Brequet Range Equation V t=ti W=Wi t=tf W=Wf


Range = ∫ Vdt


In level flight at const speed:

L = W , Lift = Weight T = D , Thrust = Drag
The aircraft weight changes during flight due to use of fuel. Relate weight change to time change:
dW = dW dt dt fuel weight dt =− time fuel weight T dt =− time T

The quantity:

fuel weight 1 time T
is known as the specific fuel consumption or sfc. It has units of: sfc units =
lb( fuel ) force or lb − hr force − time

⇒ dW = − sfc iT dt ⇒ Range = − ∫


V 1 dW sfc T

But since T = D and L = W we have:

Range = − ∫
16.100 2002



V L dW sfc D W

In that case: found by assuming that sfc D Range = − ∫ Wf Wi V L dW V L dW =− ∫ W sfc D W sfc D W i Wf Breguet range equation: Range = V L Wi log sfc D Wf .This is the general form of the range equation. The Breguet range equation is V L is constant for the entire flight.

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