Age From the responses of the consumers we interviewed, we received diverse set of answers with regards to the relation

between Age and purchase behavior of Footwear amongst females. To cite particular examples Respondent 1 and Respondent 5 being above the age of 25, preferred comfort while choosing shoes as compared to styling. On the other hand, Respondent 2 and respondent 4 also being in almost the same age range preferred styling over comfort. Respondent 8 being just far below the age of 25, has no fixed preference, she ranks fashion as more important than other parameters. Also, the purchase location as well as other factors such as price range and types of shoes preferred changed amongst the respondents in the same age range. So, Age as a single factor did not affect directly in the purchase behavior.

Social Class The Social Class inferred from the respondent’s answers was from Middle Class to Upper Class. So Social Class although not consciously affecting decision making sub consciously did affect their purchase behavior as with the case of Respondent 3 who being from a very affluent family always chose to power dress while others preferred to dress up only occasionally with the exception of Respondent 2 who being from the Fashion industry preferred to dress up. Even Respondent 8 also believes that to support her fashionable items purchasing demands her family background has played a major role.

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