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Shuttle, Last Chance Original design concept by Cecil Haga; Redesigned for HAM tasks by Al Sugar

Entry Level Features: 1. Simple, strong construction with simple very available materials. 2. Parallel wing chord format - with helicopter type whisper tips. 3. High roll torque (at slow roll rate) for more precise setting up of bank angle. 4. Short coupling for quick response to small deflections. 5. Minimum assembly area needed is 2 by 1 foot work-board: for pining parts. 6. Simple profile for ease of reproduction; with a proven wide speed range. 7. Structure very easily repaired when accidents happen. 8. 780 inches of wing area at less than 6.5 ounces per foot sq. loading (empty). 9. Easy to ballast up when extra airspeed is needed. (up to 3 pounds = 15 ounce/ft) 10. It is a fun fly machine for thermals. Quick and nimble for low lift. (15 oz/ft = X country trials) 11. When exiting thermals high (10X launch), high stability makes for easy flights. 12. Special servos are not needed (standard size will work).

13. Rubber band wing mount worked well for high wind, full ballasted flight, minimizing landing damage that flap-less heavy machines would encounter. 14. Tripping the Beach-ball profile at 75% with 35 mill tripper yields 40% wing drag reduction (per wind tunnel tests). [Very high speed passes are silent, bubble closure]. 15. Inverted diamond profiled stab to minimize drag at up elevator slow flight. Making it superior to Zagi configurations. 16. Diamond profiled rudder for strength at high speed, and more command at low speed thermalling. 17. High technology within builder of the model AMA ruling.