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Small Town Talk Show TSH- What’s up homies. Today we have a sweet show for ya’s.

We gonna bring in John Mellencamps today. Yowzaa!!! Here he is now!! Please welcome him even though you don’t know him because he’s not very popular. JM- Uh thanks? Well anyways, I’m happy to be here today. Thanks for having me. Well this is my first talk show because like you said, I’m not too popular. Didn’t you mention something about Thornton Wilder coming to join me? TW- Hola mis amigos! Oh wait, English crowd? Dang it. Well John, I listened to your song right before I came in, and I must say that it made me think of my town life. JM- Well considering that my small town is all that the song talked about, that’s a good thing. TSH- Yes yes. Well let’s talk about your play. TW- What would you like to know about it? JM- How does it relate to my song? TW- Well it takes place in a small town, and everyone knows each other. JM- Oh ya? That’s cool. We should make a music video with it. TSH- Can I? Can I? Pretty pretty please? I need the moneys. JM- I don’t think we can do that, it might cost me some popularity. TSH- but you don’t have any popularity to loose. JM- not funny. TSH- who cares, its true. But anyways, Mr. Wilder, have you heard the song he wrote? TW- no, I didn’t even know who he was until today. JM- see I told you john. JM- okay but can we get back to how my song and his play are related? TSH- yes yes. TW- so John how do you think your song and my play are alike? TSH- yes yes john do tell john, do tell.

yeah I think I’ll have to agree with you on that. interesting… but unfortunately that is all the time we have for todays show! Chow!!! Peace out my homies! Stay fresh! . so. like how the acts are like each one of those fazes that I just said.well that was all. TSH.JM.I think they relate because my song is saying that people that are from a small town grow up there and live there and eventually die there. TW. and I think your play shows that. they don’t really ever leave and everything they know was taught to them in the small town that lived in.