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BROWN 2013-2014
Left side (output) What you produce creatively produces / Facts from book Reflections/Analysis from the professor Timelines Concept maps or Venn diagrams Journal entries Letters definitions Tests Compare/contrast charts Drawings, poems, diagrams questions Questions you generate Songs Cartoons Riddles Right side (input) What teacher Information or handouts Notes from lectures Notes from books, movies Research notes Vocabulary terms and Study guides Maps Bellringers / Exit

Guidelines: Put your full name and class period on the front cover. Also, you must decorate the cover with hand-made or clipped pictures and content that represents your GA History knowledge. Leave the first five pages of your notebook blank for your Table of Contents. You must keep up with the Table of Contents throughout the course, using the same page numbers as the rest of the class. This will be key for making your notebook easy to use and organized effectively. After the Table of Contents, paste in introductory course materials such as this sheet of paper, the syllabus, and the Standards handout. Each page should be dated and numbered with L or R. You are encouraged to use different colors to organize your notebook more effectively. If you are absent or miss something for whatever reason, it is your responsibility to catch up immediately by checking with a classmate or the teachers master notebook. You must bring your Interactive Notebook to class every day and keep it current at all times. It will be collected, checked and graded at the teachers discretion. Dont lose it! Reflection guidelines: You often will be asked to create a reflection on material we cover. The goal of producing a reflection is to show evidence that you have learned and have thought about what youve learned. Whatever you produce must be

based on enough information that it could fill up a fat paragraph of meaty content (6-8 sentences) if you simply had written it out. A beautiful illustration may be nice to look at, but if it doesnt include

much content, you are not correctly completing the assignment. Similarly, rewriting your notes is unacceptable.
For most reflections, you will have choices: a) illustration, b) mock letter/journal entry, or c) first-person piece explaining your thoughts on the material (e.g. why did it matter? what would you have done in that situation? was the event/law/war good or bad?) Please sign below to acknowledge youve read and comprehended the expectations Student Name:_______________________ Student Signature:_______________________ Parent Name:________________________ Parent Signature:________________________