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10 things to do before I die or get too old to care

1. Learn to swim- yeah I live five minutes from the ocean and I don’t
know how to swim it’s embarrassing.

2. Join the Peace Corps – this is my ticket into heaven. He he.

3. Figure out what on the @%$& string theory is? – There’s like parallel
dimensions and little strings floating around, but that’s about all I

4. Win a fight- I guess I would need to get into fight in order to win one,

5. Visit all the continents- wait is Antarctica still considered a

continent? Cuz I think I could skip that one.

6. Drive a flying car- Come on it’s 2007 and no flying cars yet? I’m
starting to loose my patience.

7. Read a Charles Dickens novel – I get as far as “it was the best of
times it was the worst of time…” then my ADD kicks in.

8. Fall in love- Corny? yes. Whatever, you know it’s on your list too.

9. Get over my fish phobia- Why couldn’t fear something less ridiculous
like spiders or snakes?

10. Hug a tree- just to say I’ve done it. In fact I’m off to do this one
right now…