A Pineapple Knot Variation.

A 42 part x48 bight 6 Pass, Type 3 Pineapple Knot with a varied interweave.

This Pineapple knot variant (pictured above) is built up from a Standard 27 part x 24 bight 3 Pass, Type 3 Pineapple Knot. This being made with three interwoven 9 part x 8 bight Casa Knots, all in one dark colour; Black gives the best contrast with this knot. For instructions and more information on this and other Pineapple Knot Types, a copy of “Introduction to Turk’s-Head Knots” by Tom Hall will be found invaluable. The Interweave is made with three 5part x 8 bight Casa Knots, all in one light colour; White gives the best contrast against the Black strands. Here is the Under and Over sequence for the 4th, 5th & 6th passes of this knot. Please note; the first and last under in each pass marked like U3* & U4* have the strands going under the same parts to finish the pass. The X numbers X6, X8 and X9; are a strand going under several crossing parts at the top and bottom of each Half Cycle.

Half Cycles will be numbered in Red to help identify the correct pictures to go with the Under / Over sequence. Note: not all Half Cycles have pictures and I hope the pictures I have included for reference will give a good indication of what is going on.

O3. U4. X6 7. X7 O4. 2. U4. O3. Going Up. 6. U4. U4. O3. 4. 2. 10. O3. X6 5. O3. U4* U U U 2. U4. O3. O3. Going Down. U4. X6 O3. X6 3. O3. O4. U4. X6 O3.~2~ 4th Pass. O3. X7 13. O3. O3. X7 O4. O3. 0BU This pass is started in the middle of the knot and is braided into the top half of the main knot. O4. X7 Half Cycle 1. O4. U . 12. O4. O4. X7 O3. U4. O4. 4. U4. 8. U3. O3. X7 11. U U U U 1. U4. 14. Showing The X6 Cross Under. U4. U3*. Showing the X6 Cross Under. O3. X6 O3. X7 1. O3. X7 9. 1. O3. X7 15. X7 O3. 3. 16. U4. O4. U3. O4. U4. O3.

7. U 11. 15. 13.~3~ 5. 9. U .

U5. U5. O5. U5. 11. O4.~4~ 5th Pass. O5. O5. U U U U 1. O4. O4. 1. 5. X7 O3. 13. X8 O4. U5. O4. X6 8. 1BU This pass is started just below the last interweave in the lower middle part of the knot and overlaps the lower part of the 4th pass. U5. O4. U5. X8 O3. 3. O3. U5. X8 O4. this 5th pass is braided into the bottom half of the main knot. U5. U5. 2. X7 O3. U5* U U U 2. U4*. X7 O3. X8 O3. U5. X7 14. O4. U5. O4. U . U4. X8 O3. 15. O4. X6 6. X7 Half Cycle 1. O4. O4. O5. O4. 9. O3. Going Up. X6 4. U5. U4. 2 & 3. Going Down. 7. X7 12. O3. U5. X7 16. O3. O4. O4. O3. X7 10. O5. O4.

8. U 10. Completed 5th pass. U .~5~ 3. 4.

O6. O5. X9 O6. O5. X8 O5. U U Going Down. U5. U5. O6. X8 O5. U6. O5. X9 O6. 10. X9 O5. U . X9 O5. U6. U6. 8. 6. O6. 3.~6~ 6th Pass. O6. 11. X9 O5. 5. O6. Going Up. X9 O6. O5. U6. X9 O5. U6. 14. X9 O6. U6. X9 Half Cycle 1. 4th pass and the lower bights of the lower interwoven knot. X8 O5. 2BU This pass is started just below the bottom strand of the upper interwoven knot in the lower middle part of the knot. 4. 1. U6. U6. X8 O5. U6* U U 2. U6. O5. 1. U U 1. U6. 5 pass with a staggered pattern. this 6th pass is braided between the upper bights of the upper interwoven knot. 7. X8 O5. U U5*. X8 O5. O5. 16. 9. 13. 12. U6. Showing the X8 Cross Under. O5. U6. 15. O5. O5. O5. U6. O5. X9 O5. O6.

U 4. 5. U .~7~ 2. 3.

~8~ 7. 9. U . Showing the X9 Cross Under. Showing the X9 Cross Under. U 8. 8.

U This knot Takes a bit of dressing and does not lay quite as nice as a standard Herringbone weave Pineapple Knot. A 4 Pass.~9~ 16. 30mm diameter . I hope you enjoy making this one as much as I have enjoyed working out the interweave. Please let me know if you find any mistakes in my Under / Over sequence’s. Completed 6th Pass. Type 3 Pineapple Knot key fob with a variation of the interweave.

uk/ropeandcanvas/ HU UH HU UH During the process of making this document I have discovered other variant patterns for the Pineapple Knot.~ 10 ~ A 7 Pass.uk Please also feel free to visit my website: http://myweb. My email: bazbrown@tiscali.-) . 40mm diameter Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments you might have regarding this interweave. Barry .co.co.tiscali. I will share them as I get time. Type 4 Pineapple Knot light pull with the same interweave as detailed above. Take care.

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