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Prozilla Options

Prozilla Options

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Published by: joig on Aug 11, 2013
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Usage: proz [OPTIONS] file_url Ex: proz http://gnu.org/gnu.

jpg Options: -h, --help Give this help -r, --resume Resume an interrupted download -f, --force Never prompt the user when overwriting files -1 Force a single connection only -n, --no-netrc Don't use .netrc, get the user/password from the command line,otherwise use the anonymous login for FTP sessions --no-getch Instead of waiting for the user pressing a key, print the error to stdout and quit --debug Log debugging info to a file (default is debug.log) -v,--verbose Increase the amount of information sent to stdout --no-curses Don't use Curses, plain text to stdout Directories: -P, --directory-prefix=DIR save the generated file to DIR/ FTP Options: --use-port Force usage of PORT insted of PASV (default) for ftp transactions

Download Options: -s, --ftpsearch Do a ftpsearch for faster mirrors --no-search Do a direct download (no ftpsearch) -k=n Use n connections instead of the default(4) --timeout=n Set the timeout for connections to n seconds (default 180) -t, --tries=n Set number of attempts to n (default(200), 0=unlimited) --retry-delay=n Set the time between retrys to n seconds (default 15 seconds) --max-bps=n Limit bandwith consumed to n bps (0=unlimited) FTP Search Options: --pt=n Wait 2*n seconds for a server response (default 2*4) --pao=n Ping n servers at once(default 5 servers at once) --max-ftps-servers=n Request a max of n servers from ftpsearch (default 40) --min-size=n If a file is smaller than 'n'Kb, don't search, just download it --ftpsid=n The ftpsearch server to use (0=filesearching.com 1=ftpsearch.elmundo.es Information Options: -L, --license Display software license -V, --version Display version number ProZilla homepage: http://prozilla.genesys.ro Please report bugs to <prozilla@genesys.ro> denis@linux-a5z1:~>

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