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Dear Homeowner, They say that "love at first sight" is a real thing.

After meeting your house, I can confirm it is, indeed, a real thing. Is that a bit over-the-top? Perhaps. But I did instantaneously picture myself happily at home in this house immediately. In the past year, I went through a devastating divorce and have sort of struggled to find my footing in my new life. At age 33, I had to start over completely - something I never imagined happening, and so it has been hard to figure out where I belong NOW. I can honestly say that this little house (and my instantaneous love affair with it) was the first time I felt like "this is right" (insert sigh of relief) instead of "I guess I'll take this one" (insert the tone of defeat). Thank you for keeping such a great little home and creating that feeling for me; I hope this note finds you with an easy decision on your hands and that my offer is enough to make that the case. (Though I realize in this market, there are no easy decisions!) Good luck with your decision, and best wishes as you move on. Sincere regards, Tamara (last name withheld at the request of the letter writer)