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In this program. 2nd and 3rd prizes will be given to the winners. Latest music hit would also be played to ensure maximum audience and participation. The guests would be encouraged to talk about their experiences. views and opinions. Requests and dedications could be made via SMS. Also to make the youth appreciate the multitude of sacrifices the army has to make while defending our borders. tales of our martyrs. Answers would be taken through live calls and SMS’s and 1st. their bravery and fearless sacrifices would be reported. PROGRAM 2: Another program would be a talk show named “Hot Seat”. The target audience would be our older generation and it would be onair in the afternoon. The target audience would be the youth and questions will be asked about our army. They could tell the audience about their tough routines. PROGRAM 3: The third program would be Quiz Show named “Know Your Army”. In this show. . The purpose of this program would be to revive and restore the long forgotten patriotism in the hearts of the youth and to motivate them to join the army. PROGRAM 4: What’s radio without music! Music is a most creative and sure way to convey a message and influence the thoughts of a community. Live calls would be entertained to allow interaction between the guests and the local people. people from the army ranging from important Generals to mere Hawaldaars would be invited. The best patriotic songs would be available on music charts. difficulties and even given a chance to defend themselves against alleged corruption.PROGRAM 1: This would be a documentary program named “Tribute to Our Defenders”. our martyrs and our previous wars. The name of this program would be “Patriotism Returns” and its duration would be one hour. The purpose of this program would be to create awareness amongst the youth. Its duration would be half an hour and its target audience would be youth in general.