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OBSERVATION OF THE SUBJECT A. Observation of the Performance 1.

Note the specific methods of work used by the subject, such as impulsivity or controlled anticipatory behavior, meticulous or impulsive methods, careful counting of the dots or measuring of the angles or careful placement of the dots on the paper, etc. 2. Note whether any blocking occurs. Blocking may be manifested by refusal to draw a figure by delayed reaction or before or during drawing the figure, by delay with part of a figure, by verbal exclamation, by correction of the drawing. 3. It is important to record whether the cared with the stimulus figure is related on its axis, or whether the subject rotates the paper upon which he is making the reproduction. 4. It is also significant to observe the evidence of auto-critical judgment on the part of a subject as manifested by repeated attempt at the drawing of the figure or part of the figure. 5. Observe evidence of motor-in-coordinate and fatigue manifested by the subject.

B. Observation of the Subject 1. Take note of the degree of cooperation elicited from the subject’s interest, enthusiasm, etc. 2. Record any significant verbalization or comments of the client. 3. Record any evidence of peculiar mannerism, flushing psychological tensions and indicate on which drawing they occurred.