng yеar, horsе my this anу monеy I didn1win 80 Wrong. and but it wasstillа grеаtraсе, fе|| at thе firstfеnсе, thisуеarwasthаt nonеof thе one of thе goodthings thе саsе. ridеrs wеrеhurt.whiсhisn'tаIwaYs

. Whеn to prеsent thеytаkeit in turns thеyаrerеadу quеstions. thе аnsWеr andto аskand thе mаtеrial . Studеnt A stаrts.

Page104 Unit 7 Shopping and serviсеs
Evеryday objесts Тim е1 5t o 2 0 m inut еs BB Studеnt's Bookpagе . Putstudеnts intоpаirs. . Givе A or B Studеnt a сopуof еithеr еасhstudеnt i nstruсtions. aсtiVity . In pairs andask rеad thеirowninformation studеnts quеstions hаs. thеirpartnеr thе informаtion about . Studеnt А starts.

Page105 Unit 8 Nature
Taking a big risk Тim е: ] 5 t o 2 0 m inut еs Studеnt's Bookpagеs 94_95

. PUtstudеnts A and B thеir studеnts intopairs. Givе at eaсhothеr's ТеII thеmnotto Iook ha|f оf thеtеxt. сopy. . Те|| аnу andanswеr to rеad thе instruсtions students first do the quеstiоns nесеssary may havе. If thеy B as forstudent quеstiоn A andthеfirst forstudent an opеnсlаss aсtivitу. . Givе of thеtехt thеirhа|f to rеad 2 minutеs studеnts . Studеnts quеstions the to сomp|еtе аnd answеr ask arеforming to сhесk thatthеstudеnts tеxt. Monitor quеstions сorrесt|y. thе optionalасtivity the havе finishеd, askthеmto rеad Whеn studеnts perstudеnt. оnesеntenсе сomp|еtеd tеxtout loud,

. Studеnts markthеirаnswеr5. . P|aу to rеvisе studеnts andаIIow again thе rесording thеiranswers. . Сhесk togеthеr. answеrs thе сorrесt Фт 1B 2С зA 4F 5D

Page 106 Unit 8 Sport
Getting intoshapе Тim е: 1 5t o 2 0 m inut еs 96-97 Studеnt's Bookpagеs

Page103 Unit 7 and tourism Тravelling
сity A growing Тim е: 15t o 2 0 minutе s B2-B3 Bookpagеs Studеnt's . Putstudеnts thеmеaсha сopyof Givе intopairs. а| nd matе r ia A or B stimuIus t h eS tudе nt еit hеr qUеstio nS. . Аskstudеnts thе andstudy thе instruсtions to rеad information.

. Putstudents a сopyof еaсhstUdеnt intopairs. Givе questions. photograph A or B withthе . Те|| dеsсribin to takeit in turns thеmtheyarеgoing questions partnеr's thеir аndanswеring thе photos . Givе the photоgraph. themtimеto thinkаbout . Studеnts andasking thе photo A start bу dеsсribing Studеnts B'squеstions.

Page 107 Listeningpraсtiсe4 Matсhing
. Givеstudеnts сopiеs of theworkshеet. . Rеаd the instruсtions togethеr. Сhесk the studеnts' undеrstanding bу asking Whаt going аrеthespеаkеrs to tоlk оbout?How mаnуspеаkеrs arеуou goingto hеаr?Howmаnуjournеуs аrе thеуgoingto tаlk оbout? . P|ay praсtiсе Listening 4 onсе.

Spеakеr 1: I nееdеd to gеt up to Abеrdееn for а friend,s wedding, but unfortunate|y l hаd failedmy driving test, so the сar wаsn'treа||у an option. And I wasa bit shortof сash, sо I thoughtl'd try and seеif ! gеta Iift...it takestimе,bесаusе you сan't80 сou|d on thе motorways, no-one's аlIowеd to stopand piсk you up,so I juststartеd off on somеof thе smаI|еr pеop|е roads, and I wаsamazеd, arе aсtua||y vеrу friend|у, аnd somеof them еvеnwеntout of thеir - in thе еnd it on|ytook wаyto tаkеmе a bit furthеr got а day,I fivеdiffеrеnt - а сoup|е Iifts of tourists, a _ аnd I vаn,a sa|еsmаn typе,and еvеna pensionеr met somerеa||y niсеpeop|е. Spеаkеr 2: l wеnton а dаytrip - justаs a norma| foоtpаssеngеr _ аnd thе rеturn farefor thе сrossing wаson|yаbout good ... it wasvery lЗ0, whiсhI thought wаs prеttу * wе |eft еffiсiеnt аbouttеn minutеs or so аftеrl got it on boаrd, wаsa vеrysmoothсrossing, thеrеwas hаr d| y а n y wi n d ,wh i с hi s j u s tа s wе || b е сausе | do gеtsеаsiсk. |twаs |ovе|y |ooking bасkаt thе сoast. Wе got into porta сoup|е of hours|atе1 did a bit of shоpping, аnd thеn the rеturn сrossing wаsаgain on|yа сoup|е оf hours. |t wаsа|Ivеryеаsy, muсh е asi е t r h а ng o i n g а l It h е wа yt о t h е а i rp or t, аnd quite a lot fastеr, too. Spеakеr З: WewenttherеIаst good уеаr_ and Wеgota rеa||y quitеa |ong dеаl beсаusе we booked our tiсkеts timе _ and l,d neverflownwith thеm bеforе, in advanсе and,to bе honеst, I wаsfairlуsurеsomething wou|d _ you know, go Wrong thеy'dhаvееnginе troub|е or _ but thе fiightwouIdbе ovеrbookеd or something in fасtеvеrything wаsfinе.Wetook off on timе,аnd you a mealon board,but thе 0K thеydon'tsеrvе сrеw сabin сomeroundwith sаndwiсhеs and drinks that passеngеrs сan buy,so that'snоt а prob|em. Аnd WeеVеnmanаgеd to landа fеw minutеs еаr|y, so it wаs rеа||y strеss frее,l'd reсommend it. Spеаker 4: I Iеftat it musthаvеbееnabouttwo in the .саuse аftеrnoon, l didn'twantto gеtstuсkin thе rushhour,it wаsquitееasyаt first, therewas hard|y anyone on thе motorwаy... I foundmyse|f thinking . t hi s is bеttеt r h a nt a k i n g t h е t rа i n , а n d i t 'shаI fthе priсе.' But latеrwе gotstuсkin trаffiс, whiсhwаsа got morеand morе bit аnnoуing. And thе sеats unсomfortаbIе. Аnd the аir-сonditiоning Wasn't pеop|е worki ng. Imаgi nе:thi rty-odd сomp|а i ning how hot it is. But thе drivеrwasquitеа goodlaugh

andhe kept еvеryonе,s spirits up.Аt lеast I wasn't I spent driving. most of thejourney rеading a bоok, andin theеnd'wеwerе оn|v ha|f an hоurIаte. - l never 5: I gotthеre - but Speaker fromhеrе rеaIised bеforе youсаnbuyа tiсket you fromСhar|bury andit tаkеs - it,snotdirесt, youhаvе аll thewaу to сhаngе in _ you|eavе - butthаt's London no problеm fromthе _ you go sаme stаtion 0K, have to to а diffеrеnt p|аtform, so thatсanbea bit of а hаsslе if youhаvе gеtonеof thosе |ots оf Iuggаgе, butyоuсаna|ways trol|eys. Butthеrеa||у niсе thing is youсansitbасk аndrе|ax аndwatсh thесountryside, аndyoureаllу youarеtrаvеlling, do feelIike аndof сoursе if you youсаngеtup аndwaIk Want, аbout, have a meaI in thе buffеt саr, whatеver. Andof сoursе it,svеrУ have rе|iab|е too_ younеvеr anyproblems with jams good trаffiс or аnything, so it'sa rеally ideа. . . Studеnts marktheiranswers. PIaуthе rесording аgainand a||ow studеnts to rеvisе thеiranswеrs. . Сhесkthe сorreсtanswеrs together.

Page 108 Unit 9 Naturе
Anima|proteсtion in Еurope Тimе:15to 20 minutеs Student's Bookpagеs 110-111 . Putstudеnts intopairs. Givethеmеaсha сopуof theStudent either А or B stimulus materiа| аnd questions. . Аskstudents to rеadthе instruсtions and study the infоrmation. . Whenthеyаre rеady theytakeit in tUrns to present the mаtеrial askandanswer thеquestions. . Student А stаrts.

Page109 Unit 9 Homе
projeсt A redevelopment Тime: 15to 20 minutеs Studеnt's Bookpagеs 114_115 . Putstudеnts intopairs. Givеthemа сopyof thе Workshеet. Те|| themto rеadit andaskаboutаnV qUеriеs. . Enсourаge students to makеnotes of thеirrеasons andto sееthе projесt fromaIIsidеs. . Whеn theyhavе finishеd, enсourаge a сlass disсussion of thе pairs'deсisions andthеdiffiсu|ties of making thе right сhoiсе.


P a g e110 U n i t 10 Sсhool
motivated Кееpi ng studеnts Timе: ] 5 to 20 minutes or with page122it уou Bookpаgеs120_121 Studеnt's aсtivity сhoose thе optionaI . Putstudеnts A and B thеir studеnts Give intopairs. to Iookat eасh thеm not ТeII workshеet. of the сopy сopу. othеr's . ТeII andthе thеinstruсtions to rеаd students andаnswеr quеstions of thеworkshееt on theirha|f quеstions have. thеy may any . Studеnts andехplаin in pаirs thequestions disсuss to agrеe havе thеy don't that Те|I them сhoiсes. their on theiranswers. . When the disсussing finishеd havе students quеstions, howorgаnisеd / аskthеmto dесidе is basеd on theirpartnеr's thеirpartner motivatеd аnsWеrs. optionalaсtivity . Askonеstudеnt usingreportеd thе сIаss to te|I partnеr foronеof thе dесidеd whаthis/ hеr speесh using quеstions. thеyhavе anyprobIems Сorrесt spеесh. rеportеd . Putstudents andаskthеmto report intonewpairs pаrtnеr and prеvious Monitor dесided. whatthеir reported using theyhаvе hе|p withanyprob|ems spеесh.

. P|aу praсtiсе 5 onсе. Listеning


Page111 Unit t0 Work
Lifеstyle сhoiсеs Т im е: 1 5t o 2 0 m in u t es 120_121 Bookpagеs Studеnt's . Putstudеnts a сopyof a Givееaсhstudеnt intopairs. photograph А or B withquеstions. . TеlI dеsсribing to takeit in turns thеmthеyarеgoing quеstions. theirpartner's andаnswering thе photos . Givе photograph. thе thеmtimеto thinkаbout . Studеnts andаsking the photo А start by desсribing questions. B's Students

pIeаsе for a Саn I havеуou attеntion Jason: Hi evеryone... Саnoе to WуevaIе minutе? Thаnks. Firstof а|l'wе|сome you а||and to sее it'svеryniсе Сеntrе, my name's Jason, just how Iiketo еxpIain daу.|'d |,msurеwe,|lhаveа grеаt As уou сan sее,BiIIу's thе dаy is goingto bе orgаnisеd. and in а minutе w iththе саno es, |o adеd up thе tr аiler miIеs аnd drivеfifteen wе'rеgoingto gеt in thе minibus po int, o r so up thе r iveruntilw е gеtto the launсhing аt and thаt's intothе river, wherеwе wiIIput thе сanoеs justso - that'sW-A-|-N-W-R.|-G-H-Т Wаinwright Bridgе you сan find it on thе mаp.Thеnyou'lIbе on yourown, pаddlebaсkdownthе rivеrbaсkto wherеwe and уou'|| thrееand six bеtwееn arе now- it takеsmostpеop|е you stоp on howfastyou go,whеthеr hours, depеnding thingis you off on thе wayand so on, but thе impoгtant wе don't bесаusе mustbе baсkhеrеby 6.З0аt the Iatеst gеtting dаrk. WantYouout on thе rivеrwhеn it starts points. Ru|еnumbеronе is thеrеis a A сouplеof safеty pеop|е thаtсan go in а сanoe- it's mаximumnumbеrof thеy you havеtoo manypеop|е obvious, I know,but if hаppens thеremustbе no more саn tip over, so whаtevеr in еaсhboat. thаn fivе peopIе and you'vе аlI got Iifеjасkets, Nеxtthing,you'lI sееyou'vе do hаppen, Aссidеnts gоtthеmfor a verуgoodreason. а you сan еnd up in thе watеr, oK, and еvеnif you'rе you mighthit уour heаdon a roсkor thе goodswimmer branсhof trее,so rulе numbеrtwo is - kеepyour Iifе jaсkеton at a|ltimеs.Don,t takеit off,еvenif you gеt you nееd find еvеrything hot.WеII, thаt'sit rеaIIy you'|| _ map and а sеаlеd a wаterproof on thе сanoe paddlеs, and so o n mo nеу fo ryo urmo bilеpho ne, сo ntainеr you don'twаntto еnd up in thе wаtеr. bаsiсаl|у anything

Page 112 Listeningpractice 5 (ompletion
of theworkshеet сopies Givеstudеnts thatstudents Сheсk togethеr. Rеаd thе instruсtions whattheyhаvеto do. undеrstand whаtkindof Eliсit notеs togethеr. Read thе gаppеd in еасhgap. is missing infоrmation

leaving exams.sty|e wordIist WhatЪ new? о bui|ding of kеyvoсabu|ary to сovеrthе еxamtopiсsin еvегyunit in Word foсus O imProvеdgгammar pгaсtiсе|еssons о еnhanсеd сoveragе of сuItuге in Сulture foсus с authentiс еxtraсtsfrom |itеraturе in Reodlng for pleosure New Мatгix Studеnt's Book Woгkbook Book Тeaсhеrs / ClassCDs CIassCassеttes Тests Tеaсhеrswеbsitе Шlatrix New OXFORD \INrvЕRsIтY PREss gx Eгтl WWw.сom/еlt &'l|шJ oxFoRD ЕNGLISн lsBN 0-19-476618-7 .spеaking guidanсe stеp-by-stеp in writing a vaгiеtyof texts о regu|ar rеvisionand reсyс|ing o grammarrеfегеnсе о diсtionaгy. tips andtесhniques о gгammaг aсtivatеd thгoughеxam-|ikе tasks o еmphasis on еffeсtivе pгoduсtion: on a rangeof invo|ving subjeсts .oup.A new edition of the сhallenging seсondarу course whiсh PrePares students for suссess in their sсhool. Populaгfeaturesimprovedand updatеd in response to teaсheгs'feedЬaсk: о thought-Pгovoking topiсs and authеntiс tеxts о demanding matегia|s to bui|d сonfidеnсe o systеmatiс еxamtгaining: еxamtask.

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